Hang Time Podcast (Episode 52)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We had to call in some serious favors and promise to sell super producer Micah Hart’s phone contact list to the Smithsonian one day, but we finally landed the one guest we’ve been waiting on since the Hang Time Podcast first hit the airwaves.

Basketball legend and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar graced us with a visit on Episode 52. We talked about his documentary, “On the Shoulders of Giants,” detailing the history of the Harlem Rens basketball team – the story of the greatest basketball team you never heard of.

The film is available on is available now on Comcast Video on Demand and will be available on Netflix on May 15th. You can pre-order the DVD at www.kareemabduljabbar.com.

We didn’t let the NBA’s all-time leading scorer make his Hang Time Podcast debut without getting his thoughts on a wild opening weekend of the NBA playoffs.

And we also enlisted the services, live from the golf course, of NBA TV’s Brent “Bones” Barry and his brother Jon Barry, a scratch golfer and NBA analyst himself for ABC and ESPN. They weighed in on the shocking Game 1 defeats in Los Angeles and San Antonio, while also sharing their insights on what’s to come in all of these first round series — in between a little brotherly trash talking on the links, of course.

Trust us when we tell you that you don’t want to miss this:


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  1. Claudio Gama says:

    I’m not North American and not live in the U.S., but I follow the NBA on TV and researching a lot on sites about basketball, this NBA pirncipalmente. I live in Brazil and me Kareem is one of the best playing basketball in the NBA, he’s in all stats. If it was up a team of my dreams put Kareem, MJ, Ray Allen, Oscar Schimit, Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Roger Miller and Kove Briant. Who will like this team. And congratulations for the interviews that always see them, as to carry not think he is not boring, but it’s very funny, a hug to all of you who make the NBA a great spectacle of talent and technology.

  2. Jaime Gregorio says:

    Guys, I think you’ve forgotten that Kareem has been suffering from Leukemia. And it shows. He’s always been soft spoken, the intellectual type so it’s difficult and unfair to compare him to Magic or any other person for that matter. He’s always done his talking through his actions on and off the basketball court. His basketball accomplishments and his intellectual pursuits speak volumes. He’s a writer, a historian, a basketball legend, a wonderful model of a human being!

  3. emmett says:

    Kareem is the best player ever to play! He should be a head coach for an nba team,the plain truth is Kareem shouldnt be punshied for being withdrawn in his early years anyone who watched him thru the years has seen him grow ,and since when is well spoken boring? Kareem keep up the good work best of luck to you and your fans love yove remember the last season!

  4. Erwin says:

    Go! go! go! wilie. I’m a laker fan and my idol is magic johnson, but kareem also the greatest player ever, next on my list is magic, bird and your MJ…

  5. Willie Simmons says:

    Oh Jay. Kareem beat green twice. From alpha to omega Kareem is the graeatest ever to play the game. No one,and I mean no one can equalt his total body of work. From high school throught the pros his credentials our unmatched and untouched. Look at the success of his teams from St. Jude to Power Memorial to UCLA to the NBA. The Bucks won the NBA title in their third year in existence. The five more with the Lakers. He face all the great ones and outlasted them all.

  6. SteveO says:

    Kareem is top 5 of all time but MJ is number 1. MJ is 6 for 6 in the finals. Thats Undefeated in finals play. Who can top that?

  7. Kareem is great but a boring interviewee…and the movie looks kind of boring too…

  8. audio tech says:

    Hey guys,

    I listen to the podcast on the regular and generally love the content. This episode is no different, but I have to comment on the audio quality… not just of this one (knowing that Sekou is recording remotely) but often I find the podcast hard to listen to. Just my two cents here but it would be relatively easy to upgrade your equipment/method (even remotely) to compete with the technical quality of the espn blogs.


  9. prix says:

    The last time I watch Kareem play was way back they play the Celtics, and he gave Robert Parish a running hook that amaze me…I can’t disregard the fact that Kareem is in my top 11 all time greatest player… MJ ofcourse is the no.1.. The God of the game!

    • Mr B says:

      Grow up kid, MJ can not walk on water. I seen a ton of his games, many where he threw air balls, lost balls, turn overs after turn over when he tried to show boat, and never won a darn thing until you know who enter the picture’s. Some of his fans just started this fallacy about him, and it took a life of it’s own. Then all those uninformed kids like your self, many who have never seen him play, have jumped on his band wagon. MJ was all about him self. He had and still has a huge ego, almost as big as Donald Trump. He would play golf all day, even though he had a game that night, got mad at team mates, enough to where he has hit them, had a ton of affairs, a gambling habit, and on and on.

  10. moneyball says:

    it would be cool if mj was in it

  11. Dave McCrea says:

    Kareem is a legend, but man he is really dry to interview. Compare him to Magic Johnson who is just so full of enthusiasm. Get happy Kareem people love you!

  12. Chris says:

    Magic, MJ, Dr. J, Isaih, Moses, the Captain and so many more immortals have all fallen to GREEN. GREEN is like King Leonidas and the 300. “We put all immortals to the test!” Now its your turn!

    If its not GREEN, it don’t mean a thing. Celtics baby
    Jus go GREEN

    Who’s NEXT!

  13. derp says:

    this guy is like #2 to ever play, possibly even #1. Either way he gets no love.

  14. ZULU says:

    The podcast is to be complemented in my opinion, for bringing an aspect to sports information that is just that, information. The fact that you have (and have had) guest with the stature in the game like Kareem. You have also brought on those players both former and current who have not reached the pinnacle of acclaim like Kareem. I think it is awesome that you expose the intelligence and articulateness of the players beyound pounding the ball on the court. Keep the flow going and Sekou, Micah and Lang. You all can do a great service to the game by bringing on some of the guys who played in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Who were forerunners of todays players and laid a foundation of excellent play that continues today.