DPOY Votes Don’t Add Up

CHICAGO — Dwight Howard’s third consecutive runaway victory for NBA Defensive Player of the Year was as impressive as the distribution of the votes were curious. The Orlando Magic center was a no-brainer for most of the 120 writers and broadcasters chosen by the league to select the winner; he got 114 first-place votes and five second-place votes.

But that means other players had their names written first a total of six times. And some voter left Howard off the three-slot ballot entirely (he got no thirds).

Boston’s Kevin Garnett got one first-place vote, 20 second-places and 12 thirds. His 77 points left him a distant second to Howard’s 585 (first-place votes are worth five points, second-place are worth three and thirds are worth one.)

Dallas’ Tyson Chandler finished third with 70 points on 20 seconds and 10 thirds. Nothing shocking there, nor that Memphis’ Tony Allen, Boston’s Rajon Rondo and Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut lined up fourth through sixth, respectively.

But Houston’s Chuck Hayes got two votes for No. 1. Hayes finished 12th overall with 13 points, but two people thought he was the league’s best defender? Chicago’s Joakim Noah (15th) got one first-place vote despite missing 34 games; he got two seconds, too. His Bulls teammate, Keith Bogans (20th), also got a first, presumably from someone who confuses the lack of an offensive game with the presence of great defensive chops. Phoenix’s Grant Hill got the other first-place vote, contributing to a point total (30) that earned him seventh place overall.

Then there’s the curious fact that one of the 120 voters left Howard off his or her ballot entirely. Asked what he would say to that person, Howard said: “I’ll do better next year. So you can vote for me.”

Here at Sekou’s hideout, we’re more interested in what Magic coach Stan Van Gundy would say to that voter.


  1. Lee says:

    1st team all-defense: Howard, Garnett, Rondo, Kobe, Hill

  2. luci says:

    im not surprised chuck hayes got two first votes. he has improved this season and has been houston’s sole banger down low against giants like howard who is a lot taller, bigger and heavier than. yes he is not the best defender in the nba, but he deserves some credit for being a solid defender despite the handicap.

  3. observer says:

    Dwight Howard ,thrice defensive player of the year without NBA championship is nothing.Lebron James a king without a crown,twice MVP but no NBA championshiip is still nothing.How you can be remember as great basketball player if you didnt get NBA championship………..

    • L337 says:

      Yes you can be a great basketball player regardless of winning a title. You just need to grow up and understand what it is to be great.

  4. Nate says:

    Bogut didn’t even receive a single first-place vote, while players such as Garnett and Chadler did? How is this even possible? Bogut dominated both Chandler and Garnett in all defensive categories (he averaged 11.1 rebounds a game) and also lead the league in blocked shots(with 2.6 blocks/game). Based on statistics, the Bucks were considered the fourth best defensive team in the league with Bogut as it’s absolute anchor. While Dwight is no doubt the best ‘Defensive Player of the Year’, Bogut should’ve have gotten second. I guess there are disadvantages with being apart of a small-market team.

    In short, Bogut was snubbed yet again!

  5. Gundy? says:

    What would Stan Van Gundy say to the voter that left Dwight off the ballot?

    Well, first he’d get his panties in a bunch, get a little bit teary eyed and scrunch up his face with that ridiculous look he gets when he thinks the world is against him, Dwight, and the magic. Then he’d whine constantly about how everyone is playing favorites against Dwight Howard, just because one voter left him off the list, and a few others didn’t vote him first place.

    I’d be more interested in seeing the voter give him a verbal beat down afterward and put the cry baby in his place, I like the Magic but I cant stand Van Gundy.

    • katew says:

      You are too much. You should hope that your management, and I speak only regarding Van Gundy, would speak up when he/she thinks there has been a disparity. If you don’t think there has been any issues, then you haven’t been watching the Magic and the issues they have with refs, etc. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about but want to criticize and make fun of someone’s facial expressions. He doesn’t whine, he speaks up when other coaches are too afraid too. You might watch the games and listen before expressing what you really don’t know. The voter who didn’t even give Dwight a vote is ridiculous. That is what you should have written about.

  6. NAJ says:

    No votes for Luol Deng? The best defensive player on the best defensive team who plays the most minutes for that team? The best defensive coach in the league Thibs says they wouldn’t be where they are without Deng and he is their most important player??

    I’m not even a Bulls fan…

  7. Gary says:

    Joel Anthony is a defensive machine! He’ll eat Dwight alive! On a serious note Dwight was a shoe in but I rather someone like Hill win who may not show the stats in steals or blocks but are still a defenisve force.

    • Jake says:

      For a minute I thought you were being serious. I think Hill should have been in the top three, and I don’t know about Garnett. His game seems to be built more on reputation now then actual play. He was a great defensive player 2+ years ago, but I don’t see how he could be the 2nd best defensive player in the league now. His greatest defensive contribution seems to be his yelling at his teammates and telling them to be in postion.

  8. Victor Manoel says:

    I hope LA Clippers attracts superstars. They just need a good small forward to go with them, someone who can defend, like Andre Iguodala. And if Steve Nash is going to leave Phoenix, why not join Blake Griffin, for a nightly session of great pick-and-roll?

  9. prix says:

    Howard no doubt will win it…bu KG as the 2nd place..I dont believe it, He’s to weak and slow to defend..Chandler should be the 2nd along with Rondo and Grant Hill..Bogut and Allen…….KG should be on the top 50

  10. Imad Akel says:

    yep so gonna happen. LA attracts such superstars…he would be a perfect fit there.

  11. Seven One says:

    How does Grant Hil get 1 vote???

  12. ddish81 says:

    Dwight’s an absolute beast on defense. He will look good in an L.A. uniform in another year. PS: I am not a Lakers fan either