Casspi Wants Out Of Sacramento

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — At least one member of the Sacramento Kings doesn’t want to relocate to Southern California.

At least not with the Kings.

Omri Casspi, a feel good story two years ago when he surprised us all during his rookie season, has grown disenchanted with his role with the Kings this season.

He wants out. And he didn’t mince his words either, explaining in a column he wrote for an Israeli sports website, ONE, that his situation has become unbearable:

“It’s not easy for me to sit on the bench, which has happened to me quite a bit in Sacramento’s last few games. I’m a player who lives the game and as soon as you take away the thing I love the most in the world – playing basketball, it is hard for me.

“The situation in Sacramento is not like it used to be in the past. Coach Paul Westphal is experimenting and trying different things and I’m certainly not in his plans. We have six more games until the end of the season, and although I won’t say that I’m counting the seconds, it is clear to me that I will have to make some decisions at the end of the year.”


  1. Gary M says:

    Good decision to leave. You have a talent and you should be able to show it to the world. Don’t let people hold you back from what you love doing!
    Welcome to the cavs!

  2. Max Wohlman says:

    He isn’t playing I get it, it is tough. That’s what he is there for to play and to give it 110% but he isn’t good enough to request a trade they haven’t played differently with him then without him in the lineup as much. He is just a sharp shooter, he hasn’t proven to be a star or a great role player, more like a capable backup.

  3. dno27 says:


  4. + + says:

    I think he should show or if he did show that he is practicing harder than the other player then he deserves some minutes or playing time if not he should have talked to the coaching staff and discuss this as a team…this is bad media sometimes because your career is in a microscope now and if you move to a new ball club and play bad even on 1 game they will just say that is why you did not get the minutes.

  5. royi440 says:

    He didn’t ask a starting spot, the guy just wants to play. In his rookie season he proved that he can be a solid 10-5 role player in any team but this year his duranged coach decides he won’t get off the bench…
    Ithink the Kings have to let him go because he is good enough and if Mr. Westphal preffers he will sit, many of his collegues would love a hard-nosed energetic guy like him coming off the bench.

  6. Guy says:

    A few comments:
    First off politics is out of place in this discussion.
    Second – the guy is not just a shooter, look at his rebounding numbers, they are pretty good for a small forward.
    He is not a star and had no problem contributing off the bench through the season – the point is about not playing at all lately.
    Kings’ rotation was hectic throughout the season – coach seemed lost at times and the team played low bellow what is expected with the talent it has.
    With all that said I think it’s a wrong move expressing his frustration to the media even as he did it in a local Israeli outlet and probably did not intend it to get the attention it did.

  7. think says:

    it would be worse if he was in detroit LOL

    but seriously, a lot of players have been through the same ordeal he has been going through. If he love basketball, he should be able to know that first of all this is a team game. A lot of disappointing high-picks (eg. Joe Smith) and less talented players (eg. Scalabrine) are able to hang on to the league because they’re just always ready whenever the team needs them.

    Sacramento is in a crappy situation right now. He just makes things worse by doing this. It would just appear as if he’s willing to leave a team when bad times come. No team would want a player like that to be in their roster.

    Just be professional, practice and play hard. Good fortune goes to those people who remain positive despite of challenges.

  8. Gary says:

    This guy must be hanging out with Cousins alot.

  9. Texxus_Boi says:

    I’d love to see my spurs trade for him they were going to draft him originally anyway but the kings snatched him up first and now he wants out great, we’ll certainly put his talents to use.

  10. Noah says:

    I agree that in a normal situation, a second-year bench player shouldn’t complain to the press when his minutes go down, even if he feels that his numbers show that he deserves to be in the game more. However, Omri is the first player from his country to make it to the NBA, and, being kind of a big deal where he comes from, it’s natural for him to feel like he deserves to be playing more. Whether or not you agree with Israeli’s political legitimacy, Omri still feels the burden of an entire country looking up to him and expecting great things. He’s not expressing his discontent for his own sake; he wants to make his country back home proud.
    Also, regarding the comments about Omri not having a country, it’s low to bring political feelings into a debate about basketball. Omri is not the Prime Minister of Israel nor a general in the Israeli army. He does not affect Israeli foreign policy. He’s a guy that loves basketball and also just so happens to have been born in a country that you, personally, find disagreeable. Go ahead and rip on his game if you want (although I think you’ll find that difficult considering his consistent numbers); but leave politics out of it.

  11. ian says:

    go out and go to spurs. i am pretty sure spurs will try to get you this summer because they need small forward and more importantly they need to add more young players to bulid in.

  12. FNF25 says:

    it took kobe bryant 11 seasons to ask for a trade…count out the good years.,.it took him 5 seasons of loosing…one of the toughest players to hate loosing eveeerrr…and this guy comes along and asks for one from his scnd year?? this dude can not play defense for the life of him..the only thing he can do is shoot now tell me why the hell would coach paul be all exsited on playing him over playrs like marcus thorton who is killing right now… matter where he goes he will still be on the bench…you can send him to clevland and Alonzo Gee will still take his place…
    i hate it when players start thiking there MJ from one good season..if derrick rose had that menatlity last year he wouldnt be a Bull this year…so someone shut this guy up cause this is the NBA No Boys Allowed..and he’s making it look bad…so yeah tell this guy to go back to his country…oh wait they dnt have one!

  13. Texifornia says:

    What the? How are you guys calling him a cry baby. He went from a starter to a bench warmer. If you people have any knowledge of basketball players then you would know that it’s very tough to go through that. And the worse part of his situation is that he’s sitting on the bench for a team that’s far from the playoffs and knowing he would probably get a good minutes on a WINNING team. He should leave, them kings are WORTHLESS!

  14. darko says:

    he’d be a good fit with the wizards, add some scrapiness as a stretch 4, capable of defending the 3 or 4

  15. Jorge says:

    Pfff this guy has been playing heavy minutes for a season and a half and now wants out of one of the better teams for him to play? The kings need a good SF, and his hustle is always welcome, but what a cry-baby! Truly disappointing behavior. I think it’s better for him to go then.

  16. Eugene says:

    Well, the guy is a benchwarmer on the worst team in the league…..what makes him think that he will be able to play anywhere else in the NBA? Yeah, best of luck Omri, go back to Rehovot and play for your village….

  17. cm0n86 says:

    i thought my english was bad, lol.. did you at least read what he wrote in the end? the coach is expermenting, and if a player thinks that he has no future in the line-up than he has all the reason to at least think of a trade.. it’s better to demand for a trade now than to be traded later where you have no future..

  18. Sammy says:

    Who gives a damn about the kings anyway???

  19. Prime Time says:

    This hardly seems noteworthy, he gets 25 minutes a game. A 6-9 forward who can score 10 points and grab 4 boards a game doesn’t seem like anything special to me. If he cant accept that he isnt good enough to start, either shut up and practice harder or go play back home.

  20. MonK3y says:

    I can’t see him get into a starting line up anywhere else, or maybe for a inferior team, which isn’t that attractive.

  21. best of luck omri. whatever decisions you may have, i know god has a plan. behatslaka

  22. Syed says:

    WTF!!! now benchwarmers are trying to leave their teams???? this guy peaked last year he wants the ball in his hand and he isn’t even a star player or anywhere close to that. should go back to the non-existence country where he came from

    • BLM73 says:

      Tell me about it, and I’m a die-hard Kings fan. Seriously? A benchwarmer is asking for a Trade because he loves the game so much he can’t stand to be on an NBA team where he’s not a starter? Doesn’t sound like he loves the game to me, if he did he would ‘bring it’ every single day in practice and fight for a position in the Kings VERY much undetermined line-up. Instead, he’s actually going to cry to the press about how his love for the game is so great that he can’t possibly sit on the bench. Ridiculous.

    • LIO says:

      maybe you want some israeli to kick your butt

    • niv says:

      “non existence country”? this country (israel) has team that calld maccbi tel aviv, this teame this year going to the final four so next time think before you write.

      • tata says:

        I think what he meant were that the country’s borders are not set.

      • F.S says:

        non-existence country….thats just racist…why some Americans are like that is beyond me…
        Americans thinks they are the best at everything…they are so afraid of aliens…
        but seriously…as great as America is…
        your education system produces people like Miss South Carolina 2007….
        dont be too proud…

    • marshall says:

      Pretty idiotic to claim a guy peaked in his rookie season in and slam because “he isn’t even a star” by year two. Hate Israelis much?

      He averaged over 10 pts in 25 min a game last year, almost 9 in 24 this year. There’s a difference between benchwarmer and role player, and it is understandably hard to go from starting to getting DNPs.

      • Kingsfan says:

        Agreed Marshall. I think Caspi is the Kings best 3 and should have more minutes. He brings a lot of value and will be values by many teams. And just to make sure I can read properly, I dont think he was asking to “start” I think he was asking to actually see the floor. 2nd year player doing extremely well for the minutes he’s played. To say that he’s peaked? You all remember Peja right? Came in hit couple 3’s and thats it. It took him 5 seasons to put up all star numbers.

  23. DBD30 says:

    and dorell!!!!!!!! think of what that lineup would look like…

  24. prix says:

    He has a valid point of leaving..If you cant play…what’s the point of being a basketball player..Money isn’t everything… the Love of the Game that Matters…MJ taught us that during his Wizard days…best of luck!

    • Sosay says:

      yeah, but contractual agreements matter too…… hopefully he can find an out. i was thinking about stephen jackson the other day. at the time he demanded a trade he went to a good situation….. but now, like dang if he was on the warriors with seph, monta, and david lee, and with nellie now gone…. coulda been lethal… who knows? sometimes its maybe best to wait.