Rose Demands Better From Bulls

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Debate his MVP candidacy all you want, but don’t anyone question the leadership ability of Bulls All-Star Derrick Rose.

We’re not hearing it, not in the hideout and not today.

Because Rose is doing the walking and talking for the Bulls this season, guiding them to the best record in the Eastern Conference and demanding even better from his team even now with the regular season winding down.

The Celtics are coming to the United Center tonight (8 p.m. ET on TNT) and Rose insists that the Bulls’ best lately is just not good enough, telling the Chicago Sun-Times after a lackluster home win over the Suns:

“A win is a win. But right now we’re not moving in the right direction. If we’re trying to do something special, playing like this at home, we can’t do that.”

That’s the sort of talk you want to hear from the leader of your team. Hearing it from Rose, whose leadership abilities have risen in concert with his MVP status, should wake the Bulls up for sure.

He’s been pretty conservative with his words. So if he’s talking like this with the Celtics in town, knowing that these two teams could very well decide the Eastern Conference champion, or at least have some say so in who it will be, his intentions tonight should be obvious.

Win tonight and the Celtics quest for the top seed in the East is finished. And if these teams do end up meeting each other in the playoffs …


  1. KarlJohn says:

    Lol @ gorilla, sad to say I dont have 2K11. I know your a Bulls fan thats why your saying that Bulls has a great defense. 1st of all, Rose is definitely this years MVP. Cant argue with that. Im not a Miami or Knick fans but in my eyes Miami or Knicks has a better chance. If u think Noah or Deng has a better defense than Amare then I dont know what your smoking and I think Amare is a much aggressive and more experience than both Noah and Deng. Yes, Noah is also a good defender but just cant match with Amare in both def and Off. Good luck on stopping the Off’s off knicks when Carmelo and Billups starts shooting the perimeter and the inside. Again, im not taking anything away from the Bulls fan, this are just facts. Im a very heavy Celtics fan but I think they wont have a chance for this Championship this year because they are really not showing any of their strength. If I say what I think about the Celtics not base on stats I would say Celtics would win the Championship but thats not the case. I will be surprise if the Celtics win this Championship. For me I cant say who can win the Championship this year but I think Bulls,Miami or Knicks are the 3 teams that has a huge % of winning this years Championship. If Miami face Boston 1st then Miami has no chance. Miamis Offense cant penetrate true Celtics def. Lakers wont have any chance winning this years Championship anymore they are shooting horribly and Kobe is taking to much shoots. @bigboy11 I dont know what your smoking but I only see Korver as the good bench

  2. bigboy11 says:

    what are some of these people talking about the bulls have the best bench in the NBA also the bulls can win without d rose when he is on the bench they dont miss a beat. CHICAGO HAVE A GREAT ( TEAM)good good team players i would take boozer over bosh any day, Noah over j Anthony and big zee,

  3. tdot says:

    im FINALLLLYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! excited for bulls basketball again :D:D:D:D

  4. get down or lay down says:


  5. The Don Mega says:

    Derrick Rose is the MVP better than Lebron James and will win more rings than Lebron. Look at how D-Rose play, he play like hes the Legend Michael Jordan

  6. The Don Mega says:

    i tell u what Rose is a great phenomenal player. maybe it will take some time, do what he do right now he deservers the MVP.
    as far i know he is playing like Michael Jordan, the legend he will become. he will never leave Chi-town. he will win 6 rings like jordan did. and for all you Lebron fans, he left cleveland, which cleveland did better and move on without him. Derrick Rose will never do that. put it this way Lebron will never win as much rings like kobe and jordan maybe one maybe none. The east is too powerful right now dont forget the knicks Melo and Amare wants some rings on their hand too when they put their game together. i dont like Lebron at all, im a D-Wade fan. i dont care how good Lebron is . this years playoffs he probably get knock out first round not even close the conference finals.. as this point right now Lakers is the defending champ going for 3-peat.

  7. Zoom says:

    it’s best to wait until the trophy is awarded. remember what happened to chris paul in 2008…

  8. KarlJohn says:

    Lol.I cant argue about the Bulls performance against the Celtics. Yes, Bulls had the best record in the EAST but not the WEST. Last year, Yes, Cleveland has the best record in both EAST and WEST. So who do you think is much better? Rose or LBJ? Why didnt the Cleveland Won the Championship if they have the best record in both EAST and WEST? Starting line up for Cleveland before and Bulls now:
    1. LBJ
    2. Shaq
    3. Mo.W
    4. West
    5. Varejao

    1. Rose
    2. Noah
    3. Bogans
    5. Deng

    What will be the results?
    If you guys think because Bulls has rose in the team and has the best record in the east they would win the Championship, if thats the case Cleveland who has the best record in BOTH east and west should have won the Championship or even went to the Finals. If I should choose which team has a bigger chance of winning the ring, Miami, Bulls or Knicks? Miami is 1st 2nd is Knicks and Bulls is 3rd. Why? Playing in the Playoffs is VERY different in playing in a normal season. And I think Miami has that and Knicks also, but not the bulls.
    Rose will learn his lesson’s like LBJ did. The hard way. 1 MAN can’t bring his whole team to a championship and thats a fact.


    • get down or lay down says:


      • Chicagorrilla says:

        reading that whole paragraph made me feel that much dumber. you completely diregard defense which the bulls are best at and the knicks have none. Maybe if you quit playin 2k11 and looking at highlights which are always edited and quit basing everything off stats u would be smarter. For 1 the Heat haven’t beat anyone of significance besides the Lakers and San Antonio. 2.) your talking about playoffs which Bosh has never been to and we know he his soft. The playoffs are physical and half court. The exact opposite of the Heat. The heat get most of there points from the fast break. 3.) The Heat have been playing bums over the last 10 games besides 1 or 2 teams. In your head your probably thinking they are back on track but who have they beat. Nobody in the east that is for sure.
        Now lets get to the knicks. 4.) The Knicks play no defense. They are the big 2 except Lebron and Wade play defense unlike Melo and Stat. 5.) Stat has never been coached defense in his NBA career the playoffs are about DEFENSE HALF COURT OFFENSE AND PHSYICAL PLAY!!!! Now ask yourself do the Knicks play this way? 6.) Based off of what playoff basket ball consist of (Defense, half court offense, and physical play), They Knicks fit none of those categories, the Heat fit 1 (defense). Chicago Boston and Majic fit all three. I destroyed that crud of an argument you made with facts.

  9. Christopher says:

    hoho. . D-Rose, anyway, is a good and electrifying player in the NBA in this generation. . but still, i am not satisfied on his ability to have a ring. . he’s good, nice and so tricky but he’s not a good defender.. he deserves to be a MVP candidate at all but not closer to take it!!!! he can won the MVP but not the championship!!! hoho. . but for D-Rose, nice job for u. . im a LBJ fanatic. . ^_^

  10. bigboy11 says:

    forget about the Celtics they wont make the conference finals , it will be HEAT /BULLS. did anyone notice how the student is teaching the teacher i think the coach of the bulls was the reason why the the C’S were winning when he was with the c’s he used to be running the huddles drawing up plays since he has left Boston has been on the decline and the bulls are on the incline he is a damm good coach

  11. lBig Game bulls way to be keyed in on Defense, Defense, Defense. great game plan thib like always and adjusting on the fly that whats make coaches great to recongnize in the game and make changes. MVP keeps playing like the MVP. The new Alpha Dog i like to call him after the black mamba. When Kobe done its going to be Drose who going to be hitting big shots and willing his team to victory and expecting nothing less but maximum effort from his teammates night in and night out. I am a die hard fan for sure, but the more and more i keep watching this young man. it lke wow, he getting more confident and confident each big game. Rose Madison Square Garden Next. Rose needs something to be motivated by and the knicks own us this year. Rose will do something bout that on tuesday. Next Clevland Road Kill.
    Lets Go Bulls
    Die Hard in The Building

  12. Fast and Facts don’t lie. The Bulls defeat the no.1 contender of the East… With a huge margin and claim the no.1 seed at the east.

  13. @celtic u dont know what you are talking about. You notice how Chicago rarely looses at home and they prooved tonight that they are unstoppable i think they will win all their home games and win the eastern conference finals and then later on beat L.A in the finals but we’ll see good luck may the best team win.

  14. D Rose The youngest MVP!

  15. francisco says:

    Rose is MVP, lebron the BEST player

  16. Jeffx says:

    For my money it will be Lakers/Chicago final. With Lakers beating the Spurs, and Chicago bating the Celtics (no losses). My MVP for the finals and the season is Rose. Watch the finals he will rise to an even greater level. It’s about time a humble “TEAM” player won the award. He takes responsibility, but encourages his team as well. Chicago will do whatever it takes to win the finals. A new era has begun. Chicago in 5 or 6 in the final. I like LBJ, but the Heat have 2-3 that are always “Hot” the remainder of the team are not there yet. Basketball is a TEAM game, no one person (with the exception perhaps of MJ) can impose a win at will. Even MJ had a very good supporting cast!

  17. nick says:

    I love that the bulls beat the overrated heat not once, not twice, but three times this year! Lebron and dwade are gay lovers and bosh holds the camera. That team is so overrated and lebron will never be a #1 guy on the team. He proved he couldn’t do it in Clevland and wade cant do it by his self either. D Rose is doing it by himself…. name another all star on the bulls, go ahead i’ll wait. Rose MVP for sure. who care about the bad FG %. Most of his shots come in the lane and getting fouled without the refs calling the fouls. HEAT= OVERRATED. BULLS PROVED THAT 3x

  18. jj77 says:

    Some of yall r worse than the national commentators, yall want the Bulls to wait their turn! D Rose is sayn ” y cant I” they told Da Bulls u cant b #1 where they @ they told D Rose u cant b MVP what is he closn in on.. They told em they cant win big games lakers heat spurs mavs magic okc all hot wen runng into chicago defeatd wen they left.. D Rose has bcom a beast on the floor with the killer instinct like another MVP frm our past yes sir mj.. Unlike T Mac n G Hill in 2000 n d wade n lbj he does not care about MJ’S shadow he too busy making his own.. Why did he say it bcuz he knows this scary(for the rest of the league) they can get better n he is right.. @ NBA yall betta b redy cuz by the end of da playoffs he will prove @ 22 he is alredy the best player in the NBA w/o kobe lbj dwade dhoward KDurant or anybody else moving out of his way… They(DA BULLS) r young with money,can grow as a team n individuals with their coach.. I havnt said nothng about the “BENCH MOB” we will b #1 in the east watch out Spurs.

  19. flightjock89 says:

    I am not afraid of the celtics in the playoffs. we gave them a run for their money last year and we weren’t half this good. I ssem to remember D-rose scoring thirty points in his first playoff game against them…. It’ll be a hard fought game, but I ain’t given it away to anybody. Bulls have to play the same defense they were playing earlier in the season if we want to beat them. Good Defense = easybaskets. Noah needs to step out. and I’d like to see Korver shooting that three a little more. Brewer needs to hustle for some more alleyoop dunks. floks forget about him, and good old Asik needs to stay confident. Win or lose I”m always a bulls fan…. Go Chicago!!!

  20. Nathan Morgan says:

    To stay on topic i believe rose should win MVP

    I think honestly it will be heat vs. bulls in the east Everyone is underestimating the heat like they suck but they now how to turn it on
    look and dwade in 2006 where he took out the mavs with little help
    look at lebron james in 2007 where he lead a team whose second best player was daniel gibson to the finals

  21. Kingsfan says:

    I read most of these comments and they are so off base of the topic of the article. The article is about a leader of a great team saying that winning just isn’t enough. That to me is superstar material. If I remember correctly, Kobe has said that during couple of their championship runs. That’s a guy who is willing to make that statement and stand by it and push his team higher. Because he’s right, winning isn’t enough. At least not in regular season. It’s the way you play and executing your game plans every night. Just winning by 2 points by a team under .500 or whatever isn’t good enough. I am excited to hear something like this out of this young superstar in the making. A new MJ? No way, but how about a brand new mold? The Derrick Rose Mold!

  22. celtics fan says:

    i think celtics should win this

  23. MVP_Fashion says:

    Some of these comments are ridiculous. People fail to mention when Boozer and Noah have consistently been out due to injuries and illness. Rose is an excellent finisher, and all people look at is stats. The Bulls were at the bottom of the playoffs the past 2 seasons, and 1 and done. Now, with a new coach and roughly 8 new players, a WHOLE NEW SYSTEM, they are ahead in the East and at one point only 2 games behind the league best Spurs. Does anyone forget that Lebron and DWade have lost out against the Celtics and Bulls?

    How about the fact that the Bulls have the 2nd best home record in the league? To say DRose isn’t MVP is ridiculous given the circumstances of the franchise. To also say that a team as young as the Bulls can’t contend against the Celtics simply because of experience. This just in, old players get tired! You act like experience is everything. The fact is the Bulls can only get better with age, and for them to make a run like they have deserves some credit.

    If the Bulls win tonight, I really hope you Heat fans stop crying, because I honestly can’t even see you being in contention considering your record against sub .500 teams. Howard is looking at a suspension against the Bulls Sunday, so that will most likely be a win for the Bulls, so if we win tonight it is a given we will have the #1 seed and have home-court against the East. The Celtics are among the elite and have proved it many times before, but I’d honestly be worried considering their last ten. It really seems like they are getting in age, and articles have even been made stating how the Celtics are a season or 2 away from going under and how Rivers should possibly look at different venues.

    So watch out East, the Bulls are coming!

  24. BrickHouse says:

    Lebron is a great player. Nevertheless, he is an idiot. I am not from Cleveland. I just don’t think that people who are arrogant and have low IQ should advance. Hence, I think he will not win a title. I hope he remains a loser.

  25. D Sands says:

    and this game means just as much to the bulls as the celtics or even more bcuz they want the best record in the nba they want to catch the spurs so dnt think they are gonna lie down and let boston take this easy

  26. D Sands says:

    celtic am a bulls fan you wanna tlk about kg not playing wen bulls beat them wat you need to tlk about is bulls not being at full strenght wen boston beat them thoes two times. and were a totally diff team from two years ago as is boston and i feel that we can match up with ne one we can go big with 2 7 footers or we can go small when ya come to play the bulls who it is they better be ready cuz its gonna b on

  27. Lebron James says:

    Lebron is the best

  28. I agree all comment has point, Rose from rookie to MVP status. Would that be the MIP and MVP? In just a span of 3 years… can you see the improvement…. For me! if Rose to win MVP he should get the MIP too…

  29. FF says:



    THE NEW DYNASTY!!!!!!!!!!
    SEE RED!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. bulls=finals says:

    chicago will go to the finals unless hit by injury. REMEMBER this statement

  32. M10 says:

    So I agree the Bulls and Celtics are going to be the Eastern Conference Matchups, but honestly, I think some of you are underestimating the Bulls. No one thought they would be the #1 seed right now. Everyone thought they’d be #4 at best, and look what they’ve done. As far as the Bulls bench matching up with Celtics bench, are you kidding me? Check the stats. Bulls have one of the best benches in the NBA. Omer Asik can dominate Jermaine Oneal and Im sure half of you don’t even know who Asik is! Man pulls down double digit rebounds with limited playing time. The bulls went toe to toe with the Celtics in that 3 OT series .. That was without a good coach and without DROSE playing like an MVP and without BOOZER. Yeh the Bulls don’t have a SG, but it doesnt matter. Miami doesn’t have a PG. Celtics dont have a legitimate Center. You should shoot yourself if you think Shaq or Jermaine Oneal is a legitimate Center. Yeh I understand the whole experience, but the Bulls have been in the playoffs the past 3 years with the same core players. Not to mention Boozer’s playoff experience with the Jazz. I really still cant believe Celtic up there said the Celtic bench will beat the Chicago bench. Ronnie Brewer is about to make first team all defense this year, Omer Asik and Taj Gibson will get more blocks and rebounds than old timers like JO And Shaq. Kyle Korver will bust 3s all day in Delonte and Von Wafer’s face. The Celtics bench is UNPROVEN! All they have is the big 3, and on top of that your PG wont be able to handle DROSE, nor can he even shoot a jump shot or hit his own free throws. If the Bulls keep their intensity up, itll be Bulls vs. Lakers in the finals.

  33. D-Rose_Fun says:

    I think that D-Rose is currently the best player in NBA and he’s absolutely deserving on MVP award.

  34. chibulls11 says:

    to celtic…….noah cant match up with jermaine oneal??? haha the celtics have to many people that should be in wheelchairs…and sorry delonte west is garbage. CJ WATTTTTSON tear that A$$ up

  35. Durant? says:

    Not saying Rose isnt deserving or Dwight isnt either…

    but common ppl you cant say Durant doesnt deserve some recognition in MVP talks…

    sure westbrook is there… but Westbrook is feeding of KD, and like Rose, if you take Durant out, OKC flops

    He has also led the league in scoring how many years now?

    As for tonights game I think the Celtics will bring it and might come away with the W, but i think it will only propel the Bulls to turn it up another level in time for the playoffs

  36. this season has many player around the league improves like derrick rose when carlos boozer sign with the chicago bulls last summer……………..although im fan of Lebron and big 3 ( LeBron,Dwyane,Chris) Derrick Rose IS the Next new MVP for this Season because the chicago bulls are in the top spot,because there defense and offense improve

  37. Bran says:

    Dre says:
    April 7, 2011 at 4:14 pm

    Boston and Chicago have owned the Heat this season…yet struggled against Charlotte and Indiana? Can someone explain that to me? I’m not trying to be smart, i just want to know. As for tonight, i’ll always root for Bulls over Celtics any day.
    It’s because teams play when they wanna play. Dallas, Boston, and Chicago did own Miami, but they didn’t blow them out, like San Antonio did. Chicago barely beat them all games. Boston’s second game was more convincing, but they barely won the 3rd time. Having said all this, Miami is one of a very few teams that have owned the world Champion Los Angeles Lakers, Keep that in mind.

    What does all this mean???????

    It’s simple………….Don’t use the reg season as a guide. The playoffs are a different animal.

  38. iwillfilm says:

    I’m sorry, but the heat out match newyork in the playoffs. If NY beats the heat in the first round, it will be cause either one of the big 3 are injured. With most of Miami healthy going into the playoffs, they will be unstoppbable. I still don’t think we’ve seen the best of Lebron, Wade, and Bosh this season. They will likely poor it out, skill, teamwork and intensity will be taken up a notch, and NY, not even boston will be able to match there intensity.

    No before my comments get chewed up, I just want to say that although I respect the Boston Celtics, the age factor on their big 3 might play a toll in these playoffs. And the bulls will no doubt make it to the 2nd round, but not without a fight, it won’t be a 4 game sweep, I see it going 6 games, Indiana could prove difficult, they’ve already beat the bulls this season in convincing fashion.

    I really think the Heat are going to go far, we’ll see though.

  39. Bran says:

    As a Heat fan, I love it that all eyes are on Boston and Chicago, based on the Reg season. That takes the radar off of Miami, and Orlando, actually, so the pressure is not on them. The results will be surprising to many when the Heat go to the Finals.

  40. OakTree says:

    Celtics looked unbeatable in 7 game series before the Perkins trade.
    Now… not so much.

  41. Dre says:

    Boston and Chicago have owned the Heat this season…yet struggled against Charlotte and Indiana? Can someone explain that to me? I’m not trying to be smart, i just want to know. As for tonight, i’ll always root for Bulls over Celtics any day.

  42. bulls says:

    number 1 reason why derrick rose is MVP: he didnt invited other superstars to join him.

    he didnt care whether lebron came to the bulls. he took it as a challenge. while wade and the heat were crying like little female dogs rose and the bulls were winning. if wade wanted to prove himself MVP worthy he wouldnt have cared if james and bosh went to the heat.

  43. Juneauz says:

    Derrick Rose is such an overrated prick. Can’t stand him.

  44. irish4544 says:

    As long as the refs stay out of the game as much as possible this will be a fun battle to watch. I hate sometimes getting that feeling that they are completely dictating the outcome. Celts fan for life but have huge amounts of respect for the Bulls and Drose. Heat fans, trolls, whatever – the kid is amazing and will be for years to come. That’s something heat fans and celts fans alike might hate to admit but you have to accept.

  45. D1N-Only says:

    Let’s flash forward a little bit, shall we :
    Bulls VS Celtics (Tonights game) = Bulls by 9
    Regular season MVP = Drick Rose
    Coah of the year = Tom Thibideau
    East Conf Finals = Bulls VS Celtics –> Bulls in 6
    NBA Finals = Bulls VS Lakers –> Bulls in 6
    NBA Finals MVP = Drick Rose.
    You can hate all you want but that’s how this year is going to unveil (I am gipsy 🙂 )

  46. jj77 says:

    If u know bball u see that the Bulls are a young hungry n dangerous team headd in the right direction!!! Up.. If you look @ this team up n down they have playoff experience.. Rose n his 3rd season already set a record 36 pts as a rookie bhind hofr mr jabar… Even their rookie the turkish hammer Omer has big game exp.. in the world bball games.. Drose n da bulls hav finally lernd how 2 play w/o gettn ref calls.. Watch out drose is set 2 prove that he can win mvp n a title w/o a superstar on his side. Him n coach Thibs n their 1st year 2gether, srry big 3 cryng miami its only gon get wrse unlike yall pax n gar didnt spendda bank we still got cap room.

  47. Seany P says:

    I am a die hard Bulls fan but I have a lot of respect for the Celtics and the Celtics fans. Should be a great game tonight.
    The Miami Heat…….NOT SO MUCH!!!

  48. snap says:

    Remember last year when everybody was talking about Orlando this and Cleveland that and the C’s rolled both teams? Because if you do and you’re still dismissing the C’s you’re either delusional or just plain stupid.

    Tonight’s game, barring a collapse from either team, is going to be a close one and in that situation the Celtics, with 3 legitimate options in the clutch, have a definite edge. The Bulls have to go to D-Rose by default and the C’s are well aware of that. The Bulls may have excellent D but their offensive options are limited and this will cost them in the long run. They, along with OKC are definitely the teams to watch in the future but the old guard will have the stage for at least one last showdown. The Bulls have to get a lot more experience before they can be considered legit, #1 record and all. People say they’re hungry but do you really thing they’re hungrier than the Celtics who’ve had a taste and are well aware that their window for getting another ring is closing quickly?

  49. CELTICS says:

    @the analyst, the only reason bulls pushed game 7 with celtics was that year garnett wasn’t there and garnett is a big part of this defensive team and he makes the difference on the defensive end. Big baby is undersized for his position so that couldn’t help them out even though they still beat bulls.

  50. lets go heat says:

    still cant believe we lost last night to the BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

  51. BMan says:

    Boston is running out of energy — this will show through the first two rounds. Chicago and Miami are gaining energy, strength and cohesiveness. Both Chicago are adaptable teams while Boston cannot adapt to the speed/strength of either Chicago or Miami. Great playoff teams adapt, morph, change and win — old teams perform the “same old.” Both Miami and Chicago can adapt over a seven-game series. I no longer believe Boston can adapt/change as they have in past playoff years.

    But don’t underestimate the value of playoff experience — there is no team in the East that will roll over Boston! However, I don’t see them moving past the first/second round.

  52. CLYDE says:

    I am really proud of the young guy ( DERRICK ROSE ) He is stepping up to the plate with no fear what so ever and that is a true leader. Once they beat the Celtic tonight, they will shake fear into the rest of the teams. the bulls have brought excitement to the game once again.

  53. slicerboy says:

    drose will sure be the mvp this season…i hope they can reach the finals and from there take the trophy..i hope they can aqcuire a player like dennis rodman that can defend the paint bec i think the big guys are not yet capable,im not saying they cant defend individualy but in a playoff series they need someone like rodmad who is the master of shutting down post players…bulls all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Miami-D says:

    This is indeed a game I would hate to miss. Boston has a different makeup now that Perkins and Robinson are gone, and (for reasons i do not understand) they brought in Carlos Arroyo. And now they’re hit with injuries from key players. I don’t want to say that Boston got weaker, but I don’t think they’re up for a hard fight tonight by a team that has been finding its rhythm throughout the season, but i’ve learned to never to completely disregard Boston under any circumstance due to their clutch factor. Both these teams have excellent defenses and are highly physical. I can’t say much about Chicago due to the fact that I have not been following them. What i DO know is Rose has really stepped up as leader and floor general, and he has a well built team. They just have to work out a few more kinks. I wouldn’t find it suprising if the Bulls made it to the Finals this year. If I had to put money on the top teams of the East, it would be Chicago first, and Boston a close second just because of the injury factor. Then Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, and NY later.

  55. pakmon says:

    I like it… rose was really quite in the past but his inner beast is coming out, its only this year rose is starting to show the TRUE qualities of a champion, This kid is going to be very impressive in the future, He hasnt reached the climax yet, when he does, NBA better watch out! Bulls are back.

  56. The Analyst says:

    Lebron + MSG= Epic
    Lebrons performances in the rough house of the NBA’s playground are always epic. True that NY is a touch matchup however with Lebron on Melo, Wade on Chauncey, and Bosh/Amare both being equally weak defensively…this while it may be a fun matchup, I give advantage to the Heat. Homecourt advantage, two time MVP against D’antonis weak defense? I’m sorry I just dont see them containing him. Remember that D’antoni had Nash, Amare, Marion, JoeJohnson, Raja, Barbosa etc. All during their primes annd still went 7 games against the post Shaq- Pre Gasol era Lakers. Kobe grilled them for 30 plus a game and that was with Kwame/B. Grant senter, Odom SF, Kobe and I believe Fisher was in Utah that year. I just dont see them containing Lebron and or Wade…sorry Knicks Fans.
    As far as ANYONE thinking a possible Bulls upset is in place…doubt it, Boston makes the argument that with Perkins last year would have been a different story, and now Shaq…fine…agreed. You’re a better team with them. Kudos. However Bulls with no Noah, No Boozer are the best team in the leauge. With them…sorry.
    I actually think that Boston has the least chance of winning head to head vs The Bulls. No disrespect but what people over look besides their record is that they have taken Boston 7 games before with a very young roster and the dim witted Del Negro. Coach Tibbs designed the Celtic defense as a coordinator under Doc Rivers and now with a more developed team, a great defense and a self -less break out player like Rose…I just don’t see it happening either. Now I will say Rondo is probably the top defensive point guard in the league but he does lose athleticism..and Rose does the little things…BOX OUT…Rondo won’t get easy rebounds or force Rose into stupid mistakes like turnovers….I see the bulls playing tight on every one but Rondo and Allen…Forc e them to shoot and follow the shot. Not to say they wont have a hand in the face but I have a strong feeling that Tibbs will know how to defend The big three and shutting down perimeter and , then forcing them to shoot over you is what they do best. Interesting matchup.
    Out West…wont touch that much
    Lakers, Spurs probable matchup…never sleep on Durant.
    My under dog bone gets thrown to Portland,
    follow me for a minute
    Marcus Camby=Joaquim Noah
    Aldridge= Boozer
    B-Roy=D Rose
    x factorBatum+Mathews=Bench points
    Bulls lost Boozer/ Noah 1 seed
    Blazers Lost B Roy…equivelant to Bulls losing Rose.
    Now B Roy has been patient, and blazers are top ten offensively and defensively and we have YET to see them healthy..
    presumably this is the healthiest we hae ever seen them…
    They have my vote for most likely to upset.
    They are a great road team and a great home team.
    Aldridge on a break out and Roy on the comeback and if you have never been to PORTLAND…you dont want to…fans are incredible…
    all im saying is….look out WEST.

    • Jordan L says:

      @The Analyst. Wat the heck are u talkin’ about? I agree Portland is a very good team and could upset a team like OKC or Dallas but you are giving them too much credit. DID U REALLY JUST SAY ROY=ROSE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Wat are u thinking? B-Roy is not close to being the same player he once was. And even if B-Roy was healthy this year Rose would still be way better than B-Roy. D-Rose is a legit top 5 player and may be above Wade in top 5 players (no disrespect to Wade) but Rose has been more dominant than Wade this year. People may pull out the FG% and just stats. But those kind of people ain’t no real NBA fans; they just check box scores and look at stats and not watch how D-Rose has just been dominating night in and night out.
      Top 5 NBA Players: 1.Kobe Bryant, 2.Lebron James, 3.Derrick Rose, 4.Dwayne Wade, 5. Dwight Howard (*or Kevin Durant).

      But back to Portland: Blazers are a good team and a team to watch out for in the first round for teams like OKC, DAL; but not for veteran teams like Lakers and Spurs. Also u said Aldridge=Boozer? HAHAHAHA. Boozer is garbage this year until the last 5-6 games. But games before that Boozer has been horrible. If Boozer produced more Chicago might have 60 wins.

  57. Scalabrine Pride says:

    I’ll be very surprised if it’s not Bulls-Celtics in the Eastern finals. Heat suck against the league’s elite — especially against Bulls and Celtics. As for the projected Eastern Conference Finals, should go to 6 or 7 games.

    Both teams (Bulls & Heat) have electrifying home crowds. No Perkins hurts Celtics — he really frustrated Noah in playoffs two years ago. Both teams play solid D. The Bulls are just an army, though. They have so much depth, they’re young, they’re hungry. Celtics will give the Bulls their money’s worth but it will be a battle of attrition that the Bulls will prevail from as Eastern Conference Champions. Rivers & Thibs are both great coaches. Boozer’s defense makes me nervous but he shows up offensively in the playoffs — he posted impressive numbers with Jazz last post season.

    Expect Noah and Garnett to add to the drama of this series with the back and forth trash-talking they normally partake in when these two teams meet. Both teams are deep. Bulls got home advantage. Celtics are more banged up and old, Bulls have the MDP (Most Danegerous Player) to take the big shot. Bulls win.


  59. celticsfan says:

    why yall bashin on the celtics yall just hate that ur team cant beat them

  60. think says:

    Rose has been through the disappointments during playoffs. most great players have been through the same when they were young… MJ, Kobe, Shaq… before they even make it to winning the ring. Rose knows the Bulls is his team, and he knows its his responsibility to lead the group into winning. That’s what franchise players do, because they knew that the team is built around them.

  61. CelticsBullsFan says:

    I’m personally a Boston Fan but I love Chicago too. Should Boston win tonight, they will go on to claim the eastern conference top seed from them along the road cos Chicago faces Orlando and New York in away matches which will be hard. But if Chicago wins tonight, they will keep the top seed and could possibly get 60 wins this season. I think Celtics will win tonight though because they have better chemistry, play a better team and individual defense, and also move the ball very well than Bulls.

  62. Brendan says:

    Rose mvp nah d howard the guy who does everything for orlando when the bulls play the celtics they will not win y coz uve got 4 of the best players of there position on the celtics and the bulls hav boozer noah rose nd dang nah the celtics hav the upper hand when rondo plays in the playoffs if they get the bulls i think ur going see the same result as in 2009 playoffs itz all about 18…

  63. Rob (Chicago) says:

    All that being said I predict D. Howard joins the Bulls this summer in a blockbuster trade for Boozer,Asik,3 first rounders and possibly another player. No way Orlando goes the Carmelo road even tho Denver made out. If it happens Cryami will never win a title. BONUS!

  64. Rob (Chicago) says:

    If you take MVP by it’s purest definition…. Noone who knows anything about basketball would ever EVER speak of Dwight Howard for one very obvious reason.


    I can see the arguments for Lebron, Kobe, Amare, Dirk and any other player that would get the ball in their hands with the game on the line, but DH not only does not get the ball in crunch time but his team (to preserve the game) sometimes takes him out for offensive/defensive switching because they don’t trust him at the line. Even when Shaq was collecting MVP’s Phil would let teams hack-a-shaq because he knew that he would finish most of the times at the basket or hit clutch free throws. That is not the case with DH12.

  65. Aja R.Witt says:

    Bulls all the way!

    MVP + Coach of the Year = 2011 NBA Champions

  66. Belmont says:

    @Prix You are a complete idiot! Two good teams are gonna go at it tonight and I can’t wait too watch. I also hope Prix’s TV blows up so he can’t watch this exciting game.
    I wish Chicago was in the West as I do appreciate all they have done but I am a die hard C’s fan so gonna have to take them in this one. Look forward to Rondo Vs Rose, Kg VS Boozer etc.. Gonna be a good one!!!!

    Gonna be an awesome Playoffs!!!!

  67. miekdj says:

    thats a bold prediction also not a very good one.. the celtics are an old team.. with all the injuries. i dont think that they can play with a bunch of younger guys for 7 games without KG or Big Baby

  68. bulls fan says:

    d rose is gonna win mvp

  69. Turk says:

    Drose is too much of a monster. Celts got no chance 2nite. We have the soon to be reigning MVP Champion on our team!!! U guys, well…….you got some old grandpas. Good luck 2nite pathetic and doomed Celts fans. In 2 years when the Celts are the worst team in the league, we’ll see how much talking you guys are doing then

  70. Slk says:

    I’m a Celtic fan and do believe that C’s have it all to go the distance. But I also like Bulls and they are a very good team. I don’t think Bulls can match up against Boston in a series. Remember what happened last year. The playoffs are different from the regular season and experience matters. Bulls will be a great title contender in the near future, but all those who are hating on C’s just gonna have to deal with it coz we are going all the way.

  71. Got 3's? says:

    @Prix…I said it in my other post on the “Taking shape” Page, YOU ARE DELUSIONAL! So won’t waste my time talking bout ya!

    @Celtics All Dayy…The C’s are gonna face a tough one with Bulls but going by the past, the C’s are gonna win it all in the Eastern Finals FOR SURE!

    @Big L and @KobeFan: You guys dreamin’…Lakers are not gonna make the finals and neither will the Bulls, I however, agree that the Bulls deserve to be in the finals but they ain’t gonna be!

    • james says:

      Lakers are going to make the finals are you serious? All I gotta say is look at how bynum has been doing since all-star, look at gausol all season….Then the obvious the real big combo in the NBA known as the BIG 2–Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant, but yes lakers will make the finals and depdning on who the face will depend on the turn out

  72. davell says:


  73. Jim M says:

    I beleive what Kid Dynamite ( Derrick Rose) is refering to is the difference between winning games and beating people. A true killer instinct will settle for nothing less than betting your opponent. Score doesn’t matter – margin of victory aside – when you beat someone you take a little bit away from them – and they know they can’t win.

  74. MJ says:

    Griffin in the Bulls??? : another dinasty cuz all they are so great and joung.

  75. Alec says:

    Back in the old days, Rose would be considered a ballhog, nowadays they call that a superstar.
    This guy ain’t the MVP nor is he the best Point Guard (Williams, Rondo, Paul and probably Nash and Westbrook above him), but I guess, hyping someone in Chicago as next MJ is easier for the media than writing stories about someone playing with 4 future Hall of famers or someone playing for a team formerly known as Seattle Supersonics.

    • miekdj says:

      maybe westbrook … none of the others

    • james says:

      i still have yet to hear someone call him the next Michael Jordan….I do agree though he is overhyped

    • get down or lay down says:

      WOW! now that was some serious HATING who ever the fu ck u are all them better than D-ROSE what ever u smo king
      I want some of that sh it.

    • get down or lay down says:


    • get down or lay down says:

      My blogs on james blogs are for u ALEC the RETARD

  76. Bulls going in 2011 says:

    This is the bulls year 2011 Champs

  77. BIG L says:

    all the haters hating on d rose we taking that mvp and that eastern conference champs it will b hard to beat the lakers in the finals we r taking it nothing is free

  78. Celticforlife says:

    Tonight the Celtics will go out there and prove all of the Celtic Haters wrong. They always win when needed, even though they have had their struggles they will have a big win tonight. Yes the Bulls are an awesome team yet they still need alot more of experience to get through the BIG THREE or should i say the BIG FOUR. May the best team win tonight…….GO BIG GREEN!

    • Take Your Heart out use You Head says:

      The big three/big four? The only the Big 1 that is #1 when you play at the UC. only five losses at home ALL SEASON LONG!!!

  79. celtics are coming into this game knowing Miami lost last night and the lakers lost so they need this win baaadd..the bulls on the other hand basically have the top spot in the east locked u so i believe the celtics need this more then they do…C’s got this tonightt..but we will se what happens in the easteron conf finals…Its gonna come down to these 2 teamss..D-rose is MVP for sure but tonite i’m sorry the C’s are coming in and taking this..STATEMENT GAMEE

    • Take Your Heart out use You Head says:

      The Bulls have only lost 5 games all season at home 3 were with injuries to their starting line-up…one was the first game of the season for Boozer and he played few minutes. With a healthy regular lineup the Bulls have only lose ONE game at home all season. Sorry Boston fan. Not to mention Rose had a bad game against the Suns and he rarely has two bad games in a row!

  80. I think Rose want to be the best and for that to happen he knows that his teammates are going to have to come up big. More than the big plays he provides we going to need make sure that DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE is our calling card. We have a great coach in Thibs. Defense is his calling card and attn to detail. These bloggers use stats to determine why he should get it how bout these stats 33-4 at home Best in The East. Number 2 thats how many games the bulls have lost in a row all year. 4 times all season. 17-4 since all star the best since all star d rose last 5 game 30 points and 10 dimes. 1 our position in the East on top of the Eastern Conference. # 2 overall.
    Lets Go Bulls
    Die Hard in The Building

  81. Samin Choudhury says:

    I hope the Celtics win. Its the last year for the Celts, they need this. The Bulls are no doubtamazing but I believe they still need a shooter for the team and when it comes down to the final seconds, drose is not the best guy for the job. Drose is also not a point guard he plays like dwade and so should be a shooting guard. The Bulls will win the champ before the Heat, but not this year.

    • Tim says:

      Wow so you just played the role of moron right there. D Rose is not the guy to take last sec shots yet you say he plays like D Wade hahaha you retard wow. Go get a life.

  82. if you take MVP in its purest definition. Dwight is clearly the MVP. you take him away from the team and the team falls apart. you put him back and the team becomes unstoppable w/c is quite different with the bulls and the heat

    • Law064 says:

      Where did you get that Bostonbanner18th? Take Rose off the Bulls and you’ll see the differance he makes. It’ll be a good game. Go Bulls Go Celtic’s.. LMAO @ Cryami the best team will win tonight

    • ROFL says:

      Wow Dwight has been on the team all year and they have been SO FAR from unstoppable. Wow you are sick. And how do you think the Bulls would be without Rose. When Boozer and Noah went down you think they would have won even 5 games? The Bulls are far less stoppable the the Magic use common sense bro this comment is moronic!

    • Take Your Heart out use You Head says:

      Unstoppable! WOW that would be the definition of a stretch!

  83. #BULLS says:

    The Bulls will most likely be in the eastern confrence finals if they maintain first seed in the east because they could just let boston and miami beat eachother up in the second round of the playoffs. And the Bulls will and should be able to take either 1 down in 6 games after they exhuast themselves in the second round.

  84. Kobefan says:

    I agree.

  85. Zzanzabar says:

    I love it when people say: “I’ve had enough of this team or the other winning. I want to see someone else.” It is about excellence, not boredom. No team should compete that isn’t willing to go the full distance and commit ALL SEASON long to putting the best product out there for the fans, BUT the playoffs is NOT about the fans (never was, never will be), it is about the players. This is what they went to all those practices and shoot around for. This is why they go to the camps and dusty gyms around the country, to get to the Finals and win it all.

    The regular season is to sell tickets, hot dogs, and tee shirts and give us fans a good show, the playoffs are about sweat, tears and work to be the best among your PEERS!

  86. Frank says:

    Drose will be better and better. If he could get the MVP this year, then next year will be fine.

    Bulls do need a upgrade on the shooting guard position. Eastern final, Celtics beat Bulls 4:3.

  87. Twinkles says:

    Cant wait for tonights game…watching the bulls do what they do best: WINING!!Lets get that W!!

  88. Troy says:

    @tyrone watson. Its funny how u say he has no D but he gets used in the stopper role on D in the 4th on occasions if brewer is tired. Just like he did against wade when the Bulls played them the first and second time. If I recall both times were Ws not mentioning the last game they won also. Plus how do they struggle when they are the #1 defense in the league with Boozer out there too and the cryami heat have 2 “all world defenders” and can’t produce the same results?

    • #BULLS says:

      LMAO! “CRYami” lmao if the bulls sweep the heat they’re gonna have to break out the “MOPS” lmao!

    • NBAHeatWade says:

      alright im tired off all these hate comments people are posting. First off don’t hate on other people who are just trying to express their opinion on the blog. Next don’t critise the players without knowing truely what you are talking about. Seems like 98% of the “haters” on the blog calll people soft or in miami’s case, call them out for crying. That same 98% probably cant make it through the NBA summer league and will be sobbing after a preseason game. Dont hate on the players without understanding about what they go through. Yea its either D.Rose or Dwight for MVP and Wade and Lebron don’t factor in, so stop bring up the heat for no reason. Also about Troy’s comments, there are plenty of team insiders who say the heat were not litereally crying, but spoelstra was trying show the high emotions in the locker room. Also the Heat were the leagues leading defensive team at the start of the year and are in the top 5 now (correct me if i am wrong, but i know they are in at least the top 10). so yeah, people please stop being ignorent and try to refrain from hating on something you dont fully understand.

      • msingyheat says:

        is d rose a good defender? yeah
        is he the mvp? i think he is, hes been the driving force for the bulls this year, in my opinion the best point guard in the league!!
        is he better than DWade? heeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hes doin a good job of catching him up but he aint there yet get real guys!!!

      • james says:

        I really hope you are joking, these people play basketball for a living and make millions of dollars and can make more millions by doing somethinga as simple as posing for a picture, making a funny 30 second commercial, or sit in front of millions of pepole and making ridiculous claims that you are the best team in the world before you have played a preseason game. They sometimes cry after a game for losing and Lebron in the begining made a statement, I’m not sure of the exact words but it was along the lines that they wouldn’t critisize as much if he was white and he was almost crying… Most people in NBA are African Americans… But anyway if I took any of these queens into the real world or even you by the sound of it they would collapse. Try working 10 hours a day of hard labor then try only getting paid for 8, after that you figure hey he is working quite a bit he is probly pretty well off well like most americans no they are not having to find side jobs on the weekends so you can pay for all of your bills knowing that if you didn’t find jobs on the weekend you wouldn’t have heat your kids might not eat, well try that like many hard working americans do and then you tell me how hard they have it. On the rare weekends where i have time i play basketball to relax, damn if i broke even i would do what they did so would 99% of america

  89. tyronewatson says:

    I am astonished that rose would make such a comment….Honestly one of the bulls biggest problems is that they continue to struggle because they spend a great deal of their defense hiding Drose….for all the talk about MVP, he is a terrible defender by any standard…and because I’m a Dwade fan, i always get pissed off when his name get buried..His stats are better than Drose..even with leHog on the team. all of you Drose riders dont even realize that he shoots 43% from the field and does absolutely nothing on defense..MVP?

    • Blah says:

      So basically you’re saying the top defense in the league has a terrible defender at PG and that they spend all their energy hiding him? I’m pretty sure if they were hiding bad defenders in Rose and Boozer there’s now way they could be number 1. He’s leading the top team in the East (could be in the league if they catch SA), the top defensive team in the league and is doing way more with less than LeWosh and company. Drose doesnt have the reigning two time MVP on his team and a guy that averaged 25 and 12 by himself. Thats a ton of help and if anyone won MVP on the heat it wouldn’t be Dwade for sure

    • DRose_B#TCH says:

      D Rose does nothing on defence? LMAO! Im going to go with you being a Wade “rider” as you say.. ha. But, rose does 43% from the field because he takes up most of the shots for Bulls the unlike the heat thathave james to come along with and I would like for your Dumb@SS to go look up ALL the games drose has played agasint the best point gurads in the league and look at how he shuts them all down! And its ok your just one of the many haters that go agaisnt Rose! Cuz nither WADE or LeChoke can gUARD HIM! And another thing Rose can actually make the right choice when the games on the line unlike the heat.

      • TYBRAD says:

        When u mention wade, rose, and lebron nothing bad should be said about any of them they are all hard workers and i admire all their talents. So all this verbal warfare will be settled during playoff time. Admit it they all do some sick sh@t at one point tehy all caried their team.

      • Law064 says:

        @tyronewatson you might need to go check the stats. D.Rose is a decent defender if anyone the bulls are hidding on D it’s Carlos Boozer. In Defensive moments they always sub Boozer out Rose is a decent defender and he’s the MVP. I love wade cause he’s from the CHI but he’s not the MVP he is the leader of the Heat but Lechoke would take the MVP over him because Lechoke is a stat chaser. @D rose B#tch your correct dude is just a miami rider and mad cuz the Heat can’t beat the Bulls or Celtics or possibly NY

      • Sean says:

        yea there was a article that showed that D rose has taken at least 70 of the shots at the end of quarters/games where you
        which is not exactly considered a shot? its considered that he doesnt care about his shooting percent he cares about HELPING HIS TEAM WIN
        if you took away his heaves it said he would shoot more like 44.5% which is pretty decent for a backcourt player that is only in his 3rd year
        it would also boost his 3pt percentage to 35% which is respectable

    • Gladius says:

      Alright we all know that D Wade shoots the ball more than Lebron James. I also question Wade’s toughness. It seems that he sits out a lot more games than Lebron, and Lebron shoots a higher percentage then Wade.

    • KDR says:

      Wow tyronewatson u dont know squat…Rose is by far the MVP this season. If u are so much in love with Dwade then why isn’t the Heat the best team in the East/NBA? Wow ur embarressing…

    • Jason says:

      Deerrick is not our best defender, but he’s gotten a lot better. He’s got some blocks and steals to his credit. He commits very few fouls.
      If you exclude the last-second 40+ foot shots, Rose’s FG % gets near 50

    • Wade? says:

      Alright how wade even got brought up into this matter i have no idea. Lebron has been the key to miami this season. wade take too many shots to begin with and most of them are pretty stupid. at least lebron is playing most of the games and not sitting out every other one because he has some pretty “bad” headaches from the lighting. jeez what a girl. DRose MVP!!!

    • #BULLS says:

      That’s absurd! He does play defense, now. Last year he couldnt stop a chest cold. lol but he plays D now. (Don’t watch only national games if you’re going to judge his status as MVP. you gotta watch the regular games as well my friend.) Rose has to take shots thats why his percentage is so low. Wade never shot this well until this year because he doesn’t have to take as many shots as he did last year when he didnt have lebron on his team.And he gets over looked because lebron makes that team! and wade and lebron couldnt beat any of the top teams including 3 straight losses to the Best team in the east (#BULLS) Bulls are better than the heat as a team. Talent-wise the heat may have them, but talent doesnt win every game. (Chris bosh/ Pua Gasol/ = soft, but atleast pau gasol can get you 20 and 10 lol chris bosh could get you 12 and 6 on a hot night lmao!

      • nbeatz says:

        what an idiot, Look at chris. His states are almost 19 and 9. Pau is not soft. Look at staud do you call him soft, you know because he only averages just UNDER 9 RPG when pau averages over 10. Bosh is a carrerr 9.6 RPG guy as staud is only an 8 RPG for his carreer. Stupid people need to shut up ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

      • francisco says:

        you are taking nonsense, WADE has always shot well , his stats every year show it, check them before taking, wade has been a good defense player since the beginning (blocks and steals). LEBRON last two years has been the second defensive player behind Howard. ROSE shooting % 44 is not bad for a point guard, but nash is shooting better.

    • LEBRON says:

      I like DWade, but he’s NEVER gunna be league MVP. Stats wise, Lebron will ALWAYS be better, and since they’re on the same team now for the next 7 years, a league MVP for Flash will never happen. Sorry to burst your bubble holmes.

    • Sean says:


    • N says:

      People who say Rose is a bad defender are sadly mistaken. Check out the link below and tell me he’s still a bad defensive player. Of the top 5 PG’s in the league only one leads him in any category and thats Rondo’s spot up defense, thats it. There is not one person who he has matched up against that has scored 30 ponts on him and only 11 that have scored 20, the next closest is at 15 games over 20 points against, guess who, Rondo. Fact is that people pick and choose their stats to argue against him being MVP, look at the big picture, people think he turns the ball of too muc, well Lebron James practically leads the league in turnovers and he doesn’t have the abll in his hand nearly as much as D. Rose. D. Rose is MVP, get over it people.

    • Kevin says:

      I think its funny how everyone says “look at the stats” when MVP isn’t about stats, its Most VALUABLE to the team, heat have 3 of the best players in the NBA and still have a worse record than the bulls. If D Rose is out, Bulls lose 9 out of 10 games, he is VALUABLE if Lebron or Wade are out, the other 2 stars can pick up the slack……..not so vauluable

    • Tim says:

      Wow dude you are a complete idoit. I dont even know what to say to you besides the fact you need to STFU with your stupidity really. Doesnt play defense, yea why dont you check out some of his games. He help CP3 to a career low in points, he held D Williams to 11 points need i say more you idoit.

    • LOL says:

      LOL….you couldn’t be more of a fanboy if you tried. Derrick plays 10x the defense of Wade. Wade is the guy you want to hide on defense. Derrick has consistently shutdown on defense and outplayed in general the other teams’ guards. He completely victimized Derron Williams on the defensive end. Luckily he has it easy against Miami and Boston, since neither has a point guard good enough to even be Rose’s backup.

    • Jordan L says:

      @tyronewatson. HATER ALERT! HATER ALERT! HATER ALERT! Wat u talkin’ about D-Rose don’t do nuthin’ on defense?! D-Rose has improved his defense a lot and lately he has been blocking shots which is amazing for a point guard. I feel Rose will go off tonite against Boston and solidify his MVP. Rose is not even my favorite player but Rose is amazing this season. People say Rose is just a bigger Allen Iverson. HAHA. Rose is bigger than Iverson, much stronger than Iverson, much faster than Iverson, and a MUCH MUCH MUCH harder worker than Iverson. Rose will just continue to get better. Rose’s FG% is the only negative people have about Rose. Wat about all of Lebron’s negatives: he is not clutch or a closer, he is a below average free throw shooter for an elite perimeter player, and everyone saw last nite against Milwakee that Lebron is NOT MVP! They lost to a HORRIBLE Bucks team. Wade and Lebron contribute equally to the team if one misses a game the Heat will probably lose if they are playing a quality team. Kobe is my favorite player and he was a close second behind D-Rose for MVP; but Lakers have lost 3 in a row and they cant catch the Spurs so Kobe is probably 3 or 4 in MVP race now and probably won’t win it. Also on the Bulls there is no obvious second option, because it depends on the situation, if you need a quick 3 give the ball to Korver, Deng or Rose. But anything other than that Rose IS THE BULLS OFFENSE.

    • Nomer says:

      Yeah right…
      D-Wade is mvp if he choose his home town… and not the the southbeach

  90. Gary says:

    Rose is by far MVP this year. I’m a Lebron fan but you can see that Rose is making the biggest difference for his team.

  91. Adrixe says:

    I wish bulls will continue to grow. I don’t think they can go over the hump this year, probably next year and the years to come. They need an upgrade to the 2 spot. It will be interesting to see bull-heat battle each other for years to come.

    • Law064 says:

      @Rory completely agree with you. Rose has elevated his game and he’s still on the rise. The bulls to beat the celtic’s in a series they need the help he got last night. Not to mention Boston shooting horrible in the 3rd qt. The bulls came out and played a great game but in a series if they meet Rose will need that same support for the entire series. Great win for the bulls though.

  92. SMOOVE says:

    Derrick Rose sure knows when to turn it up. He’s a proven playoff performer.

    • Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

      Proven playoff performer ?

      • Anonymous Baller says:

        He killed it in the playoffs as a rookie against defending champs celtics in 2008, and last year he did well but didnt get calls from the refs on most plays.

      • Sean says:

        Um how bout derrick rose had 36 points in his VERY first playoff game which was second only to kareem abdul jabbar?

      • B Eazy says:

        When the Bulls played the Celtics in the playoffs in 08 the bulls made boston play all 7 games to win. and that bulls team was mediocre at best. i wouldn’t be so quick to say that the bulls can’t beat the celtics because, well… they CAN. In a 7 games series? Who knows? It would be tough, the Celtics do have a lot of playoff experience. But the Celtics are getting older and who knows if KG will even be healthy in the playoffs. I think the Bulls could surprise a lot of people this year, but they have to worry about Indiana first (if they hold on to the #1 seed in the east) because you can’t take any team lightly in the playoffs. But D Rose has the leadership qualities to take Chicago all the way, if not this year for many years to come. However, if the Bulls want to win they must learn to play better on the road. I think they can beat the Celtics, but rite now I don’t think they stand a chance IN Boston.

    • Tek says:

      Proven playoff performer?? i dont think so…that’s like saying Griffin is a vet….he’s gotta have a little more time under his belt to be “proven”

      • Rory says:

        I hear what you’re saying, but to me that’s like arguing Michael Jordan wasn’t a proven playoff performer when he busted up the Celtics for 63 points and still didn’t win the series. His TEAM wasn’t good enough to get through, but the fact that he personally did what he did I think proves he came ready to play in the big games. I think you could say the same of Rose (although obviously not in quite the same category as Jordan). You know he’s gonna bring it 110%, it’s just a question of will he get the support he needs to win.

  93. prix says:

    I cant wait tonights game…I believe in Rose same as the defense of the Bulls.. This is were we witness the preview of the playoffs…If Rose explode and Bulls defense step up, surely they will drown Boston by 20… I cant wait to see the big 3 now the small 3 play..w/o the Shaq. Perk, and KG is now weak and slow…they needed Big baby to step up and Rondo as always the reason for Boston succes should have a great game for them to win…but whoever win tonight it does’nt matter because as what they say BEFORE THE GAME STARTS IT’S ALREADY BEEN DECIDED…ITS GONNA BE BULLS-HEAT IN THE EAST FINALS…

    • SMOOVE says:

      Let’s see. You sure know how to talk.

      • Law064 says:

        @Prix please STOP you have no ability to see the future. If you did you would know that your a IDIOT and need to post on dummies r I live in Chicago and I love the bulls but I’m also a Celtic’s fan. Wish I had tickets but I’m hoping the Bulls win but I really can’t say they will in a 7 game series I have to say Boston will take it. Rose can’t do it all he needs help from the rest of the team if they plan on beating Boston in a series.@prix the moron KG was hurt last season his numbers are up from last season if you knew any facts. The Heat can’t beat the Bulls or Celtics so if the Heat face these 2 then they’re gone fishing and crying. If the Heat meet NY in the 1st round they might not make it to the 2nd round let alone the Conf finals.@Smooth this dude prix is a good talker. unathletic sports talk radio show guy. @prix STFU your on every blog hatin on the Celtic’s you jus know the Heat are doomed if they play them. The bulls are 1-2 vs Boston and the game they beat Boston KG didn’t play. It’s going to be a good game how can the Celtic’s get beat by 20? It has not happened to them this season even in their slump they didn’t lose more than 2 games. When Boston play Heat Sunday it’ll be the Heat gettin swept just like the Bulls did them.

      • Rose4preisdent123 says:

        Bulls and Celtics fans need to unite in the cause to defeat the Heat one way or another. I’d honestly just enjoy myself more watching the Celtics and Bulls in the East Finals because Lebron/Wade/Bosh are all cry babies, on and off the court. At least the Celtics don’t act like a bunch of children…

      • Heat Baby says:

        @ Law064

        *POINTING AT YOU*!!!!


        Lol sorry everyone I had to get that good laugh out there. What was that law064? THey gonna beat the Heat again? Celtics can’t get beat by 20? Yea no doubt cause they just got beat by 23 by the Heat. LOL

        Dude your Celtics just got CRUSHED by the Heat, in every way possible. THey even got outrebounded by 16 LOL Boston didn’t know what wtf hit em.

        Heat ALL DAY baby!

    • celtic says:

      im all for being fair, dont count the bulls or the heat out. last year i counted the celts out before the playoffs even started. and…i was completely wrong. however, the celts are a completely different team than the heat and the bulls.
      #1-they have the REAL Big 3 and Rondo, who destroyed cleveland, then orlando, then took it hard to the Lakers. That’s all I really need to say but I’ll continue…
      #2-they have a ridiculously strong, versatile rotation. Jeff Green, Von Wafer, Delonte West, Jermaine–Nenad–Shaq, Big Baby….neither the heat or chicago have a bench with as much talent as that
      #3-PLAYOFF EXPERIENCE! As a team, the celts have the most playoff experience. from shaq’s 5 rings to KG, Rondo, Ray, Paul’s rings PLUS all their play off experience. how about jermaine and his experience? jeff green got a taste of it last year with the thunder, delonte west has had it, Big Baby has proved he can outplay other bigs in the playoffs, coming up with big plays in the playoffs since he was a ROOKIE with the celts.
      #4-Doc Rivers. Dont care how good Thibodeau is and you can’t feed me any crap about Spoelstra being an incredible coach, Doc’s still better, especially when it comes to being a head coach with playoff experience…
      #5-Celtics can win on the road in the playoffs and going into the TD Garden against them is something no team, not even the Lakers, want to do.

      What do the Heat have? A bunch of hopefuls uniting for a championship in their first year? They don’t have strength at all positions. They have Lebron….good. They have DWade…good. They have Bosh…soft. And who else do they have….good shooters in James Jones, Eddie House, Mike Miller…but no strong post presence, no LEGITIMATE point guard to match the STATS of or defend guards like Rondo or D-Rose. The Heat have already shown through the regular season that they can’t come out on top of the Celts or Bulls, and have even lost to Orlando. They’re not ready for the playoffs because they dont all have the drive, nor do they have the key points to win.

      The Bulls? Great Defense. D-Rose. Luol Deng…but other than that, they’re going to have a difficult time matching up with the celts in the playoffs. Boozer is a flop in the playoffs and sorry, he won’t beat KG or Big Baby. Same with Noah, he won’t come out dominant over Shaq or Jermaine, or KG. The Bulls are great defensively, but the Celts have strong defense too, and a versatile offense. Sorry Bulls, you’re in trouble still. When the Bulls have more team experience together, and when Boston’s Big 3 have slown down, then it’ll be Chicago’s time to rise to the NBA Finals…if Orlando or Miami hasn’t solidified as a team.

      • lakers-boston final says:

        great analysis of the top contenders. you’re one of the few people on these bologs who knows what they’re talking about. when it comes to a seven game series, i really don’t believe that chicago can beat boston or l.a. just like the cavs of 2010 and 2009, who some could argue are better than this year’s bulls

      • Xceltic says:

        Well said the Bulls have ways to go still, tonight we see the best of both teams, Rondo will prove why he is so special the C’s rise to the occasion in big games, the BULLs better be ready. This one is going to be a dandy.

      • TrendyCity says:

        Shaq’s played 6 WHOLE minutes in 2 months; he’s missed 40 games so far this season. Jermaine has playing 21 games all year, started 7; if he works at it he might miss 60 games. How much do you think they will contribute in the playoffs? If the Bulls need more team experience to be successful, how much team experience will be needed by the O’neals, both of which are veterans in their twilight and are on a new team THIS year?

      • Nomer says:

        Celtics are great…
        Heat are team to beat…?
        Magic has Howard…
        but all bulls players are reliaBULL, theie defence was understructaBULL, and still u dont understand coz this team are unbelievaBULL…

    • Jeremuah Laflare says:

      Seriously @prix, you suck. You NEVER EVER make sense. EVER. I feel like vomiting everytime I read your waste comments.

    • Bench says:

      It’s a totally different ball games when talk about play-offs. Never ever underestimate the value of experience. When you battle a team for at least 4 games, it goes down to adjustment. It’s different because of the fact the team you played today is the same team you will play next time. In regular season you cannot focus your stratergy in a one team because a stratergy that may works well in one team may not work at all in other teams. In the play-offs you concentrate on one team night in and night out (until somebody win the series). The only factor that comes to play is adjustment. you take what your doing wrong and make an adjustment same goes with the opponent team. You make adjustment, they also make adjustment. And when they take away your first and second option on offense, that where it get interesting. Thats where experience is going to play a big role. Remember when you play in the play-offs they will anticipate your every move and try to take away your offense. That is why is always go down to a half court set, specially in crunch time. You have to know what play to call at the right time. But the ball is round, you never know but its more likely not to happen.

    • T DOG says:


    • prix says:

      Now Boston realize how weak they are in the inside, nobody stop the penetration of Bulls…now it s over… Boston is a good team but not great anymore Big3 is gone..AS I PREDICTED..BULLS its proven ITS GONNA BE MIAMI-BULLS in the East finals,..sorry BOSTON FANS, i feel bad for you people…

      • Law064 says:

        @prix 1 game don’t mane anything. The Bulls tied the season series 2-2 so how can the Heat automatically be in the east finals? prix please you need to get some medication or maybe stop takin that crap your injecting.

  94. Mr HoLLa says:

    I have had enough of the Celtics and Lakers. It’s time for some fresh faces to win the title. Although I am a fan of Lebron James, i would love to see Derrick Rose take home MVP and a NBA title. I hope the Celtics lose by 30 tonight.

    • Jamir says:

      I believe this is going to be a high intensity clash between the past and the future. Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls has to maintain why there #1 in the east and the Celtics will put them to the challenge that there still one of the best teams in the NBA. Rose will prove why he’s the leauges most talked about MVP canidate. This is going to be a Eastern Conference Finals type of atmosphere…..

    • lol maindgames says:

      Im a lebron fan too and if YOU truly are a lebron fan u would want celtics too loose because if celtics loose heat and celtics will be tied for second!!!!!!!!!!!

      • tata says:

        All you Frenchy fans can just suck an egg. He is going NOWHERE in the playoffs. Hopefully he loses in the FIRST round to a team. I would double team Wade and Frenchy and even if they still scored 20 points each I would challenge the rest of their squad to score 50-60 points to win a game. It won’t happen.

      • O smiley says:

        no, because the celtics beat the heat all this season and holds the tie breakers if they tied up in the playoffs.

      • T DOG says:

        and they will still be ahead of the heat because the celtics got a 3-0 win record against yall.

      • Kendra says:

        Thanks for that complaint . . You just boosting up the bulls self esteem . . Basically yhu just said that the bulls are better than HEAT and CELTICS . . but honestly i think that no matter who wins 2nite, they will blow out HEAT . . Sorry sweetheart !

      • Wade says:

        Heheh, u would expect wade to score 20 pts a game in the playoffs? Maybe you should check his last year stats VS BOSTON, u might get AMAZED!