Rose Not Eyeing DPOY Award ‘Yet’

CHICAGO – Derrick Rose was left off 120 ballots by the media folks who voted for the NBA’s 2011 Kia Defensive Player of the Year and no one in Chicago demanded an inquest.  While Rose was early on his Most Valuable Player possibilities, the DPOY isn’t on his radar.

“Not yet,” he said.

Three of his teammates, though, did pick up votes. In fact, center Joakim Noah and shooting guard Keith Bogans each got one first-place vote, finishing 15th and 20th respectively. Forward Luol Deng came in 10th with 24 points (five second-place votes and nine thirds), placing ahead of Lakers star Kobe Bryant (18 points).

With Bogans, a 30-year-old journeyman who averaged 4.4 points on 40.4 percent shooting, most of the focus has been on his absence of offense. But Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is the defensive guru who trusts him with that starter’s role and thought the vote Bogans got was deserved.

“I don’t know why anyone would be surprised,” Thibodeau said. “To me, if you study the guy’s career, this is who he’s been. The guy’s done it for a long time and this is how he’s made his mark in this league. He’s a tough competitor. He’s a fierce defender. He’s played under some great coaches. You can count on Keith to play defense.”


  1. Cam says:

    I think that the vote for Bogans was mean’t to be Bogut.

  2. Derrick Rose says:

    ok guys, i said ‘Not yet.’

    That means not yet.

    so shut up and watch.

    I’m gonna be working on my D this offseason.

  3. dtp says:

    Whoever is saying Drose is not worthy of being an
    MVP this year is just being illusional and delusional.When Lebron became a MVP,he got it bcos because he deserved it,why is some moron saying he is just 3 years old in the NBA.Were Kobe and Lebron able to carry their respective teams on their back to win 62 games this season.I am a Lakers fan and love Kobe so much,but lets do away with hating and call a spade a spade,Drose is the best player right now and the player that has made his team better the most.The votes have been cast already so all the dogs can continue to bark for all i care,Drose deserves it all.

  4. Mark says:

    I remember people saying MJ couldn’t play D. Then he was the first player in league history to record 200 steals and 100 blocks in a season. Then he did it again (only Hakeem and Scottie have done it since). Defense is about desire. If Rose wants it enough, who knows right?

  5. SYDALE says:

    Since Derrick Rose doesn’t have a top notch shot blocker behind him, then, he has to be at least playing solid defense… Because the Bulls were the #1 rated defensive team this year…

    So… he’s already playing solid Defense… I think that he can be a guy to lead the league in steals per game as well… and maybe even contend for the Defensive Player of the Year one day…

    But, for that to happen, he’d have to have a better offensive player at the SG position to take some of the scoring load off of him…

  6. JD says:

    D rose Takes 25 shots a Game and Makes 4 of them and Hes considered an Mvp ? Lebron Numbers on The cavs where way more spectacular then D rose why wasn’t he Given Mvp in his Third year ? And D rose definetly had a better supporting cast .

  7. quasi says:

    The title of the article is meant as a joke. Of course he’s not in contention for DPOY. The author pretty much covers that in the first two sentences. You people are hilarious.

  8. lol i am a big kobe fan but i am surprised to see him get even 11th place in voting, his defense has slipped a lot this year imo. its a good thing he has artest as a teammate so he can save energy for his offensive game. Kobe is still a MVP candidate though see Kobe’s Best Games here

  9. moneyball says:

    DRose. has. no. d. at. all.
    Lebron, & kobe better than him any way.

  10. jmL| says:

    are u kidding me ?

    rose 4 DPOY ?
    tom thibodeau – coach of the year… probably

    but rose 4 DPOY ?
    i understand that everyone hates lebron..
    but seriuosly?

    i am not a d rose hater but…
    this is just ridiculous
    mybe in the future…
    he could be a winner…
    but not this year…

  11. Im not a hater at all but i think he cant even be named DPOY just look at his defense …… but he is greater in the defensive end than bryant why is he even being considred a great defender the media is blind nowadays

  12. Lee says:

    Rose is the MVP, but no DPOY… not yet

  13. triptin says:

    if d rose wants to be dpoy he can all he has to do is want it, i can just hear him now at the start of the season sayn ” why cant i be the best defensive player in the nba” haha drose congrates on mvp and future hall of fame. legend in his third year!!! dishn out dimes blockn shots getn rebounds points by the bucketload highlight reels making free throws 3 point shots getn wins and still has people ragging on him. if you are one of the fools dissin rose you aint much of a basketball fan. peace.

  14. Francis Gasmen says:

    I thought this article is about D-Rose??? it’s all about Bogans…the dude’s a perfect role-player though….

  15. Lovesports3409 says:

    What do you all want him to do stop global warming as well? He’s already doing so much for his team in his 3RD YEAR!Ridiculous!

  16. no thnx says:

    Rondo DPOY?

    i dont think so..

    he cant def.. rose?

    maybe u miss the game of boston and chicago??

    • Come on now... says:

      First of all, none of the top 10-15 players in the NBA are “guardable” by one man. It takes team defense to stop those players. In some cases, the LBJ, Dwade, Kobe, Drose, Durant, Dirk, not one person in the league can guard these players one on one. For you to say Rondo doesnt deserve defensive player of the year, you are right. But it isnt because he cant guard Rose. If you havent noticed, the Celtics dont care about the superstars getting theirs. They allow that. It is about stopping the other players on the team.

      The BULLs = Cavs the last 2 years. Hope they enjoyed the regular season title while watching the Finals from the couch.

      • Come on now... says:

        Dont hate on Rondo. What is worse, Rondo not being able to guard Drose? Or Drose not being able to guard Collison?

        Drose is one of the top offensive players in the NBA. Collison is a backup PG on a bad team…

  17. Kel says:

    Let’s be honest, he’s improved defensively, but that’s not saying much. He’s not a great defender. He’s not even the best at his position. CP3 and Rondo are much better defenders than Rose. The only PG that won it was Gary Payton, and he was way better than anyone playing PG today. If any PG has a shot at DPOY, I would say it’s Rondo. He deserves MVP. Of course, there weren’t a lot of good candidates this year. And I think the Bulls’ success has more to do with Thibadeou than anyone else. Rose is unstoppable when he wants to be on offense, but he’s still not very efficient and is prone to shooting terrible jump shots. To truly be one of the best, he needs to become a better distributor, improve on defense, and focus on tightening up his shot selection. If he wants to have longevity, he’s going to have to find a niche that doesn’t depend on his explosiveness, he won’t have that forever. That’s why I see guys like Durant, Rondo, Howard, and such producing past their physical prime.

  18. BGM1906 says:

    Those of you that say D Rose can’t play D….what are you watching? Every defensive set they put him through pick and rolls. 9 out of 10 times, he fights through the pick to stay w/ his man. It’s when he plays guards straight up that he gets most of his blocks. And his athleticism allows him to recover and make blocks at the rim. Of the elite point guards, how many scored 30 against Rose? NONE. How many did he burn? Matter of fact didn’t he run through T Evans, D Will & CP3 on the same road trip? Nuff said!!!

  19. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    Honestly, and this may sound harsh, I don’t even think that Derek Rose should even get MVP yet along DPOY.. Really.. How are they going to OVERLOOK Bynum, or Howard.. Or anyother big man in that matter! Wow.. I know he’s good and all (I’m not being a “HATER”), but he can’t win everything.. He should be the MOST IMPROVED player.. That’s just my opinion.. MVP is Lebron James…

  20. Timeup says:

    D-rose is a good player ..his offense is unstoppable..but he doesn’t play defense that well ..he might get a block here or there or a steal off a deflection caused by a teammate but that’s it, have you seen him trying to guard darren colison and aj price’s like he has a hard time trying to stay in front of them….it’s not like he doesn’t try he gives effort but then again he is a point guard, and point guards aren’t known to be the best defenders..some not all! and how is kobe even on the ballot? his defense is highly does he manage to make the all defensive team every year? I’ve never seen kobe shut down or force anybody he guarded into tough many steals and blocks does he avg a season..i know it isn’t much.

  21. Jason Raymes says:

    Rose is a bad defender, he has a long way to go if he hopes to even be considered for that award without being laughed at

  22. Adrixe says:

    I don’t think he can get the DPOY. He can’t guard the best players on the other team. He ain’t mr. Jordan. 🙂

  23. George Grrrrrvin says:

    That award is stats-driven, anyway. It always goes to the guy with the gaudiest numbers, ie steals, blocks, and the rest.

  24. prix says:

    I dont think Rose would go to DPOY..he is not that type of guy..He mostly reserve his energy for penetration and taking jumpshots or create some situation for his team mates than exert more effort on the defense.. If you notice the Bulls makes a lot of help defense on Rose simply because they want to make sure that Rose would be free from foul trouble and needed more of his offense than to his defense..

    Let Rose take care of the attacking offense and his team mates take care of the defense… If Howard decided to go to the Bulls than L.A… surely he will have a ring…he don’t have future in L.A…Lakers are fading!!!

    • triptin says:

      just when i was gona say that this is the first decent comment that i have read of yours you go an make it about the lakers!!!!!!!!! get sum help guy not everything revolves around the lakers. prix you need help. i dare you to neva mention the lakers agen!!!!

  25. Ginnitti says:

    He’s carrying