StatsCube: The Case for Karl

There are several great candidates for the Coach of the Year award this season. Doug Collins, Phil Jackson, George Karl, Nate McMillan, Gregg Popovich and Tom Thibodeau all deserve recognition for the job they’ve done with their teams.

Jackson and Karl have made their strongest case with how well L.A. and Denver have played since the All-Star break. And for Karl, we have to look back at how he well he kept the Nuggets together in the midst of the ‘Melo-drama that ran from September to February.

Dealing with the knowledge that his best player wanted to play for someone else and somehow putting together a 32-25 record in the midst of a media circus is the intangible aspect of Karl’s candidacy. But there is a very tangible aspect to it to, and the numbers may make the best case for Karl.

With the Nuggets original roster, Karl coached the No. 1 offense in the league. With a completely different kind of roster since the trade, Karl is coaching the No. 1 defense in the league.

Nuggets efficiency

Timeframe Record Off. Eff. Rank Def. Eff. Rank Diff. Rank
Pre-break 32-25 109.7 1 107.2 23 +2.5 10
Post-break 15-4 108.8 7 96.6 1 +12.2 1
Overall 47-29 109.5 1 104.5 17 +4.9 7

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions
Def. Eff. = Points allowed per 100 possessions

The numbers obviously say something about Anthony and the other players involved in the trade. And maybe just as impressive as the Nuggets’ No. 1 ranking defensively since the trade is that they’ve been almost as efficient offensively as they were with the guy that was averaging 25 points per game.

There aren’t many teams in this league that can play at an elite level on both ends of the floor. The Miami Heat are the only team that ranks in the top five both offensively (109.3, second) and defensively (100.9, fifth) for the season.

Along with the Heat and Nuggets, the Lakers have ranked in the top five on one end of the floor before the All-Star break and on the other end of the floor since. L.A. was the fourth-best offensive team (108.6) before the break and has been the third-best defensive team (97.8) since.

But those numbers don’t match the Nuggets’ impressive transition from elite offensive team to elite defensive team. And that may be why George Karl deserves to be named Coach of the Year.


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  1. Tom says:

    I think you have to look at what Pop has done not many thought the Spurs would be a high seeding this year every thought they would be around the same position as they were last year no one thought the Spurs would lead the NBA but they are at the moment I think he should get it or be in the top 3 because he has done something not many saw happening. Just cause the Spurs have had the top seed for a long time this season and have it by a long way for most of it a lot of people seem to think that the Spurs do it every year but they don’t.

    To people calling them old I say they have an average age under big teams like the lakers also to the depth of the Spurs they have a pretty deep team Bonnor can put points up if they need him to George Hill as of late is doing great. and Gary Neal and Dejuan Blair are doing it when they need to. along with others Splitter gets it done when he gets the minutes same with the unmentioned guys like Novak and Quinn

  2. cal says:

    tom thibodeau,new coach to a new team and currently the best team in the EAST!! clear WINNER…

  3. Ruben says:

    Why Schumann always ends talking about his beloved Miami Heat????

    that’s straight BS!

    This is George Karl & Denver Nuggets time!

    i wonder how the NBA pay you to write this stuff

  4. Gavranko says:

    Ehmmm,since NO ONE on OR in the comments has actually summarized ther successes and failures of the candidates this year thus far,the duty falls on me.(Instant apologies to anyone who wrote this before me and I didn’t see it).
    Tom Thibodeau-a coach who emphasizes defence,who has led a “decent” team from last year to the CONSTANT MONSTER that they are now.Why?Well,because he didn’t have CARLOS BOOZER last year.Not a star,you say?Yeah,yeah right xD.Also,Joakim Noah has RAPIDLY improved this season,I can’t say how,but,he did.Derrick Rose kept on working and has reached the phase where he is the favorite for an MVP in his…3rd season?Luol Deng is the happiest of all,he’s been performing at an amazing pace for 5-6 seasons,and finally has a decent team.GO LUOL!!!My bet is Chicago wins championship this year(my bet,don’t try to gank/flame me because of my hunch).I’d say Tom had a lot to do with all this,so giving the COTY to him wouldn’t really be a mistake.
    Erik Spoelstra-well,he managed to fit three fantastic players into a team.But he doesn’t have 3 fantastic players,he’s got…6.5 of them.MIKE MILLER,UDONIS HASLEM(injured),MIKE BIBBY,JAMES JONES.What’re those guys doing?Even Joel Anthony is a great defensive boost.I think the Heat could have been 82-0 had James and Wade been less selfish.Rather,had Spoelstra actually noticed that.So,no,I wouldn’t vote this guy.He’s been a good coach,but not the best.
    Phil Jackson-has a great team,has great players,and has managed to keep up the awesome atmosphere in the legendary Lakers team.Drama,drama,Kobe swear,swear,not satisfied,blahblahblah,Jackson managed to subdue all that and keep the Lakers on track overall.The Lakers are an independant team,so Jackson didn’t really have to do a lot.Since certain coaches have RISEN the level of their team+did everything Jackson did,I think he should also be excluded from the talks about COY.Phil,you’re a good coach,and you could have won the award,under different circumstances though.
    Doug Collins-was given a **************************************y team,and managed to extract the players’ individual talents and fit them into an abomination-like puzzle.It’s like…Having nothing,and making…something.Not saying that something is a Mona Lisa,but still,I mean isn’t making SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING enough.I’d say so.Imo Thibo has done a better job,but he is DEFINITELY in the top 3,and in the discussions.
    Doc Rivers-PAH-LEASE.NO.
    Gregg Popovich-the guy had a great team last season,that could’ve won championships,and did,in the 90s.He managed to modernize the team with some awesome shooters.Not sure that’s gonna fare well in the playoffs,but it sure has worked in the regular season.Add Gary Neal,George Hill,and a prominent power forward in DeJuan Blair in the team with TIMMAH,MANU,and TONEH,and you get something that’s nothing short of breathtakingly balanced.He actually saw he had to change something to win,and JACKPOT.I’d keep him in the discussion
    George Karl-it’s very sad to see such a great basketball coach battle cancer,but “BEAT CANCER” is not a + on his CV.It is GODDAMN cool though,and I admire the man for it.I don’t think he should be given credit for “keeping the boat afloat” with the Nuggets with ‘Melo and Billups,because they’d been playing for about 3 years together and basically had a built-in style of play.The drama didn’t help,obviously,but,you know,they were on autopilot,so it wasn’t a huge distraction.The reason he should be in the talks is because Denver made a long-term trade,which means they were prepared to have 1-2-3 losing seasons before the merits of the trade pay off.What Karl did is the same thing Greg did,only MUCH harder,and Greg had all summer.Karl had a week.I think George made a team that is on a Spurs-caliber and is able to compete in the playoffs,provided they get ROUGH,and stop shooting so many 3s.They just don’t go in the playoffs.So he’d rank on my no.2.
    All in all,my vote:Tom Thibodeau.Good luck reading this painfully long comment.

  5. fuentes956 says:

    We are talking about coach of the year, not the coach since all-star break, and we all know the coach of the year is Gregg Popovich not only for the record that san antonio has right now, but also having the veterans like tim,ginobli, and tony preaty healthy and have the best record. They los 6 in a row and they still have the best record west and east. They find players like neal, george, blair, and the list goes on. Like having a undersized center like blair that alot of teams did not like because of his knees and his size, and coach pop trust on him and start him for the first 60 games, now look at their record good job coach pop you deserve coach of the year award.

  6. LeQuit says:


  7. Ken Steel says:

    How about Rick Adelman? He has helped coached the Rockets from one of the worst records in the Western Conference during the earlier part of the season to a team that still has a shot of vying for playoff contention during this time of the year.

  8. GMan says:

    There is no way Karl deserves this award. He had to traid a player he could not coach, big fail. Pop is the choice. All of you seesaw between the Spurs stars being overated and washed up but don’t give Pop the credit if they have the BEST RECORD IN THE LEAGUE.

    • Nuggets of Info says:

      Do you read what you wright, or just throw whatever daft idea that flutters around your empty skull to paper? Melo wanted to leave Denver for New York because of his wife and endorsement deals. The fact that Melo still balled well amidst all the speculation should be accredited to Karl’s coaching ability. Karl handled the situation very well, and after is star player left, he managed to take the 17th worst defense and make it the best. Now, I’m not saying he did more for his team then Thibs or Collins, but what he HAS done cannot be simply overlooked. The only “big fail” here, is your lack of comprehension of the game of basketball.

  9. Marco Antonio Moreno Moreno Schneider says:

    Despite being able to do a great job with the new look nuggets, I would have to give the award to the Thibbs, I mean look at what he has been able to do with the Bulls in only one season. They are actually contenders, something they have not been able to do these last 4 years of so.

  10. mistahanz says:

    Coach Karl is the evidence of a Survivor and with his players believing in him, they are products of that chemistry.

  11. rayray says:

    I’m still with Thibbs on this one. The Bulls’ roster was completely overhauled from last season to this. With new guys comin in, somethins supposed to go wrong. I mean look at the Miami Heat with a 9-7 start!!! The Bulls also rarely played with a full roster from missing Noah and Boozer. Sure, he has Rose, this season’s MVP, but not because of Rose’s stats, which aren’t as good as LeBron’s. Some guys also say it’s the roster. No. Do you think Vinny would be capable to turn this from 41-41 to possibly a 60-win team? I remember the start of the season when people predicted the Bulls would finish w/ less than 50 wins. What else? Well he does fix almost every error the team does after losing, mostly even from winning. Notably, this team haven’t lost 3 straight yet. Probably even the only team (not so sure). I don’t know if you guys realize it, but this guy has done the most work of all. Really, his COY candidacy is as good as Rose’s MVP.

    • rayray says:

      Whoever taught this season’s MVP defense should win the award. Hands Down!!

      P.S. Also the guy that taught DEFENSE to the holder of the best single season 3pt percentage (which was last year)

      P.P.S. Oh, and the guy that made a team that has Boozer to still have the best defensive rating in the whole league

      -all in his 1st yr-

      • Gus says:

        Dude look at your foolish division…you have only under .500 teams…and the eastern conference sucks…you are doing nothing major by challenging the old celtics, the full of BS Heat, and the one man Magic!!

  12. Kevin says:

    Nuggets GM Masai Ujiri would be a great choice for executive of the year as well.

  13. and the Coach of the Year goes to.. says:

    John Schuhmann.

  14. nikki b. says:

    come on R u Kiddin me! COACH POP deserves to be COACH OF THE YEAR! NO IFS OR AND’s about it!

  15. drew says:

    Jerry Sloan

  16. Rose4preisdent123 says:

    No rookie coach has ever done as well as coach Tibs, and the Bulls are a one seed not a 5 seed. I know people dont want to give all the awards to the Chicago Bulls and the wealth should be spread I guess is the thinking, but it’s pretty clear who desserves it. 47-29 or 56-20? those are the only numbers that matter, SORRY MYTHICAL STATS CUBE!

    • rayray says:

      True that. The only way you can’t vote for coach Thibodeau for COY is if you can’t spell his name.
      I mean really, the competition shouldn’t be this huge. But maybe you can split it? Nah, just give to Tom.
      Thibbs COY ≥ Rose MVP (i could argue all day, everyday)

    • Gus says:

      Yeah you are right…the records matter a lot!
      Face it:
      Your team is playing in the same division as the likes of: Cavaliers, Pistons, Bucks, and Pacers…how hard can it be to get 16 W against those really bad bad team???? Not a single one of them is over .500
      The Nuggs are playing on one of the strogest divisions on the league – Thunder, Blazers, Jazz (which just got really bad after the trade dead-line/departure of Sloan), and Wolves that really suck. Still is a much harder division than yours and you would be lucky if Chicago got a 10W-6L here.
      Plus the eastern conference overall is a joke when compared to the western conference….trust me this Bulls team would have a record worse than 47-29 if playing where the real elite teams are.
      That said you should pick a different argument for you COY, cause this one is non-sense.

  17. sid says:

    Swallow this!
    Show me another active coach who was able to coach a two (or even one) time champ with several good players and be able to make it a 3peat!
    Ah yes I remember it was the guy choaching the Bulls in the 90’s – what was his name?
    Sorry but anybody who think this isn’t an achievment is a complete idiot.
    The last year (hopefully not) of the greatest coach NBA ever seen, why not give him the honor he deserves? He had to get the COTY anyway more often.
    Otherwise if not Phil, I give it to Doug – good job done with the Sixers.

  18. King says:

    All of the coaches named for this award DESERVE it. Stacked with players or not doesn not guarantee 50+ wins. But the coaches that stand out currently is, of course, George Karl. I’m sure all coaches have to deal with their personal lives and still juggle it between the business of basketball but Karl had alot against him. Yet can be focused enough to keep the momentum of the team going.

    Then there is Pop.

    You have to give this guy the credit he deserves. Almost the entire world and even some SPURS fans thought the window of the championship closed for them. Finally landing a draft Star in Splitter who is injured before camp, having a NBA legend that is not at the dominant level as bfore, leaning on a front court who is smaller than most other font courts, a bench that is put together with no name guys, and points guards the world feels is OVER-RATED… but this coach can still use what he have to accomplish a record WE NEVER EXPECTED of this team and the way these players behave so professional, on and off the court… You never once heard of these players complain and strike about this coach’s system…

    Be the judge… be honest.

  19. GreenCro says:

    End of story.

  20. Hops says:

    Has anyone else noticed the weird smiley face thing right at the top of the page?

  21. God says:

    Nate mcmillian deserves to be coach of the year.with all the injuries still making the playoffs. NO OTHER team can do that after losing their star player and others to knee injuries for most of the year.

  22. Mak says:

    G.K is coach of the year. Its really not even any competition tbh. Im a nuggets fan and I dont even like him. But I respect what he’s gone through to be right here right now leading us in the playoffs as one of the hottest dangerous teams in the NBA

  23. GoBlazers says:

    I think that the most deserving COY is Karl followed closely by Thibs because I don’t think anyone could predict that the Nuggets would win against elite teams the way they have being doing without Carmelo. Another thing, for the people claiming that Thibs shouldn’t win because he has an MVP candidate; my opinion is that Rose will win the MVP because of Thibs not the other way around. PS: Lebron, Howard, Kobe or Nowitzky are ahead of Rose in my book.

  24. Jon says:

    I am just agreeing with you on Iguodala not being a superstar. He is a star, he’s known, but he aint a a superstar. He is a good player, not a team leader though. And I am a sixers fan. Iguodala is actually my favorite player, but I know he is no lebron, wade, or kobe

  25. Jeremuah Laflare says:

    @prix; you should stop posting comments all the time. You never make sense.

    • kurt says:

      prix hater!!! maybe an L.A fan. .lol. damn fool, a lot of people here agree with Karl and Collins fo COY.. just post your comment kid, stop hating!!!

  26. Jon says:

    I would say Karl or Collins too. I would like to see Doug Collins get it mainly because I am a sixers fan. But I think he deserves it too. I think both coaches deserve it. Phil Jackson and lakers have done well, but Poppovich has done better overall this season. I still think it is hardest to get a team with a horrible record the previous season to a playoff team. Doug Collins for Coach of the Year!

  27. think says:

    As much as I love what’s happening with the Nuggets right now… I think the COY is a battle between Collins and Tibbs. The Melo trade sparked a run where Denver has been all about playing as a team, but then again, this only happened after the all-star break which is less than half of the full season. If Karl makes his Nuggets into the top 5 next year, then by all means he is COY… but not this year.

    Collins has done a terrific job tranforming a team (though has legit superstars) from having an implosion into a playoff team this year. Though much is not expected from the sixers to go deep in the playoffs, everyone thinks they’ll be at the bottom 3 at the start of the year.

    Tibbs, though, has been remarkable this year. A defense coach from Boston, the pressure was already there when the season started. Much has been expected, more has been delivered. He was able to get the players buy-in his philosophy, has been able to weather the injuries of Noah and Boozer, has been able to rejuvenate Deng’s game, and has been able to help D-Rose flourish to be an MVP candidate. Its safe to say that Rose’s excellent play helped him make his case as COY, but we can also see that Tibbs has helped Rose to play at an MVP level.

  28. Sammy says:

    I do believe that COY would be either Collins or Karl but I’d have to go with Collins on this one. Denver is a great team but they made the playoffs last season and they are going to make it this season too. Carmelo played the first two-thirds of the season, and then they got three real good players from NY. Collins on the other hand brought virtually the same team he had last season, to a playoff team that could definitely pull of a first round upset.

  29. Go GEORGE!! says:

    I say George deffinetly deserves it, with all the SMELO drama going on, injuries, and he’s STILL winning big!!!

  30. Capt. Smash says:

    All the stuff Karl had to deal with has health, cancer, marshmello, and new players Karl should get a medal from the president. Coach of the year should be secondary! How many of you have over-come cancer?

    • rayray says:

      If im hella rich I certainly would

      -sorry…this time, i have no idea what im talkin bout-

  31. Capt. Smash says:

    All the stuff Karl had to deal with has health, cancer, marshmello, and new players Karl should get a medal from the president. Coach of the year should be secondary! How many of you have over-come cancer!

  32. SKK says:

    There’s no reason Jerry Sloan would be ineligible for this award. They don’t have a rule against it that I know of. I’d love to see him get something – maybe name it the Jerry Sloan Coach of the Year Award? (Then again, the winner already gets the Red Auerbach Trophy… hmm.)

    At any rate, I think post-break is important but the whole year should count too. Nate McMillan getting his team to the 6th seed is incredible in the loaded West with the injuries he’s had. Integrating Gerald Wallace in at the deadline too. Finally, losing the heart and soul of the team (Roy) for most of the central part of the year, getting him back in not-fully-recovered status and utilizing him well despite all of that. I see McMillan beating out most of the coaches here in terms of merit – perhaps not Karl, but definitely Collins and Thibodeau, who walked in the door with an MVP candidate, a few solid all-stars and a couple new acquisitions and did as well as expected (admittedly after weathering a few injuries – nothing like McMillan’s squad). Popovich did well but they’ve collapsed post-break, and Phil Jackson hasn’t really exceeded expectations, nor integrated any major new pieces, so I’d give McMillan the edge. I can see McMillan or Karl winning it, but the other should be #2.

    • Kingsfan says:

      I agree with your reasonings. One thing I disagree with, Rose was not MVP material when Thibo walked in the door.

  33. Gary says:

    Phil Jackson shouldn’t even be mentioned. He Knocked some sense into Kobe and the rest of the team, so what?! If LA played the whole season the way they did after the break then yeah put him in the running but why should he be rewarded for having a semi-decent performance with a two time defending championship team?! Give it to Tom, Pop, Karl hell even ERIK before Phil and stop kissing his @$$ because he’s leaving people.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I hate that people say the Lakers played so terribly, they still had a 49-20 record which isn’t terrible. Phil knows how to pace his team and get them healthy and ready for the post season. He should have COTY nods for how he prepared his “bored” team post all star break and going into the playoffs.

      • Gary says:

        If Phil and the Lakers are only concered about the playoffs and if they are bored then their rewards lay in the post season and the awards for outstanding REGULAR season performance.

      • Gary says:

        Meant to put “not” in the awards for the regular season performance.

  34. juliotoyo says:


  35. Ho says:

    I would have to agree that the race is primarily between Doug Collins and Karl. Its absolutely amazing how Collins managed to take a disheartened team in disarray back to a scrappy defensive team that no one wants to face in the first round. I certainly couldn’t have imagined them even making the playoffs when the season began… But Karl, to deal with all the drama and speculation of his star player wanting to leave and managing his role players to stay together amidst it all and still win games is worthy enough of consideration. Add in the fact that he got these new guys mid season, got them to transition smoothly onto the team, and continue to win… I mean, the guy obviously knows a thing or two about what he’s doing. Major credit to both.

    I would love to give the nod to Karl, but I feel like overall Karl has had a larger pool of talented players than Collins. Even though the Sixers primarily had the same team two years ago when they made it to the playoffs, it was arguably a weaker Eastern Conference, and Eddie Jordan effectively destroyed the team psyche the following year making this an extremely daunting task to bring a team of non-stars to such a turnaround.

    I give the edge to Collins, though only by a hair.

  36. Sean says:

    doug collins or george karl

    im sorry but that is so stupid that they are even considering phil jackson coach of the year
    he is coaching the BACK TO BACK NBA CHAMPIONS
    if you DONT have a good record then that is pretty concerning
    why should someone get coach of the year for coaching argueably the best team in the NBA?
    how hard is it to win with a stacked roster?
    coach of the year is suposed to go to the coachs where everyone thought there team wasnt going to do good and they pulled through or they have had to face obstables to obtain their record or have a winning record with a team that had a losing record last year
    caoch of the year is not suposed to go to a coach that is EXPECTED to obtain 55 wins while already holding a loaded roster

    the NBA wristers have to stop kissing the behind of the lakers and leave out the coachs that dont desrve to be on the list

    • Zzanzabar says:

      “he is coaching the BACK TO BACK NBA CHAMPIONS.”

      LOL! Yeah that deserves NO consideration at all. And if he gets a SECOND (or is it THIRD) ‘3-peat’ then they should forget about even naming him to the HALL of FAME!

      I wonder if people even read what they write?

      • Colt says:

        @Zanzy: Phil does not coach. He just sits there… He does as much as i do sitting at home watching the game. Only he makes the calls on the subs and i just boo from my tv seat lol. No, Phil doesnt belong with some of the coaches tha are running in contention for COY. Srry.

      • NBAkushmoke says:

        Zzanzabar– it’s funny you hail Jackson’s greatness, but think this is his 2nd or 3rd threepeat. This is his 4th threepeat, if he makes it. On the topic I don’t think he deserves coach of the year because he simply doesn’t have to do much with his teams. He’s had the most talented players in the history of the NBA fall into his lap. In that way, he’s more of a businessman than a coach, making championships as easy as possible for himself. The COY shouldn’t be chosen based on who played the best odds — it should be based on who BEAT the odds. For that reason I think it should be George Karl.

      • Kingsfan says:

        I think it’s flat out ridiculous that you both are saying that Phil doesn’t do anything. You do all realize it’s his offense that he perfected that the Lakers use right? You do realize no one in the league is better at subbing or rotating for matchups? If what you’re saying is true, next year when he leaves the Lakers shouldn’t miss a beat and still be top 3 teams right? And every coach other than Collins this year who is in contention has stacked rosters. Yes even Karl. When Birdman gets back, Karl will have a 11 man deep rotation. Who else in the NBA has a roster that stacked from 1-11 on the depth chart? Pop has 3 aging stars and 5-6 great role players. Now Thibo has a great roster as well, but he came in new to the team and made the Bulls play defense like no other. They went from an early 1st round exit team last year to title contenders.

        But all that said, to think Phil just sits there is stupid.

    • rayray says:

      And who expected the Bulls to do this good this year? Anyone remember when everyone expected the Bulls to be somewhere of a 45-win team? I clearly remember that barely anyone said 50. And what if I traveled to the past and told those guys that the Bulls would miss Noah and Boozer combined for about 3 quarters of their season? Would they expect the Bulls to remain a .500 team? Not even, theyd expect worse.

      Really, who saw this comin?
      Thibbs COY ≥ Rose MVP



    This man beat cancer, lost a couple of his best players and is still coaching a potentially 2nd round team. Karl doesn’t get phased by anything.

    • Nahright says:

      I agree.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      He’s definately in the top 2 of the race.
      Hey Nuggets fans, congratz on your win @ Staples the other night. Very impressive what your Nuggets are doing. Give them a few years to all mesh on Defense and grow into their roles and they are a real title contender.

  38. Zzanzabar says:

    This is without a doubt the toughest COY consideration in a very long while. There are 4 or 5 legitimate candidates for the honor and each has an outstanding case to present. At the top of the list would have to be coach Collins. He has turned a floundering franchise completely around with just his coaching skills and without an influx of high payed talent. But having said that, I don’t know whether it is just as difficult to integrate new faces into a winning combination like Karl has. While both Thibo and Jackson both had outstanding talent, it is far more difficult to juggle egos and highly skilled players than it is to mold good players. As for Pop and Doc they both are trying to install a youthful energy into some very old (or would you rather mature) bodies and have done a remarkable job.

    Right now I give a very slight edge to Collins with both Karl and Thibo running a very close second. Fortunately the Coach of the Year is chosen BEFORE the Finals which tends to give a slightly unbiased opinion to the selection, because it is easy to simply pick the coach of the team that wins the championship and forget what brought other teams up from the depths.

    • Sean says:

      your saying its easier to develop a prospect that you dont know if there gunna do good or not, not exactly sure what their best strengths and weaknesses are, how tough mentally they are,
      than it is to coach players that you already know their abilities and what they can do and you can plug them in any situation knowing what your going to get out of them?
      you might want to THINK before you post
      the only time its harder to juggle egos and highly skilled players is when your a NEW COACH with a NEW TEAM
      phil and poppovich have been coaching there how long?

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Sean

        So you are saying that both Phil and Pop should not be considered because they have coached too long? Give me a break. Karl and Collins then should be disqualified because they have been around FOREVER. You also believe that it is HARDER to coach good player into being better when usually both the coach AND the player are willing to listen rather than coach an ESTABLISHED great player(s) who might be set in his ways AND knows that the coach is more liable to go rather than the player? Dream on.

    • Jake says:

      G-POP represent!!

    • Gary says:

      Phil and Doc are commercial coachs to me who’ve earned success from having multiple great players to coach. Karl on the other hand has been coaching a young team into playoff contender talks without needed more than a week to get them going! I just find it hard to consider those kind of coaches for the award when they haven’t excelled their team to a new level; just kept the boat afloat.

  39. Kingsfan says:

    I agree Karl has done an outstanding job. But I don’t think it compares to the turn around of the Bulls and 76ers. If the Bulls nail down #1 in the east, I would be extremely shocked if Thibo doesnt win COTY. But in my opinion, 2nd place has to be Doug Collins. He took a lottery team from last year and they are going to be 5th or 6th seed in the playoffs. Without a superstar! (Iguodala doesn’t count as a superstar in my book) That is very impressive.

    • Mike says:

      Mike, fyi, the award is COY. No dis.
      It’s a tough one. Thibo and Doug have the uper hand, but seing those stats, Karl gets his shot.

  40. prix says:

    It would be either Karl or Collins…Phil have Kobe and company…Tom have the MVP Rose…Pops still have Tim,Manu and Parker, it would be easier for them to win,..this coaches have the best player in the league, not like Karl and Collins, they dont have all stars this season but solid players who’s mentality is to win games and both teams are winning..We all know that Denver now w/o Melo and Billups are above our expectations same with the Sixers…team that play their heart out every night and have a smart and great coaching will absolutely win games..

    • Jeremuah Laflare says:

      How come you never make sense?

    • david says:

      its always something different each year more excuses different excuses. with the all different opinions people have for each coach why not make everyone da coach of da year. monty williams, nate from portlan, karl, tom, doc, eric. hate on phil all you want but for the greatest coach of all time to only have 1 coach of da year is pure hating by da media. he had to have his team to set da record for most wins all time in a season for them to give him one. explain that. same for red although i hate the celtics he also only got 1 even though he stacked championships higher than a buger king does pattys. mvp n coach of the year are meaningless awards when they only get the right person every 10 years. its a popularity contest.

      • Gary says:

        Greatest coach of all time?! Go do some research cause your looking at one very good and successful coach, maybe even the number 3 but not greatest.

      • Gary says:

        Also if it was a popularity contest then Phil would be reeling them in as he’s one of the most known NBA coaches.

      • KObE oG BYRANT says:

        ya gary he is the best ever 11 rings and almost took kawmie brown and lame a$$ smush parker to the western confrence finals in 07 lol