Zach: Get Gasol signed next

SAN ANTONIO — Zach Randolph is done campaigning for a new contract. Now that he and the Grizzlies have agreed to terms on a four-year deal that could pay him up to $71 million, he’s looking to get his frontcourt partner Marc Gasol locked up too.

“That’s one of the reasons why I signed,” Randolph said following Monday’s workout at the AT&T Center. “They told me they were going to sign Marc back. That’s what they said.”

Having already signed forward Rudy Gay to a five-year, $85 million deal last summer and point guard Mike Conley to a five-year, $45-million contract extension at the start of the season, getting Gasol on board for the future will enable the Grizzlies – who won for the first time in the postseason in franchise history in Game 1 – to take the next step in their development, according to Randolph.

“The number one thing is to try to win a championship,” he said. “I feel like we’ve got a good enough core with me, Rudy, Marc and Mike to build around us and do something special.

“I think it’s realistic. You’ve seen where we came from to now, where we’re at. This league is so up and down you can compete with anybody and anybody can get beat any given night.”

Having stunned the No. 1 seed San Antonio in the playoff opener, Randolph doesn’t believe the Grizzlies have any reason to think they can’t do more.

“Our goal is just to shock people,” he said. “I ain’t gonna say we’re just gonna win one game. We’re gonna take one game at a time and whatever comes may be. But we’re just gonna go out there and play hard and give it 100 percent.”

The 10-year veteran who has played for four different teams is happy to finally have some stability.

“It feels good to know I’m gonna be in Memphis for another four years. It feels real good.

“A little bit at the beginning of the year I was distracted by it (the lack of a new contract). I put it out of my mind about halfway through the season…I haven’t been thinking about it lately until now. I’m glad that it’s done and I’m staying here. But I definitely want Marc here with us.”


  1. David Claytor says:

    Rudy Gay, Zach Randolph, Marc Gasol = BIG 3 they will make the playoffs easily and possibly get to the conference finals before bowing out to the Mavs

  2. KBLAL24 says:

    what i wanted is:
    ec : 1 miami 2 chicago 3 new york 4 orlando 5 boston 6 philly 7 atlanta 8 detroit
    wc : 1 la (not lalala, but los angeles)

    2 okc 3 portland 4 denver 5 memphis 6 sas antonio 7 dallas 8 no (if you dont know new orleans)

    see mem is ahead of sas antonio because i like ta because he used to play for my HOMETOWN team, the c’s

    what i wanted is :
    mia beat det in 4
    chi beat atl in 4
    nyk beat phi in 4
    orl beat bos in 7
    lal beat noh in 4
    okc beat dal in 7
    por beat sas in 7<
    den beat mem in 7<
    mia beat orl in 7
    chi beat nyk in 7
    lal beat den in 7
    okc beat por in 7
    mia beat chi in 7
    lal beat okc in 7
    NBA FINALS: lal beat mia in 7
    im a lal fan who is from boston, just to let you know
    < means LOOK at that
    caps means important

  3. KBLAL24 says:

    go lakers

  4. KBLAL24 says:

    lakers will win the championship

  5. Gary says:

    Spurs Who?? we all know Spurs will never win a championship again for many years to come,
    either they got thrown out by the mighty Grizzly bears or
    the Thunderous Kevin Durant of Oklahoma will beat the crap out of the spurs in the second round,,,
    maybe OKC vs Memphis in the second round? and then Lakers vs Dallas…
    then for the WCF maybe all four teams has an equal amount of chance, talent, heart and desire to win the NBA FINALS..
    SPURS are overrated, they suck bad and boring to watch.. their like the EASTERN CONFERENCE in one team..
    boring boring..
    Chicago vs Pacers?? EPIC FAIL!! Bulls in 3, LOL
    Boston vs New York?? injured frenzy crybabies in one series.. pathetic
    Miami vs 76ers?? LAME!! we all know what going to happen, even a 1 month old baby will know

    Orlando vs Hawks is the only exciting round 1 series in the EAST..
    pathetic loser teams in the east able to participate in the playoffs? oh please.. BORING

  6. The Blazers would be a much better team now if they had just been patient and let Z-bo develop and mature more–can u imagine a front court of Lamarcus, Zach and Wallace? The opposition gets NO second chance points, and Camby comes off the bench so you don’t lose any size against bigger teams. Z-bos defensive awareness is very highly rated by the NBA and x-box games, and he’s always played well against Duncan. As for the Spurs, well, we’ll see just how “old” they are–I get the feeling this one’s going to go seven, and it’s going to go to whoever wants it more! (before you call me crazy, I have to let folks know I played 8 years in the old CBA (Lacrosse Thunder) and went to the NIT sweet 16 playing for Pepperdine back in the day!)
    Chameleon Rocker

  7. lakers4lyfe says:

    spurs!, a reality check is coming your way and to all the big-headed spurs fans. your spurs are way past their age, injuries to the western conference was the only reason the spurs nabbed the 1 seed. if the lakers or mavs were healthy all season long just like your spurs, i wouldn’t be surprised if the spurs are playing the blazers or nuggets. the girzz can beat SA at their own game; they’ve got veteran leadership in battier and allen, tons of talent in marc, rudy gay, mayo, conley, and eager youngsters eager to play in henry and haddadi. im sorry, but im looking at a upset series win- grizz in 6.

  8. Your Right says:

    I agree with SPURS!, in their recent championship years they did drop the first game and go on to win it all, so spurs in 5. Pop’s just too good of a coach to make the same mistakes again.

  9. SPURS! says:

    You grizz fans would get way over your heads after just 1, ONE playoff win. You no bodies have so much to learn. Welcome to the playoffs young bucks. Now watch the spurs take the next four games. Spurs have been known to drop the first game of the first round in there championship years. Bad new for the “one playoff win in franchise history so now we are over our heads and way to excited and cocky” memphis grizzlies.

    Reality check common your way soon grizz fans.

  10. Primetime says:

    Don’t have depth? Are you kidding? They bring OJ Mayo, Shane Battier, and Darrell Arthur off the bench. They lose nothing when they sub. These guys step right in. Obviously you haven’t seen the Grizlies play much. They were 3-1 against OKC and Durant. They were 3-1 against Dallas and Dirk. They were 2-2 against the Lakers and blew the lakers out in LA. And now they are 3-2 against San Antonio this year. This is a good team that has really gelled. Don’t let your lack of knowledge about this team cloud your reality.

  11. Eric says:

    This is not the same Spurs team of the past. This team relies too much on the 3 pt. shot. This may get you alot of regular season wins but it don’t work come playoff time. GRIZZ IN 5.

  12. Philip Topique says:

    Memphis may be a tough team, but they lack depth, SPURS will grind them to a powdery mix, he he…

    • ohafford says:

      You obviously haven’t seen Memphis play. OJ Mayo and Arthur, Battier with leadership. Leon Powe and the rookie Vasquez. And another 7’2 Haddadi to take up space while Marc or Z-Bo is resting Memphis’ bench contributes to this team. You just don’t know any of those guys..

  13. moneyball says:

    I do not care about this team much but they surprised me when they won. Hopefully, Gasol ain’t soft like his big bro.

    • Ken says:

      Marc is a better Center/Power Forward. Pau is more of an oversized small forward playing center/power forward. Pau has a better skill set, but Marc is a banger…definitely not soft. In that regard, I’d rather have Marc since the Grizz already have Z-Bo at PF and Gay at SF. Too bad Rudy’s injured or I’d be really feeling good about their changes going forward…

      (Still, picking up Leon Powe, Battier, & Tony Allen was huge in helping their defensive mindset and turning them into a playoff team and not just a pretender)

  14. Lee says:

    you’ll never know but i think Memphis has a chance against the Spurs specially with Manu out.. the thing with San Antonio is you take away 1 of there big 3 and they have difficulty sustaining their game in the playoffs, it happened numerous times already in the past and it’s also one of the reason why they can’t win the championship back to back

    • Lee says:

      and i think they should prioritize signing Gasol coz Z-bo and Marc compliment each others game.. 5 year deal as well!

  15. SpursDaBest!! says:

    resign who ever you want were still the best!!!!!!!!!! barkely says overated how when NOBODY ever talks bout us they all talk down on Spurs and the City! 4 rings ten years yall still be hating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • doTz says:

      Spurs What? LOL

    • Ken says:

      Nobody’s talking about you? You have 4 rings and are the #1 seed. Get over yourself. San Antonio’s best days are behind them. And you guys haven’t done much in the post season the last few years. Grizzlies are taking advantage of what you guys take for granted.

  16. The Truth says:

    I think memphis has become a great nba team. They showed it in the season and in game one against the spurs. However the spurs got a lot of experience in the playofss along with 4 championships. They know what it takes to win and they will not let this series slip away. I say memphis will pull another win out but the spurs should take it in 6,

  17. Adrixe says:

    great move by memphis! I love how Z-bo play in memphis. when he was young at portland, he’s just a ball hog, know he’s more of a team player. love how memphis play, but unfortunately, they won’t win the series.

  18. Josh MEMPHIS Smith says:

    Oh Yea one more thing we also went 3-1 vs dallas so that would be a cake walk in the western conf. finals

  19. Josh MEMPHIS Smith says:

    Check it out the grizz are 2-2 vs spurs in regular season they will win this series then guess what the grizz went 3-1 vs the thunder (who will win there series vs the nuggets) and they went 2-2 vs lakers this year (including a blowout in staples center) so what im saying is the grizz have an excellent chance to really shock the world and make it to the western conf. finals So THATS the history they will make. BELIVE ITS OUR TIME GO GRIZZ!!!!!!!!!

  20. Brad says:

    I don’t really agree with the phrase “Stunned by the Grizzles”. The Spurs-Grizzles tied the season at 2-2, they’re a very good team for an 8 seed. Seed wise it may have gone awry for the Spurs, but talent wise, memphis definatley have what it takes…tough challenge for the Spurs.

  21. NTY says:

    not this year grizz, not this year.

  22. grizzmakeshistory says:

    I love this team…this team makes greatest games during regular season..this team is well balanced five players scores double figures each game… their defense give trouble to spurs… Z bo deserve contract extension with grizzlies hopefully marc gasol contract will extend too. Go grizz make history …there are only three 8 seeded teams beaten the number one seed.. nuggets defeat sonics in 94, ny def miami in 99, gs def mavs in 07 and now its your turn guys.

    • Sean says:

      oh yeah, its the grizzlies time. if they win game two, i think they have it locked up, because they showed they could beat the spurs in memphis during the regular season

  23. Roy says:

    I’m really happy that over the years in Memphis, Zach Randolph was able to mature. I only wish them the best!

  24. milos trendevski says:

    Spurs will destroy them

  25. watcher says:

    wise move signing Z-Bo. Although I did hear that the Lakers were offering Derek Caracter and a large Popcorn for Marc.

  26. prix says:

    This Big men gives a lot of problem to the Spurs.. they deserve the win but I think the Spurs will win it in 6 games, they are deep enough to go to the 2nd round before losing to OKC

  27. LakersWillWin says:

    Mr 20 10 is a bad @$$… love watching him play. Grizzlies are a great team, expect big things in the future!