West Race Rests On Bynum’s Knee

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The sight of Andrew Bynum‘s giant body crumpling to the floor Tuesday night should have been enough to frighten Lakers fans while providing a glimmer of hope for fans of contenders everywhere else.

Even if it was just a momentary jolt, Bynum hyperextending his surgically repaired right knee in the second quarter while simply running down the floor, reminded the Lakers — and everyone around the league — just how fragile a team’s title hopes can be.

Bynum said he’s fine, telling my main man Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times, “It’s not really that bad. It was painful right when it happened but it’s not that bad right now.”

The Lakers’ three-peat bid takes a serious blow if Bynum is hobbled in any way. He’ll have an MRI today to determine the extent of the damage, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson sounds like he’s already prepared to work without Bynum for at least a couple of games.

“He could be out a couple games,” Jackson said. “There could be a bone bruise involved when you hyperextend the knee. His reassurance was saying, ‘I’m going to be OK.’ I think that he might have an idea about it because he’s been through this before.”

The Lakers aren’t the only team with a lot riding on Bynum’s knee. The entire Western Conference playoff race will rest on the health of their big man in the middle. The Lakers, who snapped their five-game losing streak against the Spurs last night, aren’t nearly as intimidating without a healthy Bynum as they would be with him.

Toss in the fact that Steve Blake has chicken pox and Matt Barnes has a sore right knee, and there is potentially much more to be worried about if you’re the Lakers. But nothing sends the Lakers’ blood pressure rising like seeing Bynum limp off the floor.

It was his play during their post-All-Star break tear that changed the way we all looked at the once lumbering two-time defending champs this season. Bynum played as well as he has in his pro career during the Lakers’ 17-1 run that ended at the start of that five-game slide, as he averaged 11.5 points, 12.7 rebounds and 2.4 blocks in his first 21 games after the break.

As crucial as Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher are to the Lakers’ title hopes, Bynum is the one player that pushed them over the top of the rest of the contender crowd — in the Western Conference and beyond.

“He allows us to be the dominant team we’re capable of being,” Fisher told ESPNLosAngeles.com after the game. “It’s hard to think about not having him for any significant length of time. It was tough to see. He’s so important to what we do, so to even think for a second that he might be out, the impact that would have on him after all of his work, it’s tough to deal with in the moment.”

Only time will tell.


  1. laura says:

    its all about banner 18 for the celtics

  2. josh says:

    7 finals trips since 2000. I’m betting purple and gold. On a different note, is there really only 3 people on these blogs with a higher education and spelling level than the 3rd grade?

  3. Fan says:

    Judging from all the people in here posting that they’re happy Bynum got injured, I think the Lakers will be alright!!!I would never wish injury on a player in the NBA. I would just feel like I jinxed myself and my team. That is just so not COOL!

  4. Fan says:

    The comment by 12Guage might be the worst I’ve ever read on here. And I’ve read some bad, bad comments on here. One of my comments was edited out for much less. I don’t think Sekou is on the top of his game when it comes to editing out bad remarks!

  5. Black Mamba just got ripped 100K for his bad mouth, making a gay & lesbian slur while he himself does not socialize with his team mates on the road. Do we know who really kobi is? beside the Denver best selling story !!!

    lakers are really struggling late of the season, just barely beat Spurs B team and it took them overtime to defeat the Kings.

    Kobi is really frustrated, he has hit his low panic button, i dont think he believes his team mates any longer.

    Definately he feels the HEAT coming out of East and Thunder coming out of West.

    Love the lakers but this is definately a good sign for the la land.

    • BOSTON ALL DAY. says:


      First off, learn how to spell the name of your fantasy boytoy: Its KOBE. KOBEEEEE. Not Kobi.

      Second, what are you even saying? LA has been sucking and Kobe doesn’t believe in his teammates and they feel Miami and OKC coming sooooooo this is a good sign?

      Are you legally retarded?
      Just wondering.

  6. ZULU says:

    Watching Bynum go down was frightening. I have been a Laker fan since ……………………. I even hated to see Perkins go down last year. Injuries are the x – factor of sports. When athletes compete the beauty is that you give your best and in the best shape possible. In team sports such as basketball there isn’t any glee for me watching less than a teams best. With that said, the Lakers will repeat with Bynum ,for certain. As a Laker fan I think it will be extremely difficult without him or at his best. Too much ball being played by the contenders at this time not to have all systems functioning at max level.

  7. Max says:

    To Raydel: Your so stupid that it makes me SICK!! MAYBE YOU DON’T HAVE A BRAIN!! IT’S CLEAR YOU KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE GAME!!

  8. WOLVER!NE says:

    forget about all this nonsennse comments..all I know is it will be banner 18 for the celtics!GO CELTICS!

  9. Tagausig says:

    enough of this foolish and stupid post…. this year.. it will be Lakers vs Celtics in finals…!!!

  10. Manu says:

    I am a Spurs fan, I hope Bynum’s knee is fully healed for the playoffs. I would like to meet a full strength Lakers team (if both teams get there) in the Western Conference Finals and face the two time champs.

  11. CelticFanPR says:

    Im a Celtics fan but I want a full roster Lakers in the finals if both team get there. Hope he is ok and both teams get healthy. Let’s go C’s!!

  12. RichH says:

    I sympathize with Bynum and it migt be insensitive for me to say but what happened evens out the playing field in the West.

  13. G2 says:

    Interesting comments…And what I deduced from a few is that once a hater…always a hater. How can anyone possibly WANT a person to be hurt??? If you are a true fan and not a 100% bonafide HATER you would want people to be healthy so they can all give their best in these playoffs. I am a huge Laker fan and I just hope they get this 3peat so Kobe and the rest of the team can give all you haters something to cry and whine about for next season…but if they don’t, oh well. Its not the end of the world. People obviously don’t have anything else better to do with their time if they are wishing for someone to get hurt…man PLEASE…and as for the coment about Kobe being a rapist and should be locked up with the rest…I would really LOVE to see the closet doors thrown open in your life and your skeletons come out. You have probably done something way worse than what Kobe did and truth be told you and the rest of us should be punished so don’t be so quick to judge anyone of their mistakes. The Lakers suck?? REALLY??? A team that has won the championship back to back and then some actually sucks??? WOW!!! that is funny!!!!

  14. lakers for the grandslam says:

    relax lakers fans, those stupid morons who wants andrew bynum out is just obviously afraid for their weak teams to be eliminated if ever they’ll be on lakers way to the clear grandslam campaign,

  15. jasper says:

    Lakers will make the finals but if bynums still out by that time i really think if a team who has size will take them 7 games but obviously the lakers will play the heat and win their 3 peat

  16. BlackMambaForPresident! says:

    Seems like a lot of people on here commenting woke up in the morning and drank some hatorade!!! Lakers will win the West. Just everyone sit there and envy them!

  17. lakerzzzzzzzz says:

    all these laker hating fans are wack!!! none have the right to talk smack about kobe because kobe has led his team to the championship b4 unlike say lebron who just gave up and left running to another team with 2 other superstars. nows who the real BUM! thats y miami should be known as the Miami CHEAT…not that diana wade christina bosh and LeBum James are going anywhere anyway!

  18. GRIFFITH says:

    hey guys June is still a long way to go Lakers will be back right now they just need a bit of rest regroup and we will see y they have back to back rings it take hard work to get them back but chill lax people Lakers all the way .

  19. spursnba2011champs says:

    spurs champs this year three things why
    1.best in the league(homecourt throughout the playoffs)
    2.best coach
    3.odd year.

  20. laker fan #1 says:

    k look first they arent playing portland to whoever said that they will win tonight against the kings and keep 2nd. second of all the team doesnt revolve around bynum it revolves around kobe and his health. i dont know if any of u know but kobe kas been averaging 33 min a game this season so that in the playoffs he is ready to go longer. to my next point u have a premiere centre in pau gasol and a great watever u wana call lamar odom is. he can play form pg to c if he wanted to. its all about versitility. finally the lakers play memphis in first round and they match up well with them. and no rudy gay on that team so they hvae taken a bigger blow. the lakers are defensivly ready to take on memphis in the first round and manage untill round 2 in the playoffs when they will get bynum back. last year they were beat up and injured this year with the exception of bynum and barnes nagging knee injury they are a healthy group. there is no dout in my mind that the lakers wont make the west final and even get a three-peat. please stop hating cause no laker fan hates on u the just want the lakers to do well. they could care less wat chicago or boston or miami do. they have a mission and they r gnna get that 3-peat thank you

  21. kobe bryant says:


  22. dvo.city philippines says:

    playoff time is Laker time…see you in the 2011 NBA finals hopefuls!!!!

  23. hooops says:

    you stubborn idiots… lakers has reached the finals the past 3 seasons and won the 2 last championships for a reason… they dont even care about the season. The only one who takes the season seriously is lefailure james. How many finals have the spurs, heat, bulls, or mavs play in the last 3 years?

  24. Pdiddy says:

    when isnt bynum injured? hell probably come back and get injured again throughout the playoffs.

  25. kevin miles laluna says:

    My suggestion is, that.. Bynum should do, or undergo more cardiac and flexibility exercise training than weights exe. mean lots of it.. But I hope his fine though… and would make it to the semi and finals! good luck lakers.. have a glorious month!

  26. Bulls-Lakers says:

    and when I mean rely on other players, I mean that as long as Kobe plays team basketball, and the Lakers play team basketball, they will do well. If not, they WILL get knocked out of the first round.

  27. Inflikted-- says:

    Hahah well Bynum IS ok just a bruised bone. sorry haters.

  28. lebron says:

    i hope he dosnt play again this season.

  29. Nba_iS_ReTaRdEd says:

    No team in the west can currently beat the Lakers in a 7 game series with or without Bynum. I’m not a Laker fan at all, but i’m stating facts here. It sucks knowing that the Lakers are guaranteed to make the Finals probably even win another title before the playoffs even start. Remember people, when you play against the Lakers its 5vs8, if you include the refs helping LA.

  30. Bulls-Lakers says:

    Wow, this injury hurts the Lakers bad, since they no longer have any size. I still think the Lakers are a real threat though. You have to look at it realistically, whenever the defending champions go into the playoffs, whoever the defending champ is at the time, they will always be the TEAM TO BEAT. But as a true BASKETBALL fan, not a bandwagoner or ignorant team or player fan, what I want to see is a great Finals and playoffs. I think that with Bynum back, the best Final would be Bulls-Lakers. Celtics are just not exciting or as big as they were before with the perk trade (with them, it would be great). Orlando would be great, but they would need more supporting cast (btw, how come nobody mentions Dwight Howard being a serious threat, just saying). Miami plays too little team basketball and run solo plays too much. OKC and POR could get there, and I wouldn’t mind that either. However, the Bulls are paying the best defense and team basketball, and as long as the Lakers stop sucking on Kobe’s d*ck and rely on othr players, which I know they can, that would be an amazing Finals. As long as it is NOT Celtics-Lakers, it should be good (cause nobody wants to see that boring Finals)

  31. mac_mac says:

    kobe and the rest of the lakers’ players are strong enaf to handle all western teams. they already proved it in the past seasons and playoffs… they just have a good teamwork.. ..

  32. Fan says:

    Where were all these Laker haters and trash talkers when the Lakers went 17-1 after the all star break? They have a slump and you dudes jump right on it. Never saw any of you idiots give them credit when they were dominating everyone! So I don’t have any respect for what you Laker haters say!

  33. mac_mac says:

    kobe and the rest of the lakers’ players re strong enaf to handle all western teams. they already proved it in the past seasons and playoffs… they just have a good teamwork.. ..

    ilove tim duncan..

  34. vince says:

    It bothers me how broadcasters criticize the Lakers for their losing streak when it’s obvious the Lakers just want to be healthy and at 100% for the Playoffs. They could care less about the remaining regular season games. When did the losing streak begin? The game against Denver where Bynum AND Gasol both almost got seriously hurt.

  35. john rivera says:

    Andrew is a tuff guy, and I won’t be surprised that he will return.
    Kobe knows what it feels to lose a player this late in a season, so I would consider that the team wiil keep on looking up and keep going hard on every game to try to win another championship.

  36. John says:

    With or without Bynum, lakers don’t have any chance. OKC, SAS, POR, DAL and DEN are much better teams.

  37. Jeru13 says:

    The only reason you wish he was hurt is because you no your team has no chance with him healthy. Everyone is just scared of the Lakers thats why one would make an ignorant statement about wishing someone was hurt.

  38. dahaji says:

    laker fan for 38 years. i bleed purple and gold! please be gentlemen about this. no one getting hurt is good.bynum is the lakers anchor on defense without him its on paul gasol who does the scoring in the post defense takes your legs those of you whoever played it cause pau to get into foul trouble not the best defender.bynum has two rings one he surly earned playing hurt those of you whoever done it .thats the truth peace!

  39. oyrdrm4u says:

    hope hes fine just cause hes a human been iam a laker fan but i do not wish any hurt to any player .the game its better when all players are healhty……..

  40. kg says:

    well sadly for all you ridiculous LAKER HATERS, Bynum only has a bruised bone…..AND A CHAMPIONSHIP IT WILL BE LAKER NATION LOL!!!!

  41. Lakerpride says:

    People, people, please do your research. If, IF Bynum is out LA is still the team to beat. They are deep, they have the winningest coach, the best player, the best defenders in Artest and Barnes, and the playoff experience, not to mention the best PF in Gasol, and my clutch player, Derrick Fisher (check the tapes, he never misses in the big game, when it counts). You haters know its true. Thats why you are making these nasty comments. The only team that can beat LA is LA. I LOVE L.A., WE LOVE IT!!!

  42. MISMO says:

    if bynum is out,.,,. LAKERS AND KOBE IS DOomed!

  43. richuncle says:

    Lakers have no chance without Bynum, Like the Bulls have no chance without Rose. Thunder have no chance without Westbrook, Spurs no chance without Duncan. Orlando no chance without Howard, Boston no chance without Garnett. Every team should stay healthy so we can have some great playoff ball. Houston lost Yau, and it might have cost them a championship after they beat the lakers in the first game of their series in 08-09. Lakers 17-1 after the all star break and looking unbeatable with a healthy Bynum. But without Bynum they look ordinary and can hardly beat the San Antonio bench. It looks like Bynum will be ready for the Playoffs and thats good news for all Basketball fans.

  44. Afshin Barani says:

    i mean , sas 0-2 vs boston , sorry

  45. Afshin Barani says:

    {April 13, 2011 at 3:46 pm
    eASt more competitive? PLEASE
    You can have a losing record and be in the playoffs.
    Our non playoff teams are .500 teams!!!}

    yes , your non playoff teams are 0.500 teams , jus cuz they dont play 4 games with east teams., sas 0-0 vs boston,lakers 0-2 against mia and ….

  46. ap says:

    wtf, i never saw so many comments,,,

  47. oaxaca12 says:

    players always say “i never wish injury on anyone”, but i bet all the contenders in the west are very happy about this…

  48. Bullsfan1136 says:

    As to the lakers winning. Yes, they have won the last two which should have been Phil’s three peat which means their run is over. Phil has never been to 4 NBA finals. They’ve been up and down all year. Plus, no home court advantage for them. They had it the last two years. When they didn’t, the so called mamba was ousted in 6 games by more than 20. Ouch……They did have a good run after the all-star game with bynum but they did lose with bynum before they beat a spurs bench last night. All in all, no home court to save them.

    As for my bulls team, they are young and hungry. They will play the hardest with the top defense in the league. Rose is playing great and tough to guard one on one. Yes, we haven’t proven anything yet but I do like my chances as to how we play as a team. Yeah, TEAM…

  49. SpursDaBest!! says:

    Kobe has to put up almost 30shots to get 30points against a Dleague 2nd string Spurs team!! LOL when he Punched Joe Smith in the hand after he got “T” Up.. Was funny to see him mad and Manu was JUst Chilling!!

  50. LakerFan2k11 says:

    @pete should not u be changing your Depends right now? Try not to get sht everywhere, you piece of sht!

  51. matt says:

    everyone always feels scared for the lakers entering the playoffs….. this team has gone to the finals three straight years in a row… some even without bynum/artest..

  52. Wait a Minute says:


    • Wait a Minute says:


  53. WadeCounty says:

    I hope Bynums sorry as is out for a couple games so Kobe can take all the shots and choke like always. Heat are taking that title this year and Lakers better hope they dont face Portland in the first round or itll be a wrap for them.

  54. URNIGHTMARE says:


  55. Peo says:

    I dont get the reason why people care so much about the regular season. When they went for 17-1 after the All-Star break everybody was like “If they play like that in the playoffs they get their 3 peat“. You guys forget too fast. What about they get the momentum back in the playoffs and they play like they did right after the break? As they showed in the past, the laker is a different beast in the playoffs, in 2008 they made it to the finals without Andrew Bynum. Last year, everybody was doubting their chances in the playoffs, and look at what happened. On top of that,Kobe is still the best in the business because of his killer instinct and his experience. I agree that he is not playing his best basketball these days but the other teams can’t count on that. I really think that there’s no team who can compete against them in a 4 of 7 series, at least in the Western Conference.

  56. kim says:

    one thing is for sure spurs is not able to win the nba title, almost guaranteed.. lakera has way more chances to take this down.. bynum is injured is not good.. but they can win anyway..
    probably bulls,celtics or heat against lakers in finals, huge chancea that will happen.. lakers coach liked that game against thunder it was a game in right direction he said……. so i think lakers will be back even without bynum.

  57. John says:

    What’s the point of winning a Championship if you’re not whooping the other team at 100%?

  58. pete says:

    hope bynum is done! hes a bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. HeatH8r says:

    The Lakers won a championship with Bynum, and they won a championship without him. Yes, it will be easier to win a title with him, but it’s not like the Lakers can’t win one without him. They did it in 2009 against the Magic. You’re forgetting that this is the team with Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, and a bunch of other guys. They’re used to playoff pressure. Give it time. The Lakers will draw the Hornets in the first round and will beat them quick, and then the Dallas-Portland series will go on for a while, so Bynum will have extra time to rest his knee if he isn’t back by the time the Lakers-Hornets series ends.

  60. C-C@$# says:

    Talk about bad timing. Coach Jackson should have rested him for the playoffs.


    win SPURS win !!!!!!!!

    SPURS = 2011 NBA Champs

  62. mafu2013 says:

    retards, regular season basketball and playoff basketball is not the same, all the bad things (to be general) that the lakers have been doin in the regular season is irrelevant, just like the celtics getting 4th in the regular season last year was irrelevant.
    Lakers 3-peat is meant to be

  63. LakerFan2k11 says:

    @HEATBYBLOOD you have proven my point exactly! You bums are sooooooooooooooo comfortable being losers that you want to win by any means necessary. Lebron and Wade will NEVER win a NBA FINALS CHAMPIONSHIP, unless they put on that PURPLE&GOLD. 3PEAT is going down little girls……..

  64. EuropeanBoy says:

    Final: LA Lakers vs. Chicago Bulls

  65. MONEY says:


  66. MONEY says:












  69. Adam says:

    I agree that Kobe is no Michael Jordan. I am a Lakers fan but people need to stop comparing Kobe to Jordan. Anyone old enough to have seen both play knows Jordan is the better player.

    • Lakerpride says:

      without MJ, in my opinion, there is no DWade, Kobe, or anyone else with that type of competiveness. What I’m saying is in MJ’s day he changed the way the game was covered. The way he was marketed made people WANT TO BE LIKE MIKE!! Now the media creates a frenzy over guys who play street ball on tv with all the acrobatic moves. If you really look at it you can’t compare any two players in my opinion because they are all great players. We can only pick the ones we like. I like Kobe because he gives back, he not given silly fouls, and he is hated by more people than any other nba star Ever. More people like Barkley better than Kobe, yet he still kicks butt….

  70. observer says:

    without Bynum Lakers cannot win NBA championship.It was proven. Gasol cannot plays defends if you put him in the center position,Kobe cannot prove anything without too much good players with him.Wanna bet……….Even if you Wade,Durant or Lebron in place of Kobe with these good supporting cast they will win championship.Artest,Gasol,Bynum,Fisher and Odom these are great players………

  71. LakerFan2k11 says:

    @SpursDaBest and Jack, u know the lady like spurs will not go past the second round! It’s so funny that fans like you are so desperate to win! Wow it’s just a game. lol Can’t wait to see the Lakers pull down the Spurs pink silk thongs and tap that @#$%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop cheering for losers and get with the 3peat LITTLE GIRLS!!!!!!!!

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      Desperate? Its Will. cmon know the whole NBA is based on LA,Boston,Heat, and now the Bulls again thx to the Mvp Drose. Just look at the comments all LA,Boston and Heat fans, im a true DIE HARD Spurs fan and i know this year im going to be bragging when we get the title back from you Crybabys Wine when you lose, we keep fighting, past two years we Should of been there But one year Manu didnt play then last year tony was hurt. But no Excusses I LOve when The rest of the Natinon HATES on The Spurs I love when we prove em wrong and leave with a :(… GO SPURS GO. Stop Hating ont he SILVER AND BLACK!!!

  72. Ao1 says:

    I want, hoping all teams to be as healthy as they should be so that none could make any excuses if they lose. Their potential or capability to dominate and compete as a team is there but losing still inspite of could keep them quite without any excuses. So full team roster would be a lot better all around the league this playoffs.

  73. kent says:

    You spurs fans did you forget that blowout in your arena? be quiet

    • tingyman is BACK says:

      thank you!

      These SPurs fans keep forgetting that they were mounted and smashed hard with the laker manhood in their own arena not to long ago. keep dreaming

      • SpursDaBest!! says:

        and you forgot when McDyess tipped it in at the BUZZERD!! I dont! Anyways Spurs will do all the talking for me and Stopm the Comp!!! 210SaSpursRock!!!!!

  74. laykersfan says:

    i am a devoted laker fan. but this is the reality – The lakers are not as young, 2. Kobe is not getting better, 3. lakers are not as hungry, 5.The lakers have a big problem defending teams led by a strong point guard. all this will be out the window come playoffs.
    is it that the Lakers lost some of those games on purpose, for play off positioning. but why not try for home court.
    the fact is we act as if the lakers cant lose.
    yes i think they will get to the finals but what about MIA, CHI even the old celtic machine.
    even last year perkins get injured and they still struggled to win it..

  75. SpursDaBest!! says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Lakers suck you saw how hard they had to play against Spurs Deep Team. 2nd andd 3rd srtingers are no fluke ive been saying all season. We got one of the Deepest Teams. Kobe was all pissed he wanted to win by 30. To bad George Hill and Gary Neal are really Good too, Plus Blair even James Anderson. So step off.. And Phil should have rested the straters now Bynum has a injury. Anyways you know the Phrase GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kikz says:

      Few days from now and it’s playoff time. Let’s wait and see.
      I am very confident with my LAKERS. They always give surprises and that’s what makes them lethal for the past 3 years.

    • japanboi_05Laker says:

      naw the spurs second stringers are just better than the slow first string because they did get beat by 30

    • yang8 says:

      Good luck to you “SPURSDABEST” 🙂 you’ll just end up crying 🙂

  76. Financer says:

    It sucks to see any player get injured. I personally think it takes away from a team’s competitiveness. Its clear that Bynum isn’t a big scoring threat, but I fore-see the Lakers losing many close games if they don’t have those few points and 15 rebounds a night from Bynum…

  77. KOBE24SEVEN says:


    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      Hi Hater! BYE HATER!!! KObes the best Player but SPURS THA BEST TEAM!! Keep hating on our City and we will keep wining rings!! Make Kobe and Fisher cry again like in “03” YOUTUBE IT!!! You know the Phrase, GO SPURS GO!!

    • AA says:


  78. yanick says:

    No problem, even without him in the the 1st and 1nd round, La will be fine as long as kobe is being kobe. His jumpshot has just not been the same ever since he broke his finger, if he can find a way around that during the playoff LA will be fine. Bynum doesn’t need to be a 100 percent for them to win, it was proven the past 2 years. But this injuries cannot continue, if he’s incapable of being healthy, he need to get traded, it’s not like he carries the team offensively or play extreme amount of minutes. All he’s asked to do is get rebound (he’s not even the best rebounder in the league) and block shots, protect the paint basically (which he doesn’t consistanly do). But to me Kobe is the main key for the lakers to win, he needs to average about 30 a game with a good shooting percentage cus it’s very hard for the lakers to win when he’s not playing well.

  79. giulio says:

    Bynum’s knee doesn’t need surgery but:

    1\ he will not be 100%, near 50\60%

    2\ a serious problem (and the end of his playoffs) can happen any moment, easly when he doesn’t use all his “power” but with a “normal” move.

    3\ Jackson already knows what to do: go with Gasol and forget Bynum.

  80. SONIC says:

    Without Bynum and if facing Portland. Lakers should charter fishing trip soon. Next year if Phil jackson is not returning, Laker is finished.

  81. PA7R1CK says:

    it seems to me like the big guy just QUIT, a busted knee is what you get when you talk crap like bynum does. on a side note i think its pretty funny that yes the lakers won but aside from that run with five minutes left it took their starting squad to beat the spurs 2nd and 3rd string. not looking good for that three peat laker fans

    • PA7R1CK says:

      a comment on my comment im not saying i wish an injury on anyone but last time when they blew out the spurs bynum ran his mouth saying the starters quit and then look what happens to him the next time he plays the spurs. they almost get beat by the spurs 2nd and 3rd string that just shows you how good the spurs are.

  82. Bums says:

    As a Laker-fan, I’m sure Bynum will be just fine… 🙂
    If he doesn’t return, Odom will do the job. Not as much defensive, but he’ll bring a better offense then Bynum.

    So… just relax & wait for the 3-peat to come home!

    grtz from belgium

  83. LAdBEST says:

    Are you guys serious!!!!! Soooo what if the lakers have not played well during the season… its playoff time and they always show up no matter what… its funny how everyone that likes lebron always has a comment about the lakers not being on top of the western conference GUESS WAT lebron and the cavs were number one for 3 seasons in the east and HOW MANY CHAMPIONSHIPS HAVE THEY WON?…. just because you struggle during the regular season does not mean that you are done in the playoffs take dallas for example they been one of the top teams every year for the last couple of years and they have a hard time making it to the second round…. Someone mentioned last night game and said that the lakers had a hard time beating the spurs bench well i think they should start them for the playoffs because that will be the only way that the spurs will have a chance to beat the lakers in a seven game series

  84. lakers4ever1 says:

    @cibergladiator … Kobe has so many messed up fingers, including a complete fracture in the tip of his shooting pointer finger that he has needed surgery on since he hurt them. unlike a LeBron a Wade or a Carmelo who would all get surgery and be out for the rest of the year, Kobe doesn’t because he has that much love for the game.. of course his shooting percentage is going to drop because the ball slips on the tape or splint on it and he has no control on the ball after that.

  85. Jake says:

    Dejuan Blair for MVP anyone?

  86. sbfern says:

    I dont understand why people say that “lakers better hope they dont get Portland, Oklahoma, Spurs reserves, or even Denver”. Lakers went TO portland and beat them, they went into San Antonio and crushed them, Went to Oklahoma, and also won, Denver is a horrible away team. My point is that the Lakers have already shown their strenght and were on cruise control most of the season, and deaspite of that, they still have the 3rd best record in the league. Lakers, know how to win and they have shown that MANY times. If i were to be worried about ONE team, it would be San Antonio Spurs. Great team with the best Coach in the league. Otherwise any team or other fans can go put your thumb in your mouth because there is nothing your team can do to beat the Lakers in a 7 game series! Anyone who wants to reply to this negatively be my guest…Truth hurts.

  87. mgm says:

    We can win without bynum in round 1. Come round 2, we have bynum back and we beat portland (or dallas if they get to round 2). Then, the spurs have no size and even if they hold the best record in the league (barring chicago doesn’t match / overtake them in one more game to go for both teams). we beat the spurs in a 7 game series. I hope boston make it all the way to finals. its gonnabe epic finals again, we got home court and win 4-2.. GO LAKERS!!!

    • SpursDaBest!! says:

      We got no size you say but we got ALOT Of Talent, dont get me started. Please just dont go there. See you in the western Finals in San Antonio!!!! Spurs win in 7, then meet up with Bulls!! No Lakers No Boston!!! 2 bad 4u

  88. bunbury says:

    again! i know it’s not up to bynum and injuries happen. but this is the fourth straight year that he gets injured in the playoffs. 4 STRAIGHT YEARS. even if comes back, he will average 5 points and 3 rebounds per game in the playoffs.

  89. Cha says:

    GUYS, will you tell me the worst possible to the best possible return of Andrew?

    • tingyman is BACK says:

      worst possible, the mri today discovers a deep bone bruies and on top of the hyperextension, a ligament tear. This means that he misses the entire playoffs and has to undergo surgery. Then he has to rehab for quite a while before playing next season.

      Best possible, it turns out to be a simple hyperextension and he is back for the playoff opener

  90. hope you feel better bynum so you can get a another ring son but don’t push it, do what you can do hurt yourself anymore than you have

  91. Playoffs Matchup says:

    Best of luck to Bynum, sucks man, his career is slowly getting shorter every minute of each season. Anywho, damn! I was hoping to see Heat vs Knicks matchup just like old time, great rivalry! Would have been nice to see Amare, Melo, and Billups bounced the Heat Wade, LBJ, and Bosh in the first round, potentially. But lots of great things to look forward to in this playoffs. Which matchup are you looking forward to?

  92. Nes says:

    Andrew Bynum is the key factor to LA winning another championship, without him kobe and pau have a lot of pressure

  93. Great_coach says:

    Injuries are the worst part in sports. I wish everyone is healthy, that will make for stronger playoff series. Get well Bynum and Shaq!

  94. doudley anjoute says:

    I hope bynum is ok. we goin need him in the playoff.

  95. dman2505 says:

    Everyone is taking this to seriously … all this was is a set back he was able to walk of the court so it couldnt be to bad … i predict he will be back in a week or so plus if playoffs start today they are facing the hornets …

  96. dddddddd says:


  97. emf0823 says:

    I don’t get it. I don’t think that a game winning or losing streak can really detrmine the fate of a playoff team. it seems that for the past few years when a team loses one game everybody switches wagons and start coming up with those negetive bias arguments like “oh that team does not have what it takes.” I think that everybody in this forum is an adult and unbiased fan of basketball regardless of their favorite team. so do you really think with honesty that any team in the west despite dallas or the spurs has a real chance at defeating a proven team like the lakers. you know that playoff baskteball is about halfcourt game and experience. in playoff basketball it is proven that basketball is game that is 80% mental and 20% physical. it comes down to experience guys. so why would anybody make comments like ok oklahoma city or portland having a chance against a proven team. i don’t care if a team sweeps or wins in seven games (or does the 2010 lakers chapionship banner which was won in 4-3 battle be less worth than 2002 championship banner which was won 4-0) playoff basketball is about winning 4 games out of seven so i does not matter if u beat a team or sweep a team you will advance. in another note everybody knows that in the playoffs everybody brings their A games because nobody wants to be blown out or swept. so i don’t get what is the big deal about oklahoma city having taken the lakers to six games in last years first round cause they steal got eliminated by the lakers. that is the aim of playoff basketball eliminate your opponent. you play hard so that at the end of regulation you are one point on top of your opponent. that is what differs great teams and average teams. great teams have the edge of winning those close games and perfom well under pressure because there is always going to be close games in series in the playoffs for teams who make long runs (or have the capabilty of going deep in the playoffs). so i still think the lakers are the team to beat because no team in the nba will perfom better than them down the stretch (specially in the playoffs(i say because the lakers has not shown much of their good poise this season which does not disproof they might dig deep and bring it out in the playoffs)). so chill out people and look in to history and remember how players like robert horry did not gave signs of life till the game matters.

  98. SPURS#5 says:

    With or WO Bynum…The Rapers are DONE
    Time to send Phil packing and really show him what an * looks like.
    GO SPURS GO!!!!!

  99. Ricky says:

    Hey GUESS WHAT? Lakers played bad down the stretch last season and guess what happened in the playoffs??? Should I continue typing? Or do you get the picture?

  100. kb24 says:

    no trouble for the lakers, even if they need Andy healthy to get through the finals.
    no trouble getting NO or Memphis, then Dallas and the spurs out
    the east is too competitive, the finalist will be at his 20th playoff game when heading to the final, this could be way too much, even for miami

    • LakersWillWin says:

      eASt more competitive? PLEASE
      You can have a losing record and be in the playoffs.
      Our non playoff teams are .500 teams!!!
      Tony Allen and the Grizzlies are a great team, Portland is someone you don’t want to see.
      The only team everyone wants to play is the Hornets.

  101. dddddddd says:

    go bulls is go to bet th laker this year so with bynum makes it just a lil more easier to but we still need to stop kobe

  102. AA says:

    The Fact of the matter is the lakers are the team to beat everyone one to beat the laker everyone wants a champion trophy as you remember last year we were saying the same cramp and the lakers won so those so called laker fans have no fare kobe’s here to save the day and he know that this is phil’s last year and he may be exiting slow him self and if he gets his 6th ring that means less work for him next year due to the fact he’s on top of the world waiting for you so called hungry teams to get even 1 championship under your belt so belive kobe’s the man***************

  103. Nauman says:

    who cares? bynum sucks anywayz compared 2 Joakim Noah!

  104. Dilo says:

    I bet who says he is happy for bynums injury he is dirty heat fan. lebron fans are dirty as hell

  105. Nicole says:

    I wonder if Kobe will get suspended for saying homophobic slur and that is much worse than D12 reactions on the court. David Stern will not suspend him or fine him!!! What an injustice!!!

  106. Tan says:

    Laker’s will reach the finals if Bynum is healthy. I don’t think the Spur’s can beat them in a seven game series. Same goes for the Celtics in the east. There are teams that are as good as them but if Shaq is healthy and performs well there is no team in the East that can beat them in a seven game series. Too much experience, hunger, and depth on the celtics team.

    Celtics hanging banner 18 this year, Let’s go!!

  107. To: QueenJames says:


    • Heat out First Rd? says:

      R u being sarcastic about the Heat gettin bounce in the first? We’ll IDC cause they will be bounce in the 2nddd by the Celticcsss!!!

  108. MISSISSIPPI says:


  109. MISSISSIPPI says:


  110. tj says:

    look at those spurs so deep with a young and electric bench and savy veterans, soon to be coach of the year, and some of the best fans in the league. can’t wait till sunday and the start of this years great playoff matches, i hope to see atleast one upset per conference. should be exciting

  111. Spurs fan!! says:

    I am a true Spurs fan win or lose, but to wish bad on LA is just wrong. I love to watch our Spurs and the Lakers go at it and to be at the arena is just awesome because their are a lot of Laker fans who just make it like a high school football game in the days when win or lose you just love to go. Phil should have just rested all his starters and who cares if it’s 2nd or 3rd position, they really work well at any position period. Time will only tell Laker fans. Best of luck guys!

  112. Blix says:

    I could imagine how Bynum could have felt on his injury..as a basketball player be it in any level, that kind of injury takes away a lot of confidence..half the time you will be thinking about that knee every time you are on the court..its really unfortunate for Drew to be getting another knee injury after all the workouts he’s done to get those knees strong again..but hey Sekou, do you think the Lakers could beat a team like OKC or San Antonio given their current form? I am a big Lakers fan, but I am just so worried about how they’re playing especially on the defensive end..

  113. iwillfilm says:

    I’m not a Laker fan by any stretch, but I feel really bad for Bynum’ s injury. Not because I like him, I just hate when teams don’t go to the playoffs full strength. You always want teams to go forward with every piece. It shows how string the team really is without speculating what ifs.

    I wouldn’t harp on Kobe either, he may have bad shooting nights, thats probably due to his age and that he’s waring down over time, but he has killer instincts, and in the playoffs he’ll make adjustments if his jumper isn’t going down. He’s probably the best finisher around the rim, he’ll go to the line to keep LA in the game, every game, he’s got a will to win, and with or without Bynum, that’s a serious opponent. Not to mention that they are the reigning champs, psychologically, no team wants them first round.

  114. Nikole says:

    I don’t really understand why all these analysts are convinced the Lakers are doomed if Bynum doesn’t play. He has pretty much been on the injured list since the Lakers acquired him. They have won the last two championships without him and can still do so now. Don’t get me wrong, Bynum has stepped up to the plate since after the All Star games.

    • Gary says:

      Damn I must be watching NBA on a different planet than all you Laker fools. Stop saying Bynum wasn’t playing the past two years because he did. GO LOOK AT THE MINUTES AND STATS. He played every game in all the last two finals. GET A CLUE.

  115. Al says:

    I remember when Bynum almost hurt Michael Beasly with a dirty Flagrant 2 (he go suspended for 2 games for it).

    This knee injury to Bynum couldn’t happen to a more deserving guy. If we don’t see him play again, the game would be better for it.

    • Kay says:

      Yeah . . . because all players in the league are so nice on the court right? They all deserve to get injured for it. Do you remember Scola, last year, KG his whole career? How about C Webb, Keven McHale, Reggie Miller and who knows how many others. All, apparantly, deserve to get knee injuries for it. Hopefully when your kid gets into a fistfight in elementery school you don’t ascribe to the same logic.

    • Gary says:

      I have no doubt that Karma came back to get Bynum. After he recoverd he was playing good ball and then after the All Star break he started getting ugly in tactics.

  116. Funky_Axl says:

    People should wake up and realize that a HEALTHY Lakers team has NO ONE to be afraid of,
    instead all teams should be afraid that Lakers are going to get the 3-peat either other fans
    like it or not.

    Hey, the past 2 years ppl where sayin’ “L.A won’t get a championship” well guess what,
    now we laugh at their silly faces, 2 times in a row we are lauphin’ in their silly faces
    and soon iit will be the 3rd time!

    So keep sayin’ that Lakers are done cause at the end we all know what is goin’ to happen
    like it happened 2 years in a row now lol.

    Good luck with that!

  117. Oula says:

    Bynum will be healthy by God’s grace. The LA Lakers will be fine, they know how to play with and without Bynum in the line up. They have been to 3 straight finals with injured Bynum.Luckily his weight was well behind him hence less pressure on the joint when it happenned and he did not land on the left leg. It could have been worse but God saved the day.The lakers have been successful in playing Spurs and they have answers for Manu and Tim. The only problem is Tony who keeps breaking down the defense with his quickness and kick outs to Matt and Neal. We are hoping for the best news regarding Drew’s MRI. Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tingyman is BACK says:

      agreed OULA!!! very good post

    • Gary says:

      Get a clue. Even if Bynum was PARTIALLY injured the past two years, he still PLAYED and contributed. LA lost to a Cletics team in 08 who was not a better than them BUT without Bynum’s inside presence they got killed. And to say LA has an answer for Manu, who would that be? We’ve already seen this season and last night that they can’t handled George Hill and Neal. Anyway keep on praying but the Spurs are gonna be balling the hell out everyone in the playoffs.


    Lakers aren’t going to face Portland because they aren’t going to lose to the Kings. Means we might get a nice matchup OKC vs Portland.

  119. Law064 says:

    @Steven I’m not a laker fan but I would want to see their team going in 100%. Even if Bynum don’t play hopefully he will but if not I think LA will be ok. Good luck to them

  120. george says:

    The Lakers should pray that they don’t get the Trailblazers. Bynum or no Bynum, the Trailblazers are going to be a problem for somebody. Portland has too forwards, sans Camby, that can erupt for fourty points on any given night. Camby may get 25 rebounds. In other words this team is explosive and unpredictable.

  121. Steven says:

    As much as I DON’T want the Lakers to win it again this year, I was very sad to see Andrew go down like that. His whole career so far has just been one injury after another and I don’t think anybody deserves that. He had that look on his face of “Oh God, here we go again.” I hope he’s OK.

    • allaround baller says:

      no surprise. still his career is much better than oden

      • tingyman is BACK says:


      • Sean says:

        lol if oden had stayed healthy and continued to progress at this point he would be better than bynum hands down

  122. Labrat says:

    Barkley said they are done with or with out Bynum.

    • berkamore says:

      If they keep playing like they have in the last few games, I agree…………They almost lost to the Spurs RESERVES last night.

    • tingyman is BACK says:

      well barkely said that last year too, and seriously? barkely says a lot of crap that you should take with a grain of salt. He believes that the memphis grizzlies can beat the spurs

  123. seeingisbelieving says:

    With Bynum in the lineup the lakers barely won the finals last year in 7 games.
    Without him, The Lakers will be back to a offensive team with no real defensive presence which should be a fixture for winning a championship.

    • are we in playoffs yet? says:

      The Lakers are going nowhere. Crying baby Bryant is takinhg 50 shots a game and like always missing most of them. The Lakers barely won againts the Spurs’ bench. Popovich didn’t even played his starters and the Lakers came with everybody and couldn’t beat the Spurs convincintly. Lakers suck.

      • lafan12 says:

        news flash : the lakers had only nine games 4 most of the game

      • lafan12 says:

        news flash : the lakers only had 9 players 4 most of the game we

      • Gary says:

        @ lafan12, news flash both LA and Spurs played ten players each. Spurs however kept FOUR of their main players out the game.

      • tingyman is BACK says:

        ouch, good job gary you win against lafan12, but i think it was more of a case of boredom than it was of the spurs bench power. If you actually watched the game, you would have noticed that the lakers played around for the entire game, but then sealed it up tight at the end.

      • Gary says:

        @ tingyman, who says the Spurs were trying to win? All I noticed is that their bench guys went out and played ball. Do you think this would have been the same story with Duncan, Manu and Parker in? Well believe what you want but be ready for a rude awakening.

      • Laker1990 says:

        Bynum wen’t out int the second quarter. Bryant sat alot in foul trouble. Blake was out with chicken pox and barnes out with sore knee so your an idiot.

  124. Gary says:

    Bynum getting injured is not as big a story to me as how well San Antonio’s bench did last night. Gary Neal is the new Robort Hooray and George Hill had people shook up last night. There’s more dept to this team that people reaize and no doubt in my mind that this will be the team to beat.

    • KObE oG BYRANT says:


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      OK but the Lakers have beaten the Spurs with all of their starters in the game…..dont act like we havent all of sudden…people forget things so easily

      • Gary says:

        It’s not about who beat who. I was saying that to ME that was a bigger story last night. Calm down, I know Bynums inuries got you guys on edge and all but take it easy.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      SO SO TRUE.

  125. ryan cliff zerna says:

    They done it before. It will be much difficult now but we are still the team to beat, remember we are the defending champs. Kobe just need to improve his shooting, Go lakers.

    • When? says:

      Not without Bynum….

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Dude watchu mean when? the fourth title against Magic we HAD NO BYNUM…

        5th championship against Celtics we had Bynum, but at A LOW PRODUCTION, he was hobbling on the court and was giving like 10mins a game

      • Gary says:

        You must be a flipping idiot or a bandwagon LA fan. Go back and watch the NBA finals tapes for 2009. Bynum played everygame moron. That’s why I can never take LA fans seriously cause they don’t know anything expect how many champinships LA/Kobe won.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @When, they have won the last two championships without Bynum you d**n dork! What planet do you watch basketball on?

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @Gary Bynum was injured when the Lakers beat the Magic in 09 he was injured and hobbling last year. The only flipping idiot is your sorry Laker hating a**. You cant tell me you think Bynum helped out in any real way to help the Lakers with the last two championships. Shut you pie hole dude.

      • Gary says:

        You guys are all idiots. Please go check your the stat sheet for those games and you will see Bynum played and scored. he wasn’t in much but he played and the contribution help. DUMBA$$ LA FANS.



    Look how Odom performed in this game. Push comes to shove, Odom can start for Bynum and produce valuable minutes. He might not be Bynum, but he didn’t get the 6th man of the year award for nothing. Lakers have absolutely nothing to worry about.

    Still I hope Bynum can return before the second round. The only people that don’t think the Lakers can’t get past Memphis or New Orleans in the first round are the lousy and arrogant Celtic and Heat fans that surprisingly haven’t shown up in this blog yet. Like vultures waiting on the Lakers to fall helplessly.

    • Gary says:

      Do you realize that was San Antonio’s Bench last night that nearly beat the Lakers?

      • allaround baller says:

        Spurs bench is one of the best, they’re so much, from PG to C. It keep their veteran big 3 healthy and made 1st place. No spurs player have more than 30mnts/game. Just parker 32mnts. A great coach did this kind

        Otherwise Lakers starters did so much after allstars. Basically Lakers playing about 8 players only

      • Cast says:

        jejejejeeeeeeeeeeee, it is amazing Laker fans do not see that

      • tingyman is BACK says:

        @ the fool that said jejejejejejeje cast

        no, we saw that, and we are rather disappointed that us lakers couldnt get a grip and play as if they were interested. In fact, its because the san antonio spurs brought out only their bench is the reason why they almost won. The lakers didnt think that it would even be a tough match, so they disregarded them throughout the entire game and put it cleanly away at the end. If the san antonio spurs brought out tim and manu and tony, welll… remember what happened the last time we played them? BLOWOUT

      • Gary says:

        @ Tinyman, yeah convince yourself that they pulled off easy with that win. They were practically getting dominated. Kobe and Artest 5 fouls? Doesn’t seem like that’s not trying. Seems like they were getting lost in dust by George Hill.

    • lafan12 says:

      true cuse if they face hornets they hav west out so they lose size. if they face memphis odom can match up well agenst randolph

      • Arthan says:

        Thel Lakers fans see the weaknesses or what apprears to be weaknesses. But you LAKER HATERS do not see is that things happen every season and you always find some way to bury our LAKERS. But the end result is another ring. We may not win this year but I bet we will run off another four or five before any of you haters teams. History has proven the LAKERS are a constant in the finals. There is no debate.

        So haters you may finally be right this year but you predict LAKER doom every year because your teams suck

      • DLee1616 says:

        Yes what you said is true but if they get the 3rd seed and play Portland they are in a world of trouble… lets get this out now im not in any way a LAKER HATER they are actually my second favorite team behind the Bulls… HOWEVER portland would be a very difficult matchup for the lakers because they are a good mix of a young team with very solid veterans that can and will run on veteran teams like the lakers who focus on their half court game and if they cant manage 2 slow the game down that could spell big trouble for the Lakers…

  127. Law064 says:

    I can’t say they’re done but Bynum brings good D and Rebounding to LA. That will be greatly missed, he’s not a big scorer so they can make up for that.

  128. lb6 says:

    Lakers is done without bynum.

  129. 2niteshow says:

    As long as Bynum can log minutes like he has the last 2 championships, we still have a chance!

  130. prix says:

    Bynum should be O.K…atleast the Lakers could reach the 2nd round with him… OKC and Blazers are the team to beat in the West…not the lowly L.A and boring Spurs… Its nice to make facial, in your face slam duck especially if someone big like Bynum is the one who get POSTERIZE!!!!

    • Kevin says:

      OKC and POR are teams that can win in the first rounds, they don’t have the experience to the teams to beat. But you not knowing basketball, would say otherwise. The Spurs are the deepest team in the league, that’s why they weren’t concerned with the Lakergirls. They were able to rest their starters while the Lakergirls starters averaged 30 minutes for the game, and still barely won. Being boring has got the Spurs FOUR Championships……

      • Cast says:

        I could not agree with you more

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        The Spurs are not going to win the championship….It will be the Lakers in the Finals vs the Celtics or the Bulls….

      • Arthan says:

        4 championships WOW compared to the Lakers HOW MANY

      • SpursDaBest!! says:

        4championships only but get it through your hard head LA is a Big Market so the NBA Does what it has to do to keep them always a front runner, LA always had one of the best players, Wilt, Kareem, Magic, Shaq, Kobe, Sa is a Small market so we win with Pure heart and An d they team our city built not the NBA. So ya we only got 4 but thats most than all the other small markets. So dont be hating like that. We will get 5 this year, one behind Jordan!!!

      • Heat All Day says:

        Lakers 2011 – 3PEAT

        Your an IDIOT

        Heat 2011 NBA CHAMPS

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Why are people making such a big deal about Kobe using the word f**et? It was in the heat of the moment. People need to stop having their feelings hurt so easily. Its just a word, big deal, get over it. Maybe because its Kobe and a lot of people believe the Colorado situation actually took place some people are just looking for a reason to jump on this man. This country has much more serious things to worry about other than the word f**et.

    • tingyman is BACK says:

      until someone strips the two time champions of their crown, the lakers are the team to beat. Now get off the forums fool

  131. Kikz says:

    It was very scary but I hope Bynum is OK. He deserves to be in the playoff and the final.
    He worked hard for this and we should be able to see him play again in few days.

  132. Le-Quit is a Wuss says:

    there goes the championship.

  133. allaround baller says:

    He’ll be back but this injury could limit him. Either dallas or oklahoma are real threat. Bynum better rest for all first round game, they need Bynum more to deal with Nowitzki-Chandler/IIbaka-Perkins

    • al respect the game says:

      DALLAS???? dude what sport have u been watching of late? this aint football.

      • Kay says:

        While I agree that Dallas is no threat to the lakers (or very many teams in the west right now), I have to say that I don’t think you have watched any football this year. Dallas sucked it up big time.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I think Dejuan Blair did this on purpose. If you watch it he sticks his foot out right where Bynum is running.

  134. Doris says:

    He’ll be fine. He just need that rest.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      I laugh at all you ignorant Laker haters. We have basically won the last two titles without Bynum. Until someone takes the title from LA you all really just need to shut up. You HOPE the Lakers will lose in the playoffs more than you THINK they will. I will admit as a Laker fan, they dont look to good right now. But they didnt look good going into the playoffs last year either. So again, until someone takes it you Laker haters need to put something long and hard in your mouth.

      • TONY says:


      • gg98 says:

        @TONY – you sir are nothing but a bandwagon fan

        miama heat won’t go anywhere until they know the meaning of team work

      • tingyman is BACK says:

        i agree with TYHEHEATSUCK, his posts are always knowledgeable despite the fact that he likes the all caps :p keep it up!!

        As for you tony, just for your effing information, the refs dont win games for teams, teams win them for themselves. It is rather ignorant of you to think that the league just wants to make kobe the face of the nba when there are so many more exciting players available. And dont you dare talk about how your heat have a better record than us and about how they beat us only TWICE. first of all lebrons fail cavaliers and the orlando magic both had better records than us last year, and look at where it got them… and us. Secondly, i believe that the chicago bulls C@CK slapped you THREE times, and the celtics also shoved their full manhood into the heats mouth THREE times as well before the heat got a measly win against a depleted celtic squad without shaq. So why dont you put on those red thongs and go touch yourself while thinking of bosh’s lizardlike face giving you a bj

  135. Alexzo48 says:

    Hey Sekou, is it time to kiss our title defense goodbye?

    • Alexzo48 says:

      I think we lakers fans all agree that it’s andrew who puts LA over the top. The competition in the west is tough as nails And the east has gotten significantly better. Bynum gives the lakers the edge. Together with pau up front LO… No team can match up with them inside. Without him, LA’s chance is only as good as any1’s. Teams aren’t as fearful of them as when he’s in the middle. Still, i’d go for LA… For as long as they have the mamba… They will be contenders!

      • sean says:

        umm okc idiot, perkins ibaka durant all would match up perfectly agianst those three

      • sbfern says:

        Perkins has nothing on Bynum, Gasol is too good offensively, and Odom can beat you in more than one way… Come on man. Stop being in denial! Lakers are too good for any team. So freaking talented, OKC will always be the underdogg!

      • jeff says:

        u dont get it right??? every player in the twightlight of their career improve their fg% look at pierce garnett allen duncan ginobili nash dirk all of those guy shoot high % fg in order to help their bball win some games i dont see kobe doing tht n tht why they wont win it all this year

      • Um Sbfern Your An Idiot….. Durant Vs. Odom= Durant Dominates….The Only Person For LA That Can Slow Him Down Is Artest…. Gasol Vs. Serge… Gasol Is To Soft To Hang Around With Serge Down There…. Bynum Vs. Perk… Um That Was Is Pretty Close… But I Dont Think Bynum Can Match Perks Physicallity

    • Sekou Smith says:

      Not necessarily. But Bynum is to the Lakers what Kendrick Perkins was to the Celtics last season. He’s a 7-foot, 290-pound security blanket for Phil and Kobe.

      • NAJ says:

        Lakers title hopes are dwindling at the moment, not because of Bynum’s latest knee injury, but because a certain Mr Bryant seems to think he is Reggie Miller from behind the 3 point line and his shot selection since our 17-1 run has been adolescent at best. I have watched about 70 of the 80 lakers games this season so far and it’s getting harder to defend him when critics are saying he’s getting old and slow.

        Some games he looks untouchable but more and more he is looking less invincible.

      • Mark R says:

        You hate to see a team’s chances reduced through injury to key guys, but you hope Bynum is not out for long. Odom filled in for ‘Drew when he missed 24 games at the start of the season and the Lakers went 17-7 with Odom averaging 15.8ppg and 10.6rpg.

        In seven seasons with the LA Lakers, Lamar averages 14.6ppg and 10.4rpg when he starts, so not a bad replacement to cover while Bynum is out. Gasol (7’0″) can play center and Odom (6’10”) at PF so they still have a big front line. Ok, its not the same as Bynum, but not many other teams have this calibre of player as backup. If serious and Bynum is out for the rest of the season, does his versatility not make Lamar Odom one of the most important players for any team in the playoffs???


  136. cibergladiator says:

    another hint that kobe can not carry that team with his mediocre shooting% , come on they have gasol, odom, fisher
    the overrated bryant got 8 out of 21 again , he has had so many bad shooting games, no wonder his career is at 45

    • Gary says:

      Yep because once again George Hill shows that he can be a Kobe stopper.

    • Law064 says:

      What up Lakers 2011-3peat that dude Prix is such a Boston and LA hater. He loves to haate so much that he don’t even check the playoff picture to see who plays who. Prix go take a nap and get off nba.com

    • LakersWillWin says:

      For a SHOOTING GUARD to shoot 45% is pretty high. EVeryones man Derrick Rose shoots 42% but everyones riding him. 45% for jumpshots is great.

    • curtis500 says:

      Yes there is…it’s called fathertime and it stops everyone…just not right away. =)

    • Rose4preisdent123 says:

      Kobe is a rapist, everyone should hate him. He should be in prison right now. Who cares that he can put a ball through a hoop like that, he should be locked up with the other disgusting members of society that he is equal to.

  137. Ruben says:

    I hope Bymun is OK

    • Jack says:

      I hope he isn’t

      • stephanie says:

        i hope you will get a knee injury yourself
        how can you even wish that to anyone
        you can’t be human

      • berkamore says:

        Not cool.

        How can you want somebody to be injured? I am not a big Lakers fan but I want everybody to be healthy and compete.

        The way they are playing, there is not garantee they are going to win even if Bynum is healthy anyway…….

      • prix says:

        Lakers are mostly done before playoffs begin with or w/o Bynum…Portland will send them home so early!!!

      • lakerfan says:

        Haha you woudnt say the same thing if he was on your team…..frickin hipocrit. I always want to see the best win without excuses…and injuries take away from a teams true potential

      • Jaz says:

        karma bites bro. i hope you’re aware of that

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        prix the mavs will get the blazers, and they will get put out…get on planet earth please

      • sbfern says:

        WOOOOOW! Really? i’m a huge Lakers fan and I was hoping Kendrick Perkins Would be able to play game 7 in the finals. That’s just low! Anyways, threepeat baby!!! LAKERS ALL THE WAY!

      • cam da man says:

        he is always getting hurt go HEA GO GOHEAT GO

      • tingyman is BACK says:

        Really Jack? all i have to say to that is eff you. I hope you get a hyperextended knee yourself you low down piece of sheet

      • Jack Fan says:

        These people are stupid, who cares if he said “I hope he isnt”
        I hope he’s not either, not like he’ll never walk again
        I just dont want him to be okay because i dont want him in the playoffs

      • Rose4preisdent123 says:

        there’s nothing inhuman about wanting to see pure evil (the Lakers) be defeated. If Bynum is out, that’s more likely. it’s not like he wished death upon him, settle down you morons.

      • Raydel says:

        i hope he isnt either he suck so does kobe gasol is hella weak bynum suck and soft fisher is ugly barns thinks hes hard odoms weak the whole laker team is over rated phill jackson is the worst coach to ever coach the game and he wouldnt have 10 rings if it wasnt for jordan or shaq. so all u laker fans better relize it real quick yall suck!!!!!!!!

      • Laker1990 says:


      • Andre says:

        Standard. I hardly remember Lakers fans complaining about Kobe elbowing Bibby in that famous West finals. So, please people, stop complaining. If he wants Bynum to stay hurt, he just wants the better for his team.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I swear it looked like Dejuan Blair stuck his foot out on purpose. I wouldn’t be surprised, SAS knew they couldn’t get by with him healthy. And to that @$$hole saying he hopes he is hurt… You are not a real fan. You are not a competitor, real competitors want the competition to be healthy to determine how good they really are, not what injury determines.

      • Teo says:

        I don’t think so, Dejuan Blair has had so many knee injuries and surgeries, i don’t think he do it in porpouse.

      • Gary says:

        You guys are both idiots. Just like Bynum injured Perkins last year? Pffft! stop your conspiracy theories.

      • Laker1990 says:

        Your completly right, but you gotta remember most people are not true fans of the sport

      • DRE4LA says:


      • Andre says:

        You probably is 13, so you don’t remember Kobe against Sacramento. Also, it also explain why you’re acting like a child.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      Me too, I want to see every team healthy for the playoffs. I noticed that Andrew Bynum and Dwayne Wade are 2 of the most injury prone players in the league.

    • 12gauge says:

      Actually relatively easy to wish it on someone making millions. And plus bynum always gets hurt right b4 the play offs. Me personally I wish he had died, fallen off the stairs and killed his self, maybe hit and drug kobe on the way down. I guess we can’t have everything in life and a simple knee injury will have to do. Maybe he can pull of Willis Reed crap and man up and actually play in the play offs….but who wants to play in the play offs and find out that you really are a p***y when you can be in the back getting some from some hot cheerleader.

      If you don’t like this post…I wish you had died too…..how you like that….

      • dvo.city philippines says:

        @12gauge of stupidity “go to hell..!!” and @sekou sir how come you let this moron posed his non-sense unlawful comment!!!can’t you stick to your comment policy????

      • nick says:

        lmfao your a moron, i guarantee your white, from some southern state

    • David Zhang says:

      I have been waiting for the Lebron-Kobe finals match for way too long, Bynum is not ruining this, you hear me, he is not. They league should just let Laker have defult win the west, no team can stand up to them anyways. Just get the lakers up and ready to be whipped by the Heat.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      I don’t wish injury and pain on anyone, but I really don’t want him to play. I just don’t want the LAKERS to win, and if he’s out, then it’s more likely. I want the HEAT to win, but thats unlikely. I dont care who wins, I just don’t want the LAKERS to win.