Union Considering Exhibition Games

OAKLAND – The National Basketball Players Association is considering staging a charity game, or possibly a series of games, at different locations if the lockout stretches into the scheduled start of the 2011-12 season, union president Derek Fisher told NBA.com.

“I’d say it’s possible right now,” the Lakers guard said after Wednesday night’s game at Oracle Arena. “We’re so focused on trying not to be in that situation, so it’s tough to go into full-scale planning on those types of situations. But at the same time, we have a responsibility as a union and as an association to really keep options that are viable open for our guys.

“There’s so many challenges logistically, in terms of where you play, having the arenas, having officials, security – all the things that a lot of times we don’t have to deal with because the league is doing those things. But we looked into it before, we’ve looked into it a little bit now. Until we see that it’s something that we’re really going to have to look forward to doing, right now, it’s still just kind of floating out there.”

Most signs point to the lockout beginning July 1 and damaging at least a large portion of offseason business. Fisher said the NBPA will be “trying to continue to create ideas and situations and opportunities where we can really keep our players out there in terms of being in the community, being visible, letting people know that guys would want to continue to play.”


  1. JMV says:

    i wish this would be an invitaional tournament

  2. Jacob21 says:


  3. please come in philippines…

  4. CleBetrayed says:

    I don’t think NBA owners will allow this in the arenas they own or have leases on. I doubt if NHL owners would hold these games or else the NBA owners could start WHA teams and put the NHL in jeopardy. The best sites the union could hope for would be Las Vegas, Seattle, Kansas City. Memo to both sides: you will never recoup the money lost in a lockout. Talk about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  5. kantankruz says:

    Just start a new league like the USFL.


  7. tata says:

    The top 100 players should just start their own 8 team league. Every team would be stacked with 2-3 superstars and the championship would be in question until the games are played.

  8. R4 says:

    Why can’t the players agree to level the playing field on the court. I rather watch a nba where in the beginning of the nba season you could know predict 6 teams to compete. I rather hear about teams that never won before winning. IT works for the NFL, why not NBA? In the last thirty years only 6 teams have won. If that not a monoply then what is? Derek Fisher should work on building better teams in small market and have a hard cap will do that.

    • mark says:

      So, if this happens and a player with a current high-paying long-term contract (Kobe, James, Wade, etcc) gets injured and is lost for the season or have a career ending injury, because of the charity games, who is liable (is the team stuck paying that salary even though it happened during a non-NBA sanctioned contest)?

    • Peter says:

      Actually it’s actually more like 8 teams have won it in the last 30 years. But you also need to look at the Hpw many tea,s have been in the finals. That then balloons to 18 different teams have played in the NBA finals over the last 30 years

  9. fab says:

    come in france, in the south!!!

  10. Louis Honore says:

    But if they do It forCharity will they actually try or will they Just mess around

  11. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    I think that’s a great idea.. Espically since it’ll be for charity.. The NBA is doing some great things right now.. The players won’t be doing it for a ring, they will be doing it to raise money 🙂

    • prix says:

      I love Fisher, as much as I dont like the cheaters like the lakers…Kobe and the cast should follow him, he have the heart in charity and helping people, not helping themselves buying out refs to win games..no wonder they need Fish back the time L.A cant win in the playoffs!

      • Jrock says:

        How do you cheat in basketball ? .. Do they have a magnet in the ball the goes to the rim ? .. I know the refs make bad calls but are you trying to tell me that david stern has told the refs to call in the lakers favour ? . If so then i guess you think tupac is alive aswell ? . Ur a joke.. And even if people are cheaters .. You know how to beat them ?? By putting the ball in the hole .. !

      • Gary says:

        @ JRock, I’m not agreeing with Prix but you bring up an interesting point that he doesn’t really mention. That being LA getting calls in their favor; I think they do. I see it happen with other teams as well but LA to me really gets them in their favor and some bogus ones as well. Look at the Kobe highlight dunk from the Blazers game last night. He goes around the opponent and the guy swipes(but misses) and a foul is called after. But like you said all you have to do is put the ball in the hole…and not play defense in fear of getting a bogus call.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Gary what you don’t realize is that refs don’t get all calls right. They may have missed a call before and just gave it to him that time.
        Yeah, it sucks if that’s how it works out. But that’s what I’ve been noticing lately. Both sides will get away with stuff if one team commited a foul and it wasn’t called… If the other team now commits a more noticeable foul they won’t call it because they got away with it before.

      • prix says:

        The main story for the Lakers-Blazers last night is pretty simple..Thay don’t have the heart a of a champ anymore, 4 straight loses, and the fact that even refs help them out to win, they cant win anymore..they’re done winning..L.A wants now is a fight..getting into a UFC browl, everybody sees how they make a hard foul and play dirty especially to Wallace, even Pau, Lamar and Ron try to knock him out..that really so unsportman for the lakers…

      • Your Mom says:

        WHy are you so dumb lakers win because they are born champions and the refs only love lebron they dont care about lakers so stop talking u joke