All Set In The East

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Thanks to a surge here and a slump there, the first-round matchups in the Eastern Conference playoffs are set.

The bracket filled itself out overnight. The Bulls and Pacers will square in the No. 1 vs. No. 8 matchup, Heat-Sixers in the 2-7, Celtics-Knicks in the 3-6  and Magic-Hawks in the 4-5.

While it would be a bit foolish to try to offer up any predictions right now (those are coming Thursday, when the entire field is set), there is no shortage of storylines surrounding each series as we wait for things to kick off this weekend.

Your friends here at the hideout wanted to make sure you were well equipped to tackles each series. So we’ve cooked up a few items for your Tuesday morning reading pleasure, with a huge assist from the Prime Minster.

No. 1 BULLS vs No. 8 PACERS

The Skinny: We’d like to thank Pacers swingman Danny Granger for doing his best to start a small fire in a series that, minus Joakim Noah, is short on eccentric personalities. When asked which team he’d rather face between Boston and Chicago, Granger offered up this salvo to Melissa Isaacson of

“Boston’s a different monster,” he said. “They don’t have the best record in the East, but they won championships; they know how to do it. They have four, five guys you have to worry about. Chicago, they go as Derrick Rose goes. If you make a concerted effort to stop Derrick Rose, you have a better chance of beating them.”

That sounds great in theory, Danny — except for the part where the Bulls handled you three times this season and have no reason to fear anything the Pacers bring to the playoff party. Granted, these Pacers and this Bulls crew have the same number of playoff series wins (none) going in. But there’s a reason the Bulls are the No. 1 seed and the Pacers had to squeeze their way into the postseason.

No. 2 HEAT vs No. 7 SIXERS

The Skinny: Had someone told you Mike Bibby would be the linchpin to the Heat’s playoff hopes two months ago, you’d have swung on ’em. Bibby was still playing for the Hawks two months ago. And when he did get traded, it was to the Wizards — and not the Heat. But after being bought out by the Wizards, Bibby quickly found his way to Miami and has since become entrenched in the Heat’s starting lineup.

And now it appears that Bibby, along with fellow veteran Zydrunas Ilgauskas, will be the starters flanking the Heat’s Big 3 of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in the postseason. After a season of searching for the right fit, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra appears to have found what he’s been looking for, per Ira Winderman of the Sun Sentinel:

Spoelstra expounded before Monday’s game on his reasoning for moving in Ilgauskas and Bibby and moving out Erick Dampier and Mario Chalmers.

He said Ilgauskas’ outside shooting balances the evolution of the offense.

“Our game is different than it was when he initially was starting for us,” Spoelstra said. “And we were successful. It never was an indictment on Zydrunas and his play. We were a jump-shooting team at the time and we had not developed a halfcourt game that would get us paint attacks.

“We’ve changed that now in the last few weeks, and Z actually helps us with that game, because he spreads the floor, gets the center away from the basket.”

As for going with Bibby over Chalmers, Spoelstra said it was a chemistry issue,.

“Mike Bibby works well with the starting group, gets the guys organized, particularly Dwyane and LeBron,” he said. “They can play off the ball at the beginning of the game. They can get into the normal rhythm and balance offensively. He’s a natural quarterback.”

It’s going to be interesting to see how deep into the playoffs the Heat can ride with this group.


The Skinny: Perhaps the most intriguing postseason matchup of all involves the two most perplexing teams in the league since the trade deadline. Both the Celtics and Knicks made franchise-altering moves at the deadline — the Celtics shipped Kendrick Perkins out while the Knicks added Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups in a mega-deal.

The results have been mixed at best, although the Knicks head into the playoffs on a much better vibe than the Celtics. But it’s clear neither outfit has fully adjusted to the changes. Anthony and Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni, however, have finally found a comfort zone that both can live with and it’s been the key to the Knicks’ late surge, according to the New York Daily News:

When Anthony arrived on Broadway, many worried that his isolation style wouldn’t jive with D’Antoni’s run-and-gun system, and over the first few games, Anthony seemed to bring the offense to a halt on nearly every touch. [Shawne] Williams and Landry Fields occasionally got lost. Fields conceded Sunday that he was “a little bit frustrated.”

But D’Antoni has made adjustments. The Knicks don’t run as often as they once did, but D’Antoni has established what he called a “fine balance” of open-court action and halfcourt sets. And Anthony no longer works against the offense, because most of the playbook has been retooled.

“He’s really getting it all off the offense,” Williams said of Anthony. “Every spot he’s in is a play; it’s a set. Coach did a good job of tweaking a lot of our plays to put him in his sweet spots.”

The result is a smoother offense. Fields said the Knicks are getting “better possessions,” and “the ball is moving much better.” And as the attack has grown fluid, Anthony has formed a stronger bond with D’Antoni. Anthony said Sunday that everybody has “bought into the Mike D’Antoni system.” And when D’Antoni was asked about the secrets of the recent run, he cited improved defense and rebounding, then added something else.

“Everybody’s on the same page now,” he said, “trusting each other and understanding what’s best for some players and what’s best for the team.”

It might not mean a thing in the grand scheme of things, because on paper the Celtics should clearly be the superior team. (They rested their starters last night instead of chasing the No. 2 seed, which should tell you something about the confidence/arrogance/whatever this bunch possesses in spite of their recent struggles.) But the fact that the Knicks will enter the playoffs on a positive swing while the Celtics limp into the postseason only makes this series more intriguing.

One thing the Celtics won’t have to worry about is Shaquille O’Neal, who will miss the regular-season finale Wednesday but is good to go for Game 1 of this series, per Celtics GM Danny Ainge (via the Boston Globe).

No. 4 Magic vs No. 5 HAWKS

The Skinny: It’s a good thing Dwight Howard is embracing the underdog role for this postseason run. The Magic will need the game’s most dominant big man to play with a chip the size of a dump truck on his broad shoulders if they are going to make a deep run from the fourth spot.

It’s not like it hasn’t been done before. The Celtics did it just last season. That same “no one respects us” mantra fueled the Celtics’ run. Listening to Howard, who spoke to HOOPSWORLD, makes you think the Magic are hoping to use the same blueprint:

“We’re always under the radar. Nobody’s ever talked about the Magic in any kind of way besides that we’re not a good team. So that’s all that we hear. But I like it. I like being the underdog, I like people not talking about us because, on one end, it keeps everybody on their heels and makes us really have to work to prove ourselves. If we were always being talked about and always in the limelight, some guys get complacent and we’ve got to stay humble if we want to be successful.”

The Magic’s opponent in this series is another team in search of respect — from Orlando, which destroyed them last year in a brutal sweep in the conference semifinals and from locals who refuse to believe the Hawks’ hype. HT fave Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution details all of the things he doesn’t like about these Hawks, (something about not liking Larry Drew as Mike Woodson‘s replacement, the team tuning Drew out and the regression by nearly 10 wins by a team that came back this season virtually intact, among other things) before explaining why he believes they have a shot at the upset (remember: they did win the regular season series 3-1):

Drew has done one thing that gives this uninspiring and uninspired team a chance to play beyond Round 1. He has done what Woodson would not: Chosen to guard Orlando’s Dwight Howard one-on-one, the result being that the Magic’s gaggle of shooters remains covered. “We’ve kept ourselves out of so many rotations,” Drew said.

As luck would have it, the Hawks will play Orlando in Round 1, and this Magic team isn’t half as potent as it was. (Orlando dismissed the Hawks by an aggregate 101 points over four games in the 2010 playoffs; the Hawks won three times in four this season.) Jason Collins isn’t much of a player, but he doesn’t need to be. He just needs to pester Dwight Howard so the other four Hawks can keep guarding the other four Magic men.

This will likewise make no sense, but here it is: There’s not much about these Hawks I like, but I like their chances of beating Orlando.

We agree that the Hawks have not inspired much confidence, local or otherwise, with their performance this season. We’re still mulling over the second part of this premise, that this team has any chance of knocking off the Magic in this series …


  1. pswy23 says:

    celtics and knicks will have a good series.. knicks are not good at defense,, but im sure they have a lot of guns to upset the celtics…

  2. cbow says:

    Who out there doesn’t think it’s going to end up being Miami/Boston and Chicago/Orlando in the second round? In my opinion it’s a wash from there. Any one of those four teams could go all the way depending on how well they play in each of their series. This years second round is going to be very interesting and exciting in the East…

  3. jejemon121212 says:

    i love how ppl talk abt miami has lack on bench plyers but look at boston they got nothing either. if they stop rondo theyre game will be f*** up. like the heat did to celtics last game they just stop rondo and they win.

  4. drick says:

    ……..if the HEAT play good no team in the east can beat them…
    ……..bad days 3-0 over celtics good days lead 23 points over celtics…
    ……..bad days SPURS dominate the HEAT w/ 30 points good days HEAT defeat SPURS by 30 points
    ……..the BULLS done there VERY BEST as well as the SPURS to reach the top spot but the HEAT are in the period of adjustment for the last few months but still they got the 2nd seed, what if they’re doing juz like what DROSE did in the training camp?and what is DROSE compared to LJAMES and DWADE? his juzz a kid compare to them..and what is BOOZER and NOAH compared to BOSH and HASLEM?not mentioning ANTHONY,BIBBY,CHALMERS, and JONES..

    NOTE: In the east finals if the BULLS are lucky to reach the EAST finals they’re juzz like playing 1 vs 3 teams (BULLS vs CLEVELAND, MIAMI AND TORONTO…

    REMINDERS:BULLS fans pls keep on thinking before the CONFERENCE FINALS starts..

  5. zason says:

    I think Bulls are overachieving in the regular season. They have no upside in the playoff. They have no more to show in the playoff. They played regular season game like it’s a conference final, every night and day. But in playoff time, other teams do it, too. Maybe they’ll be drop off in the 2nd round by Magic.

  6. charles says:

    sori 2 all bulls hater….the heat will never win a championship lebrom might be the best player but he is a championship caliber player….

    bulls all the way….go derrick rose

  7. Smart Boy says:

    1st Round
    #1 Bulls vs. #8 Pacers – Bulls in 4 games
    NOTE: The Bulls will surely make short work of the Pacers… The Bulls have an overwhelming starting line-up, a much deeper bench, a better coach and too much talent in Derrick Rose… They are simply too good for these Pacers to handle… In fact they are too good that I don’t think the Pacers could even buy themselves a single win for this series… Windy City, prepare your Brooms… Your Chicago Bulls would treat you for a good old Sweepin’ at the Pacers expense!!!

    #2 Heat vs. #7 Sixers – Heat in 5 games
    NOTE: The Sixers had a very good run in the regular season primarily because they got a very good coach in Doug Collins (which I think should win the Coach of the Year honors). Add the improved play of Andre Iguodala, the re-emergence of Elton Brand and the motivated play of the whole team (man that Jrue Holiday kid is good!) and you’re definitely going to the NBA Playoffs. However, it is inevitable that we should face the painful truth for this series… That not even the great mind of Coach Doug, nor the inspired play of these Sixers could save them from being butchered by Wade, James and company… I hate to say this, but the Sixers’ fairy tale season will end in the First Round…

    #3 Celtics vs. #6 Knicks – Celtics in 7 games
    NOTE: This is “hands-down” the best First Round series for the 2011 NBA Playoffs… Would’ve loved it even more if the Knicks was pitted against the Heat (coz quite frankly I really feel that they are the only team among the lower seeds that possesses the “Knock-Out Punch” to take down the Mighty Miami Heat). I am not saying that the Knicks are better than Wade and company but something tells me that they got the Heat’s number and if you were able to see their most previous game (when Chauncey Billups once again reminded us that he is Mr. Big Shot) , Melo and his crew seem to really match-up well with the Heat. However, that won’t happen… Instead they are taking on the East’s defending champs, the Boston Celtics… This is a really tricky one… Individually, you might wanna say that Miami would give you much more problems… I mean who wouldn’t?!?! You are talking about 2 time MVP Lebron James and former World Champion Dwyane Wade… Then throw in Bosh, Bibby, Miller etc. and definitely you’ll begin to feel a bit nervous… However, collectively I firmly believe that the C’s are a much tougher draw… These guys are battle-tested, they’ve been through a lot together… They have a better chemistry and you know that they won’t miss a beat come playoff time… In short they play a much better team-ball than Miami…. Oh and yeah they won a championship back in ’08… If it was Miami that the Knicks would be facing, I would give them a chance to advance on the Second Round by winning in 7 or even 6 games… But with the Celtics, I think not… The Knicks’ firepower could definitely make any opposition sweat like a pig and the Celtics is no exception to that. However, the best that they could do against the C’s is to extend the series to 7 games. In the end, the C’s chemistry and excellent team-play would definitely kick-in and that would spell doom for Amar’e and company…

    #4 Magic vs. #5 Hawks – Magic in 6 games
    NOTE: The Hawks did quite a number against the Magic this regular season which is why I believe they won’t suffer the same painful manner of defeat they got from this Magic team last year. In short, they will win some games in this series due to momentum and pride… After that, well Orlando’s talent would begin to kick-in, ultimately taking away the series completely from the Hawks. I’m pretty sure Dwight Howard will eventually find a way to overpower Jason Collins within the series… When that happens, and it will happen… There ain’t a single thing that the Hawks could do…They simply won’t survive the beating they would have to contend with Dwight dominating the paint and Jameer, J-Rich, Hedo, and Arenas all taking turns in throwing bombs beyond the arc.

  8. biyatch says:

    all celtics fans stop all foolishness the HEAT will bring you DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. grifter says:

    what ever the records be it will still be the same at the end….MIAMI as the CHAMP…go MIAMI.. 🙂

  10. grgnugb says:

    well open ur eyes n see tht the heat arent goin anywhere but home soon!

  11. Beffer says:

    Everything is set up for the Heat to emerge conference champs. It’s easy to see…

  12. manza says:

    its gonna be great game….personally I will go or Heat….

  13. allaround baller says:


  14. lol says:


    Lets see… If i remember it correctly, for the past two season, the team with the best record, aka the CLEVELAND CAVALIERS didnt even get to the finals. Bulls won 61 games? Two seasons ago they won 66, and it should have been 67 because they didnt play lebron for the last game. but guess what? THEY DIDNT EVEN MAKE THE NBA FINALS.
    YOU are probably going to say that the Bulls are much better team than the Cavs, but do you really think so?
    Balanced offense you said? The cavs had balanced offense as well, their only flaw in offense was that Lebron was involved in almost every single play. Can you really say the Bulls are different?? more than 80% of their offensive strategies involves Derrik Rose, Whether it is setting up plays for other players, or creating plays for himself, Derrik Rose handles the ball ALL THE TIME.The Bulls are not getting far. They are going to go through what the Cleveland Cavaliers went through for past few seasons, and Derrik Rose is going to GG out of the Bulls because they stink.

  15. this is what i think celtics over nicks 4-2 miami over phili 4-1 magic over howks 4-2 chicago over pacers 4-2 in the west spurs over memphis 4-1 lakers over hornets 4-1 dallas over portland 4-3 this one could go ether way but i pick denver over thunder 4-3 east sami magic over bulls 4-3 miami over celtics 4-2 west sami spurs over denver 4-3 lakers over dallas 4-2 east final magic over miami 4-2 west final spurs over lakers 4-3 and the final i hate to say this but magic will beat the spurs 4-2

  16. seeingisbelieving says:

    Bulls/Pacers 4-1 San Antonio/New Orleans 4-1 1ST ROUND
    Heat/Sixers 4-0 Dallas/Memphis 4-2 HEAT VS. LAKERS
    Celtics/Knicks 4-2 Lakers/Portland 4-3
    Orlando/Hawks 4-2 Oklahoma/Denver 3-4 4-3

    Bulls/Orlando 3-4 San Antonio/Denver 2-4 2ND ROUND
    Heat/Celtics 4-2 Dallas/Lakers 1-4

    Heat/Orlando 4-2 Denver/Lakers 2-4 CONF. FINALS

  17. Tobi says:

    ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN HERE GUYS!!! THIS IS NBA! THIS IS PLAYOFFS! The one who is hungrier will win it!!! Mental Toughness will also be a major factor.

  18. Paola says:


  19. IronWill says:

    I was actually a little nervous for the Heat if they had to face the Knicks in the first round. Now it looks as though they should cruise past the Sixers into the second round. Knicks vs Celtics should be quite the series to watch. Orlando will beat the Hawks IMO and the Bulls should have no problems taking out the Pacers.

  20. To all the Lebron haters….theres no denying he is the best player in the league, besides Kobe, and one of the best players all time….The heat will make the finals….Derrick Rose will win MVP…Lebron should be runner up, if the heat had a better start to the season and not lost 5 straight in March lebron would be MVP.
    Celtics dont look like they will recover….but only time will tell…
    Bulls will lose to Magic in second round……so bulls fans but just like cleveland had the best record the last couple of years and lost in the playoffs, the same will happen to the bulls……….Love Derrick Rose but he has plenty of time to win a title…
    Hope Lebron gets his first championship, which he is deserving off….The cavs fans are just broken hearted and just want an excuse to hate lebron for leaving them but lets face it not even MJ would have won a title in Cleveland with the supporting cast Lebron had…
    If not Maimi, hope LA wins the title…Kobe is the 2nd best all-time player…this will add to his legacy….

  21. GyNo! says:

    1st Round
    Bulls v Pacers(4-1)
    Heat v Sixers(4-0)
    Celtics v Knicks(3-4)
    Orlando v Hawks(4-2)

    2nd Round
    Bulls v Hawks(4-1)
    Heat v Knicks(4-1)

    3rd Round
    Bulls v Heat(3-4)

    Heat v Spurs(4-3)

    • MackDaddy says:

      The CORRECT

      1st Round
      Bulls v Pacers(4-1)
      Heat v Sixers(4-0)
      Celtics v Knicks(4-2)
      Orlando v Hawks(4-2)

      2nd Round
      Bulls v Orlando(4-3)
      Celtics v Heat(4-2)

      3rd Round
      Celtics v Bulls(4-3)

      Finals PREDICTION
      Celtics v Lakers(4-3)

      • Joe says:

        Correct? Where the hell have you been? The Celtics will NOT even make it past the second round. They CANNOT beat the heat in a 7 game series. Too young, too talented and they have so much momentum. They know they can beat the Celtics and they will.

  22. Ricardo says:

    There is a geat possibiity that the champion of the NBA this season will come from the East.
    From my point of view, Eventhough Miami has a great roster, the coach ( Eric S) is not at the caliber of the other coaches in this division ( Di anotnio, Stan Van G, Doc Rivers and Larry Drew) .And that will be a mayor FACTOR in the playoff.
    For example:
    * This season, in the final seconds of the game, Miami failed to come up with effectve plays to win . Most of the time put Lebron on a 1 on 1 situation. Reason why, many think now that in the final seconds Wade is better with the ball.
    * Eric was unable to inlcude mike miller in the offense. Miller initially was brought to Miami to increase the perimeter threat. Neverthelss, Miller look slike a shadow in the court.
    * Eric was unable to develop a strong chemistry

    Overall , many of the wins of the heat this season were based on the outstanding talent they have. Imagine what Erik SLON, or Phill jackson…to mention a few, would do with that type of talent. Would you doubt that Miami will get a championship if they would have a coach like that?

    Having said that, and as much of a Miami fan that I am. I think Orlando or the Celtics will represent the East in the NBA finals.
    Chicago, eventhough is a great team..they still dont have that killer instinct that proven teams have in a PLAYOFF SERIES. All the hype about Rose will be only that… a hype. Rose is NOT Lebron, Wade, Howard nor Koby. Players that can endure physically and mentally a playoff series. And still, in the past ,these superstars have struggled in ocasions.


  23. Daniel says:

    I knew Mike Bibby will fit right in!

    I agree with Erik, the big three, Z and bibby make a great combo for starters.

    Go heat!

    Daniel (bibby fan since 2008)

  24. Dany=ny says:

    thumbs up if u have as much championships as lebron james 😀

  25. Richard says:

    First of to the heat haters….they started struggling this season 5-3 and they couldnt find their chemistry together and even though they blew out sorry teams they have lost CLOSE games to great teams….the heat have not had one buzzer beater this season…mainly cuz they give it to lebron when really it should be wade finishing it….secondly, with all those close games being a loss for miami we have beat the defending champs twice, beat the celtics FINALLY!, murdered the spurs (redemption), and we have beat other good teams like knics,blazers, orlando we just havent beat the maverics or bulls. Aside from all those loses and the hear struggling….they have a record that most teams would die for….number 3 in the whole nba….so just imagine how ready they are gonna be in the playoffs….and I dont think they will win this year and thats a 99.9 percent fact BUT!, next season the heat are gonna be unstoppable…im calling now and I guarantee I will be right….knicks,heat bulls are gonna dominate the east and celtics are gonna slowly fade (sorry celtic fans) but its the truth. Watch out for the heat because if you really use your nba knowledge and you analyza what Miami has….wade, lebron, bibby, miller, jones, anthony, house and when haslem gets back from his injury its over!….notice I didnt mention bosh because even myself as a heat fan cant stand bosh…he is soft and hes a disgrace to this whole big 3 b.s……its the big 2 and thats it!

  26. jepoi29 says:


  27. Cameron says:

    Heat fans should watch out for philly. Phillys big disadvantage is size and thats miami doesnt have either. The games they played miami got lucky with some horrible decisions from the refs. I wouldnt be suprised if philly won….possible upset

  28. Alex says:

    Man I really hate the Heats but they’re are a scary team. With the Celtics losing some toughness, I really think the Heats are going to the Finals. The Bulls is a great team but it seems like they’re not as intimidating as the Heats are. The Heats have both Wade and Lebrick! They’ll really be hard to stop. I don’t want them to win, but it does look like how it will be.

    Now for the West, if Lakers do play hard, they should make it to the Finals.

    It’s hard to tell whether Lakers or Heats. It should go to game 7. With the Heat having home court now, Heats looks like the favoured team.

    BUT I hope I’m wrong. Very very wrong because ……MIRICAL……..GO LAKERS GO LAKERS THREE PEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. mr black says:

    You all are wrong. For one, the bulls are great. The celtics are EC defending champs. But we all kno that the heat will win the Championship. Lets be real here, the reg season is over. Yea, the heat loss to the bulls this season 3x’s, but the heat was without Udonis Haslem all times, mike miller one game, and lebron james and all of them. The celtics got two games on us early, not to mention d-wade missing preseason, plus the team jus came together! The heat jus came together and has the number two seed!!! they dont even have all thie guys!!! Now the reason the heat will win is because of LEBRON JAMES, and DWYANE WADE. the mentallity these guys will bring the playoffs will be like no other. You have to defend these guys for at 4 games in a row….its the reg season anymore….u have to deal with them night after night…and their bench all has playoff expirences but mike miller and these guys will step up. Who can really defebd james and wade night after night….they are guin to wear teams out!!!!

  30. boom says:

    You all number crunchers, bandwagoners, logic thinkers who think it’s all about the stats should realize that more often than not, you are wrong. Like Kevin Durant for mvp, or John Wall for ROY.

    Yep, With 5 Seconds left, destiny panics.

  31. Steph says:

    Hey Sekou,

    You are probably a Bull’s fan…but I dont think what Danny said was offensive…so dont try to create an imaginary beef out of it.

    Danny was given a question about who he would prefer out of the 2.

    Boston being a championship winning team, he said he would rather play a team that revolves around 1 guy for the most part and that has little experience in the playoff.

    If that is not the most obvious answer in the world, I really dont know what is?…

    And for the record,….1st in the regular season means nothing…Dallas will tell you all about that …

  32. Youme says:

    Let me show you my respect.. NBA’s Playoff anything could happen, that’s the truth!!
    Good luck for Celts!!

  33. Robin Padilla says:

    The Magic will never win a conference championship if nelson is still the pointguard. They need to trade nelson for a pointguard like Steve Nash or Jason Kidd or John Wall to win championships.

    The will also need Gilbert Arenas during playoff time.

    • Read this!!! says:

      wait… the Magic already won a conference championship with Rafer Alston as their starting point guard, which is even worse.

  34. HeatFan says:

    ok, i am a Miami Heat fan but im not blinded by the fact there are deficiencies in our team at the moment. I like Chris Bosh as a player but if i was Riley id consider shopping him around next season or season after if he hasnt improved and try to pick up a solid big and/or others through trade. I dont think he adds enough to the team (other than free throws) to really be a factor this post sesaon. id love to be proven wrong by him but i can see LeBron and Dwayne carrying alot of the offense. Mike Miller hasnt been a factor all season other than one breakout game, which is a shame because he was considered by many to be a major signing but he just hasnt done enough in my opinion and is the main player who really needs to contribute more.

    i think the Heat CAN win the championship this year but it will take one all mighty effort to get there. i think the Bulls are legit, you just have to look at their regular season to see that. anyone who thinks the Bulls arent the team to beat in the east obviously hasnt watched many of their games this season.

    on other series i think the Knicks have a real shot at upsetting the Celtics in the first round.
    i think the Magic will dominate the Hawks and i think the Bulls will account for the Pacers also. the Pacers are an interesting team in that they will come out and beat a contender then go back and lose to a team well under .500. if they can get that out of their game i think they could win their home games against the Bulls but that’s best case imo.

  35. Listen up! says:

    Just remembering Dallas with a 67-15 record. Got knocked off in the first round by the GSW! Just throwing that out there! Anything can happen!

  36. Listen up! says:

    By the way the Bulls are playing great but can they carry it into the playoffs? The playoffs are a whole new ballgame! the Cavs had this fabulous regular season the last two years and look what happened! Just sayin! what Bull player has credible playoff experience?

  37. Listen up! says:

    I’m a Lakers fan! Still say the Celtics are the team to be dethroned in the East. They still have a great coach and the big three! They won’t lay down in the playoffs. They’ll be ready! Just like the Lakers!

  38. Faaith says:

    Bulls arent goin anywhere. theyll be out 1st round magic will beat the pacers. celtics will beat heat . magic will lose to celtics. CELTICS WILL WIN FINALS

  39. ZovsMJandthe7dwarves says:

    Playoff predictions: bulls over pacers, knicks over celtics, heat over sixers, magic over hawks. bulls over magic, heat over knicks, heat over bulls. the lakers or the thunder will come out of the west. heat wins championship. Dynasties of the next 5-8 years, heat and thunder. the 7 dwarves were jordans teammates and the refs…

  40. Kushal Dalal says:

    When will we find out the western bracket?

  41. celtics do it big says:

    To all you heat fans out there and that fool who said the heat are going to win the next 6 championships including the one this postseason, that is never going to happen. Sorry to break your hearts and smash all your dreams, but the heat just don’t have enough depth. Plus they won’t make it past Boston because we beat yall three times this year and i do give yall credit for that win but not all of it because we jst weren’t on our game. So to prove my point the Heat won’t make it past Boston because three players can’t play and compete with a whole team through a series, but yall will get a little bit luck since Boston made the stupidest decision ever when they traded Perkins. Plus the playoffs is a whole different settings than regular season and playoff time is when Boston steps up and goes h.a.m. on all you suckas.(prime example is last playoffs) So for you Heat fans,

  42. Yusuf Kudaimi says:

    I have nothing against the celtics, but i really cant see them beating the heat in a series. I have the feeling that the knicks are gonna give them a hard time anyway, and i would love watching the knicks play the heat 2nd round. i can see that series ending game 6 at MSG where melo drops 50 and the crowd chants “overrated!’ as the heat walk out,
    (bulls fan)

  43. Justsayin says:

    While the Chicago Bulls definitely seem to be favorites, I feel like the Heat have the potential to beat them. Basically reflecting what one of these blogs said, Heats A game is higher than the Bulls. The trio along with their shooters can murder teams when they are having a good night. Just look at the last Celt-Heat game. But question is if the Heat can bring that A game consistently in a tough series.

  44. celticsmaniac says:

    The Celtics will make it back to the Finals and they might win or loose because frickin Danny Ainge traded Perk

  45. i am a east fan, so if i pick a winner in the eastern conference, it’s either the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics.

  46. PaulJ says:

    Congrats to Rose for the MVP this year, he has done a magnificent job leading his team to the postseason but they will not go past the eastern conference Finals, need just one more superstar in your team to pull thru and compete at another level to hit the finals,other than Boozer, 2. They are not a championship contender Team.
    With their suporting cast, i doubt they will get it done in the eastern finals , they will need to get past Boston or Miami. 3.The Boston Celtics , it is not their year for a championship run, but will most likely meet Miami in the eastern conference finals,and I highly doubt they will also get past the eastern confercne finals.Now,The Miami heat and their talent , and their superstar players like the Big 3, watch out, i am not a Heat fanatic, but i have followed the heat this year, they are HUNGRY for a championship, Spoelstra and their management team have really put their knowledge and heads together to lead a team of superstars together, furthermore, in the postseason their bench needs to be productive, especilally mike miller,Its your time my man to step up! in addition with this firepowers their offense will come natural, but its their defense that will get it DONE, including their productivity and if you run the numbers of Wade and lebron in the previous postseason, i have no other words but MVP numbers and performances, watch out for a more consistent,disciplined,hard working,efficient,and extremely dangerous team, that will go to the finals with most likely the Lakers ,In conclusion, I believe in the Finals it will be Heat vs Lakers.

  47. Alan Yeow says:

    you know, i think the heat might win The Finals, but Boston has to catch up to them.

  48. Daniel says:

    Its gonna be the Spurs and Bulls in the finals just watch!!!

  49. civilss says:

    The Bulls are a good team and will prob skate threw the 1st and 2nd rounds.Yet I cant see them getting any further then that.They are kinda like the cavs last season,a King and a couple of good men. If boston gets there mogo back and miami’s big 3 are healthy either 1 could knock of chicago. If Lebron attacks the rim and the bench puts up numbers,which all they got to do is hit a open shot.Then they will get that ring and either way next year will be there big break out season.I predict 70 plus wins if all is healthy

  50. quarogg says:

    East finals… Celtics/Heat vs Magic..I bet you, Bulls will roll their heads in the off season…. Ha ha ha ha

  51. Vic says:

    What eva happens the West will keep Tha Championship trophy

  52. Vic says:

    I cant wait to see the Heat choke and fall back into a reality chk. hope Lebron will come back and admit that pilling up stars wont work when everyones ego gets in the way.

  53. Read this!!! says:

    man… why are writers always taking shots at the celtics? it’s extremely annoying.

  54. antgerm says:

    why all the hating on the bulls

  55. DieHardCeltsFanEvenWhenTheyLose says:

    im a huge celtics fan, but for all you heat lovers. sorry. lebron chokes in the playoffs every year. that is all. you’re doomed. thats it. and yes, im aware that the celtics probably wont win this year, but for you heat fans. nope.

  56. WE GOT THIS! says:

    Glad to see all these Bulls fans nowadays, where were you guys in the past seasons?
    I’m a die hard Bulls fan, and I think our toughest matchup would have to be the Magic or the Heat. TOUGH but we’ll definetly pull through with the talent, depth, and bench that the Bulls contain. Let’s hope EVERYONE pulls through and I think the Bulls will, haven’t seen a dedicated team like this since the Jordan Era. Only issue is the Finals…A real threat to the Bulls winning it all is the Lakers. They have a deadly starting line up with players greatly experienced in the postseason. My gut tells me the Bulls will lose but my heart lies the trail of a 2011 NBA CHAMPIONSHIP! GO BULLS!

  57. javy says:

    I remember 2006 when the “EXPERTS” said: No way miami beat detroid in the east, and no way Dallas beat Spurs in the West. hahahaha and what happens????? Heats-Mavs finals. So stop to talk about what happen in the season, because here, all have 0-0. I can’t wait this playoffs begun. this will be the best playoffs in years. Because any one can win. ANY ONE yess… And LET’S GO HEATSSS!!!!

  58. jer says:

    Chicago is the Wild Card. If there is anyone that can do something that people didn’t expect it’s the Bulls. I think they could slap LeBron across the face and send him home crying. Just because you have 3 superstars doesn’t mean you are destined for a title.

    But say if Chicago doesn’t do it, New York could still make waves. I don’t think Boston really looks all that great with Shaq sort of personifying what’s going on there and Jeff Green looking like a young KG. Neither Orlando or Atlanta will get by the second round round, there just is not enough changes from last year or previous years. Nelson is overrated and I like Richardson but he will really have to step up to help out Dwight.

  59. mmmmmmmmm says:

    I’m surprised how people trust the bulls, when most of them the only experience they have in playoff is a first round and go to watch the rest at home. im anxious to see d-rose playing like he did a couple of years ago with memphis ( i know he’s improved his game), but in that final he was the best player on the floor and what happened, Chalmers ( mediocre player) was the champion. Just dont talk too much, and lets see.

  60. HelloEveyone says:

    Im a west fan and am with the thunder all the way but for the east im liking the knicks right now!

  61. Stern le douche says:

    I honestly think the Eastern Conference finals will wind down to the Celtics vs. Magic and believe it or not… I truly believe the Magic will be the Eastern conference champs. Howard is an absolute beast and Jrich/ Jnelson have been playing some fantastic ball. The Spurs will face the Magic in the finals. Orlando for the win

  62. BangBang says:

    the bulls are going to meet the Heat @ the conference finals. No team can beat the bulls and Heat in a 7 game series in the east. I would say boston, but after they lost perkins, they are no longer is a championship team, the heat not just beat the celtics their last meeting but destoryed them. between the bulls and heat, we will see what lebron and wade will bring to the table. The bulls do have the better and deeper team and the Heat has better superstars. Basketball is a TEAM game after, I give the bulls an edge on this one.

    • BangBang says:

      ROUND 1
      Bulls vs Pacers (4-0) Bulls
      Heat vs Sixers (4-0) Heat
      Celtics vs Knicks (4-3) Celtics
      Magic vs Hawks (4-2) Magic

      ROUND 2
      Bulls vs Magic (4-2) Bulls
      Heat vs Celtics (4-2) Heat

      Bulls vs Heat (3-4) Heat <–I know the bulls are the better team (season) But I believe that superstars will shine during the playoffs and the Heat has 2 instead of 1.

      Heat vs Lakers (4-2) Heat

  63. Justsayin says:

    Actually I think that out of the teams in the east the two that have more chances of winning the championship are the celtics and the heat, just beacuse they have more stars and in the playoffs stars tend to shine like crazy and with wade on one night then james or even bosh and the other two guys of the big three playing normally miami can beat anyone, and boston has probably the most balanced in playoff team, so I dont wanna look like I think the bulls are bad or something but I actually dont think they can get the W this year

  64. The Bulls have a talented BUT young and inexperienced team. The only real star is Rose and that’s not enough for teams who have a number of weapons and deeper benches like the Celtics, Heat or Magic have. The Bulls will get through the first round but (just watch and see) will be stopped by the VERY underrated but dangerous Magic in the second round. I predict a sunshine state showdown between the Heat and Magic for the Eastern crown and the chance to get into the Finals!! As far as the West goes, the Lakers are still the team to beat and the only squads that can really challange them there are the Thunder and (in a lesser chance) the Spurs.

  65. Dave says:

    From pure entertainment level, who does everyone want to see the most in the Finals? My picks:
    1) Dallas vs. Miami
    2) OKC vs. Miami

  66. iwillfilm says:

    I’m going to stuck with my gut and say that it’s going to come down to the Bulls and the Heat. Despite all the facts, you have wade and Lebron, vs Rose and Deng. The 2 best players on either team. Bosh may not be as strong as Boozer, but he’s definitely better at scoring, and drawing fouls.

    Lebron is the key factor here, remember his run agains’t Detroit in the easter conference finals? He will his team to win. Almost died doing it. This is the playoffs, and regardless of what happened in the regular season, it’s simply a different game in the playoffs. Everyone is trying that much harder. Wait until you see lebron, Wade, and Bosh on DRUGS! That’s what the playoffs do to people, and believe me, Lebron and Wade on Drugs, is the scariest thing ever for opposing choaches, they are going to be sick.

    Bulls are a great team this season, but I’m not sure they are going to have there way in the playoffs, Indiana is a great matchup for them. Hibert is a scoring machine, and will totally dominate Noah and boozer down low.

  67. go knicks says:

    I think the knicks can pull off an upset vs Boston if there bench can shoot 3’s like recent games especially toney douglas and also if carmelo, amar’e and billups could be more consistent

    • antgerm says:

      To me, it wouldn’t really be an upset if the knicks was to beat boston, I think boston is done

  68. D-Wade Beastness says:

    Alright n1gguhs. First off, let me start off by saying those of you who think the Heat can not beat the Celtics in a 7 game series, you guys are overdosing on some THC. We just BLEW OUT the Celtics, in a playoff intensity, and most recently. This game mattered more than any of those other games they beat us because one, we weren’t in chemistry, and two, they had Kendrick Perkins, who was a key player in defeating us. We have the edge over Boston and what makes it better we have the number two seed. So we also have home court advantage. Those of you diluted and delusional Celtics fans can only live in this illusion that Celtics can beat the Heat in so long. When we meet up in the playoffs, you’ll realize how wrong all of you Heat critics are. And I like how you guys are all d1ck riding the Bulls. Dude, do you guys not know that you CANNOT DO IT WITH ONE PLAYER ALONE? It’s IMPOSSIBLE. You have to have an ELITE team, and MORE THAN ONE GOOD PLAYER. Yes, I am FULLY AWARE that the Bulls have a good caliber team. In the regular season. Wait till the playoffs, and you Bulls fans and d1ck riders will see just how amazing your inexperiences Bulls team really is. Btw, we have Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James, the most experienced players next to the Celtics in the entire Eastern Conference Playoffs. So when you witness White Hot, don’t start blaming it on the refs now. Blame it on your ignorance. You can only hate for so long. Heat NBA 2011 Champs. I won’t even bother bringing up the West, because we can beat anyone who will reach the finals in the West.
    Once again, HEAT NBA 2011 CHAMPS. You can only hate for so long fans. When we win the championship, good luck finding another way to hate.

  69. THE LOVE 4 BALL says:

    Clearly everyone has there say on who’s going to win and lose. I heavily doubt u guys are students of the game, cause alot u talk from a fan and commentator perspective. Lets be honest with ourselves, Fans, commentators and analyse dont know a thing. They just talk 4 entertainment value. with that said the playoffs are more physical than regular season and what comes to mind is “injuries”. The Bulls are nice but Mr.Rose gets injured the team are full of scrubs, that cant lead. Sorry if i offended some. The Celtics cant afford to lose one of there Big 3, we seen that result a couple of years ago. The Heat been dealing with injuries all season playing 2 out of 3 of there big 3 and handle adversity well. The reason is there Defense, they dont slack or fall back. Any 1 of the 3 can drop 40 any given nite,.So my prediction is Heat all the way to the Finals for the Larry O’Brian trophy. Orlando is consistent but Dwight Howard fouls will be the main focus to see how deep they actually goes. Anybody that played ball knows that a change in ur natural shot alters game and %. Mr. Dwight Howard does that to every team. So i dont bet them out just doubt Dwight mental stability. The other teams i didnt mention dont have chance. Sorry New York. Maybe next year if u land Chris Paul.

  70. Leo says:

    No mention of the Sixers, they’re a team to watch.

  71. Big Rob says:

    Im a Heat Fan Befor James,and Bosh Befor Shaq,Paton,the Jones Brothers,Walker,and Wade when it was Mourning,Tim Hardaway,and the great Pat Riely But this is not ther Year i think not even for the Celtics,Lakers,or the Spurs i think its going to be Be like some March Madness thang Bulls out the East and The Thunder out the west.

  72. Bulls-Lakers says:

    @andrys jesus Estoy totalmente de acuerdo con eso. Aunque yo creo que los Bulls pueden ser un reto muy difícil para el calor, pero NO Celtics – FINAL Lakers. Eso sería mierda
    and to all those true basketball fans, I just say that these layoffs are shaping up to be very intriguing, but that will be ONLY if the celtics and the Lakers don’t make it to the Final to face each other, cause that would be so f’ing boring. Besides, who wants to watch two old teams that are lackluster and boring in the Finals for seven games. THere needs to be excitement, teams like the Bulls, OKC, Portland, Denver, even NYK or ORL for all I care. cause the Celtics and Lakers are the most boring teams to watch (SA is beyond boring), even though Kobe is good.

  73. Cyrus says:

    Everyone is saying the Bulls and the Heats. The thing is both of those two teams will make the final depending on whether Knicks and the Celtics. One reason why the Heats played hard to beat the Celtics last game was to get the 2nd spot. Why? Because the Heats haven’t won against the Knicks after the trade Series (2-2). Celtics if they beat the Knick and then the Heats could beat the Bulls to go to the finals. I live in Toronto and I could have told the Heats Bosh was not special and that they should have gotten Amar’e instead. Saying that the Heats only have 2 superstars and 1 great player with only wade getting a ring in the past. Knicks have pretty much the same thing but a better bench because they never had to give away all their players to get three guys. Celtics are perfect. There are teams that play just for the playoffs. Who gets hot just for the playoffs. (James is not that kind of player; if he was than he should have lead the number 1 spot Cavs to the final a year ago). That group is the Celtics. 4 players bound to be Hall of Famers. A point guard that is mentioned with the best of the other great point guards. Than Green, Big Baby and Jermaine Oneal as their bench along with other. Reading this alone in your head should make you crazy about the Celtics. Bulls have Rose and complimentary players with him. Similar to the Jordan era. The other players are great. But they do their job and they do it right. If its rebounding than its rebounding. If its making plays or defending than its making plays or defending. You get the point. ooh yea!! Did I forget to mention that all know how to knock down a shot(thats why their number 1. Rose just has to do Rose.
    Magics has a say in this as well. The best defender, Center, rebounder, with a team everyone seemed to forget that it was them who met the Celtics in the East finals last two times and met the Lakers in the finals. Plus they got back Turk(thank god the raps shipped him away but he plays better in Orlando) and Arenas. with their other players. Another team that has great bench players and players who can go hot in any second ( Arenas just for an example). Don’t forget he use to make 25+ points a game not to long ago. Atlanta yup ATL (T.I we miss you) but no one knows the Hawks anymore? They rank 5th above the Knicks so I think their a great team as well. This is the real underdogs in the top 8 teams in the east. (I don’t think Philly and Indiana will move on. sorry guys) Every position is good. Than they have a Crawford in the bench. Marvin is ok. Their Smith and Horford is a key to their playoff against Howard Magics. That explains their 3-1 series of the season against the Magics. Along with Johnson; it’s clear that Magics should be worried but shouldn’t wonder why they haven’t beat the Hawks more in this season. All the best you can criticize my comment. I’d appreciate and wish the best for my team Raptors this offseason! Thanks

  74. Milly Perez says:

    East- I’m going for the upset: I don’t think Indiana is going to beat the bulls but it might take the Bulls six games, If the Knicks play defense they might beat the Celtics, maybe. Then I hope the Hawks crush Howard the the Magic. Bulls will will beat Hawks and Miami will beat Knicks. Heat all the way to the eastern Conference finals and win,

    ‘West- San Antonio beats Hornets obviously without David West, then you have Dallas who will beat the Grizzles, Then OKC is rocking so they will beat Denver. It will be a battle between San Antonio.Lakers . OKC or Dallas in the Western Conference finals. Then I think the San Antonio will make to the finals and MIAMI will win it all and destroy all the haters lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Monica says:

    Let’s remember when the Celtics beat the Heat those 3 times earlier this year, it wasn’t like they stomped on them. All 3 of those games came down to the very last minute & all 3 were won by only single-digit numbers. As inexperienced as a team the Heat were earlier in the year, Celtics should’ve been able to stomp them. BUT… the Heat’s energy is what’s gonna make it hard for the Celtics. Also, they traded Perkins & Nate. If you think back the previous years, those 2 men played crucial roles in the postseason. As a matter of fact, last year’s Finals, Nate was the one who got it going a few times. People jump on the bandwagon & say LeBron chokes in the playoffs… although the game everyone’s referring to, many don’t even realize that he had a triple-double. They just repeat what they hear. The Bulls are good, but honestly- they’re gonna have to play Magic in the 2nd round & Magic is experienced in the playoffs. They SHOW OUT. Although I’m not a huge Orlando Magic fan, I’ll place bets that they beat the Bulls. In the Eastern Finals, I’d predict Heat vs. Orlando. In this case, as long as Dwight or their GM or anyone doesn’t uspet LeBron again, it seems unpredictable. But if they do (Dwight mocking him & always having to make comments) LeBron will get hot & do what he does & the Heat will win it. In the West? Idk… but let’s not underestimate OKC Thunder just yet. Let’s not forget how easy it’s been for Russell to make Kobe look like a rookie at times.

    • U Like It says:

      Ok I feel ya right here. Thunder getting serious over here, but Ion know bout the Heat. U make a good point though, it’s convincing. I didn’t even realize those games had been that close, n the Heat were terrible in da beginning so yea Boston should’ve blew em out. Dang.. lol that is something to think about now that u mention that

  76. Zach says:

    Good article. Didn’t say ANYTHING about the Sixers though.
    Bulls are going to make it far.


    ok for the first round i’ m not sure about Boston: too old, too slow, too tired…maybe NYK will be face the trio soft at the next round …

  78. Cameron Parks says:

    Does anyone know where i can find the schedule fofr the bulls playoffs?

  79. Fan says:

    The Bulls will win, everytime they had 60 or more wins they had won and this is a fact. Rose is clutch and he will dunk on you if you get in his way. Plus if the Bulls have lock-down defense, you will be lucky if the other team scores up to 80 pts.

  80. Chris says:

    I don’t understand why the Knicks can’t overtake the Hawks for the fifth seed. They can both finish 44-38, they’re 2-2 head to head, and the Knicks have a better divisional record. So they might finish 5th and play Orlando.
    Am I missing something here?

  81. Prohormone10 says:

    The New York Knicks are comming into the playoffs with the best momentum and they are without a doubt the most dangerous team. Bye Bye Boston, Hello Miami/Chicago. Orlando will also advance. It will be Knicks vs. Miami in east confrence Finals.


    name 2 better players on boston thanks yal are too damnnnnnnnnnnnnnn old

  82. Steven says:

    Micheal, you make a really valid point… everyone thinks the bulls are so great this year, because they now have the best record in the East. Honestly i also see them as being.. the cavs of last year.. considering the cavs did have a great defense team last year.. and was basically a one man show with Lebron. I could see the same thing with the bulls.. if D. Rose doesn’t step up every game and put up big offensive numbers.. Bulls will be in trouble in the 2nd round against Orlando ( if they make it past hawks ). Yeah deng and other bulls are having a career season.. but if you watch the bulls play and.. that last game they had against Orlando.. Rose had like 30 + plus points just to get a 3 point victory over a D-howard less Orlando Magic.. to me thats a sign of whats to come in the playoffs. Anyway why do people keep bringing up the Celtics beat the Heat 3 – 1.. yeah they did but none of the wins the Cetlic had were convincing wins..that show the Celtics would win the series in a land slide. The way i see it.. the heat are a playing more like a “team” now.. even though the majority of the points still come from the Big 3 and their bench production sub par at best.. most of the time.

    • Fan says:

      First of all all superstars have to put up big numbers because they are the superstar. Duh. the Magics were lucky to even get that many pts because since Howard wasn’t in there, there really wasn’t any motivation to beat them. Rose was just hyped up and wanted to score that many pts, so thats why he scored so many. I don’t really care whether Celtics or Heat win, all i care about is that the Bulls will beat either team.

  83. king G ali says:

    Heat all way baby….100%

  84. maticshatta says:

    Where were all these bulls fans when they had losing seasons after MJ? Now the bring on the band wagan huh? At least the Heat and Celites fan were always around. All three games that the Bulls beat the Heat came down to the wire of a last shot. If any Bulls fan believe the they can beat the Heat in a full pace playoff game; you guys are all insane. I not even a Heat fan and I see the pace they play when they are actually trying. Many of the games they blew this year after a 20 plus points lead came after they gotten too over confident and allow the other team to come back. The celtics were the only team that could beat the Heat until they traded Perkinz. That was a bonehead move until they are rebuilding for the following year. Believe it or not, the Heat season was a huge success to win this many games in the same season with a team that’s recently built.

  85. big c says:

    Actually the starting line up for the bulls only averages 76.2 ppg and the heat 84.5 so dont say something unless you knw wat yoyr talking about

    • Fan says:

      The heat’s starters have to score more because their bench sucks and they need those points if they want to win a game.

  86. marcus says:

    Granger should really, really shut up. The Pacers are what you would call a geopraghical error. They’re only in the playoffs because of the conference they play in. If Houston was in the east, they’d be the 7th or 8th seed, sending Granger on vacation. What’s crazy about his statment is that if you remove him from the Pacers they too would be worst. …and with him they’re still under .500

  87. Donald says:

    This person Sarkies, would not be able to coach my litttle league team. Listen, you are obviously new to the league so I’ll go easy. The regular season of some 82 is little more than a barometer of how a team performs on back-to-backs, traveling, etc. However, in the playoffs with rest, perparation, a team like the Celtics can flourish with a little rest in between. In additon, with the pressure of playing on the big stage everyone does not perform the same as the regular season. Ask, Chris Weber, who always speaks as though he has actually accomplished a championship when it was his to win! No, no-way will a tandem of LeBron James -hater’s beware – and D.Wade gold madalists, mind you, succumb to the upstart Bulls in a 7 games series when the Bulls cannot simulate what these two guys came do in a given game. Ask Cleveland, in Dec.

  88. Magicball says:

    It really bothers me that no one, NO ONE, mentions the Orlando Magic. Dwight Howard is playing ridiculous basketball and is looking hungry for a championship, and if his teammates step it up a bit during the playoffs the Magic are going to be dominant once again. The Magic will beat the Hawks, and then they will beat the Bulls (yea they will). Dwight Howard will destroy the Bulls team and as long as his teeammates back him up, the Bulls will not win against the Magic. Look at the hard time they had beating the Magic WITHOUT Dwight Howard. The playoffs are gonna be much tougher, and the Magic are starting to play like a team at the right time. The Magic is the more experienced team, period. Expect the to make it to the Conference finals once again. D12 MVP!!

  89. T.N says:

    Knicks Lose to boston, boston goes on to face heat. Heat win over boston, Heat goes on to face bulls heats will win .

  90. ddddd says:

    Let the playoffs begin… that will be the only way to shut up any haters or trashtalkers…..

    Now for some objective reality….
    1 vs 8…. Bulls all the way there. Let the pacer fans have their day in the sun for now and then pummel them in the playoffs later. Pacer fans deserve their day in the sun definitely. 4-0 Bulls unless the bulls arent paying attention… then 4-1 Bulls.
    2 vs 7 ….. Miami definitely…. Ok so not a Miami fan, but Philly does not have the offensive firepower to keep up. On top of that… Ok seriously does anyone expect Brand to keep up with Bosh or for Iggy to keep up with Lebron? Didn’t think so… same as above with this series… 4-0 Miami unless they aren’t paying attention otherwise 4-1 Miami.
    3 vs 6….. Boston…. That being said NY has the firepower and the guns to make it an interesting series. Boston is probably the team most likely to take their opponent for granted in the first round…. This is not a talent issue whatsoever either… I do however believe that Boston will pull this one out in the end. Boston 4-2 or 4-3 over NY.
    4 vs 5 …… Orlando…. Both teams in different ways have set themselves up for failure… (and I am an Orlando fan… gulp!) Orlando has salary cap hell and no adequate center behind Dwight since the trades. Just pfs masquerading as centers. Atlanta stood pat in the offseason when every team around them was getting better in some way. When they finally realized it midseason, they traded for Kirk Hinrich. Great trade, but I don’t think it is enough to stop Dwight, JRich and Nelson. This will be an interesting series either way but I still say 4-3 Orlando.

    2nd Round
    4-1 Chicago over Orlando… There is no answer for Rose and the balanced attack otherwise.
    4-3 Boston over Miami… They really didn’t care about winning on Sunday but, Boston can turn it on and showed that even from a 4 seed they can do some damage last year. As far as the techs…. Boston just wanted to get in Miami’s ears and let them know that they are salivating as we speak. Who is salivating more is the question….

    Conference finals… in reality its a tossup… My gut says Boston in 7, however there is one statistic that I wonder about…. Clutch heart…. I mean we all know Rose and Pierce are clutch…. However, I have seen more clutch heart and willing the way to win from Rose lately. Of course Pierce is older. Lets see how this translates in the playoffs.

    Since my gut says Boston in 7…. I will go with my gut and say that Lakeshow wins out and beats on a weakened Boston team like its nobody’s business…. Just my gut though…. Even if San Antonip wins the west my gut feeling says that even they will beat Boston…. Pop just knows postseason. Phil knows postseason even better…. simple as that. Gut feeling though depending on injuries of course….

  91. koikoipalaboi says:


  92. Juan says:

    It’s gonna be LAKERS vs NEW YORK KNICKS NBA Finals.
    Kobe Bryant #24 Best player in this planet ;D

  93. andrys jesus says:



  94. i appreciate the tandem of Lebron and Wade, Possible they will play the final…On my observation Lebron is the best player on his height at 6’8″., James can play on any position . His statistics proved it…Kobe, derick Rose, yes they are all scorer but lebron is very different. Cheers! Heat

  95. michael says:

    The Bulls will not make the finals. Most of the people commenting on this blog must really don’t watch basketball and understand regular season vs playoffs. Every year in the playoffs, it has been proven that, NO ONE MAN can beat a team!! Derick is one of my fav players. Even Jordan had to realize he couldnt do it by himself, and he is the best!!! He and Scotty complemented each other so well. You need at least a two-man attack on offense. Teams will focus on him, he will get his points. teams will make sure they shutdown the rest of the malign bulls teams. boozer hasn’t proved anything this year. he was overpaid. They need Rose to be double teamed. i think teams will allow him to score and shutdown the rest of the team. Ask d wade and lebron. they experienced that last year. They ran into A Celtic team that was more than just 1 player on both sides of the ball.

    Now do people understand why Wade, Bosh and Lebron came together. lol Let’s say Rose doesn’t get the stats he did during the season, Chicago will lose bad because no one on that team can step up and take a game over by themselves. The Celtics can do it, eventhough they are struggling. The Heat can do it because they have Wade and James.

    Derick Rose and the Bulls are last years cavaliers. #1 seed, MVP, and no ring!!

  96. NBA Fan says:


    Damn u celtics for not winning against the heat..And losing to the wizards…I promise this will come back to hurt them…

  97. think says:

    Great matchups in the East 🙂

    BULLS – PACERS: Though I wouldnt call it a mismatch, but the Bulls are playing exceptionally well this year, with their eyes only on the trophy… as compared to the Pacers who are just thankful they’ve managed to be in the playoffs.
    BULLS 4-1

    HEAT – SIXERS: I really like this matchup. Though Miami has the advantage of having the Big3, the Sixers have developed their identity of team-first-blue-collar-working guys. The Sixer also have the athletic capability not to be run down by the Heat. Hopefully the confidence of the Sixers key guys will be brought to the playoffs so they can give the Heat a tough challenge. I’d still give the 1st round to the Heat though because they have Wade and Lebron, who are twice as dangerous during playoffs.
    HEAT 4-2

    CELTICS – KNICKS: Though there’s a better chemistry in NY right now, that would be tested by the tough, in-your-face Boston D. I just like to see the Melo-Amare chemistry once these two find it hard to get into their offensive rhythm. And the lack of defense of NY might even help Boston get out of their offensive funk.
    BOSTON 4-1

    MAGIC – HAWKS: Though the Hawks have the talent to take it deep into the playoffs, they always miss something for them to be considered an elite playoff team. Calling Collins to do a Perk-type of D on Dwight would be too much to ask on a 7 game series. Dwight has been a monster the whole year, but would really need his team mates to step-up. The Magic has always been better than the Hawks when in the playoffs atmosphere.
    MAGIC 4-2

    • RDub says:

      Very good predictions but I would switch the knicks-celtics to 4-2 celtics (althogh I personally want the knicks to win) with the heat-sixers 4-1 heat. I don’t think knicks will go out that easy.

      • William says:

        Your statement about the bulls beating the Pacers, I honestly think people forget that (this bulls) squad has never won a (playoff series), (Derick Rose) has never advance outta the 1st Round, yea the (bulls) have a 60 plus winning season but The (Bulls) still is a young team, so you’re gonna have (2) young teams slugging it out & anything is possible with a young team plus the (pacers) are a hole different team (SINCE) the beginning half of the season so our record doesn’t really implies the progress & great-ness of our squad. Yea chicago won the season serious (3-1) but i have some amazing factors to give also on this, (1). Pacers leading scorer (Danny Granger) missed one of these games & thats a big factor considering that he’s the (Pacers) leading scorer (20+) a game. (2). Hansbrough Got little to (No) playing time in the 1st 3 games considering how much he has meant to the pacers playoff push. (3).The Biggest Factor of them all (Jim O’ Brien) was the head coach in the 1st 3 meetings & am gonna bring up a statistic that the (NBA) world has not mention yet, Coach (vogul) only played the (bulls) once in his head coaching career & don’t you find it (FUNNY) that the (ONLY GAME THE PACERS WON AGAINST THE BULLS THIS YEAR IS AFTER VOGUL TOOK OVER AS COACH?) Bulls never (LED) in that game look up the statistic if you don’t believe, Major statistic rite there!!! Am sure the nba will bring that up after they see how tough we will play Chicago. (PACER FANS) be prepared for a great series, WE HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO UP-SET (CHICAGO)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • think says:

        I like the idea of you saying the Pacers may upset the Bulls. But though the bulls havent won a playoff series yet, they do have the experience of facing the toughest adversaries the past two playoffs (boston in 2009 and cavs in 2010). The scary thing now is theyve improved as a team (coaching, line-up, maturity and chemistry) this year.

        The pacers haven’t been in the playoffs with Granger.

  98. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    Always Boston haters . . .keep hateing. . . .and hateing. . .not going to do anything to help your bottom of the bucket teams. . .LOL but on the real. . Boston was smart. . . rest the guys against washington who I might add is not in the playoffs, let MIA get the 2nd seed. . . .let chicago and MIA battle it out while boston takes NY. . . . nuff said. . . you boston haters hated last year but Boston amde it further than all your teams except LA. . .so keep talking we want to hear more cause it will fuel us to the 18th championship in boston best belive that! smiley face. . . lol.

    • KisHay says:

      Umm… your stupid. Read over that again because 1 your facts are wrong, and 2 it doesn’t make any since.

    • Usuck says:

      Chicago and Miami battle it out??? are you watching the standings? maybe your watching some other league!!

  99. DaTruth says:

    Bulls and Thunder in the Finals. The Celtics will not make the Finals this year I am stating that Fact today 4-12 at 2:39pm Celtics will lose to Da BUlls!

    • lateef says:

      I hate to say it because it might be the most boring finals imagineable, but it looks like it will be the Celtics vs. Spurs. I know……..

    • seewhatyouwanttosee says:

      @ Rafael…he was making a point you seem to be all 4 lebron only….. lebron himself is not all for lebron, he joined his good buddies wade and bosh on miami. Wade has a ring and lost to mavericks in every regular season game in 2006 i picked for mavs to win but to have a player change your decision is undeniably a great player out of all that you mentioned wade and bron made it to the promise land wade crossed over more with mourning not shaq (shaq was injured in that playoff run and they still beat the pistons…omg) lebron had no team to back him. I can never question d wade and i don’t know if he has to score 100 to get through to you all but i will say this the true ballers know when they see talent D WADE BRON MELOOOOOOOOOOOooooo CHRIS PAUL MANU GINOBILI D ROSE the BIG 3 2 GETHER THE LAKERS 2 GETHER KOBE (durant has a little more to prove to me, but I won’t hate on him I know what he is capable of).

  100. celtics says:

    i have a feeling that the heat wont make it to the finals..theyll either lose to boston in 6 or chicago in 7 cause they dont have the bench players to help him out..sure they have lebron and dwade but chris bosh is just too overated..i think the lakers and bulls or celtics and thunder will be in the finals..

    • Usuck says:

      i have a feeling that Celtics will be upset by the NYK… Celtics is already out of the picture LOL

  101. no heat says:

    It will be interesting this year everything is open …but i hope it won’t be the heat for a simple reason because of all the talk about not 1 not 2 not 3 not 4 not 5 etc. and all their excusing and whining during the season, they are good now but i mean com on do champions look like this ?

  102. steve says:

    Heat and Mavs finals. Two teams with most to prove, in my opinion, and I think they will. I’m a Knicks fan, btw.

    • Dave says:

      I agree, those are the two that want it the most. Portland and OKC are still a young team they’ll have their chances. Celtics have been there and done that. D-Rose knows that if he doesn’t win a title this year he’ll have PLENTY of chances down the road. Think Dirk feels the same way? And Miami, every guy on that roster wants to show all the haters what’s up. You can bet they are sick of everyone talking about the Bulls and how they don’t have a big man or a point guard.

  103. Azmain says:

    Why isn’t anyone talking bout the Spurs? All I hear from the west is Lakers or OKC. People the Spurs got the number one seed and 60+ wins this season. They are the team to beat in the west playoffs, not The Lakers. But I’m hoping for a Heat – OKC finals!

    • NBA Fan says:

      The Spurs are too small to match up against these teams in the playoffs…Blair starts at four…Against Gasol…That is a recipe for disaster…Parker cant keep up wit westbrook..No one can hold durant or kobe…The spurs are a great regular season team because its only one game they have to win…Winning four is a much harder task…

  104. Manzy77 says:

    terrible article!! how bout u give FULL COVERAGE to every team in the playoffs!! ie philly GO SIXERS!!

  105. Orlando fan says:

    haha we in the finals agian and we goin to win in are series against the hawks and move on to the match up agianst the heat or the 76ers and win baby!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • jomama says:

      the heat will play the bulls in the second round…nice try though

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        And thats when the heat will be shown the exit door. AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

      • Romniqc says:

        it will not happen. miami will play NYK in the 2nd round add will play Magic in the East Finals. While the Bulls will play at the training camp after 1st round.. hehehe..

    • Usuck says:

      Goodbye CELTICS!!!LOL

      • Law064 says:

        @Usuck & Romniqc you 2 are losing it NY take out the Celtic’s ?? You 2 have a better chance at winning a bronze medal in Women gymnastics than the Knicks have of beating Boston. Plus the Bulls are a runaway freight train they’re going to roll over the pacers 4-1

  106. William says:

    Pacers is the dark horse of the playoff… Bulls watch out…

  107. Ice Pogi says:

    What??? Maimi Lose out to lakers??? Are you on medication??? Last season it was Dwade vs. The whole Laker team… But i give credit to the lakers cause they manage to beat Wade by a single point!!!! For the love of the game… Get your facts straight… DWade alone is a Laker Killer!!! Ohhh i got a news for you…. Lakers might not make it to WCF… OKC is waiting for them…. Along with Perks KD and Westbrook…. So good “luck “to the lakers they need it!!!!

    • Rafael says:

      listen bro if you like heat u got to be sayin lebron and wade kill laker no just wade u a lebron hater from heat fan n3gga

  108. Deb says:

    I just love how the Bulls are so easily dismissed by the so called experts and the “informed” fans. They only have Rose. No bench. No depth. Well, take a look at the stats. Best record in the East. Excellent defense, Deep bench, Rose, Deng having spectacular seasons. MVP, not much contest. Noah and Boozer hurt more than half the year and still they blasted most everyone out of the way.

    So dismiss them all you like – we shall see who is the top of the pack at the end of it all. And I believe they will be wwearting Bulls red.

    • Deb says:

      I meant “wearing Bulls red”. Got excited about the playofffs there.

      • RDub says:

        I agree Bulls are going to make a splash in the playoffs but to say that Rose has no competition for MVP is wrong I think D. Howard is having a MVP worthy season prob. will be defensive player of the yr again and his offense has improved alot.

      • David says:

        Heat will win the championship

  109. mepeterser2451 says:

    to Imad Akel: thats really funny. Have you watched any games? The bulls as a whole team go all out every game every second. We as fans actually want them to take a break so no one gets hurt. I watched one of the Miami v Chicago games live and the two teams are complete opposites. Lebron is intense from the start but when things aren’t going his way he throws a fit and giving up on his team he tries to do his own thing. The rest of the team had no heart from the start. they were all so lackadaisical compared to chicago it was pathetic. You can also see this mentality when Lebron talks about how they’re already in the playoffs so they don’t care about losing. Thats a lazy mentality if you ask me, one that will lose you the playoffs. our players are on the floor all the time for loose balls. every player. you really should watch games before you make dumb comments.

  110. FACTS says:

    Chicago Bulls vs Portland Trailblazers in the NBA Finals.

  111. Peter says:

    Orlando seems like an incomplete team right now, filled with bad contracts and hasbeens, but they will beat Atlanta with JJ, Dwight, Anderson and Jameer alone.Joe Johnson will probably disappear in the playoffs, I can’t believe how badly the Hawks play, with so much talent on their roster.

  112. pakmon says:

    hawks over magic, celtics over knicks, heat over sixers, bulls over pacers. bring the playoffs on. Also dont sleep on OKC in the west, the lakers might not make it to the finals this year with the spurs and mavs in the west.

  113. sean says:

    this is setting up for a bulls lakers final but it would be nice to see okc make it to the finals and heat are going down by the second round

  114. toutouchris says:

    derrick rose the best will bring the bulls to the 7th championship

    we will beat pacers 4-0 magic 4-2 heat 4-2 and spurs 4-2

  115. nate says:

    actually he is wrong. the playoff matchups in the east are not set. if new york wins their last two and atlanta loses their last one new york would have the tiebreaker. but new york has two tough games while atlanta plays the bobcats for the last one so its unlikely

  116. ogan says:

    PACERS will surprise the nba.. go PACERS go

  117. ogan says:

    PACERS will surprise the nba.. go P)ACERS go

  118. heat will ………….. 76ers

  119. fiorelladad says:

    It’s funny how everybody just dismisses the Celtics because of their lackluster play down the stretch. Yes, Chicago beat them handily last game and yes Miami beat them handily last game also. But does anybody know how their series ended up? Well Bos 3, Mia 1, Bos 2- Chi 2. Not a bad couple series for Boston in my opinion. Also Boston has been injured ALL SEASON LONG and still led the East in the standings till last month and finished 3rd in the Conf. All this without having a healthy center all season and a makeshift bench due to injuries and trades.

    Anyone who dismisses them in the playoffs should watch last year’s to refresh their memories. Also LA does not have HCA this year in the Finals if the seeds advance and Boston didn’t need it until 6 minutes left in Game 7 of the Finals. Food for thought.

    • Damien says:

      The Bulls were injured all season long as well, and they ended up finishing first.

    • Sandile says:

      Food for thought????????? the Bulls team had injuries as well food for thought i guess…… excuses for not finshing top i see. Boston always has the same excuses when it comes to crunch time injuries, injuries, injuries. Boston is playing like Lakers right now very bad way to end a season.

    • Law064 says:

      Great comment anyone counting out Boston is a fool. Anyone counting out the Lakers are fools as well. These 2 teams can turn it up anytime. Don’t count out the vets. Miami 1-3 vs Boston LMAO it took 4 meetings to win once. In a playoff series they’ll be down 0-3 before they win 1.. Cryami fans I mean band wagon hoppers are idiots

    • Law064 says:

      @Koby23 it means that your Lakers have not beat them. The Lakers have not beat Miami either. That only means that during the season they beat them and have the ability to beat them. That’s a confidence booster. LA is looking bad now just like Boston but you’ll be a fool to ignore those 2 teams

  120. koby23 says:

    it’ll be another celtics-lakers showdown. chicago has the starting five going, but theire not deep enough and the same with miami. even if the bulls or the heat makes it to the finals, they’ll lose out to the lakers in 7 games. boston is still the team to beat out in the east. we’ll have to wait until the 2nd round to see the heat and celtics go at it.

    • are we in playoff yat? says:

      hahahha. The Lakers better take care of Portland first. The Lakers are going nowhere.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Lakers are 3-1 against Portland this season, did you forget?
        I’m sorry but if the Bulls DO make it to the Finals, they WILL get beat up by the Lakers. Just like when Boston beat up LA in 08, when we weren’t physical enough and Boston took advantage of us. Chicago does not have the experience, and I am not discrediting Chicago ONE BIT. They have an absolutely amazing coach that knows what it takes to beat LA, he was on Boston’s bench with Doc. They have the next superstar in D.Rose. Chicago is capable, but they just lack the experience LA has. LA is physical and they learned it from who? Boston. LA knows what it takes to win, and if it IS LA vs Chicago, I gotta give it to LA. Homecourt or not, we’ll steal 1 of the first 2 in Chicago and end it in 5. No, I’m not being a bandwagon BS fan saying LA is the best and watch 3 games out of the regular season and nag at others for who they like. I’m entitled to my own opinion, as are others.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        HAHAHAHAHA idiots like yourself have said that the last two seasons.

    • Damien says:

      @koby23, Isn’t the Bulls the deepest team in the East, and hasn’t the Celticks been loosing games recently and fell of from 1st to 3rd because the lost their deepness after the trade. Boston’s interior defense , well, they don’t have one. Yeh I know you have Shaq, but do expect the oldest player in the NBA play and pefrorm well at 40+ minutes, And if the Bulls is not a deep team, then what is it that they are missing then? A consistent play maker on a bench, maybe? OK, I’ll give you that. But do you really need one when you have three number 2 options and a defense that is hard to score over 90 points on.

      I’m not saying that Knicks are going to beat the Celticks in the first round, but if there was an upset in the First round on the East, It would be the Knicks. Then Miami in Miami. Then Chicago in Chicago. No… No Celticks in the finals this year. They look to cripled allready, barely dragging their feet to finish up the season.

      • koby23 says:

        bulls deep? are you high? i dont care how many games they win. they need to prove it in the playoffs yo! bulls dont have a championship team like celtics, lakers, spurs, or even the mavs. your bench is what makes the team deep along with the starting five. like it or not, the bulls dont have what it takes to win it all yet. look at what happend last playoffs, the celtics strom through the playoffs to set a date with the lakers, right. dont let that fool you dog.

      • Law064 says:

        @Koby23 the bulls have beat LA twice so don’t say the Lakers can just easily beat the Bulls

      • koby23 says:

        @law064, the bulls have beat la twice. so what if they did two games means nothing until the playoffs yo. bulls havent prove anything yet, just because they won more games out east means nothing at all.

  121. UnderdogsRULE says:

    whos the retard that think the hawks can win? yea the beat orlando 3/4, but the magic beat the Lakers 2/2 before losing in 5 in the finals…..that guy gets paid too much

  122. chinoluis65 says:

    people please dont sleep on the knicks ..thwy have enough fire power to outscore anyone ande when they play defense theyre unstoppable…

    • defense says:

      defense hahahah lmao are you kidding…..thats like never……..

      • 36zero says:

        its obvious when it comes to the knicks there are alot of HATERS but watching them its obvious that they can (when they want to) play defense. did anyone see how thw they came back and closed the last game against INDIANA? CHICAGO hasnt beat the knicks all year and tonights game is just a warm up with STAT probably not playing. at the end of the day the playoffs is a whole different animal. the knicks leaders have playoff as well as CHAMPIONSHIP experience so YOU HATERS should just kill yourselves now because the KNICKS arent going anywhere 4 a while.DEAL WITH IT!!!!! GO NEWYORK GO NEW YORK GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. click11 says:

    Da Bulls are back!! Heat, Celtics, watch out

  124. South Beach Boy says:

    Lets go Heat…. Miami are primed for long playoff run……

  125. lambo says:

    i hope lebron gets his championship but i wouldnt be mad or sad if they lost in the playoffs besides they are still a great team and plus they have way more time to focus on next year but only the bulls and celtics stand in their way and after that its going to be either the spurs okc lakers or mavs

    • LetsgoMagic says:

      The Heat are still a very good team, but I don’t think they have a good enough bench for a deep playoff run, semi-finals or conference finals maybe. A matchup I would like to see these playoffs would be Magic-Heat, given a 1st or 2nd round upset.

  126. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    After watching the Celtics recently I really fancy the Knicks doing them , if Melo is on fire like he has been and Amare and Billups can produce then an upset is a real possibility ! That said whoever goes through is out in the second round as the Heat will walk all over either of these teams !

    • sean says:

      you obviously dont watch enough the celtics defense is going to be all over melo the knicks are going to need a great perfomance from their wing guys like tony douglas williams and landry field along with stodemire breaking down their inside defense if all that happens then you might see anthony go on a scoring streak but the celitcs initial defense will be centered around controlling anthonies scoring ability. That said if celtics win they are not losing to miami.

    • Law064 says:

      @Nosleeptillbrooklyn I can’t say that the Knicks will beat the Celtic’s even with them playing poorly. The Knicks have not beat Boston as of yet. Miami beat Boston once out of 4 tries. That really means that they know they can and have beat them during the season. The playoffs is a lot different every game means something. The Celtic’s have won the season series vs both Miami & NY. The Heat really can’t sleep on Philly either even though they won the season series don’t mean they can’t lose. Anything can happen and any team can beat the next. I mean both 8th seeds could make it to the finals, it’s not likely but in the NBA nothing’s impossible. The Celtic’s are in a slump and resting the starters just gives them rest until it’s go time. The 1st & 2nd seed were out of reach simply because of their play as of late. I wonder if the Celtic’s wouldn’t have hit this slump would the haters still be counting them out. as for the comment of Miami walking over Boston or NY man you’ve lost your mind. 1-3 vs Boston c’mon son get real that 1 win vs Boston still haven’t proved they can beat the Celtic’s in a series just as Boston winning 3 games proves they have a better chance going off the season series. I live in Chicago and I just can’t count out Indiana anybody can win. Go Bulls Go Celtic’s

      • Heat Baby says:

        Yes, IT DOES law064. That game was a dam Eastern Conference FInals intensity for BOTH the Heat AND the Celtics, you best believe that!! Boston was ALL AMPED to play that game and THEY SAID IT. But guess what? THey got CRUSHED. The Celtics had little piddly 3 and 7 point wins against the Heat in the early season because the Heat were still figuring it out LOL I said this ALL year long. They proved why the Celtics beat them before, because of the Heats INEXPERIENCE playing TOGETHER.

        I said after the very first game that this is ALL Boston could do? Was have them by 3 points with 55 seconds to go in the VERY 1st game Miami EVERY played together? After Boston has played together for 3 plus seasons at that point? HAHAHA. I expected that first game to be a double digit loss for the Heat, and it wasnt. This last game just proved the point, because BOTH teams went after that game HARD, so don’t come out with some BBSSSS about o Boston didn’t try or none of that. Because that is WRONG. Heat DOMINATED those Celtics!

        I said it before and I’ll say it again. Aint NOONE thats not a Heat fan who wants to see Udsonis Haslem come back. The Heat are killin teams NOW, let alone when they get their best interior post defender and rebounder back in his PRIME LOL It’ll be ALL OVER THEN.


      • tingyman is back says:

        you mean it was a playoff intensity game for your heat, but not the celtics. Dont forget that the game was on your own home floor. me personally, if you cant win on your own home floor, you dont deserve to win at all. The celtics are calm and secure and ready to give your heat the destruction that they asked for in the playoofs

      • LetsgoMagic says:

        @heatbaby You really don’t understand one of the biggest reasons the Heat won that last game, was the lack of rest for the starters of the Celtics. In the early moments of the game the Celtics dominated the Heat, they just ran outta gas bro. You give them a few days rest, the return of Shaq meaning less minutes for there bench PF’s at C gives J O’Neal alot less responsibility at the starting 5 spot. Celtics are going to be a force to be reckoning with in the playoffs. I’m sorry to say but my money is on Bulls v.s. Celtics in the Conf. Finals.

    • Cal Caesar says:

      No one man can stop Melo, nor less contain him on a nightly basis.. You have to look at Melo as you did Kobe as #8.. complete SCORING MACHINE & he can score easier than anyone else in the league because his repertoire is full of tricks and moves.. don’t get me wrong… I have been riding with Celtics throughout the postseason since the Summer of ’08, since my Knicks weren’t there.. so i know how their defense is.. but.. this is a totally different Knicks team.. with a winning attitude.. and we look FOCUSED…

      • Sandile says:

        Go knicks me and you having been out of it for a long time, i’m with you on why we are going to cause a major shake up with this years playoffs. Go Knicks

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatbaby your a blind man.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatbaby 1-3 vs Boston so in a 7 game series it’ll take them until game 4 to geat a win. I give Miami 2 games vs Celtic’s in a 7 game series.

  127. Jasper Kim says:

    I think it’s BULLS time again in NBA FINALS… D-ROSE 4 MVP!!!

  128. levi says:

    Dwight Howard is going to show why he should be MVP

  129. dh24heat says:

    GO HEAT all the way baby

  130. Law064 says:

    Great playoff series coming soon, Ny vs Boston the big series and Orlando vs ATL. The Celtic’s will suprise people like last season. They looked very bad going into the playoffs but when the playoffs started they were focused and made it to the finals. NY is a good team but they have not beat the Celtic’s this season. Maybe they can win the last game of the season to give them a confidence boost. Go Celtic’s Go Bulls…

    • Heat Baby says:


      Yea pretty funny in your other ramblings on other blogs you were sayin how the Celtics would take down the Heat once again. Yea tell me how that turned out for you huh? LOL

      Celtics got DOMINATED by the Heat, just like they will when they play them in the 2nd round.

      Whats funny is that this ALL WITHOUT HASLEM lol. Wait til they get him back, and everyone is in for some SERIOUS ish!!!

      O and one last thing, no writer I have seen yet anywhere covered or even mentioned the fact for even a brief sentence how in the Heat and Celtics game, that the Big 4 started walking off their bench even right before the last buzzer sounded in the 4th, withOUT shaking hands with ANY Heat player.


      Lebron James didn’t shake hands one time and you woulld’ve thought the man just killed someone. Just because they are the BELOVED Celtics, noone says anything. Tell me EXACTLY how what they JUST DID is ANY different than what Lebron did? You CAN”T.

      Lebron James hating at its finest is all that proved to be. EVERYONE else can do it, big names like Kobe and the Celtics, but NOT Lebron James, nope. HOW PATHETIC

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatbaby what happened the last 3 games Boston beat them? They walked off the court looking like they wanted to cry and probably did. That’s a regular season game and people walk off the court win or lose. After a playoff series that’s just unsportsmanlike. Kinda like the Pistons when MJ finally beat them they just walked off the court mad. The heat beat Boston 1 time horayyy go throw a party dude. I really hope they meet in the 2nd round so the Old dogs/washed up old men or whatever names they have for the Celtic’s beat your so called self proclaimed champs Miami. They won 1 out of 4 so they’ll win 2 out of 7 in a series. Heatbaby you are really a blind fan

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Heat beat the celtics one time this season. Now you moronic heat fans think the heat are just going to run through the celtics? HAHAHAHAHA you have another thing coming, just stay tuned. And this is coming from a Laker fan.

      • tingyman is back says:

        haha what an ignorant fool.
        Where should i start? o yea what was that? what is the heats record against the celtics this season? 1-3? i thought as much. And dont even tell me the bull that the celtics have changed, the 3 victories that the celtics won were with the team that they have now. so dont even bring your crap about how the celtics will be dominated in the playoffs. They may lose to the heat, but definetely not be dominated.
        Secondly, how ignorant can you be to be boasting that the heat did it w/o haslem, im sry, i dont recall seeing SHAQ in the game either fool. and shaq is much more of a game changer in a series if the heat and the celtics meet up, due to the fact that all those open lanes that the heat like to wriggle into will be plugged up iwith pure vintage shaq meat. Furthermore, the reason the heat won against the celtics is because the celtics couldnt buy a rebound. that will obviously change when shaq is back.
        Third, the celtics had no reason to shake the heats hand. The thing with lebron was that lebron just walked out after a PLAYOFF SERIES had finished. The playoffs are obviously an elevated game and if you lose there, you have to respect your opponent and shake hands and show respect. The celtics walking out on the heat in a regular season game is irrelevant. Do you see every one ALWAYS shaking hands after a loss in the regular season? no i didnt think so.

      • Usuck says:

        Big upset by the NYK to the Celtics is coming!!! LOL

      • LetsgoMagic says:

        All these Heat fans complaining about everyone “hating” on the Heat just because the Heat are so good is starting to disappoint me. Now I don’t say this as a Magic fan, I say this as an NBA fan. The Heat have NO depth off the bench, they have Chalmers and Miller; neither of them are that big of threats for a defence. And Haslem, he’s not that great, he pulls down like 6 boards a night? Shaq is going to dominate the Heat these playoffs. Nuff said.

  131. MaFox says:

    magic and hawks is gonna be very interesting.

    P.S. ridiculous poster……

    • Dave says:

      Magic are gonna crush the Hawks man.

    • prix says:

      Only if they put the ball to Dwight, but I dont think that’s gonna be the case…because Orlando love to shot those 3s…ad Nelson and Arenas always makes poor decissions!!!

  132. Gary says:

    Just because the Celtics rested their starters last night doesn’t mean their confident. The got handed a hard loss when they expected to win. Going after the 2 seed would have been pointless. So yeah good move but it was more from them being drained, not confident.

    • chris says:

      I totally agree with you gary. Since the perks trade the level of security and confidence of the celtics is very low.
      And I know that perks was out nearly the entire half of the season with the celtics…It’s not because of that, it’s because it’s like they were losing their last chance of a championship. All the celtics fans and even Doc Rivers told us about last year championship, that “IF” they had perkins (injured) in game 7, they would win the rings. And Doc Rivers liked to remind everyone that nobody beat the celtics with the five starters including perkins. It’s for that actually that the celtics are lost! they said to themselves, even if we reach the eastern conference finals and win it, there is no guarantee at all that we can beat the top of the west. They lost their last hope really. Ainge kills them mentally, even Doc Rivers. Honestly I didn’t expect anything from them regarding the 2011 championship. Either the lakers.
      It will be more interesting to see a Miami/ OKC finals.

      • Mr. eleven says:

        haha another Heat Fan, i like that. Way to go Miami Heat, no matter how hard to beat the celtics and bulls, just bring it on, we believe on you. 2 surging and rampaging team, HEAT-THUNDER, not bad dude. I wanted to see that coming too. Go Heat!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        HAHAHAHAHAHA you heat fans will be very disappointed. I honestly dont think the heat will ever win a championship with the team the bulls have, the way they are playing, the coach, not to mention they have been able to beat teams over 500 on consistent bases. Good luck heat.

      • Sarkies says:

        The Heat can’t even beat the crappy teams during the season, so I don’t think they will beat the Bulls. And 1 win over the Celtics doean’t mean anything. Bulls are going to beat the Celtics in the Eastern Finals and it will be Bulls v.s. Lakers for the NBA Finals. Just like 20 years ago and Derrick Rose will have his first of many rings. Sorry but the Heat just can’t do anything with only Lebron and Wade. Bosh is overrated and the rest of the team just literally sucks. They are so bad that I would trade the entire bench for hopefully half of the timberwolves reserves. If Lebron is so capable of a ring, where are they? He has had 7 chances. And he did have a great team in Cleveland helping. He just wanted to crunch the stats then get mad at his team for not cleaning up his mess. So yeah. Sorry but Lebron – Shaq – Antoine Jamison – Mo Williams – J.J. Hickson – Verajo – Daniel Gibson > Lebron – Wade – Bosh (overrated free agent/player)

      • LA-MIA says:

        I thought I was the only one that noticed that Lebron is just in it for stats. Everyone notices when KB was a ball hog but don’t realize LBJ is crunching stats.

      • Sandile says:

        You are right there, Celtics was done and dusted after the trade. the Knick will realy push them to the limit and if the reach the second round……….who knows what could happen.

    • Law064 says:

      @prix the Knicks have not beat the Celtic’s and the sorry heat beat them once. Boston 4-1 over NY and if yes IF miami don’t choke to Philly they’ll lose 4-2 to Boston

  133. Oscar Ronald says:

    Great article can’t wait for playoffs to’s going to be Legen….wait for it…..dary

    • Imad Akel says:

      Lol i don’t like how Sekou said “It’s going to be interesting to see how deep into the playoffs the Heat can ride with this group.”
      You don’t think they are going for the championship? What about Lebron James and Dwayne Wade makes you think that they’re just riding the playoffs as deep as they can?
      I don’t know whether you are a Heat fan or hater or indifferent, but believe you me the Heat are aiming for metal, not for depth in rounds…They’ll be gunning for the championship just as the Celtics, Lakers, Spurs, and Derrick Rose will be…

      And I say Derrick Rose because my impression of that bulls team is that only Rose and the coach have a real desire to get a championship, whereas i think the rest of the players might be satisfied enough with their season performance…
      I haven’t seen any indication that this Bulls team, despite their great season record, really believes and is really aiming for a championship…

      • I love this game says:

        only rose and the coach???if u can’t see anything more than rose in these bulls then u don’t know about basketball.Deng is having an amazing season,noah and boozer add toughness to this squad and team defense is also a key element in this year’s bulls.I’m a Celtics fan but i can’t ignore the development of this team.Certainly Rose and Thibodeau are key parts but so are some other players and TEAMWORK.Basketball is a TEAM game and no one can achieve anything without good teammates

      • Really? says:

        Are you blind or are you just saying this without ever seeing a Bulls game. The Bulls have the more balanced and hard working bench player out of any team in the playoffs right now. The starting 5 is a big balance between scoring in the paint and shooting from the perimeter and not to mention how hungry they are. You can see how badly they want to win the title. Every game anyone on the bench is energized cheering their teammates on and just supporting each other because they know they can be the best in the NBA. There has not been one game were the Bulls have just quit and give up they try till the very end of every game. To say that only Rose wants it is idiotic, you don’t watch Bulls games obviously. The have demolished not just beaten the best teams in the NBA throughout the season and are so dependent on each other as a team, Rose doesn’t care if he scores 2 pts or 40, he wants to win, and so do the rest.

      • sabbor says:

        WELL SAID.. The Bulls play well as a team.. Guys are having career years because they only have to worry about their duties.. THEY TRUST EACH OTHER!

      • Prime Time says:

        What a stupid comment. People cant seriously expect the Heat to make a deep run into the playoffs with a handful of backup point guards and a group of centers well past their prime (both offensively and deffensively). There is absolutely no way 3 players can compete with a well balanced starting lineup and bench in a 7-game series. Maybe neat season, Heat fans.

      • Michael Takacs says:

        If Love didn’t have such a Good Season , Luol Deng might of Won Most Improved Player . Chicago has the Best Defensive lineup per 48 with Watson,Brewer,Deng,Gibson,and Asik . Boozer Improved a lot since coming from Jazz. and Noah has been in a slump lately but thats all about to change once Playoffs start. So think of it , Derrick Rose – MVP Coach Tibb – Coach of Year Deng – Most Improved (if Love didn’t have a good season) and Noah-Defensive Player (if he didn’t Miss from injuries) . So to say the Bulls only have Rose is completely idiotic and very easy to figure out your either a hater or never watch any of the Bulls game .

      • rekeino watson says:

        @imad akel, have you watched the bulls team defense this year? i am pretty sure that the rest of those guys have the desire and really believe that they cant win it all. just take a look at the bulls record against the winning teams in the nba; these guys gave it their all on the defensive end for the entire season and most suprising is the consistant play of their bench on both ends of the floor, which says a lot…. THIS TEAM AND ORGANIZATION DO BELIEVE!!!!

      • David Zhang says:

        This season, with the collection of superstar trios, have been a training camp for the playoffs, the real game. So congrats to the Bulls and Derrick Rose for winning the MVP, the player who tried the hardest at training camp. One of the reason why the Bulls did well is that no one cared about them, or what seed they have, just like last year’s OKC. Seven teams in the east playoff believe and have a ligitimate chance of beating the Bulls. They are just not on or close to be on the level Heat, Celtics, Lakers are on. So being on the 4th, 5th, and 8th seed this year is good since you play the Bulls. So i would say, the chance of the Bulls getting past the first round, probably 60%, but Championship? 0%

      • David Zhang says:

        By the way, I would like to respond to “Really?”, the Bulls do try hard, give them credit. They just don’t have the talent to go up against any of the real contender in the PLAYOFFS (i stress that because playoffs and regular season have virtually no correlation, just look at the past few champs). Derrick Rose’s MVP is for trying the hardest, there are at least 10 players with more talent than him, but not as much effort. Players in the playoffs work alot harder then the regular season, but Chicago will not because they are already working their hardest. The Bulls have already played their best ball.

        I see Rose as the next Lebron, he either leaves in a few years or work so hard fruitlessly in Chicago and rot there. The next six champs will be the Heat unless another trio or quadruplet is formed (ie. deron williams, dwight howard, kevin durant, or something).

      • Gary says:

        Damn the guy just put a simple opinion out there and people get all butt hurt. And if you mention the Heat and peope really get upset; I love it! GO HEAT!

      • umm.... says:

        at the beginning of the season carlos boozer said with the guys we have we are going to the championship this year! i dont see why only rose would be wanting that that makes no sense.

      • tingyman is BACK says:

        likewise about your heat. I dont see anyone other than lebron james and dwade having real interest towards just being a good team. bosh looks content to watch bron and wade be the stars while he sits on his behind. Furthermore, looking at the matchups, the heat after beating philly would have to play some of the best teams in the nba, dont disregard them.

      • Sandile says:

        key words” the team” the Bulls team rely on each other from the bench to a superstar. Even if the whole team is not planning for that championship like you suggest, any team on any sport wants a title. hence the focus will shift once the playoff begin. Go Knicks.

    • Rafael says:

      bulls will not beat celtics or heat in a 7 serie playoff and everyone pay atention 2 the indiana vs bulls cause indiana has danny granger a good center that could score and a good point guard n bulls got just rose just watch that serie, not hatin on bull they got the best coach in the nba and the best point guard good season for bulls 2

      • Rafael says:

        wend u told about bull just said rose when you talk about celtics say allen pierce garnet , rondo , for heat said lebron , wade n bosh….. so tell me all of u you really thing bulls will beat the celtics or heat lol to that

      • Rafael says:

        EAST PREDICTIONS…. Bull VS Pacers = Bulls, Celtics Vs New york = Celtics , Heat vs Sixers = Heat, Olando vs Atlanta = Orlando 2 ROUND BULL VS ORLANDO= BULLS HEAT VS CELTICS this one is really hard not missin it, but i think without perkins celtics arent the same so a take= HEAT EAST FINAL BULLS VS HEAT = HEAT WITHOUT THINKIN

      • Sarkies says:

        Wow. You think the Heat’s terrible line up can take on the Bulls in a 7 game series? Okay. What about in the season where the Bulls are 3-0 against the Heat. Don’t say that’s just the season games because they matter. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be any. Also, the Bulls are 2-2 against the Celtics. Should be 3-1 but refs in Boston sure do like to not call fouls on Rondo when he grabs Rose’s arm for a buzzer beater. Besides that point, Indiana will be lucky to get 1 winin the series. Granger is so good? Well Deng is better. Hibbert can score? Let’s see him dop it anytime when Joakim Noah is locking him up. Be realistic here. Don’t mention the Pacers playing the Bulls because that is just a warm up series. The Heat have had an easy schedule and the most they did with it was barely squeeze bu Boston for the number 2 seed. The Bulls have the best record against winning teams in the league. It’s proven. We have beaten the Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Magic, Hawks, Hornets, Blazers, Grizzlies, Nuggets, Mavericks, Thunder, Pacers, Sixers, and tonight the Knicks. Looks like we are the only team to beat every other team in the playoffs. So I don’t think the Bulls will have trouble with the Pacers. Nor will they have trouble against the Celtics seeing as how we have blown them out the last 2 meetings and they traded away Perkins. Heat are going to be lucky if they even see the Eastern Finals let alone the NBA fInals. So stop saying Wade and Lebron are so good. I could have sworn at the beginning of the season, there was a third player people were obsessed with, but seems people have forgotten him since he was so overrated. You know, Chris Bosh. Yeah. Thank God we did’t get him. All we have is Rose? How many players on the Heat average over 10 points a game? 3. Bulls – almost all of them. If they dont, they average about 9 points. So don’t count the Bulls out becausde they are just as good if not better than all the other teams in the playoffs.

      • Donald says:

        While I sift through some of the more articulate, plausible comments, I have this to offer: For you people that make incredible predictions for this year’s playoffs, please feel free to sign-in as that same person and face the music after the wheels fall off! For one: The Bulls will not win the east this year. Even though the media pundits will have you believe the Bulls have the best player and coach of the year! The reason being: that no team in the east will be able to beat the Heat in a 7 game series. Why? Because its the Heat who have the BEST player in the league and once they focus in on stopping D.Rose – a very good player in his own right – D.Wade one of the top 5 players in the league for years and Bosh a very good player when he’s right will out-play the other starters on the Bulls. Certainly, Rose is capable of driving to the basket and getting foul after foul called his way. But, listen, D.Rose shows the balls alot on his drives and if the bigs on a particular team time him right they can block, alter, and affect his shot at the rim.

      • Think About it Please says:

        silly, granger plays the 3.

      • Fan says:

        Raphael your dreaming if the Heat are going to win. All the games the Bulls played with the Heat were won by few pts and if they were good as they say they would have beat them, but they didn’t. Also Bosh is softer than a marshmellow (weak).

      • David Zhang says:

        Boozer will not do any better if the Heat got him.

        Regular season matters, but standings do not. Its a place for good teams to train with trainers (bad teams), We watch regular season to see the development of players and playbooks, and we see the playoffs to see competition, that the way it has been and will be.

        Finally, put up a blog on a neutral site and ask people who is the five best play in NBA, LeBron’s name, Wade’s name, Kobe’s name, Howard’s name will all come up more times than Rose. So Rose is oficially the best and hardest working kid at training camp (MVP), lets see how he does with real player in real games.

      • Pete says:

        So the fact that Miami lost the season series against the bulls 3-0 and against the celtics 3-1 somehow gives you an indication the the Heat are vastly superior to the bulls and that no one can beat them?


    • Prime Time says:

      I meant next season haha

    • Ghaan Chod says:

      don’t ever put lebron and rose in the same sentence, ever again. one of these players is lacking a major part of his game: heart. i’ll give you numb nuts a clue, his name starts with ‘le’ and ends with ‘brick’

      • Stephen says:

        “Le-Brick” would win MVP every year in a cake walk if it was up to stats. Why dont you go look up some stats and come back here and get your sentence straghtened out. Nobody should put ROSE in the same sentence as lebron because he”ll never be as good.

      • David says:

        To think that in a 3rd season Rose will accomplish so much without another allstar along side of himself is blasphemy. Give the kid a chance to grow. What is he 21? 22? DO you really believe a 22 year old has the ability to lead a team to a championship in his 3rd year? Name me a player that lead his team to a championship in his 3rd year? Jordan? No. Kobe? No(he had Shaq in his prime)….It’s extremely hard to win a championship without more than 1 allstar these days….Check the Celtics and Lakers squads…check the spurs championships and WADE’S championship. You need more than 1 dominant player or you’re NOT goint to win a championship. And thats been proven since 2000. Rose doesnt have another Allstar…..2000-2003 lakers with 2 allstars. 2004 pistons with 4 allstars 2005 spurs with 3 allstars manu parker and duncan 2006 with 2 allstars wade and shaq’s end of prime 2007 spurs 2008 celtics allstars 2009 lakers with kobe pau and lamar. Bulls wont win it. Not enought prime time players. Convo over

      • SpursFan says:

        Tim Duncan lead the Spurs in his second season to a title. With Finals MVP honours. OOOOO you got burned

    • tingyman is back says:

      i would also like to respond to david zhangs post. “One of the reason why the Bulls did well is that no one cared about them, or what seed they have, just like last year’s OKC”? REally? your analogy makes no sense. Your trying to say that the bulls have the number 1 seed because no one was truly paying attention to them and to their record, and then you use last year okc team as your example. If im not mistaken, the okc last year were the 8th seen and were kicked out of the playoffs by the lakers in 6. Then this year, they, with a lot of teams paying attention to them, rose to the 4th seed. your ignorance is apparent

      • David Zhang says:

        What I meant was compared to their expectation. Last year, we expected OKC to be one of the bottom team, but KD had something amazing going on and went into the playoffs and did not get sweeped. The bulls are already a playoff team a year ago and was expected to be a little bit better this season, but they reached the top seed in the east. This year, OKC was a favourite in the playoffs (after the lakers of course) and many people expected them to go second or even first, so more attention was paid on them to pull them down, and be careful, they might still get that 2nd seed.

    • james says:

      I can’t wait til the playoffs start!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited to see how the playoffs pan out. The C’s could make a run but I doubt them getting past the heat. The magic can make the match up with the bulls very interesting, and the heat are a question mark on hard they want to play and their bench production. It has a lot of what ifs this year but is certainly shaping up to be fun to watch.

    • prix says:

      Only one thing I get excited about the first round match up of the Knicks and Boston…Scary Knicks againts weak boston…both teams w/o much defense, its gonna be a Run and Gun Game…and of course the Knick win… Celtics are over!!

      • Law064 says:

        @Prix you need to stop posting your crap here you have no brain. Boston don’t play run & gun that’s the old Suns. We’ll see how over Boston is next week!!! Boston 4-1 over NY

      • prix says:

        Boston needs to run for them to win..the last time the Heat blow them out only Rondo scores in fastbreak the small3 were hiding, they cant have a set up defense simply because they dont have any defense in the more big men…thats why they need to run, but I’m sure the small 3 will be run out of gas in the 1st qtr alone and the KNICKS win…4-0