Blogtable: Struggling Spurs & Celtics

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Who should be more worried about their team’s recent struggles; Celtics fans or Spurs fans?

David Aldridge: Spurs’ woes can be more directly tied to injuries (Duncan‘s ankle) that have healed, and San Antonio had to gain some confidence by holding off the Lakers to clinch the best record in the west. By contrast, Boston can’t feel good about getting a big postseason push from Shaq, and Jermaine O’Neal just got back on the court yesterday. Plus, Boston’s now destined to be on the road in a potential game 7 in the second round against Miami–assuming the Cs get past the Knicks. I think they will, but it may be harder than you think. Boston is pretty good loading up one side against a scorer like Carmelo Anthony, but if Amare Stoudemire has his legs back, he could wreak havoc against the Celtics in the paint. And is Ray Allen just in a temporary slump, or will this be like last year, when he was sporadic in the postseason?

Steve Aschburner: San Antonio has lost some games, but Boston is in disarray, with a laundry list of problems. The old guys still are meshing with the new guys, Kendrick Perkins and (yes, even) Nate Robinson are missed in the locker room, Shaq is turning into a Generalissimo Franco joke off from the early SNL days and, let’s be honest, it really isn’t all about 18 anymore, is it? Danny Ainge fixed what wasn’t broke, and that’s supposed to be a no-no not just in the NBA playoffs but pretty much anywhere in life. Celtics fans already know that.

Fran Blinebury: Celtics fans should be more worried for sure. With Kendrick Perkins now in OKC and Shaq maybe unable to contribute, the big, bulky, bad Celtics could be a thing of the past.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Spurs fans, simply because the West playoff field is deeper and therefore more dangerous. A bad week on that side of the bracket is harder to overcome than in the East. That said, I’m not sure this is the best time to be talking about the Spurs and their so-called recent struggles. They had a winning streak that ended Tuesday only after Gregg Popovich rested several key players in playoff prep.

Shaun Powell: Oh, Boston. By a mile. Everyone in town, and probably in the locker room, already has their built-in excuse: the departure of Kendrick Perkins, who’s turning out to be more valuable in death (basketball-wise) than in life. Also, Rajon Rondo lost his mojo somewhere. The Celtics could soon count down the end of the Big Three era and Doc Rivers’ final days.

John Schuhmann: The Celtics definitely have deeper concerns. Their offense has been pretty mediocre since early March, and it’s possible that their early season success was built on a shooting percentage that was just impossible to keep up. I think the potential return of Shaq is a bigger factor than most people make it out to be, but I have no clue how many minutes they’ll get from him in any particular round.

Sekou Smith: Celtics fans or Spurs fans? What about Lakers fans? Maybe you missed the Lakers’ five-game slide or Andrew Bynum going down last night after hyper extending his surgically repaired right knee. With all due respect to our good friends in Boston and San Antonio, Lakers fans are the ones that need to be worried right now. They‘ve never looked more vulnerable (at least on paper) and their three-peat dreams rest on the health of Bynum‘s right knee. Back to the original question, the Spurs don‘t have nearly as many question marks as the Celtics, who have yet to see if Shaquille O‘Neal is healthy enough to carry the load down low for a series, let alone an extended playoff run.


  1. Victoryxoxo says:

    Oh, and I believe Lakers fans have a LOT more to worry about than these 2 other teams. 😦

  2. Victoryxoxo says:

    This sentence right here,”The Spurs are boring” is for people whose heads are nothing but a box of rocks.. Obviously these so-called ‘expert fans’ of their teams have no idea about these THREE things. 1.) Sharing the ball. 3.) Diverse playing options and players (shooting 3s, smaller guys maneuvering through “Giant Lugs” and can get to the basket, consistency.. AND #4.) (Sorry if this is too complicated for some to understand.) STRATEGIC PLAYING. Some people just don’t know what REAL team playing is all about. Oh yeah, and they’re so boring that for some reason they inspire the other teams to mimic them–it’s blatantly obvious–if you happen to have any NBA brains/IQ at all, geniuses. Completely pathetic naysayers, I tell ya! Nothing but Haters, Haters, Haters,,, Pretty effing lame.

  3. Victoryxoxo says:

    This sentence right here,”The Spurs are boring” is for people whose heads are nothing but a box of rocks.. Obviously these so-called ‘expert fans’ of their teams have no idea about these 2 things. 1.) Sharing the ball. 3.) Diverse playing options (shooting 3s, smaller guys maneuvering through “Giant Lugs” and can get to the basket. AND #4.) (Sorry if this is too complicated for some to understand.) STRATEGIC PLAYING. Some people just don’t know what REAL team playing is all about. Oh yeah, and they’re so boring that for some reason they inspire the other teams to attempt to mimic them–it’s so. so obvious–if you happen to have any NBA Ibrains/IQ at all, geniuses. Completely pathetic naysayers, I tell ya! Nothing but Haters, Haters, Haters,,, Pretty effing lame.

  4. LOL says:

    Well, for me, the Spurs are plain boring. You can’t deny their talent. But you can’t see a lot of eye-catching plays. You just expect them to win every night and seeing them play another team aside from the playoff teams is simply a waste of time.

  5. KarlJohn says:

    Well. I think the only problem is Shaq not being able to play because Shaq from what I see in his games is still a monster under the ring. For Cs its like this, U have Perk and Shaq, Perks gone fine cuz Shaqs there, Shaqs gone Perks there, its fine but Both of them gone= Hard time. Im really happy to see that fans are starting to see that not only winning the 1seed can bring you to the Championship. Not like prix who only knows how to hate and not base his comments on stats. I think Boston will really struggle with Bulls and Heat if they dont get Shaq on the court and thats that. To tell you the truth, it’s anyones championship in east but in west I can only see OKC,Lakers and Spurs in the final. I east, I can see 5 teams in the finals, Boston,NYK,Bulls and Heat. I dont know who will win because they have each a strength and weaknesses. 5 of those teams are a good Team. Thats all.^^

  6. Jeremy " kingjim" pinoy says:

    i think it should be bulls fans, cause when coaching changed in Indiana and the bulls faced the pacers the bulls lost and with the status of Ronnie brewer unknown we MAY have a problem

  7. sukerpunch says:

    The C’s fans should be more worried…the celtics big4 is now like the baby 4…
    after the trade the C’s became a weak team..I think their not gonna make it to the 2nd round…

  8. JCS says:

    im not rooting for any team this season. im sure everyone here knows how UNPREDICTABLE the PLAYOFFS is… great players will ALWAYS deliver when it counts and for bench players, this is their time to show what they can do…

    anyways.. i just love to watch the playoffs. Lots of teams to look out for like the Tblazers, Thunder, Denver, Knicks, Memphis and of course the Bulls. Imagine CHI vs LAL in the finals… would it be hard for Phil Jackson to face the team he had his first 2 3-peats to have his 4th?

    And this breaks me, i don’t like the Lakers coz im already fed up with them in the finals, i wanna see other teams get their chance on the title.. they had their run in the first decade of the 21st century, BUT i love Phil Jackson, i really like him to have his 12th title in a string of 3-peats.. ALL of his championships are in 3-peat format and i really want that to continue this season. Too bad he’s on the wrong team :p

    • JCS says:

      forgot to answer the topic lol! well the C’s have to be worried because they aren’t just a playoff team right now. The only hope now is IF their veterans will deliver in the playoffs, be the star player that they are when its needed.

  9. redbull17 says:

    spurs will struggle because of their new offensive style, high volume shooting is not suited to playoffs and good defensive teams can shut them down. So they’ll probably lose to either the lakers or portland in the conference finals.

    boston will struggle because of personal issues they still have their big 3/4 but they look a bit old at times and rondo is struggling. After their starting line-up there is not much depth on the bench , so probably second round for Boston (just).

  10. toneloc says:

    Boston has the most to worry about. They got rid of their defensive anchor in Perkins and now will be expose in the paint. LeBum and wade are going to have a blast in that series.

  11. Albert Allego says:

    Not a bad article only a bad title, how in the world that Lakers came into picture. But nevertheless Lakers is also in a downturn no question about that but there is still one big guy standing in the middle and that is Pau Gasol. If the Lakers get past Oklahoma where Perkins was the ingredient of 2008 Celtics Champion team lakers has a good chance, If the Magic got eliminated in the process Lakers is three-peat Champion. Big man plays big role and the only dominant big man and a scorer in the league right now are Gasol, Duncan (aged), Garnet (aged) and Howard.

  12. Jesus says:

    I really dont know why everyone is talking about the spurs yeah their bench put up great numbers against a championship lakers but thats where their problems lay its either their bench or their starters its like having two different teams there is absolutly no chemistry between the two (bench and starters) if even one starter goes down the spurs dont have the option to sub cuase if they do put in a bench to a starters roll it just doesnt work when parker duncan and ginolbli went down the team fell apart spurs fans have wayyyyy more to be worried about cause if even one starter goes down the spurs have no chance wat-so-ever and as far as the western conference goes no team in the league as the talent and chemistry than the lakers the all-star break proved that the lakers can turn in on whenever they want right now their just like a kid playing a video game you get bored all their waiting for is the real challenge (hence the playoffs) to come around

  13. Sam says:

    Both Celtics and Spurs will get knocked off, believe me. It will be Durant-Kobe in the west and LeBron-Derrick in the east. So we’ll have a good finals showdown and not a boring finals match up just like the past 4 years did.

  14. Allen says:

    i dont know why everyone hates on the celtics. Remember last year? EVERYONE thought that they were not gonna get past the cavs, they lost too many games down the final stretch of the season, theyre too old, they have too many injuries, and LOOK WHAT HAPPENED! THEY GOT TO THE FINALS! And yet still everyone doubts them. It makes no sense, look, the celtics always save the best for last, and this year we are going to prove it!

  15. Darrell Robinson says:

    These are all great comments! All great reasons! I love that people are sticking up for their favorite teams! Personally I am a Spurs and Celtics fan! I really dislike the Lakers and don’t want them to win another championship. I think the Spurs can definitely win it all this year. If Duncan plays like I know he can, the other teams in the West are going to have nightmares! Ginobili is going to play great with or without injury! If Parker can play as good or better as he did in 2007 then I definitely going to be feeling great about the Spurs chances of winning the championship! Also, the Spurs have the best bench team in the league PERIOD! I think the Celtics can also win the championship this year even though I thought it was a huge gamble to trade Perkins! We’ll see if that pays off in the playoffs. However, the Celtics success does not just rest on Rondo alone. If Garnett plays like a beast then the Celtics will have the best inside game in the East, plus they have SHAQ (never count this man out) and Jermaine Oneal (still one of the best post players we have in the game today). Have people forgot about Ray Allen?! He’s the best shooter in the entire league as well as a top 3 clutch player! If plays well there will be raining 3’s and he is a lockdown type of defender. One jumpshot from him can change the course of a playoff series! Have people forgot about Paul Pierce?! This man is one of the best 3 point shooters, clutch players, and mid-range players in the game! This man gives everyone problems! In summary, the Spurs have the best BIG 3 in the league and the Celtics have the best BIG 4 in the league! It would be cool to see a SPURS vs CELTICS NBA Finals! That would be a dream come true!

  16. Heat says:

    Prix your a band wagon rider ehh its people like you that give bad name to real miami fans……. really shut the hell up please

  17. deron says:

    The Knicks really don’t have a chance against C’s. The Celtics being able to stay home for a week will give them the edge, not to mention their talent, coaching, experience, and defensive advantage.

  18. argenis says:

    yea boston is pretty much done now u can say they been on a slump for a while now and can bearly score 100 pts in a game i think since theyre defense coach tom left they gotten soft

  19. Boy Dapa says:

    I want Spurs vs. Bulls in the Finals. Why? Because both teams never lost in the Finals series. 🙂

  20. Alan Hollway says:

    On form, Celtics have a great deal more to worry about than the Spurs and the latest team changes have done nothing for team spirit. However one also needs to examine the score card of the Spurs and look closely at the loss side of the equation. Of the 20 losses this year, the Spurs have a number of big defeats to top ranked teams and they have lost the regular series to the Celtics, Lakers, Bulls and have had big defeats by the Heat, Knicks & Magic. They were also not overly convincing against the Mavs and won two the games during Nowitizki’s absence. San Antonio started like a dream and were the most consistent team throughout the year but have still a worrying record against rivals. The Celtics seem to have lost their way in the second half but still have the best or second best starting five on the floor. On present form both C’s and Spurs will lose in the 2nd round. Celtics to the Heat and Spurs to the Thunder, of the two I would prefer to bet that Spurs move beyond Thunder and if they get offense going they can beat Lakers without Bynum but will not compete against Heat or Bulls.

  21. Daniel says:

    I’m favoring another Lakers Celtics rematch. They are just the more experienced and veteran team, and they want it more than anyone else. Lakers because they want a three peat, for Phil, and Kobe wants to rank there with Michael Jordan. Celtics because they were a hair’s breath away from winning last year. Don’t get me wrong, Miami Heat, Chicago Bulls, and Spurs are great teams, but it’s not enough. Miami Heat need Chris Bosh to impact, but judging by his record, he does not have much playoff experience. The Chicago Bulls do not have that much either, although i am favoring a deep run. The Spurs are dangerous, but it relies on Ginobli to play as well as he did in the beginning of the regular season.

  22. Jeff says:

    everybody said boston was to old last season and look what they did like paul peirce said the playoffs is a whole diffrent game you focus on one team and one team only no back to backs no traveling all around the united states.

  23. zason says:

    i hate to say this…but to be true, Celtics are done this year. Big 3 era is actually over. you don’t bring major change to your roster during the season if you seriously consider championship. half season is way too short to build a champion-like mentality and chemistry…..and time is clicking, people getting old. it seems like 2 of Big3 don’t have any gas left.

  24. 3PEAT says:

    Does anyone ever think about possible injuries when their posting, I mean I hope Lakers win but possible injuries could turn any hope and dream around. Who knows who will win. I just want all the series to be good.

  25. Malik says:


    without the help of perkins and plus perkins wasnt doing anything this year but since nened kristic arrived he has averaged 12points and 7 rebounds but perkins averaged 7points and 8 rebounds we are going to do fine with our roster its just a matter of focus and preparation and we got jeff green for nate robinson that great cause robinson was negative in efficiancy this year danny ainge made a good trade

    Rajon Rondo
    Delonte West
    Carlos Arroyo
    Avery Bradley

    Ray Allen
    Sasha Pavlovic
    Von Wafer

    Paul Pierce
    Jeff Green

    Kevin Garnett
    Glen Davis
    Troy Murphy

    Shaquille O’Neal
    Nened Kristic
    Jermaine O’Neal

  26. Coyotepretty says:

    I think the Lakers have more to worry about right now compared to the Spurs, im surprised the main question was the Celtics VS Spurs, have you been watching games lately? But i do think Celtics have alot more to worry about. Bynum is going to be fine, Kobe will be Kobe, every team goes through a funk. Boston just haven’t looked good for a while. Spurs are in as good a place as they could ever be considering the circumstances of this year. We all know the playoffs is a whole new territory but there is no doubt in my mind that if the spurs continue to play as consistently as they have most of the season, Indiana Hill shows up more, Blair finds his off the bench stride, Jefferson shows up, Neal and Bonner keeps knocking them down beyond the arc, Splitter (if he gets minutes) gets even more comfortable and the big 3 continue being the big 3 of new there is NO reason why the spurs cant win a championship this year.

  27. Denis_Celtics_Fan says:

    Yeah, you just talk negative against the celtics like you did last year, and then they shut your mouth by beating the hell out of cavaliers , and advancing to the finals, where they almost won it all.

  28. Kel says:

    People were worried about the Celtics last year, too. But the Spurs have tougher competition to face. And OKC could give LA fits if they meet in the play-offs. Chicago is a good team, but if Rondo plays like he did last year in the playoffs, then the Celtics should make it to the finals. The only series Ray was sporadic in was the Finals. I wouldn’t worry about him. These people are predicting gloom and doom for the Spurs, Lakers, and Celtics. But the playoffs are just a whole other season. All the season does is determine the seeding. These ‘experts’ can’t predict anything. And I certainly won’t try to. But what thing I won’t do is count quality teams out of the running.

  29. Gogan says:

    Ok I’m a huge Celtics fan but i think they won’t make it…The Celtics are really good but i have to give credit for the Bulls. My finals prediction is Bulls/Celtics Vs. Lakers/Spurs…..It’s probally goingg to be Bulls Vs. Lakers. I hope Celtics find their way again! I remember when they were (50-32) and i gave up with them…But this year they have a better record so who knows?Interesting season this year!:)

  30. Rob Sargent says:

    You never know with the Celtics, they look like they have problems, but somehow turn it around, one of their guys steps up.
    The Spurs, they’re boring to watch, but they get the job done so damn well, i still think they’ll at least hit Conference Finals.
    Personally, i’m gonna say that the Bulls are gonna cruise through to Conf Finals, meet the HEAT, who will beat Boston in 7. Bulls then go to the Finals, and meet.. hmm, still gonna say the spurs. who beat the Lakers in 6. then Bulls take it in 6.

  31. ahfdsfi says:

    Get off the celtics buts. they’re gonna win it all again and these stupid experts will… i don’t know, make something good up … that’s what they’ll do

  32. gabe4523 says:

    I think should rethink their blog topics. One, they are a week late in addressing the spurs’ struggles, as they have won 4 straight before they let LA win a game, playing only their reserves. And the game was close until the end, which shows that Spurs’ bench is definitely capable of doing damage, something people should have realized all season. Two, its only boston that has serious issues, which is what the bloggers responded with anyway. On top of that, LA has more issues that San Antonio, so why dont you talk about them? Sekou had a right by answering with the lakers. NEVER gives SA credit where credit is due, not to mention media in general. I have been a spurs fan for 15 yrs. and every year they say the contenders are teams not including spurs. But what happened four years in the past 11 seasons, Spurs were NBA champs, proving everyone wrong. Can we get some credit around here? Can people see that our system is a well built machine, with one of the best coaches ever to coach. Our players are quaility people, and our chemistry is never ill. Its not just people jumping on the miami bandwagon that frustrates me, its the people who jump on the BIG market bandwagon every year that really pisses me off.

  33. observer says:

    Magic cannot win with Stan Van Gundy as a coach.
    Lakers cannot win without Bynum.
    Heat cannot win with Lebron as a leader in the court,If its Wade they can.
    Boston cannot win unless they can have healthy Shaq,Jermaine and Kristic.
    Spurs cannot win without strong support from their bench.
    Nevermind OKC,its the same old story they make offensive plays with one guy alone Durant.
    Nevermind Knicks,Carmelo and Amare didnt prove anything until now.Scores a lot but in the end they lose.
    Nevermind Mavs,You cant trust their defends during playoffs,

  34. etsoldier says:

    I am celtic fan so i do want to see them win the finals this year. that aside i see four teams with a chance to win it.. The lakers will be in the conversation as long as they have kobe, they have put a great team around him. the spurs have been rejouvinated with young legs and a new offensive style. The celtics are still in it knowing they are a playoff team they slumped last year in the end of the season everyone including fans counted them out and they were one quarter away. these three teams all have veteran players who have won at least one championship and have veteran coaching. the upstart has to be the bulls.. thibadoe has them playing great defense and derreck rose is just amazing.. any of these teams can make it all the way.. I am sure to hear from someone about miami. i do not them there this year to many chemistry issues and no consistancy against the best teams in the nba..

  35. eberk says:

    the truth is, the celts have no drive to win in the regular season once playoff time comes they will heat up. and the perk trade wasnt bad cuz the reason they lost last year was cuz paul and ray were tired now the celts got green to fill in.

  36. shaun says:

    am I the only person who watched that game last night?????? did the Spurs BENCH make the Lakers starters play the whole game???? Im tired of hearing about the Spurs cant compete with these other teams!!! how do you win 60+ games by accident????? it would have been more games if Duncan, Ginobli, and Parkwer didnt miss those games during their losing streak. after last nights game, its obvious the Spurs have the deepest team in the NBA. what other team’s bench could handle a defending championship team???? NONE!!! they have gone with the best record in the NBA by resting their starters most of the season. GIVE THE SPURS THEIR RESPECT AND PROPS!!!!!

  37. Dennis says:

    Celtics and lakers will be fine they are experienced playoff teams and they come up big when it really counts. the spurs will do fine but i think what people are looking over is the fact that the Thunder will be really hard to beat in the western conference i think they have a great chance of knocking the lakers out. Miami won’t be east coast champs simply because lebron is not a leader and they don’t have the team chemistry like boston or the lakers. the bulls will be the challenge but in the end garnett will destroy boozer and noah, also deng can’t guard pierce he will get slaughtered. Derek rose will be the one that needs to be stopped and if he is stopped then the whole team crumbles. my prediction is the celtics and thunder playing for it all unless the lakers can pull it off.

  38. tata says:

    Shaq has been ready to go for months. He is the NBA version of Brett Favre… me when the REAL games start.

  39. MeloFan says:

    Just a quick message to Celtic fans… Stop sleeping on the first round. The Celtics have been steadily losing chemistry since losing Perkins, while the Knicks are gaining chemistry…you’re all talking about Celtics vs. Bulls, and Celtics vs Lakers… please stop! remember you gotta make it out of the 1st round healthy first…Im not saying the Knicks will def win but you guys are acting like its a cakewalk… dont be surprised to find yourselves in a battle… Remember the Knicks are tied for 1st in threes made and have a true game closer in Melo. If they are able to keep the game close they have a chance to win on any given night… DON’T SLEEP!!

  40. pwave says:

    celtics are done.hahaha

  41. celtics06 says:

    i dont think that the chicago or the miami will win. boston is a very good TEAM !!! and i hope they will win the NBA:)

  42. nuthnbtnet says:

    I know the KP issue, but what were you guyz saying last year before the Celtics took down Miami, Orlando, Cleveland(with LeBron, remember?) and almost… the Lakers?

  43. ghost of Season past says:

    You guys are crazy. by now you should know that the Playoffs and the regular season are 2 different kettles of fish. If you are looking at the regular season stats to make your predictions, then easily, the lakers and bulls are gonna be in the finals. However, teams step up in the playoffs. with a healthy Andrew Bynum, the lakers are gonna go all the way. Duncan cannot andle the lakers big three in the front court. Without perkins, the celts got nothing inside. very little playoff experience are gonna be costly to the bulls. Miami is still trying to gel after 82 games. The way D-Rose and chicago are playing now is going to be tough to beat. I say (healthy) Lakers – Bulls in finals with lakers in 6.

  44. avid fan says:

    First time ever writing on one of these but its a topic dear to me, so sorry if its a lil biased.

    I would like to say prix, dumbest comment ever. Everyone knows to be successful in the playoffs it comes to defense, a strong bench and experience.
    Heat have maybe 1 of those things. Other than their initial 5, their bench is horrible let alone very inexperienced. Mike Miller hasn’t done/won jack in playoffs throughout this career, the only person who has some experience is E.House, and all he does is shoot, but he can’t even crack the rotation in Miami. Miami loses to the Celtics in eastern semis in 6 games.

    I a chicago native. So its exciting and great to see my bulls back on the map. But it will be hard. DRose is gifted, but compared to other title contenders they will struggle. Who will step up for the bulls and be the 2nd option they so badly need? and lets pray and hope brewer and noah can be healthy as well.

    but back to the topic. between whether spurs fans or celtics fans should be worried, it is definately the celtics. No doubt they will put it out against the knicks, which will be hard. but reasons why is like the article mentioned, after the perkins trade, they lost most of their identity. Celtics were known as the big bag celtics. Didnt take crap, and used imitimidation as a huge chip on their shoulder. Now teams know that the celtics no longer have that intimidation swagger. Perkins was the anchor of the intimidation, even when he was out of comission with his knee, he brought that in the locker room and on the bench. We all know shaq is no longer that kind of force, and jermaine oneal has been one of the softest postmen to date.

    there’s my 2 cents.

  45. Wadesaves says:

    it will be the spurs and lakers in the western conference finals and it will be the bulls and celtics in the eastern conference finals, i say it will be the spurs and bulls that advance, and either one of those would win, it would probably be one of the most exciting finals in a while because of that, cuz neither one has a clear advantage except maybe the spurs cuz they are a little deeper

  46. uk baller says:

    At the start of the season Boston would have had more to loose because of continued pressure for tittle’s since the big three were formed, as where San Antonio would have been looking to be competitive in the western play off. However the Spurs posting an impressive record will probably be there demise as now the tempo, talent and fixture’s will not let up so a good, smart and deep team will have to stay injury free and compete and compete at the highest level game in game out and i just think other teams will be fighting harder or just have more energy over a series wanting to scalp of the west best record.

  47. lovebug says:

    Just looking at the stats from the Spurs vs. LA game, why would they even have problems? Gasol played 40 minutes, Kobe and Odom played 36 minutes just to win against Spurs bench players whereas the longest minutes played is Spitter with 27:51

  48. Zarey says:

    Listen everybody in the east confence finals is gonna be boston vs. chicago and the west confence finals is gonna be thunders vs. the lakers and then in the finals its gonna be lakers vs. boston miami is wack their are going to choke thats wat lebron does best and then blames it on being injured and bosh is a sidekick kevin garnett will punk him as the little bitch that he is and wade is good player but he cant win it by himself. chicago is gonna be tough to beat but boston will beat them. lakers will beat thunder in the west finals in 7 games and then lakers vs. boston

  49. NBAfan says:

    I really hate these biased commentators…every year they talk abotu how Celtics would be slacking in playoffs because they do bad at end of the season…well you know what? They’ve been in the finals two of the last three finals. I undestand that Perkins was a good defensive player…but seriously? Celtics were on 14-game winstreak without him. You people always say Perkins is the “reason” why they lost in Game 7, it may be true but you have to know that they didn’t know how to play without him on the court. I bet you that Rivers trained the team to play without perkins and you know what…now they can play pretty well without him. As for Lakers, Bynum doesn’t really matter…they have Odom and Gasol who can easily make up that spot. Bynum was injured last season and the one before it and Lakers were able to win two championships in a row. When playoffs begin…these two underrated (in the playoffs) are always the ones to shine through. No one plays as hard and crazy as they do in the playoffs…believe it or not, it will be Lakers vs Celtics again.

    I really wish they had honest people who look at all the stats and how the team performing, rather than hating on one team every time (like Shawn Powell hates on C’s) and talking about their own favorite team like Powell does about Heat. I wish someone like Barkely could do this…he always narrows it down to how good EVERY team plays or doesn’t. Never hates on one team and like one team than all the others when he is on air.

    • Izzi says:

      I agree with you on this, but ever since that trade Danny Ainge did it messed up the chemistry of the Celtics which will be a problem. If the bench can come an play with the will to win then they will succeed.

      • Kay says:

        Agree, don’t know what Ainge was thinking. I would think he would rather be a top contender for another championship and risk losing Perk for less than he was worth last year then trade him this year and throw his team into disaray. Doc didn’t even know what was going on, and I’m sure he certainly didn’t like what happened.

      • tata says:

        Ainge has more basketball smarts in his little finger than on 100 of these blogs. Just wait until Jeff Green wins a game or two and everybody starts proclaiming him a genius again. Either that or Bird trades Danny Granger to the Celtics for Marquis Daniels.

    • Carl B. says:

      Oh, kinda like how Mr. Barkley WASN’T hating on the Spurs last night when he said they wouldn’t make it out of the 2ND round? Sure, he isn’t overly biased towards one team in particular but that doesn’t mean he’s an expert on how everything is gonna play in the West-no one is really considering how close it is. But getting back to the question, i think the Celtics fans should definitely be the most worried out of these teams, but that doesn’t mean the sky is falling in Boston. Sekou’s right, i wouldn’t feel overly confident about my title hopes either if our post game relied on the aging o’neals & trading perkins was just a bad move altogether, but this team is still centered around the Big 3 and there’s no way there going to allow Boston to take an early playoff exit-with or without perk. And why are the Lakers and Spurs even in this conversation? Once again, one of Bynum’s knees goes bad RIGHT before the playoffs yet the Lakers have been able to turn that into back 2 back titles. LA is still going to be a tough out. And the Spurs 6 game losing streak (which has since been replaced by a 4 game winning streak excluding the loss last night) tied directly into the big 3’s health issues, which is no longer the case. Plus, their BENCH-I repeat, BENCH-managed to give the Lakers STARTERS major problems last night even if it ended in a loss. Do NOT sleep on San Antonio.

      • Kevin says:

        alot of those commentators are watching the games in larger markets and have no idea what the spurs have on the bench…. which was displayed last night against a full laker team..

  50. drkrouse1 says:

    The Celtics all the way! its a long tough season in the East! We got the skills and the desire and not one, not two not three not four not five but six stand out players… haters will all see! Thats not even counting delonte

  51. Izzi says:

    Okay lets look at the facts: There will be an upset in the East (that’s for sure). Since the competition moved in because of the trio of guys that joined up in South Beach, the heat already have problems on their plate. Yes they are the top defensive team, but they lack depth in their bench (which will be a problem come playoffs) and are not the team to beat, however they have the likely chance to be favored in the East. The Celtics have had many problems due to the departure of their best defensive player (besides KG). They’ve lost their tempo due to the new talent at hand, but not to worry, (even though they were counted out last year and proved the whole league wrong) they have a good cast of veteran players and are still the team to beat in the East. Now, on the other hand, no one seems to care about the Bulls, but since they scratched their way to steal 1st seed overall they are the biggest threat in the East. With Derrick Rose being crowned MVP (and he will), they have the best chance to advance to the finals…

    I am a Celtics fan at heart and would like nothing more than to see them win their 18th title, but with all the talent that jumped aboard the East it is a difficult road. My guess is that the Celtics will play the Bulls in the Eastern Conference finals, but the Bulls will advance due to the home record they have secured over the season.

  52. spurs_are_underrated says:

    The spurs are not worried at all, anyone who still does not count them as the most serious threat in the west has been watching another sport all season. To old? Definitely not. Boring? Again, definitely not. Worried? What do we have to be possibly worried about? Our bench ALONE kept L.A. within 9 points last night, at L.A. If that is not a huge statement of our teams depth than i have no idea what would be. The Lakers fought tooth and nail end their streak, and barely made it. Our big three, the true Big Three, will have dominant numbers as they always do. Manu, Parker and Duncan with two random scrubs on the court could easily put on a good show. With the bench we have now, every other team should be p*ssing themselves.

    • Kay says:

      Some of us don’t discount their talent but still find watching their brand of basketball boring. I guarantee Stern would rather have the lakers, or even OKC, come out of the west rather than the Spurs, ratings and popularity of the game and all that good stuff.

      And Spurs fans really need to stop talking about how many championships they’ve won, especially when there are Bulls, Celtics and Lakers fans all over these boards.

      • Love2Flatter says:

        sounds like an irritated fan. lol! Boring, uh….Ginobili? thats all I gotta say. If u really wanna back up ur talk, take an afternoon off, watch clips of Ginobili in action. Cuz boring and Ginobili don’t go together. LOL! If thats boring then I’ll take boring any day! LOL!!! GO SPURS GO! BORING TEAM according to this KAY! BAHAHAHAH!!!! Ok, damn tht was a good laugh. Boring, BOOHAHAHAHAH!!! Ha, sorry the laughs just don’t stop coming. LOL!!! 😛

      • Love2Flatter says:

        O and if ur a true NBA fan, u wud have respect for ANY team that can accomplish even 1 championship. Sounds like ur a hater. jealousy, envy.

      • Kevin says:

        Besides the lakers, what have the others done lately…. Our brand of basketball is called team play not star play… we play to win not for ratings… every coach in the leaugue, college, and high school wants the spurs brand of basketball… which is why if you look around the league, you have spurs former players and coaches in demand…. if the spurs team now played in LA, Boston, or Chicago, they would not be consider boring…

  53. Tj says:

    why everybody say the celtics old ? obviously if they dont feel old then thats what we have to go by…as long as the big 3 drops off then they will be good

  54. Cedric says:

    People say that the spurs are boring. I think not its not boring when you win rings. They are boring to people whos teams have not won anything like mavs,hawks,suns,knicks,thunder

    • Jake says:

      I’m just bored of hearing people calling the Spurs boring. It’s the same old comment year after year after year. It was never true in the first place (at least for a true basketball fan) and it’s even less accurate now. Take Ginobli, Parker, and Duncan off the Spurs and I bet they would still be a playoff team if they were in the East.

      • Doris says:

        Boring team? They have AMAZING plays, not only dunking like others do most of the time. We’re no circus here.

  55. Tj says:

    celtics alllllll day !!! we not even worried bout it..yall forgetting they beat miami 3 times and they bulls just cant beat them..yall remember what happened last year…they will be the 2 time back to back east champs !!


      they sure will lets go gren team i belive that the celtics will come out on top they r struggling but remeber they are a definsive team and vets might i add

  56. Authority says:

    Talk is cheap!
    LA, SPURS, MANIA, and BOSTON you have to make it to the finish line, and that is what’s up. Who knew Boston would have made it to the finals last season or Spurs and the Bulls would have been tie for the top seed this season. Remember that the game is not all physicality, but it is also mentality and strategy. All the above mentioned teams have great and experience staffs and they have been to the playoff and finals so they know how to handle pressure on and off the court so please save your breath.

  57. EllisFan says:

    Celtics are going straight to the title against the Lakers.. just like last year
    Except this time we are going to win!

  58. Doris says:

    People are bashing again against the Spurs. Media does not like them either. I admire the Spurs fans. They stick with their team. Everything negative is usually pointed out on this underdog team. With their accomplishment, they still don’t get respect from most of you guys. I just hope they win BIG again. They’re mixed with youth now, so they have a chance. They show up more on playoffs. Good Luck!
    Derrick Rose for MVP!!!

    • Love2Flatter says:

      Yay! Thanks for saying that! Spurs fans are VERY loyal! Been a fan since ’97 win or lose, I WILL BE A SPURS FAN FOREVER! 🙂

      • David says:

        I’ve lived in different cities my whole life. Right now I am in Denver, been here since 2003. I’m a fan of the Rockies, the Avs, and the Broncos, but I will never be a fan of the Nuggets. I lived in San Antonio in the 80s, and ever since early 80s and have been a fan since then. I still remember my first game at Hemisphere Arena with David Robinson. When I lived in LA, I didn’t go see the Lakers play, I went to see them play the Spurs and even now, when the Spurs come to Denver, I tell people I am going to the Spurs game.

        It’s not just the winning year after year or the championships because I love to watch them play when they loose. But I think it is their attitude of just generally being a bunch a great guys, and I think you can thank both Coach Pop and David for that. Even back in Gervin’s day. They were always called soft for being too nice, but that’s what I like about them. You don’t hear about them in the taboids, you don’t see arrest pictures, you hear about them in the community, doing things, opening schools, visiting hospitals, and doing everything that a public figure should do.

        I know most Pro Sports people probably get tired of being bothered for autographs and a minute for their time, but I never seen that with any of the Spurs. My mom got a picture of Bruce Bowen when she ran into him shopping at Costco, She ran into him again at the Airport and got to talk talk to him some more one on one. One time, I saw David Robinson at Comp USA picking up something and I just went over to shake his hand. These guys shop where we shop, they do what we do, they don’t think that they are “above” their fans which is one reason I think that the Spurs fanbase is so loyal.

        So on that note… Go! Spurs! Go!

      • Kevin says:

        We dont get that respect for one simple reason, we’re in a small market. But that’s fine, this small market boring team won four championships… This years team is as deep as the spurs have ever been. The media has to sell the Lakergirls and the Celtics so the NBA can be sucessful… It’s a business and the media is along for the ride.

    • Victoryxoxo says:

      I admire them, too. They could give 2 sh*ts about “a flashy-fake image”, they’re not crybabies like some throwing temper tantrums during games, They are just REAL and HUMBLE. Two things that many, many NBA Players/Teams will NEVER be. ‘)

  59. lambo says:

    i think all the good teams are just slouching until playoff time and then turn up the HEAT once it really matters but i hope lebron and company demolish the competition whether it be the bulls or celtics(because we know the 76er’s ar not going to be a match) i just want lebron to prove to his haters that he is the best and can do the impossible even with 2 other stars………i know im going to have people hating on my comments but we all are entitled to an opinion but in my case….fact

    #6 lets get it

    • A RANDOM GUY says:

      you are such a bandwagon fan.
      As everyone can see you care only about lebron not any one else or the team.


      lebrone is a coward he cant win a ring on his own he had to team up with wade so he nothing like paul perice or coby that have been with there team for years

  60. Nick says:

    THANK YOU! Everyone disregards the Celtics because they’re in love with the new generation (Bulls, OKC, Heat, and NY) Remember how they UPSET Cavs, AND magic last year? Rondo is a proven playoff star. He’ll do just fine. Im guessing at least 3 more post season triple-doubles. And about them not making it past the Heat? Well last year they beat Dwayne in 5, and LeBron in 6. so They’ll take em out in 7 I suppose. Chicago will be the real challenge…

  61. Sekou says:


    • Gary says:

      Hey poser, he pointed out the facts. LA could be in trouble if Bynum is out more than a few games. Go do your blogging on MTV or something kid.

    • Jake says:

      Don’t get your panties in a bunch just because someone questioned your Lakers.

      • Gary says:

        I’m no LA fan lol. Just have a low tolerance for 12yr old bloggers. But I know what you mean. LA fans jump on anyone that don’t included the word Champs when talking about them.

  62. Gary says:

    Spurs should be worried? No LA and Boston have big man problems. From what I’ve known and seen last night, Spurs have backups for all their Stars that are just as dangerous. Good luck LA and Boston.

    • Max says:

      Thank you gary, finally some voice of reason. The spurs have nothing to worry about. the bench can hold off the lakers starters and if that doesnt speak for itself i dont know what does. The spurs will definatley take it this year because no team has the same depth as them. The celtics are breaking down fast and they will lose in the second round. The heat are way too flashy and will get beat by either boston or orlando. The western conference is good this year, but no team can stop the spurs from getting a fifth Championship and real sports people know that not nobody’s who just think star players put on a team could actually go anywhere (the heat). So the spurs will always have haters for not being flashy or having a big franchise but what we have is the most loyal fans and even more loyal players!! Go Spurs Go!! Keep hating prix!! 🙂

      • Pete BR says:

        You guys have good points… I’m a Laker fan and to me, this year’s title for L.A is just a dream (if they win, it’s a big plus, but if they don’t, I’ve been expecting that..) But don’t forget that last year, it was the same old story… Lakers looking nothing like champs, Boston struggling, and look what happened… Sure, this time around they may not be able to “turn it on and bring it on”, but who knows, they’re both experienced teams with experienced coaches with tremendous chemistry (just like the Spurs and the Bulls, and that’s where I’m going..) If Boston and L.A fail to deliver in the postseason… You guys still have to face the Bulls (and let’s be realistic.. there’s no way the Heat are beating the Bulls… Not with that kind of defense going on and Derrick Rose.) And there’s a big question mark for the finals… Plus, the Spurs still will have to face OKC or the Nuggets, they’re both title contender and they could be an upset for your team…

        I’m not hating on anything… I’m just saying.. Don’t be over-confident about your team as there are leveled teams this season…

      • Sean says:

        im not even a spurs fan and i agree with these guys
        fear the spurs they got experience and back ups and theyre gunna be HUNGRY after getting swept by phoenix last year
        i wouldnt wanna face the spurs!

      • Love2Flatter says:

        Well said my fellow Spurs fan!! WE GOT THIS!! GO SPURS GO!!

    • Love2Flatter says:

      Thanks, Gary! Go Spurs Go!

  63. A FAN says:


  64. Berlin4life says:

    Boston is going nowhere? Sounds a bit like last year, when it could have easily been the Celtics coming out on top instead of the Lakers.
    Besides Shaqs ability to play, it all depends on Rajon Rondo. If he plays like last playoffs or the first half of the season, theres gonne be some dissapointed Miami and Chicago fans.

    • Sean says:

      truest statement ive seen in awhile
      now that danny ainge traded perkins ( i think people will agree with me that this was the worst move of the season by any team) celtics fate lies in rondos hands!
      if rondo can get his mojo goin again they got a chance

    • Law064 says:

      @Hratz Your just as crazy as prix man. 2k??? LMAO Check me out on xbox live dude I’ll kill prix or whomever. @Wild Schatz you make a good point that this is not the same Boston team since March. They have been in a slump but all teams go thru theire slump from time to time. The Celtic’s were being doubted last season as well but they went all the way to the finals. Don’t count out the Celtic’s. I can’t see how anyone can see Miami going further than Boston. Outside of wade and james they’re useless. Bosh is ok here and there but the rest of Miami team is pitiful. They played great vs Boston last game but can they play that way thru the playoffs.

  65. prix says:

    I would say Spurs fans,. because even the Spurs are boring team they have the most loyal fans and you can count them easily in with your fingers,.. Boston fans no need to panic because they already did…they know Boston is not going nowhere in this playoffs…So lets talk about the HEAT and the BULLS in the east finals!!!

    • andrew says:

      Are you slow prix? serious question

    • spurs_are_underrated says:

      You have absolutely no basketball IQ.

    • Law064 says:

      Prix the Heat only beat Boston 1 time out of 4 games. Just think if that same thing happen in a 7 game series your heat would win 2 out of 7. They beat Boston last game yes but 1 win vs this team don’t say much. Boston ove NY 4-1 maybe the knicks will win 2 games. Boston vs Miami I give Miami 2 wins. Prix you have a better chance at winning a bronze medal in woman gymnastics than the heat have at winning a title this year.

      • WildSchatz says:

        The Celtics team that beat the Heat the first 3 games is certainly not the same Celtics team that lost to the Heat by 23 points, and is definitely not the same Celtics team that is heading into the playoffs. The Knicks still have some work to be done, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the series goes to 7. This is the one first round match-up in the East that I see a potential upset happening. The Heat certainly have a better chance than the Celtics to win the title. The only team I would be concerned about from the East is the Bulls. The only con with the Bulls is the lack of Playoff experience, which in any sports, holds a lot of weight, but they are still a very dangerous team. I just do not think the Celtics have enough gas in the tank to make a decent run to the top, especially if the Knicks series goes over 5 games.

    • Jake says:

      I’m not even sure what that first statement means, but I do know that this Prix guy really bugs me.

    • SpursFan says:

      I think Prix is the type of guy who just likes to drop a bombshell (in this case an absurd statement just to provoke a reaction). The best thing to do is just not respond to his comments.
      This question is so pointless and about a week late. Spurs won 4 straight and showed that their ‘struggles’ were just down to injury and key players missing games.

    • Prix is a tool says:

      Yo tool you got nothing better to do then comment on EVERY Celtics nd Lakers thread and hate?

    • Jeremuah Laflare says:

      @prix; you still haven’t stopped with the senseless comments i see.

      • hratz says:

        You are the most ignorant person on earth, prix is a very gifted person who offers great insight to and all its articles.

        He would beat you in 2k also for sure. He blocks better than you and can dribble past you even without using left trigger.

        His english is impecable his style is incoprehensibeautiful

      • Heat-Tim Hardaway says:

        I’m with prix. All Boston and Lakers fans are so fake. when they win, they shout it out and talk trash with other teams but if they lose they are full excuses..prix just tell his opinion, that’s it! true losers are Lakers and Boston fans

    • LarryLengend says:

      Are you kidding? Celtics may be sliding but they are still the #1 playoff team in the east the Heat and Bulls have next to no playoff experience and other than D-Wade’s championship all their little post-season experience is bad. The Heat and Bulls will make it to the second round but, especially for the Heat, that’s where it will end. And people are all saying the loss of Perk is a big deal but the Celtics don’t need him except for the Lakers so unless the Lakers actually make it to the Finals (which this year is their most likely for them to not) the Celtics are fine and the 2011 championship banner will be hanging in the Celtics rafters, along with the other 17.

    • Victoryxoxo says:

      This sentence right here,”The Spurs are boring” is for people whose heads are nothing but a box of rocks.. Obviously these so-called ‘expert fans’ of their teams have no idea about these THREE things. 1.) Sharing the ball. 3.) Diverse playing options and players (shooting 3s, smaller guys maneuvering through “Giant Lugs” and can get to the basket, consistency, etc, etc….. AND #4.) (Sorry if this is too complicated for some to understand.) STRATEGIC PLAYING. Some people just don’t know what REAL team playing is all about. Oh yeah, and they’re so boring that for some reason they inspire the other teams to mimic them–it’s BLATANTLY obvious if you happen to have any NBA brains/IQ at all, genius. Completely pathetic naysayers, I tell ya! Nothing but Haters, Haters, Haters,,,