Duncan’s Lakers Troubles

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We were worried the Lakers and Spurs might be “resting” guys tonight when they meet tonight at Staples Center (TNT at 10:30 p.m. ET).

The Lakers eliminated that prospect by showing up for this game on an ugly five-game losing streak. The Spurs don’t have much incentive to extend themselves. They don’t need to send any messages or make any statements.

But they do need to make sure Tim Duncan can find his groove against the Lakers’ bigs, just in case they meet up again down the road.

Jeff McDonald of the Express-News explains:

If anyone in silver and black could use a positive outcome against the two-time defending champions, however, it is Duncan.

Repeatedly flummoxed by the Lakers’ twin 7-footers, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, Duncan has scored a total of just 12 points on 5-of-26 shooting in three games against the Lakers this season.

“They clog it up inside,” Duncan said. “They do a good job challenging shots. With their length, they can do that.”

Duncan’s struggles against the Lakers could come into play if the teams meet in the playoffs. So far, there has been no direct correlation between his statistical line and the Spurs’ fortunes against L.A.

Twice, Duncan has turned in identical two-point, 1-for-7 performances. The Spurs won the first game 97-82 on Dec. 28 and lost the second 99-83 on March 6.

For now, Duncan remains more focused on rounding into playoff shape after missing five games since late March, four of them with a sprained left ankle. In six games since his return, Duncan — who acknowledges the ankle is still not 100 percent — has averaged 15 points and 7.8 rebounds.

“I expect Timmy to play at his best once the playoffs come,” point guard Tony Parker said. “He’s always done it. I don’t see why it would be different.”

That’s more than enough reason for us to keep the channel locked in on TNT tonight!


  1. michael ball says:

    ah yes its that time again when the season over and its time for a THREEPEAT!!!!!it will happen and all you haters will hate more….then next year rolls around and you will still be singin’ the blues when the Lakers are goin’ for #4…keep wipin’ those tears!!!!!

  2. James says:

    Hold on, are Spurs fans seriously accusing the Lakers of flopping? Get real, you have Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker on your team. Those two are KNOWN floppers, so don’t go trying to pull that card.

  3. spursalltheway says:

    ya’ll should watch (and learn at the same time) duncan force his will in the playoffs. he’s been savin’ up some gas down at the last stretch of the season..

  4. cumo says:

    Spurs have a good chance, Lakers too. But Laker’s way is more tough according to Spurs and yes without Bynum they are in trouble against Spurs but it is obvious that the series will last for 6 games(if they can achieve the west finals’ ticket!) and who will win the 5th game is a big deal!

  5. bunbury says:

    If bynum gets healthy for the playoffs, the LAKERS WILL WIN IT AGAIN. without him, they have a shot just like the rest of the elite teams.

  6. InevitableLakerChampionship says:

    I don’t understand the people that say the lakers can’t just turn it on. That’s what they did when they went 18 for 19, the last 6 games where they went 1-5 they just turned that switch off. Come playoff time they will turn it back. This might be a stretch but I think the Lakers want the No.2 spot or would be fine with the three spot. They would like to wait until the WCF to play either SA or OKC. Until then they play the Hornets and Mavs/Blazers. The Blazers are the only team that could push the Lakers to 6 or 7 games.

  7. Jay says:

    you know that this basketball. Standing and power ranking is not an issue here. It doesn’t matter if your number one or number eight. What matters is how you play every game. How will you carry your team. Lakers, SPurs, OKC, Boston, Knicks, Philly, Memphis, Portland …… is not about one man show. Basketball is a team effort. And no matter how high is the stat is the ball is round. Anybody could win the title. All of the team has a pretty good shot of winning that NBA trophy.

  8. Rick Havoc says:

    Who do I think wins the Champinship this year? The Spurs, due to their depth, the main guys not having to play many minutes this regular season, Pop, and the way the team plays together. They need to focus on their defense. I think they will beat the Celtics in The Finals. Chicago is good, but they have not played together all that long and they first need to learn how to win a Play Off series. Orlando doesn’t have the guns that are consistant, Miami is not deep enough. OKC and Denver is going to be a war, whomever comes out of that is going to be beat up. Memphis without their best player, Gay, has not chance, same with the Hornets without David West. Blazers are scary and can take either Dallas or the Lakers, but they will suffer in the West Finals due to inexperience and lack of depth. Yeah, I am a Spurs fan and have been for decades, through the oh so bad and the good. Championship number 5 happens for them this year.

  9. Rick Havoc says:

    @juncast Well, the Clippers beat every Elite team in the NBA this season, no other team did that. Blake is a superstar, no doubt about that, he is the real deal. Gordon is their best shooter and a scoring machine, him being injured hurt them this season, also Baron Davis was a liability for them until he was traded and when Mo Williams came in they were improved. D, Jordan improved drastically and is a good Big man now and Kamen when he came back from injury also played well and Del Negro proved he can coach. Did you watch any of their games? I doubt you did since they are rarely shown outside of the LA area, I got to watch all of their games If they can add one or two pieces around Griffin and Gordon they will be scary. You might want to watch them play before dismissing them based on their history.

  10. raimund23 says:

    The ball is round!!! any teams can win a game… stop fighting……

  11. Rick Havoc says:

    Hmmm, my that was a confidence builder for the Lakers now wasn’t it? The Spurs sit Duncan, Parker, Ginobli and McDyess and the Lakers can barely get past them on their home floor when it is obvious they were playing their hardest. Now once again Bynum has ANOTHER knee issue. I love the confidence the Lakers fan show, especially the ones that don’t live in LA. I live here, I see all of their games, the frustration Kobe has is real, he sees what is going on with that team and knows they are not ready. Tonight will determine who they face in Round 1, for them it had better not be the Blazers. Oh sure, they have a good regular season record against the Blazers this year, with Roy being out a couple of those games and Wallace not showing up until close to the trade deadline, doesn’t tell much about what will happen in a Round 1 match up. But watching the last game between those two teams it is obvious Aldridge can handle the Lakers first big and Wallace can handle the second big, Miller is more active than Fisher and Roy is not that far behind Kobe anymore. Can the Lakers rely on Artest to carry them? I think not. That is a nightmare match up for the Lakers they want to avoid tonight at all cost. The truth hurts for the Lakers fans, at least they can rest on their Back to Back Championships the last two years and still being reigning Champions until June. Lakers played their hearts out last night, it was appearant, they will need the same effort tonight since more than likely it will be the last game in Sacramento for at least a few years and the Kings and Sac Fans desperately want a win against the team they hate the most.

  12. You’re welcome lakers fans. How the mighty have struggled against the best bench in NBA. Pop is a genius. A win means nothing. A loss would have been devastating. Kobe, Pau, Derek all with huge minutes against 2nd and 3rd string. Wow.

  13. Mathew Thomas says:

    stop lakers

  14. Mathew Thomas says:

    i think laker will win play well on this time.

  15. ldhl89 says:

    but nobody talk about the terrible FG% of kobe vs the spurs

  16. Seema says:

    You know what I’m so sick of this hating on SPURS. They’re the best team in the NBA, and there’s a definite bias AGAINST THEM. I have no idea why, is it because they’re all international?!?!? You guys are just messed up…

    • Gary says:

      I think tonight proved alot in favor of the Spurs. When your bench gives the champs a run for their money it says alot.

  17. jr says:

    Its funny how everyone looks back at the regular season and make stats seem so important. there just stats last year boston made that amazing run and how many games did they win in the reg season, 50? ya And people shouldnt be douting the lakers just because of 1 5 game loosing streak. there just board and they want the playoffs already idk bout boston this year but im feel that the lakers will be champs once its all said and done

  18. Ace777 says:

    Spurs will be the factor if lakers will win, if they play good offense+defense they win if not they lose! as simple as that, its not the lakers who will be dominating its the spurs, and lakers will definitely lose in the conf. finals to the spurs-if they win in the 2nd round!

    • Ace777 says:

      O by the way spurs’ bench will be on offense,
      while on defense duncan,hill,mcdyess, ginobili,splitter and blair will do fine, and their coach is good thats why theirs a 80% chance that they’ll win unless they rest duncan or some of their starters

  19. dvo.city philippines says:

    Usually the Lakers dominate all their opponents in the playoff, no matter what the standings are..see you in the Finals!!!

    • davao city says:

      from davao? kababayan! hehe.. well, your right.. im a SPURS fan..but, it seems it will be a tough series for the SPURS if they meet the LAKERS. ive seen many games of them.PLAYOFFS and REG SEASON..but my SPURS still have always fought so hard playing against them.but the question is, can they be meet? i hope so! cause it will be a good matchup.^^

  20. OK dudette, the spurs did not invent the hack-a shaq, Don Nelson did. Check your facts. And whoever pointed out that Kobe has averaged 32 pts. the last 4 games has missed the point. Yeah, he played 32 minutes because he (and the lakers) were trying to win. And they didn’t. If the lakers win tonight, it will be because the Spurs did the job the lakers couldn’t do – lock up the West. The pressure is on the lakers, not the Spurs. Perhaps they will do the lakers a favor and let them have it so they don’t have to meet Portland and get bounced in the first round.

  21. neutral_party says:

    Spurs vs Lakers would be terrific. Lakers don’t seem as hungry as their past 2 years. Kobe has that will power and he will turn it on during the playoffs. Unfortunately, I don’t think the rest of the Lakers are on the same page and 1 man can’t beat a good Spurs team.

    Spurs will have a tough time beating the Lakers. If the Lakers are not focused, the Spurs chances are higher. However, if the Lakers of the past show up: God Save the Spurs! The thing about the Lakers is that they actually have 5 superstars: Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom and Fisher. All these guys could be Super Duper stars on their own team. This is totally unfair as only teams like NewYork and LA can afford a team like that. The Spurs though are built smartly and still can give a good fight.

    We’ll see how this turns out!!

  22. kamilo rivas says:

    if spurs in the west make it to the finals against miami ,bulls or the pacers how boring tha’ts gonna be i can relax and turn the tv to a different channel to watch charly sheen or telemundo instead better luck for the rating next year!!!

  23. kamilo rivas says:

    pacers? don’t crack me up ha ha ha!!!

  24. cedric says:

    This will be the lakers last run. The only reason why they have won the last two rings is because they stole Gasol. If the spurs had Gasol they would have won to.

  25. Oula says:

    May God bless the L.A. Lakers.

  26. juncast says:

    @ Rick Havoc
    I think it’s is entirely inaccurate to that the Lakers will be troubled in the playoffs. It’s is true to all teams. Each team has to struggle to win. There’s no easy win in the playoffs, even in the mismatch game. They have to sweat it out baby.
    And it seems you’re in DreamLandia. How could you say Clippers to win the Pacific title next year. What about hitting your head against the wall so that you’ll be awaken.

  27. Authority says:

    Yes guys all of you have made great points. One thing is sure is that not one of you know the future so save your breath for the end of the playoff

  28. Listen up! says:

    The Lakers will be fine. I don’t care what seed they are. Am looking forward to another great playoff season. Come what may I’m proud of the Lakers accomplishments the last two seasons. No matter what the haters say they are 2 time defending champs! Go Lakers baby!!!!

  29. Tough-though says:

    It’ll be blood and sweat in able to beat the Champs. They will be more physical this post season

  30. The dude says:

    Haters call the Lakers girls because they flop, but yet the spurs invented the “hack-a-shaq” the most girly move a team could do.

    Haters call the Lakers old, well fisher is old, Pau is still relatively young, Bynum is definitely young, and kobe is averaging about 6 minutes less than the young guns like Durant, Lebron, wade and rose, but yet he still keeps up with them in scoring, Aging is not a weakness it is just a verb.

    Haters say The thunder can beat the Lakers, well seeing how the thunder cant beat them in L.A itll be pretty tough for OKC, especially since Lakers will most likely have home court.

    Haters say the Spurs are the team to beat, well……..the spurs just need stay healthy, and watch out for those underdogs called the Hornets and Grizzlies who,s record against the spurs are tied…………watch the playoffs boys and girls…..we will see soon enough who is right.

    • OK dudette, the spurs did not invent the hack-a shaq, Don Nelson did. Check your facts. And whoever pointed out that Kobe has averaged 32 pts. the last 4 games has missed the point. Yeah, he played 32 minutes because he (and the lakers) were trying to win. And they didn’t. If the lakers win tonight, it will be because the Spurs did the job the lakers couldn’t do – lock up the West. The pressure is on the lakers, not the Spurs. Perhaps they will do the lakers a favor and let them have it so they don’t have to meet Portland and get bounced in the first round.

  31. TWACK says:

    LAKERS have alot more rings than the spurs! do i need to say more?

  32. John says:

    Is Kobe all time leader in missing shots?

  33. mr acevedo says:

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  34. mr acevedo says:

    lakers need a win

    and they WILL get one

    i ❤ lakers

  35. SAMUEL JR. PINET says:

    I think Tim Duncan, despite his sore knee, has shown he can help San Antonio, with its cunning game. But tonight is not only Duncan, Because parker, manu, hill, and neal will be unstoppable.
    So be prepare because there is going to be a battle in L.A and god bless you all

  36. OBI1canOBI says:

    The Lakers and Spurs are the two best teams in the West with the talent and experience to rise to the occasion. The only weakness the Spurs have shown all season however was during the six game skid, when their players were either injured or drained. The Lakers however seem confident that they can turn on their switch at any time. The have to be wary of younger and hungrier teams (Portland and OKC) who want to show they can compete with them. In a 7 game series, those teams have players with the talent and quickness that can will mayhem. The point guard position especially for OKC puts them at a great advantage with Westbrook. For this I find it unlikely that the Lakers will come out of the West. The Spurs, if they remain healthy will be tough to beat with the home court advantage they have secured.

  37. lobeste says:

    i have my doubts about Lakers’ next ring but i really had last year. we’ll see, they need all involved together and confident, they have the lalent and experience but mental & physical strength? there are a lot of hungry teams, it will be great.

  38. Laker Fan says:

    Until the Lakers lose 4 games in a playoff series, the Lakers is the team to beat.

  39. HelloEveyone says:

    The lakers will lose again for the 6th straight time and they will continue to lose into the playoffs. I think they will make it past the first round and thats it.

  40. richuncle says:

    Lakers are done finished if they keep giving the ball to Kobe. If the Lakers share the ball and Kobe quits trying to do what he can’t anymore then the Lakers can win. Kobe is a turnover waiting to happen, his hands are all busted up. Lakers are so slow to react on defense, and their guards are too slow to contain young guards like Westbrook. OKC has the perfect team, they have not lost 3 games in a row all season, they are 19-4 in their last 23 games and the 4 games they lost were by a combined 21 points. They have a decent bench and 2 allstars with a great shotblocker. OKC is so balanced that it’s scary for any team facing them. OKC is having their year and time is right for them to win it all. Perkins also gives them a tuffness they did’nt have before, and a player that has won a ring. They are a confident team playing better than anyone now.

  41. John says:

    That’s like saying if the Spurs win tonight (therefore going 3-1 this season) the Spurs have a better chance of beating the Lakers. Honestly, last year you could see how old the Spurs were what with all their old players. This year they have a better chance due to their new depth and energy.Spurs are a team to beat this year, if not THE team to beat this year.

  42. we will see says:

    tim duncan will get his in the playoffs he wont hold anything back he wont get anything easy either bynumn has improved his defense alot this season and pau is one of the smartest defenders there is. the lakers will beat them anyways though the spurs have turned into a faster paced three point shooting team which hardly ever turns out great in the end in the regular season you win alot of games but it never seams to traslate as well to playoff intensity

  43. coach151 says:

    Well the coach is BACK! I think all the comments are good, and have merit (except the true fan comments – they tend to be a bit one sided), however like many have stated the Lakers are the Defending Champions! That being said I really believe that the OKC & Denver Series is the Series to watch, there is going to be some great basketball being played during that one… The Spurs and Lakers have two series to finish before any of your comments will mean anything at all, be it as it is, the Spurs and Lakers are really hated by the whole league… Teams are just sick and tired of the Lakers or Spurs winning the Championship, over the past decade either one or the other has repersented the Western Conference, (and its seems its going to be the same this year) but the Lakers are just too tall, period… The Spurs will do fine in the half-court set (they thrive on it), and its how Championships are won, with patience and fortitude and a desire not to lose. The Lakers and the Spurs are more than likely to meet in the Western Conference Finals, but watching the Thunder and the Nuggets will be a treat! BTW, no one cares who has homecourt advantage really, you still have to be able to win on the road to win the Championship… Western Conference Finals Lakers 4 – Spurs 2… NBA Finals Lakers 4 Bulls 3… Enjoy the Games…

  44. Lonestar189 says:

    omg please the lakers are not going to win it all there back court besides kobe is horrible steve blake isnt all that impressive and fisher ya he is clutch but he has no offense the triangle isnt working the bigs are too tired they need to get kobe more touches but i dont think they will win it this year too much wear and tear all the lakers do is try too fight every team they play because there frustrated they cant beat the spurs this year sorry i dont even like the spurs but i know they will make the finals i do think if the lakers add a good point gaurd this offseason and keep the same core group but they have too rest paul gasol needs to rest this summer instead of playing for spain then the lakers will win it all next year but not this year im going with SA vs Miami miami wins in 6 or 7 NOTE: this could be phil jackson’s last year

  45. Doris says:

    Spurs’ bench is tight. Spurs need to win this one before the Bulls catch them for homecourt..

  46. joel perez says:

    both teams are good teams, meeting either in the playoffs will be a challenge for any team! but what you gata think about is the bench the spurs are one of the best teams when it comes to bench players with neal, hill, anderson etc while the lakers who do they have barnes a great defender but not a scoring threat, shannon brown is explosive but if stopped than he has nothing!lamar odem is a great 6th man but you need more than just him. i give the lakers all props for what theyve done in the past but this is the spurs year baby so kobe better watch out cause duncans getting his 5th ring this season!

  47. Michael says:

    Last games Kobe has played 32-32-32-31 minutes..
    So whoever believes that the Lakers are done we will talk again after the Lakers have another championship in few weeks.
    Play off time is totally different basketball and it is all match ups and experience.
    And don’t forget the champion team is still champion team until someone takes it from them.
    Something that won’t happen this year.

  48. Steve says:

    I am Spurs man and always have confidence in my guys until proven otherwise. I think they are playing great basketball at the moment after the 6 game skid and seem to be sharing the ball and shooting it well. Having said all of this, I still think the Lakers are a serious threat no matter where they finish and how their form is. There is a good reason that they have won championships and they always seem to be peak at the right time. The other thing that worries me is that you can beat the Lakers once, maybe twice, but 4 times in 7 games. That’s tough. All I know is that my Spurs will be up there with a somewhat rejuvenated line up and playing style this year, will be tough to beat. It will be very exciting! I can’t wait!

  49. Marlin says:

    Spuristic it is—, If ever Lakers win, that would be in Oscars, especially Gasol he is best in acting, let’s all see and enjoy the game tonight, let’s do this SAS!!!!!

    • bigE23 says:

      i agree in the playoffs gasol really does act very good… and it works because he seems to make it to the line multiple times in the post season…

    • Gary says:

      Someone on the Laker coaching staff is a master of teaching the flop. Personally I think it’s a girly way to play ball pretending to get hit, rather than actually drawing contact.

  50. Me says:

    Oh my god,there are sooooo many stupid people in this world!!!HOW IN THE WORLD are you SO SURE that the LAKERS will 3-peat,4-peat,or SH*T-peat besides their 5 game losing streak???Is it that hard to just SHUT UP and let the games speak for itselves??What if I’M SURE that the Pacers will win it all????Hah, so idiotic!!!!!PEACE 🙂

  51. John moul says:

    I think everybody understands that spurs are a threat this year but know that by saying they are you will not be respected. The spurs are the team to beat in my eyes. They only had one bad run this year with 6 game loss but they were missing key parts of the team. Take that away and we are a record setting team. I think spurs will destroy team in the playoffs like they did in 99 and 03.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      How are they the team to beat when they got swept last season by Phoenix and LA won?

      • Jake says:

        They aren’t the team to beat; the Lakers are, and that’s what the Spurs will tell you. I think the Spurs can beat the Lakers though, and the fact that they got swept by Phoenix last year really doesn’t mean much. Phoenix isn’t even in the playoffs this year, and the Spurs have been a completely different team this year than they were last year. They’re 61-19 for a reason.

      • Steve says:

        It’s not last year…it’s this year…get ready for it

      • LakersWillWin says:

        You’re right, it is THIS year.
        The Lakers still have the title. They are the team to beat.

      • Juan says:

        They are a different team from last year. They will have home-court advantage this year too. Honestly, I don’t think LA will even advance enough to eventually meet the Spurs in the playoffs this year.

  52. think says:

    San Antonio (in the Tim Duncan era) is really just having a tough time against LA. Except for their championship in 2003 (where they beat the defending champ Laker team), they are just having a tough time advancing when they face LA.

    • Juan says:

      I think everyone is forgetting that SA is up 2-1 in this year’s regular season.

      • think says:

        but that’s in the regular season bro. I’m stating the SA-LA playoffs history in the Duncan-Kobe era, which is entirely different from the reguar season games.

    • prix says:

      True… because the BORING Spurs is up to a much expensive and influencial team like the Lakers,that they have the power over other teams to buy out refs to win and put money to STERN pockets…

  53. fırat says:


    • Hmmm says:

      we shall see. I doubt it though.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      No he won’t. I thought you HATED Kobe anyway? Kobe will score 25-30. That’s all he needs.

    • Connie says:

      I think you are delusional! Kobe does not score like that against the Spurs. Has not done so in years…..check your HISTORY. It will be a good game as always, and it can go either way. Please remember who is the LEAGUE LEADER.
      GO SPURS GO!

  54. You are so full of garbage its overflowing every year somebody makes a stupid prediction like the previous comment the lakers can beat okc and portland and spurs in seven game series dont be fooled by their record the lakers are still the team to beat they had the fourth best record in nba last year and we see how that turned out see you in june (sucker)

  55. jeff24 says:

    rick havok. your dreaming brother..go back to sleep..its not going to be easy playoffs for the lakers but im sure they will make it on the finals..

    • LakersWillWin says:

      The east definately seems to be less of a challenge than the west. There are so many teams in the west, not even playoff teams that are great.

  56. Gary says:

    Duncan hasn’t been a scoring machine agaisnt any team this season so as long as he contributes 10+ the Spurs can be okay as we’ve already seen. Now if LA shuts down Manu, Parker, Jefferson and Neal then the Spurs would be in trouble.

  57. steve says:

    wow,I don’t think you really believe that.You just don’t want them to face the Spurs cause you know what will happen.But sorry LAKERS will get out of the west and win it all.Last year everybody said Kobe was old and tired and they still did it,this year they just took it slow to get to the playoffs more stress free and with more energy.
    SORRY !!!
    LAKERS 2008-2009,2009-2010,2010-2011 NBA CHAMPIONS.For know then get started with the first fourth repeat in this era.

    • unbiasedobserver says:

      lakers fans are hilarious and oblivious, its awesome

      • Wait a Minute says:

        lol I live in L.A. Laker fans have SO MUCH confidence. But I understand it though. With a team like this, why would you expect anything less of a championship?

      • Juan says:

        I agree 100%. Wait a Minute: A lot of teams have the same desire/belief/confidence as any other team. A lot of other fans/cities expect their team(s) to win championships as well.

  58. Rick Havoc says:

    I don’t think the “woes” Duncan has really means much to him or the Spurs, they have been through it all before, they are focused on the Play Offs. If anything it is the lakers that should be worried, if they thought they could just turn it on and off when they wanted that has proven not to be the case as they stumble into the Play Offs. They may had done the same last year, but the team is older and age and games are catching up to them. Kobe is not the same, Bynum’s knees are still an issue and Fisher is no spring chicken, possibly they burned themselves out from making a statement after the All Star break, they look mentally and physically tired. If they face the Blazers in Round 1, I don’t think they make it out, if they do make it to the 2nd Round and face OKC, I don’t think they make it out, both those teams will run their legs off. As of yet it is TBD who they will face in Round 1 and Round 2, but if they run into either of those two young teams then I hear the Fat Lady singing for the reigning Champs. Sayonara lakers, better luck next year and good luck against the up and coming Clippers for the Pacfic Title next year. The Battle for LA is starting to heat up!

    • Ernest says:

      Had me until that Clipper comment, haha. Portland, Grizz, Nuggets, and OKC are all very dangerous. If the Nuggets can escape a first round matchup with OKC, they’re going to be REALLY scary for Dallas or LA. OKC seems to whoop em. Portland or Grizz can both upset Dallas or LA. And yea, OKC is really dangerous and can beat anyone…but can also lose to a few so it’ll be interesting.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I don’t get why people insist that the Lakers are burnt out or anything likethat.
      I don’t know if you remember, but the Lakers beat Portland this season 3-1. Remember at the Rose Garden when we were down by 7 with 90 seconds left, came back pushed it into OT and won? Right now it seems they are taking games off. When LA has that bounce in their step and come out with some energy which they’ve lacked the past 5 games, they are un-beatable. Perkins really made a mistake when he woke up Kobe against OKC.
      BTW, Bynums knees are fine. Fish will pick it up when he needs to, and Kobe hasn’t been playing at a “Kobe-like” level but come playoffs he’s going to push that body as far as it will go.
      But Timmy is 5-26 against LA, wowww. That’s a bad number.

      • jeff says:

        well if u do some research kobe has not played well againts sa he is 25-70 wow tht look awfully bad

      • Poyser says:

        Regular season meetings mean absolutely nothing in the playoffs, but if you do want to look at the regular season how about the latest meeting against the Blazers where Portland stomped on L.A.(the final score is no indication of how badly the Lakers were beaten). And you can keep dreaming if you think the Lakers have been taking games off, they still had a chance for the number 1 seed until this newest losing streak. Just a fun stat for you though, no Phil Jackson championship team ever lost 5 straight.

      • prix says:

        Even the Lakers seems to be great with all those stars but the difference this season is that…. LAKERS DONT HAVE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION ANYMORE…sad to see and sad to know but that’s the TRUTH…that the will be upset by the younger and more hungry teams like Portland and OKC…

      • Aaron says:

        Lets talk about Timmy bein 39-38 against the Lakers with 12 of those wins coming in the playoffs.

    • Ittaana Krow says:

      don’t you find people who doubt the lakers have been saying the same thing for past two years….bryant’s health, fisher’s age, bynum’s health, the mental lapses…and haven’t they won the past 2 years, this team is way to talented and is built for the playoffs, anyways we’ll see very soon how things shake up

    • JakeinCali says:

      Actually, right now the Laker’s are set to play the Blazers first then either the Mavs or the Grizzlies, either of which the Laker’s have a pretty good shot at destroying, if they can get by the Blazers. Should they get back the 2nd place in the west, then they play the Grizzlies first and either the Mavs or the Blazers second; again that shouldn’t be too hard.
      The thing everyone seems to forget is that this isn’t the NCAA tournament that is 1 and done! ANY team that hopes to get by the Lakers has to win 4 out of 7 games and quite honestly, I don’t think there is another team in either the West or the East who could do that. Granted their older and they have seemed to have a hard time with fast paced teams, but can a fast paced team beat them 4 outta 7 times?! I think not……

    • tata says:

      Nice try. The Lakers will be fine.

    • Tony Guillen says:

      this guys is either a kid, or knows nothing of basketball! last year LA lost 7 of 11 games and then went into the playoffs destined to win the title yet again! all these haters I swear, just tired of seeing your home team losing always to my Lakers….oh by the way, OKC went 6 games on LA because they decide to take a game off and LET OKC have two games….hahahaha

    • Wait a Minute says:

      You and I both know that L.A. was, is, and always will be the Laker city.

    • al respect the game says:

      dude what the crap r u talking about??? lakers r old and the spurs are not. common at least get ur facts right before u post something. deng