East Playoff Openers Set

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The playoff openers for all of the Eastern Conference teams are set, per a release from the NBA office.

They are as follows:

No. 1 Chicago vs. No. 8 Indiana — Saturday at 1 p.m. ET on ESPN

No. 2 Miami vs. No. 7 Philadelphia — Saturday at 3:30 p.m. ET on ABC

No. 3 Boston vs. No. 6 New York — Sunday at 7 p.m. ET on TNT

No. 4 Orlando vs. No. 5 Atlanta — Saturday at 7 p.m. ET on ESPN

The Western Conference matchups aren’t even decided yet. But with all 30 teams in the league playing tonight, we’ll know everything we need to by early Thursday morning.

In the meantime, we can all start planning at least part of our weekend around the Eastern Conference openers.


  1. Tenki says:

    I’m very excited to watch the Heat, especially after Riley and Spoelstra presented the championship trophy to LeBron. He’s very hungry to win it all, and that’s why he went to Miami this season. After 82 games and 58 wins, LeBron has accepted the role of giving Wade the leadership role he used to have in Cleveland. Don’t get me wrong, LeBron fans, it doesn’t mean that Wade is the better player. It so happened that Wade won 16 playoff games in ’06, and Lebron said to Wade, ‘man, you got 16. You did it. So now you have to help lead us in those moments. You knew what it took to get it done’. Statistically, LBJ is Batman. But talking about leadership, Wade is Superman in Justice League. I just hope that Bosh won’t turn out to be Invisible Man at this stage.

    The West has more intriguing matches, particularly the Memphis/SA series and the Dallas/Portland series. In the former, the Grizzlies match up pretty good against the league leaders in every position. In the latter, I would like to see how the Mavericks would fare against Aldridge and Batum. These guys can really deliver. And there’s OKC, arguably the deepest roster to qualify in the playoffs. There’s no denying the fact that Westbrook and Durant are out on a mission, and Perkins have their backs.

  2. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    The playoffs look to be very promising this year. I sincerely hope the Celtics/Knicks series goes to an exciting game 7. I think after the first round the east playoffs will get a lot better and more entertaining. I think whoever wins that series will represent the East in the finals. Hopefully the Bulls, Heat, or Magic will be able to make it interesting though. Nobody seems to be taking Orlando seriously this season, as if their appearance in the Finals in 09 was a fluke. Would be an enormous upset if Indiana beat Chicago! But I really don’t see that happening.

    The weekend couldn’t come soon enough…

  3. Joe says:

    I realize the Sixers are undoubtedly going to lose but can the Heat fans on here at least respect us enough to meantion that they are even playing us? I think the sixers will put a good show on and take a game, possibly even two but our fate was sealed when the matchup was finalized

  4. Another Fart bites the DUST says:

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  5. f says:

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  6. Fan says:

    Lakers Celtics finals. Take that to the bank!! LMAO!

  7. Fan says:

    You understand the Miami Heat already won the championship! Remember, they threw the victory parade before the start of the season! LMAO!

  8. Terrence says:

    Lakers vs. Celtics finals. Lakers win in 6 games. Go to http://truballers414.blogspot.com/ to see why

  9. MAIELI3>ROSE says:


  10. Afshin Barani says:

    look at the last 15-20 games , they defeated many 0.500 team , lal,sas,c’s,nuggets,phili,memphis and just lost lost to okc , it was all about chemistry now they got it and they are good,scary good ! be aware of haeat,

  11. Champ City says:

    99, 2003, 2005, 2007, and now 2011 are the years that SA has and will hoist the crown. Celtics vs Spurs in the finals and Spurs will be triumphant in 6. Also, let me educate yall, the Thunder, albeit good, have not had an easy time with Spurs, as a matter of fact they are better against the Lakers. Get some tape and watch the Spurs this season and you will see just how good they are and you will observe how they will dismantle all others. WAR THE SPURS and STEELERS Nations.

  12. d rodman says:

    Or Sixers vs. Blazers in d Finals!! Worst tv ratings ever

  13. Explain says:

    Why would the knicks be 6th if philly will have the same record with a win and a knicks lost. Philly has beat the knicks this year 3-1.

  14. kobe says:


  15. J. Miami says:


  16. Rabz says:

    I reckon that it’s going to be a Lakers-Bulls Final. It will be bitter sweet as Phil Jackson tries to finish his coaching career with a 4th 3-peat and he will probably get it done against the team he coached to their only championship wins.

  17. Put your predictions here says:

    Not that anyone cares. but ill throw my predictions out there for the heck of it
    Chicago wins it in 4
    Miami wins it in 5,… unless Iggy and holiday decide to bring some extra and push a game 6, but i don’t think that will happen
    Celtics win it in 6
    Magic in 7 (this will be the Toughest series) Orlando has had a horrible time against them this year.

    No this was not intended to go in order of 4, 5, 6, 7. just worked out that way

  18. DaveI says:

    Hang on a second. Though I wanna see the Knicks get #6, can’t the Sixers still get the tiebreaker tonight? I guess it makes no difference as far as hosts and times, but do the Knicks have #6 sealed up?

  19. biggie small says:

    u al r so dumb
    every1 nows dat da heat wont makeit and da lakers r goin 2 play chicago in da finals
    chicago winning 4-3
    u guys r so dumb 4 real
    da heat…..
    suk lol

  20. defense33 says:

    Rose is overrated and Chicago won’t make it out of the second round.

    • Law064 says:

      Your a Hater and sorry to spoil your lil dumb comment but Miami will not go past the 2nd round. Rose overrated?? Man Haters are just mindless blind idiots. Yes you@defense33

  21. Gaspar says:

    I dont get it….the fact that Miami couldn’t beat a winning team this year is not enough to wake up all the Heat bandwagoneers?!? Did anybody watch the way they crumbled? Or when Bosh complained in the beginning of the year that they wanted to chill & teh coach wanted them to work hard? The 3 amigos cant play all 48 ninutes of every game…eventually their non-existent bench & below par team defense will cause them to cry all the way to the off season.

  22. sid says:

    CHI will have some pretty close games but win it in the end.
    MIA gonna have a hard time to beat PHI at all
    Most easy for BOS and ATL to go next round

  23. Scizzy1985 says:

    Celtics lost their chance once they traded Perkins let’s be real. It will be between the Orlando Magic, Miami heat, or the Bull’s. Either team that plays each other will go 7 games easily, Orlando Magic VS Oklahoma Thunder in the FINALS!!!!

  24. Jamil says:

    Bulls are going all the way. There are the hottest team going into the playoffs and they have beaten spurs knicks heat celtics orlando and many other top teams after the all star break. Bulls have the top defense in the league and one of the best benches. boozer and noah will step there game up in the playoffs and so will drose which means hell prolly average 30 or more in the playoffs. go bulls!

  25. queenlebron says:

    kings win it all

    • Rabz says:

      lol, you do realise that sacramento are not making the playoffs. as for lebron, it will be the same story again this year, he will choke and buckle under pressure and again the championship title will be out of his reach.

      • Law064 says:

        @ Rabz I see it happening too. Then he’ll blame the coach or Bosh maybe even Wade. Boston took these 2 out last year and will kill 2 birds with 1 series this season. Go Boston Go Bulls

  26. silencer181 says:

    boston celtics!!!

  27. silencer181 says:

    do not underestimate the boston celtics!!! let’s just wait and see!! go celtics!

  28. rohan123 says:

    my predictions:

    ec- chi w ind 4 0 mia w phi 4 0 nyk w bos 4 2 orl w atl 4 0 sf: chi w orl 4 0 mia w nyk 4 3 f: mia w chi 4 3

    wc: sas w noh 4 0 lal w mem 4 0 dal w por 4 2 okc w den 4 2 sf: okc w sas 4 2 lal w dal 4 0 f: lal w okc 4 3

    f: lal w mia 4 3

  29. 305 says:

    Heat vs. Nuggets finals…. miami is winning it all this year

  30. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Its kinda funny how you guys have no idea what you are talking about… Heat won’t make it… Boston won’t make it… New York won’t make it… Orlando won’t make it… they all stink!! They’re horrible… must be sad to know that an 11 year old is making more sense than a sorry bunch of noobs like you guys

    • bt561 says:

      little kid grow 15 more years and then you can act like you know anything about basketball and ps your best player d-rose looks like hes 11 on a basketball court too ! i see why you likem lol but bulls are riding on fairytales in lala land if they think they can make it past lebron wade and bosh in a series! its just common sence just d.wade alone has more talent than rose nah and boozer alone forget about it ps rose is having mvp handed too him lebron wade and dwight’s stats are all better and lebron just puts rose to shame, espn are just all about politics so their suckin him off plus their still sore in the butt cuz lebron went and made a team thats gonna make all their fav team butt sore

      • Law064 says:

        @bt561 can you honestly say the Heat can beat the Bulls?? 0-3 this season they didn’t beat them at all. Ohh yeah they beat Boston 1 time. That’s great we’ll see if Miami can get past Boston. NY well I give them 1 or 2 games vs Boston and I give Miami the same. The Knicks showed us last night what’s to come Saturday vs Boston. celtic’s 4-1 over NY and 4-2- over Miami.

  31. Gaspar says:

    Get ready for the Bulls to collect all the hardware this year…..MVP…Coach of the Year…& Executive of the Year & the cherry on top….NBA FINAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

  32. sharif says:

    I don’t know what y’all are talking about, but its gonna be Lakers and Celtics again with Boston ultimately winning it all baby!

  33. george says:

    my predictions are the heat will win the championship because they rock and i agree with you julius i also hate the bulls

  34. julius says:

    my predictions are the heat will play against okc in the finals i say miami will win it 4-1 this is just my prediction, until that happens LETS GO HEAT.

  35. Andy says:

    Heat-Bulls east finals resulting in Heat-Lakers for the Championship. Miami takes it in game 6. Take that to the bank and don’t forget about me.

  36. abey says:

    i hate the bulls lets go heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. julius says:

    lets go heat

  38. Cinfused says:

    Miami over Portland or OKC

    NBA Championship 2011

  39. Gary says:

    I think all the top seeds will make it out the 1st round in 5 or less.

  40. toaSTEEZ says:

    T H U N D E R !

  41. redbob4 says:

    le baby wtf no one ever said it was him crying haters!!!! be mad and hate all you want once again the king had the best season for a player in the nba bar none states dont lie math is an exact science wade was up there also . d rose is a volume shooter they win becuz there d not rose dont think when they teams track rose and he has to give it up that they are to much of a threat Boston is scary cuz u can never tell how much they have left but there missing the piece that separated them from other teams a defensive presence in the middle that sets the tone on that side of the court , Dwight has a clear path to the finals now if agent zero can step up and show soim of him old self they have a chance and that only if . mia to me can be swept out the first round or they can sweep threw the whole thing and win it all no telling how there going to play but im banking on them havin it figured out . on the west you got sa la mav okc and the x factors den and portland la dont have the focuse to me this year sa is to old for a long run mavs are a season team not playoff team okc has the stars all lined up this year to me i have mia and okc mia in 6

    • Gaspar says:

      You are right…I must’ve missed the TV special where he explains that it wasn’t him who shed a tear….did u DVR it? The Bulls will win becuz of D Rose & their Defense….did you check the Bulls team defense stats as you were gushing over Queen James & Double Agent Wades stats…..hmmmm…excuse me as I quote…”states dont lie math is an exact science ” ….STATS DONT LIE EITHER.

  42. @Kingjames` says:

    LeBron comes in and dunks on everybody!

  43. KEVIN says:


  44. Cory says:

    Miami sucks they proved yes the can beat teams with a record below 500. But against teams with winning records they haven’t even won 50% of those games. For Miami to win they need a miracle plain and simple. Miami will beat philly yes of course not many teams wouldn’t. But in order for them to beat the Celtics wade bosh and james are gonna need to be monsters. Miami doesn’t have any help for those three guys if they were a deeper team than maybe they would win. But not without a supporting cast. When was the last time a team won with only three guys…………………………………….. I just don’t think Miami has what it takes to win a seven games series against the celtics, magic or bulls. Let alone most of the teams in the west. The spurs lakers thunder mavs could all beat miami in a 7 game series. The only reason miami would get close to the eastern conference finals is because the east compared to the west is so incredibly weak.

  45. Why ppls be hating on any teams??? Just watch the game and enjoy.. I wana see how LBJ and D-Wade is goona play, yooo #6 & #3 goota make dem haters choke dem self by unleashing your wrath at your VS… Yaaa Hate on Dat Son???
    AKA- Amer Boga Kha!

  46. DJ Mbenga says:

    Minnesota Timberwolves vs Wasington Wizards 2010-2011 NBA FINALS LETS GOOOOOO!!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Gaspar your right @ John dwight is a great canidate but his team has not been playing to their potential. D Rose MVP. Ohh yeah all those tech’s on Dwight great MVP choice. I like Dwight he’s the best center but Rose and the Bulls have the best record in the NBA. Rose has carried them

  47. john says:

    Don’t forgit about Orlando now with the true MVP(Dwight Howard)!!!!

  48. Gaaah! says:

    Big East Coast…1st round is Half exciting… But I can’t wait to see C’s VS NY…Its goona be very interesting.. Men I can’t wait for 2nd round is going to be A Nasty Dog fight with HEAT VS C’s and CHI VS ORL..
    Big West Coast… 1st round is Half exciting… I hope its LAK VS POR in the first round.. Mavs please win tonight. then OKC VS Denver is gonna be nice too.. But 2nd round is gonna be A nasty Dog fight btw SAN VS OKC and Lake VS MAVS.. Daaamm son I can’t Wait..
    I’m Loving It… Where Amazing Happens!

    • Law064 says:

      @Peter that guy bt561 is a complete blind man. The bulls are going to the ECF Orlando can’t beat them and ATL sure don’t have a chance. Miami won’t make it there so the Bulls will face Boston in the ECF. Season series 2-2 so the bulls have a shot.

  49. Gaspar says:

    With the MVP & Coach of the Year & Executive of the year…THE BULLS WILL TAKE IT ALL!!!!! For all the Heat fans…just make sure that you have enough tissue for Le Baby cuz he will be shedding tears once again & he will promise to not let you down again….UNTILL NEXT YEAR!!!!!

    • tata says:

      LeBaby = Frenchy

    • Gary says:

      Using nick names for Lebron. You must be the ex girlfriends AKA Cleveland fans lol.

    • bt561 says:

      hmmm rose hasnt won a playoff series doesnt deserve mvp hes below top 5 player in my eyes and neither has the coach won a playoff series, if the bulls get lucky theyll make the second round any1 after that is way too talented for them in a series ps d-rose is NOTHING on lebron wade amare carmello or kobe or dwight , no way bulls make it past second round

      • Peter says:

        LOL You have no clue do you? Have you ever watched the Bulls play? Rose is the best talent in this league behind James. he is MVP hands down. No other player has had to carry his team. He is the only All-Star on the Bulls and he had to carry the team when Boozer and Noah were out for 53 games total.

        The bulls went 35-18 when Boozer/Noah or both were injured. Thanks to D-Rose.

  50. brandon says:

    the cwltics will not win this year…the knicks have a better chance then people think.but i would love to see the thunder v the bulls in the finals.that would be awesome

  51. chebunett says:

    Heat VS Oklohoma in the championship final

  52. George says:

    Knicks Vs Nuggets – 2011 NBA Finals LETS GOO

  53. George says:

    Knicks vs Nuggets = 2011 NBA Finals

    • Sal Dan says:

      Indeed! I miss Gallo and Ray and Chandler, I hope they win the Western conference and Knicks beat the East. But I want the Knicks to win the Title! STAT CITY! Amar’e= the change is here!!!!!!!!!! KNickssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. chebunett says:


    • Gaspar says:

      Can Miami win thorugh the tear shedding??? THERES NO CRYING IN BASkETBALL!!!! The Bulls had 2 coaches quit aftre beating them & forced Le Baby to pout & cry all the way down SOUTH BEACH!!!!

  55. herb says:


  56. CP says:

    Grizzlies win it all!!

  57. cory hill says:

    ikno that the miami heat are goin to win the nba 2010-2011 finals

  58. Kobe's Lawyer says:

    I really don’t wanna sleep on the Celtics. They’ll have Shaq back to clog the paint and they’ll stop sleepwalking and actually play with some intensity. As far as the first round:

    CHI > IND in 5 games
    MIA > PHI sweep
    BOS > NYK in 6 games
    ORL > ATL in 6 or possibly 7 very boring games.

    • QuestionMark says:

      ORL-ATL boring? well maybe since Im a ORL fan, I don’t find it boring when they start raining 3s like its April, hopefully ORL will go for a sweep again like last year.

      GO ORL and OKC!

  59. Chris says:

    im srry but if andrew bynum is ok and the lakers are healthy there isnt even a chance for another team to come out of the west. and to everyone who thinks the mavs or the spurs are comming out you have got to be kidding me. the lakers arent even threatned by anyone in the west its not even close

    • matt says:

      Chris you clearly are forgetting about okc who they are afraid of after last year and they added perk. Fear the Thunder lakers

    • Kikz says:

      Amen to that!

    • Gary says:

      That’s true but we all know he won’t be 100% after that. Still there’s no counting a team out, until they’re out.

    • QuestionMark says:

      I have feeling OKC will beat L.A in Game 7. I actually see them shocking alot of people, a few reasons, they got Perk and Ibaka on “D”, they got Thabo and Harden defending Kobe, and I just see Westbrook dominating Fisher and Blake.

    • dwade says:

      yo dude, miami beat lakers twice
      SWEEPED >.>

  60. ZM says:

    Miami is easily getting to the 2nd round but its gonna get worse down the road. hopefully new york can pull of an upset and orlando the same in the second round against chicago. if not then good luck to the 305!

  61. Josh H says:

    D rose takes Bulls the whole way!

  62. TImothy says:

    I think that Atlanta will Will beat Orlando in 6 games,

  63. Cory says:

    No way the mavs can’t win it without Caron Bulter. If they had Caron they would be dangerous but i can’t see it happening wihtout him. GO SPURS!!!

  64. Kiko says:

    Mavs are losing to Blazers, First road. Chew on that sucka.

  65. DJVeNoM says:

    Cruise through the Heat?? LOL

  66. Andrew says:

    The First round should be pretty easy for the top teams other than the celtics i see a potential scare for them comin from the knicks especially with melo comin off a couple hot games but i think its going to be Celtics vs Miami and Chicago vs Orlando

  67. Michelle says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing Miami advance to round 2!! GO HEATLES!!

    • tata says:

      Comparing your team to the Lakers and Celtics is bad enough. Comparing yourself to the greatest band ever when you haven’t even won one playoff game together is retarded. Especially when your bench is “The Who”?

  68. Lilinho Heat says:

    Heat vs Magic in the EAST finals

  69. adam says:

    if rondo mans up and plays like he has most of the season and getting everyone going, they can cruise through the first two rounds. otherwise they stand no chance

  70. Scott says:

    GO MAVS!!!

  71. Theod says:

    I agree! Mavs will win it finally this year!

  72. AJ says:

    Mavericks are gonna win it all!

  73. Briliantin says:


  74. Gary says:

    The first round in the East this year is on paper going to be uneventful and boring,besides the All-Star packed 3-6 match-up,the rest of the series are very predictable and in my opinion will be sweeps…I’m looking forward to round two Miami vs.Boston and Orlando vs. Chicago, now that my friends will be some of the best Basketball this year.

    Boston vs. OKC in the Championship 2011

    • al respect the game says:

      sweeps?? i dont think so buddy

      • Heath says:

        Sweeps will happen in the east. Pacers will be roadkill for the bulls barring something amazing from granger (don’t see rose letting that happen). Philly will be swept by the heat if they aren’t all there, they will win one game if all are on deck. West the only possibility is new orleans getting swept by lakers if bynum is back the whole time and this match up may not even eventuate, otherwise no west sweeps.

  75. andy says:

    tha two main thing for me is,miami sweeping sixers,nd knicks beatin celtics in game 6…

  76. Auds says:

    That was quick lol!

  77. lssplack says:

    Shouldn’t these games be on regular tv? Why should people have to pay sky high cable prices just to watch basketball?

    • kelli says:

      tnt … abc ,,, espn … those are all regular tv .. unless you are stuck in the 50’s and have bunny ears

    • DW says:

      ABC, ESPN, TNT are regular cable channels, maybe you can’t afford it and you are still trying to watch the tv with an antenna

    • prix says:

      3 and 6 are the series to watch…a lot of people will be in shocked…this is the game that Ends Boston dreams.. sorry celtics fans i’m sure after NY beat Boston I’m sure you will be cheering on Heat or Bulls, anyway Boston fans are fake fans, they just go to which team wins..like the fans of the Fakers!!!

      • Big Apple says:

        I hope it will be true..can’t wait to see my Knicks beat the Celtics, they are not the Celtics I know before,they are weak and the Knicks are playing great right now!