Hang Time Podcast (Episode 51)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — In a game of one-on-one, New York Knicks rookie Landry Fields would have a hefty size advantage over Portland Trail Blazers point guard Patty Mills, who is roughly eight inches shorter than the nearly 6-foot-8 Fields.

Have them battle using their own comedic work off the court, however — Fields has the highly entertaining “Andy (Rautins) and Landry Show” while Mills has the equally hilarious “On The Streets With Patty Cakes: Meet Pat Stacks” — and we’re talking about a completely even match.

That’s why we were honored to have both Fields and Mills join us on Episode 51 of the Hang Time Podcast, so they could talk about their comedic stylings as well as other much more serious and pertinent topics.

One of those topics is the work Mills is doing to help the flood victims back home in his native Australia with the wearsmyshirt.com campaign.

But we didn’t stop there. NBA.com’s LeMont Calloway, who handles the Dunk Ladder and all of the drama and highlights that come along with it, carved a few minutes out of his busy schedule to join us. He schooled us on the difference between a “throw down” (think Blake Griffin over Timofey Mozgov or Marcin Gortat) and a true dunk (think Griffin over most everyone and everything else).


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  1. Bignate says:

    blazers vs. heat finals u heard it here first

  2. ROSE4MVP says:

    just a thought…..how can LeBron be considered MVP of the ‘LEAGUE’ when he can’t even be counted on to take the last shot for his team in a tight game?
    everyone knows that Wade is the better closer…

    just saying…

  3. Millicent says:

    How could you have a discussion of ways to transform the Basketball Hall of Fame into an NBA Hall of Fame without mentioning Bill Simmons’ well thought-out, pyramid-structured concept for such an institution, which is explained in detail in his acclaimed book “The Book of Basketball”? Whether you agree with him or not, it should have been part of the discussion. And if none of you Hangtime basketball fanatics have read the book (the only explanation I can think of for that omission), I’m really surprised.

  4. ZULU says:

    You are not alone Zzanzibar. The H.T. Podcast’s are some of the most entertaining sports talk to be found in any communicative medium. Lots of humor and bantering about subjects plucked from space. Yet solid interviews and points of view that are very informative about the NBA. I especially appreciate the absence of “negativity” towards players, mgement and the NBA game overall. Keep the vision………

  5. Puker says:

    I think Landry Fields is gonna be the defensive guy for the NYK this coming playoffs. If they face Miami Heat in first round, NYK will relay on Fields to defend DWade.

    • C.W. says:

      anthony carter is gonna be gaurding d wade most of the time and have him on lock like last time they played

  6. Germantas Kneita says:

    Sabonis should be a hall of famer.End off discussion.

  7. Zzanzabar says:

    Am I the only one that gets a ‘page not found’ when trying to play or download the podcast?

  8. prix says:

    Listen to them… the funny side of basketball..Hope Fields will get serious during playoffs and be effective, NY certainly needed him…and Mills is solid, a great back-up point to Andre Miller..Portland gonna upset some teams when playoff starts. watch out for them,..