Surveying Sunday’s Wounded

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Watching Shaquille O’Neal hobble to the locker room Sunday had to scare the shamrocks out of Celtics fans worldwide.

His return had been talked about for weeks, particularly since that trade deadline move that sent Kendrick Perkins to Oklahoma City and left Shaq as the Celtics’ low-post savior for the playoffs. But now a strained calf has Celtics fans biting their nails, wondering when the Big Shamrock will be ready for action with the start of the playoffs just days away.

The calf strain O’Neal suffered has nothing to do with the Achilles injury that cost him the last two months, per Celtics coach Doc Rivers. Still, Rivers admitted that what went down Sunday was “scary,” and especially so for a team that’s already trying to get injured bigs (Jermaine O’Neal is back, Nenad Krstic is on the way) back into a groove.

How much longer with the Celtics be without Shaq? WEEI’s Paul Flannery says that’s just one of the questions the Celtics need answered this morning. Rivers tried:

“I don’t know, is the answer,” he said. “I don’t think very long honestly. That’s what [team doctor Brian] McKeon and [the medical staff] thought, that it’s very minor. Scary, more than anything. We’ll see.”

Will this affect your plans to play him if he can come back during the regular season?

“I don’t know what to do, honestly. My inclination is not because he needs to play and we have to play at full tilt in six games, so I don’t know the answer yet.”

Celtics fans weren’t the only ones gasping in horror over the weekend.

Lakers fans had a scare of their own when the linchpins to the low-post advantage that’s helped power them to back-to-back titles, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum, both went down with knee injuries in their loss to the Nuggets.

Bynum didn’t finish the game, he was held out for precautionary reasons after aggravating the sore right knee he had surgically repaired last July. Gasol did finish the game after tweaking his left knee, but he’ll have an MRI today to determine the extent of the damage.

More on both of the Lakers’ big men from the Los Angeles Times:

Bynum left quietly with 7 minutes 15 seconds to play after [Lamar] Odom fell into him after missing a shot.

“I’m all right,” said Bynum, who didn’t re-enter the game despite telling Coach Phil Jackson he could play. “I think they were a little concerned.”

Bynum finished with eight points and 16 rebounds.

Gasol’s injury was more pronounced after a hard but clean foul by Denver center Nene early in the third quarter.

Gasol stayed down for a minute after his right knee bent back during an off-balance landing. He shot a free throw, remained on the court for a minute and went to the locker room. He reentered the game a few minutes later and finished with 16 points and 12 rebounds.

“It allowed me to keep playing, so hopefully it will be nothing,” Gasol said. “There’s some swelling in there.”

If nothing else, Sunday should serve as a reminder to us all just how delicate the balance of power can be when injuries are factored into the mix this close to the playoffs.

The title hopes for both the Celtics and Lakers change dramatically with any long-term bad news involving the men mentioned above. The Lakers couldn’t hold off the Nuggets inside without Bynum and with a somewhat-hobbled Gasol.

One injury to the wrong player changes everything in an instant.

When Chris Paul crumpled to the floor in the second quarter against the Pacers and clutched his knee, all of New Orleans felt it. Luckily, Paul was fine and the Hornets went on to win that game.

But the injury scare was very real, even only for a few minutes, same as it is everywhere else when the wrong player goes down!


  1. drick says:


  2. drick says:

    Guyz if CELTICS and LAKERS in the finals how lucky the lakers are,,without PERK in the celtics i think it’s a replay of last year’s finals..honestly guyz am not afraid of the BULLS in the EAST finals as a HEAT fan but as what the celtics are playing right now and w/out PERK and SHAQ i think the BULLS are the last step for the MIAMI’s success to the finals…

  3. #1 kincl fan says:

    celtics have made many mistakes this season therefore not goin to the nba finals.

    they will lose in the 2nd round, possibly 1st round.

    • SMOOVE says:

      you hearing yourself? are you saying that the Celtics are going to lose to the Sixers? Please, son. Watch basketball.

  4. Jon says:

    @Prix As predicted… Joakim Noah is out for 3 games with an injury. There is no possible way now that the Bulls can make it to the Finals. NOW for your NEW and TRULY GREAT CHAMPIONS… The New Orleans Hornets!!!

  5. SMOOVE says:

    Lakers-Celtics in the Finals. Period.

  6. Afshin Barani says:

    @Just a word,Stop hatin

  7. ramz the great says:

    kobe still doing good…and the 2 bad boys is there(Ron2 and barnes) lakers is the champ..

  8. Madman says:

    Lakers 3peat

  9. Just a word says:

    I hate to say this but it seems all year the Heat score the 3 to**%$s score 80 the rest of the team 20.
    In 1 game wade and Fairy boy scored 80 the rest of the team 18
    going to the playoffs cant happen
    As I was always told ” a champion TEAM always beats a TEAM of champions”
    In 7 games I rate the heat 15% chance
    I like Wade he is a champ. But while Fairy boy is there So sorry dwade no championship

  10. No NBA TEAM says:

    NOW THE 2011 Champs, of the

    Portland Tail Blazers. NOW write about that. So of you are like kids, You read and then write bad stuff about others. Why? You feel like a man or women now? I’m happy for you, NOW WRITE ABOT THIS, I bet I can make you do what I say and write ban about what I say!

  11. than says:


  12. JAY E says:

    GO C’s ….!!

    Adik Lakers bulok…!!

  13. ramz the great says:

    i know the lakers will be fine…im to know who gonna face them in finals…peace all

  14. lafan12 says:

    lakers and bulls finals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Lapinnoir says:

    well at least our fans have poise 🙂

  16. frank20 says:

    As long as LA had a home court advantage in the first round playoffs and a healthy line up,they are hard to eliminate and will claim WCF title again..

  17. T DOG says:

    c’mon man Game 7 in LA last year i believe was deffintly one sided. I mean the Celtics could not get a foul to save their life. It was probably the worst officated game I have ever seen the celtics play. The Boston Celtics will be fine without Shaq and will make it to the NBA Finals either with him or without him. If we have him I say it will be that much easier to win some of those series. I can’t see the Celtics not winning the Championship this year. Just to think of all they went through this whole year with the injuries, the new people, no practices and with last years loss that makes them that much hungier. I know some of you may of heard this before. But I honestly think of Kenderick Perkins was thier last year, as one sided as that game was the celtics would of won. You never even know they could’ve might have made a come back in game 6 after being down 15 20 pts in the first half.

  18. Joe Casc says:

    ok i read a few of your comments….then i had enough…the Bulls are the NBA’s next dynasty! they are young, hungry, and actually play together as a team like they have been together ten years already. no one can match Noah’s energy…no one. Boozer is the all star post player we’ve been missing the past few years. Deng is one of the best shooters in the league and is now healthy and playing with confidence. Gibson should win 6th man award. Korver and Brewer are deadly off the bench. Bogans now knows his role. Asik hammers opposing centers including Dwight Howard. Kurt is the veteran who knows how to handle himself, and of course, Dr. Bull, Derrick Rose, has risen to become the best player in the league! Yes i said it…the best. His will to win is not matched by anyone, including Kobe. Miami wont win anything. LeBron n Bosh went there to hang out, not win. Boston is retired. Lakers are spent. Knicks dont have enough and neither does anyone else. Forget the Spurs and Mavs they have had their chances. The Thunder is the only team that can maybe win a game or two in the Finals. Other than that, Bulls will win more titles this decade than they did in the 90’s. Their front office knows how to put together a team, and a coaching staff may i add. Thibodeau is a genious! Relentless. Just like his team. No one will beat them in a seven game series. They might even make a run at the 72-10 record set by the 96-97 Bulls. If you actually watch them play every game, you would agree. For all u little kids out there, i’m not getting cocky, i dont talk smack. specially over a cpu. I dont care what u have to say. U will c very soon. Bulls are back babay!!!

  19. Realist says:


    LAKERS 2011 CHAMPS forget about the Big 3 LA LAKE SHOW WE BOUT TO 3 PEAT

  20. chankito says:

    LA won’t fold… 🙂

    NYK will be the team to beat..LOLZ

    Just look at how Denver is playing without ‘Melo…great, solid team play…I AM NOT SAYING DENVER WILL GET FAR this postseason…it’s just that you can see how much potential is not shown and kept hidden in DEN while ‘Melo was there… 🙂

    Am I a ‘Melo hater? Not really. But just look at DEN’s synergy right now.

  21. philippines says:

    Lakers will surely finish all their opponents in the playoff..!! and that’s all

  22. D.Rose fan says:

    ummm are you mentally retarded?
    the bulls are a team LA has beat up on time and time again?
    for your information this season they have only played twice and the series is tied at 1-1
    thats not many times the lakers have “beat up on” the bulls..

    you’re just crying cause the bulls took your number 1 seed from you and now your fighting for scraps with miami.
    Chicago has a way better chance of going head on with any team compared to the chance that Boston does

  23. celts says:

    celtics are goin to the finals and soo are the lakers soo every1 get off ur high horse… we all know what happens when the playoffs start!!!! lakers and celtics turn it up more than any other team can possibly do…..CELTICS

  24. Lakers says:

    By the way! In case you haven’t noticed, I can’t stand Miami Heat fans! I’ll say it outright!

  25. Bulls-Lakers says:


  26. Bulls-Lakers says:

    Man, all this Celtics-Lakers FInals is getting boring. But It will soon be over, very soon. Until then, I can watch 1…..maybe 2 more Celtics Lakers games without going insane and smashing somebody on the head at the BORING Finals. I mean, it was good in 2008, and even in 2010 (LAKERS). but seeing that matchup 3 out of the last 4 years is TOO DAMN MUCH. in the end, I say Bulls-Lakers, cause Celtics lost their size advantage over Chicago, so Chicago will win that in 6 or 7. Lakers will have a tough match in the second and third round, and could get knocked out, but for ya’ll STUPID benefit, I’ll say they g through to the Finals. See, now that would be a FINALS of two teams that sure as HELL deserve it, and would make a GREAT SERIES, as they are equal

  27. Lakers says:

    These Miami Heat fans are a bunch of bandwaggoners. They didn’t know the team existed before this year. And they talk a bunch of trash with NOTHING to back it up yet. Unbelievably pathetic! Did any of you Heat fans give a damn before the addition on James and Bosh? Bandwaggoners!!!!! LMFAO!

    • Law064 says:

      @Lakers very very true…. Let’s grab miami nuts they’ll win this year. Bandwagon hoppers my man 85% of the heat fans are just band wagon hoppers.

  28. Lite Saint says:

    Very true…injuries to a aparticular player (Star player) are the very reason a team can be blown away anytime…so maybe coaches must see to it that a bench player can come out for the better if that occur. It’s a clear indication that coaches and trainers must encourage their bench player to train hard because if injuries happen that’s their cue to become a STAR (Maybe?! that’s a probability)…

  29. Alejandro Perez says:

    Good luck to the Diesel…

  30. Alejandro Perez says:

    For that type of injury at lease 2 to 3 weeks of therapy. Shack weights over 300 pounds, I thing it was too soon for him to play…

  31. Croakus says:

    Shaq did what he was suppose to do milk the organizations of dellusional dreams of championships rings and throphies.
    Then get out and laugh all the way to the bank!!!Dummies

  32. TheQUick says:

    Lets just wait for the PLAYOFFS,,, if the HEAT survived the first round they will the CHAMPS this year,,, all they need is to survived the first round,,, GO LEBRON the TRUE MVP this year,,,

    • Law064 says:

      @Thequick Are you serious, the heat just have to survive the 1st round LMAO you my friend have lost your mind. I guess after the 1st round it get’s easier.

  33. WG says:

    Celtics Are done this Season. They inked their own elimantion when they traded Kendrick perkins. No chance the Celtics can get it done with the aging Shaq and J’Oneal. . The GM should be drug tested for making that trade!!!!!!

  34. C's2011 says:

    now really, the only team that can beat the lakers, is the celtics, no one esle. Rondo and Paul give the Lakers a lot of match up problem. And Paul loves playing in LA. Miami is not going to do anything, Chicago is the Utah Jazz of the EAST, a team the Lakers beat up on time and time again. Celtics and Lakers in the Finals.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      true this. and the only team in the west that can win a 7 game series against the Celtics is the Lakers. period.Every other team will be done in 4 or 5.

  35. mulu says:

    if caron butler didnt get injured LA would be in 3-4 place in the west..
    . if lebron didnt get injured heat wouldnt have lost their 2-3 game lead in the conference

    EAST playoffs is going to be very interesting ..
    WEST also
    this years playoffs is going to be sick .
    right now i cant tell whos making it all the teams in right now can make upsets ..the nba is going to be making ALOT of money forr the playoofs
    if la and miami meet in the playoffs holey this will be the most watched nba series and sports playoff series of alltime

    GOO HEAT !

  36. dom says:

    Im “hoping” Miami will win. I seriously hate the lakers but man, i wouldn’t be surprised if they won. Phil is simply the man

  37. Netsss says:

    Nets will win it all next year.

  38. activeeeeeeee says:

    Just remember. two days ago i said watch out for the nuggets.
    and look what happened yesterday. WE ARE A TEAM. we will
    do good

  39. Pagiho says:

    WOW r u all serious
    imma call it rite now BOSTON VS. LA IN THE FINALS

  40. LA4eva! says:

    Hey Prix!
    If you think thats the case, wont it SUCK to think that your team is only in the championship because of injuries?! Yea it will! And yea it would suck to think that if only we didnt have injuries we would be winning the championship again! But im pretty sure were fine so guess what were gonna win again! Enjoy!

  41. Ball101 says:

    The Celtics are not going anywhere in the playoffs. When they traded Perkins they also traded their only chances to get to the finals. They lost their low post defender and everyone knows what happened last time that happened. The boston celtics are going to be undersized against most teams in the playoffs and thats the reason they wont make it as far as previous years.

  42. sphinx says:

    if Michael Jordan had both Bynum & Gasol then lost one of the 2 just before the playoffs, he’d still win a title despite the loss of a key player. Kobe, on the otherhand, is so spoiled with the 2 bigs that he can’t win without them both…that’s how special MJ was. Losing an Allstar center or power forward wouldn’t matter to the master ‘air Jordan’ when it’s playoff time!.

  43. Prue says:

    Anyone who thinks the Lakers have an Easy Road to the finals this year needs to pay a little more attention to the West Coast. Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, Portland, OKC are all legit threats. Not saying the Lakers don’t get there, but this year more so than the past 3 years, would be the toughest run at it. Denver delt with LA in LA the other night, Portland has delt with TX (only team to 3-1 the Spurs), and Dallas can get it going same with OKC. I see a lot of late game series in the west, whenever that happens, upsets have a chance to occur. LA will end up with Memphis or NO first round and I don’t see that being a sweep-series for LA, let along round 2 or WCF…long road to the finals and a lot of emerging/hungry teams out west….

  44. DWade says:

    It’s funny how there’s an injury excuse article for Lakers and Celtics, but for the Spurs, it’s “their defense has been in decline”, instead of pointing out how they’ve had several injuries immediately at the start of, and during the month of “decline”.

  45. Ckelz23 says:

    The Miami heat are a joke, they play the most selfish basketball I have ever seen its basically how many points can their big three score and then if there is time lets maybe get another guy involved, they have the worst surrounding cast around their team too they are all washed up and dead end players besides their three main stars, there is no way when they face a complete team they will over power them, its gonna be bulls or celtics in the east no one else plays hard enough to get to the finals in the eastern conference, I would even go with the magic before the heat because of experience and they have mad three point shooters who can really open a game up in clutch situations, but i think the heat are just for show not a real team.

  46. HEAT2BEAT says:

    It’s nice to see Lakers & Boston fans always debating how their two teams will make it and be battling it out once again. LOL…you fail to realize that there are actually teams that can beat th Lakers & Boston with the right attitude and coaching. Boston right now? not looking good. I hope they get Shaq soon cuz they don’t look like they getting past the 2nd round. You all down playing the Heat? I know it’s mainly because a lot of you would love to see LeBron fail. Hmm well guess what. It may be hard for them to win a ring this year, and as far as i’m concerned their only true competition in the playoffs will be Bulls!!! However, next year while your aging Boston stars will be looking to get it together again? It will be Chicago, Miami & New York leading the pack. Both LeBron & D-Wade are proven playoff players and they turn it up then, so I have no confidence that whoever they meet in the playoffs will have a war on their hands. Chicago is more than capable of making it to the finals but like John said, Rose can’t do it all.

    Now let me go out to the West – Laker’s are playing some really good ball right now and I must admit that they look like the team coming out the West especially since the Spurs have slowed down, and they have beaten the Mavs which maybe the only other team that could touch them.It’s easy to beat Lakers at one game during the regular season, but it takes a real team to win a series against them and it’s mainly because of Kobe. If Thunder can get past a red hot Denver squad with boasting confidence then they might have a legit chance at hitting the West Finals. If Perkins can fit and Ibaka can step up, I’m ready to see another 7 game series with the Lakers.

    On a serious not though…you guys need to look at the facts and quit watching your oh so beloved team for what they are….”your team” I love the HEAT, mainly Lebron n D-Wade but I know it isn’t farfetched for them tow in a title with the talent they have in Bosh, Lebron & Wade and especially since the supporting cast have been playing a lot better as of late.Boston has to grind out their wins with sub par teams.Garnett isn’t as fierce as he was before, Allen is a bit streaky as of late. Pierce is the only player who is consistent alongside Rondo. And to point something out, their wins against the Heat came when Ray went off and started shooting multiple 3s like there was no stopping. Let me see him do that in the playoffs with a better defensive Heat. Right now between the two the only team I see that will be representing their conference is the Lakers, the East is a toss up. You can take that to the bank and deposit it.

  47. Ckelz23 says:

    I feel that boston will win, they turn it on when it comes playoff time i think even without shaq they are good, Garnett is the big man they cant afford to lose. they did terrible at the end of the season last year and ended up a 4th seed in the east and still got to the finals, which they should have won, but they played a terrible fourth quarter and gave up a 13 point lead so. I think they will make up for that loss and win it this year, if they had won no one would be sitting here talking crap against them like everyone is.

  48. Tholepin says:

    I don’t think either LA or Boston is going to the final this year. Certainly LA has a better chance than Boston probably. But I tend to think Chicago will come out of the East, and maybe teh Spurs, Dallas or OKC in the West. Don’t get me wrong. Big time faith in Kobe, but I just think they are spending their energy a bit too much at the end of the season. I think they lose in the Western Final to, I don’t know who. As for the East, because Boston blew the Conference lead, they are out in the Second Round to either Miami, Chicago or Orlando. Depends who they play first. If they play Miami first, they will win that round. If they play Orlando first they will win that round. But whenever they match up with Chicago, it’s over for them. And despite the fact Shak went down again, I think he’ll be a small, albeit un-deciding factor in the playoffs. In other words I think he’ll play. It makes sense he had a calf injury after putting no pressure on that leg for almost two and a half months. he needs to be eased in, a few minutes at a time, and maybe lose 20-25 lbs if he wants to play for any extended period. That’s what Jermaine O’Neal did. Actually Jermaine looked really good out there. He makes the Celtics better for sure. And don’t forget the big three are all there, and with Rondo back in form, who knows. They might even go three rounds. But I don’t see them making the finals. Boston is my team, but I’m a realistic fan.

  49. CMRobinson71 says:

    Ok, how’s this for the present: Kobe (yes Kobe without Shaq!) and the Lakers are right now, currently, STILL the NBA champions! That is a fact! And until someone knocks them out of playoffs this year, which could happen (Bulls, Miami, Spurs and OKC have all played well and have a shot), it will remain so. Also, Kobe and the Lakers have been to the NBA Finals three straight times within the last four years, winning back-to-back! Which hasn’t happened for any other team in the league since the Shaq and Kobe (yes, Kobe was involved and played a crucial role in those title runs!) era Lakers! This is also a fact! Anyone who disregards the Lakers legacy in the NBA is a fool! Those titles and Championships matter (Did you not see Jordan and Pippen at their own 20th anniversary celebration in Chicago?!). Kobe has build his legacy with his 15 plus years in the league as a Laker by hardwork, dedication and winning titles… just like Jordan, Russell, Duncan, Magic, Bird and all the other greats who spent the majority (if not all) of their careers on one team. And anyone who says that the Lakers bought their way into last years NBA title is an idiot! It’s disrespectful to the Celtics, who played a GREAT series btw, and being a fan of the NBA begs the question: Why would anyone watch any sport, let alone basketball if you really felt that the sport was that blatantly fixed?! Some crazy comments people!

  50. jesse ochoa says:


  51. FACTS says:

    Teams that can pull an upset.
    Portland Trailblazers (Injuries won’t stop them from taking off, Wesley Matthews is something to watch out for. Rudy Fernandez is the new Hedo Turkoglu)
    Denver Nuggets (Despite OKC Thunder is a powerhouse this season, I know they can outlast them, why I didn’t include Memphis Grizzlies cause I see San Antonio Spurs beating them.)

    New York Knicks (Whether it’s Celtics or Heat, they can prove that underdogs can win it all)
    Atlanta Hawks (They are the great closer so Orlando is in for a big trouble0

  52. DW says:

    Simply put. Any team can beat any team on any given day. To win out in a 7 game series is a whole other story.

    Miami is a long shot, but capable. It seems more likely to be Chicago or Boston.

    The west is a whole different world. LA is still the favorite for sure. Denver is coming alive at the right time, but again, beating LA in 7? It’s been a great season Spurs, but I don’t see it happening for you this year. Dallas is a definite maybe.

    Can’t wait for the playoffs to start to see how it all pans out! That’s all I know.

  53. bilatko says:

    shaQ is faking the injury again the fact of the matter is he is to tired to get back and forth off the court. he has no stamina, so he fake and injury to be replaced. heheheheheheh

  54. Gary says:

    @ Prix your the man. Look at all the upset LA fan comments just cause you threw out your opinion, calm down people it’s just a game LMAO.

  55. celtics will turn it up in the playoffs this yea just like the did last year…everybody doubted them last year vs orlando and cleveland…they shut everybody up and they got to game 7 with KG on 1 leg…this year he looks fully healthy and will hopefully take them all the wayyy..i miss perk though not gonna lie

  56. matt24 says:

    the nuggets sucks!!!!! once again the LAKERS will win the champinship eso te lo firmo pana!!!!

  57. You Are Idiot says:

    you all are idiot,cuz you’re answering to idiots !
    @prix : im not idiot !

  58. kardel says:

    Guys were talking about this present..not those 35damm titles..! is Kobe was there..? ask your self honestly..!that 3peat with Kobe.?I dont think so.! Shaq do all the jobs,thats why he is the MVP..!and Lakers are gone in 2003 to 2008,dont forget that., they need to trade back Fisher, trade Gasul and Artest to have there titles back.!
    Come on..!now you go back and recall..!

  59. SMOOVE says:

    Heat fans, please. Don’t get too excited. You still have Nenad Krstic to worry about..

  60. SpursDaBest!! says:

    its always bout boston and lakers. spurs underated still. keep hating its motavation for our team. just wait the NBA will be upset again cause we will steal the crown from Americas Team the whole country will be sad and mad Except the Lovely cty of San Antonio. Were gonna party like its 1999!!!!! you know the phrase Go Spurs Go!!!!

  61. will says:

    Prix have a valid point. The laker did buy out the ref’s last years. These idiot Lakers fans should take a close look at the final playoff game between the celtics when the called fouls on ray allen while kobe was taking shots without contact. Look at it if you can and stop being so one sided about the situation. The lakers were down and needed help and gotten it. It’s funny how the nba naver admit to certain things like that. It’s just a business. The miami heat will crush in the playoffs. Mark my words. I just don’t see how can any teem keep up with there tempo. This year’s been a fluke for them. I feel, they have been holding back then at times they should their real talent. Dum a$$e$ need to pay close attention to the games much more and use common sense.

  62. Jay says:

    I already know that people are going to hate on ‘JASON’ but hes speaking the truth, despite what you haters say the king will be crowned this year, all you laker nut huggers are scared to admit that kobe isnt what he used to be, injuries or age being the case it doesnt change anything, theres a reason he went to south beach and we’ll all soon see why

    • john says:


  63. icucimsoic says:

    TO: ketakobe24or8

    HAHA huh? The Lakers are a solid lock for the 1st round; however they are not the Intimidating Force they once were. PERIOD. I have always like Kobe, but lets be clear: Kobe can only carry them so far. Look at what the Thunder did last year; TOOK THE ALL OF THE AIR OUT OF The STAPLES Center, MORE THAN ONCE. Take a Lil Trip Down Memory Lane you Foolishly Ignorant Prik!

    If you can, make a clear case for CPT. & LT. CONVALESCENT (Mr. Jackson & Mr. Fisher) you call leaders. They will be ONE & DONE; Regardless the Seeding.

    Ignorance Truly Is Bliss, when the Band Waggon gets Movin’!

    B*#%H Please!

  64. Amplified says:

    @JASON: LBJ and DWADE are of the same skill set/play style (they penetrate not that much of a outside threat) unless LBJ learns not to travel in the post sure they can win some playoff games but they could not take it all away coz they got no bench. sorry man this is the truth! LOL

  65. CMRobinson71 says:

    Sorry, 33 titles, but still! 🙂

  66. CMRobinson71 says:

    WOW…. Really Prix? The Lakers and Celtics have 35 Championships between them over the past fifty years, with literally the greatest players (except Jordan and Hakeem of course) in NBA history lifted in their rafters, and share the greatest rivarly in ALL of sports next to baseball’s Yankee’s vs. Red Sox… and it’s all fake??? PLEASE! go back and “phone home” E.T.

  67. Jake says:

    The Spurs have scared the bejeebers out of me with their injury scares lately. Duncan, Ginobli, and Parker all missed time with injuries last week, and thank goodness they’re healthy now.

  68. JAKE says:

    @prix……. idiot!!! how do you know there’s a buy out of refs? are you one of the staffs in nba or some big fat @ss in these league?? open your eyes sucker…. you’re just another boston-laker hater….. go get some job you lazy blob… lakers-boston or bulls-spurs all the way to the finals!!!

  69. Menice says:

    @ prix
    don’t hate little man, surely Lakers and Boston are getting boring as you said but don’t hate if they are still the best and they still show up in the last 3 year’s Finals. Truly great teams? i ahte to say this but OKC is just starting and they are young but not yet great also with Blazers, all expected them to reach expectations when Roy came to Portland but until now they are still in search of their chemistry and bothered by injuries. I don’t even agree Miami can be considered great since they only have 1 ring in their franchise even with their team now I doubt them beating Boston or Chicago. But I agree with Chicago they have good role players and deep team but they still have to prove it to Boston.

    If u really want to know which are great teams they are the Spurs, Lakers, and Boston, they maybe old and some are injured but they are still playing and compared to young players they are not reckless and they play professionally like Kobe, he twisted his ankle but he still played I bet if it was anyone else they would rest for a game or a week.

    And I don’t blame you for having so much hate in your heart but remember Lakers or Boston one or even these two will go to the Finals.

  70. Jon says:

    @Prix reminds me of the little Jazz fan on the verge of tears and hugging his daddy after the Lakers’ 35 point turnaround in Utah. It’s just not fair isn’t it.

  71. cocaines a hell of a drug says:

    @ prix….your an idiot. i bet you believe kobe bryant is in the illuminati, obama is the anti-christ, and elvis is still alive. i wont take away from the other teams, theyre great, but dont try and discount the celtics and the lakers like that. 2 organizations that have more championship titles then you have brain cells.

  72. JASON says:


    • BeliSRB says:

      Both celtics and bulls show that they can be have more chance in one game rather in 7 g.s.

    • San Antonio Sam says:

      I honestly asked myself if LBJ, alias Princess Jamilla, alias Prince Narciso, alias Regular Season Player, can be stopped when the intensity picks up? He doesn’t have to be stopped. He has repeatedly shown that he is capable of stopping himself all by his little narcissistic lonesome. He has repeatedly stopped himself in the playoffs, and a number of times even during this regular season. Therefore, the answer is, nobody has to stop him, he will stop his old little gutless self. It takes the drive and the mindset of a true Champion to win Championships. Wade might have it, LeBron Pippen simply does not.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:




    • john says:


  73. Denise says:

    this isnt any indication of BOSTON OR THE LAKERS NOT REACHING THE FINALS. there are more games to be played BEFORE the playoffs begin. this could happen to any number of teams.

  74. john says:

    Lakers are not in deep trouble with injuries at all, the reason they played limited minutes against the nuggets was precautionary.

    This is just a sensationalist piece, other than the Celtics part.

  75. Sorry but it is gon to be the Lakers , but probably the Bulls…Those Jokes from Miami aint winning nothing. No inside game and Lepooper will choke agian in the playoffs.

  76. Art in CT says:

    I’d like to see Boston win if for no other reason then the fact they were beat by the refs more than the Lakers last time around.

    I’d like to see Chicago win because they need to climb out from under MJ’s shadow.

    I’d like to see Cleveland win so that LeBron has at least a twinge of regret (not gonna happen of COURSE, but I’d like to see it).

    Most of all, I’d like to see Miami lose because they said they were the “best team to ever play” before they even played a game.

    • Law064 says:

      @ Art in CT Argeed they were crowned instant champs without playing a single game. They will win 5 or 6 titles. They will beat the 72-10 record that the bulls hold. blah blah blah miami miami heat this heat that Lebron looks firece in training camp then they start 9-8 LMAO what a bust.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        MAN FORGET MIAMI…unless they trade ONE of the BIG THREE they arent getting no RINGS…they will be a playoff team every year no doubt, but NO RINGS…

        I’m not speaking out of hate either…

        THE PLAYOFFS are not just about STAR players, but the other four starters and bench/role players PITCHING IN!

        300M is on the payroll for just three guys, every year they will have to sign HAS-BEENS for the veteran minimum OR players WHO ARE WILLING to take paycuts and maybe one or two MID-LEVEL EXCEPTIONS

        Get rid of Bosh or James, and you can do what Denver did, get good pieces back in exchange for ONE GUY…

        THE ONLY WAY MIAMI CAN WIN IS IF THE BIG 3 EXPEND ALL OF THEIR ENERGY AND PUT UP GODLY NUMBERS, and that can happen in every game on every night, they would be too tired and shortening their careers in the process…

  77. jason says:

    you have no right to say that cuz ur just nothing

  78. blackmambalicious says:

    An injury to a wrong player can spell disaster. All that a team worked for, the whole series, goes out the window whenever you lose a key player. I hope every contender keeps their team healthy up to the last game. So we can witness a really great series. And the winner will deserve all the accolades.

  79. San Antonio Sam says:

    It would be extremely unfortunate if injuries deprives the League of the two best teams and allow the real fakes, the ones that are obviously not better than either the Lakers, or the Celtics, to gather up the scraps that have fallen off of the table. Were that to happen that whoever might luck out because of their absence, would always have to deal with the knowledge that they are there only because of the absence of the truly best in the League. They would be just another asterisc Champion, and everybody would know it. It is interesting how spiteful and intellectually-challenged supposed sports fans wish misfortune on others. Neither Boston, nor the Lakers have ever been fakers. You can’t fake 33 Titles! It is more likely, than not, that those calling these squads fakers, are fans of teams having zero Titles. Who are the real fakers?

    • john says:

      so if the bulls win this year it is because boston had injuries and lakers had injuries ? and if they win then it will somehow be tarnished because some of the players on other teams were not healthy ? if the bulls win the championship i hope they get any team they play in any series at their full strength . if we lose we lose but if we win people like you can stop talking . but if the bulls win against a team that is not full strengh that s out of their control . as i said before i am a huge bulls fan and think the bulls can beat anyone anywhere anytime with this being said if you are hoping for injurs to a team so yourteam can make it further in the playoffs then your team is crap plain and simple . i would never want to see any team i cheer for play a tem like the lakers without kobe , bynum , gasol , odom , artest etc. i want thefull roster that is how a team tests itself to see how they match upand i think the bulls mach up very well dont you ?

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • Poyser says:

        Wait so if the Blazers win the title it will be tarnished because of injuries to LA and Boston? Seriously!? After all the injuries they dealt with the last 2 seasons? I don’t think the Blazers will win the title, but you are just plain stupid. Injuries are a part of the game, the teams that can adapt to the injuries and still win are the ones that deserve a championship. Any team that makes the path to the Finals and wins deserve a title. Last year LA had an easy road to the Finals, but the Celtics made them really earn a championship. So you can’t say injuries will tarnish the value of the championship.

        P.S.- You sound like a retard when you type in all caps. Moron.

  80. Boston Lakers says:

    Even without those players I’m still with Boston vs. Lakers at the Finals. Lakers will win in game 7 again. 😀

  81. ezio says:

    bobo k pla prix anung matatalo ang lakers tanga malakas yan pre

    • Lakers3peaters says:

      ahahahaha… may tagalog pala d2!!! ayussss…. murhin mo pa ‘pre….
      LAKERS – CELTICS again!!!! WE HAVE FAITH LAKERS for Threepeat!!!!! The Zen retires with a big bang!!! hats off to all the Lakers bench/crew as well!! More rings to us all!!! nyahahaha…

  82. LOL says:

    What the hell, Stupid Miami fans are the first ones to comment. Shaq’s injury is not serious, and so is Gasol and Bynum, They could have played it out. So long for your bulls heat okc and blazers. I see another celtics lakers matchup.

  83. a says:

    Shut up you men!

  84. nuggets rock!! says:

    You left out the NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. joel says:

    the NBA is so lucky that Kobe can’t shoot clutch like he use 2 and I’m not making excuses it’s simply science…the ball clearly slips out his hand more, especially when he drives and trys to pull up, he doesn’t have that same grip…I seen this in the miami game when the ball just flew in the air, and i seen it last night when he got a lot of room off chandler and the ball didn’t even hit the rim. and the funny thing is with a finger injury, and a wear and tear knee, this guy can still put up 30 points a night 15 years in the league, that’s amazing.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      yea the hand split on his finger doesnt allow him to fully grip the ball…

      and i glad somebody recognizes Kobe for his greatness, for him to still play at a high level for all these years is AMAZING espically when his index finger has NO CARTILAGE AT ALL TO SUPPORT ITS PROPER FUNCTION IN SHOOTING A BASKETBALL!!!!!

  86. prix says:

    As predicted…Both the Lakers and Boston will not go to the finals this season..Now both teams are in deep trouble of injuries.. Both teams deserve a rest same with their hopes to the finals…now this is the Time for a new and trully great teams…BULLS-MIAMI..OKC and maybe the BLAZERS…how coud it be more exciting rather than watching old boring teams with all flops, complain controversies, superstar treatments DIRTY plays and buying out refs just to win like Boston and Lakers..THIS IS THE TIME OF A NEW TRUE CHAMPIONS!!! no fake!!!

    • prixaprik says:

      dude you’re delusional.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        lmfao i agree two folds!!!! this fool above us is a damn fool…

        Shaq is Boston’s problem, but look how well they have DONE WITHOUT HIM…

        AND LA, WE ARE HEALTHY…DONT WORRY ABOUT US HOMEBOY!!!! …two little ding ups, nothing major…


      • RIOT says:

        True! Refs help the Lakers win againts Celtics in game7 finals last year, I dont like cheaters and fixed games..too much Politics, thats why I dont like to see the Lakers and Celtics again in the finals..any team would do, prix have a point, who would love to see them again..CHEATERS!!!

    • jay says:

      @prix, a hater and don’t know how to play basketball. why not just enjoy than writing comments without validity…

      • crossover says:

        they hate prix to much…when all Boston fans think they can win championship with Kristic is ensane,it will just draw double teams and make open shots it opposing teams.w/o Perk and Nate and Shaq they’re dead. Lakers fans think that Kobe still play the same as the last two years. Look at him, his misses a lot of shots and moves slower, L.A win because they have Andrew, Pau and deep bench,. but I dont think that would be the case this playoffs, Thunders or Mavs or even the Spurs will beat them, Denver did and so MIAMI twice..for Boston mybe out in the 2nd round and the Bulls-Heat make sense!

    • lollllllll says:

      cm’on Blazers?? they wont reach anything (not this year). On the west will be dangerous OKC, Spurs, Nuggets (they’re hot) and maybe veteran teams as Mavs or LAL.
      On the East: Battle between BUlls and Heat, maybe Boston or Knics (it depends on their chemistry??)

    • ketakobe24or8 says:

      @ prix


    • Lakers in trouble? says:

      Bynum was held out for precautionary measures, to insure his health, in order to stay defensively strong and offensively efficient from April on. Gasol finished the game with only minor swelling. As a Lakers fan familiar with its big man injuries, I am not concerned. Bynum is on another planet right now and Gasol is always consistent. On top of that, didn’t the lakeshow win two rings the last two years with only the front court of basically only LO and Pau?

    • Tom says:

      wow kid shut up you sound mad dumb…i’m kind of insulted you watch basketball…lakers and boston fake teams…lol…lay off the haterade and try some orange juice or something

    • Prix is dumb says:

      man shut the hell up,whos gona stop the lakers…..dont hate cuz ur team sucks

    • CJ says:

      I don’t think Lakers have to worry about the injuries as both Bynum and Gasol seems to be fine. I am with you on the notion that Portland will do real good against Dallas but will fall once again against the Lakers.

      Lakers ALL THE WAY BABY!!

    • LAKER FAN says:

      @PRIX… I’m sorry that the Lakers and Celtic are so good, unfortunately you’ll have to wait for your favorite team to get better in effort to compete. Based on the reports 4/4, I don’t think that the minor knee injuries will keep Pao or Andrew out of the playoffs…or the Finals… check the injury report my friend.

    • Adam says:

      Prix, dont be sad that the Lakers will win again. Bothbig men are fine.

    • Kevin says:

      ^ troll.

      • Law064 says:

        @Everyone calling Prix a idiot your totally correct this dude has been huffing paint or something the dude is talking out his azz.

    • Prodigy says:

      @Prix: You’re a retard.

    • Pete BR says:

      Lakers with true injuries? Where my man? Where?

      Bynum’s healthier than ever, falling down on the floor in game happens, and 80% of the time it means nothing.
      Gasol managed to play the rest of the game, sure he felt that knee a little bit, but nothing that the end of the regular season can’t fix, plus it’s not a big problem since he doesn’t have history for a sore knee.

      The Celtics are fine man, Shaq will probably come back, like it or not, I’d say maybe in the 2nd round of the play-offs, but who knows, he might even come back in the last game of the regular season…who knows…

      Miami ain’t gonna win a championship, not with the Bulls playing the way they are, Miami is a three men team, Bulls is a full cast of good/great/experienced/star players. Hell, I highly doubt Miami will beat the Celtics in the play-offs, and they didn’t manage to beat ’em in the regular season, so don’t go around thinking the play-offs will be any easier against them ’cause that’s when they turn it up for real. (Same with the Lakers).

      Bulls is a title contender and I do think they have a chance to make it past the Celtics, or not it’s a tough call, but Miami is not winning a championship, get that kind of thought out of your head my dude (and look, I root for them Heat, It’s a family tradition) .

      Blazers will most likely get past Dallas, mainly because of their play offs fail history, but not the Lakers, why? They have Phil Jackson, who is the best coach the history has seen (and you know it), he’s aslo the best coach for a 7 game series, Kobe Bryant will be playing like a freeaking rollercoaster monster in order to get that 6th ring and tie M.J, not only that but also end P.Jackson’s career with his 4th and last three-peat, and for that, the whole team will be focused and give it all they have.

      So… What I say to you is, don’t trip man…don’t trip..

      P.S: Doesn’t it just feel right to have Phil Jackson’s last season end with his fourth three-peat?

    • parfle says:


      your english hurts my brain……

    • knives says:

      TRUE CHAMPIONS??!!! As far as I know, the LAKERS are still the defending CHAMPIONS unless a new team wins this coming NBA Finals. BULLS? MIAMI? OKC? BLAZERS? What the hell?!! HAVE THEY WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS PAST 3 YEARS??!!! Don’t call a team a TRUE CHAMPS “unless” they dethrone the CURRENT CHAMPS!!! LA LAKERS!!!

    • Law064 says:

      When did the Celtic’s buy the refs?? Sounds like game 7 last year was bought by LA. Sorry my friend but I’m a huge Bulls fan and I live in Chicago but D. Rose can’t do everything. I can’t see the Bulls beating the Celtic’s in a series.. What great teams are you talking about? Heat OKC Bulls ? These teams are good not great teams. Heat are far from great, the bulls need another consistant scorer to help D. Rose. @Gary if Shaq went to Miami he was for sure to not win a ring. @Prix if the Celtic’s are not coming out of the east then who? Please don’t say Miami, the bulls are #1 but in the playoffs they’re going to need help for the MVP D.Rose. Shaq is hurt again no suprise I mean he’s played what like 20 games or less. The Celtic’s do need him but without him they’ve been ok so I think they’ll be fine. @Prix I totally agree that last year’s finals was the biggest fixed event ever how can you give a team over 20 ft in the 4th quarter alone vs like 17 ft for the Celtic’s all game. Nobody know who will go to the finals this year Stern has to figure out who he wants to win. I say Boston will come out the east and take the finals 2011 champs banner #18

      • john says:

        law are you crazy i am appauled that you live in chicago . i cannot believe that you do not think that the bulls can beat the celtics in a 7 game series . man if you love the bulls i am sorry that the fa base has become this watered down .i too live in chcago and completly believe that the bulls willbe representingthe eastern conference in the nba finals. oh and derek cn do everytin my man . what games have you been watching ? GO BULLS . DEREK ROSE 4 MVP !!!!! bulls vs. lakers or thunder dpending on west matchups .

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LAW you my man, but I cant agree on that comment about “GAME 7” being bought by the Lakers…

        But I def agree that the Celtics do not need Shaq, he hasnt done much to basically nothing for them all year and they have done JUST FINE without em, everyone is shooting career high avgs and their record is BETTER than the one they had last year (which ended in them going to the finals)

        I think the Bulls could stretch a CHI VS BOS series to 7 games though…who would win, man its too close to call, because it all depends on the play of the Bulls ROLE PLAYERS, gibson korver deng…they all have to be on their A game, no slipping against Boston

      • al respect the game says:

        @law064. – quit crying, thats exactly what happened in 2008 in game 2 when leon powe shot more free throws than teh entire laker team. at least ur comparing teams. in 08 finals it was one man shot more freethrows than the other whole team. common, lets stop crying. if boston had taken care of business, they would not have been in that situation. fair is fair.

    • cochise says:

      ur a loser u need a life 4real

      • Law064 says:

        @John man I love the bulls but it’s only Rose. Deng has been playin good but if your a real bulls fan you know Deng is inconsistant. Boozer well he’s soft as hell. I hope the bulls make it but I can’t see them getting past the Celtic’s. I have faith that they can get far but to get to the finals I can’t see it. Rose is the MVP and he will need more help from the rest of the team to make that happer. Rose for MVP for sure!!!!!!

      • Law064 says:

        @al respect the game how many times did the lakers go to the line in the 4th quarter in a game 7. I’m not crying that was last year and it’s done. 08 is done as well but game 6 in 08 was a blow out last year was really suspicious. Like D.Wade in 06 shooting more than 20 ft’s, he kept driving and kept getting the calls. so I can’t say fair is fair that was 2 years before and they were actually fouling Powe unlike last year. Sorry most of those calls were just bad can’t touch Kobe can’t put a hand in his face either. That was then this is now so let’s see if these playoffs are called “FAIR”@Lakers 2011-3peat I just think that the Lakers got a bunch of calls, they needed help Kobe 6-23 or whatever. Bottom line though LA won and that’s it. No matter if it was or was not a conspiracy they won and that’s it. I’m not the only person that feel it was some politics involved in that game 7. Let’s see who make it through this year and hopefully we’ll get another good series in the finals.

    • Max says:

      Anyone with common sense cannot count out the lakers and the celtics out of the finals yet. Lakers have won both championship with minor contribution coming from Bynum. off course if Gasol, is injured, ya then the lakers would be out but until then they are still the team to beat. The Celtics, had to deal without Shaq for the most part of the seasons but I still think their experience and team work can take them to the finals without Shaq but winning without a big men’s presence, I don’t think so.

    • 6nba5 says:

      you act as if this has been the match up for the last decade, its only been 3 yrs and to be honest with u, who wants to see any other team thats exciting besides the baby bulls, the heat have 3 players and even thats a boring team to watch. okc a boring team, watching durant chuck up 3 pointers all game, lakers vs boston , boston vs lakers match up again

    • Jon says:

      ^^ This guy knows zero about basketball.

    • U says:

      wt? no they arent done yet.

    • Dean says:

      At this point, I’d say you’re half right! Boston is probably not going to make…to much mo’ on Chicago’s side! But, the LAKERS are a different story! Not only will they make the Finals…they’ll claim another ring! BTW, I like your screen name…pretty much sums you up 😉

    • LAKERS-3-PEAT says:

      what are u smoking

    • Dskogs says:

      This guy. Haha. Truely good teams… Portland? The other 3 are decent, but adding portland just makes you look foolish. Lakers 3 peat against heat or bulls.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      There’s nothing fake about a back to back title dude. No matter what team.

    • PrixInsane says:

      @Prix haha! thats all I can say… You have nothing but an Empty Brain, Try to visit for you to get some updates. You dont know anything about the game. All you know is to say none sense. no more no less.

  87. Gary says:

    Shaq is done after this year. I know he wanted to get another ring but sorry man you should have went back to Miami.

    • Prodigy says:

      Done for the year? How about done FOREVER! He’s done after this year. What he promised Phoenix was all hot air and full of injury. What he promised Boston was all hot air and full of injury too. No team is going to want to sign him after seeing what happend to him this season. He has proven time and time again that his simple presence on the floor means nothing anymore. He hurts and slows down a team more than he helps. I just dont see him playing past this season.

    • Dean says:

      The ONLY way Diesel was going to get another ring was in LA. Miami won’t make it past the second round…and they’ll be lucky if they get out of the first round!