Kobe Captains The “Weird”

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Kobe Bryant has been on quite a roll the past few days, making headlines for all sort of things good and not so good.

Lakers coach Phil Jackson garnered his fair share of the spotlight the past couple of days as well.

But today’s winner in the Lakers’-In-The-Headlines competition is Bryant, who admitted to Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times that, “this team is so weird.”

That’s one way of describing the two-time defending NBA champs on the eve of what could be their third straight march to the title. But with the Hornets up first, Bryant is no doubt wondering what his “weird” team will show us next:

“I’m not sure. I don’t know,” Bryant said, chuckling. “This team is so weird. I don’t know what the hell everybody is going to look like tomorrow. So I don’t know.”

The Lakers have perplexed many for quite some time. The fact that they still don’t understand what type of team they are is perhaps the most interesting aspect of their situation right now.

More from my our main man BT of the Los Angeles Times:

It was hard to figure out a team that lost three consecutive games before the All-Star break, including a loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers, who finished the season with the second-worst record in the NBA.

The Lakers then went 17-1 after the All-Star break, then they lost five consecutive games before finishing the season on a two-game winning streak.

“We’ve had a very up-and-down finish,” Coach Phil Jackson said Thursday. “There’s no doubt that the last 25 games don’t make sense in a lot of ways — having a great win in a sequence of games and then losing five in a row from one Sunday to the next.”

Still, Jackson said, “We are anxious” to start the playoffs.

He mentioned how the Lakers have been to the NBA Finals the last three years, winning the last two titles.

The Lakers, who will be back at practice Friday after taking Thursday off, start their quest for another championship Sunday at Staples Center.

They will meet a Hornets team they swept, 4-0, during the regular season.

“I hope it doesn’t let us think that this is going to be anything easy,” Jackson said. “We’re going to have to really [focus on] this one with a kind of seriousness. …. They are a survival-type team and they are a very feisty group of guys.”


  1. Ice Pogi says:

    @ whc
    Lebron is no kobe….He would never say that to the refs. Cause he’s using his head….Same with Wade….Lebron and Wade do act frustrated in front of the refs. They do argue with the refs..But still they respect the officials and they respect the game… and most of all they respect their team mates… Once they receive a T that’s it… They keep quiet towards the bench….And they don’t even blame their team mates… winning or losing…They learn from it…. so for whc that’s not gonna happen…..

  2. paolo says:

    This how you start to get the three peat! Go Lakers. Gasol vs. Gray? wow!

  3. whc says:


  4. Dale of Atnarko says:

    Well Kobe single-handedly lost that game. Lakers just might get swept in this series. Damn.

  5. steve says:

    media makes everything bigger than what it is.Players are human and not one human is alike.Not all people take problems,actions and other stuff same as others, it’s just they want make a mold and have them all be like that and that’s not right and fans shouldn’t go with what they say.

  6. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    I am sorry to say this to all the people who think too much of freedom of speech and what not, but opinions are not always valid, and can very easily be wrong and even stupid, even though they are opinions. Actually, I do not believe just anybody should be entitled to an opinion. Opinions should be for those people that can actually articulate intellectual, coherent, non-bias thoughts and ideas and add their personal touches to them. Allowing stupid opinions to float around is why people in America are getting dumber. The 1st Amendment is a great thing, but is abused on a daily basis by hate groups, so unfortunately it is not always a good thing.

    It is very sad to see some people on here on their “self righteous, politically correct high horses” talking about why Kobe Bryant shouldn’t have done what he did. I do not believe pro athletes should be held to a higher standard, but I will respect the opinion of those who do. But to think he was laughing out of arrogance – is more an arrogant hater statement. Haters want to believe that he was being a royal prick by doing that and refuse to believe that he really didn’t mean anything by it, which in all fairness is probably the truth. A few people mentioned that he should be a role model to his daughters – which as their father of course he should be. But I must say this! I highly doubt he did not give them an explanation about this. You think because he didn’t do it in that interview that he didn’t? He’s not the first NBA player to swear or use an offensive word or term at a game, and if you think he is then you need a reality check. As for myself; I cannot say that I really condone what he said, but I understand why he said therefore I am willing to view it as a moment of venting, not homophobia.

    Allowing the rich with the power to truly influence the generation gives them more power than money ever could. I know preventing this is anything but easy, but before you force a rich, young African American athlete that you do not know to be a role model to your kid, maybe you should be one yourself. Just think, if all parents became positive influences to their children how much better off this country would be! I would imagine we would have less gangs, drugs, rape, and all that stuff if some parents were just there to raise their own damn kids. But nope, most would rather blame it on Kobe Bryant!

  7. Francisco says:

    how can you identify a laker fan?first they do not know Math(stats do not matter), second they carry many rings courtesy of Shaq, and gasol, but according to fans , they belong to kobe , third they voted for nancy pelosi

  8. Francisco says:

    kobe fan can not use stats as an indicator for the best player, LBJ AND WADE ARE FAR SUPERIOR STATISCALLY.they mention only rings, then when Robert horry is included(7 or 8 rings) they have nothing left

  9. wow says:

    Many people who comment here really need to stop watching so much NBA and stop writing useless things on NBA.com and spend that time on learning how to write proper English.

  10. wonderer from abroad says:

    I cant believe nba.com keeps these comments here. I mean this just look like bunch of retards arguing.
    Amazing how you people dont have better things to do…. huh just amazing. And your insulting sekou´s blog, i mean this guy is trying to do a job. + What an image for NBA also, i mean people are calling each other gay and so on, and this is a basketball blog 😀 i mean seriously wtf is going on here?

    But to the lakers, it will be intresting to see how they do. Nice situation also for Kobe, if hes looking after challenges this is the one. I think it this year would be hardest of Kobes championships. Hes older now, the team has some serious ups and dows, and there are more real contenders this year then previously… chi, mia, bos etc..

  11. Patrick says:

    SOME of you people are too funny, I dont go for lakers or heat, but isnt it obvious there both great players and that kobe is OBVIOUSLY a proven player and until lebron can win a title, kobe will always be the king of basketball.

  12. truth says:

    Guys, lets accept the fact that , Kobe is the most talented guy in NBA this days. Whoever wins the NBA, its just a Game but then again Kobe is Kobe. Lets just accept it.

  13. LakeShowSoPro says:

    hey Gary… you’re GAY.. so SUE ME.. i guess… for a hundred grand? or do you want more? LOL!!

  14. john lou says:

    @ hoopsfan

    yes kobe takes the shots, that step back jumper, yes that fade away jumper, yes that drive to the ring falling the the ground shot ,yes that 3 pointer in the dying moments of a game ,yes that dunk over any body

  15. Samuel says:

    Sorry you don’t have many “real” basketball minds on this blog like you did back at the AJC. Bunch of youngsters no doubt?

  16. Miami Heat says:

    I would not be surprised to see Eddie House getting out in their rotation. They put him out there with Lebron, Wade and Bosh and they will be hitting 3’s with ease. Should be very interesting to watch. I wish the Celtics best of luck with the Knicks though, hopefully things do not turn out too ugly for the celtics, they could be surprised with how well Amare Stoudemire is on that pick and roll hahahaha. & watching Carmelo out there as well should make things more interesting

  17. john lou says:

    @ hoopsfan

    yes kobe takes the shots, that step back jumper, yes that fade away jumper, yes that drive to the ring falling the the ground shot ,yes that 3 pointer in the dying moments of a game ,yes that dung over any body

  18. Sweet says:

    You just don’t get it Gary. Unbelievable, what an idiot you are. The media usually seeks you out but Kobe went to the media (tv & radio) to explain his outburst. What he said was in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT! There is no human on the face of this earth who has not said or done something & wanted to take it back. It happens–it’s life so get over yourself! You probably would have done or said much worse if what happened to Kobe had happened to you! Sometimes the refs innocently get it wrong and other times I believe it’s deliberate. Bad calls seem to always go against Kobe yet he fights through it. I think the NBA should do away with technicals–it’s disruptive of the game and discourages players from defending. As far as Labron is concerned, the media was all over how he walked off the court after the loss against Orlando so his PR person probably got on him about it so he would clean his act up. So many times I’ve seen Labron travel, foul, make jestures and nothing was said. He was like a spoiled child–after giving him what he wants so often then as soon as you say NO there goes the tantrum. Kobe was just the opposite–he gets fouled more often than not but doesn’t get the calls so after the buildup–vented! Then turned right around and took responsibility for his actions. Some people on here just have no CLUE.

  19. RIP CITY says:

    When it’s all said and don e the Blazers will play OKC in west conference finals and Magic and Heat in east conference finals. Portland is going to fall 4-2 to the Heat. Maybe OKC or Spurs will make it depending on how they play I might pick them over Portland and if they play well I see Duncan and Co. with another trophy.

  20. john lou says:

    go lakers, go kobe, kobe is the best and he loves to win, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me what is wrong with that,
    gary and other lbj lovers ,

  21. hoopsfan says:

    I’d tell your mom to “sit the f$$$ down” if she was a drunken alcoholic poking her nose in a Man’s business too!

  22. FNFAGS says:


  23. john lou says:

    I think lakers will win again for a 3peat, I only hope that they do not get too relaxed, and allow the other team to build too much of a lead and not be able to out score them afterward, but as has been repeat be or 3peated before the lakers can beat any tem if they play deeeeeeeeefence and on the offence end move the ball

  24. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Go Spurs Go! Shout out to Gary Neal gonna have a Excellent Post Season. Manu Get Well Soon. Dont Hate!!

  25. Ed says:

    Calling Kobe out for his comments seems a bit pointless really, the reaction of the players has been to shrug and point out that stuff like that gets said out there. We shouldn’t single out Kobe and say he’s the bad egg. Ridiculous. It’s elite level physical sport, stuff’s gonna get said. Anyway, it’s incredibly dull news. All this crap about LeBron as a respectable player? Yeah that’s why he’s so popular with the other players…
    As for the basketball, I’m not sure how the Heat fans can claim they’re going to run all over people when we all know that playoff basketball inevitably ends up becoming a half court game determined by who can execute their sets best and get stops in crunch time. Sure, they have some phenomenal players but when matched up with terrific defensive teams over 7 games the ball will get forced out of Wade and James’ hands and it’ll be up to someone else to make the shot. Bibby’s got the nerve to take it, but probably won’t make it. Miller has just been atrocious all season. As for the rest of them? Deer in headlights. Don’t even mention Bosh’s name. They’re going to have to ride LeBron and Wade for 42+ mins every game. Maybe Heat fans can just hope that secretly they’ve been practicing that 2-3 pick and roll all year long without showing anyone how good they’ve got at it.

  26. Miami Heat says:

    The Miami Heat have the most talented players in the League. Don’t think for a second that they are not going to be whizzing down the floor full throttle. They can run like deer, the Boston Celtics on the other hand are getting old. They have not been playing good lately, thereby losing the #2 seed in the East to the Heat. The Heat have home court against the Celtics, which is evidently the heat’s biggest threat as they have caused both Lebron and Wade problems in previous playoff match ups. However, I do not see the heat imploding due to their previous misfortunes. These are the three most elite players in the league We have the two time MVP and D-Wade & Bosh , like that is such a powerful lineup it makes me shiver just typing those names. You look at Lebron’s averages 29.3 PPG in the playoffs, that is an enormous figure. Dwayne Wade averages 26.3 PPG, but last year his average was 33.2. He faced Boston in that series and played at an extremely high level. This is the real deal here, these guys are going to be going at it and bringing fire and explosiveness. I just do not see how they can possibly lose in a 7 game series when they have home court. & Once they do beat the Celtics they face Chicago. Lebron has dealt with Chicago previously in the playoffs and they just could not cope with his domination under those playoff situations. You must understand that these players will enter a whole other level, just watch and witness tomorrow at 3:30pm.

  27. Lebron is garbage, cant shoot, no ball handling skills, people say bird is one of the most over rated players in history, but really what’s the difference bet ween them? bird dominated with shooting as lebron does with driving the ball to the basket… Kobe will go down as the greatest to play this game when he is done his career ,book it!

  28. Kevin Taylor says:

    Okay so kobe made a gay comment!Big deal.He was fined 100,000 which was like 100.00 bucks to him so let’s all move on.I can understand Kobe complaining a little bit.He has a right to expect his teammates to play at the same level if not higher than he does.Let’s face it.If they play in the playoffs the way they did this reg. season,they probably won’t get past the Hornets.I still think that between San antonio and Oklahoma they may end thier quest for a third in one these two series.

  29. Miami Heat says:

    The Miami Heat have the most talented players in the League. Don’t think for a second that they are not going to be whizzing down the floor full throttle. They can run like deer, the Boston Celtics on the other hand are getting old. They have not been playing good lately, thereby losing the #2 seed in the East to the Heat. The Heat have home court against the Celtics, which is evidently the heat’s biggest threat as they have caused both Lebron and Wade problems in previous playoff match ups. However, I do not see the heat imploding due to their previous misfortunes. These are the three most elite players in the league We have the two time MVP and D-Wade & Bosh , like that is such a powerful lineup it makes me shiver just typing those names. You look at Lebron’s averages 29.3 PPG in the playoffs, that is an enormous figure. Dwayne Wade averages 26.3 PPG, but last year his average was 33.2. He faced Boston in that series and played at an extremely high level. This is the real deal here, these guys are going to be going at it and bringing fire and explosiveness. I just do not see how they can possibly lose in a 7 game series when they have home court. & Once they do beat the Celtics they face Chicago. Lebron has dealt with Chicago previously in the playoffs and they just could not cope with his domination under those playoff situations. You must understand that these players will enter a whole other level, just watch and witness tomorrow at 3:30pm.

    • coach151 says:

      We will watch, and if you think LaBron can beat the NBA, well he can’t… I use to have respect for LaBron’s game (in fact I still think he one of the top players in the league) but that’s not enough… I put stock in Wade, he has proven all season that its his play that’s winning games for the Heat, LaBron has proven that he cannot make the winning shot, Clank against the Magic, loss .3 sec on the clock… Missed layup with .5 secs left against Chi-Town Loss (selfish play, Wade open in the corner), clank against the Hawks, .2 on the clock loss… This guy is not a closer, period… And then he has probably the best closer (next to KB) in Wade watching, instead of creating and dishing to Wade, he has to have the spotlite on him… Out of the 16 Teams in the Playoffs this year, the Heat is the only one that can’t rely on its bench players… Let’s say the Heat do beat the Sixers, ok, they better do it quickly (like a 4 game sweep) because the deeper they go into each round of the Playoffs, the tougher the next round will be… With 2 1/2 Superstars you have what amounts to 1/3 of a full team… Come on, even you can see that the Heat is shorthanded, and what if someone gets hurt, or get into foul trouble… I’ve read alot of Bloggers comments, but I’ve failed to read anything to do with coaching… Yeah, that’s the other part of the game… Remember, its match-up’s in the Post-Season, and coaches control the match-ups… Why did the Celtics give-up Perkins…? Do you really know, I don’t, I thought it was crazy, but what I have learned is it had something to do with match-up’s in the Post-Season… Doug Collins is a masterful coach, he will prepare his team to compete, maybe not win, but they will compete… Defense – Defense – Defense, that’s the mantra for playing the Heat… Double Wade, get him off the ball and force LaBron to shoot with little or no time left on the clock… BTW, Bosh can pratically do whatever he likes, he’s not a difference maker… Here we are talking about a guy who was a misnomer in where…? Oh, yeah Toronto… When did he show up in the playoffs…? I know what Wade has done, really know about LaBron’s escapades, but Bosh…??? Well there’s a Black-Hole, this guy screams and hollers after a freethrow, gee win a playoff game first uh… Riles didn’t even leave any money to fix the problem next year, he’s one hundred million over and only got 3 players… Bibby’s wife must be screaming bloody murder after taking a 6 milion dollar pay cut and nothing to show for it… Ask Fisher, that don’t work at all… LaBron had his team in Cleveland, Wade should have gone home to Chi-Town, and Bosh, well who cares… The worst part to this is the Heat won’t be able to go run an hide, they will have come out and face the music again, and again and again… No way 3 will beat 9 + rotation, sorry Miami, those 9 Championships you predicted before the season started was wishful hopes and dreams not to come true…

  30. joe blow says:

    kobe has only won rings when he had someone else there. for instance, lakers bring in shaq, they win 3 rings. shaq goes and kobe wins nothing. until pau gasol comes, then lakers win 2 rings. kobe only wins rings when he has a dominant big man to help kobe out. kobe=good shooting guard and a baby.

  31. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    Just because you’re not from or living in the same state as your favorite team does not mean you are a bandwagon jumper. That is a completely stupid and ignorant statement. I live in Michigan and have all my life, yet I have been a Laker fan since I was a little kid. State loyalty is a ridiculous concept for sports, especially pro sports considering pro sports are not loyal to their fans all the time.

    About Kobe’s statement towards the ref during the spurs game, I find it slightly amusing that he was fined 100k for something that other players probably say in every single game during a moment of frustration. If anybody thinks he said that because he is homophobic, you probably do not understand competitive sports very well. Any single person, especially men, will say something that could be offensive in the moment of frustration during a heated game, that’s just the way it is. I’m not even sure the gay community was offended by that, only people who hate Kobe and are extremely overly sensitive were. The statement was used in a certain context. If he said this at an anti-gay protest during a funeral of a gay person in the military, then this would be a completely different discussion and I would quit being a fan of his. Context is so important when it comes to these types of situations, yet it’s rarely revered to. The only reason he was even fined was because the idiot cameraman didn’t take the view off him.

    I do believe that he should apologize to the gay community, and them alone. Nobody else deserves an apology, especially the ref if anybody wants to make that argument. Those refs get called a lot worse than what Kobe called him. He shouldn’t have to be a role model to millions of kids just because he makes more money in a day than I’ll make in the next two years. The men in the NBA are grownups and curse and swear and make offensive comments all the time. Truth is, this is nothing turned into something by idiot America. Yes, I said idiot America, because America is full of idiots.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      The reason he got fined is the cameras caught him and you could hear what he was saying on TV. The commentators even said they need to take the cameras off KOBE because he was acting out.

      And i seriously doubt that NBA players say “f*ckin f*gget” all the time.

  32. Jay Q says:

    Why is there always a LeBron fan whining on all of Kobe’s blogs. Stay away. You don’t deserve to think with us.

  33. iwillfilm says:

    I can’t wait to see the Heat win.

  34. alex nates says:

    Lakers will win and it won’t be against the heat. lebron is jus going to cry when he gets eliminated whether it be the celtics (if shaq is healthy I think they wont stand a chance) or the bulls (who they have not beaten yet) and Kobe and the lakers will parade and kobe will get his recognition

  35. Paul says:

    It would be nice if people started talking about why the lakers are going to win or loose not just go lakers 3 peat, I dont like the lakers but I think they have a chance to 3 peat for sure, why I think they wont do it is because they have not had to play hard teams to get there over the past 3 years but this year there are a lot of teams who can and will stand in there way.

  36. tRay says:

    I’m a huge Laker fan but why are so many of us quick to call others haters cuz they have an opnion?! The Lakers are good but every dog has its day. It’s not so far fetched that OKC or Portland could knock us off so get a clue. OKC was one rebound shy of tying the series and sending back to LA for Game 7 and now that they have Perkins he gives them that rebounding factor that they’ve been missing. Portland is just staked across the boards in general. Bottom line this is shaping up to be one of the most competitive playoffs in the history of the NBA so honestly there is no clear cut winner.

  37. NBA Realest says:

    HEY GARY SHUT UP YOU IGNORANT LEBRON JAMES WORSHIPPER! a respectable player?? give me a break, your clearly a lebron fan NOT a NBA fan cus if you were you would not be saying kobe is trash you clown

  38. sac says:

    all you lakers haters…. kobe has proven hismself time an time UNLIKE LEBRON… wat does he has to show…….. not takin nyting away frm lebron but talkin wont help di situation wrse wining, when he gets a ring to shw dat will speak for itself


    GINOBILI will be back soon — to kick some KOBE and the LAKERS out of the atmosphere.

    Shoot, I doubt the LAKERS will even make it past ROUND 2.

    win SPURS win !!!!!!!

  40. marcus says:

    L.A LAKERS all day every day. i cant understand the crap that people are saying about what Kobe said. All that say “he should say sorry” should keep there lips shut, and ask them selfs, #1 was I every any good at the game. Or am I pissed off cus I was always picked last in pick up games on the play ground. #2 Have I every been part of some thing that I enjoyed so much that every day it was all or nothing. I cant stand haters on KB he is “the only 1 close to Bill Russel and MJ”. Bill with 11 rings and MJ wit six. KB is the only 1 we are going to see on there level. Not L James he had his shot to do it on his own and lost. James is a side kick. He cant stand to be the one. You can say well KB had this person and that person. But the same go’s for Bill and MJ. Just look at how many hall of fame players they had around them. So to the haters, “the LAKERS know how to win rings and dont get mad cus are owners know what there doing and how to win.” LET’S GO LAKERS LET’S GO LAKERS

  41. Carter71185 says:

    i notice everytime i post the truth they delete my comment isnt this suppose to be freedom of speech smh well go lakers kobe 6 ring coming soon whilethe lakers are winning rings the heats will be in the locker rooms crying over that one season game they loss and bosh will walk around giving everyone man hugs pause! for get the heats and queen james all he ever wins is mvps of the season and he makes good sneakers but do he has rings no how many times did he get to the finals 1 time and they got swept so for people to say he didnt have a team is bull stop all these lies cause lebron did have a team he just didnt want to wait and till he got that second scottie pippen type of player to help so for get queen james and his weak jump shot lakers will 3 peat cause i doesn’t matter who the lakers face they will beat any team in the east u better believe that!!!

  42. bunbury says:

    everyone thinks the bulls will win the east but they will not beat the heat. i expect lebron and wade taking it to a whole different level in the playoffs. however, they will loose to the lakers (if Bynum is healthy). if not healthy, i like the heat’s chances. especially since wade does a very good job on kobe.

    • Edge says:

      I agree. It would be great if the Bulls could get back at LeBron for the dancing and prancing he was doing when with the Cavs. I recall he was also trash talking to the bench while he was shooting free throws. Unfortunately, I think the Heat will push hard through the East. Not sure if they have the bench to complete a Finals run. Next year the Heat are going to be real tough.

  43. bunbury says:

    if bynum gets healthy, the LAKERS WILL WIN IT. period. without him, they have a very very good chance.

  44. Blargh says:

    Ron Artest, 2011 Finals MVP!!!!!!

  45. NoPau/Shaq0 says:

    OH yeah forgot to mention Lakers once again get lucky to get 2nd seed. I find it weird the Spures rest their 3 against the Lakers and then their last/next game they all play. Lakers for sure did not want 3rd seed. They would not make it past 1st or 2nd round. Hornets what a joke. Lakers vs. Portland 1st round would have been great.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      If you lived in LA you could watch the show called GOLDEN DAYS PURPLE NIGHTS where it interviews Shaq and Kobe back in 2000-2003 and Shaq always said I was the uppercut and Kobe would put you to sleep. The bset 1 2 duo EVER.
      Your username is pathetic.

  46. Ak says:

    Gary, why don’t you shut your whiney little b^& ^ mouth and shove a di ck in it or something. You are a nerd. You are a loser. Go home jack off and kill yourself.

  47. NoPau/Shaq0 says:

    NYK ..you thing thats what he said “Thats so Gay”…..HE called the ref out while sitting on the bench and said “you efffin F#$$ot” a little diffferent. Kobe is punk and gets away with so many tecnicals. He should already be up to 30. Im just saying there are 2 different set of rules between him and Dwight Howard.

  48. HelloEveyone says:

    Anyone who thinks the lakers are gonna win again are idiots and probably more than half of lakers fans are bandwagon fans and probably not even from california. Lakers will lose in the 2nd round, lakers fans remind me so much of steelers fans in the NFL, just cant wait to see how much they will talk when the lakers get put out. Im willing to bet money for anyone to come back to nba,com when the lakers lose and see how many lakers fan are on here talkin smack, i bet it will be none.

    • tRay says:

      I live in LA and I will agree most of the fans are only here for the Lakers when they are winning. BUT you can’t sit here and tell me that the Lakers CANT win it this year. I’m sorry if you’re counting them out this early then you need to revaluate yourself as a basketball fan.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I’ve lived in LA my whole life. I’ve been a fan of LA basketball my whole life.
      I DO however hate the fans who watch 3 Lakers games all season and 1 playoff game and say GO LAKERS.

  49. TERESA says:


  50. TERESA says:


  51. ddddd says:

    Heres how it is. The tippy-top of the west is still strong. The Lakers will lose enough to make it interesting and irritate the crap out of the entire state of CA, but ultimately when it is all of a sudden done… The Lakers will win the championship barring armageddon when it comes to injury. Take it at that. When Chicago or Boston come in it will be just another punching bag at the end of the fight. When I say armageddon, I mean Kobe, Lamar, and Pau going down for the count at the same time…. which won’t happen…. Lakers in about oh… 21 games give or take…. (16 wins to championship…. finals record give or take will be about 16-5) They will end up giving a few games away before they wake up…. similar to Boston series the last year. They always have been a wierd team starting with Phil, but thats ok. The end result is what counts.

  52. TERESA says:


  53. lakers win says:

    everyone really the lakers are going to win hahahaha who is better? do you really think that the spurs can beat them? or the thunder? Phil jackson in a 7 games series with this much talent? ya they arent going to lose to anyone in the west. and this year that the celtics are arent playin well the east dont got it either so good luck to the rest of the leauge

  54. TERESA says:


  55. TERESA says:

    Lakers suck

  56. TP says:

    Seriously , the Lakers are out , heat out C’s out Spurs …Out

    Chicago all the way bro !

    • GonnaBeGood says:

      It isn’t Chicago’s time…yet. I think they will have a hard time coming out of the East. I think the winner of the Celtics-Heat matchup in the second round will be your winner in the East. D Rose is a monster and I love that team but I think it’s premature for them. I’d love to see them in the Finals so if it happens, cool!

      I’m a huge Laker fan but this might be a tough road for them just to get out of the West.
      First round tune up – no worries
      Second round: if the Mavs don’t take care of business, Portland will be hell in the second round against the Lake Show! But Mavs or RipCity…I think Lakers take it.

      Conference Finals…I think OKC Thunder will be there and it will be a wicked hard series. I can’t wait to see the Spurs vs. Thunder series!!! I’m gonna love that matchup.

      I’m so exited about this years playoffs!!! The second round is gonna be full of great basketball!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Chicago isn’t ready to play physical quite like LA.
      Chicago if they do make it will get bounced around like LA did in 08 by Boston. No disrespect to Chicago. Thibs and D.Rose have done a phenomenal job and I expect great things from them in the future.
      Just, a Veteran team isn’t going down to a up and coming team. Sorry.

  57. lakerfan23 says:

    to ppl who claim the lakers gon lose yu a fool man.. cuz for one the lakers have prove to everybody tht they can win games and lose games… they lost three in a row before the all star break then come out rolling to a 17-1 record tht just prove to yu tht they can win anytime they want to… they lose five in a row they just show u tht they are a good team but they still can b beaten… if yu notice thts how the ol skool bulls were they mite not went on a major losing streak but they showed no worry signs or panic signs bout 13 yrs later the lakers are doing the same thing the lakers no wat they doing if they wanted the number one seed they couldve went for it… they chose not to… so with tht being said bring on the spurs, dallas, celtics, bulls heat, magic and possibly the knicks… and we gon show yu how serious we can be..

  58. Tenki says:

    You can call LA any name you want, because we all know that they are the defending champions. Boston won’t call them weird. Oklahoma won’t do so, and maybe the rest of the league except themselves. The only thing that would be weird for me is Kobe’s recent incident. Many kids of this generation see him as a prime example of hard work, especially after LA’s loss in Miami, but why was he so tactless against the referee to the point that he said something so irrelevant about the game?

  59. LetsBeRealCuties says:

    The lakers are going to Sweep the Hornets, and if the Spurs make it to the Western Conf. Finals, the Lakers will take it in 5. You guys have to understand, the whole point of the Lakers up and down season is to make other teams confused as to their level of game play. They can turn it on and go 17-1, they can turn it off and lose 5 straight. You never know what you are going to get until it’s too late, and that is when the 3Peat will happen, again. This years playoffs is going to be ridic!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      This season was incredible. So many records being broken. The playoffs are going to be even better.

  60. Lakers.clm says:

    For all you Kobe/Laker haters out there, keep on making all that noise. Don’t be mad just because your team that you jumped on the bandwagon with is not winning games. Kobe is a basketball player, he may not be a role model husband, but that is not for you to judge. He will drop 40 and 10 on your favorite team any night of the week and if he has the ball in his hands in the last 10 seconds of a game playing against your team, you are a nervous wreck..hahaha. 3 peat here we come haterssssss!

  61. Alex Hamite says:

    Don’t take it personal dude! 🙂

  62. Doug says:

    @Gary… Yup, Kobe is trash. LeBron has proven so much right? KISS THE RINGS HATER!

    • Gary says:

      Two time MVP proves he’s a better player than Bryant(1MVP). Rings prove How good a TEAM is. If the Heat fail then yeah Lebron failed in trading. Till then wait and see what happens.

      • cris says:

        steve nash has won the mvp twice is he better than kobe?

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Ask bron if he would trade his 2 MVPS for back to back Finals MVPS. :]

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Gary get off the website, your an idiot. If it werent for people being butt hurt about the colorado situation kobe probably would have more MVP’s. And whether he has MVP’s or not anybody with since knows he deserves more than the one he has. And im sure any player in the NBA would take NBA championships over a MVP title any day. And you keep talking about the heat. I cant wait for the bulls to beat the heat, or the celtics to beat the heat, or the magic to beat the heat. I hope you have the heart to get on this website when the heat lose because im going to let your a** have it.

      • hoopsfan says:

        actually yes. I would take Steve Nash for his selfless play over Kobe “smellybean” “ballhog” Bryant anyday. This is not supposed to be the LA Kobes its a team. Kobe Sucks. Who wouldn’t “Look like the man” if you shot 40-50% of the teams shots.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Hey Hoops fan if you knew anything at all you would know the triangle is designed for Kobe to be the #1 scoring option.
        I mean, his position is the NAME of what he is supposed to do, right?
        SHOOTING guard? Am I mistaken? please tell me if I am.

    • pat says:

      yeah gary better player. but winning championships shows how good the team is,
      kobe-5 lebron-0
      its a team game. not individual. so who gives a sht bout mvps, the ultimate goal for every player tht enters the nba is become a champion. shows tht lebrons a failure (:

  63. still looking forward to this weird lakers to make history..
    3-Peat! 3-Peat! 3-Peat!

  64. Ruben says:


  65. kobe says:

    That was the regular season this is the post season!

  66. The Lakers will win only if they mentally want it. They don’t have to “prove” anything like Miami, Thunder, etc… They have already won it twice. It is a matter of them really having the drive like the past 2 seasons. LA against Celtics in Finals!

  67. Kikz says:

    I love the weird Lakers team.
    3-peat is coming. Wew!

  68. Jason says:

    @ayedgaf: getting angry at your teammates and hitting them is not determination. swearing at a referee is not determination. insulting someone shows how determined kobe is??? HELL NA MAN? get back to reality! i’m not hatin on kobe here(although i am a huge lebron fan) but kobe shouldn’t have done this. he got interviewed about the comments he said to the ref and he was laughing and saying “i didn’t mean that”. that’s pure arrogance right there. kobe is a legend on the basketball court but he ain’t a good human being.

    • Gary says:

      Thank you. Glad to see someone on here that holds players to higher standards too.

    • cris says:

      but i bet u think michael jordan was sooooooo determined too when he used to get angry and also hit his teammates and like i said before to another guy on here gary i believe his name was u probably used that word too probably earlier that same day too.

    • wadefan says:

      he was laughing because its a joke to get upset at him.. he wasnt trying to offend the homosexual community.. he wasnt infering anything or literally calling the ref ‘gay’.. just meant it as stupid.. get off your slef righteous, politically correct high horse already

  69. George says:

    I think both him and phil are playing mind games to get the team motivated. Nothing to worry about.

  70. alamerd says:

    Kobe would not leave Lakers if he could not get a single ring

  71. TrueStory says:

    Kobe Bryant makes them win championships.

  72. AJ says:

    Lakers 3peat. Nobody beats lakers in Playoffs. Lakers attitude in Playoffs is very dangerous for opponent team.

  73. s3R3NIT says:

    a weird team indeed…i still can’t figure out what makes them win championships. i love this weird team though. ^ ^

    • junior says:

      i think the Lakers lost those 5 gaves for a reason and its because its a match up situation.

      • Edge says:

        I’d have to agree. I was watching the match up and I had hoped they would get NOH. I don’t particularly like the Lakers to meet with Griz or Port in the first round. I think they could still beat them, but it would wear them down. Plus, I think Lakers are confident they can beat SAS without home court. I just wish they had home court against the East.

  74. ayedgaf says:

    thats the difference.. why people dont get it when kobe gets mad at his teammates just show how determine he wants to win.. saying lebron.. has a better attitude.. remember last year on the playoffs when he just simply gave up… im no fan on both players.. but i dont get how you can hate kobe for being so determine to win.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      He gave up by dropping a triple double huh? His team gave up which is why he left. Judging by your grammer you probably live in another country and didn’t even see the game(s), just going with what the media and Lebron haters have put out there.

  75. David says:

    I personally think that 3peat is not out of reach for the Lakers if the manage to keep themselves motivated throughout the playoffs.
    I think It’s Kobe’s job to lead the team and pull them together.
    Artest has to step up and elevate his game for the playoffs and the team as whole should get better defensively just like after the all-star break.
    I think the Lakers can survive the first two rounds without Andrew Bynum but his presence is going to be necessary for western conference finals and possibly the finals.
    We’ll have to wait and see…

    • AJ says:

      You are right!

      If Lakers 3peat, it would just not be the starting 5. Laker bench got to make open shots. For instance, Shannon Brown and Blake need to make open 3’s. So with Artest, Artest misses open 3’s which is not tolerable.If lakers shot good 3point % then Kobe and drive in the lane and create oppurtunities gor perimeter guys. Kobe can drive in anytime.

      Hopefully Lamar will be as consistent as he was through out the season for playoffs. Fingure crossed!

      Pau is consistent as usual.

      Only tough matchup for Lakers would be if Portland (if they beat Mavs), So, Lets see.

  76. MacLakers says:

    a WEIRD CHAMPION TEAM it is indeed..lakers again!

  77. Joe says:

    Lakers lose in the first round, damn!

  78. Gary says:

    I see they deleted my comment as soon as I mention the truth about Kobe. Well here it goes again. He is trash. Couldn’t even say “Sorry” in his apology to the public after that outburst. People say Lebron has a bad attitude for walking away after the 2008 conference finals. Well you obviously don’t see what happens behind the scenes. Like in 2007 when San Antonio beat the Cavs Lebron was congratulating Ducan and the rest backstage and laughing. Not sure if the people who wrote about him have ever lost a game that important but it’s not like you lose and just say “oh maybe next time”. The media was just hoping for something to try and scar Jame’s reputation but to me he got composed then responded like an adult, and unlike Bryant. Miami may have “supposedly” cried this season, but this guy has been whining his whole career and gets away with things because of his talent.

    • BILL MCBLAZE says:

      Man…stfu nerd god dam he dont gotta say sorry

      • Gary says:

        How about you learn how to spell and punctuate?

      • Gary says:

        How about you learn how to punctuate?

      • Think About it Please says:

        He doesn’t have to, but it is a representation of how corrupt our society is, can’t even avoid using idiotic offensive terms out of context.

      • Teo says:

        @Gary @BILL MCBLAZE it’s in shock, that’s the reason why he did spell anything right XD.

        Otherwise to mach angry tought a person who has didn’t do anything to you.

    • NYK! says:

      uh dude thats how it goes in sports…. the player w/ the talent will b getting away w/ more cand wat shud he apologize 4`! his 100 grand fine shud take care of that and wat he said did nothing 2 hurt anyone.ppl say things like “oh thats so gay” meaning “that sucks.” it has nothin at all against ppl who r gay! this was totoally blown outta proportion and yes, btw, ur hero lbj complains and whines bout every call and he hasent proven himself yet!… and im not even a lakers fan im a nyk fan so theres no bias there… ur ppint bout rep. makes absolutely no sence wtsvr b/c he DID actualy walk off the court and how is that the medias fault

      • Gary says:

        I don’t care what he said. It’s about his response after. No remorse. Just excuses for why he said it. Lebron ain’t no hero to me but he’s a respectable player. Every player whines but to throw a fit the way Bryant did the other night(and many others) is just disgusting. As for the walking off the court point. I mention it because when people talk about Lebron’s bad attitude that’s all they can say. When it’s a dumb argument because everyplayer walks off right after unless they have something to say to someone on the other team. But whatever. I don’t expect people on here to agree because I see most the juvenile comments and realize who blogs on here.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        You act like you’ve never said something out of frustration that you didn’t mean.

      • Gary says:

        @ LakersWlllWin, It’s not about what he said. It’s about where he said it and his reaction. I don’t care what he said so people stop using that. The point is he was on his job and went balistic in front of fans (which some are kids). Do you think it’s acceptable to do something like that in your workplace? Anyway he’s been fined but my point is he’s a grown man and acts like a child over a game.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Yeah, exactly. It’s just a GAME to you. Point proven. To them it’s bigger than they are.

      • Heat All Day says:


        I totally agree with everything you’ve said about Kobe. Nuff said cause you already said it. Now where I did wanna chime in is that I believe I am the very FIRST person on any blogs I’ve seen to bring to light the fact that when the Heat crushed the Celtics in that last game they played, that the Big 4 did INDEED walk from the bench and was already halfway to the locker room before the final buzzer even sounded. Its funny how NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE, professional or amateur bloggers either one, mentioned this.

        WHY? When Lebron did that to Orlando you would’ve thought that really the man had just committed a heinous crime. When the Celtics walk off BEFORE the FINAL BUZZER even sounded, they get nothing. Its simply because so many people just LOVE to hate Lebron James. And WHY?


    • Dean says:

      I LOVE HATERS! Why? Because when the Lakers take the trophy again…all you poor slobs are gonna sit back in your sweat-stained chairs and stuff your faces with cheap beer and Ho-Ho’s…in the meantime, LA will be getting ready for another parade! Don’t even try to compare Queen James to KOBE…the REAL King has rings…and the pretender doesn’t even have a Finals win! Now! Go cyr in your cheap beer…Bud Light? 😛

    • Crybaby says:

      Boohoo, why don’t you go join your three sisters in a crying session.
      Oh wait correction, your two and a half sisters.

    • 3peat says:

      LeFraud James enough said! LAKERS 3peat yet again!!!!

    • hahahahaha says:

      gets away with stuff… he had to go through his fair share of bad publicity kobe is the best and that is proved by one thing he is the talked about in the best way and he is talked about in the worst. he is either the most liked or the most hated. no offense but what kobe said the “g” word everyone that has ever played at a park or played basketball or walked out of their house and went to school knows that he was not trying to demine any type of sexual orientation this term is used by all people as your dumb or your stupid. so lets not go overboard and say he some terrible guy thats laughable

    • Nick says:

      Say sorry to Kobe for calling him ‘Trash’

    • Cindy says:

      Is he trash or talented? It was a slip ot the tongue. Haven’t you ever said something in the heat of the moment that you wouldn’t normally say?

    • Lakerhaterhater says:

      They deleted your account when you mentioned the truth about Kobe?? Dude, you dont even know Kobe to know the truth about Kobe!! All you do is watch basketball and speak your opinion!! & he doesnt have to say sorry…For what??? Because people took his comment out of context…He definitely was not talking about gays. There were no gay men on that court with him……So WHO is he apologizing too?? You….and other people for taking what he said and making it into what you want it to be?? Dont think so!! Go Black Mamba!! YOU are the best!!

      • coach151 says:

        If you think about it, he’s right… You don’t know Kobe at all…

      • questionmenot says:

        kobe is GAAAAAAARRRRRRRBBBBAAAGGGGEEEEE! cant to nothing by himself, couldnt do it without shaq, didnt win without pau. lebron took a team of jokers to the nba finals and the best record in something like 3 different seasons. once again, kob is trash, garbage *cough*rapist*cough* i bet you anything the lakers would still be a 50 win team without him.

      • Gary says:

        First off you should read what I wrote. I don’t care what he said. I think it’s shows little remorse that he can’t even include the word sorry in an apology. Why? because there are kids at the game who hear that. I’m sure his daughters see this too. Not even a sorry to them? But no I don’t know Kobe, just know enough to see he’s got and attitude problem and that’s a fact.

      • Francisco says:

        he is not even the best laker pelosi

    • Urstupid says:

      U are a total idiot

    • lakeshow1 says:

      The punctuation scholar put “Jame’s.” I’m sorry to tell you Lebron fans, but your going to be disappointed… again

      • BC says:

        The person correcting the “punctuation scholar” put “your” instead of “you’re.” Keep up the good work!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Lebron fans are not all the basketball smart. They just dont get it. This dude has been in the league long enough to where he should have at least one ring. Lebron fans just keep making excuses, ohhhhhhh, he never had the team to win a championship. But the cavs won 60+ games two season in a row. Now he is with the heat, and my opinion the cavs TEAM is better than what the heat have now. So how can heat fans expect this mediocore team to go all the way, becasue of the three chumps? Good luck with that. Especially when you gotta get through so many good TEAMS in the east. I put TEAMS in caps, to make you heat fans understand when it comes to winning a championship it takes more than three chumps. You will find that out in June when the Lakers are holding the trophy, again.

      • Gary says:

        Yes I made a few errors in a paragraph whereas the idiot who commented to me had three in half a sentence. STFU.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      Stop trying to act like you never called anybody something out of their name when somebody screwed up, or cut you off on the freeway, or something like that, and i’m pretty sure you probably never apologized to them every time you’ve did it too. He’s a human being he isn’t perfect, and neither is Lebron.

    • sbfern says:

      WOOOOOW!! I think Gary has a man crush on Kobe! sorry man, you arent his type!! He doesnt have toapologize for anything he says. What ever happened to freedom of speech? why are there still NEO-NAZI rallys in this country? do they have to apologize? People are so hypocritical now, that they only say what others want to hear. Sorry man and to the people who are offended. Kobe has the right to say whatever he wants and whenever he wants. NBA should not have fined him 100k. To what extent is this “slur” going to be punished? A coach will call a player a “sissy” or “you are being his B-word” just to make a point. And would that mean the coach should get fined for making a anti- gay slur? This is how MEN talk POEPLE! Now why is Gary offended by Kobe’s remark? Kobe doesnt know you…those words were not meant for YOU! so chill homie!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Go look up the video on youtube where Kevin Garnett calls someone EXACTLY what Kobe said and he never got fined. It’s on NATIONAL TELEVISION AS WELL.

      • Gary says:

        Man your defending Bryant with Neo-Nazis and Freedom speech? You are a complete idiot. Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want to say while WORKING. Bryant is an pro athlete. You think you could walk into your job and call someone a name like that and it will be okay? Bryant is lucky that he is talented and a star because any other player would have been suspended, fined and probably dropped come the next season. BTW I don’t care what he said. The point is he did it around kids, didn’t say I’m sorry and just laughed at the whole thing.

    • bunbury says:

      losing in the finals when your team was even supposed to be there is not the same thing than losing when you were the favorite to win it and you’re the mvp and you’re the best player in the league. just to give you an example, it will hurt more to lebron losing to iguadola in the first round than the other way around!!!!

    • cris says:

      gary get a life i’m pretty sure u have urself used that term kobe used. i know gays who themselves use it so just let it go he got fined and paid it so that’s that.

    • lakerboy24 says:

      may you even correct your grammar and english before hitting on anybody? give me a break. LOL

    • lakerboy24 says:

      may you correct your grammar and english before hitting on anybody? give me a break. LOL

    • Edge says:

      You’re definitely a Kobe-hater. Why try to insult someone with spelling/punctuation comments? Hopefully you can understand what the person was trying to say. As for Kobe’s incident, wouldn’t it be great if the camera stayed on everyone after they got a tech or had some major disagreement and caught everything they said? LeBron leaving without the sportsmanship of shaking hands is okay? You need to suck it up and be professional, regardless of the outcome. It doesn’t matter how critical the game is, it is not life-or-death.

    • BIG J says:

      @ Gayry.. Why are you hating.. His gay outburst was just meant to offend the ref, not the gay community. You shouldn’t take things so personal, everyone uses those words so you could hate just about all straight people.. Anyways, we know you are a Laker hater because the only parades you have been able to attend , for the past 2 years, are gay rights parades… Looks like you are going to have one more year of gay parades…

      • Gary says:

        Who said I’m offened by what he said. This is the problem with LA fans. Most of them are not very literate and don’t read things through. I said that he didn’t even care to say sorry after his outburst which shows little remorse. And another point to add is he has daughters who will see this and act like that and you don’t think he at least needs to say sorry to the kids who where watching the game?

    • wadefan says:

      are you kidding me, he got upset and said something that has been deemed unfit.. i am fairly positive he wasnt actually calling out the ref for being gay whether he is or not.. im sick of everybody acting so self righteous and holier than though.. the gay community has decided to adopt the term.. so what.. he meant it to mean ‘stupid’ nothing else.. he wasnt infering that gays or the gay community is stupid.. just get over it.. its a shame he got fined 100k period

    • So how do you think Kobe has been whining? Even the best cant be perfect. Kobe and Lebron cant be compared together. Yes they both are Outstanding players but They play the game differently. James is my favorite player and i love how he plays but he Takes it to the hoop strong and can hit some big shots… But Kobe in the other hand plays to win and thats what i like about him.. You can hate on who ever you want but the truth is Kobe is better and you need to respect that! I think lebron made a stupid choice going to a team that has 2 great players already. that hurt his legacy a little not alot but he needs to prove it in this playoffs. Kobe yes has had some great players on his team but none that stick out besides shaq.. gasol good artest washed up and bynum cant be healthy always getting hurt. But i hope the heat win it and LEbron blows up!

    • Lorenzo Brown says:

      what ever dude

    • prix says:

      lol..nice post Gary…NBA boss makes there livelyhood out of bigger market like the Lakers that’s why I never like them, aside from the special treatment, a lot of outside transactions are helping them win..Lakers are cheaters and Fake… I would rather choose a team w/o superstar and small market but have the will to win and play with HONESTY than the Lakers…so true!

  79. LakersEnElCoco! says:


  80. moshe says:

    i dont know what to say
    the lakers remind me of the movie with paul newman as a hustler in billiards
    it is hard for me to believe that the lakers wil not make a threepeat
    they are too good to loose
    but then they loose to very bad teams it just discourages you
    but as the wise men say in playoffs they are different and i hope so
    as far as the teams in the west i am not worried at all they are going to win it all the way including the spurs
    in the east who ever shows up in the finals will be batterd and wiothout any legs to play the lakers

    • Gary says:

      i personally think that the lakers winning championships had more to do with smush parker than kobe.

      • Lakers3Peat says:

        well people who see ur coments will personally think you have never watched a game of basketball in your sad pathetic life

      • coach151 says:

        LOL, boy you really don’t know basketball at all… I’m taking that as a joke…

      • Bkay says:

        hes trolling fsho just chill guys

      • prix says:

        these L.A fans are the most fake fans in the whole NBA…they didn’t even know that the Lakers is a cult, not just playing basketball but a market of bussiness..This team is fake..and it just fool you L.A fans to not to believe that.. together w/ Boston, can’t you see they made a lot of Championships out of everybody… MJ lost his dad for this kind market in the NBA. learn from this!!!

      • Gary says:

        Yes and I’m sure you guys are experts. It’s just and opinion. Which is very valid but like I said. The fans speak or themselves…lowlifes.

      • Tarish says:

        WHAT?! Smush Parker? A player who is no longer on the Lakers squad let alone their point guard? I understand that you have an opinion and its good for you that you want to contribute to a discussion but opinions should be based on fact not fantasy. More than anything, everyone who replied to or read your comment is eager to know what you base your opinion on, so please enlighten us.

    • prix says:

      That’s why I always doubt the lakers…Weird..is just a word that they could’nt even explain to themselves,that’s pathetic… A talent like them plus dirty tactics plus superstar treatments plus refs helping them plus Phil is like Dr. Phil…they should dominate the league and just blow out every teams but they have been blow out by the Heat and even a non-playoff team… even how great they think they are… they are just aJOKE to me..Lakers are just a BULLS wanna be in MJ era..that’s why they are FAKE!!!

    • #TeamHeat says:

      It doesn’t matter who he said it to or how he meant it. He called the ref a “f*ck*n f*gg*t,” point blank no excuses. I understand he got caught up in the moment, but to throw a temper tantrum, throwing towels and punching the bench, is completely unnecessary. To use a derogatory word like that is unacceptable. KOBE has kids that look up to him, and he is supposed to be a role model. There is no excuse for doing what he did. END OF STORY!!

    • questionmenot says:

      LOL how could you say tthink that the lakers will have freher legs than the bulls or the heat maybe even the nicks. i question your iq and laugh in your face.

      • prix says:

        So funny this Laker fans..they have full of excuses..same with Boston fans blaming Danny Ainge for there loses…so FAKE..Kobe got out of control and did what he did, he made a mistake,we could understand that…but the apology, we don’t…He didn’t do it sincerely but with ARROGANCE…Kobe is a good player? TRUE..Kobe have a bad attitute? TRUE..Kobe is role model for kids? HELL NO!.. He’s a talented player with NEGATIVE attitude and that’s the fact.. True L.A fans accept that!!!