Howard Towers Over DPOY Field, Trophy

CHICAGO — Arrayed as they were on the head table – two Kia Defensive Player of the Award trophies to his right and a brand new one to his left – the little bronze men in front of Dwight Howard on Monday afternoon looked almost like the Orlando Magic setting up in its halfcourt defense. Jameer Nelson must have been upcourt, pressing the ballhandler.

The figure on the DPOY trophy, after all, surely is a perimeter guy, squatting down the way Naismith or Wooden would have taught, arms flared out in a defensive stance. Howard, of course, rarely assumes that position; he patrols inside the paint for the Magic, either lurking and banging behind his man, flashing over to give help or licking his chops at the shorties funneled his way by Magic teammates. That’s how he looked at the news conference, looming large, having his guys’ backs.

Squat down? No thank you, not when a fella can intercept or alter the flight of the ball 11 or 12 feet above the floor. Some people think the NBA needs a new Logo Man to reflect the game’s above-the-rim reality. Well, it surely seems to need someone longer and more imposing on the DPOY trophy, which now has been won by big men 20 times in its 29 years of existence, all but once in the past 15 years.

Howard was honored with the 2011 edition, his third consecutive year as the NBA’s top defender. Only Ben Wallace and Dikembe Mutombo, with four each, have won as many. He received 585 points, including 114 first-place votes, from the 120 media members who cast ballots, winning in a bigger landslide than in 2010 or 2009. Boston’s Kevin Garnett finished second with 77 points and Dallas’ Tyson Chandler was third with 70, with first-place votes worth five points, second-place votes worth three and third-place worth one.

The Magic’s “Superman” wound up with 97.5 percent of the available points, after winning with 94.4 percent in 2010 and 91.1 percent two years ago. He remains a strong candidate for the league’s Most Valuable Player award after a season in which he improved significantly as an offensive threat – he led the NBA with 66 double-doubles, including six games of 20 points and 20 rebounds – but no player affects opponents’ strategies on the other end of the court more than Howard.

He finished second in the league in rebounding (14.1 rpg) to Minnesota’s Kevin Love and ranked fourth in blocks (2.38 bpg). Orlando, without other notable individual defenders, ranked fourth in points allowed (93.5) and in defensive field-goal percentage (43.6).

And the thing is, Howard believes he can get better defensively, by limiting his “silly fouls” and maybe setting up in a squat once in a while.

“I’m going to try to learn how to take charges,” Howard said, tongue in cheek. “Maybe when I ‘m a little bit older I’ll start taking [charges]. Not flopping but just making sure I take good charges. I think that’s something I can be pretty good at.”

That sparked laughter in the room, with Magic GM Otis Smith offering to donate a car in Howard’s name with the first charge he takes. Howard won a Kia Sorrento CUV for his DPOY season, passing it on to the BETA Center charitable organization in Orlando. He also drew just seven offensive fouls on opposing players all season, which indicates he is more aggressive going for the ball than he is in planting his feet.

Howard thanked Smith for inspiring him to stay dominant on defense “when everybody was challenging me to be a better offensive player, but not forgetting about what wins games.”

He added, grinning: “I also want to thank my teammates for allowing their men to get to the basket again, forcing me to block shots and pick up fouls. Sometimes technical fouls. So thanks, teammates, you’re the best!”


  1. Adrixe says:

    dwight truly deserve this award. he works hard to play D on all the games he played.

  2. Why are people on here hating on Howard??? He is only ONE man. He doesn’t have much of a power forward!! He is the only one back there for blocking shots. He doesn’t have the luxury of someone like A. Bynum who has another big that can block shots and help out on defense like Pau. AND HE ISN’T EVEN 7’0 tall!! I am no Magic fan but even I realize Howard has earned ALL 3.

  3. alex says:

    the knicks wont have those four, you’re in idiot find a new sport and stop being ignorant

  4. alex says:

    if they had this award when russell was playing then hed have 13 of them

    • Matt says:

      Well Russell is not playing. What if Dwight, with his speed and strength, played back then? Russell is great. Dwight is great. Get over it.

  5. #1 stoudemire fan says:

    d. howard is NOT goin to the west, particularly the lakers period.

    he is goin to one of the top 3 teams of the east or maybe the n.y. knicks.

    the knicks will have cp3, melo, stat, and d. howard.

    the knicks will be a championship calibur team after the off-season.

  6. Diddy says:

    I’m with Cal on this one because yes he blocks a lot of shots. Yes he alters a lot more but when he is forced to actually defend someone, (not help defense, 1 on 1 D) he gets absolutely exposed almost every time. D-12 is a great center, I can admit that but the Andrew Bogut is much more effective a player. Call me a hater all you want but Bogut is the dude. I’m black so I don’t want nobody saying that I am saying this because he’s a white boy. He’s the truth. He has had some injury problems of late but nobody can deny his impact. And I noticed some comments earlier on this page about Chuck Hayes, Shane Battier and Tony Allen. Well whoever it was, I completely agree. Nobody wants to admit it because they aren’t flashy but they are all stoppers. I would even throw Ronnie Brewer and Luol Deng’s names in there as well. This award is always reserved for stars anyway….

    • Matt says:

      Dwight is better one on one as well. Seriously, Dwight shuts down every big man who plays him. It is not even close. People get over it. Dwight is the DPOY until he wants to stop winning it.

  7. Dexter says:

    definitely a beast . hall of fame will wait for him

  8. BBALL says:

    You are the man thanking God first and giving him glory !! wow awesome

  9. DwightHoward MVP says:

    Dwight is a Beast . The Greatest of All Time .

  10. RMB says:

    Bogut might lead the league in blocks, but he might also lead the league in posters. I mean people tries to dunk against him, but rarely anyone tries to do it against Dwight, that alone says that he really deserves the DPY

  11. Telcontar 77 says:

    Magics remain a top defensive team despite switching intop a more offensive style after trade. Why? D12
    Magics are in the playoff. Why? D12
    His stats are unbelievable. If a DPOY who has the sort of offensive stats he has fails to win MVP, it is yet another example of how DEFENCE is way UNDERRATED.

  12. moneyball says:

    howard don’t be lockin people down he just grabs a lot of rebounds on d

  13. crazy says:

    Jeb please go home to see the game Howard …. for we speak of a lack of respect to say that this young man is not a good player and good person. in my opinion you do not know basketball. this young man is the top 10 in almost every category. That I can call one of the best players ever

  14. Etitz says:

    Think Dwight Howard, think Big, think Defense. Absolutely truly deserving of such a meticulous award. Wanakosey!

  15. cal says:

    really? i guess nobody actually watches these games…. the next time “superman” ( original nickname by the way.. ohh wait no its not..) anyway the next time howard locks up someone defensively will be the first time. yes he is spectacular, yes he blocks a lot of shots, yes he alters a lot but really defensive player of the year?? way to block another shot into the 5th row dwight …good work giving another possesion to the other team. has anyone told him to try and retain possesion? heard of bill russell? there are probably at least 10 players that are better defenders than he is. just another example of the NBA giving out awards and and pushing players because they are flashy.

  16. Jpen says:

    man has anyone ever seen chuck hayes in 1-1 defence……the man is a beast.

  17. Bogut for DPOY says:

    best blocker and defender in the league Andrew Bogut… he was robbed not even a mention

  18. frogger game says:

    It was funny when they asked him what areas he could improve on defensievely and he laughed and said taking charges lul

  19. JTWilliams says:

    No hatin here, I agree with Jeb. Dwight Howard doesn’t impress me that much. He’s more physically gifted than most anyone he goes up against, so is there not another player that locks down the opposition, rather than just bowling people over and swatting balls into the stands? Sure, he should be 1st team all-defensive team, but defensive player of the year 3-times running?

  20. john says:

    the thing is,there aren’t many outstanding defensive players in the league nowadays. the rules have been altered so much to give premium on scoring,just the way david stern likes his league. which is why howard’s intimidating presence and relentless rebounding work make him the best defensive player in the game for three years running. other than him,it’s only kobe and kg who are in the nba elite list of shut-down defenders,and you have to admit that both are in their downswing as they age while howard is just peaking now. so,yes,dwight howard is the best defensive player in the nba,hands down. and,no,nobody will be challenging for this trophy anytime soon.

  21. toaSTEEZ says:

    yo dwight, u could work on ur FREE THROWS! u take the most free throw attempts in the league, and ur averaging around 22ppg so if u made 3or 4 more free throws u can bump that ppg to 25-28 u would definately be a legend if u could do dat

  22. Rho says:

    Dwight’s never going back to Orlando. He wants out. Maybe he’ll be with the Lakers but with a hefty price. On topic, he deserves it. Congratulations D-Howard!

  23. stevieooo says:

    NBA should just give Howard this award every year,no one is even close to him.Hes just a defensive beast.said and done i dont see anyone who can win this award over him for the next 5 years

  24. danilo magno says:

    Howard plays very good defense because of his athleticism and long arms. Sadly, he could never be a go-to-guy with his poor foul shooting and short temper, and dirty plays. This man still needs tutoring in terms of trying to become a role model that kids should emulate. He could become another Tim Duncan, a Hakeem Olajuwon or a David Robinson. Instead, he likes to choose the path of Karl Malone, Shaq or a Bill Laimbeer.

  25. dan says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD what a beast he blocks every shot that comes his way and his shoulder are jacked

  26. HC in Norway says:

    Oh yeah, to all you guys who think his 1.3 steals is amazing for a big guy. “When was the last time a center got 1.4 steals”. Well, it was last year. Nene had 1.4, and Camby had 1.28. So, not that big of a deal. In fact, let’s look at the last few years:

    2009/2010: Nene 1.4
    2008/2009: Nene 1.23
    2007/2008: Ben Wallace 1.22
    2006/2007: Ben Wallace 1.44
    2005/2006: Ben Wallace 1.78
    2004/2005: Ben Wallace 1.43

    1.37 is good. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s not something mindblowing out of this world, never been done before. It’s what the top center has, or just about.

    And to all you people calling everyone that doesn’t praise everything DH does, for haters. I’m no hater. I love to watch DH play. He’s a great guy two. That doesn’t mean we have to say he’s hands down the best defender. I could have him top 5. Does that make me a hater?

  27. Shoks says:

    CP3 and D12 will combine forces next season either in New Orleans or in Charlotte. Jordan has been saving a lot to make a splash and getting CP3 and D12 in Charlotte would turn things around since that Kwame Brown disaster.

    Or D12 can go to the Spurs and be the face of the franchise after the Duncan era. That will be a total plus in his career because he will learn from a Hall of Famer big in Duncan and he will have a coach in Poppovich who already developed and brought championships to 2 Hall of Fame bigs (Robinson and Duncan). D12 and Splitter will be a good complement to each other as Splitter is more of a role playing big like Pau and Bynum. Tony Parker has some good years left and they still have an emerging George Hill and Gary Neal. If D12 joins the Spurs next year Duncan will still have a year left and Manu might still have a year or 2 so they can still make it work for the next 2 years and then it’s Dwight’s era after that. I think the Spurs are the only team that can offer Howard a chance to improve further under a Hall of Fame big man (Duncan) and be the face of the franchise next year or 2 with emerging youth pieces (Hill, Jefferson, Neal, Blair, Splitter) for the future plus a Hall of Fame coach (Poppovich).

    • Shoks says:

      Lakers don’t have much to offer D12 as Bynum might break down in a year or 2 and Pau Gasol is not equal to Howard. Lakers don’t have enough pieces that the Magic would take for a trade.

      • Shoks says:

        Also, watch out the for the Nets, The Russian billionaire owner will keep on his promise to deliver a championship within the next 5 years and I am certain that one of his targets is D12. A trio of Deron in PG (one of the best in the league), Lopez in PF (offensive big man) and D12 (defensive big man) in C will be good. Plus a brand new sophisticated arena in Brooklyn will be so enticing.

  28. HC in Norway says:

    Okay, is this a “best start award” or a “best player award”? Like the MVP, like any other award the NBA gives away, this award is given to the best defensive star player. Saying that DH doesn’t deserve to win it, isn’t saying that he’s not a great defender. He is. With his athletisism, he should be blocking that many shots. And the steals, well, a lot of them he gets from blocking shots to himself. The problem is, stats rule in these kind of awards. But here are some stats that I would like to see:

    Who keeps his opponent to the lowest shooting percentage of his season. Who keeps his opponent to the fewest number of shots per game. Who forces the most turnovers. These are some of the most interesting things to look at, because these are results of great defence. I’m gonna take a guess and say that Shane Battier is the player that has gotten least awards compared to how good a defender he is. I’m betting that if you look at those stats on Kobe, Wade, Gay and a lot of other great scorers, you’ll find Shane at the top of the list for each of those players. Nobody can shut down those players completly, but Shane slows them down more than anyone else.

    And how about looking at a guy who does the most with what he has. Chuck Hayes. He got two nr 1 votes this year. He should have gotten a whole lot more. Against the Kings the Rockets started the game with a center, at the same height as the Kings pointguard. Still he’s slown down Blake Griffin, Amare Stoudamire, even Dwight Howard. Players that are much taller than him, bigger stars, have had to fight for every point against this excellent defender. I’d love to have seen a player with the frame of Dwight, and the heart, hustle and skills of Chuck. That would be a all-time best defender!

    So does Dwight deserve to win infront of Shane? Did Shane deserve 0 votes in this years voting? I’d say no. I think Shane Battier is a better defender than Dwight, and I think he should have won the award several times the last few seasons. But of course, he hasn’t been on a contending team. He isn’t a All-Star. So I guess he shouldn’t be concidered then? I guess he’s not amongst the guys you look at?

  29. Rose4preisdent123 says:

    why not do it like best defensive player on the best defensive team, which would be LUUUUUUUUUUUUOL deng.

  30. Elotero says:

    i believe dwight howard deserves this award, even though im a boston fan and i know kg is the defensive anchor on the team i know kg was no where close to howards defense. and on the thing about where hes gonna play next year hes not gonna go to LA or Chicago and as much as i would like to see the DPOY on a defensive team like boston theres a little to no chance hes coming to boston unless danny can do magic or something but i doubt he will be on bostons team next year he most likely will stay with orlando.

  31. Steve says:

    “Maybe when I ‘m a little bit older I’ll start taking [charges]. ” – then you will be as good a “blocker\take charges” as Andrew Bogut.

  32. peter says:

    Dwight won, theyre not going to re-vote, so everyone stop complaining about him winning. He well deserved it. Who would you rather go up for a layup against, Dwight Howard (who would probably block the shot with his chest) or Bogut?

  33. Andrew says:

    Dwight should have won hands down but Grant Hill really deserved 2nd or 3rd.. oh well.

  34. Mark says:

    Why doesn’t Andrew Bogut get more of a mention? Why? Because he’s white. He must be slow, unathletic and a bad defender right? He plays for a small market team (Milwaukee Bucks), so why would the media who votes, take notice of him?

    WHY should he at least come second:
    His smarts and positioning and post defence in general is equal to that of a Garnett or Tim Duncan.
    He’s a monster on the boards.
    Thanks to him, his team is one of the best defensive teams in the league.
    He LED THE LEAGUE IN BLOCKED SHOTS! (All this with an injured right elbow all season)

    I’m not even saying he should’ve won, but at least come second. Let’s look at Garnett (who came second): averaged 9rpg and 0.8 bpg. As mentioned I think his defensive positioning is excellent, but watch Bogut, his defensive postioning is excellent too. They both force most offensive players to change their shot. But then Bogut averaged 11rpg and 2.6 bpg. I think Bogut gets the edge here as the better defensive player this season.

    • chris says:

      because look at the bucks record didnt even make it to the playoffs? and dwight makes his team defensively better and more rebounds more steal

  35. bob says:


  36. Mason says:

    To get a 6-peat you have to beat teams like the Hornets. All you laker fans are acting as if dwight howard is already on the team. He wont even go to the lakers unless you give up more than one of these three guys: Lamar odom, pau gasol, andrew bynum. As much as I hate to say it, phil jackson isn’t stupid.

  37. Matthew says:

    Dwight congrats, but im kinda hurt Grant Hill wasnt even in the top 3. Grant Hill should at least be high up there. Im not against the decision, but i believe Grant is a better d player than garnett is.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      I feel the same way, Hill was a fighter guarding some of the greatest this year, but no one gives him anything. I think he should have been higher, but he wouldn’t have gotten DPOY.

  38. Sam says:

    Dear Lakers fans, there are 29 other teams in this league besides you. Stop blabbering about 6-Peats with Dwight Howard and focus on your game one loss to the Hornets. Have a nice day.

  39. Vic says:

    its amazing that the NBA’s leading block shotter got no mention at all. No respect for A. Bogut

  40. Howard for MVP! says:

    this is dumb, so many haters on Dwight! all of you need to get your facts together before saying that stupid stuff ive been reading above, Dwight deserves not only this award, but hands down he deserves the MVP also, Rose is a little whiner that gets every little bump his way, Howard gets smacked up under the paint all night and still gets his, without any help from the refs. He impacts more possessions then any other player and his efficiency is incredible.

  41. Paolo says:

    The award is for the Defensive Player of the **YEAR**. The year is 2011, not 1995 so stop saying he doesn’t deserve it because Dikembe and Zo had to work harder. Dwight was the best defensive player this season, regardless of the crappy competition.

    To all the haters: *MUTUMBO FINGER WAVE*

  42. Mike says:

    I can’t believe people are actually saying that Dwight doesn’t deserve this award. Absolutely no one in the league has more of an effect on the defensive end than dwight. There’s no point rattling of stats about his steals and blocks or what not, teams have to totally change their offensive game in order to score past him. He forces outside shots and makes teams shoot lower fg%, and thats not going to be plugged into his individual stats. You can say he isn’t as good as players from the past but no one in the league today can possibly challenge his defensive presence at the moment

  43. hrkljus says:

    You guys need to stop hating. Best defender in the league, hands down.
    Orlando allows the least points in the point, with basically the smallest lineup in the league.
    Nuff said.

  44. Blair says:

    Just a testament to how much true defensive players have fallen off in the NBA. No disrespect to Dwight, he is really, really good. It’s just back when Mutombo was winning these awards there were so many contenders.

  45. Jonsey says:

    I think people that are only basing everything on stats are forgetting intangibles like “altering shots.”

    If you can alter someones shot from a sure thing to a miss over and over again in a game, i’d take that over someone who averages .5 more steals or .5 more blocks than dwight.

  46. Jpen says:

    Please dwight improve your FT shooting, if you do that you’d be getting around 40 ppg… Other than that your game is pretty well-rounded.

  47. LAKERS says:

    He’s the best hands down…and if he joins Kobe and the Lakers once he’s a free agent…. :)))))

  48. Bijan says:

    Dwight ist a great player with great ability. As far as statistics are concerned there might have been better ones. But I agree with what Chuck Barkley said about him: his effect on the opponent team’s game is what counts, not only statistics (rpg / bpg)…

    BUT: If you put it all together, Kevin Garnett has the same effect, even stronger. I think KG is way underrated in this league. He took the C’s to the finals twice. In fact they didn’t make it there three years in a row just because of his injury back in the 2009 playoffs. But in the “Race For MVP” he’s not even listed in the top 10…!?! Idon’t understand why.

    This year D-Rose was the single player with the biggest effect on a winning team. But seriously: KG is one of the best to ever play the game of basketball. Way underrated… Hope, he’s gonna make it to the hall of fame!

    • Mason says:

      The reason he is not listed in the mvp race is because he has ray ray and pp.
      (he will go to the hof tho.)

  49. awesomeman says:

    What about Andrew Bogut?

    He lead the league in blocks, he averaged 11 boards a game, and being the leader of the best defensive team in the league!

    We have to consider Bogut, Chandler, and Rondo too.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Unfortunatly, Bogut shot himself in the foot with continous injuries. He didn’t play that much, and his Bucks still didn’t walk away with many wins. Rondo is good, but there are times when point guards can beat him. Same case for Chandler. Both Chandler and Rondo just can’t compete with Dwight.

  50. Dave says:

    Sorry, but Dwight is staying in Orlando. Oh, but back on subject, Dwight is the most deserving man for this award, and for those of you who think he doesn’t deserve it…you guys don’t watch the Magic often enough to see the difference he makes defensively.

  51. Joe says:

    josh smith, no? BEST defensive player. dwight can clock, but j-smoove can block AND steal

    • realbasketball says:

      what?? dwight can steal, block, get rebounds, alter shots, force rivals to play the outside game
      his team is the fourth best defending team in the league witha bunch of guys who don’t know how to defend, the second best defender being quentin richardson, and even without a backup center his team has the best inside defense in the league (points allowed in the paint)
      there is no doubt he is the best defender in the league, and if they had just had the same record as the last season he would have won the mvp too

    • Jesse says:

      you are wrong. Dwight Howard has 1.4 steals per game this year and josh smith has 1.3 steals per game. As you can see Dwight Howard is better in steals as well. Try again man……

  52. Rip Greenfire says:

    I’m sorry, I think I hear some old people complaining about the powerhouse that is Dwight Howard. Have you seen any other man in this league that alters shots like he does? KG can, but his age shows form time to time. Chandler can, but it’s nothing compared to Dwight. Dwight is a literal monster that only three men that I know of can stop, not counting the refs of course. If you don’t give to Dwight, then who? Ronnie Brewer?

  53. Gabe says:

    dwight is hands down the best defender in the league. kevin love may come close but his team is the worst.

    • awesomeman says:

      kevin love doesnt defend, he just gets defensive rebounds.

      its darko on that team who can defend.

  54. steve says:

    don’t hate on the guy.He should be defensive player of the year and second to mvp.He should get mvp a couple of years if he continues to play the way he does.
    No disrespect to Andrew but he still hasn’t lasted a whole year playing well or injureless.He gives glimps of greatness but still hasn’t sustained it.
    Can you imagine Dwight Howard with an organization like the LAKERS.With his work ethic and the organizations dedication to bringing out the best in their top players.WOWWW!!!
    Just hope it becomes a reality.In the meantime lets go for our three peat.
    GOOOOO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. LA says:

    I gotta agree with these guys and I hate the fact he has won it these many times. Look at his stats, they’re not that impressive but with big guys who aren’t any good at defense that what happens. I mean in ben wallace’s prime he averaged more in rebounds, blocks, and steals then dwight howard ever has and he’s only a 6’7 center!

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      Let me guess, since Rose doesn’t get as many points or rebounds as Micheal Jordon did in his prime, then Rose will get MVP, but doesn’t deserve it? This is the logic you’re using.

    • Jesse says:

      did some research to what you just said. Dwight Howard beats ben wallace in rebounds almost every year. Dwight Howard best 3 seasons 13.8 14.1 and 14.2 Ben Wallace best 3 seasons are 13 13.2 and 15.4. Dwight Howard is actually a little bit better. lol another thing ben wallace is 6’9. wow. He is actually like half a inch from 6’10. Dwight Howard 1.4 spg and 2.5 bpg and 14.1 rpg. that is not good? wow. when was the last time a center got 1.4 spg? hardly ever other then ben wallace. Dwight Howard will win this award FIVE times in a row so you better get used to it.

      • chris says:

        i agree with you and why is everyone hatin on dwight they are making out he doesnt deserve he does he is bettter than anyone in the league on the defensive side the stats speak for themselves
        and dwight is 6’11 lol

    • NAJ says:

      Ben Wallace is 6’9….

      Stats don’t tell the whole story and who was better all year and who effected the game on the defensive end more than Dwight?

      I don’t really like him and think he jokes around too much but come on and be fair to the bloke.

  56. RMB says:

    upon reading the comments above, they are all saying that Dwight is not deserving to be DPOY, media head is right, if he is not the DPOY, then to whom are they going to give it? this DPOY should be named DWIGHT HOWARD trophy/award as long as he is still playing, come on no one in the NBA right now is capable of challenging him for that award.

  57. Icepanneriersts says:

    Defensive player of teh year Serge Ibaka or Deandre Jordan or Eric Gordon.

  58. Rob says:

    KG should have got it. It’s getting old with 1 person getting it, and since KG was the last before Howard to get it, give it to KG lol

    • Cry Baby says:

      the DPOY isnt a popularity contest. its whoever deserves it. sure KG is the anchor of the celtics defense but what great centre isnt? is bynum not dominant when he is healthy? KG shouldnt get it because he was the last person to win it before hoawrd. if he was to win it, he should be the defensive anchor he is. and then maybe he might get more that 77points.

    • chris says:

      ahaha ur kiddin me rite ur saying k.g deserves it over against the dwight howard?
      k.g hardly getts any blocks and the reason why the celtics were so good defensively was perkins no his gone.
      yes k.g is a great defender but dwight howard is better he blocks shots he scares people out of the paint he doesnt get dunked like k.g does or flops he alters a lot of shots he deserves this award for sure

  59. Laurynas says:

    Howard is amazing, every game he shows us how good he is, theirs not a game without a beautiful highlight. He improves every year without a doubt. Defensive player of the “Decade”. His blocks are out of this world o ye he is The “Superman”!

  60. Heavy C says:

    This is bullcrap. Dwite Howard is a lazy little girl. He is now Akeem Ola-juwan, general Robinson, or Zo Mourning in his prime that is for sure.

  61. Rico says:

    Dude’s a good defender but he’s not 3 straight DPOY good. That’s reserved for guys like Deke, Hakeem, Zo, and DRob.

    • media head says:

      too bad those cats are retired, it just speaks to the lack of quality bigs in the league currently, if not him, who?

      • Desmodeus says:

        I would like to see a little more recognition for great wing defenders. I’m thinking people like Grant Hill, Tony Allen, Shane Battier. I realise the impact of the bigs who make the lane a no go area is perhaps more obvious and often more spectatcular but the contribution of the guys who restrict the Kobe Bryants and Dwyane Wades of the league shouldn’t be overlooked.

    • Jake says:

      Actually none of those guys ever won three straight DPOY’s. Dwight is the only person to win three straight.

    • DHow says:

      Wake up man, there is no one in the league today that even competes with D12 for DPOY. He may not be as dominating as the guys in the past, but there is no one that deserves it more than him in this day & age. The man is a game changer. The only guy you have to actually game plan around on the defensive end of the court. His stats speak for themselves.

  62. Lakers 6-Peat says:

    D. Howard – you’re the Best!
    Lakers will be unstoppable next season with the combo of you at Center and Kobe at Guard. The best 1-2 combination ever! And you will keep the Lakers streak alive. 6-Peat! 🙂

    • Ryan says:

      You do realize that Shaq and Kobe Played together right?

    • awesomeman says:

      Shut up.

    • prix says:

      Howard will not go to L.A./..He will not accept that Kobe will just keep on shoting and he will just fight hard for the rebounds miss..He is a better player than just rebounding for Kobe’s miss…He will probably went to Chicago and win more championship w/ Rose

      • Champkobe says:

        Oh come on…can both of you be even RELATIVELY realistic? Howard isn’t going to LA next year(unless lakers trade odom AND gasol or something) and hes not going to the bulls, considering that the bulls have maxed their salaries and already have noah (who by the way, they didn’t trade for for melo). And no, hes not going to Miami either. So lets stay realistic and let howard play where he wants to, which seems to be in orlando right now. This coming from a Laker fan.

      • insideLA says:

        I think you guys forgot what D12 said just this last all star break. When he was asked about his contract and who he would like to play for, he answered NO. 24. He can opt out earlier of his contract come this summer. With the possible acquisition of Adelman as head coach, D12 might just be as effective as he is even thou KB24 gets to hold the ball more. Watch interviews guys.

      • Don Felipe says:

        well i don’t know about politics, contracts, money, and salary cap but i’d like to see d12 play with d-will. i guess d-will could be the kind of guy to lift d12’s ppg up to 30. and the nets would have 2 great all-around (def-off) guys on their position which would make them so much better. once the nets will play in brooklyn I may even start to like them and what i’d really like to see is the duo of d-will and d12 play together (no matter on what team actually). oh, and the lakers will fail this post season

    • O Magic says:

      lmfaooo keep dreamin keep ur a** n sunny LA n dont let the weather get to ur head !!!

  63. jeb says:

    i find it a travesty that dwight howard has won this award three years in a row. perhaps it is just me but i don’t find him to be that great of a defensive player and find the proof in the fact that his team is not that great defensively. does he make spectacular defensive plays? yes, just like everything else dwight does, a lot of it is spectacular. but that does not mean that he is the best team or individual defender in the league. i see him out of position a lot, he takes plays off and he is not the hard core anchor that makes the magic defense feared across the league. never been very high on dwight, think his athleticism is incredible but he has never been a great basketball player on either end of the court.

    • Rip Greenfire says:

      You would say the same thing about LeBron wouldn’t you? You’re just hatin on the fact that a dominant man is dominating in throphies. And for you to say that Dwight is not a good player either sets your view on a great player waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too high, or you’re just very ignorant to greatness.

    • MJ4EVER says:

      Either you’ve been living under a shell or just plain ignorant. Every year Dwight has improved. This season is no different. With the roster being shook up halfway through the season he has still maintained his excellent standard. If you watch one of their losing games you will see that he will still try his hardest to keep his team in the game whether he’s swatting shots or dunking. His 2.38 blocks per game may not be that imposing; but he has altered so many shots because of his leaping ability. His physical presence alone can be intimidating and will bang bodies to get a rebound as testified by his 14.1 rebounds per game. Although I will have to agree that he is still ways to go from the dominating centres of the 90’s, but he’s getting there. After all he’s just reaching his prime and with Patrick Ewing coaching him as well as Olajuwon (I hope he coaches him again). Still, I’m still going for D-Rose as MVP!

    • Jesse says:

      Dwight Howard 14 rpg 1.3 spg and 2.5 bpg. For a big man to get 1.3 spg is impressive. 22nd in the league in steals. when was the last time a big man did that? He is a monster on the boards, block shots, and gets steals. you are being stupid. Orlando Magic have been top 5 in every defensive category these last several years with D12. Overall the Magic are 3rd best defensive team. Lol if he were out of position he would not be getting these stats. You are a tool. hahahhaha Dwight Howard olympic all star. yeah not that great my butt. Has led Magic to nba finals and east finals these last two years. Also the impressive defense the magic and dwight howard put on drose. in the 3 games drose has played against the magic with D12 in he could only get 20.3 ppg and shoots 37 percent. that is the impact of dwight howard. dude he has 23 ppg 14 rpg 1.3 spg 2.5 bpg shoots 60%. game 1 had 46 points and 19 rebounds. you have got to be joking me. I knew there would be haters here that is exactly why I came on this site. It would not surprise me if D12 won this award FIVE times in a row. He got 585 points for the award. Kevin Garnett was second with 77 points. rofl not even close dude. Dwight Howard is one of the best defensive players in history and is the only player EVER to get 3 in a row. you need to wake up.

    • Mason says:

      Either you have never seen a magic game, or you are crazy.

    • Kepyas says:

      You’re just plain dumb man. He dominates the paint in the offensive in or in the defensive in.

    • big t says:

      sir may i say. do you watch the orlando magic play. do you watch how affective he is on defense.obviously not, watch orlando play then comment ok.

    • chris says:

      yer he does make great plays but also he is the best defender in the league and tell who is a better defender then dwight howard?

    • Dom says:

      I say that clearly you aint watchin NBA… just a no brainer who wants to comment.

    • ChiPs says:

      I’m going with the “just plain dumb” option too! Dwight is an amzing young man – both defensively and in his good works off the court too. I believe that respect for others achievements is important and I think perhaps Jeb needs to re-evaluate his opinions before degrading himself by broadcasting such narrowness of mind

    • Jake says:

      “…he is not the hard core anchor that makes the magic defense feared across the league.”

      WTF!? Who is then!? Hedo Turkoglu? Gilbert Arenas? Jameer Nelson? I don’t think so.

    • m1magic says:

      Hey, great story; now do all of the Basketball world a favor, and never post again…. oh and watch more than one Orlando Magic game. Howard is a beast on both sides of the ball, and you will never understand since hate has blinded you… have a good day!