The Secret Plan to Stop Chris Paul

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. – The Lakers on Monday unveiled their latest, or first, countermeasure to slow Chris Paul.

Steve Blake breathing on him.

“Sweat on him a little bit,” Blake said, smiling. Blake rejoined the Lakers after missing three games with the chicken pox, showing the effects with understandable conditioning problems in his initial practice back and with his face still marked by the illness. Not that the two-time defending champions are desperate, but they didn’t have much success slowing Paul in Game 1 so scaring him may be the next best option.

In more practical terms, the expected return to the lineup for one of the reserve point guards, along with Shannon Brown, is important heading into Game 2 on Wednesday night at Staples Center with the Lakers again facing the never-ending problem of being taken apart in the playoffs by quick point guards. Blake is not quick, but he is an important contributor at the position.

“I don’t know how many minutes I’d be able to play,” Blake said of Game 2. “It’s kinda up in the air. It’s always up to coach. But I’ll give it all I have for whatever I time I am out there.”

The Lakers went through a lengthy film session at their practice facility before hitting the court, a sign of how much work they have to do after the Hornets’ excellent offensive execution in the Game 1 victory.

Phil Jackson was asked after what he stressed.

“Transition defense,” Jackson said.

And what, exactly, in regards to that?

“How to run back.”

Another new countermeasure.


  1. Nella says:

    I don’t think you can stop star players, you can only slow them down.. anyways if Pau Gasol performs well with the rest of the team, they’ll definitely win.

  2. jamel says:

    people who don’t understand basketball.. the Lakers are going to the finals PERIOD.. who can beat them in a seven game series…?? its funny because we’re talking about the Best Coach in the Game.. the Best Player in the Game and the Bast Sixth Man in the Game… I’m looking forward to round 2… I LOVE L.A.

  3. Rlp says:

    Kobe is much healthier than last year and he feels god so he wants to try to dominate his opponents but the lakers actually are harder to stop when they run the offense through the big men. Phil Jackson has stated this numerous times but Kobe is kind of like a kid rediscovering a new toy.He has that spring in his step and wants to show people he is still on top.But hopefully Phil will remind him what the Lkaers advantage is over other teams the 2 & footers and the 6’11 Odom.

  4. Rich says:

    The Hornets have 2 chances of beating the Lakers … Slim and None (and Slim just walked out the door). Maybe next year NOH fans!

  5. zoomniac says:

    how can they stop the hornets? make cp3 become a scorer not a facilitator.

  6. LOLnAge says:

    LOL, CP3 will gonna do his thing, so LA just needs to defend the other guys ..

  7. moneyball says:

    CP3 ain’t better than DRose. He aint good enough to go all series so he gonna lose. Watch just lock him down, his whole squad on lock.

    • CP3_Leader says:

      saying that cp3 isnt good enough to go all series is ridiculous in the playoffs a few years ago when they beat the maverickst the worst game he posted through the entire series was a 16 pt 8 ast 7 reb game….but i guess he isn;t good enough to go for a whole series right?

  8. Ice Pogi says:

    @ dude and Jeff

    I know what chicken pox is…But steve blake is a Chicken Fox… co’z He might chicken out as well and run every time he saw a hound coming…..Do u really believe that steve blake can handle CP3??? Get a life… not in a million years…. That means your trying to defend a great PG with blake… My 10 year old son can blow past on him everytime he drives……Are the Lakers running out of resource??? Yeah he can shoot though 50% chance on three on a uncontested shot…..Maybe if they still got farmar….but blake????The Chicken Fox kid not chickenpox…..Can he really control the phase of the lakers… Im mean creating plays, handles the ball up and down the court??? specially when bung hounded by CP3….No he can’t

  9. omega gold says:

    We will see all you haters in June. All these other teams don’t have what it takes to beat the Lakers in 4 games. Believe me we will one or two games in New Orleans. I’m not worried at all about one game.

  10. hatebreed says:

    every season is different, so laker fans should stop reminiscing the old days, lakers now if different from lakers years ago. accept that, just stand up and fight or go home!!

  11. helmick says:

    sir with all respect i think that gasol is having a problem defending a point guard in high post he always get distracted by the quicness of a point guard.. making him react in fake moves.. i think thats he’s weakness.. let the guard defending paul defend paul before and not after he get’s the ball.. just sharing thank you..

  12. Playoffs? Don't talk to me about Playoffs says:

    Look NOH had a great game they were hot and kept knocking down shots. The Lakers are just fine cp3 was bound to have a big time game like he had but if for one second you think he will continue to produce like he did in game 1 during the whole series than you are mistaken. If you notice the Lakers kept making a push but cp3 just hit some big time shots and was hot, I mean he couldn’t miss a shot but I doubt he will have another game that big during this series, not saying he won’t get 20ppg or 11ast but that performance was a one game thing, no doubt the Lakers will be ready for game two they know how to adjust very well and don’t forget there is a man name Kobe who already set it straight to his team mates to get it together,,I’m not at all worried about the Lakers they will figure it out and when they do watch out!!

  13. stevieooo says:

    in the nba,its all about who and which team comes ready to play!!a well prepared and confident twolves can beat a unmotivated and lazy spurs i think in the playoffs its the same,homecourt doesnt matter if your a great player the fan booing isnt even a factor to you.but the ref might be abit bais

  14. Dude... says:


  15. Dude... says:

    Ice Pogi… its Chicken Pox not Chicken Fox..
    Secondly.. stop making excuses Laker Fans.. a lose is a lose. Honestly.. one game doesn’t determine a series obviously.. you can make stupid excuses like the Lakers weren’t ready.. or w-e. Yeah every great time is going to lose a game or two in a series.. big deal. Thats how you overcome adversity by.. proving to yourself that you can handle pressure and still give your best. At times the Lakers do lost.. but obviously they still the team to beat.. until someone beats them. Right now theres no excuse.. just come out and play harder the next game.. its a 7 game series so.. give it a break. Honestly though.. some of these so called analysts don’t have really good predictions.. they just base a series based on the outcome of the regular season record.

  16. hatebreed says:

    laker fans was upset because they are not usually see this in LA…Laker fans must start to habituate yourself seeing this kind of upsets…hehehehehe

  17. hatebreed says:

    win is still a win! lose is still a lose!!!

  18. jeff says:

    its chicken pox.. u id!0+

  19. hahahahaaa says:

    I see alot of lakers fans posting funny thngs like
    maybe NOH will produce an upset, its about time the lakers realise they cant just ride Kobe all day..
    im not saying kobe is bad or anything but if u watch a lakers game its basically him and a few good plays by Artest, Brown, the occasional Gasol…
    Still, i reckon the playoffs will be more exciting if the hornets win ^O^

    • tingyman says:

      if you actually watch the games and not just repost the stuff that the media posts on, you would know that the lakers dont ride kobe at all. furthermore, we dont rely on brown and artest. but rather bynum, gasol and the sixth man of the year, lamar odom. Gasol isnt occasional, and the fact that he had a bad game in game 1 in neligible.

  20. That Guy says:

    To everyone ready to count out the TWO time DEFENDING CHAMPS, slow your roll. OKC and Houston both pushed the Lakers to a 7 game series when everyone thought it should be a sweep. The Champs a 4-0 against the Hornets before that lose and do you think they will continue to lose? CP3 is a great player and had an amazing game no one can argue that but the amount of points he scored was out of his character and he had to score for them to win. correct? Lakers only lost by nine (which was exaggerated due to fouls at the end of the game) with Pau Gasol who averages 22.3 ppg scoring 9. The Hornets played good D but not that good he just missed wide open shots, do you think that the ALL-Star center will have that problem 2 games straight? If you do then you don’t know the game. The Lakers have one of the deepest benches in the NBA, they didnt show up that game the hornets and ALL of the Laker HATERS shouldnt count on that. BTW Phil Jackson has never won a champion let alone 2 without three peating. And Lamar Odom winning 6th man is going to just fuel his fire to play better and more dominant.

  21. Ice Pogi says:

    Hahahaha Steve Blake on CP3… What a secret weapon they have….I mean it was very lethal…. CHICKEN FOX!!!! Hey Lakers don’t do that… Don’t give NOLA a reason if they lose the series… Chicken Fox is a very lethal weapon… Just play hard the best you can… like CP3… Haahahaha Kobe (Black Mamba) Bryant, Steve (Chicken Fox) Blake… That’s Lethal…….

    • tingyman says:

      a guy taht is able to throw 5 fouls on chris paul and get him out of his security, i do think that that is powerful. you obviously doubt the fact that we have made it to the big stage two times with our team…

  22. ariel says:

    I love it how all these people say u cant compare the lakers 4 wins in the regular season against the hornets to now, yet they will make predictions based on the one game played .. Only One !
    also MVP is KOBE !

  23. D.ROSE! says:

    i smell an upset. 🙂

  24. GREAT JOKE says:


  25. Roland says:

    The Lakers underestimated Hornets, that’s the main reason why the defending champion experienced their first loss in the post season. Let’s give credits to Hugo’s players and coaching staff coz they can managed to win even without their leading scorer D. West. Game two is another story. The Hornets played in game one with superb rotation of the basketball to proved to the whole world that the predictions of NBA analysts of 4-0 sweep in favor to L.A were wrong. Possibly, the Lakers will beat Hornets 4-1, 4-2 or 4-3, but we can’t deny the fact that once again the underdog made a history by beating the gigantic, heavily favorite, bunch of great players defending champion Los Angeles Lakers in the playoffs. God Bless Hornets!!!

  26. rey says:

    CP3 will be irritated by blake not by his defense but by the possible infection of chiken fox.hehe

  27. dan king says:

    I only have one sentence “Never under estimate a heart of a champion” It’s only Game 1….

  28. LAKERS SUCKS!! says:

    here we go again lucky lakers used steve blake to guard cp3 bcoz of his chicken fox virus!!..dirty tricks L.A Fakers they are lucky coz they didn’t faced the Blazers in first round..!!Kobe Sucks and the rest of the Lakers except Phil jackson GO BEAT L.A

  29. Shreya says:

    Let Paul play! Try to stop the others. There is no way that Paul is going to score 30+ through out the series..
    And Pau, common now!! Playoff time..

    @rodel mayuyo
    Ha ha!! Funny…

  30. Jrok says:

    I love it how all these people say u cant compare the lakers 4 wins in the regular season against the hornets to now, yet they will make predictions based on the one game played .. Only One !

  31. Derrick Rose says:

    LOL if the lakers are having a hard time handling cp3.. how would they handle me at the finals?

  32. rodel mayuyo says:

    kobe is a ball hogger thats why lakers is losing, trade kobe next season

  33. Who won? says:

    Man, u lakers fans are just dumb! YEA U GUYZ WON LIKE A LOT OF CHAMPIONSHIPS! AND U GUYZ ARE 2 TIME DEFENDING CHAMPS!!! guess wat?! NOBODY CARES BUT U GUYS!!!!!! It’s the New Season and u guyz are just rubbing the past to the new and better teams! Honestly, i think NO will losr this series in 6 but thts not because they suck, thts because West and Gray, their good big mens got injured. And who knows? CP3 mite be amazing again! But Yall LA fans shud just freaking stop saying “It’s a warm-up game” “now it’s gonna start” guess wat? u guyz got pwned by the hornets so untill they actually REACH the Finals (which they cud, but has a lot of rivals) and Win it all, just shut ur BIG mouths and watch the Playoffs! Freaking LA fans,…..U guyz watch NBA with ur mouth or sumthing? god….

  34. Kyle says:

    hahahaha lakers didnt get there normal B.S. call and look wut happens. My short handed hornets handed to them when the lakers for the most part played a solid game. They made tough shot all day, my hornets made the ones they were supposed to and came away. I can see them taken this series

    • lakerboy8224 says:

      Lakers played a solid game? Nonsense! You can hatem but state facts… You are the only person on the planet that actually thought that the Lakers played a solid game.. Pau had 8 pts….6 rebs… He averages a double-double…….

  35. John says:

    lakers have no chance. they will lose tomorrow and next two games as well. NOH is very balanced team. Jarrett Jack is the most underrated player in the whole NBA. Go Hornets!!!

    • LAAAAAA says:

      Ur funny

    • lakerboy8224 says:

      Are you calling a sweep and the Lakers (2x defending champs) just loss 1 game???????? Are you serious? Hate does not look good on you dude…..

      I guess that Memphis will sweep the Spurs too…

      These 2 teams are 1/2 respectively because they are good… Watch!!!!!!

    • Rich says:

      You must not have been watching much during the regular season, John. With NOH’s best scorer out and the backup center injured, NOH’s depth isn’t what it should be. At full strength, NOH would have a difficult time beating the Lakers in a 7 game series … let alone sweep.

  36. barneycore says:

    i think lakers will beat the NOH… they would do everything to win

  37. a life long laker fan says:

    Pau cannot check Paul. Lakers handle your business tomorrow.

  38. JKey says:

    I’d love to see the Hornets best the Lakers in this series (it makes for an exciting Western Conference) but I don’t think it will happen.

  39. johnny ray says:

    the only the Lakers are doing wrong is expecting every team to come in and say “ohh their the lakers and we better be scared” but what is happening is that teams are saying” if we beat the lakers we can beat it was stated earlier no one can beat the lakers in a 7-gm series, okc tried it last year and so did phoenix is just a matter of the Lakers taken them serious and you can always tell when Phil wants to win when he stands up alot and calls alot of time outs..we will see next game

  40. jack77 says:

    the key for the lakers to beat chris paul & new orleans: CHICKEN FOX and steve blake

  41. Slamrocks says:

    Its over man.. Steve blake is gonna wipe all his chicken pox over chris pauls face. Secret weapon

  42. G2C4 says:

    why do people want others to get injured? i wish everyone was healthy so no team can complain. But it cannot be that way. THis is the NBA where injuries occur. Your current 5 on the floor represent what your team is. Sure you might loose some and win some. As for chris paul getting hurt? that is just not right. Sure you want your team to win but not in a way that hurts another players. As for the Lakers and Hornets, the Lakers will still win this series because the Lakers will figure it out and prevail.

  43. Heath says:

    They won’t stop CP3 but they will stop everyone else and that will be enough. My call for this game is no one else on the hornets will get in double figures and lakers win easy. Can CP3 go for 85? No and that is going to be his problem for the rest of this series. Supporting cast overperformed game 1, lakers underperformed. Gasol 8 points guarded by okafor? Does that happen again? I have much more love for the hornets than the lakers but the across the board talent disparity will be too much for CP3.

  44. lakeshow says:

    If the Lakers hadn’t traded Vujacic away, he would’ve been the best bet for defending cp3. My opinion.

  45. LBJ>KB24 says:

    and look at the teams that kobe and bron had !
    if lebron was in that lakers team,they could win it more than 3 times !
    seriousely you think kobe was the main reason ?
    shaq,phil jackson(best coach ever) an always a very very deep team … and look at the cavs teams,they’re worst team in the nba without lebron.consider lakers without kobe,they at lesat make it to the playoffs.

    • lakerboy8224 says:

      Cavs had the best record 2 years straight in the league and LBJ choked… Kobe and the Lakers are heading for the 4th visit to the Finals. Will he have to beat someone else because LBJ can’t make it back…. “Lebron, have you seen my 5 Championship rings?” (Nike puppet voice…..) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

      The “Decision” to be 2nd fiddle, makes you 2nd best.”

  46. Gary says:

    LA’s Secret Weapon = Meth Face Blake running at Paul. Guaranteed to alter any shot.

  47. Adrixe says:

    I do wish NOH will upset LA. I think it’s a very slim chance that they can do it, but if they play good TEAM D and paul continue to dominate the PG position, they MIGHT have a chance. I think OKC will take the west!

  48. Cao says:

    Since when does one player (CP3) manage to beat the Champions?
    He didn’t won… Lakers though did lose. I respect Chris Paul as everybody should,but seriously think that even with 0-2 Lakers would still be favourites, As a Lakre fan,my biggest concern is a very bad Derek Fisher form. Kobe does shoot a lot but just to have him is a bless. And he scores!
    I didn’t understood how Gasol managed to be in a position to play one on one with CP3 on Sunday?
    He was destroying him with pleasure.
    For me,there are two main keys to win this series. Maybe even the playoff. More points in the paint and faster defense.

    Greetings from Croatia

  49. Huge Lakers Fan! says:

    I think that the Lakers will really bounce back and take the rest of the games in this series. Who knows, maybe CP3 will have a bad night and his hornets will get eliminated from the playoffs. Overall, the Lakers will win the series in 5 games.

  50. Rob says:

    this isnt even worth commenting on, but i will… the lakers get lazy & arrogant when they play teams that arent that great… they get laxed… they will b fine… u guys cant honestly think the hornets r going 2 take out the reigning champs (back 2 back… soon 2 b 3peat)… u guys r delusional…

  51. corey says:

    lmfao yes pxprip is right lakers always start out slow , not an excuse , they got a good run from oklahoma last year , and went to win the finals ….. so not an excuse , merely a fact dummy lakers hater lol, as far as chris paul , im a lakers fan , but chris paul is our problem and is the best pg besides nash in the game ,he will be hard to contain , much like kobe is ,but once we slow him down , who else do the hornets have …. ?? anyone ? lmfao maybe ariza ? lol it’s easy lakers in 6 games , hornets will get one more win at home and thats it.

  52. SYDALE says:

    It’s always nice to see the Lakers lose… But, they’ll probably still win this series 4-1… Hopefully, the Hornets can pull out another win though… The last thing I want is for the Lakers to be well rested against the winner of the Mavs/ Blazers series which I predict will take 6 games…

  53. asdf says:

    prix is the worst troller ever lol.. sour resentful guy becuase bron is 8 years into the league and no title. while the “ball hog” of mr.bryant already had a 3 peat 8 years into his career lol

  54. moneyball says:

    Also Lebron is best

  55. moneyball says:

    CP3 is not about to do wat he did in game 1 all series long. Lock him down, you win, he IS the offense all around. Dat’s y they a number 7 seed

  56. famoz western says:

    and to the guy who said a sad day when kobe retires, i was watching game 1 in the playoffs and kobe looked winded…bad…it was sad to see him like that i have never seen kobe struggle in a game with energy

    • lakerboy8224 says:

      You need to update your TV from that black and white floor model and get yourself a flat screem LED…. Kobe wasn’t winded. He scored 34 points. Now, if you insist that he was winded, then I hate to see him not so winded…. He may go for another 81. Oh, yeah, that was luck and it was against the Raptors! Shut it up! You don’t know anything about basketball… You are probably a Clippers fan….

  57. famoz western says:

    phil jackson is stubborn…they have a guy who was a well known defender at virginia tech by the name of devin ebanks, who is just sitting on the bench, they need to put him on cp3, hes younger, more athletic, and since its playoffs he will play harder.

  58. Ricardo Cordeiro says:

    I don’t understand why everybody hates on kobe. He was the reason that i started watching the nba!
    I Think it will be a sad day when he retires, i’ll miss is awesome fadeaway jumpshot and his fundamentals, aswell as his will to win!

    (sorry for the bad english, i’m portuguese)

  59. Jay says:

    Do you all really think that New Orleans’ winning Game 1 means anything? Did Sixers winning Game 1 back in 2001 Finals against the Lakers mean anything? Underdogs are underdogs for a reason. Lakers contained Paul all season long, and it’s not gonna change in the playoffs. New Orleans’ trash bench made some lucky shots last game and let’s see if they do that again.

  60. Bulls-Lakers says:

    Wow. LA is in for it this year. All you Lakers fans are SOOOOO PATHETIC!!!! if NOH is supposedly, “no match” for LA, then HOW DID THEY WIN?????? and using the, Wake up Call, or Pau had a bad game, or just Hornets making all there shots is dumb. you have been using the wake up call since miami beat you guys thing, and how they step up in the playoffs. SO what you gonna say when NOH wins tonight, and the series? that, Oh, Pau wasn’t in his game those games, or all NOH’s shots were falling, but they will rebound? maybe next year they will. They don’t deserve to win, not because they suck, because they r great. They just don’t have anymore heart, and heart beats talent ANYDAY. The lakers should have had it, but NOH has more heart, and that will get them through the series unless LA actually develops heart (and i mean BIIGGGGG heart to beat the heart of Chris Paul and NOH).

    • lakerboy8224 says:

      You are not a fan of basketball… You don’t know basketball! Heart beats talent… Did you learn that playing kick ball in the 2nd grade…. The hope that the Hornets will beat the lakers is ludicrous (oh, not the rapper) HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! “THEY DON’T DESERVE TO WIN NOT BECAUSE THEY SUCK BECAUSE THEY ARE GREAT?????”

      HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Go back to reading Sesame Street!

  61. Bullsfan1136 says:

    Lets see how it all plays out. Lakers won’t make out of the west not matter how much stern and refs help accodring to one of your fans. Laker fans get all bent out of shape, reasong being is cause they know its coming to an end. As far as spurs being old to quote another fan, they did get the stop seed when your team has a young center that can’t find a way to stay healthy and apparently the self appointed closer in the game. Kobe is old and can’t carry them like he use to. In my opinion, he only as two official rings since shaq was the man in the first go around under phil and if it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have won any. I will give him all the credit in the world as to losing NBA finals for phil though. He was AWESOME in those.

    Lakers won’t be coming out of the west. Enjoy the first round if you guys can control CP3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LAAAAAA says:


    • lakerboy8224 says:

      Stupidity should be a crime! There are always 5 guys on the floor at one time. No one person has ever one a Championship ring in basketball. Shaq was the man when he was in L.A. NO one can say that he wasn’t. Consider this one fact; in the clutch, Shaq was on the bench because he is a career high 40% free throw shooter. Kobe was not on the bench he was on the floor. Robert Horry hit big shots. Rick Fox hit big shots, D-Fish hit big shots. Michael Jordan fans are some of the dumbest, self righteous fans in the world. They think that he won 6 rings alone. Pippen, Rodman are Hall of Famers. Craig Rogers still holds records. John Paxson was a sharp shooter. Bill Cartright was a work horse. Horance Grant knew his role and controlled the rebounds with Rodman….. Don’t attempt to minimize Kobe, in an effort to maximize everyone else. Kobe is GREAT! He is the all time leading scorer for the Lakers. Last I checked, they were second to the Celtics in total rings ron 16/17… Bulls (6)…… Bulls are struggling with the Pacers… You better worry about the East. I hope that D.Rose remains healthy. Otherwise, the bulls suck……….

  62. Phi-to-La says:

    Hornets have always been a “one-trick pony”, screen/roll ad infinitum, which happens to be the major weakness for the Lakers defense….that being said, Jackson and his coaches will implement the adjustments, it’s up to the players to respond….Williams and his coaches probably don’t have any more tricks and why should they??? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it….still need to contain CP3, make him shoot, keep him away from the middle of the floor and really make him work on defense….the other key is to contain Landry, he always plays big against the Lakers

  63. JoXL7 says:

    The Hornetts were just on that day! every shot you think wouldn’t go in went in. it was just one of those days for them but they won’t beat the Lakers. Lakers solved there problems and will show it tomorrow! Game 5 LA!

  64. mavschamp says:


    • DieHardLakerFan says:

      I undestand why you want NO to beat the LA. LA can beat MAVS on their bad day with their eyes closed. Lol! Let’s wait and see how NO play next game before you rant, ok?

    • LAAAAAA says:

      u worry about ur Mavs first…. then u talk about some1 else’s team….. I noe mavs won game 1….. but so wat? if thewy shut down dirk, its OVER

  65. I don't understand why Shannon Brown says:

    is not a good defender. Brown needs to learn how Rose plays and uses hop step to his advantage.

  66. InevitableLakerChampionship says:

    Lakers need to sign CP3 this off season.

    • luke j says:

      if LakeShow signs CP3 next season….they have got to be faves to win it all for the next five years. I bleed purple and gold…but I have to admit CP3 is probably the best pg in the past ten years save little stevie. Put him with the likes of Bynum, Artest, Gasol, and Kobe…OMG!! As for this series, it seems pretty simple. Hornets played at the very top of their game, lakers played at the near bottom of theirs….NOLA wins. Will that happen three more times this series? Unlikely..if it does, Lakers go home….More than likely Lakers win it in 5 or 6 games. The real solution to CP3 is team defense. Don’t switch on the p&r, force CP3 out of the middle, bigs rotate on d once CP3 has committed left or right. Lakers are so much bigger inside and NOLA doesn’t have the perimeter game to beet them if the interior is shut down. It’s all about the lakers playing committed defense….if that happens there will be nothing else to talk about in this series!

  67. Dylan says:

    it is disappointing that the lakers lost game 1 but they will bounce back and beat the hornets without too much trouble. it does seem like they arent “hungry” anymore. but kobe knows that his chances of increasing his amount of rings is nearing the end so his mindset will be to win and NO ONE can stop him when is mind is focused on that

  68. lakernation says:

    spurs!!! talk about old you dinosaur !!! Man remember spurs fans ” no country for old men” SEKOU BLOG THIS !!!

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      kobe is jus as old as Timmy Dumb@sz!!!! And Fisher is the dinosaur!! talk bout old do research! Spurs Tha Best Unradted team!!! Blog on Underated San Antonio!!!

  69. lakernation says:

    three peat stop hating they just won game 1 big deal !!!
    cp3 is good but not great and one man cant beat the lakers look at offense points
    lakers in 5 games

  70. you haters dont like the lakers coz we win, just remember we’ve got Stern on our back

  71. I like fact or fiction's comments/see what you wanna see says:

    and by the way ariza shot horribly everyone did on the hornets except jarret jack 5-6 grey 5-5 aand paul 11-18

  72. CP3 SUCKS! lakers always put kobe or artest on stars as they always have a knack for stepping on player’s ankles or make bynum give him a concussion or two or we could ask our good buddy Stern to do the work with the refs.

  73. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Shanon brown Sux he cant shoot, he can only dunk he cant guard cpshe, and Steve blake he couldnt Guard my little Daughter and shes 7. Lol, that boy has never been mentioned as a Top Point Guard Defender, he is just a solid Back up and a Nice 3 point shooter so why even make it a Topic. Anything else you got for me Blog NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. SSD LAKERS FAN says:







  75. Bullsfan1136 says:

    @big o

    The hornets don’t have anything to lose, this is why it will be close game. Yeah, its been the same excuse all year for them. Don’t play hard and what not, it will catch up to you in the end. Maybe not this series but down the road. You won’t have a game 7 at home to bail you out if all seeds advance. I like CP3’s chances. Its just fun to watch kobe miss down the stretch.

    As for my bulls team, not playing great but are closing games out when we have to. Once we start playing well, the sky is the limit. Best playoffs this year, in a long time. It will be fun to watch.

    • I like fact or fiction's comments/see what you wanna see says:

      it really is amazing how you blame pau when pau do not conntrol the lakers tempo. Honestly laker fans you ignore the fact kobe shot 26 shots in his best performance of the playoff during his supposed 3 peat (quote on quote) 13-26 is an amazing stat for kobe…UNBELIEVABLE. Just admit it now you kobe fans can break that spell they have on you and just watch the game basketball is played on the court not in marketing moves to gain an edge over the competition. In the last minute it was kobe against cp3 they took the head to head challenge and who won kobe 0-5 “clutch” cp3 perfection at its finest 11-18 having gone 4–4 during the show down (or should i say shot down) and honestly kobe took it upon himself as a challenge i dont thin anyone other than nash shoulld challenge cp3 with cutch shooting (melo). But laker fans i am not bashing kobe just keeping it real no excuses in the beginning of tthis season hornets had the best record in the league 11-1 its a reason why they started like that dont think they cant if i get beat by an eastern team it means nothing the onyl teams i would get up for are the ones gunnnig for a championship i always told you greatest players d wade bron cp3 melo nash manu kobe even when he doesnt pay good all the time i know he is the best at what he does signing off

  76. 1blessedfreshman says:

    Chris Paul played Game 1 like a MVP..the Lakers defense was horrible. If Paul and the defensive-mind Hornets plan on winning against the 2x defending champs..we must bring it all night. The Lakers are the biggest team in the league,but defense beats size sometimes!

  77. Shavennn D says:

    Is anyone ever going to admit that Phil J. is cocky. He sits kobe out on the bench at the beginning of the 4th quarter and then always throws him in the last five min and expects him to work a miracle. It’s phils faught but he never catches the blame. Every since 08′ lakers have been winning but Kobe has never been the same. He has been force to change his approach to b-ball because of fans, coaches and critics alike. There is no more adlibing. there is no more excitement to kobe’s game. I credit that to age, injuries, and being forced to ride the bench too long, not getting enough practice and that damn triangle offense. I know the NBA is about winning but sometimes I miss the excitement of the old kobe bryant bc u never knew what you where going to get. BTW, for all the ball hog cryers when Kobe doesn’t take a shot, or he retires who are you going to blame it on then? 1998 to now he’s been letting L.A ride his back. Hell I wish he would have came down to ATL, GA where we would have appreciated him for ya’ll ungrateful son of a b*&@h’s

  78. cp3 4 life says:

    its about the coaching staff monty start up is a great coach phill is the best but monty is yooung and got the egar to win spark phill got the laid back we the lakers look

  79. killer says:

    screw hornets

  80. prix says:

    okay guys i know lakers will win against the hornets but i love to hate on kobe!!!

    • prix says:

      you hate me too much and used my name…another L.A fan maybe..we have fakers and fake prix on this blog…

  81. Big O says:

    For all who said Kobe has something to do with the loss to New Orleans on sunday, I say you are somewhat correct. But you will also have to admit that pau and bynum were not interested in that game, why? I am not really sure. Kobe lately has been turning the ball over too many times, that I think MAYBE the reason why Pau and Andrew are reluctant to get back on defense. However the New Orleans Hornets are no match for the lakers in a win or go home type of games. lakers will dismantle them tomorrow. my prediction. lakers will end up leading at the end of the fourth with 15 or more points and the New Orleans hornets will not score more than 87 points

  82. LA! ALLDAY says:


  83. TOMMY says:

    KOBE BRYANT is TWICE the ALL-STAR that Chris Paul will ever be

    • bunbury says:

      i think kobe did too much one on one basketball on game 1. the problem was not the number of shots but how they were taken. gasol, odom, and bynum need to be involved more offensively. ESPECIALLY GASOL! he needs to be 20 10.

      • laker fan says:

        Pau can get more touches if he be more aggressive. Fisher and artest were aggressive and had a good game game one btw kobe had a good shooting percentage he wasnt jacking up shots he was being aggressive

  84. TOMMY says:

    Chris Paul I gurantee will NOT have another gamelike that. we did everything possible defensively to stop him but he was just making everything, but like I said he will not have another game like that in the Series.

  85. teamLAKERS says:

    Honestly, the I feel that the lakers should put Shannon Brown on Chris Paul because honestly, Paul isn’t going to have rediculous numbers like that the entire series. Brown is athletic enough to move his feet and bother Paul in ways Fisher and Bryant can’t. It wouldn’t be to bad if Steve Blake sweated on him either tho(:

  86. FACT NOT FICTION says:

    LA fans kill me. No one admits that Kobe was the reason they lost. He missed the last FIVE shots in a 3-4 possession loss. Had they gone to someone else they could have narrowed the game down, and don’t say that everyone else was shooting bad because NO ONE ON LA TOOK OVER TEN SHOTS BESIDES BRYANT! Get real people LA is a great team but ONLY when they are allowed to play as a team and Kobe doesn’t ball hog.

    • Nuugame says:

      Sure…but put him on my team anyday and I will let him take the last shot. Besides, 5 championships? Hog it Kobe….Hog it.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Are you that stupid to say Bryant won five championships by ball hogging? Let me not waste effort trying to enlighten you and just agree. Please Kobe hog it next game so the same thing can happen.

    • Colt says:

      5 STAR comment!!! Good observation lol

    • QuestionMark says:

      Obviously a hater aren’t you?, who else is going to take the last few shots? Artest, Gasol, Barnes?, Fisher should be taking the shot besides Bryant, but Bryant will always be the first option knowing that he has knocked tons of them in his career, Gasol struggled in Game 1 so him and Artest, who jacks up shots, would have been my last options, it wasn’t because of Bryant they lost, it was because they couldn’t stop CP3 at all.

  87. Jake says:

    Maybe they could try barring him from the arena like the Cavs did with Lebron earlier this season.

    • Law064 says:

      @Daley the Dan how is the hornets no match for LA?? They beat them at the staple center. I admit LA has the better team but to just say the Hornets are no match is just dumb. LA didn’t win last game so they actually can match the Lakers. I can’t say they can eliminate LA but they can make it a series if they continue to play like Sunday

  88. Daley The Dan says:


    • Big NO says:

      If the Hornets are/were no match then why did we set records on them and beat the ever loving piss out of them.I mean If you say such a bold thing as that you should back it up better then just blurting bulls**t like we are better its not are fault we lost,The atmosphere was wrong that day and the stars alignment wasnt right and kobe washed only his right sock instaed of only his left sock b4 game.Hornets have been my team since I was 6,Im 28 now and theyve had some really bad years in that time,But I was still loyal and this is why,because of days when we show people the difference between heart and just another large salary cap.Lakers,Heat,Celtics,Not This year.

      • Lmao.. says:

        Lol what’s with the life story? All the guy said was the Hornets are no match for the Lakers. It’s only been one game, and you’re up here giving epic speeches on “heart”. PLEASE. The Lakers lost because they played like crap, the Hornets aren’t some dream team. Once L.A gets their heads out of their youknowhats, you’ll see just how effective our “large salary cap” is.

  89. mavschamp says:

    this series is great upset. If hornets win today lakers will be in great trouble. … CP3 has higher IQ basketball and im sure his ready to make adjustment i hope aaron gray will play all game this series he needed to defence bynum.. i believe in hornets will make history.. hornets will win this series 4-2. Go hornets.

  90. VP5 says:

    No one can stop CP3 Lakers are getting a 3 peat Hornets Sweep

  91. Jordan says:

    To stop CP3 the Lakers first need to do a better job of staying in front of him. (CP3 has been struggling all year with his shot and then he comes to L.A and just kills the Lakers. It seems every point guard has a great game when Fisher is guarding him.) Chris Paul has lost some quickness but still he easily got past Lakers defense. I think in Game 2 tommorow the Lakers will do a much better job of defending Paul. But If u think about it; it took a historic game from CP3, an historicly low turnover game, and Pau Gasol having possible his worst game in his playoff career with Lakers for the Hornets to BARELY beat the Lakers. It is HIGHLY unlikely that i will happen again in this series. Also Steve Blake is back, so that is someone else the Lakers can throw at Paul. ALSO WHY WERE THE LAKERS SWITCHING ON PICK N ROLLS!!? When the other team has the best or 2nd best point guard in the NBA; you don’t put Pau Gasol on him. Pau looked lazy, and not focused, and (as usual) soft the first game. NO ONE can blame this loss on Kobe; he was basically the only one who showed up!

    • Gary says:

      They beat them by 9 and at home. That’s not barley.

      • Diggahh says:

        Most of those 9 points came at the end of the game…LA was right with them all game despite a poor performance…Odom needs to stop jackin 3’s. We know he can make them now he needs to step up and be dominant in the post because we also know he can do that as well!

      • LakeShow 2011 says:

        When you really think about it….that is a bare lose considering that gap in play. Do you really think NOH would have been close to a full throttle Lakers squad? Be honest. Now I can see if NOH beat the Lakers at there best. But this wasn’t it. Still a lose is a lose. There is no taking that away. Now the question remains, which Laker squad will show up tomorrow and will NOH be able to handle them if the REAL Lakers show up.

    • Francisco says:

      Kobe choked at the end , he missed last 5 shots

      • Dale of Atnarko says:

        Yeah Kobe did choke down the stretch with all his missed shots. He also had too many turnovers in crunch time which led to easy fastbreak points for NOH. In contrast NOH hardly had any turnovers, and the main reason for that is NO LAKER DEFENSE.

        Based on the Lakers poor play recently, they better be very careful or they could find themselves getting swept in this series. All season long, almost every time they lost a game – it turned into a 3, 4 or 5 game losing streak. If they play with same lack of urgency, say goodbye to 3peat and hello to a new Laker squad next year.

  92. Rods says:

    beat the hornets. Im still optimistic that they will advanced for the second round. Remember you sweep them in the regular series even david west in the line up

  93. Rods says:

    one game down three to go. lakers gogogogogogo

  94. bUnZo:) says:

    wheN pHil sAid….

    iT sHalL bE dOne!!!:)

  95. bUnZo:) says:

    whEn PhiL sAid….
    it sHould bE dOne!!!!

  96. Nelson tun says:

    Pau looked like sleepy and also looks like a drug user. You can see his eyes look drowsy and his moves were soooo slow as if he’s not interested to play. If he acts the same way as he did in game 1, sure Lakers will loose again. They need to change a lot and just refer to the 7 streaks after All Stars Game. Just remember how they played in those winning games.
    Repeat that again.

    • luisma says:

      And Kobe is a individualist player only thinking on him, nerver on de group. Gasol and the rest of the team are tired of his attitude.
      The matter is kobe not Pau.

  97. gotballs24 says:

    I do agree with the rest of the guys, its really hard to stop CP3 because he’s really a flashy guy. But if the lakers can contain the go to guy and denied cp3 from making plays for his teammates. It will be a disaster for NO. Feeding the ball inside the lane for the lakers is the perfect way to execute lakers defense. Mark my word PAU GASOL will be NO nightmare in GAME 2.

  98. Wangky says:

    There is always a time of a new ERA. 😀

  99. allaround baller says:

    They should put kobe on CP. And so westbrook (if they meet) Lakerrs cant handle their screen. PG is always a threat. How bout let kobe handle the ball and shandon brown play SG. I dont see they need a real point guard. Kobe able to make himself a shoot or let gasol/bynum playing inside. Both bigman is able too, bynum has size. gasol has skill. Gasol, I mean it’s not realy a set play, just simple

    • Francisco says:

      he will get tired easily, HE will shoot 4 out of 20 if not fouls out early in the game

    • Diggahh says:

      You could even put barnes in there to play solid D…the Lakers are not just Kobe. There are other players that are capable of doing the job…Kobe’s job in the post season is to rip into them like he has done in the past…challenge them to step their game up…Lakers will get another 3-peat.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Phil Jackson put Kobe on CP3 in Game 1, still nothing, I don’t think Artest can guard him either, CP3 is just too quick, Fisher can’t guard him at all, we have seen that, closest will be Blake.

  100. Ed says:

    The Lakers are already old. Time to invest in younger generations.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Lakers are that old, Kobe still got game left, once Kobe is done, L.A is done. but either way OKC is gonna knock them off hopefully, Fisher and Blake cannot handle Westbrook and Durant is just too good, also OKC got size, defense and terrific shot blockers in Ibaka and Perkins and also you gotta love that electrifying OKC crowd.

      • lakerboy8224 says:

        Lakers will have home court again….You are not even certain of your own comments… “OKC is gonna knock them off hopefully.”

        Perkins averages 2 pts and 2 rebs…. He doesn’t have KG, Paul and Ray… Lil brother can be bad when he has 3-big brothers watching over him….

        You know nothing about the game… They can have all the fans that they want in OKC…. They will not be on the court… Oh, the crowd being the 6th man is really not real, but I bet that you thought that all of the fans actually played… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

  101. Ice Pogi says:

    Why don’t they use artest to defend CP3… Artest can give Cp3 a good UFC headlock…. He’s good on that….Playing dirty was one of the Lakers most effective defensive strategy…. Or Luke walton should do it… Make himself something useful for the Lakers… Co’z everyone knew that lakers won win anything w’out the help of the refs and dirty tricks….Like Bynum has done to Beastly… Artest on Lebron…Like kobe using elbow to Dwade’s chin…. years ago… too bad…. Wade retaliates…. Bye bye threepeat hopes…. It won’t happen….

    • Nuugame says:

      You sound like you fell on your face! Call it what you want, dirty, refs, cheatings, luck and it doesn’t change a damn thing. The Lakers and the Celtics to date remain the two dominant championship basketball teams. The Lakers have done it two years in a row and other teams would love to be in that topic. The hornets just won game one and they are still the same team the Lakers destroyed them 4 times during the season and the odds are still in their favor. The hornets played a perfect game to defeat them and in case you forgot, they are still the same crew.

      • jj says:

        listen that was the REGULAR SEASON. It doesn’t determine everything, just ask the celtics that. also the lakers and celtics may have the most rings but that was before. this season either the heat, bulls, spurs, or OKC, will win it all

      • Diggahh says:

        I like your comment, however, I see Orlando and LA in the Finals. Not Boston and LA…Boston is just not the same team they have been in the past.

    • TINGYMAN says:

      saying ignorant watery nonsense like that is why no one respects your talk. refs being rigged towards the lakers? the refs are not out to attack every other team. so shut your mouth and get out of your moms house

  102. cp3 says:

    ariza knows the lakers offence, there you go

    • Ishhyde says:

      Won’t make a difference. Lakers in game 6

      • lakerboy8224 says:

        Questionmark just said that Jarrett Jack and Bellineli will hit 9/10 from 3 pt line… That is just STUPID! There is a reason that Jarrett Jack has been with 5 teams… Bellineli, 3 or 4! They are role players that had a decent night… The Phil Jackson affect will be in full affect Wednesday night…

        It will be a laugher! Lakers will by a large margin…..!!!!!

    • abcd says:

      seriously? you know what? everybody knows the lakers offense! that’s no secret. a lot of teams tried to defend it but has failed. phil has won 11 championships with the same offense so just shut up if you have nothing smart to say!

    • TINGYMAN says:

      its been two years… im pretty sure he has forgotten by now

      • D_Brennan says:

        Paul should have had the MVP in 2008!but due to the nba’s analysis that the mvp should be the best player on the best team, kobe and the lakers won thier last seasons meeting and gt the higher seeding and kobe gt the mvp but everyone knows paul should have gotten. How many mvp’s did stockton, thomas, or other great PG’s win? not many to none so mvp’s dnt make the player it is their GAME!!! Paul has had the best PG GAME since getting drafted. he gt injured so people that say he is not the best PG in the league needs to be smacked in the face! Also LISTEN up all you laker fans….. You all may have your own opinions of this series but you all are Wrong!!!! The hornets did not get lucky nor should the lakers be the favorite if they go down 0-2! I say if the hornets play the way they did in the first game LAKERS GET SWEPT IN FOUR GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Laugh now but you will all look stupid down in lakerland when it happens CHUMPS!!!!

    • LAAAAAA says:

      If you didnt notice…….. lakers has changed a lot…… plays may not change, but players are the difference

  103. pj says:

    just accept it. they can’t catch up w/ cp3. lol

    • Nuugame says:

      Y’al acting like CP3 is a god or something. The Lakers contained him all season and I still think they’re the same team. Besides, he ain’t no Steve Nash!

      • D_Brennan says:

        You are really stupid to even say that. Duh!!! Paul isn’t steve nash, he is way better. have you ever seen nash put up a stat line like paul’s ever in his career. NOO!!! especially against the lakers!! so shut your mouth until you can talk about real basketball.

      • utalkbadengish says:

        when u say “he aint no steve nash” the aint & the no cancel eachother out so hes no steve nash or he aint steve nash, he aint no steve nash u might as well be saying he steve nash learn how to speak ur the problem with society

      • TINGYMAN says:

        @D Brennan
        actually, steve nash is a two time mvp, something that Chris Paul has never been. So your the one not talking real basketball at all.
        and your english is any better? fool…

      • QuestionMark says:

        Its the Playoffs, just because they stopped CP3 during the Season does not mean the same in the Playoffs, Playoffs get every star pumped up, Kobe showed it, CP3 showed it. I am no Hornets fan or Lakers fan, but Lakers don’t have a chance if Lakers defense keeps screwing up and Gasol is matched with Paul, Lakers are done, no matter how well Kobe plays, if Paul can just run past his man, it leaves players like Belinelli, Ariza, Jack open for 3, and knowing them they will knock it down 9/10 times. If Lakers have a chance of winning Gasol needs to go back to averaging a double-double. Yes its Game 1, but if CP3 keeps scoring 30ppg and averaging 14 asts then Lakers are done. Either way I think Lakers won’t make it, if Hornets don’t knock them off or Dallas or Portland, then OKC will, I am sure OKC will dash past Denver and San Antonio in a hurry.

      • KungFu Hustler says:

        That is funny

  104. err yeah... says:

    the secret way to stop chris paul… get luke walton to flagrant foul chris paul at the start of the match and try to injure him badly…if it doesnt succeed walton gets a flagrant. No biggie.

  105. Cha says:

    I already, the Lakers big needed to establish themselves defensively, nevermind the fact they got outscored by the Hornet’s small (compared to them) big men. They have a man named Kobe, but defensively, they need to control the pain and dominate out there. Perimeter players must step up, Kobe can’t handle triple team each and every time he brings the ball up front. they need to start making shots for them to win. And oh yeah, get back on D! Pau and Bynum didn’t look interested in getting back at all plus Pau was taking jumpshots on Carl Landry? That’s a mismatch right there with his length and skill, he should take advantage of that.

    • Francisco says:

      Kobe missed last 5 shots, that one was his good game, he shot 50%, he will go back to his 44 % playoff career

  106. yo says:

    3-2 zone defense. Laker’s were poor on man to man defense. They couldn’t pick up fast enough on the screen switch.

    • NAJ says:

      Not sure it was much to do with Man to Man or Zone (which Phil will never play as he’s too stubborn). Their offensive execution was brilliant all game and pick and roll was done to perfection. CP3 just wasn’t missing any shots from any range, he won’t produce performances like that every game and players like Aaron Gray won’t be as good again. Gasol was lazy and simply not aggressive enough. Jeff Van Gundy summed it all up with 1 minute to go when Pau went by his man for a baseline move dunk and Jeff said ‘It’s taken Pau 47 minutes to make an aggressive move to the basket’

      If him and Lamar don’t step up, the Lakers are in trouble. Kobe will probably have 1 game where he couldn’t hit the ocean from a row boat and those 2 will need to make up for him and at the moment i’m worried.

  107. get real says:


    • prix says:

      There is no stopping CP3..just contain the go to guy,,Hornets just play the way they used to play, nothing’s change..what change is the Lakers, they are weak defensively and not creating open shots and Kobe just hogging the ball a lot of times in the final possesions and FAILED… LAKERS FAILED!!! there hopes might end here!

      • PRIXP says:

        Dude I seriously think you are stupid. The Lakers will win it all because they’re had their wake up call. It has been the rockets, and Oklahoma the past couple of series, and then the Lakers have then woken up to play the basketball they are capable of playing. It is possible to contain every star player, because in short there will be games where they will not be able to put the ball into the basket and then they will be “contained”. So in short Kobe “hogging” the ball still managed to score 34 points off a very good shooting percentage, though I do agree that Kobe was holding the ball a little too often and for too long.

      • Gary says:

        @PRIXP not PRIX, Shut up with the excuses! The start of the playoffs was supposed to be the wakeup call. But now of course LA will come out harder and NOH without Aron Gray will not have a good chance of taking the series.

      • Tek says:

        Wow, prix and Gary in the same comment…it’s like haters unite! If you call Kobe a ball hog then you need to call just about any NBA Great, or even Good, a’s probably the most ignorant used expression out there. First of all Paul is extremely good and i don’t take that away from him, however he can be contained. Lakers had a poor showing and without key players like Gasol showing up there’s going to be issues. NOH is still not on the same calibur as LA and i can garuntee the next games will have a different outcome. Aron Gray is a backup Center…he played decent for one game…he does not control any sort of outcome for the NOH. You’re already making excuses for them losing even before the game starts lol.

      • Diggahh says:

        Prix, you have to be kidding me. A team that went 0-4 against LA all season is not going to beat this Laker team in a 7 game series. Phil Jackson is too good of a coach to not figure out a way to stop CP3. I would not be surprised to see the Lakers win the next 4. The Lakers are too big. They dont have to stop Chris Paul, they just have to stop the rest of the Hornents’ team because the chances of him winning a series against the 2-time defending champs is slim to none. The Lakers will go all the way again because Kobe is the type of competitor to not let one guy single-handedly beat him or his team. There is a reason the Hornets are a 7 seed. The Lakers are by far a better TEAM than New Orleans. To be quite honest, in a 7 game series I dont see any team beating the Lakers because Phil Jackson is too good of a coach. They will make adjustments and wrap this up quicker than you think. Laker nation loves haters. Keep it coming, the Lake-show feeds off of it. 🙂

      • Greg says:

        i love the hate. one game and then its all with the haters uniting and like OMFG!!! YO DUDE YOU GONNA PARTY AT MAH HOUSE CAUSE LA GONNA LOSE!!! :O!!!

        nah, 7 game series, yeah, ill b seein ya later NOH. lakers are probs one of the best boX series teams in the league.

      • weihao says:

        daammm….. u comment on every laker post

      • rorylaker4lyf says:

        man, i hope tom you log on……post game then we,ll see fooohhh

    • LakeShow 2011 says:

      Looks like we got a good conversation poppin off here. Let me see if I can get in on this. I did not get the opportunity to watch the game, however, I kinda had a feeling the LakeShow was going to lose the game. The key players were not there, their style of play is typically sluggish and lackluster in the first few games of the playoffs. I was hoping for a better outcome. There is no excuse for the Lakers to be playing the way they have been playing the past few games. But you know every great team needs a wake up call. Someone stated that the playoffs should be a wake up call. I agree and disagree at the same time. In the case of the Lakers and the likes of the Spurs, etc…..when you get to the playoffs practically every year, then to some folks it because routine….like “Oh it’s the playoffs.” The Lakers have been to the playoffs every year going back to the 80’s except for 1 year when they completely blew up. I believe that was when the season was shortened too. Now tomorrow we should see a different Lakers squad. I stated it before that this championship is the LakeShows to win/lose. If they lose, it will not be because the other team was better. Reading about this last game kinda proves it. NOH came to play and pulled off a victory by 6. From what you all are saying the Lakers played like crap, Kobe held the ball long, and the key players that are not sick or on the injured list did not come to play. And to only lose by 6 is a scary thought when the REAL Lakers show up. Holla!

      • jpeezy says:

        they actually wouldve lost by 18 but odom hit 2 3s when it didn’t matter and derek fisher hit a 3 when it was still over and by the way they lost by 9 so noh is the better team with the best player on the court cp3 oh gasol didn’t show up because carl landry is a physical player and that’s why the lakers swept the hornets in the reg. season because david west is not a physical defender so gasol will have a meaningless first round because he will attempt jumpers only and the lakers cant win with kobe alone.

    • Gary says:

      @ Tek, don’t compare me to Prix. He hates and I simply debate. Debate that fact Kobe fans are blinded by his stardom and don’t look at the facts. And who’s making excuse besides you LA fans? I said N.O. doesn’t have a good chance taking this because of Gray but that’s also because they are now out two good players (with West being the other). So yeah no excuse just a prediciton. Kind of like how you guys predicted a sweep but now your comments changed to “it was a warmup, a wakeup call, Lakers in 6” or whatever excuse your using now.

      • Lakers3peat says:

        lol who cares.. talk smack when the Lakers are officially out, until then, you have nothing.. judging by the recent articles relating to watching film, LO winning the sixth man award, Blake back, Pau needing to man up for his Game 1 disappearing.. I suspect the Lake show to show up next game for sure.

      • Gary says:

        Huh what are you even talking about? You Heat haters love to talk smack but when your team is under the spotlight you get so defensive. And yes I know your a Heat hater. I’ll talk smack till Lakers actually pull something.