Rodman Shouldn’t Be Surprised

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Dennis Rodman claims that his inclusion in the Naismith Hall of Fame’s Class of 2011 was a “big surprise.”

It shouldn’t be.

Rodman’s entry to the hallowed hall should not surprise anyone, including the colorful former two-time Defensive Player of the Year, five-time NBA champ and rebounding machine.

“It’s unreal,” Rodman said earlier today in Houston, where the announcement was made. “I looked at the way I am, and I thought I wouldn’t get in.”

The travesty would have been the voters keeping Rodman out for all of the same reasons.

You can knock Rodman for all of his antics, outlandish wardrobe stunts and anything else you take issue with. But the one, rock-solid factor working in his favor is the body of work he delivered during his illustrious career, 14-year career in the league.

This is a man that led the league in rebounds a staggering seven straight years, from 1991-92 to 1997-98 and did so with an average of 15 or more boards in each of those seasons. Rodman was also selected to the league’s All-Defensive team eight times and twice named All-NBA (3rd team after the 1992-92 season and 3rd team again after the 1994-95 season).

Not bad for a guy with a career scoring average of just 7.3 points.

Congrats go out to the rest of the class: former Dream Team member Chris Mullin, Stanford coach Tara VanDerveer, Tex Winter, innovator of the triangle offense, Philadelphia University’s Herb Magee, longtime NBA and ABA star Artis Gilmore, former Portland Trail Blazers center Arvydas Sabonis, Olympic gold medalist Teresa Edwards, Harlem Globetrotter Reece “Goose” Tatum and former Celtic Tom “Satch” Sanders.

But when that ceremony rolls around in August, it’ll be all eyes on Rodman from the hideout. And that’s not just because we expect him to dress in vintage “Worm” fashion for the affair. (Did you happen to see the giddy up he cooked up for today’s announcement? Classic!)

We’re just looking forward to seeing one of the truly great players the league has seen take his place alongside his peers.


  1. Law064 says:

    Congrats to the Worm Dennis Rodman. Us Chicago fans loved every moment you were playing with the bulls. We hated you as a Piston but nobody can deny that Rodmania was a great rebounder & defender. He shut down the likes of karl Malone,Shawn Kemp, even Shaq and big Alonzo. I have to give a big hand to the Worm.

  2. hyperDrew says:

    So maybe I was still too young to understand the game during Dennis Rodman’s prime, but boy did the amazing image his gameplay, husstle & antics stick to my mind as a kid, which later on influenced my own outlook as a player. His amazing influence even inspired the lead character (bad boy image, personality, looks, jersey no. & all) of the famous Japanese cartoon/Anime series “Slam Dunk”, which I (& a lot of kids & even the young at heart) do love. This just shows the impact that ‘the Worm’ had not just on the game, however absurd some of his side antics may be. Congratulations to one of the best basketball players of all-time! A well-deserved award nevertheless. 🙂

  3. Movedere says:

    rodman was 6’7 but yet he managed to grab 15 rebounds a game and lead the league in rebounding for 7 years staright. dwight howard is much more bigger and he barley avg 12 rebounds a game ..that’s just crazy , rodman out rebounds some of the greatest centers..and he wasn’t even half their size..and people got the nerve to say jordan won all those championships by himself ..this man never gets the credit that he deserves.

    • Sosay says:

      true homie, but he’s kinda getting the credit now. he just got his jerz retired and is going to the hall of fame.

  4. jp says:

    Congrats Dennis. He sounds a lot like Ron Artest

  5. Baguma says:

    Today’s ball hogs should learn a thing or two from the worm.

  6. native coach says:

    the bulls and pistons were fortunate to have rodman the worm defender and reboundin machine……all he did was the dirty work and didn’t care about himself and points he scored….team playa and wanted to win!!

  7. kizzy k says:

    man, Dennis Rodman use to shut shaq down to 2-4, maybe 6 points a night. and this is when shaq was in his prime.
    Dennis Rodman pave the way for guys like ron artest to be considered defensive players of the year!

  8. TheMattyLee says:

    It’s great to see Rodman honored this way. Defensive players tend not to get the recognition they should, as there aren’t as many tallies on the stats sheet for solid defensive play, but it is every bit as important as the rest of the game.

    Congrats Worm!

  9. Sosay says:

    you know im just gonna go ahead and say that the bulls should retire rodmans number 91. he played a major part in helping them win 3 championships, and its not like anyone else wants to wear 91.

  10. Jay says:

    I have to admit i give the people above me props, reading this i thought everyone would be down here hating on rodman for his ‘oddness’ i have to admit he is really weird but thats probably what makes him an extremely good ball player, he knew exactly what he was good at and what he wasnt and taught himself do rebound and play defense like a machine, big ups rodman glad to see you get recognized

  11. Spinshooter says:

    Dennis is one of the great players who ever played the game. He influenced the game not by scoring, but by rebounding and playing tough, hard-nosed defense. Nobody in the NBA today does the same as what Dennis did in the 90’s, which is to be a superstar role player co-existing and playing alongside Thomas, Dumars, Jordan and Pippen. Artest tried to be Dennis but was never quite close. Dennis is in a league of his own, the best defender and rebounder that has ever lived. Kudos to Dennis, he truly deserves to be a hall of famer.

  12. prixidiot says:

    @prix he’s an idiot!

  13. pureshooter says:

    Dinnis is just a legend. He should have been inducted long time ago. Full of respect to him.

    • shooterpure says:

      Dinnas Redmon is a leg end!!!

      • shoopureter says:

        yo shooterpure, dont diss my man, pureshooter!! if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all! its mean, and its not needed, and in this day and age, there is too many people like you, hatin on the little guys, so just stop you insensitive pig!

  14. Sosay says:

    man guys…… who’s going to induct rodman?!
    my tope 5
    hulk hogan
    jean claude van damne
    eddie vedder
    michael jordan
    john salley gets honorable mention……. maybe he’ll roll in on a motorcycle like ll cool j did that one year in the vma’s. this is gonna be rad!

  15. CLYDE says:

    When you think of Dennis Rodman you have to imagine what’s out in space because he’s really that good in so many different ways not normal in the nba. We haven’t seen his style of playing before or after he has left the game of basketball and i don’t think we ever will,so when you look to the star at night maybe by chance you will see something that will catch your eyes like the worm did. Thanks to the worm we look for the unexpected in basketball now and God bless him and his family for always

  16. Numbskullian says:

    When it comes to who gets into the Hall Of Fame, MOST of the great players get in. Somtimes though, politics dictate who gets in. NOT THIS TIME!! Dennis Rodman was not politically correct and I am so glad to see that the NBA has clearly done the right thing by inducting Rodman into the Hall Of Fame. I mean, this guy was the top rebounder for SEVEN YEARS STRAIGHT in a league that included players like Olajuwon, Ewing, and Robinson, and not to mention Malone and Barkley!! INCREDIBLE!!!

    • Frank says:

      I don’t think the NBA is responsible for inducting people into the Hall. It’s some mysterious, secretive committee that does it.

  17. Gary says:

    Sabonis was one of my favorites; Glad he’s getting in.

  18. Sosay says:

    so awesome

  19. fernando says:


  20. jc says:

    he is small as a defender and a rebounder but amazingly effective…he deserve to be a hall of famer…i miss the the worm..mj and scottie…oh those were the days…

  21. Boltzz916 says:

    Rodman has always been one of my favorite players in the 90s

    The guy works hard, does his job, entertains fans, and wins championships.

    He’s truly an individual. In my eyes, he’s always an honest guy, down to earth, emotional, generous, and a winner.

    Everyone have different lifestyle, and maybe his lifestyle if different than most of us with the partying and fashion, but we all know deep down, he’s a great person and great basketball player.

    Hall of Famer, well deserved.

  22. JC says:

    I’ve watched NBA basketball for over 30 years. Dennis Rodman is one of the best to ever play this game, at least that I’ve had the privilege to watch on tv and in person. He was frustratingly good, especially as a Nets fan. He always seemed to be able to get the ball before everybody else, disrupt offenses routinely, and his rebounding was ridiculous. He was ridiculously and annoyingly good. When he actually took a shot, he could hit them too. I haven’t seen a player like him since his heyday, probably never will.

  23. Zzanzabar says:

    The real question is when should a player’s off the court (field) history impact any accolades or awards that he (or she) have earned while playing ON the field. Players like Rose, Kobe, and Rodman brought considerable ‘baggage’ with them every time the stepped on the court (or in the court as with Kobe), but with the exception of Pete Rose, nothing they did off the court had anything to do with their sport or play, yet it is hard to argue that these incidents have played a part in their denial of various awards and/or admissions into their respective sports honors.

    Yes the line has to be drawn somewhere, no one is saying that molesters or other particular heinous offenses should result in the ostracizing of certain individuals, but non violent or ‘deviate’ behavior should never be used to bar someone because of a particular sports ‘image’, which happens more that anyone wants to admit. Kobe’s court and domestic problems should never have cost him one or two MVP’s, nor should Rodman’s cross-dressing and wild antics keep him out of the NBA hall of fame.

  24. Jaume says:

    If I could coach an imaginary all-time dream team, Rodman would be on it, just sixth man from the bench after Magic-Jordan-Bird-Barkley-Abdul Jabbar. The other six guys on the bench would be Isiah, Nash, Robertson, Petit, Duncan and Olajuwon

    • tata says:

      Bring your team to the park to play my team- Stockton, Kobe, LeBron, Duncan, and Shaq

      • native coach says:

        my team would take any team down….jordan, pippen, rodman, kukoc and purdue….haha and rose boozer noah etc….go bulls!!!!!!!!!! RODMAN hall of famous!! good job and great selection for a champion that always had his teams back!

  25. I love this game! says:

    He deserve to be hall of fame! who ever doubt they insecure what he achieve from his past career..Godspeed the WORM and ur the man dude!!!

  26. Clive Walt says:

    Regardless of all the worthy candidates due to be inducted, Dennis will steal the spotlight because no one really knows exactly what to expect from him. The Hall of Fame should probably present Dennis last…who would want to come behind whatever Dennis has in mind to do!!!

  27. Andre says:

    Maybe the best defensive player in the league. For sure the best in the past 25 years.

    Rodman play against Malone and Shawn Kemp in NBA Finals when Bulls got their second 3-peat was impressive. I always watch those series again and never get tired of seeing a Malone MVP playing like a common guy, an average post player, thanks to Rodman defense.

    He’s dirty, but it’s impossible to not respect Rodman as a player.

    • prix says:

      He definitely deserves it… He makes a team not only great but the best with the PISTON and BULLS..record breaking was under his feet…Great Man.. I salute you Dennis!