Would scapegoat Adelman fit Lakers?

There’s a place for Rick Adelman in the NBA.

But it’s not in Houston anymore.

Hmmm, purple-and-gold anyone?

According to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle, Adelman will not continue as coach of the Rockets.

In four years on the job in Houston, Adelman had a record of 193-135 (.588) and had the highest winning percentage of any coach in franchise history. He also led the Rockets to a 22-game winning streak during the 2007-08 season — the second-longest streak in NBA history — and guided the team to its only playoff series victory in 14 years.

Adelman went to Houston to coach a veteran team led by Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming. But due to injuries he had the All-Star combination on the court together for only 72 games.

Now Adelman is being made the scapegoat for failing to make the playoffs – despite winning records – two years in a row.

There’s a place for Adelman in the NBA. Maybe no better fit than drawing the Xs and Os of his player-friendly offense for the Lakers, where he’d be given pieces to win instead of constantly-changing minds. Kobe Bryant needs a veteran who’s been around the block.

Those on the inside of the Rockets have said that team is looking for the “next Gregg Popovich or Bill Belichick.”

Good luck on that count. Under general manager Daryl Morey since 2006, all the Rockets have built is a mountain of empty promises. Morey cannot be held responsible for the chronic injuries to the feet of Yao. But he did maintain faith in McGrady’s ability to carry the team in the playoffs, long before he was beset by injuries.

In Morey’s five years at the helm, the once-proud Rockets franchise has mostly jumped around in so many different directions like a confused bullfrog.

Morey traded the rights to Rudy Gay to Memphis for Shane Battier in 2006 and five years later sent Battier back to the Grizzlies for Hasheem Thabeet, the No. 2 overall draft bust of 2009. Morey drafted Nicolas Batum with the 25th pick in 2008, then traded him to Portland for Darrell Arthur and Joey Dorsey.

Under Morey, the Rockets traded for Ron Artest and let him walk after one season. Then they signed Trevor Ariza to a five-year contract and traded him to New Orleans after one season. Last offseason, the Rockets, in need of a defensive stopper in the middle of the lineup with Yao still on the mend, gave a three-year, $14-million contract to 35-year-old Brad Miller and then watched him play mostly ineffectively for 17 minutes a night in just 60 games.

Morey deserves credit for landing Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowry and Courtney Lee via trades. But after positioning the Rockets with a stack of expiring contracts, the GM spent most of last summer and all of this season saying the team would be in the mix for a big-name star such as Carmelo Anthony, but came up empty.

In February, Morey shipped out Adelman’s best defender (Battier) and his second-best offensive producer (Aaron Brooks). Yet Adelman kept the Rockets’ starless young roster in the rugged Western Conference playoff race until the final days with a 17-8 record after the All-Star break. In the past two seasons, Adelman had 30 different players on his roster and kept the Rockets moving ahead.

Make no mistake about it: as No. 8 on the list of all-time wins (945), Adelman can still cut it in today’s NBA. Even though general consensus has Brian Shaw succeeding Phil Jackson, the Lakers would be foolish not to give Adelman a look. Nobody in the profession would make the offense as easy and satisfying to Bryant than Adelman.

If Adelman wants to continue coaching, he’ll be back in the league winning games somewhere next season.

Meanwhile, the Rockets’ front office will have moved on to someone else to blame.


  1. Don Boocher says:

    I think Adelman is old and experienced like P.Jackson so itll work

  2. Kobe wants Brian Shaw as the Lakers next coach so Brian Shaw will be the Lakers next coach. Kobe still commands the Lakers for the next couple years although management will start looking toward the future very soon. Look at these videos of Kobe Bryant’s best games and highlightss and tell me he still isn’t the best player in the NBA>

  3. Charlie Boy1 says:

    B. Shaw and Kurt Rambis were the natural follow-up for Coach Phil, Kurt moved on to the T-Wovles. He was given a chance after Coach Phil took his 1 year leave from the Lakers. (after Shaq went to the Heat). The Lakers were missing a few pieces and key players. However Rambis wasn’t on the Head Coach Level that the Lakers need it at the time. Still isn’t. Therefore, give B. Shaw a chance. He has been there with Coach Phil. During the Championships ERA. Coach Adelman would be a great coach for the Lakers but it would be an unjust to overlook B. Shaw. The Lakers already have all the piece in place. They just need a good coach. There are no more Coach Phil’s out there right now. I say give B. Shaw a chance and if it doesn’t work out…

  4. matt says:

    I would not like to see this at all purely because I still despise Rick Adelman. Yes, I’m a Lakers fan and remember their 1999-2002 three-peat well. Adelman was the coach of the Kings then, and as we all know, there was some decent animosity between the two teams then. I think a lot of people in LA will remember that.

  5. Dre says:

    And to any one who says he should have won it in Sacramento….Chris Weber wasn’t even really on the radar before Adelman, he was a great college player that had a lot of talent but overall underperforming, on top of that you had Mike Bibby once again hasn’t done anything sense Adelman and that sacramento team. And who else???? How do you take that team and take the lakers to a game 7 ???

  6. Dre says:

    I have been a laker fan all my life, born in LA and have watched 95% of the Lakers games and nearly 100% of all there post season games. That being said, I have believed and to this day believe that Adelman is the best coach currently in the NBA. The rockets had no business taking the lakers to a game 7. With the injuries they had no one would have been surprised if they ended up in last place…I would prefer Adelman over Phil Jackson any day of the week. Looking at what Jackson has done in his career and what Adelman has done, people would call me crazy but sometimes you need to take a closer look Adelman has outperformed Jackson. I hope one day he gets a great team to show the league what he really can do.

  7. GenMX says:

    You always post a good and interesting article. I am going to save your page for the next time.

  8. eric says:

    The next one to blame and out the door should be Morey.

    Adelman did the best h could with his line-up. Heck I dont know of any NBA coach that had to go through the same difficulties he had with his injured stricken roster.

  9. kobe says:

    Yes, I definitely think Adelman would fit the Lakers well.
    I liked him back in the Sacramento era as well, he was a good coach.

  10. Andrew Cain says:

    Very pointed and cut article unbiased and very much to the point.That the Lakers are a successful franchise,leaves no room for doubt or question.Perhaps it can or cannot be argued that the two most successful Team coaches in franchise history are Pat Riley and Phil Jackson,the latter whose Eastern conference team(Chicago Bulls) caused the Lakers a couple titles and making the West coast fans disappointed each time they met to decide for the League’s championship.Against all probabilities,the same Phil who caused them (Lakers) heartaches,now becomes the Savior and winningest coach of all times in League history.Here’s the point I want to make.Each time the Lakers found themselves in a time of temporary uncertainty as far as Leadership goes,they come away with the best deal scenario.Now here we are again,,who knows what the next move will be.Will Phil stay ,will he leave as is expected,who will succeed him?While we can only speculate and make educated guesses,one thing is very probable and very likely.Somewhere some coach is on the outside looking in maybe a coach with a losing record,or perhaps a coach with a winning record.Whatever is the case,it is not a far fetched idea that perhaps another run at titles becomes likely for the Cinderella team of the NBA.SO in anticipation,we all hold our collective breaths until the Messiah takes the throne to lead this charmed team to another series of title runs and Championships,we hold our breath and wait for that promised someone.

  11. ervin says:

    its still depends on how will coach adelman decide to maintain kobe’s phase on the court.so goodluck coach adelman.

  12. paolo says:

    Adelman to Timberwolves and Jerry Sloan to Clippers. Griffin will eclipse Malone’s legacy.

  13. autoprt says:

    anyone who follows the lakers knows brian shaw is pretty much guaranteed the job when PJ leaves. Due to PJ’s style the Lakers know his system so well they pretty much already coach themselves on the floor. At this stage Kobe isn’t changing to a new system and the next coach has to understand the triangle which brian shaw does and he’s already gotten a thumbs up from Kobe who isn’t going anywhere at this point due to the fact they are already building his statue to put in front of Staples Center.

  14. kris says:

    what about larry brown, i love that guy as a coach. hes amazing and will make any team better defensively

  15. Dan says:

    Fran, fran, fran. Still hating Houston, I see? Still bitter at the Chronicle for giving you the ax? Sad, really sad. We still love you.

  16. jjmu says:

    to those who say kobe will demand a trade, his contract has a no trade thing

  17. king4life says:

    He should go back with the Sacramento kings!!!..

  18. Edumacator says:

    Adelbrain should not be disrespected for his work in Houston. However, he had two championship caliber teams (Portland and Sacramento) and could not finish. He is not ever going to win an NBA Championship, and Dr. Buss is not going to hire him.

  19. Fan says:

    The Rockets just had a lot of bad luck with injuries over the years. A healthy Yao and McGrady would’ve taken that team far! Especially with Scola, Brooks , and Battier! It’s just hard luck really!

  20. Fan says:

    What makes everyone so sure Phil Jackson is leaving? He said the same thing last year. And you’re forgetting about Byron Scott! He may make a move from Cleveland for the Laker job if it becomes available! I would like to see the showtime Lakers sharpshooter at the helm!

  21. YAHKuru says:

    Hey listen! Rick Aldeman is not in any way shape or form, a fit for the Los Angeles Lakers. The two names cause an immediate eruption in the large intestines of the human anatomy. Brian Shaw will allow for continuity with some needed changes in how things should go. If for whatever reason the upper management doesn’t choose Shaw, then Alvin Gentry (of the Phoenix Suns) is the only viable option that makes sense. He has that same Pat Riley flare of the ’80s, an intelligent approach to professional basketball, and he knows how to coral the troops to the one mission at hand….win the overall trophy. He knows how to maintain the right energy for a championship banner.

  22. CCPp24 says:

    Adelman and Kobe won’t work……….is he the apprentice of Phil Jackson???????? For sure, he will trade some of the bench players of LA Lakers to some fancy players like what he did in Rockets. 😛

  23. wow says:

    Kurt Rambis should return and fuse with Brian Shaw, forming one super person, and coach the Lakers

  24. wow says:

    what? Rudy T? Failed? Another Rocket’s coach? what?

  25. Dream says:

    C’mon Fran, get your facts straight before you write more anti-Rockets blogs.

    First of all, it was Caroll Dawson who traded away Gay’s rights for Battier, not Morey. Morey’s first pick was Brooks, 26th in the first round. He has consistently found good, impact players with mediocre to poor draft picks. Look at Landry, Brooks, Budinger, Patrick Patterson. The list will go on and on once you look back on it. And don’t forget about Morey snatching up Scola. He is one of the top GMs in sports.

    Second of all, Morey drafted Nicolas Batum and traded him for Joey Dorsey and Donte Greene, NOT Darrell Arthur. Greene netted us Ron Artest, so I wouldn’t say that was a bad swap.

    Third of all, there was no way Rick Adelman would be happy coaching a team that is rebuilding. He is 64 years of age and his time is limited. If he wants to win big, he made the right decision to walk away from the Rockets. All the best to him!

    Morey identified a route for us and that route is to rebuild through the draft in order to get a star player to replace Yao and McGrady. The Rockets cannot possibly do that if Rick wants to win big in Houston. Hence, the Rockets are going to find a younger coach to develop their players next season and hopefully get a high lottery pick next year in the draft, which might include players like Sullinger, Tristan thompson, Barnes, Perry Jones, etc.

    I think Morey knows what he is doing and knows more about his own team than you do, Fran. If you want to bash the organization, at least use the right facts.

  26. nbafan says:

    Adelman would not be a good fit in LA. He would have to bow down to Kobe and the rest of the gang’s shinanagins, He would be wise to go with a team that, like Popovich says, where “The players are over themselves” and that would NOT be the LAKERS. There is no TEAM there, just the desire to win is what they have in common and that is not TEAM. You young sheeple don’t see it because you are “dazzled” by their winning, etc. So don’t even worry about Adelman, I am sure Buss will find a puppet somewhere.

  27. Lakers would be a great fit for Aldeman but ther is no question Brian Shaw will be the GM of the Lakers

  28. L8KrrsS cHaMpS¡ says:

    id preffer brian shaw, or jim cleamons….

  29. Dylan says:

    @kosta. kobe isnt a game changer ?? are u dumb ?! do u know how many games kobe has just COMPLETELY CHANGED AND TAKEN OVER ? and u say your a kobe fan.

  30. paul r says:

    I totally agree with this article. I said two years ago on The Houston Chronicle that Adelman won’t be able to guide Houston deep into the playoffs. To my knowledge, he has never been able to do that since Sacramento in 2002. Even then, he was riding the waves of his own players. I don’t think he;s very good at orchestrating offense or defense; he just lets the players play. All he has is a winning percentage. Sorry to say but Adelman is just not a closer. His teams production this year and last had nothing to do with injured players. It was poor coaching.

    I thought it was ridiculous to trade away Brooks and Battier and especially, Carl Landry. I see a hell of a lot of potential in that guy. Given the proper training and minutes, I could see him giving 20 and 10 a night. Landry made some of the difference leading to the Hornets victory night before last. The same could also be said about Battier, who made the big shots down the stretch.

    In any case, Houston still has 5 solid contributors in Lowry, Hayes, Martin, Budinger and Scola. All of those guys have the potential to put up big numbers. As far as I am concerned, this has become Scola’s team. The offense should run through him. I haven’t seen post moves and range in another player since The Dream.

    I think Houston made the right choice in removing Adelman from the equation. Now, I would suggest them getting a REAL center and a few pivotal additions to their bench and they’ll be ready to go.

  31. Ash says:

    Look at this idiot saying that Brooks was the Rockets’ 2nd best offensive player, maybe their 2nd best offensive PG, lol.


  32. vic says:

    wow… good luck to houston. daryl morey is somewhat impatient and ambitious .. drafts the right guys but doesn’t wait for them to shine. ends up giving away a franchise player(rudy gay), defensive stopper(shane battier), lightning quick pg(aaron brooks) and many more for what? future top 13,14,15 picks? sleepers? really? and didn’t even gave tmac at least a veterans minimum. and now letting rick adelman go? well here’s to you daryl, dont push your luck too much in replacing rick with a greg popovich-caliber type of a coach. rick is as good as they come and they should at least realize that. if houston suffers with a losing record next season it’s gonna be you to blame and next thing you know it you are jobless. And lastly daryl, STOP MAKING PROMISES YOU CAN’T KEEP. You just pushed the rockets step back to the championship. Hats off to luis, kevin and kyle. At least you gave it all you got guys. great job. Go Rockets! I hope Nene and Wilson Chandler Comes to Houston. I like how those guys play.


    How this Prix kid is always the first to comment on Kobe blogs is beyond me…

  34. Antdogg says:

    its about coaching, kobe ain’t no MJ

  35. Lee says:

    Detroit maybe,, Golden state possible.. LA clips or lakers that will be something.. Utah might be.. but how about BOSTON guys,this will be Doc’s final season.. the C’s still has another run in them till next year

  36. Daclan says:

    i think KOBE and the LA LAKERS will go 3peat this year! finals MVP – kobe bryant =)
    next season – they need Rick Adelman, Trevor Ariza, Raymond Felton or Jose Calderon, and more energetic FANS!, just like what Thunder fans do! , and im very sure they will win it AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! go lakers, go for 6peat! History!! =))

  37. Glide says:

    and his second-best offensive producer (Aaron Brooks).

    HAHAHAHA, good joke there Fran.
    Oh, it…

    Sad to see Rick go, but please use more descriptive titles if you’re going to write a Morey bashing piece. I’ve yet to hear the explanation for how Houston was supposed to be a contender by now when Morey inherited a virtually untradeable $45 million in Yao & McGrady, who immediately crumbled.

    Also, complaining about the Brooks and Battier trades is hilarious given their record before and after those trades.

  38. GHOST says:

    LOL that’s cause BRYAN SHAW warmed the LAKERS bench long enough and probably kissed a– more than enough in the LAKERS office to earn the NEXT COACHING JOB. Adelman to the KNICKS!.. and Chris Paul too, maybe..

  39. Royce says:

    It’s a shame the rockets dumped him, Adleman was a good coach and did a great job with what he had. I think his system is similar to y’all’s triangle and would work for sure.

    As far as whether him and Kobe would get along, they would have to make it work. Kobe needs to quit being a diva, respect to his coach regardless of who it is and just play freakin ball. Phil Jackson can’t coach forever, roll with the tide man.

  40. bruvva says:

    Adelman to the Raptors…he could make them respectable on D again? Adelman could be popovich in T.O. with the young talent there they just need a better coaching staff

  41. Nigel says:

    Rick Adelman used portions of the triangle when he coached in Sacramento. I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew how to coach the triangle and he just didn’t use it because he’d be too busy teaching players how to commit on the defensive end. He wouldn’t have to teach the Lakers the triangle as much because it is already a system, they already play.

  42. David says:

    Fran – you have your facts dead wrong. The Rudy Gay trade was done under Jeff Van Gundy and if they had not done the trade they were drafting Pecherov I believe (Van Gundy has said as much). Also Morey was not the GM then

    Artest walked out on the Rockets – literally, with his appearance in the shower with Kobe after game 7

    They signed Brad Miller to appease Adleman

    And what universe was Aaron Brooks the Rockets 2nd best producer?!?! – maybe last season, but all he was this year was a head case

  43. William says:

    Kobe has put his years in to say what ever he wants after this year he will have his 6th ring and if he dont he will eventually. Everyone wants to hate on kobe why cause he is great give me a kobe over a james any time.I rather have a post up shooter than a paint driver, And yes its going to be hard to replace phil jackson he’s the best ever… But give Aldeman a chance or if you wanna really get a show in LA try what ever you can to bring coach K from Duke in…..

  44. LA3PeaTbaby.. says:

    I think adelman is a good replacement for jackson.. His former team is still resillient even w.out YAO and T’MAC (before).. And for all the KOBE haters.. sit down and cry as the lakers will win the championship baby… @prix hus ur player??LEBRON… boo.. before I lyk him but now I think he is too desperate to win a ring… Colliding w/ wade and bosh.. that soo cheap…

  45. aley says:

    I agree. But what about the two egos?

  46. userwithnoname says:

    Just a suggestion though. What about Jerry Sloan? Would he be good for the Lakers too?

  47. saqib nasir says:

    i dont want adelman to leave houston

  48. mavschamp says:

    I think adelman will be fit for detroit piston…

  49. killayouth90 says:

    i think is a good deal. Aldeman would be a good fit for the lakers but i mean Brian Shaw already knows the way the lakers play. If Aldeman goes in he will take a new style of play to LA which i think will be new to the player and take a little time for them to familiarize themselves with.

  50. Huston Rockets says:

    the rockets are making a lot of mistakes… First they give Aaron Brooks, than they give Shane Battie, and now they are giving away Adelman… who is next?!? Luis Scola to Phoenix for FRYE? K-martin in Memphis for May or Gay?!?

    as a Rocket fan i thing that all of this thing are wrong… thay should trade somebody like Yao (injured 2 years) for example LaMarcus Aldruge or Andrew Bynum…

  51. Fan Chicago says:

    Hey i think that D.Rose is going to win the MVP, that he is the BEST, right after Kobe Bryant… And I think that the teams that they are playing in are going to face up in the FINALS… And i think that the Lakers have a great team, a great staff, and that they do not need Adelman, or anybody else… thay cloud just get Trevor Ariza back in L.A. treading for Artest

  52. Mike says:

    Rick adelman do it yourself a favor……RETIRES
    NBA teams need a european coachs with new ideas

  53. cp3 says:

    if adelman joins lakers he wld demand them to trade for a pg, possibly giving up on bynum. maybe bynum for felton

  54. Reithor says:

    Hey, no credit to the Rockets’ GM for getting Scola from San Antonio?

  55. James says:

    What the hell are the Rockets management thinking!? This team had one thing going for them. Morale. It is something you’ll gradually lose by trading people like Battier , Brooks and Adelman to God knows where. . .

  56. yehboi says:

    i am a kobe hater and i want you to know and everybody who like kobe that he is the most unoriginal player in nba. and all you guys who says that he is better than jordan are all kids bcoz you haven’t seen jordan play back in his prime. his a GOD! f**k24

  57. Daclan says:

    HEY! brian shaw? the world strongest man? WTF?!
    haha! anyways. LA LAKERS dont need a coach! , they need US! they need thier FANS! just like what thunder fans do! hehe! thats all thank you! =)) lakers for life…

  58. vincent says:

    Why won’t the rockets give him a contract extension . Come on, it will be their loss not Adelman’s.

  59. aiyo says:

    first of all your Lakers are done this season, no more championship for them and this is the start of Lakers downfall.
    Pau is getting slow, kobe will become injury prone coz of age he will be playing less minutes now and the rest of the players will be traded or waive so back to square on for them.

  60. Mark says:

    ok, idk y everyone is bagging on kobe haters, theres plenty of u out there who r on his nuts!!!!!!!! and whoever think don nelson is still coach in G.S. is an idiot………………..

  61. sunshine tolentino says:

    houston is a lonely place right now..when tmac was there,all the blame was on him..right now who?they did not reach the playoffs in da last 2 seasons..right now tmac is laughing at dem..!!

  62. Rho says:

    I think Adelman will do good either in LA or MIA. But I do think LA will make the first move for Adelman. LA was coached by the greatest coaches, so they’ll probably head for another one. If Adelman goes to the Lakers, I guess another championship is at hand next year. (If they all go well with each other). Adelman is one of the greatest coaches we have today. Poor Houston Rockets, just keeps on letting go great opportunities.

  63. 3peat time says:

    all u kobe haters hate on his greatness.

  64. Troyerz says:

    This is a sad day for Houston. As a Rockets fan, I’m really, really going to miss Rick Adelman. I follow EVERY Rockets game, and clearly Rick is to me one of the best things that ever happened to the Rockets. This is therefore the dumbest (recent) move they’ve ever made.

    I’ve seen everything change in Houston over the past couple of years (except Management) but as a Rockets fan this was the worst blow, hands down!

    When you look at the players, K-mart, Miller, Hayes, Hill, Lee, Lory, etc you see a clear joy in these guys demeanor just playing for Adelman. These guys have fun winning. I used to love watching the kings offense go off so much under Rick with Bibby, Webber, Paja and the others. Like Chuck Hays said the other day (and we all know) “Adelman is a real Player’s Coach…” the best as they come to me. This is why Chuck himself along with the other current players on the Team held a heated meeting with management to lobby for them to bring Adelman back. Has this ever been heard of before? And what does that tell you about the Coach?

    Rick Adelman is many things in the basketball world but to me he’s a ‘something out of nothing guy’. To see the way he kept the Rockets together despite all the ‘lab-rat’ experiments management came up with over the years is astounding. The guy still kept his the team winning, has the best winnings record in the NBA now, is 8th on the all-time winnings list (not for long; he’ll be ahead of that soon enough) and you roll the dice on him? How dumb is that!? Just when the guy has Finally mustered a group of young guys that are set for the future of the franchise you pull the rug out under him and the players -asking them to start over? Ok..? Well…

    Rick will be winning games late this year again God’s willing for sure! Make no mistakes about it. He will fit well with the Lakers, but even better with Miami and I must say that LeBron could use a Coach like that.

    So long Rick, just when things were beginning to come together huh. We’ll miss you. But we’ll see you soon.

  65. JW says:

    No way, people forgot who Adelman couched before… the KINGS, who happen to be LAKERS’ rivals in the Shaq-Kobe era… I remembered that!

  66. chuck says:

    Agree with cornwell. Blineburry picks and chooses facts without giving proper context for any of his conclusions about morey’s trades. Most rockets fans who watched their games over the past two years (at least) can conclude that, while Rick will be missed, this is the right move due to his frequent stubborn attitude with respect to new players that need time to prove themselves. Adelman needs to be on a more established team to help him earn the wins that he deserves. Houston unfortunately is not the place for him right now, not with the mixture of fresh talent waiting to be tested (williams, cousin, thabeet).

  67. anita says:

    How about Adelman to the Cavilers. Byron Scott back to the Lakers with Brian Shaw! Keep it all in the LA family!!

  68. jarem says:

    man! adelman as laker coach. that would be exciting. but i still feel for brian shaw. any of the two, though, will still be a good coach…

  69. Big Mike says:

    leave Kobe alone he is playing his last days in LA. He will be in the hall of fame like it or not real talk, he is the second best player at the guard position period behind MJ23 numbers do not lie you and me can please give credit where it’s due KB8 or 24 for sure.

  70. albert januar says:

    How about Adelman to Golden State? Or Wizard? 😀

  71. How did you get hired? “and guided the team to its only playoff series victory in 17 years.” WRONG…. “Morey shipped out Adelman’s best defender (Battier) and his second-best offensive producer (Aaron Brooks)”. Best defender is by far Chuck Hayes, hint there’s a reason he got 2 first place votes for all defensive player, and second best producer was Luis Scola…. Right now the Suns are kicking themselves for taking the trade… AB stunk it up. As for the Gay trade, it made complete sense at the time considering they had a championship caliber team they didn’t need to develop a player.

    My grade of your blog. F- actually I’ll give you an incomplete if this was a college course because you obviously didn’t do any research on the subject. NBA.com should look more carefully when accepting writers before you get more of this garbage. This was one of the most pathetic pieces I have read. This man is a joke for a sports writer… Then again pretty much everything about the NBA is a joke now a days, starting from commissioner down to the refs calling the games.

    • bballer says:

      You have to give Adelman credit for winning with the Houston team. Credit for putting Chuck Hayes and Kyle Lowry in the line-up, recognizing that they can play, although they do not meet the prototype for players at their position.

      • Rick was an amazing coach, I wish him the best in the future. But this writer is terrible.

      • dakeem1 says:

        I’ll Give Adelman credit for those things, however Lowry is a prototype PG. He’s like an undeveloped Rondo or Billups (in his prime). If he develops further, he’ll be come a low level all-star.

    • makr says:

      Amen to that!! +1

    • BIGmatta says:

      You’re a tool mate. Battier was recognised as their best defender for years. Brooks was their second leading scorer at the time of trade and the year before, hence the comment of OFFENSIVE production. Luis only came on after the trade. Maybe you need to do some research before making specious comments. My grade for you is also an F.

      • Brooks Avg 11 points as a Rocket this season… Scola Averaged 18. If Scola only started putting up better numbers after the trade deadline… He had the best 2 months in NBA history… Which is not true he out performed Brooks all year. As for Shane Battier he was a very good defender for a long time, but Chuck Hayes is one of the best defensive PFs in the league now, even when having to play the 5 he still can shut a lot of players down. Shane is nowhere close to him on D and anyone who has ever see a Rockets game this season can see that.
        Heres my information about how Aaron was nowhere near the second best offensive weapon while he was a Rocket :).

    • Stan says:

      Cori, the blogger’s comment wasn’t ‘only playoff series victory in 17 years’, it was 14 years. Since the 1997 Western Conference Finals appearance, Houston has only advanced out of the first round once in a 14 year timeframe (1997-2011).

      And Houston was hardly ‘championship caliber’ prior to the 2006-07 season, with a record of 34-48 in 2005-06. Allowing Rudy Gay to grow alongside Yao and McGrady would have been a wise move. He could have developed as a supporting star (averaging 15-17 points) and reduced the load of the Yao-McGrady duo significantly, which might have extended Yao’s career. But we’ll never know now.

  72. pein says:

    rick adelman is a rival coach for phil jackson. thats why rick adelman will be a good coach for lakers. and he can improve the 2nd unit of lakers!!..

  73. Gary says:

    Adelman to the Clippers PLEASE!

  74. Wes says:

    Thanks, Smith. Good article and you’re right on about Morey and his MBA ways which is not the only way or best way (in MBA language, it’s not even proven as ‘best practice’). More importantly, the results have been mediocre.

    On Adelman
    Portland Trail Blazers vs. Bulls (Jackson) and Sacramento Kings vs. Lakers (Jackson) – Had most people envisioned Adelman’s teams would have put up such strong contention against the Bulls and Lakers who everyone recognized had at least the two NBA’s best players or best players at the respective postions. Adelman’s coaching acumen is in the elite echelon of NBA in the last 25 years without looking at his stints coaching young teams in need of development.

    Adelman’s players – Drexler, Sabonis, Webber, Divac, Peja – how many of these players strike fears in opponents? Drexler and Webber were never on the same team (different eras), yet Adelman’s team gave the NBA champs in those playoff-match-up years more than a go, more like all the Bulls and Lakers could handle. Adelman’s teams were cohesive without individual player enforcement.

    Kobe – He wants to win more titles than anyone (including B.R.) and at least more than M.J. Kobe knows that Adelman has an excellent record of maximizing players including Euro players like Sabonis (already in decline with bad knees upon entry in NBA), Divac (similar to Pau anyone), and Peja (two-dimensional) just to name a few. Adelman was brought in to make Ming Yao and TMac work in a combo which is also what Lakers need as Kobe will need to rely far more on Gasol and Bynum.

    Dr. Buss – he’s not a fan of triangle offense – it’s a good thing Jackson won it in his first season and two more afterwards. After five champions, Buss is still not a fan of the triangle offense. Riley’s command of personnel does not go well with Buss’ succession plan for his son and daughter. Other than this major issue, does any one really doubt Buss’ preference for Riley’s flexibility in Showtime offense and lock-em down grind play (Knicks and Heat)?

    Adelman is indeed a very intriguing and possibly quite fitting candidate for Lakers and aging Kobe.

  75. Alexander Miranda says:

    The Rockets need to stop trading and letting go players and coaches and start trading and letting go Management.

  76. Rob says:

    The sort of team that’s likely to snap him up is one which is in the playoffs or just missed out, who rely more on talent than they do coaching, and with an experienced coach could elevate them towards potential champions. There’s a few that fall into this category, but not all of them will go for him.

    Teams he won’t go to:

    LA Clippers – Donald Sterling is the worst owner in the League, Adelman deserves better than that
    Golden State Warriors – As long as Don Nelson’s keen to stay, he has tenure
    Philadelphia 76ers – Doug Collins has done a great job rebuilding this year

    and any other city like San Antonio where the coach has established himself as a minor deity.

    There’s a bucketload of teams he could go to, if Dallas performs poorly and loses to Portland you might see Rick Carlisle gone and Adelman brought in, I’m sure living in Texas has taught him the value of lack of state income tax. But it could be New York; it could be New Orleans; it could be Charlotte. It could be LA too, but how often do things go the way they’re predicted?

    • BIGmatta says:

      I totally agree with the CLippers synopsis, he deserves better than that ut they have major talent for him to harness and hone. BUT.. Carlisle and D’Antoni arent going anywhere and Charlotte just gave the coach a contract extension (bad move really, MJ MJ MJ…? I wonder about you sometimes) . I see the best available slots as Indiana and Milwaukee and maybe even Boston if Doc goes to watch his son play. There are going to be some changes there I think… He needs to give the East some love

  77. famohsen says:

    Adelman??????? they should of fired that stupid GM morey. hes what killing the rockets

  78. Vlad(Canada) says:

    If New York Knicks are smart, they would give an arm and a leg for Adelman to coach Anthony and Amare S. With Princeton style offense, Adelman would definitely maximize the potential of the Knicks. Amare is one of the best high-post players in the League and he would just make this offense even harder to guard. Additionally, Anthony would have better looks than he is getting now. Princeton style offense and Adelman would not only make the NY Knicks legitimate contender, but also (by far) the highest scoring team in the NBA.

  79. Double says:

    Adelman rejected -X

  80. Edwin Jackson says:

    FAIL. Ans several mistakes in the article, like the Batum trade (Greene)

  81. Muaath says:

    If Phil Jackson really is retiring Adelman is the best choice he coached an injured team really well and took them deep in the playoffs.

  82. Jukxz_24 says:

    Better to give that job to miami .The miami heat needs better coaching staff than in L.A,I think the LA LAKERS are more comftable in phil’s coaching style .And Kobe-Gasol are better in Jackson’s coaching staff .

  83. Geboy says:

    kobe – adelman tandem is very, very, good.

    remember how kobe invites defensive stoppers in his position of shooting guards (Artest, Barnes) to his team so that, they wont be a problem come next season?

    well, guess what. adelman’s blazers and rockets almost stopped kobe during playoffs. so, i wont be surprised if kobe approves adelman.

    just my two cents.

  84. Wolsey says:

    Adelman is not a nice person

    • Jrok says:

      Do you know him personally ? Or do u just watch the games and see him at the top of ur screen ? .. Because if thats the case you should keep those comments to yourself. You know nothing of the man.

  85. Triple8 says:

    Excuse me. But Kobe is past the fact that he’ll try for a trade. He doesn’t quit when his team isn’t winning championships. He’s not Lebron James. In fact, you can say the fact that Kobe never, ever quit on his team. Which has made him a winner. Adelman is a respected coach all over the league. The two don’t have to respect each other as people but they for sure respect each other as a coach and a player. The simple fact is that people who belittle Kobe Bryant are mad at his success. Don’t be mad because he proved you wrong. And if he does work with Adelman, don’t be mad that he’ll do it again either. Five rings. Only Kings are with the Rings.

    • What? says:

      he did us to quit when the Suns were beating him in the first round. I heard before from some sports show

    • 24iscluch says:

      Triple8, I could not agree more. nice work. Love the part about lebron being a quiter, Why? Because its TRUE!!

  86. Ric says:

    “and guided the team to its only playoff series victory in 17 years”

    The Rockets won the 1995 championship without winning a playoff series? That’s talent!

  87. Vijay says:

    Prix you are insane and clearly a Kobe Hater. Kobe has demanded a trade once before, that is true. However the rest of what you are talking about is mostly rubbish. The triangle offense is not wing dominated, its post dominated, clown. It is post oriented. Hence why Jordan, Shaq and this year Kobe catch the ball 14 ft or less away from the ring. Anyways back to basketball conversation, Rick Adelman and Kobe I perceive in terms of the offense that Adelman runs would get along swimmingly. I’m a Lakers fan through and through but make no mistake that Kings team that he was coaching was legit, one or two plays away from Finals appearances. I would feel for Brian Shaw but Adelman has the credentials for the position.

  88. bostonFTW says:

    they fired the wrong person. they should have fired Daryl Morey. this blog says it all. i know that he traded T-Mac cause he was injury prone but why Rudy Gay, Shane Batier, Aaron Brooks, RON ARTEST,Nicolas Batum for what? a bunch of bust bench warmers. yeah i give him credit for bringing in Kevin Martin, Kyle Lowry and Courtney Lee but don’y blame others for your mistake Morey. you should learn from the OKC GM. he got KENDRICK PERKINS because of another stupid GM, Danny Ainge. they could have been in the play-offs again but what do you do? you fire the coach that brought you multiple wins every year just cause he missed the play-offs this year?

    • dakeem1 says:

      Don’t blame morey for out of context acquisitions. When he acquired Battier, they were in win now mode due to T-Mac/Yao era. Gay still needed a few years to develop, plus even now, he still can’t play defense (good scorer though). Morey DID NOT let Artest go. ARTEST CHOSE TO WALK OUT ON THE ROCKETS! He signed with Lakers for the same money that Morey offered him. Also, he has made it known throughout his career that he wanted to play with Kobe. Ariza was a bad move though. And Brooks? Really? Do your research and see how Rockets record improved WITHOUT Brooks. Lowry is a better PG. Brooks is a SG in a PG’s body and will be the next Jason Terry (perrenial 6th man winner). Batum was another bad move though but that’s all in hindsight.

  89. kaka says:

    The Lakers dont even need Adelman. When Jackson retires, Brian Shaw will take Jackson’s place as head coach.

  90. John O'Shea says:

    Give him the coaching job at Miami. Adelman with all those talent = the next greatest show on the court.

  91. kdub says:

    Adelman to the Golden State Warriors would be a nice fit in my opinion.

  92. tayriley says:

    rockets are insane for letting adelman go. the only reason i can think of is money- adelman is a big money coach, and without any superstars on the team, there seems to be no point to pay the big bucks. however, adelman is 8th all time winningest, and i feel rockets should’ve kept him.
    as for adelman in LA, HELLS NO!! it is bad enough that lakers have tomjanovich working for them. they don’t deserve adelman too.

  93. #TeamHeat says:

    If Adelman goes to L.A., no more triangle offense. Meaning LAL will suck lol, they wont suck they just wont be has good offensively

    • NAJ says:

      I’m a long time Laker fan and watch most of their games on broadband every season and i genuinely think the triangle is overrated. I know the results show the Phil has won 11 champs so far but look at the players he has coached and talent available.

      We always seem to playing to the triangle, struggling to find a way and then when the shot clock is winding down, give it to Kobe to jack up a mid/long range effort to rescue what would otherwise be a shot clock violation.

      Lakers are better when Kobe just feels the game out and does what he feels best or when there is a mismatch in the post, go to Pau or Drew.

      • Ishhyde says:

        I agree.. A triangle offense is just a offense. Can’t say a team will be garbage without that offense. I honestly think the triangle offense holds them back offensely

    • Ash says:

      Funny because the Rockets’ offense this year was better than the Lakers’ offense, derrrrrp.

  94. awesomeman says:

    adelman doesnt do the triangle.

  95. LAKERNATION24 says:

    first of all…your facts about kobe is partially wrong…Kobe will never trade from lakers and on top of that…after kobe wins 6th NBA title….he is gonna go for most points of all time….and he needs a coach that can provide him what Zhen master has given him in the past decade….as that said Adelman is an outstanding and a veteran coach…which does work with a triangle like phil….thats how rockets went on a 22 winning streak…yao battier and mcgrady….. LAKERS4LIFE

    • TheDream34 says:

      did u just say Kobe going 4 the most points ever????
      either u r the dumbest person i have ever seen, or the biggest kobe fan (don’t wanna swear here) i have ever seen…
      lemme do a simple calculation for you here:
      League Leader in Career Points:
      Kareem Abdul-Jabbar at 38387 points
      Kobe is at 27868, and thats the difference of 10519 points.
      Let’s say he’ll average 25 points for another 4 years playing an avg of 100 games per season he will still be short of Kareem by 519 points…
      now i’m being VERY generous here, if you think that he will average 25+ points a game until he’s 36 years old, then i have no idea what 2 say 2 u

  96. Adelmania says:

    Man the rockets just keep making all the wrong moves. Players love him, he wins games, he keeps a rag tag squad of role players very competitive and he still can’t keep his job. Morey must be trying to give Kahn a run at the most disfunctional and deluded GM title

  97. what? says:

    ya crazy? t-mac did great with this guy, and he had to change the game plan only because yao and t-mac was shipped out of houston. although it is questionable whether he could work with kobe or not, but he is a great coach too, and I would love to see him work pau and kobe together.

  98. marek says:

    adelman to the knicks 🙂

  99. kobe says:

    kobe only cares about winning and if he doesnt thats why he gets an attitude..

    • Hector says:

      Kobe is my hero i wish i could meet him but he does try to take over alot and most of the times ends up losing the game

  100. Dr.Cox says:

    After that stolen championship idk if he wanna coach the fakers

    • IshHyde says:

      How do you call lakers championship stolen if they won. Just because Perkins got hurt doesn’t mean they stole it. If you’re going to say they “stole” you can say Boston stole it the year they won because Bynum was injuried.. silly comments make me laugh

  101. James Dowsett-Cooper says:

    Won’t happen Adelman is the arch enemy of the once sacramento kings which were LA’s bitter rivals. Would not be accepted by Kobe or Fish and certainly not by the lakers faithful

    • tata says:

      Kobe RESPECTS opposition that gives him problems and welcomes them into the fold…Artest, Barnes, Raja Bell. Adelman is one of the best coaches available. He wins everywhere he goes. Lakers fans only care about winning and Adelman is a winner.

    • steve says:

      the lakers and kings never had a rivalry… LA won every time!

    • al respect the game says:

      this is business cooper. it aint personal

    • 24iscluch says:

      James dowsett-Cooper, i think that is the best post yet, no one can say for sure, but i think you may very well be right. Well said

  102. prix says:

    I dont think Adelman and Kobe will work out… Adelman is more of a team coach and spread the offense with multiple option..Kobe is used with the triangle offense which always benefit the wing man and that is Kobe…If kobe can’t have the ball always even if they win, I’m sure Kobe will feel less and demand a trade…Kobe have a bad attitude remember that!!!

    • neonates says:

      damn! what are you a basketball fan or just a plain kobe hater? demand a trade??? really? how’d you know? oh yeah cuz ur a kobe hater… its ok… opinion accepted … wapppiisshhhH!

      • kelvin says:

        team tactic? every team use team tactic ok? please remember k-Mart are scoring as star players too under Adelman.

    • lazyvlad says:

      How do you mnage that? To always be the first to troll a Lakers post

      • Los says:

        true, why is it that Prix is always first to lead the way??? oh yeah cause he has no life, always hating on Kobe….go get on those miami articles u bandwagon groupie….Dont be jealous prix that it wasn’t you that kobe had in that hotel over in colorado bent on the chair….

    • sharpie says:

      dude you can definitely spread the ball in the triangle (or focus on the big guys not just the wings). and kobe wouldnt demand a trade if he was getting less touches. he would demand a trade if LA was losing

    • Kilo says:

      This isn’t 1998, it’s not the same Kobe Bryant. Unless Adelman was absolutely unbearable as a coach, Kobe wouldn’t be too upset if he got the ball less. He’s getting older, he’s going to get the ball less regardless. Kobe’s “bad attitude” you’re referring to hasn’t reared its ugly head in years, you’d know that if you paid attention to him at all.

      • 24iscluch says:

        Your right that Kobe is getting older and will get the ball less regardless. But even with Kobe being my all time favorit player, ill be one of the first to admit he has bad attitude. Lets see, first up the supposed gay slur slip that cost him 100K!!! He whines every time he dont get a call, unless he makes the shot then he just shakes his head. I think he had 15 techs. lIke i said kobe is my fav so obviously im not talking trash. You would know that if you paid attention.

    • Josh says:

      How old are you? Please don’t say over 15 because if so you are just an idiot.

    • Jay says:

      I think it would. Kobe’s bad attitude has left him, since he’s a lot more matured now. Plus, he’s grown into more of a team player, taking over mostly in clutch time.

    • John says:

      Prix,ive been noticing,and all day long you bash kobe and the lakers.Kobe only demanded a trade because they were not winning.Sure he demands a ball.But he cares about winning..if that wasnt a case..he wouldnt want gasol..he would be with a team where he is the only one that can score and get the ball,this is about lakers getting a coach and you out here bashing kobe?thats just pathetic,

    • salamangkero says:

      we’ll never know until it happens, kobe may not demand for a trade anymore as he matures. i’m a laker-fan so it’s natural that i wish good for the team to acquire a good piece after the jackson era.

    • john says:

      man!!!!! who do you think is more for a team player!!!!lebron!!! get outta here………you just dont know the next mj!!!!

      • kosta says:

        geesh, i wouldnt say the next mj.. he is great though, but he aint a game changer mj was.. hes like a hybrid, has more skill than jordan, polished i would say.. jordan was smarter, he knew how to beat down on teams throughout his career, he knew to change his body to change his game.. all that aside, im a kobe fan, he brings dignity to the game, and goes against the ‘norm’ as remains loyal to his lakers..

        adelman would be a great replacement, rather go with someone whos experience speaks for itself.. he wasnt all offense either, his houston team had decent defense as well..

      • vk1519 says:

        james is not the next mj. that would be kobe. james is good but not great. kevin durant, not james will succeed kobe as the best player in the nba.

    • Wil124 says:

      prix you always are the first to comment about anything to do with the lakers and have negative things to say always about kobe you should maybe try to say something positive for once because it makes you bias and just a straight up laker hater. Get over yourself man.

    • fan says:

      sucks to be a mav fan, isnt it?

    • frank v says:

      lol dang you must be friends with kobe, you know his attitude, what his reaction will be and how he likes to play.. dang… so what is he eating tonight? where is he at? i wana go hang with him, show him my jump shot, maybe he gives me a shot at trying out? tell him i said whats up!!!

    • al respect the game says:

      dude, i think u intentionally like to cause a riot. Matter of fact PRIX, u must be an NBA rep in disguise. iam not trying to be funny. theres no way u keep getting first chance to comment on new articles. u always put the most controversial comment so the blog can be interesting. common NBA.com writters admit it.

    • lem says:

      Kobe does not have a BAD attitude. BUT HE HAS 5 NBA TITLE RINGS… HAHAHA!!!

    • deol says:

      Adelman’s offense is similar to the triangle or has similar elements. it will work