Heat’s Fear Factor Of Celtics Is Gone

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Heat didn’t dance around the floor after finally beating back their tormentors from Boston Sunday afternoon.

Perhaps they’d seen enough of the Celtics since the trade deadline to know that a win over these Celtics isn’t worth celebrating, even if it does give you the inside track for the No. 2 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff chase, not to mention the confidence of knowing you can whip ’em if need be.

The one thing that was put to rest on the last Sunday of the regular season was the Heat’s fear factor where the Celtics are concerned. After being bullied in three previous meetings this season by the defending Eastern Conference champs, the Heat bowed up and showed that they, like most everyone else since Kendrick Perkins departed, are not intimidated by the Celtics’ mystique of the past three seasons.

Jermaine O’Neal did his best to fill in as the Celtics’ enforcer, delivering a shoulder shiver to LeBron James that wound up sending O’Neal flying in the opposite direction. James chucked the ball at O’Neal’s back and flagrant and technical fouls followed, for James and O’Neal as well as others. There would be no more bullying, not with the Celtics in their current state and not with the Heat energized by the challenge.

The Celtics tried to make their usual statement,essentially, “We will snatch your heart if you don’t stop us.” And this time the Heat stopped them.

“We’re not backing down from nobody,” James told reporters after the game, a verbal statement to go along with the physical one the Heat gave during their rout.

The fallout flows both ways. The confidence booster that this game was for the Heat has a flip side. This loss was the latest dose of reality for the new-look Celtics, who have scored just five wins (in 11 tries) over playoff teams since the trade deadline.

“At one point, I was watching from the bench at the way they were passing the ball and thought, ‘That’s the way we usually play,'” Paul Pierce said told the Miami Herald. “It is very disturbing when I look up and we are down 15 rebounds to a team that is not known for their rebounding.”

The Celtics are shining a light on themselves, talking about all of the things that they didn’t do. And there is some validity in that approach. Celtics coach Doc Rivers has acknowledged repeatedly that his team is not the same team we all saw before the trade, and as he explained to the Boston Globe, there is obviously work to be done before they entertain thoughts of another long playoff run:

“The frustration is high on our team right now,” Rivers said. “Honestly, we’ve just got to keep working on [coming back]. It’s my job to figure it out. I gotta figure it out and then I gotta get them to stay with it. We played for seven minutes to start the game and turned around and said, ‘Oh, this is the Celtics,’ and it was gone. To me it was gone because a couple of things didn’t happen our way. I know what we have to do. We know what we have to do.”

So do the Heat.

They finally stood up to the bully, and in the process they helped expose the Celtics for the flawed bunch that they are right now.

Whether or not it means anything the next time these two teams see each other remains to be seen. But the fear factor is gone!


  1. haha says:

    I find it funny how heat fans act like the heat actually did something great. Out of 4 games this season they won the last one. Out of all four games they were slaughtered and one game they returned the favor. Get over it, when it comes playoff time, we’ll see who’ll have the last laugh. By the way, since you’re so happy you guys have the second seed, don’t forget you have to go through the Knicks and/or Bulls before the conference finals.

    • Heat Go!! Go!! says:

      ur insane u keep saying wait to playoffs, wait to playoffs. um last time i checked the playoffs r right around the corner. so yea kicking yalls rear end now. yea i admit they struggled at first but so did the knicks. i wont argue cause i hate not team but stop hating on the heats and ill see ya on the comments under Miami Heat NBA Champions!!!!

  2. MPacquiao says:

    So much to say but Miami Heat will be more dominating in playoff. All critics will be eating their words against Miami and they will be frustrated.

  3. drick says:

    you’re absolutely right LBJrocks nothing more to say..
    BULLS are nothing when DROSE guarded by DWADE…like what happens to KOBE…

  4. luis says:

    celtics losing didnt matter? that game was for 2nd seed in the east so it wasn’t just a regular game. That game had playoff hype before it began, It had playoff atmosphere before it began. And ALL THE PLAYERS took it like if it was a playoff game so dont come with that bull crap amd say that game didnt matter.! because it obviously mattered to kg and paul pierce when you saw their faces in the bench! ..

  5. Kaybee says:

    People really do sound a little shallow to me sometimes. Give credit when it is due. The Heat put up an outstanding performance against a team that came into their building and silenced them for the most part of the start of the game. The Celtics showed up to take the Win but the Heat coaching staff and efforts of their players made the bigger difference by showing heart and how much they wanted to beat the Celtics. That in sports is called spirit. people make a big fuss about the heat losing three times already to the Celtics forgetting that this celtics team that got the previous 3 wins is not the same. The only win between those teams that makes a difference was the one on sunday because this will be the same line ups that will play each other. As to the hate and skepticism about the heat, it can keep going on but talent plus hard work always yields great results the last time I checked. I am not standing here saying the Heat will run over everybody but do not write them off because we haven’t seen them yet and with those prideful superstars who want to shut up skeptics like most of you guys, just watch out for performances to remember. Because those people have tv’s too you know and they see and here all the trash and doubt talk.

  6. danyheat says:

    THE HEAT IS GOING ALL THE WAY…….THEIR TAKING THE CROWN THIS YEAR………when ever the Heat have wanted a game they have won it….Sweeped LA.blew out the Spurs. Beat the Celtics when they had too….And come playoff time get Ready to see Wad3 turn it up 150%

  7. Florence R Hansbrough says:

    The heat are good- but as stated one win does not get you a championship and it will certainly not be the Heat or the Bulls-great records mean nothing and there is not such thing as home court advantage when a real good team plays- the little guys at home start to cry.GO CELTICS

  8. pacquioa fans says:

    Vote Pacqiao for senator..please vote for him

  9. Ralph Anastacio Mansueto says:

    regular season games is far different than playoffs, until now we cant say who’s weaker and who’s the d best…

  10. OGIE D. says:

    Great time for the Heat to peak! I just pray they don’t implode during late quarters like they almost did in the Hawks game. Just follow what worked 3-6-1-22-50 and hopefully, 40 comes in ready for the war. And keep the infantry warm with 0-22-15-13 and the rest ready to rumble when called upon. I still have faith that the HEat can go all the way………………GO HEAT!

  11. Laker Fan says:

    As much as I hate the C’s, until someone beats them 4 out 7 in a series, Boston still the team to beat in the east.

  12. Carlos says:

    I just wanna comment two things on the matter:
    First, the win was all about home court advantage not just with the celtics but with western teams too.
    Second, as far as the playoffs go, we will have to wait and see because predictions of the so-called experts change with the streaks, at the beginning only celtics and lakers were options, a month later Dallas was unstoppable, half way through Spurs were absolut champions, during December the Heat were flying, after the break lakers were going for the title and now the Bulls are reigning champions. Come on, in the last 10 years only twice the champion had the best record. We don’t know who will rise, can NYC beat Boston? Sure. Will they? Don’t know. Can the Bulls go all the way? Sure. Will they? Don’t know. Can OKC beat l.a.? Sure.
    Let’s reserve the big talk for the real end, love our team, try to respect others and support your own no matter what.
    Love the Heat, love the Spurs, hoping for the best, if not, there’s always next season.

  13. Jacelo Calitis says:


  14. Heatfannotabandwagon says:

    Look this past sundays game was nothing but a game to the heat and celtics miami needed it more cuz they have alot two prove than the celtics don’t get me wrong miami is playing really good basketball right now and that trade with kendrick was a not that big of a loss. But like what everyone says the bandwagon needs to go u are not a true fan of the heats if u just love the squad they got get off the blogs. I have been a heat fans since they drafted wade. Miami is playing good basketball right now no one want to realize that. During the season they showed alot of adversity. Everyone knows they are a dangerous team when they are on all cylinders very dangerous. There identity is defense and they will win it through deffense not offense cuz we all know they have been working just on there half/court game and in the last month in a half the offense has been almost unstoppable. And we all know they have the defense. I put it this way. If miami plays the way they played against boston, lakers and the spurs they will be hard to beat. Let’s just see what lays in the playoffs. No matter the outcome it should be a great post season

  15. MAC says:

    I usually just come on these blog sites and just read the comments, but today I decided to post. I see alot of people talking about “The Heat suck” and that they are ” a terrible team”. First off, lets be real. They have the number 2 seed in the East going into the playoffs. That is a BIG accomplishment, considering that many people didnt think that they would do that well when they went on that losing streak. Yall have also forgotten that James has taken a team that was last place (the Cavs) and made them a solid contender in the East, the years that he played for them. Wade also has the experience not to mention a championship under his belt. To say that they will not do good in the playoffs is silly. I think that every team has a chance of winning a series, because to me it is up in the air right now. There are alot of good teams and everybody is hungry. To sit there and say that the Heat will be pushovers in the playoffs is the dumbest thing anybody can say in my opinion. It depends on what teams peak at the right time and who can handle the pressure at crunch time. To be honest, I think it will be hard to beat the Heat and the Bulls in a 7 game series. Ill prob even throw the Knicks in there because they have seemed to step it up a little bit these past few games. The only thing that we all can do right now is just wait for the playoffs to start and stop trying to predict outcomes because ANYTHING can happen. Stop depending on what happened in the regular season to make your determinations on who you believe will win because once the playoffs start, everyone’s slate is CLEAN. Good luck to all teams!

  16. LBJ rocks! says:

    a lot of you say that Miami’s win over Boston isn’t important but the playoffs. are you stupid? what Miami fight over Boston is the home court advantage for the playoffs. before you guys comment i think you should study first how teams handle their situations. And to all LAKERS fans out there, i think you guys should worry first of Oklahoma City THUNDER and Durant than commenting on the EAST side. To the Celtics fans see you and Miami for the East Finals. Chicago are no threat to the Heat. Derrick is no Jordan. They only need to guard Derrick Rose and their stunned! Goodbye! Just Like Last year i thought Chicago will go on but the Celtics Demolish them haha. Try to Guard LBJ and DW when they are on a roll. And we’ll see who get’s the “W”. Chris Bosh points are just bonus for the Heat. You will all be Witnesses.

  17. badleur says:

    it takes four games to win one (for heat) still i’m for boston… heat and boston players are both good. The battle in the playoff is the reliability of their coaching staff..

  18. brigitte says:

    Lebron makes the Heat exciting to watch. He’s a charismatic player and leader. The Celtics should not have let Perkins go!!! Notice how badly theyre doing now???

  19. Cori says:

    This is so ridiculous. Everyone talking about Miami haters. Well it seems to me the majority of people are Boston haters. I am a die-hard Boston fan and I will admit that they are hurting right now without Kendric but to say this one win with Miami shapes the play-offs is ridiculous. Doc Rivers and the Celtics know how to win play-off games. They weren’t number one last year, but they still beat LeBron and the Cavs to be the winner in the East. So you all just wait. Boston is going to come back.

    • Wade says:

      Save if buddy you just lost to the Wizzards.


    • Smelo SUCKS says:

      Ya im pretty sure your mom knows how to win playoff games too buddy… its kinda to sad to kno that an 11 year old knows more than you do… and that Boston will not come back… bunch of old wannabe’s… just like you noob

  20. Brian says:

    The Heat are awesome. Unbeatable. They are going to win 5 – 6 – 7 championships. blah blah blah. Here’s the reality Heat apologists. The Heat are a paltry 21-20 vs this year’s playoff teams. That’s pathetic. They have winning records against only 4 playoff teams while losing three series. By comparison Chicago and Boston won the season series against 7 playoff teams including a 6-1 mark vs. the overrated Heat.

    Lebron and his team’s of the past have been notorious front runners his entire career. There is nobody better at running out to a big lead and hanging on to it than Lebron and gang are. Unfortunately for him and the Heat, they will no longer be able to feast on the lower echelon of the NBA in the playoffs.

    As for the Heat bench play. What bench play? They had one big game against the Celtics, but what have they done the rest of the year? Nothing. They are laughably bad. Do you really think you’re going to rely on those bunch of clowns come playoff time?

    Conratulations on a meaningless regular season win Heat fans. The real season begins this weekend and we all know how James, Wade and Bosh fare in the postseason. Don’t we.

    Oh, and btw Sekou, The Celtics were 33-10 with the best record in the East without the services of Kendrick Perkins. Despite the late season struggles again this year (seems to me Lebron laid a couple of regular season beatings on Boston last year too – how did that turn out for him? Oh that’s right. He QUIT in the playoffs. Laid down. Gave up.), the Celtics know what it takes to get it done in the postseason. Does Miami? Not likely. At all.


    • Wade says:

      You needed a whole story to give your opinion, no one on cares about your so call theory.



    • Gary says:

      I can picture the steam coming out this guys head and typing all this for what? To hope a few Heat fans get discouraged? Not likely. Did the loss hurt that bad lol?

  21. WOW says:

    From A South Florida Native…
    Miami Heat 14-3 since their infamous 5 game losing streak.

    I dont think any team has a perfect starting 5. I am sure someone will disagree. So “So What” we dont have an elite PG. We have Bosh, Wade and Lebron. We have 1 – 2 starters in the game at any given point, hence lack of bench production.

    Did anyone see Rondo’s entrance to AA Arena pre-game in Miami… It was sooooo pitiful. He is missing his “bubba” Perkins. I thought he was going to break down in tears. If any team’s chemistry is in at risk now it is the Celts. I am curious to see what comes out of their series vs the Knicks.

    Anyone from Miami Beach understands the problem with game attendance. 365 days of sunshine and beautiful people! You wont get anyone into AA Arena before dark. Hello!

    Can some tell the Atlanta Hawks that the organ is played out. Black and Yellow on the organ at Philips arena is like nails on a chalkboard.

    Go Heat!

  22. mike says:

    lets go miami heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! beat them all.. hahaha….

  23. Bandwagoners says:

    The Miami Heat fan base: 60% former Cleveland Cavalier fans, 15% for Toronto Fans. It’s funny how about 3/4 of you weren’t even Heat fans prior to the Lebron/Bosh trade. Bandwagoners are too funny!

  24. kurt says:

    Both teams are much different than they were in the middle of the season. On neutral terms i believe the celtics aren’t as good, and the heat are significantly better. I look at it like this, disregard team performance for the playoffs for a second and consider the individual PLAYOFF performances we have witnessed from both JAMES and WADE in the past. COMBINE the two and they have a big chance of beating anybody

  25. Alvin Beattie says:

    I am a fan of the NBA, no particular team though. I usually support teams that I do enjoy their play on a given era. Most of all I enjoy superior performances individually and as a team.

    Today I watched the game of ATL VS MIA. Looking at the boxscore I had the thought that all starting five of the Heat are names that I have enjoyed seeing playing in the past and now. Meaning that eventhough very well past due their prime both Z and Bibby have a great track record. I do belive that they will show up when needed. I also like the play of Miller and appreciate a lot the toughness of Howard. Haslem is missing for sure and to be honest with you I prefer him over Bosh (you can kill me on that).

    The week link I see in Bosh and in the age and dissadvantages of PG and C. I prefer Haslem because he is team first, tough and will do whatever it takes.

    I look forward to some great playoffs!

    Picks: LA (Kobe is a damn competitor, too Big frontline), SA (Timy is the best PF I have ever seen playing, Coach is amazing, Manu is tops) West; MIA (LeBron is an once in a generation player) BOS (the strenght of will and veterans) East

  26. THC_nemesis says:

    Celtics Fans are always saying that the Celtics didn’t play well when the heat had beaten them. The first 3 wins of the Celts against the heat were just a adjustment game for the Heat because they want to test their chemistry unlike the Celtics who already knew each other since 2008. So Celtics fans, we heat fans recommend you to start praying because the Heat will burn you in the 2nd round IF..IF..IF YOU WILL SURVIVE AGAINST THE GUYS IN THE BIG APPLE..wahahahahahahaha (Evil laugh)..LOL!

    • Law064 says:

      @THC_Nemesis I can give you that gell excuse for the 1st 2 losses but that 3rd loss was after they really played well thru December and most of January. So don’t make excuses for the 1st 3 losses of Boston. Playoffs are here and all the talking by us fans will be shown on the court. Good luck to everyone in the post season

      • Wade says:

        I had no ideal the fans were the ones playing the game, so what are the fans you speak of going to show LBJ, DWade, and Bosh on the court ?

      • javy says:

        remember the 3 victory is when heat get 5 lossing streak that was a relly bad week for them

  27. drick says:

    a huge win for the HEAT but still the ball is round,,am a HEAT fan but we can’t under estimate the celtics ability especially DOC rivers he’s a beast in the playoffs but still the HEAT win but not too easy,but in the EAST finals i am 90% confident for the HEAT to beat the BULLS..


    • Angela says:

      Miami played a complete game for 48 minutes. Fantastic for them, but let’s be for real, that was 1 game. They need to play 16 more just like that to win that ship and that is never going to happen, not with THIS Heat team. I don’t think they have it in them. They are not going to beat the Celtics or the Bulls in a 7 game series.

  28. Realistic Fan says:

    I am a huge HEAT fan and I am by no means a “bandwagon” fan, I have been following the years before they even acquired Wade. As big of a fan I am, I am also very realistic.

    1. it wasn’t just ONE game, that game secured our seat in second place, and matched us up with Philly instead of Knicks (which, in my opinion, would have been a very tough match up).
    2. I like the things the heat have been doing lately, but they have a lot of wrinkles to iron out before even thinking about making it out of the east.
    3. The Heat are a great team defensively, but can they really beat Bulls or Knicks (even Orlando) in a 7-game series??

    The last few years, we barely made it into the playoffs (usually coming in at the 7th or 8th seed). As a REAL heat fan, I am proud that we made it to the 2nd seed. and I will be happier to make it out of the second round (which we failed to do last couple years). For me (please don’t get offended) making it to the second rounds of the Playoffs is a good accomplishment!!

    LET’S GO HEAT!!!!! 🙂

    • Realistic Fan says:

      *** I mean to say “I will be even happier to make it out of the FIRST round.


  29. D12 says:

    Gary, U R just a huge miami fan and therefore overlook the facts, the heat have a less than stellar coach which will affect them negatively in the playoffs, as well as an extremely inconsistent bench. Plus the heat have Lebron James, who every year finds a way to screw up chances to win playoff games with his turnovers, and considering they are at an all time high, im thinking he will be the heats worst enemy when it comes down to the wire in big games. And if he quit playing in last years game 6, what will he do this year when things arent going his way in the playoffs? hopefully retire. I personally right now guarantee that not only will the heat fail to obtain an nba title, they wont even win a conference title.

    • Wade says:

      Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel good, same old line from you haters.

      Go Heat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  30. jefrey says:

    Heat will win the championship so haters will shut up ^^.
    Who said heat fear boston? that’s a crap

  31. HEAT haters are IDIOTS!

  32. HEAT4BRON says:






  33. Momo says:

    TO ALL, enough with the TRASHTALKS! Let’s just wait for the PLAYOFFS! Goodluck to all the teams!

    • Law064 says:

      Yes Good luck to All teams and the best team will come out of each conferance and play for the title. Go Celtic’s Go Bulls

  34. it is still 1 out of 4 for the cHEAT. I can tell that their gonna drop at the playoffs either to the bulls or the celtics…

    • Wade says:

      How do you know what is going to happen, do you have a crystal ball or something.
      We just kicked the Celtics butts. Now live with it little man.


  35. Shan says:

    stop RONDO, stop the C’s
    stop Rose, stops the Bulls
    stop Kobe, stops the Lakers
    contain Dwight, stop Orlando
    stop LeBron, it has Wade, stop Wade it has Bosh, only weaknest Bench. clutch will be there in the playoffs cause Wade is clutch and LeBron and Bosh has great playoff average.

    • Tek says:

      Start a mild amount of drama and the whole Miami heat teams falls apart like a middle school click.

  36. EL PRESIDENTE says:

    Fire BURNS “CLOVER LEAF” Easily, When the WIND (city) is strong as the Fire, the Fire gets BIGGER,, STRONGER , Hotter and how can a LAKE(rs) Extinguish the HEAT of 3 Raging SUN.

    Lets go D-Wade

  37. Wade says:

    Knicks are going to destroy Boston.

    Go Heat!!!!!!!

  38. blaze says:


  39. Kraust says:

    Nice win for the Heat, they needed that win to boost some momentum going to the playoffs.
    As for the Celtics, they may not have enough gas to make a run like last year, It now depends on how hungry are they for another championship. The match up with the Knicks should show if they are capable of doing something to make a run.

  40. Heat2Beat says:

    @TWIZZ…..your are a flipping idiot you know that…If you are saying that the only way the Heat are coming out the East is because its easy then what would you say if Bulls come out or even Boston. Know what you’re saying before you say it or you will sound retarded. All of you worrying about the Heats in the 2nd round? Right now you guys should really be worried about the way Knicks are playing now and how they might just upset you’ll in the 1st round of the playoffs. Let’s go Heat. their bench are starting to contribute at the right time and Bosh, Wade & James couldnt be playing much better ball than they are right now. If they remain healthy its going to be a great battle in the East.

  41. LebronCouldHaveBeenMVP says:

    Knicks for the win over Celtics.

    *somewhat doubtful*

  42. BANNER18 says:

    I see a lot of bandwagons coming out every time the Heat gets a good win, I like dWade, but as far as the team.. i simply dont see them as a championship caliber at least as of now, cause this team lacks depth and inconsistent bench production. As far as the playoffs go, Watch out when the C’s switch the lights! They go hungry for that banner 18

    • Gary says:

      Haha, yeah, right. Celtics need to change some bulbs before they try to switch on anything. Anyway What Miami fan is not going to want to comment when the team wins? The real bandwagoners come out when Championships are won. Like all these new Celtic fans the past few years or new LA fans. I live in the LA area and for the past 11 years the only time I saw Laker fans was 2000-2002 and then from 2008 to now.

      • Wade says:

        I’m with you Gary there are more bandwagon Laker fan then Heat fans.
        I also live in L.A.

        Go Heat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go Lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Tek says:

        I was born and raised a Lakers fan…however i live in San Antonio now and it’s the same thing here….Spurs fans everywhere talkin trash, but if they are on a losing streak all of the sudden there is no Spurs fans anywhere.

  43. aaron says:

    heat kniks great game second round

  44. Steven says:

    Whoever on this blog.. thinks they know basketball by bad mouthing everyone else’s comment.. when no one even mentioned that.. yes its one regular season game.. but basically it secured Miami on getting the number two seed.. which would help them in the playoffs if the Celtics and Miami were to meet again.. so yeah.. one game equals home court advantage in the 2nd round.. i would call that a big game..

  45. Ice Pogi says:

    Heat wins and the cetics lose again….Yeah I’m a HEAT BandWaagon fan………. Want to ride with us??? It’s nice and comfy here!!!! And we’re driving all the way to the Finals……Want to Join??? Look what is happening to the Celts and Lakers……. That’s a very bumpy ride……..

    • bandwagon hater says:

      let me put this in simple terms. Im no Heat Hater but this year is not their year, next year against okc 🙂
      but anyways as of current goings. celtics having the usual pre finals slump, a few injuries, a silly trade BUT
      Heat<Celtics<Bulls(although celts may lose to knicks. Heat<Bulls

      and in the west i cant call it
      that is all

  46. MiamiHeatUltimateFan says:


  47. Any bodys ball says:

    Heat fear the Top Seed and pls dont cry

  48. javy says:

    Why every body talk about Heat – Celtics playoff. HELLOWWW!! New York for sure eliminate Celtics in the first round. Accept, you lose your Celtics, they gone forever, need new team. Just sit and enjoy the Heat play off. LET’S GO HEAT!!!

  49. Any bodys ball says:

    Celtics and heat are not the only team in this league LMAO

  50. Heat4TheWin says:

    Lolz I Love how much Haters hate on Heat just cause their team got beat! Yes Celtics are good but after that trade they started to go down they will be a tough match to beat and yes Bulls are going to be hard to beat but yesterday Heat blewout the Celtics and in 4 games I havent seen the Celtics blowout the Heat! That was preview how the Heat are gonna play in the playoffs so get ready teams! New Miami Heat Is on the way and are ready to win a Championship! 🙂

  51. Just a Fan says:

    Never seen so many bandwaggoners talking trash before the team has accomplished anything. And throwing championship parades before they even played a game. the Heat, that is. Part of the reason so many people are against them is because of this unbelievable arrogance!!!

    • Gary says:

      Well “Just A Hater”, the Heat didn’t make a big deal over this win if you’ve read or listen to their interviews. Some fans maybe, but you haters are blowing it up more than we are. Keep up the good work lol.

      • Tek says:

        @ Gary, have you been reading your fellow fans posts? Some? hahaha…maybe this Bandwagon should turn into a BandBuss

      • Gary says:

        Yeah and that bus will keep rolling through your hater parade lol.

      • Tek says:

        Yeah, it will roll through until it hits a pothole and catches fire…i.e. the Heat getting knocked out of the playoffs, which in turn everyone will bail out of the bus and head to the Bulls or Celtics Wagon. It’s the common trend of a trendy team, and right now Miami Heat is the trendy team…we can nickname it Team D-Bag, until the bandwagons run away.

      • Gary says:

        Right like all those trendy LA and Celtic fans that popped up the past few years not to mention the Bulls ones. Trust me I know what you mean but there are real fans out there and we’re enjoying our team so just keep the hate coming cause it makes the wins so much better.

  52. Johny says:

    i don’t know why the celtics aren’t playing well but i do know its not because of the perkins trade because they had one of the best records in the league before he came back

  53. Just a Fan says:

    The Heat will not make it to the finals. Just put that in the bank! All you bandwagon Heat fans just need to STFU!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Just a fan great post the band wagon heat riders are soooo funny. Good luck to all the teams in the post season…. Go Bulls Go Celtic’s

      • Tek says:

        Good Call, I didn’t see very many heat fans last year~~ TO ALL THE BANDWAGON HEAT FANS(WHICH IS 3/4 OF YOU) WHY DON’T YOU STOP COUNTING WINS AND ACTUALLY WATCH THE GAME. that is all.

  54. joe says:

    the heat suck the only beat the c’s cz we have injuries thats all if we were healthy they will never beat us

  55. P-Mac says:

    wow, excuse the poor grammar, this keyboard is horrible!

    out of the west I wanna see Grizz & Denver make some noise.. BUT I don’t know if they can put a series together, they are capable, but experienced enough?
    NY in the east has a better shot to make the 2nd/3rd rounds then given credit for, who in the eastern point guard crop has a better playoff record in the guards than Chauncey B B B Billups?

    I’m out like Monte

  56. tata says:

    Funny how Frenchy and Bosh were SCREAMING at the refs yesterday. Dwight would’ve gotten tossed for rolling his eyes. Bosh should have been ejected after the technical foul he still kept raving like a maniac. And this is during a game the Heat had in control.

  57. tata says:

    Boston beat Miami before Perkins even started playing. One game means NOTHING. Frenchy will choke in the playoffs. It looks like Orlando might go all the way.

  58. P-Mac says:

    Perk was a tough trade, not a bad one, Celtics have more playoff experience than anyone in the east, Shaq (if healthy) provides far more than Dampier and anyone else in a Miami Uniform, Udonis Who?

    I would like to say that the C’s are a lock for the Eastern finals, but again, as is always the case with older teams, injuries to role players are the key..

    Oh and say Delonte West is anything like Nate is stupid, Nate was the emotional leader of the 2nd unit, Delonte is a big mouthed brat who hasn’t done anything except run his mouth like a superstar and play like a d-leaguer..

    There is fuel in this tank stil;l, how long it keeps the Green Machine running though is anyones Guess..

    I’d love to see Tony Allen back in Green, that’s been a huge loss, he’s playibng like Latrell right now (minus choking PJ) and Boston could use that energy on the wing!

    Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green … Jeff Green …

  59. DANNY says:






  60. Sistah in Syracuse says:

    Danny Ainge is on Miami’s payroll. It was good to finally hear a sports figure, Mark Jackson, publicly say that Ainge’s move was a bad one! To be a fly on Garnett’s or Pierce’s wall… Ainge breaks up the YOUTHFUL ancor of this team, and expected what as a reult? Wow, bone-headed move!

  61. bigboy11 says:


  62. bigboy11 says:


    • Lmed says:

      Thank you! A savior!

    • Law064 says:

      Did you see the game Sunday?? Da Bulls are a run away train right now MVP Rose and da bulls vs the Orlando Magic? The Magic has been the biggest let down all year. They are a great team but plays like they hate winning. D Howard has been the reason the Magic are doing good. Outside of him has been a total let down. I expected the Magic to be an elite team in the east but they are just good at best.

  63. Louis says:

    I don’t diss on the heat, nor lebron or anyone however I don’t see this as a playoff preview at all, maybe in the fact that they will reach a point where they run out of gas or maybe that there is a point where the opposing team just plainly have a great game, the trump card to the celtics is on how rondo plays everybody knows that as the fact that when they beat the spurs he ended up witha triple double and everytime they get an essential win, he’s performance always seem to shine. That being said we can look at last years preformance from rondo and you can tell that he is not the same player nor are the celtics when they get to that point…. they are veterans, like everyone said about the lakers, there’s a point where they get bored or simply don’t care enough to play in the season but they flip the switch when it comes to playoffs. Unlike what we can tell for the heat that had been since the start of the season trying to shut up miami haters and that’s what makes it a bad loss, when you know you gave it your all everysingle time and you lose. Remember one thing , boston was beasty at the start right? but they lost to cleaveland… does that mean if they met in the playoffs , cleaveland woulda outplayed the C’s? just one game… we’ll see how the playoffs go.. go C’s ! 🙂

  64. Smelo SUCKS says:

    This win means absolutely nothing!! Your all a bunch of idiots if you think this means anything! I’m only 11 and i have my sense than you losers do… sad thing ain’t it

    • NBA says:

      This game means more than you will ever know youngster.

      • Tek says:

        @NBA, Does it now? One game pre playoffs doesn’t mean anything…a seed is a seed, we will see when the playoffs start and you can watch LeChoke pull his awesome “playoff skills” YOUNGSTER~

    • Carlos says:

      Means home court advantage.


    Celticts too old to r’roll…
    Heat who? Will they want to live the next sweep by RED POWER?

  66. DBBJ-MIA says:

    For all those Celtics fan that were talking crap, take it and you will like it. Boston never beat Miami by 23 pts, I understand the Perkings thing and all, but this win ain’t got nothing to do with Perkings, If Perkings were there we still woulda win, by fewer points though. We got the win because THE BENCH STEPPED UP, and the Superfriends didn’t try to force anything, they did what they had to do. Plus the Defense was of the HOOK.
    Chi-Town WATCH OUT, Miami is coming to Heat up y’all Windy City

  67. jay says:

    everybody talks about perkins but nate robinson gave the celtics so much energy and effort coming of the bench. i think thats a bigger problem then people think too. but it is only a matter of time when the heat beat boston. even though the bulls one all 3 contest i still dont believe they can beat them in the playoffs. but no matter how it ends it is going to be very very very exciting thruough every round. i think the pacer going to give chicago more problems than people think. they match well with chicago.

    • Ninjak says:

      Yeah Jay I am with you on that. Indiana can shoot the lights out sometimes. They match up real well with the Bulls. The bulls do not have a ton of playoff expierence….that may prove to be just enough……

    • TOMTOM says:

      pff give me a break jay…yeah, you like the energy Nate brought off the bench but he was inconsistent at best. Delonte is a more complete player and would have had most of NR’s minutes anyway. And Robinsons has played how many games for OKC??? oh right, he’s out for two months with Knee Surgrey.

  68. Ninjak says:

    Good Job Heat. Everyone talking about the 3 wins. Well hmm….first game of the year, then play them again in like a week or two right at the beginning of the season when the heat are trying to gell, and boston is already a well oil machine.

    Must I remind people that those games were NOT blowouts ? The first two were close, what, 8 and 5 points ? The third was by 3. And btw, I will give that win as a Celtics real win because the heat had enough time to learn their team by then. This win though for the Heat just proves that Miami has found a way get wins over good teams and they are ready for the playoffs. Hmmm Lakers ? Blowout BOTH TIMES. Spurs ? Yeah take that 25+ whooping….we can hand them out to…..

    Chicago….well yeah..thats going to be tough I think. Its time for the talk to end though…Its now time for the best time in sports..NBA PLAYOFFS TIME ! WIN or go HOME !!!!!

    LET’S GO HEAT !!!!
    LET’S GO HEAT !!!!
    LET”S GO HEAT !!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Ninjak you give those excuses for the 1st 3 loses but all those games the Celti’cs really controlled the game leading by close to 20 in each game. Boston fans can say hey they’re in a slump now and that’s true but slump or no slump a loss is a loss and a win is a win. I really hope these 2 teams meet in the post season so we can all see how well Miami play vs the Celtic’s in a series. Go Boston!!!!! With the Celtic’s playing like crap they still didn’t lose more than 2 games. They lost 3 games now because last night no starters played time for the playoffs!!!! Let’s see who comes out on top

  69. Ice Pogi says:


    Celtics doesn’t have enough gas for a 7 game series…. and still they will lose to the HEAT… Who they will rely on to??? PIErce??? What can he do??? nothing….. He’s just cocky co’z he got Allen and KG!!!! now Allen fail to his offense… Who do you think will bring them to the promise land??? Shaq??? As for the Lakers………Perks is waiting for you in the Playoffs… yeah the Heat lost to celts by 3 games losing by 8,5,3 points… but atleast they didn/t get blown by 23……… Laugh Now… I want to hear that….

    • Law064 says:

      @Pogi 1-3 vs the Celtic’s so who’s really laughing?? Let’s throw a party cause they finally beat the Celti’cs once. The differance was not Perk or JO or Shaq it was the fact that outside of the 3 guys the heat bench actually gave some good support. That’s the only way to beat the Celtic’s with a good team effort. Da Bulls beat Boston because a good game from not just Rose the Bulls as a team played great while Boston in this past couple of weeks just look sluggish. They lost to WAS last night while no starters played. All the Haters keep hating @ I’m Laughing I agree totally will the consistancy of the heat bench continue thru the post season.

      • Heat All Day says:

        RIght law064…but it seems like YOU throw a party when the Heat lose though, and make it the worse thing ever, and that they can’t EVER beat a team if they lost even ONCE to them LOL. Your such a HATER man get off the Miami blogs

  70. I'm Laughin... says:

    Great win for Miami, but again, will the consistency be there for the whole post season?? Based on the performance I’ve seen this season (especially in clutch situations) from the Heat, I can’t make a favorable projection for an appearance in the finals. That’s just basic common sense…

    • Gary says:

      In terms of bench consistancy, yes, the Heat need that to continue. But their three stars have been consistant the whole season. Other top teams like LA and Celtics however need to worry because both their stars and bench have been doing bad as of late and other times during the season. Anyway, GO HEAT!

    • Carlos says:

      3 words!!! Home court advantage, that’s what this is about. Everyone is talking about this being just a game but it’s not. It was the beginning of the now confirmed home court advantage for a possible match up who wouldn´t want that.

  71. justin adams says:

    hello has everybody just written off the Chicago Bulls they are the number one team in the east and they have beat the hell outta the heat all three times with there suffocating defense and they whooped the Celtics last thursday too no one in the playoffs has enough fire power or the bench to beat the Bulls or better defense Chicago will win it all this year because they are the best team in the NBA right now and no one is going into the playoffs with more momentum than the Chicago Bulls they will whoop the Celtics or the Heat doesn’t matter who it is they don’t have enough size to beat the Bulls and don’t have the same camaraderie as a team to beat the Bulls so who gonna stop them hmmmmmmmm lets see nobody

    • tre' says:

      Beat the hell out of them? It’s always been very close when the Heat have lost. Idk what you’re talking about.
      The only thing the Bulls have on the Heat is a bench and D-Rose. Let’s see either try to keep up with LeBron or Wade in a 7-game series.
      Heat-Bulls will be fun to watch, but Miami will take it.

      • tata says:

        Neither Bulls or Frenchy’s team will be in the finals.

      • Usuck says:

        CELTICS in the finals?? in your dreams!!! LOL

      • Law064 says:

        @tre’ Miami can’t beat the bulls in a series the MVP Rose will eat them alive like he’s done all year. The Heat need to worry about the 1st round just like the rest of the teams in the post season. I give Miami 2 games vs da Bulls in a 7 game series.

      • Pad says:

        LoL. As tre’ wrote it came always up to the final minutes. Last of the three games was decided by the Refs, I didn’t watch the others. But the call on the rebound was a bad joke as both were falling to the ground. Well, I don’t want to underestimate the Bulls which are indeed a very good team. Yes, I don’t say the best team. Why? Compare the Defense Wade has played during the early and middle regular season and the defense he has played since the Grizzlies? game. No comparison. If you let Wade guard Rose, as it is the other way round, you will see how MVP worthy Rose and how 1st Defensive Team worthy Wade is. It was just incredible what he has done. The bench is finding its rhythm too. And sincerely, if Lebron or Wade catch fire in a game, how do you stop them? No chance man. Nobody. Sorry to tell you this, but when those two guys are in the zone, forget about getting in their way, Only Shaq or Howard could take it. Don’t believe me? Ask Jermaine O’Neal how it feels when you’re trying to hurt James ;). Well, nevertheless the Play-Offs will be ridiculous. I mean, anybody can beat anybody. Nothing set. And don’t get me wrong, I hope the Heat in the Finals but I don’t see them there yet.

    • chris says:

      What did you mean by “beat the hell outta the heat”? I just saw 3 games won by the bulls by 3,4 and 1!!!??? It’s far from a blow out. I think if the heat play like yesterday, nobody in the playoffs can match them. And the heat are the only team which really blow out the spurs, the lakers and the celtics.
      The bulls are doing great but they rely way too much on rose, each team in the playoffs could easily cut the horse’ head!
      And if Rose is injured, what happen?
      And if you see the last power rankings, the heat are #3 in offense and #5 in defense (in other words the best balanced team in the nba right now), even the bulls can’t match them (#12 in offense and #1 in defense).
      And I have a question for sekou : What do you think about Dexter Pittman?

      • Sekou Smith says:

        I don’t know that you can expect to get anything from Pittman in the playoffs Chris. As a long range prospect, I like the potential. He could be a solid rotation player in another year or so.

      • Law064 says:

        @pad good post. Anybody can beat anybody very unpredictable. This will be an exciting post season. I can agree when Wade or Lebron gets going making jumpshots and 3’s they are unstoppable. They have shown that at times this season but if it’s a 1 or 2 man show you can expect them to lose. The Heat will need the bench to be productive and play hard. Good luck to all the teams playing. Go Celtic’s Go Bulls

    • SONIC says:

      I think you forget OKC

  72. Louie Philip Pascua says:

    Heat will wiin the PLAYOFFS . NY will beat the CELTICS in the first round cos they don’t have now the caliber to beat any elite teams . Bad move for CELTICS trading Perkins to OKC

    • I was thinking the same thing.I truly hate the knicks because i dislike melo man for bein a defensive sell out.But offensively melo is a beast.Even though knicks didnt have a good season i believe they will be a hard match up for any team in the playoffs.They wont go down easily..especially since the celtics defensive side has gone down much and their fourth quarter has been poor for the whole month of march and this month.Knicks will win the match up in my opinion.I was happy to see heats win yesterday’s game because i really want them to avoid facing the knicks in the 1st round.Celtics just isnt a championship team this year..and in my opinion the bulls wont beat miami in the finals.miami only lost those 3 games to them because of what they were struggling with..closing out close games in the final minute

  73. nba says:

    Wow lol its not surprising how happy u heat fans are over 1 one. The heat beat the celtics 1 0f 4 times just relax just one win and im sure in the post season the heat cant match up with the celtics in 7 games

    • Gary says:

      HAHA it’s a blog hater. Of course fans are gonna comment. Maybe if your team was winning you would be on a blog about them. Probably a Laker or Celtic fan who can’t do anything but talk trash since they both got beat bad last night, LMAO.

      • tata says:

        Lakers and Celtics have the last 3 championships. You and Frenchy have one regular season win.

      • Gary says:

        Haha had to pull the franchise card huh? Yeah LA an Celtic have a gang of championships cause they’ve been around from the start. And Boston has just one in this era along with Miami. Anyway we’re talking NOW not then so just keep reminding yourself of the past if it makes you feel better.

    • Usuck says:

      haha that’s right CELTICS is over!!!

      • Law064 says:

        Usuck I wouldn’t say it’s over, when the season started I said Miami would beat the Celtic’s 1 out of 4. I predicted it right even though I was looking for a clean sweep. The Heat bench really played well for once and that was the difference. The title of this blog is not all that true. Heat’s fear of Boston Gone. They only beat Boston 1 time out of 4. I think they still need to worry about the Celtic’s. 22 point lead to 10 but I give Miami credit for not letting the game slip away. The Celtic’s playing like crap reminds me of the end of last season. Celtic’s are done is what I hear from the haters that really hope they’re done but sorry don’t count out the vets. I really hope that Miami face Boston in the playoffs so the Celtic’s can repeat the season series I’ll give Miami 2 games vs Boston in the playoffs.

      • Heat Baby says:


        HAHAH NO you didnt predict that? HAHA I just read in one of your comments in a blog last week titled “Rose demands better from the Bulls” that Boston would sweep the Heat and beat them easily the last game. You are RIDICULOUS. You have major self esteem issues. You ALWAYS have to try to tell people your right about everything, and that you always know whats up. Guess what? YOU DONT

        The Heat DOMINATED those Cetlics this last game, and the games before Boston BARELY won against a Miami team that was STILL FIGURING IT OUT LOL. Heat are gonna SMASH Boston in the playoffs, sorry bout it.

  74. REALIST772 says:

    no team in the league has the ability to dominate a good playoff team like the heat can, that is why they will win it all this year because their fire cant be matched when clicking

  75. HEAT305 says:

    shut the F@#k up .. ur celtics are done ..heat all day

  76. Slim says:

    Are you serious?! You obviously didn’t watch yesterdays game… Heat bench 32 pts C’s bench 12 pts.. D Wade only scored 14 pts & Bosh only 13 pts; yet heat beat celtics by more than 20 pts! They just have to play with this same intensity and collective team effort in each playoff game and heat will be fine..

    • jwhite says:

      I don’t think the one game gives the Heat any advantaGE over the Celtics but I also don’t feel that the Celtics are the same without Perk and they are vunerable for a knock out in the first round……I hate to burst all those bubbles but what will SHAQ do!!! come on be real…….NOTHING!!! Perk was like a younger KG as far as intimidation and toughness.
      However no one should sleep the Celtics……

      • Niko says:

        Going from a tie in the standings to clinching the 2nd seed… i’d call that an advantage.

  77. tracksforhire says:

    @K sorry i cant believe your so stupid to belive they cant. or maybe you didnt see the game yesterday Boston is not the boston of last year or the begiing of the season. now BELIEVE THAT!!!

  78. Tenki says:

    It must have been bittersweet for Carlos Arroyo, whose goal prior to his signing with the Celtics was to beat Boston. I feel sorry for him.

  79. Miami Heat!!! says:

    Miami Heat All Day Everyday!!!

  80. A FAN says:



    • tata says:

      How does winning ONE game on your home court erase anything?

      • Gary says:

        Don’t see wher they wrote anything about this erasing anything. I do see where your hating cause had they lost all the cynics and critics come out to bash them. Miami blew them out and Celtics never accomplished that in their three wins. Not much for Miami to celebrate about but if your a fan it sure feels good to rub it in a haters face. How’s it feel to you hater lol.

      • Tek says:

        @tata, Exactly…All this game did is give the Heat fans false hope and confidence…which is scary because the fans are about as annoying as their star players

      • Niko says:

        @ TEK but still not quite as annoying as Laker fans who come to comment on Heat v Celtic game blogs

    • Usuck says:

      @tata it erase the CELTICS out of the picture in the east..LOL

  81. chris says:

    This year definitely we won’t see an other lakers/celtics finals…which is a pretty good thing actually!
    It’s sad for the celtics, they were the best team at the beginning of the season and Danny Ainge destroy them with the unfamous perkins trade…too sad for Doc Rivers too, to end your career like that. He should have never re-sign for one year.

  82. are we in playoff yet? says:

    I have been saying the whole season that when it matters the most the Heat is going to be ready. Many Heat haters have been talking all kind of non-sense all season long. Some have said the Heat are going to lose in the first round…….Well…..SEE YOU IN THE PLAYOFFS!!!! GO HEAT!!

  83. K says:

    Doesn’t matter, I still do not believe the Heat are not deep enough to beat the Celtics in a 7-game series. I have a feeling they will flip the switch like last year.

    • K says:

      Sorry, I meant I do not believe the Heat are deep enough to beat the Celtics.

      • SMOOVE says:

        Yes you are right. After all, beating the Heat 3 times out of 4 proves that the Celtics are better and more dominant. We all know what’s gonna happen in the playoffs when the two O’neals and Krstic are back. The Heat obviously lacks size. It’s just that the Heat caught the Celtics off guard with all the injuries with their bigs.

      • Gary says:

        Smoove your delusional. Celtics had J Oneal and Kristic on the floor last night, but they got shut down. The Heat’s lack of size isn’t even an good argument anymore because they showed that by beating LA twice, Boston last night, Orlando twice and San Antonio who all have some of the best big men.

    • Usuck says:

      Celtics better worry about Knicks coz i dont think they have chance over NYK..LOL

  84. TWizz says:

    One game proves nothing. Celtics played horribly, Heat played good, especially their bench for once.

    • Gary says:

      Okay if that’s the case why was everyone making a big deal whenever the Heat lost to a top team? But when they BLOWOUT the top 3 elites of the past it becomes only one game? Well believe what you want but that was a REAL playoff preview. Stay tuned folks.

      • SMOOVE says:

        Ain’t a real playoff preview without Shaq though.

      • Gary says:

        Haslem missing from the Heat lineup. I he comes back it won’t matter if Shaq is there cause missing one 39yr old ain’t gonna make the difference. BTW Dampier was out for the Heat too.

      • TWizz says:

        The same thing when Heat get blown out by a good team or even by a bad team. Its always just one game. Why do people think heat are that good? Like when they went on that 22ish game winning streak. More then half those wins came from beating -.500 teams. If they do get to the finals, it won’t be because they are “good”. It’s because they play in the East, and not much competition there compared to the West where 8th seed is like +12 over .500.

      • tata says:

        Frenchy and the Heat suck. They won a game that was their finals game 7 just to beat the Celtics ONCE. I would bet against Frenchy no matter who they face in the playoffs.

      • Gary says:

        @TWizz, name the bad team that has blown the Heat out this season, I’ll wait for you to come up with that lol, but in the mean time remember that the Heat have a winning record against more west team than east so all that talk about their in the weak east is bogus.

      • Usuck says:

        Your frenchy sucks boy!! first round exit is coming up..LOL

      • TWizz says:

        Gary… Lets see, losing to Cavs by 12 is basically a blowout since Cavs have who compared to Heat? Lets see, they lost to Indiana by 16… But of course Heat fans will bring up the “we have no chemistry” bs. Also the Heat are 37-14 against East, which is 72% vs 20-10 against West, which is 67%. They are 8-8 against the top 8 teams in the West. So thats only 2 loses and 12 wins against the lower west teams.. That’s not all that good is it? Also notice how #8 in the West would be #5 in the East? My statement still remains. East is weaker then the west, which makes it easier for Heat.

      • Gary says:

        TWizz Miami lost more games to teams in the east than the west as you’ve pointed out for me. Therefore if the west was that much better the results for them losing should favor the west more shouldn’t they? as for a blowout by Cleveland, 12 points is not a blowout game; Not in my book anyhow and Indiana is a playoff team. Good stats by the way but it’s all a matter of how you interpret them.

      • TWizz says:

        Yes it is all about how you interpret them. The Heat have played 51 games against the East, and lost 14 of those. They have played 30 games against the West, and lost 10 of those. Thats about 27% of the games lost vs East, and 33% lost vs West. 6% difference isnt all that much, but its still a difference, and thats only through 30 games. Wonder how the stats would be if they played each conference the same amount? Who knows.

      • Pete says:

        “Okay if that’s the case why was everyone making a big deal whenever the Heat lost to a top team? But when they BLOWOUT the top 3 elites of the past it becomes only one game?”

        Because the Heat lose to the top teams three times, and then beat them once..you do the math. One win is one game..but thre losses is…let me see, three!

        Basketball isn’t about showing you can beat a good team one time over an 82 game, 4 months season. It’s about proving you are dominant over that team…and 3-1 or 3-0 (which Boston and Chicago are against Miami) is domance.

        “Haslem missing from the Heat lineup. I he comes back it won’t matter if Shaq is there cause missing one 39yr old ain’t gonna make the difference. BTW Dampier was out for the Heat too.”

        Miami definately miss Haslem’s contribution, but his impact for the Heat is not even CLOSE to Shaq’s impact in Boston. Have you actually watched a Boston game with Shaq in the lineup, or actually checked the team stats with im playing and no playing? When Shaq plays, Boston are absolutely dominant over just about every team in the NBA – I think LA are about one of the only teams who ever showed an ability to match up with them when he is on the court. His size, his touch around the paint, his ability to draw fouls, his intimidation factor and his rebounding/shotblocking have combined to cause absolute headaches for opposing teams. More importantly no team bar maybe the Lakers can evne try to defend him one on one – he forces teams to double team, which opens up the perimiter for Pierce, Allen and KG to do their thing.

        People underestimate Shaq now because they compare his stats today with what his stats used to be in his prime, and look at him as being 1/3 of what he once was. Think is that even at 35%, Shaq is still a 7’1″, 330 pound monster, he still has great hands, and still grabs rebounds, he still takes up space (and draws fouls and double teams) and he still knows how to score in the low post.

  85. Gary says:

    Big win for the Heat and glad that the entire team contributed, but Joel Anthony was the main man on D.

  86. get down or lay down says:

    Wow! they beat the celtics lets go heat not good enough for BULLS FANS.

  87. Martin from Austria says:

    Finally, we beat the Celtics, go Heat!!!

  88. Gary says:

    I’m very happy with this win considering Boston came out gunning for the win. To me two things helped these guys win (and i’m surprised Sekou makes no mention of it), and that’s the Heat bench stepping up offensively and team defense all around. Wade did not score much but came up huge on the defensive end with blocks, so did James with all those steals but like KG said Joel Anthony killed their offense and was probably the biggest defensive contributor. Anyway I hope this keeps up and the Heat hold down the 2 seed.

  89. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    Apart from the first two minutes when they couldn’t do anything they were awesome last night ! They looked like a team ! It’s between the Heat and the Bulls for me to become champs this year !

    • Clakers says:

      Lets face it, Celtics were not playing good at all since the all star break just like last year. They will turn it on when the real show starts. Unfortunately, for Miami, it seemed like they tried their best yesterday to avoid losing to the Celtics again in the regular season, and they won the game. But is Miami clearly better than the Celtics? Maybe two years later, not now

      • Gary says:

        Haha right the same excuse your using someone can urn around and say “Miami wasn’t playing that hard the other games so we lost” lol. A win is a win and when you get one by 20 it’s damn near convincing. Lol haters are funny.

      • Tek says:

        I’m a Lakers fan and in no way like the Celtics…however he has a point. The playoffs are about to start, a win or loss in the regular season at this point means nothing..to pre judge right now is as meaningless. The players aren’t focused on the games they are playing right now, they are focused on staying healthy and the playoffs starting. Number 1 or Number 8 seed doesnt matter, it’s how you show up!

    • Jameel says:

      I concur fully!!!

    • prix says:

      The Heat just tear down boston apart…so funny that KG face turn into an Alien crying..lol..Doc’s face just blossom with hate and heart ache…BOSTON IS DEAD after the HEAT KILL THE LAKERS!

      • Tek says:

        The heat have to make it to the finals to tear the Lakers down..and since that isnt going to happen they might as well just wait til next season beat the Lakers in a regular season match. But at that point you bandwagon fans probably wont care because the heat flopped in the playoffs and you will be supporting the lakers soon to be Dynasty….please…please don’t taint my team. thank you

      • YourMomIsHot says:

        Your right. But what about the Chicago Bulls????

      • Pete says:

        The Lakers are probably the worst matchup Miami could hope for.

        Miami’s biggest weaknesses are their inside game, their chemistry and their tougness.

        LA have maybe the most dominant inside presence in the league (Gasol, Bynum, Odom) , have the best chemistry in the league (now that boston is trying to learn again), and are (along with Boston) the toughest team in the NBA.

        If Miami play them in the finals, the Heat are going to get absolutely slaughtered…Heat fans should REALLY be cheering for San Antonio right now…

      • Heat Go!! Go!! says:

        @Pete ur crazy. i would be more worried about chicago even boston before worrying about ur lakers. Last time i checked ur ” Lakers” got beat by the heat and not just once. your lakers are the one that better hope they dont see the heat anytime soon especially without bynum. You guys should worry about ur west because i can easily see the thunder beating the lakers and only time i would like see win in the west as a great underdog story. and for all you heat haters. ill see you back on these comments under headline Miami heat NBA Champions!! haha.

      • Heat All Day says:

        What I find REALLY funny that NOONE has talked about at ALL, is the FACT that the Big 4 from Boston walked from the bench and to their locker room without shaking hands before the buzzer even sounded. Yea ok. When Lebron did that one time you would’ve thought he killed someone. Thats ridiculous. Just shows how much people LOVE to hate him. Just STUPID.

    • Heat All Day says:

      What? thats ridiculous. The Heat NEVER feared the Celtics. Yea you know, Lebron and Wade are so scared teams nowadays, even more so after they are actually teammates. Please, what kind of title is that. Aint NO fear from ANYONE on the Heat, sorry bout it.