Hang Time Podcast (Playoff Previews)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Before a ball officially goes up on the 2011 NBA playoffs, we need to take a little bit of your time so we can discuss a few things.

In fact, we’re going in-depth on all eight playoff series, dissecting the action in both the Eastern and Western Conferences with a few friends of the program on the Hang Time Podcast Playoff Preview extravaganza.

We broke down each series with an insider that has a unique perspective on the matchup, the key players and everything else that comes along with playoff basketball.

Can the Lakers complete the three-peat? Can the Spurs, Heat, Mavericks, Celtics or Magic stop them? Are the Bulls, the league’s top overall team based on regular season records, for real? We answered all those questions and more.

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Chicago-Indiana,with NBA.com’s Steve Aschburner:

Miami-Philly, with Ethan J. Skolnick of the Palm Beach Post:

Boston-New York, with Paul Flannery of WEEI:

Orlando-Atlanta, with Hawks radio broadcaster Steve Holman:


San Antonio-Memphis, with Dan Wolken of The Daily:

Los Angeles -New Orleans, with Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register:

Dallas-Portland, with Ben Golliver of Blazers Edge:

OKC-Denver, with Darnell Mayberry of the Oklahoman:

As always, we welcome your feedback. You can follow the entire crew, including the Hang Time Podcast, co-hosts Lang Whitaker of SLAM Magazine and Sekou Smith of NBA.com, as well as our super producer Micah Hart of NBA.com’s All Ball Blog.

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  1. KarlJohn says:

    Lol. Boston have proven again that age cant affect their experience on the playoff. Boston are strong playing in pressure. Look at the 1st round vs NYK. Im really surprise on LA and Spurs losing in their home court, no comment about that. But they will rise up. Boston is doing great in their game, Pierce is just struggling on putting his shoots in. Jermaine is doing well under the rim and I think thats what Boston needs.

  2. Usuck says:

    Where is your LAKERS boys?? Can’t even win to the NOH w/o D. West…LOL

  3. mavschamp says:

    history repeat itself dallas vs miami nba finals but this time dallas in

  4. aCe and the LeBrons (Q.C., Philippines) says:

    ORL will have a hard time moving to the 2nd round as they face ATL…it might be an upset for ATL! ORL lost 3 key players and it is worst than BOS losing Perkins. ORL before has 4 options in D-HOW, Jameer, VCarter, Lewis and of-course a lock-up defender on the 3 spot Pietrus. Now, ORL only has 2 options in D-HOW and Jameer unlike ATL they only lost Bibby which was replaced by Hinrich…This will be an upset by ATL! However, hoping for ORL to move to the 2nd round to face CHI and to make it more competitive for a CHI-FLUKE-MEDIA DARLING ROSE-TEAM and D-12 to destroy the TALKATIVE-DUMB@$$-NOAH

  5. xman321 says:

    the pacers are gonna beat the bulls first round. the magic will beat the hawks. the knicks will beat the celtics. the heat will beat the 76ers. the magic will beat the pacers and the heat will beat the knicks. then the heat will beat the magic. in the west the the spurs will beat the grizzlies. the nuggets will beat the thunder. the mavs will beat the blazers. the lakers will beat the hornets. the nuggets will beat the nuggets and the mavs will beat the lakers. the nuggets will beat the mavs. then the heat will beat the nuggets. wade will get the finals mvp.

  6. Gary says:

    Funny how all the LA fans predict the Heat to lose more than anyone. Anyway, I don’t see any firstround upsets happening. Maybe Portland over Dallas but I doubt it.

  7. Pook says:

    Everbody knows that when its da playoffs the Lakers get in that mode, nobody is gonna stop them. (looking into my crystal ball) The Lakers get a 3peat and Kobe Finals MVP. GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!

  8. Philip Santos says:

    Nobody can beat Lakers except Miami …. just hoping Lakers not meet Miami at the Final Championship … It’s gonna be last good dance for Phil Jackson & Artest !

  9. DuncanMAnuTony says:

    i believe it will be lakers vs Spurs but due to home advantage and good team plays the San Antonio will win in the series, and hopefully up to the Finals…GOSPURSGO

  10. kobe24 says:

    the lakers are gonna 3peat because they have big men like pau gasol and anderw buynm and lamar and they also have the blackmamba the best buzzer beater shooter in the east its either gonna be chacigo or boston or heat and the nba finals match is gonna be lakers and the celtics lakers winning game 7

  11. DROSE says:

    Jus stop tryin to predict who is gonna beat wat and where all i kno is that this is gonna be one of the best playoff series ever, D-Rose 4 MVP. Go every1 except the Spurs, Knicks, and Heat. 😛 This is gonna be real fun

  12. theblackmamab says:

    also, i dont believe that durant and westbrook have the material to beat to the L.A or Spurs, please guy, we are talking about comlete team, ok OKC have perkins(not offensive player) but they dont have another notable player and they are a young team , the L.A have kobe(a point machine, a playmaker, a veteran, byum(beat over perkins), gasol(a complete palyer), odom (the most complete 6 men of the league), fisher, artest, blake, byrnes and others. the Spurs have duncan, parker, ginobli, jeferson, adn other player, so the west nba finlas will be L.A v.s Spurs

    • OKCKD35 says:

      how can you say we do not have anyone notable other than perkins? Ever heard of Durant? Westbrook? Ibaka? Harden? Didnt you watch the game where OKC just destroyed the lakers by 14 in Los Angeles? All the Lakers fans say “they were resting, they werent trying” blah blah blah, if you actually watched the game the Lakers were trying and got shut down in crunch time, meanwhile the “no namers Westbrook and Durant” were busy putting the game away! You will soon realize James Harden is much more of a threat than Odom is, Since letting Jeff green go and Harden gets normal “6th man” minutes he has averaged more PPG than anyone off the bench. Ron Artest just got lit up by KD 11-15 shooting. It will be a big mistake to look past OKC should they meet up with L.A. We gave them everything they could handle this year and lost due to our size (rebounding, 2nd chance points). Now we are bigger and faster and better.

  13. theblackmamab says:

    I think that kobe and his guy going to the nba finals with the san antonio spurs. New orleans will loss 4-1 to the L.A. Spurs will win over the grizzlies 4-0 or 4-1 not more. Dallas will beat Portland 4-3 or 4-2 not more because who will stop to dirk notwiski game, adbrige? i dont believe it. Denver and OKlahoma, is hard men but I think that denver will win in 7 game. In the second round Lakers will beat the marverick 4-3 or 4-2, ok nobady stop notwiski game but noady stop kobe game, notwiski scored 28 pint then kobe scored 40 point and gasol and byum and odom and fisher you know the l.a is more complete team. San antonio will win over the Oklahoma or denver. In the finals west L.A v.s Spurs a hard battle but the blackmamba kobe will win over duncan parker and his guy.

  14. Kobe Bryant 24 Forever says:

    LAL will win this championship !!!

    Kobe Bryant Goes for 6 !!!

  15. Nicole says:

    Like u people are psychics. Stop predicting based on the regular season. The post-season environment is completely different!!!!!

  16. Afshin Barani says:

    did you see the game against boston ?
    all the big three had normal stat (maybe 27 pts for lbj was the biggest number),they sacrified thmeselevs,and the bench was superb in that game,and don’t forget that game was huge , with playoff intensity,
    excuse me for bad english , im from iran and cant speak english as good as you!

  17. KB24forever says:

    what i read here are all crap. (except those entries from my LAKERS homies) im not bragging or anything. but aren’t you satisfied and didn’t you notice that the conversation for NBA 2011 CHAMPS ended when you hear the name KOBE BRYANT? hm. it makes me wonder what your mind is going through right now. are you in reality? or are you fast asleep? wake up guys! its the playoffs. and NEVER in PHIL JACKSON’S teams did not ever completed a THREE PEAT! keep that in mind. 🙂 GO LAKERS! THREE PEAT!

    • Law064 says:

      @KB24forever Your Lakers are the last year champs true but this season they’re going to have a rough road to the Finals. If they make it and Boston Make it repeat 08. I hope that LA face SA in the WCF because people are making OKC seem like they are so ready to go to the Finals I still think they have growing to do. People don’t count out SA or LA. Portland and OKC will give some close calls and maybe some upsets so anything can happen and LA is not in the clear yet. I can’t wait until tomorrow. Good luck to all teams that survived and have a shot at advancing into the finals

    • Brydon says:

      Three peat for the refs, you mean? Man, that would be boring.

  18. Cha says:

    POR can give the Lakers a scare much like any team who has enough talent to do so and are scrappy. I.E. 2009-2010 : PHX Suns.

  19. andrew says:

    Everyone wants to look at OKC’s athletism against sa in the 2nd rd and although i see okc to be very difficult to lay down, i believe that sa will win in 5. Only reason being is if you have watch sa all yr, you’ve seen every one contribute on a nightly basis with tony parker only getting the most minutes (32). SA’s record is 61-21. Imagine if manu timmy and parker played for 40 min? Durant and westbrook are young and athletic but i believe the scoring champion will try to decide the fate of his team by settling for contested jump shots to win in late games, this will allow them to only win 2 in the series. SA IN 5….seems ridiculous but how many times has san antonio been there when they shouldnt?

    • andrew says:

      my math is wrong… okc wins 1 game in series and durnat and westbrrok avg more than 37 min a game this yr= that will catch up with the two who won the us a gold medal this past summer. Legs can only take you so far even in your 20’s

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I do not think OKC will lose to anyone that lopsided, i am a fan i want us to go all the way of course, but if you check our record since the all-star break we were one of the best in basketball, i think only the bulls had a better record after the break, not to mention since the addition of Perkins as well as Ibaka to the starting lineup we have been in every single game we have played, had a couple of stupid mistakes that cost us a game or two. But player for player they can match up against any team in the league, yes the spurs beat us this year, but they have not played us since the trade. additionally i think the age of the spurs wil lcatch up if we do meet in the 2nd round, okc in 6!

    • Usuck says:

      i don’t think SPURS can beat the GRIZZ..how can they go to the 2nd rnd??lols

  20. MAC says:

    I think that alot of people count the Heat out are the ones that probably hate LeBron James. Thats why it is so hard for them to give that team props. The Heat have been overcoming adversity the whole season. They are out to prove something. I think like any other team with great athletes on it, the Heat will turn up the switch. You have to remember that Wade and James have been here before. This is nothing new to them. They know what they have to do to win and what it takes for them to win. Not saying that they are going to win it all (although I hope they do so that all the naysayers can shut up) but I think they are able to make a very deep run in the playoffs. I think either the Heat or the Bulls will make it out the East and either OKC, Spurs, and Lakers out the West. The Knicks and the Trailblazers have a good chance as well to make it out of their respected conferences. Every team is ready to give it their all because if they dont then they can find themselves going home earlier than expected. Good luck to all teams this year!

    • DLee1616 says:

      So you’re calling a team stacked with 3 superstars adversity.?.. i think not… i call it bad team structure basing a team around 3 ppl and disreguarding the importance of chemistry and a good bench…

  21. Law064 says:

    Your saying SA will not beat OKC in a series? I have a feeling SA will make some noise in the West as well as Portland. Miami will not beat Boston and if they happen to they will not beat da Bulls. I don’t think the 3 ring circus can beat a good team in a 7 game series 1-3 vs Boston and 0-3 vs Chicago but at least Miami fans have high hopes. Good luck with that. Wade,James & Bosh would have to combine for 80-90 points every game.

  22. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    MEMPHIS VS PACERS NBA FINALS!!! now that is something!!

  23. #1 stoudemire fan says:

    top teams in west r lakers, spurs okc, and maybe mavs.

    top teams in east r bulls, heat, celtics, and maybe orlando.

    lakers vs okc west

    bulls vs heat

    okc vs heat

    heat champs to prove all the heat skeptics wrong!!!!!!!

    • lakers win says:

      skeptics???? i just say what i see they have been man handled by winning teams all season the only team they have played well against were the lakers so i dont see them even coming out of the east

    • Gary says:

      Everytime someone says Heat on these forums it’s and LA fan trying to bring down the comment. Dang get off our teams jock!

  24. Law064 says:

    I think the Mavs will be the only upset in the west. Portland will give any team in the West a good series. The heat will beat Philly but most likely that’s where they season ends. Boston will beat NY in the 1st round. I say 5 games 6 at the most. The Bulls will run thru Indiana in 4 maybe 5 games. The Heat will beat Philly but they can’t sleep on them or they could get upset. Orlando vs ATL will be a good series. ATL & ORL both have seen better days but if the Magic play together they’ll beat ATL in 6. Orlando has been inconsistant outside of Howard. SA will beat Memphis in 5 or 6 games. LA will beat NO 5 or 6 games. I mentioned Portland over Dallas simply because the Mavs outside of the 06 season have been known to get upset. Anyone remember they were the #1 seed and GS just about swept them. I say Portland in 6 maybe 7. OKC vs DEN maybe the hardest to really try to predict but I give OKC the Edge simply becasue of Durant & Westbrook with the addition of Perk in the Middle OKC in 6. Just my opinion and Good luck to all the teams playing. Hello Prix the hater the Heat will lose to Boston if they beat Philly. Everyone is counting out Philly like they’re not a NBA team. Good Luck to all teams and the best team will advance to the next round. Go Boston Go Bulls D. Rose for MVP!!!!!

  25. M@Ldit0 says:

    …???not so clever my friend!!!LA all the way coz history repeats itself..GO FOR 3PEAT!!!

  26. prix says:

    Bulls- conf finals
    Heat- will meet the Bulls there no doubt
    Boston- mostly will get upset by NY if series goes to 6or7 games
    Orlando- still in doubt if they face the Bulls,would be a great series
    Lakers- lucky they avoid Portland but end there hopes in 2nd rnd
    Mavs-Blazers- who ever win will beat L.A in the 2nd rnd
    OKC- conf finals but Denver will give them a great series
    Spurs- will have a hard time w/ Grizz but they will bow down to OKC
    BULLS-MIAMI and OKC-MAVS or BLAZERS whoever win in the 1st rnd

    • kb24 says:

      Okay portland is not going to beat the lakers, they turn their game up this time of year, they will make it to the conference finals, then the the nba finals and face the celtics or bulls for the championship. no one on the west coast can compete with the lakers in a seven game series.

    • kobe says:

      ok prix your dumb just like all of you who say oh lakers are done, what happened in 2009 huh? then what happned in 2010 when all of you ran your mouths off. its a 3peat this year if not there going to be in the finals for sure portland dont have a chance mavs dont have a chance lakers are elite

    • lakers win says:

      dude you think the lakers will lose the second round to the blazers or dallas???? have you ever watched basketball?? you wont even say the mavs or the blazers… so does that mean they are equal in ability becuae the lakers have betan both this season. the blazers are a brand new team basically and next year will be really good but they cant beat the lakers and the mavs have never been able to match up against the lakers think before you speak man

    • claclou says:

      Lakers will not loose against Portland or Mavs, no way! The only team in the west who maybe could win the series against the lakers is OKC. (Not even the spurs)

    • Gary says:

      Prix although I don’t agree with most of what you said I have to say don’t listen to the LA jockers. They’re over confident now that LA is in a 3peat position but last year thought the Celtics was going to beat them. Now they think their unstoppable.

  27. prix says:

    I just can’t totally agree with some of the expectations here.. Kobe get fined…and I think its just a show off… when the playoffs starts.. Refs are still willing to help them, that what the Lakers dynasty is all about!!!

    • Gary says:

      No I think things will change going forward. I think that’s why he got so mad is because he’s used to the calls going a certain way.