Timing, Guts And Will

DALLAS — Two days between games provides more than enough time for a thorough examination of what went right and what went wrong in the playoff opener for both the Mavericks and Blazers.

The Blazers need to get more easy scoring opportunities to get Gerald Wallace, Wesley Matthews and Nicolas Batum going. The Mavericks wouldn’t mind a better start from Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Terry, anything to crank up the energy and their home crowd in an absolutely must-have Game 2 tonight at American Airlines Center. And they cannot allow LaMarcus Aldridge to have his way with them again, particularly with all the easy baskets he gets on lobbed passes for dunks (he led the league during the regular season and had 12 points off alley-oops in Game 1).

Yet for all of the strategic tweaks that have been done since Saturday night’s series opener, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle knows better than to think Game 2 will come down to anything other than what playoff basketball always boils down to.

“Game 1 was a grinding game that was about timing, guts and will,” he said. “(Game 2) will have probably a little different personality, but the one thing that is going to be constant is the level of competition. It is going to be extremely high. The stakes are high and both teams are very capable teams.”

These are two capable as evenly matched as they appeared to be on paper before this series began. So much so that Carlisle struggled to find things to get excited about after that opening win.

“I’m encouraged we were able to win a game when we didn’t shoot the ball particularly well and didn’t play particularly well,” Carlisle said,  “and I’m sure Portland is encouraged they were still close to winning the game on the road. It’s a tight series, a tight series … playoff basketball is the ultimate. You gotta love it.”


  1. doodles says:

    Dallas sill be champ this Year!!!! 😀

  2. MavsJKiddFan says:

    Peja, Jet, and Barea will dominate today, mavs will win if theyre able to stop aldridge

  3. Fastbreak says:

    It will be Mavs vs Lakers in second round. But I expect good series’ in both brackets before the second round.

    Blazers are just not ready. They need Roy as a closer, I don’t see Wallace or Aldridge coming up big in clutch situations.

    Hornets need to be 100% healthy and play 100%, especially from CP3 to even have a chance. However, West’s injury was a huge hit, but Gray will be the final nail if he can’t play.

    Don’t expect any veteran team to lay down this year, this is a pivotal year for a lot of teams/players – Spurs/Duncan, Boston/Trio, Lakers/Kobe, and Mavs/Dirk. There is a LOT riding for all these teams on this post-season, none of them will go down easy.

  4. Adrixe says:

    This will be an interesting series!

  5. blazerfan says:

    hey prix i dont like the lakers either but rlly how in hell are the hornets gonna win tht series the lakers basically have a 3peat as much as i dont want them to

  6. Kapilan says:

    this will be a fun series but even though the trail blazers have good players the mavs have great clutch players. Dirk and Aldridge will be a tough mathup what i’m saying is mavs in 6

  7. prix says:

    I expect game two to exciting and it will go down to wire…whoever wins deserves it.. I think this series will go up to 7 games, I just hope the refs would be fair. Mavs is really a solid team with Chandler even w/o Butler they play great..but what I see on Portland if ever they upset the Mavs and face the Hornets in the 2nd round..It would be an easy win for them…L.A is gone!!!