StatsCube: Heat Sacrifice ‘D’ for ‘O’

NEWARK, NJ — Things aren’t as bad as they’ve been in San Antonio, but the Miami Heat are having some defensive issues of their own.

The Heat currently rank fifth in the league defensively, but by far, March was their worst month on that end of the floor.

Heat efficiency by month (through Saturday, April 2)

Month Off. Eff. Rank Def. Eff. Rank
Oct-Nov. 107.1 7 99.6 5
December 111.3 2 95.5 2
January 107.4 8 103.4 10
February 108.1 8 101.0 7
March-April 111.9 1 105.6 14

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions
Def. Eff. = Points allowed per 100 possessions

The good news is that the Heat have been nearly unstoppable offensively over the last month. And that’s where head coach Erik Spoelstra says their focus has been.

“What we changed probably at the beginning of March is spending a little bit more time with our half-court execution,” Spoelstra said before his team faced the Nets on Sunday. “So the balance has been a little bit more on the offensive end. We had to address some things that we really needed to take a look at going into the playoffs.”

Still, Spoelstra knows that his team needs to get back to being a top-five defensive team.

“We understand if we want to go anywhere, we’ve got to defend,” he said. “We have to do it at the highest level.”

Unfortunately, the Heat don’t have many opportunities to test their defense before the playoffs begin. Their next three games are against New Jersey, Milwaukee and Charlotte, three teams in the bottom five of the league offensively.

Their one test will come next Sunday against Boston in a marquee matchup that could determine the two seed in the East and home-court advantage in a possible conference semifinals matchup. And Spoelstra is confident that we’ll see the real Heat defense then, and in the playoffs.

“I think our habits have been established,” he said. “Right now, we’ve really tried to develop a half-court game that’s ready for the playoffs. So we’ve spent a lot of time on that. But when it’s time, I really feel those habits and everything we’ve put in on that side of the floor will come into play.”


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  1. @ Miami Fans says:

    LET’S SEE…

  2. True Fans? says:

    You guys are just liking the Heats because Lebron and Bosh came over. Some of you say you are “die hard” Miami Heat fans but were you when Lebron and Bosh wasn’t on the Heat? Were you a “die hard” heat fan when Wade was injured and they had one of the NBA worst record of the season back in 09-10 season, i believe. You guys are just “bandwagoners”, following where the player(s) goes. Just like when Lebron was in Cleveland. Some people say they are “die hard” Cavs fan because Lebron was in it. Are they a “die hard” fan now when Lebron is gone? I highly doubt it. So please don’t say your a “die hard” fan of a team because in the end you will just go back on your words and not be that “die hard” fan you said you was.

  3. Playoff will fix all the "Criticisms" says:

    The Season does not really show anything. It’s just like earning a ticket to the playoffs/post season. The real challenge will be in the playoffs/post season. Even the team with the best record of the season can get eliminated in the playoffs easily by an 8th seed, just like back in 06-07 playoffs or 07-08 playoffs when the Mavericks, who had the best NBA record of the season, got eliminated 4-0 by the #8th seed Warriors. Or how about during the Lebron James Era with the Cavs, best nba record in the East and got eliminated by the #3rd seed Magics. The season is just like a “warm up” or a “ticket earning” for the post season/playoffs. The real challenges begins on April 17th 2011.

  4. True Fans? says:

    You guys are just liking the Heats because Lebron and Bosh came over. Some of you say you are “die hard” Miami Heat fans but were you when Lebron and Bosh wasn’t on the Heat? Were you a “die hard” heat fan when Wade was injured and they had one of the NBA worst record of the season back in 09-10 season, i believe. You guys are just “bandwagoners”, following where the player(s) goes. Just like when Lebron was in Cleveland. Some people say they are “die hard” Cavs fan because Lebron was in it. Are they a “die hard” fan now when Lebron is gone? I highly doubt it. So please don’t say your a “die hard” fan of a team because in the end you will just go back on your words and not be that “die hard” fan you said you was.

  5. True Heat Fan!! says:

    I never heard so many negative comments, smart remarks my whole life about the Heaet. I love my Miami Heat, I’m a ride or die fan for sure. People can talk all they want on who’s the best team in the NBA during the season and Chicago is the hottest team right now and D. Rose gets MVP…blah blah blah. Payoffs is where the true test are. I believe that all this talk about the Heat will be silenced once the Big Three shows the reason why they came together in Miami. I’ will be saying “WELCOME TO WADE COUNTY…….THIS IS MY HOUSE!!!!!”

  6. ROSE mvp says:

    CELTS AND BULLS EAST CONFERENCE FINALS!!! BULLS IN 5 AND LAKERS AND BULLS!! heat lose to sixers pacers or knicks first round!!

    • SMOOVE says:

      As much as I love D Rose, it’s just that it’s not his year right now. He can’t take the Celtics on by himself. I’m not discounting Booz but still. Celtics D is just too much. They’re too good defensively.

      • True Heat Fan!! says:

        I agree….I think Chicago is having a good run but when playoffs come I think they will fall apart. I wouldnt be surprise to see them struggle against Indiana and I would love to see them face Miami and shut up all those bulls fan saying they own Miami

  7. SMOOVE says:

    TheMattyLee can I get your autograph? Best thing I’ve heard in a long time.

  8. TheMattyLee says:

    Personally, I’m just sick of hearing about the Heat as if anyone really cared at this point. Yeah, yeah. I get it. They’re supposed to be the bad guys. I’m supposed to hate them. Blah blah blah. All this drama is mostly manufactured at this point. Does anyone outside of Cleveland REALLY care about the LeBron trade at this point? For that matter, does anyone IN Cleveland even care anymore?

    It’s like the WWF at this point (or whatever initials pro wrestling is going by these days).

    If Heat fans would stop getting SO defensive about every criticism aimed at their team and making excuses for everything, maybe we would stop disliking you so much. This wasn’t a negative article nor was it a positive one. It was an observation about a change in trends. Even the comments from so-called “Haters” weren’t especially critical. Yet every response was either “Everyone picks on us” or “Look how great we are”, neither of which applies. In fact, both of those responses show that you either did not read or did not understand the conversation concerning these numbers.

    Put on your daddy’s shoes and have some confidence (not arrogance) in your team. Then maybe you’ll be invited to the big kids table to discuss things like adults. Until then (in language you can understand), “LOLZ HATERZ!!!11!”

  9. RoL3x says:

    hahaha … c’mon guys ! let’s all just watch what happens in the playoffs … :))

    i hope the heat will win … even if they face good teams in the playoffs, i still believe in them !

  10. RP says:

    Let The Heat be a TEAM they want to be. We all know that they are in a good shape if they’re clicking offensively. Because they’re not really a defensive team but a GOOD OFFENSIVE TEAM.

  11. And ohh yeah how did the heat loose last week against the CLEVELAND CAVES ohh no true center or true bruzzer at power forward,Heat better win it this year or bust…..

  12. The bottom line on the Heat is if they dont win it all this year or next year putting those three guys together will be considered one of the biggest sports trade free agent signings bust in history,I hope they can win it ,remember OKC,BULLS,ORLANDO,and a few others will be better next year too,Good luck to all the playoff teams this year,

  13. WildSchatz says:

    Does anyone even read the article before they post on here? It does not say that they are giving up practicing on defense, like most of the Heat haters are posting. It merely states that they are giving a little more attention to their half-court offensive plays during practice (because that needs the most attention), and emphasizing those plays during the games. If the defense during this last stretch goes down a bit while they work on improving their offense, so be it. They are already locked in with regards to the playoffs, and they already know how to play great defense, so why not utilize this final week to practice and tweak the offense. Come playoff time, they will combine that potent defense with an improved offense (hopefully) and show people what playoff basketball is all about, Miami style. Hating is a result of jealously, which is basically wanting what someone else has….so hate on I say, hate on…We got it, you don’t. We will get it, and you won’t.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      Actually, the Heat Haters aren’t the ones posting that. It’s the “Sky is Falling Heat Fans” that are trying to defend against something that hasn’t even been said.

      Us Heat Haters are just worrying that you guys may have found a half court offense before Playoff time. 😉

  14. Michael J says:

    Every teams can go offensively. If you won’t defend, then both teams will just pour on points and numbers. They are number 1 offensively because of their talent and shooting abilities. But do they know defense? Offense is nothing without defense. that’s why teams like Lakers, San Antonio, and Boston are the favorites as title contenders. Anybody can turn on their shooting hype and go into berserk and barrage shooting. For someone who doesn’t know the importance of defense, you shouldn’t be playing basketball. It’s like letting your opponent throw bombs on your base while you throw yours to them

  15. moneymay says:

    oh and for all you funny people i meant half so save your lil comments or jokes there really not needed

  16. moneymay says:

    what’s funny to me is that have the people on here making comments prob don’t even know how to play basketball and figure because they read stats and watch the games they know what they are talking about bottom line quit talking and wait and see what happens in the playoffs the celtics and the heat both are in the playoffs and the better team take it. now yall say the celtics are better but the teams that they lost to the heat beat so who’s really better like i said shut up watch the playoff and after its all said and done you will have your answer.

  17. + + says:

    It does not matter if it will be with Knicks, Boston or Chicago every time the Heat are playing most of the time the “big 3” are playing their hearts out. It is only now that they are taking easy probably trying to work on the flaws that they have. But still they have the “big 3” playing big minutes (probably lack of good bench player) and come play off time push comes to shove that is why when pop see that he needs to rest duncan, ginobli and parker he do so and probably that is why kobe’s minutes are still at the minimum (or he is old as they say) and rivers done that before. All I am saying Heat’s “big 3” are already shoving when others are just pushing. Every game and every player counts in the playoffs and this brings different type of physicality. I know “big 3” or “big 2.5” can do the pushing and shoving lets just see if their team will be able to do that as well otherwise…

    • REALIST772 says:

      everyone will be shocked in the playoffs, if you look at a lot of these games the heat lost, they double digits lead,against utah, orlando, knicks twice against chicago, blowing teams out will not be hard because giving up leads is something i believe won’t happen in the plaoffs because it will count, they won’t get bored and this whole season has been a “process”, we’ve had point guards and center changes like no other team, wade and lebron are both unguardable regardless of what defense you put in front of them, flukes can happen in the regular season but you can’t get four fluke wins in a seven game series, ever;yone could clearly see wade and lebron’s chemistry has improved a lot this past month and no nba team can match miami’s fire power, this is ncaa the better team will come out on top

  18. buboy says:

    it’s funny how normal people who just watch nba games become critics, but when you put a ball in their hands and let them play one on one against the worst guy in the nba they wouldn’t even have half an chance to win. So why is that? this is the truth guys, the reason why you become critics is because YOU CANT PLAY THE GAME!you dont see how they see it you dont feel the way they feel it heck you guys dont even train like they do.NBA players are selected few, they wont get there if they are what you guys say they don’t act and pretend that you’ve got it all figured out when you don’t even know what you are talking about. This is basketball in the highest level and no matter what you say no one is going to believe you because you guys aren’t the one sweating out there and wearing an nba jersey.these guys are professionals they know what they are doing but also they are human like us they make mistakes so why is it a big deal when they come short of what people expect of them?in the end it is what it is. we expect them to win but also we know that they are going to big deal.

  19. REALIST772 says:

    celtics will lose to the sixers in the first round

    • Law064 says:

      @realst772 did they dunk after dunk last game they played Boston?? No Shaq no Perk so how can you figure that? Realst772 your really trippin. Last game vs the Celtic’s Paul Pierce had 1 point dude 0-10 shooting. The Celtic’s still won they been locking down on Wade all year and Lebron is not the same while facing a good defensive team. Boston plays team D not 1 on 1. You really are a fool if you think the sixers can beat Boston in the 1st round.

      • REALIST772 says:

        @law064 put it this way i may sound sound like a fool predicting sixers beating celtics but remember me when it happens lol and if you think wade will struggle in the playoffs like that then we both foolish, first game of the season for wade against the celtics was his first game back after missing the whole preseason, he was like 2 for 12 on another game but wade is #3 in scoring for a reason, the same wade that dropped 45 against a better celtics defense with perkins in the middle than both oneals, it’s easy to be fooled by regular season games, lebron hasnt struggled against boston this year, he dropped 38 first game, and arroyo really couldnt guard rondo, chalmers on the other hand is a pesky defender that will makke it harder on rondo, and the celtics depend on rondo to control the whole offense..the heat’s defense will have something to say in the playoffs too when it’s all ssaid and done

      • LAKER says:

        lebron is not the same when faced with real men

  20. REALIST772 says:

    the celtics no longer have a big man to protect the inside, that means dunks after dunks for wade and lebron,
    they are no longer a factor…the fact that they are talented enough to rank number one on defense and offense based on focus shows how scary they can be when they are clicking, we dictate our wins and losses not the other way around, it’s all about the heat that is why the whole world is tuned, and the world is hating because they are scared of what’s ahead, next six championship parade will be in miami, that’s why lebron changed his number lol

  21. SMOOVE says:

    Dear Miami,
    Talk about championships when you’ve beaten the Celtics. 3-0 is it. and 4-0 it shall be. Just like what will happen in the playoffs. Haha! Gone fishin’!

  22. To me it is funny that the heat won’t have as good of record than he did in Cleveland. Lakers win about 80-90% of games when they “really” want to win. I am sorry you heat fans I know you can’t understand that. But when you win 2 championships and going on a 3rd maybe you will understand that (but then again they never will so I guess you won’t ever understand). On Christmas they simply didn’t come out to play it was obvious. The 2nd time was a really good game! I just wish that (whether Lakers won or lost) the refs would have called the calls in the last 1:30 of the game. And don’t give me its just an excuse if you can still see the game it was obvious that the ball was on the rim and KB was fouled by D-Wade. It was funny they reviewed the play to see who was it off on, it was obviously off on KB because D-Wade ripped his arm off!! This doesn’t mean the Lakers would have won, I just wish the refs wouldn’t have ruined the end of the game! It is the “big 3’s” fault why they get so criticized. They were the ones dancing and saying they were going to win 5-7 championships!! So, quit saying everyone hates you!! I mean when you tell the rest of the league we are going to beat you well no wonder they aren’t going to like you!! DUH!!!!!!!

    • REALIST772 says:

      is it a crime to say what you believe, they predicted championships because that’s what they got together for..lebron didnt sacrifice popularity and his own team just to be closer to his friend, they plan on dominating the league by winning championships, regular season is experimenting.. you gotta go through adversity before becoming champs, and i strongly believe we went through way too much of it and that it will end up helping in the end, the lakers were red hot before playing the heat then ran into a brick wall, wade shut kobe down in the second quarter that’s why they won, last year’s championship can’t help the lakers this year lets be real, and what did the best record the past two years do for cleveland, they failed to make it in the finals, crunch you need people that will step up when the defense on just lebron, i think wade will remind yall of how clutch he is again, everyone has forgotten

  23. phileho says:

    In Miami, there are at least 500 true fans, the rest are wannabe fans. The ones who come out cause now they think they’re at the top. I’ve been with Wade since he got drafted out of Marquette. I was there when Miami won the Championship, and there when they had one of the worst records in NBA history. But getting Lebron was a bonus. And Bosh, a secondary. But realizing that they’re going to win a championship is foolish. They have the potential. But not the chemistry. Look at the Spurs, they’ve been together for more than 8-9 years. I’m not saying it’s going to take that long for the Heat to gain chemistry. But it’ll take at least a year of bonding, and a year of realization for them to win a championship.

    • Law064 says:

      @Phileho I have to say your a TRUE fan not a band wagon hopper like 85% of Miami fans. I love D. Wade he’s a monster and from my home town CHI. The heat don’t have enough to go all the way but they will in a few years but until they get a good bench/supporting cast they’ll be a 3 man team. 3 man teams can’t be a complete team in a series. Good luck to them but I don’t see them beating Boston or Chicago in a series. I think Orlando could beat them but Orlando plays like crap vs the Heat.

    • Fastbreak says:

      If you were a real Heat fan you would expect Miami to win, always. True fans don’t go around talking about next year(s). Certainly they need to make some off-season moves and work on chemistry, but you can’t try to come here expecting some kinda respect or stature as a “real” fan and say Heat aren’t going to win this year. Maybe they won’t. but you can leave the job of talking about Heat problems and ousting to Laker/Boston fans.

      Heat all the way.

      • Law064 says:

        @Fastbreak you have to agree with him somewhat. Most of the heat fans are band wagon hoppers not true die hard fans. True fans can criticize they’re favorite team when they can see the odvious. I’m a Celtic’s fan and they are playing like crap really in a slump and not looking good lately. I’m a Bulls fan and live in Chicago but I have to say without D.Rose the bulls would be in trouble. true fans have to notice the odvious. I wanna say the Bulls are going all the way but I have my doubts. I wanna say the Celtic’s are going all the way but I have my doubts. If your a true fan you can admit when something so odvious can kill your chances. Good luck to all teams in the playoffs.

      • REALIST772 says:

        the heat have two first team defensive players in dwayne and lebron…they are two dimensional, that is why you can go on a 25-1 run to open the second half against the wolves, all three games agaings boston they were down double digits until mid forth quarter then made a furious run to bring the game within a possession, which they lost because they hadn’t yet figure out how to close out games, i think gviing wade the ball at the end of games have fixed that problem, we’ve all seen him in the 06 finals, last year’s whole regular season, as far as the bulls they are a cinderella story not worried at all about them

    • TheMattyLee says:

      I’m not a Heat fan, but I agree. They’ve got the pieces but not the chemistry. As much as I like Pat Riley, I honestly don’t understand why he even pursued James. He’s just not a great fit with Wade no matter how good a player he is. There’s too much overlap in their skillset. I would have rather seen them pick up Bosh and some solid support last year and then pick up Williams or CP3 when they had the chance.

      Then again, I quite simply don’t like LeBron. So that could be coloring my opinion. I won’t argue that he isn’t a great player or a phenominal athlete, but I don’t think he has the right kind of work ethic or attitude that it takes to win a championship. He /wants/ to win. He even /tries/ to win. But to me, he doesn’t seem to do the /work/ or make the /sacrifices/ that it takes to win.

  24. MH says:

    Heat will prevail ! Go Heat !

    • Law064 says:

      @Fast does lie. Who have the Heat been playing?? They lost to the Cavs dude. Lebron has been padding his stats but c’mon seriously they’ve been playing teams like Toronto. Give me a break and yes 2 solid players plus Bosh is not a complete team.

      • REALIST772 says:

        everyone has struggled this season at one point, celtics going through right now, lakers before all-star, heat will be fine when it’s important, i’ve been a heat fan, yeah they frustrates you at times but all i gotta say is 12 more days

      • REALIST772 says:

        so did the lakers and celtics, i guess they suck too then

  25. LBJ, HEAT, CHAMPS, says:

    Do you guys not see it, the heat are seriouly just taking it easy the teams they are playing chump teams right now and are in the playoff already. so why kill yourself to get something you already have? the big 3 arent resting becuase they want the topest seed possible, but there out there in a way resting by not going all out. Just wait for playoffs come around the big 3 are gonna be unstoppble on offence and great like they were be4 on defence, when Lebron & Wade will want something they will get it “Championship”. The great thing is people got Lebron mad during the whole season and hes will take it all out in the playoffs you all watch out.

    2011 Champs, Well my friend…….Check…………….Mate

    • Law064 says:

      Wow everyone’s scared because Lebron is mad?? He was mad when they started the season but they started 9-8 so his anger didn’t intimidate anyone. 2011 champs? check mate? Man you Heat fans come straight out a comic book. They are not the big 3 it’s a solid 2.5. 2 solid players and Bosh. Good luck to the heat but they’re not winning any championship this year not even the eastern conf.

      • fast does lie says:

        2 solid players?? wow lol im not a true miami fan but i am a lebron fan, and im also a realist. two months ago i didnt think they had what it took to beat chicago or boston, but have you seen lebron lately? hes playin out of his mind. and with perk out of boston and shaq getting hurt yesterday id say anything is possible in the east. especially for orlando if they get to play chicago in the second round rose might have actually ahve to shoot a jumper. but i think the lakers are just too tough for anybody to handle right now. and its not because of kobe its cause of your two 7 footers and ur 6-10 point forward comin off the pine, kobe isnt old kobe so if bynum gets hurt idk

      • REALIST772 says:

        its called wade county for a reason, better be afraid when wade gets mad

  26. Who has the best record since the all-star break?? Thank you!

    • who cares if the lakers have the best record since all star break they have been tear apart by the heat remember that game……………. i even remember that they said that the heat cant beat top teams did you remember the rout against the spurs

      • black says:

        We all know regular season wins don’t mean as much as playoffs. Just ask the Magic in ’09 in when they beat the Lakers twice during the season. I bet they wish they could’ve brough those two wins in to the finals.

    • Heat Baby says:

      Oooops who couldnt the Lakers beat either time they played them this year? O thats right the Heat LOL

    • WHO? says:

      Who took 27 shots last night and made 10…Kobe lol.

  27. manny2887 says:

    miami is having 1 lil problem at this moment once they get it.they going to be a team that hard to beat.they need the bench to be alive and ready to play and they need a big guy in th paint that can score easily.well if i were them i would put a tag on dhoward since he going to be a free agent….and idk why people keep on juming on miami like that.when they whup lakers twice nobody aint say nothing idk when they gonna realize that miami own the lakers.and charles barkley need to chill all that trash talk.he aint win a ring or didnt even came that close to win 1 in his career….let the miami heat be miami heat cuz they on fire right now and we gonna be boston whats left of

  28. rockhard says:

    right now the heats are just naturally a offensive team so i would not say they’re sacrificing anything my main concern is haslem he is the missing link to this great heats era and i had hoped he would of return before playoffs other than that i know we are gonna do great lets just say we are gonna turn up heattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. RickyKobe24 says:


  30. #BULLS says:

    But honestly, when was the last time the heat played a “Real” basketball team? they’ve been playing weak teams (including a loss to the Cvs!!!!) The way I see it, is that lebron might be one of the “Obsticle players” meaning he probably won’t win a ring, and that he’ll only be in the way of the glory of other players. For example, when Michael Jordan was playing- there were alot of dominate players in the 90’s but they served as obsticles for Michael and most didnt achieve anything (a ring). I’m not gonna lie, LeBron is a beast and I sweat when the bulls play him but! I still think he’s cursed. plus he hasnt beaten a top team besides the 2 wins they had over the lakers.

    (p.s. I don’t read comments so say what you please)

    • Law064 says:

      @#Bulls I have to agree with you they have NOT played a real team. Not a good Defensive team but let’s see what happens when they meet the Celtic’s again.

    • loso@nba says:

      i wish i can see your face in the playoffs…….

      • Law064 says:

        I’ll be laughing to death because the Heat will make it home early this season. Good luck to them though but the’re not going to far

    • Gary says:

      They have beaten the Spurs, Oklahoma, Orlando also. Losing record only to the Bulls so far and have a chance one more time at Boston and Dallas. You brine up a loss to the Cavs who also bet LA. LA ha also Los to more sub .500 teams than the Heat, but that’s pointless since the playoffs are what matter now. To bad you don’t read comments because you would learn when your wrong.

  31. ERIC says:

    Heat will reach in finals no doubt about that not because of the trio but because of their head coach! Eric is good coach but still young and i know he will mature in couple of years, after couple of years he will be one of the best coaches in the world of basketball.

    He is from Philippines thats why he is good! Rock on go coach eric stand us proud! you can make it! All people in the phils arfe behind you and will support you what ever happen.

  32. #BULLS says:

    The heat are killing as of right now on the offensive end- until they run into some Defense! They are hot now until they play a team like the bulls with defense and get the plug pulled on their offense. Only people that are going to be able to score are lebron and probably wade and bosh might score 15pts (on 3/30 fgs!) and get to the line a few times but other than that he’s taking jumpshots with noah doown his shirt!! (but wade and lebron be the only offense for them)

    #Bulls vs. Team From the west (finals predictions)

  33. LegendaryHeatFan says:

    Haha, you guys crack me up! You act like the Heat have just forgotten how to play D! The 2 best perimeter defenders in the game are LeBron and DWade. And there is not one person on earth that can shut them down on D. We’ll be ready come the playoffs, don’t worry about that. And for those who call LeBron a quiter, boy gettin a triple dub in a game that he “quit” in is better than most players who actually try! Heat champs in their 1st year! Checkmate!

  34. GELO says:


  35. Miami Fan 561 says:

    Thank you Sunsman for reading the article prior to just blurting out nonsense. The Suns will shine again they have a way a bouncing back even in the insanely tough western conference.

    And no one pointed out that Miami’s lack of defense eff. may be due to the insanely difficult 11 game stretch of quality opponents during that post all-star stretch.

    • TheMattyLee says:

      Wait… what? Miami had possibly the easiest post-All Star schedule in the league. Definitely the easiest post-All Star schedule of the playoff contenders.

      Not to bring up a sore subject, but at the beginning of the season, there was a lot of talk about ‘strength of schedule’. Spurs and Lakers and Hornets were playing well because they had an easy schedule. Miami wasn’t because they had a hard schedule… blahblahblah. You can’t use that excuse for the WHOLE SEASON though, because at the end of the day the schedules even out (even though technically they don’t, as the West is a harder Division overall). The Heat have only had 2 back to backs and less than half of their games have been against Playoff contenders.

      The Heat finally performing in the half court offense is a good thing. That they’re having to sacrifice a bit of defensive efficiency to do it isn’t the end of the world nor is it unexpected. Miami fans need to stop grasping for excuses, put on their daddy’s shoes, and man up to the reality of their team. They are good. They are not undefeatable. Their production hasn’t been up to the level that they projected last summer, and there is improvement to be made at both ends of the floor. Sometimes criticism is just criticism. You don’t need to take it as an insult.

  36. cedric says:

    it should be one step…one game at time, offense then defense a championship is a complete recipe “go coach spo”…

  37. Sunsman says:

    I don’t know what some of you guys were reading….. Spoelstra stated that they have been working solidly on improving their half court offense, and not focusing on defensive schemes. But he followed this with the fact that now that they have the half court sets in place they are going back to defense….. SO they will be ready to contend according to the old saying “Defence wins championships”.

    On offense you have your sets…. you run certain plays to attack the oppositions weaker defenders, but you have set plays. Offense though is a daily restructure for you have to contend with each oppositions different set plays and their personel’s strengths. If Spoelstra isn’t blowing smoke up everyone A, then the Heat should be finally ready to show us all what they were professing about prior to the season.

    From an unhappy Suns fan – finally eliminated.

  38. Face says:

    i wonder what happened to lakers?

  39. The Rocker says:

    Heat rocks but only good offense cannot win them games

    • REALIST772 says:

      hello why all the nitpicking man they still rank numger five for defense, all you heat haters are secret admirers, you know what you see and you fear it y’all wont be saying that in two months

  40. FanOfNba says:

    Obviously, the drop in defense is probably down to their laziness, not that they can’t play good D. In the Cleveland and Washington game, the players were so slow to close out on their shooters, resulting in higher points conceded. Furthermore, Mike Bibby starting does not help the situation at all, he contributes well on the offensive end, but the trade-off on defense just isn’t worth it.

  41. LBJ rocks! says:

    we all know that the heat have a decent point production for any team in the league right now. and that they can explode at any given time. they can also beat the best teams in this league. what weakens them is defense. because simply LBJ is aching to have a solid Center not just a scoring machine guard in Wade and a power Forward/Center in Bosh. Remember that before Wade had his ring he also had Shaq who is still healthy at that time. They need a big Body inside the shaded area, just like Bynum in the Lakers, Tyson Chandler in the Mavs, Ibaka OKC, etc. Imagine the heat having JaVale McGee on their roster! Monster! i dont know why Zyndrunas Ilgauskas is there he cant defend Dwight Howard Right? so why get him he plays ugly…….im a solid Lebron Fan and i Admit the team needs defense not just offense. because it is tougher in the playoffs. imagine his cleveland Cavs that is top seed and number one of all teams before but the Orlando Magic almost swept them going into the finals. HEAT, don’t get beaten. Celtics, Lakers, OKC, is on their way. watch out. peace^^

  42. eric besorio says:

    we all know the basics OFFENSE wins games … but definetely DEFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS
    by that i hope the HEAT still do improved their DEFENSE in their playoff run…..
    GO HEAT!!!!

  43. LOLOLOL FAKERS says:

    ANOTHER FAKERS(LAKERS) FAN! haha Lakers 0-2 against Miami :]] LOL can you play that in FINALS? haha )-4 maybe on finals? haha

  44. lester napa says:

    I think miami did not defend too much right now and just keep rolling their offense because they want to stay healthy before the playoffs begins, we all know what miami can do offensively and most of all defensively, there have guys like wade, james and anthony who block shots and great perimeter defenders and watch out when haslem comes back and sure he will add a suffocating defense for miami..

  45. LeQuit says:

    Forget the numbers.
    Heat will head home after first round. Give LeQuit time to enjoy sunshine in south beach….
    Cavs will continue rebuliding and get the ring next year….


  46. Manny says:

    Oh yeah! Heat is so bad…they have a great offensive game, playing weak teams of the NBA. Heat may be dominant but can’t stand next to the top NBA teams at all.

    • BAMZ says:

      they beat la and spurs xD they are weak.

    • REALIST772 says:

      i guess people just get on this and say stuff that sounds good, they cant stand against good nba teams? i guess chicago boston and orlando cant wait to play the heat huh? child please

  47. SouthSide Seth says:

    So is Miami the “Phoenix of the East”? Sacrificing your defense and becoming one dimensional is the formula for the making of a champion? If everyone is gearing up for the playoffs and your defense is crippling somewhat, how is that good for your team? This is nonsense. Miami’s big three are a tremendous talent, Coach Spoelstra is a very talented coach, but this team’s makeup is based solely for a three on twelve, which is not going to get you far. Sorry. They need to be able to play the lanes a little better, and it is obvious that someone from that bench needs to step up from the shadow and play with a little moxie. Miami will do fine, but if you buy into this increasing O and disregarding D is going to work, look at that Cleveland loss. Because Philly, New York, or even Indy will use that same strategy to pick the Heat apart. They will let the big three shine while derelicting the rest of the team, which is needed to win. Dont get too excited Heat fans, just watch.

    • Dood says:

      “So is Miami the “Phoenix of the East”?”

      Oh lol. As far as I can recall there is no Lebron James and Dwyane Wade who were elite defenders and great players on the Phoenix Suns last year. Also, Phoenix Suns has never been a top defensive year in the league in the past few years and the Hear were ranked FIRST in DECEMBER and JANUARY. Funny stuff.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t think that the Heat are sacrificing defense for offense. They are still a very good defensive team. Their focus has been on offense lately, because that will give them an edge in the playoffs. The heat is soft in the middle, so Boston, Chicago, and Orlando will score on them in the piost. They will have to be more efficient offensively, especially in the half court, in order to have a chance at beating those teams. When the Playoffs start, I think that we’ll see a more complete Heat team. Now that Boston has weakened themselves with the Kendrick Perkins trade, Miami has a great chance to advance to the Finals.

  48. NBAfan ,, says:

    We all know that Heat is a offensive team .. no doubt about it .. their just need to focus on their offense and play solid defense ^^

    • bubblebuster says:

      Actually, stale offense, especially half-court offense, was why they stumbled earlier in the year. How quickly we forget.

  49. BAMZ says:

    HEAT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Heatbaby how many times have the heat beat Boston??? Oh I forgot they didn’t beat them. 1,10,20 point win is still a win no matter what. Please don’t say the heat are better when they have NOT beat them. Not to mention the Bulls already swept them 3-0. Let’s be real is Haslim really a big threat? He’s the best bench player for Miami but the 1st times Boston beat them Haslim played. Bottom line Boston has Miami’s number 3-0 already and after Sunday the Celtic’s will complete the season sweep.

      • Law064 says:

        @Heaybaby I forgot you Miami fans said the same before Miami played Boston the last meeting. We’re better now, that was the start of the season, we not gelled yet just wait. Boston kicked them in the azz for a 3rd time after they had a good streak 24 out of 25 games won or somethin like that. Sorry dude get real the Heat are good but they don’t have a complete team even with haslim they need good solid bench players not washed up has beens like Howard,House and Bibby as well.

  50. Lmed says:

    Miami knows how to defend. Period. They started the year knowing defense was the key ingredient and they executed defensively until NOW. The only reason for their jump in offense are fastbreak points people! Seriously. They’re feeling the Playoff mode and just want to sharpen their offense a little more to be ready. If you don’t believe me, look at their past few game highlights, bet you there’s at least two fastbreaks in each highlight. Next Sunday will be interesting though. Now that Boston has no more Bigs with Shaq getting injured again, should be easy for Miami to beat them in the Semi-Finals. Go Heat!

    • Law064 says:

      Should be eazy to beat Boston? Please explain, Boston beat them without Shaq or Perk or JO last time they played. Not to mention Paul Pierce had 1 point 0-10 or something. I can’t wait to see the last game vs Boston.

      • Heat Baby says:


        Yea just like Boston beat the Heat without Haslem also, and by what, 3, 5, 7 points? LMAO. Thats the BEST that a team that would be NBA CHAMPS if not for Perks injury could do against a team that is still figuring itself out? Please. Thats funny stuff right there. Heat are WAY better than when Boston played em last, even withOUT Haslem still. But when Haslem comes back thats the finishing touch, and Boston will indeed FALL to the Heat in a 7 game series. End of story.

      • fan says:

        @Heat Baby
        LOl oh man i remember all these hype about return of mike miller, then what happened? please, haslem at best was just a little average player which probably wont get to touch the ball anymore since lebron will hog them for the “big 3.”
        “figuring things out” oh please, in 2007, it doesnt take boston 10 games to figure things out, why cant “the supposedly” better big 3 figure it out faster? make more excuse for your cryami heat

      • Gary says:

        @ Fan, do you realize Rondo, Perkins, Pierce an Allen all played together from 06-07. Then added Garrnett for 07-08. So they didn’t just figure things out. They had a system in place and integrated KG. The Heat are doing very well for their first year.

  51. Nba fan 2011 says:

    They are practicing their offense, getting ready for the playoffs, thats the reason they aren’t defending….

    • Gary says:

      Exactly! Because if we look they were number 2 defensively in Dec when they made that impressive winning streak. After that they saw that their D was fine then went on to work on Offense but obviously you’ll get hurt experimenting like that. Still they are number two in the east again and should be able to hold that down.

    • prix says:

      Sometimes the Best Defense is a Great Offense…

    • Ron says:

      They are not defending simply becuase they do not have the HEART, PASION, OR STAMINA to do so! You have to have pride in your defense or else you must call it, ” No way we can win in the play-offs!” Everyone knows that defense is key to winning a championship in the NBA! That is why the Lakes are 2 time defending champions and are up for a possible 3 peat!!!!!!!!!! Defense, Defense, Defense = Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. QuestionMark says:

    If Heat are giving up D for O then there is no possible way for them to win it all, all contending teams are defensive teams: Spurs, Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Magic, Mavs. OKC is part of the conversation since they are playing good D with Perkins and Ibaka, and if they can make it to the West Finals, they will be considered Contenders.

  53. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    I LOVE IT!!! The Heat are already good and they just keep on improving.. I wish that their games were tougher right now so we could really see how they will play in a few weeks… But I can’t wait till that Boston game in Miami! Man.. I’m just soo excited for the playoffs to start. If they keep blowing out teams in the first half and KEEP that lead in the 2nd, they will be champions.. Just more improvements on the other side of the floor.. :).. DIE HARD MIAMI HEAT FAN OUT! 🙂

  54. Unsatisfactory. says:

    111.9 offensive efficiency is still not nearly as good as it should be. When you have two of the top 5 players on the face of the earth on the floor at the same time, your OE better be over 120 at the least. So many possibilities with just those two interacting, much less adding Bosh into the mix. Pick and Roll with LeBron setting a screen for Wade while Wade attacks baseline. LeBron driving to the rim while Wade cuts baseline off the ball. LeBron posting up for a cutting Wade. You could easily switch those 3 plays for either player. So much offensive potential wasted since LB still can’t play off the ball. Sigh.

    • Gary says:

      It’s always easy for people WATCHING to criticize. They’re number one offensively so it means they ARE putting up the numbers you would expect from two top five players.

      • Unsatisfactory. says:

        Certainly, I’m a mere watcher. However, that doesn’t mean that I’m not entitled to criticize them, especially when they aren’t reaching the potential that I want them to reach. I want the Heat to excel, and I’m not going to baby them with a fanboy-like view, claiming they’re flawless.

      • prix says:

        If the Heat wins there is a lot of criticizm..if they lose there are worst of criticizm, everybody loves to hate the Heat…Give them a break..Be true to yourselves people, try to appreciate if the Heat wins..Those Heat haters are the worst fake people in the whole world..just cheer on your team and wish them luck..just keep it real…

      • bubblebuster says:

        The Heat took the mantle of most hated team when they decided to get the big three. If you’re a true fan of the Heat then you need to be berating them. With as much potential as they have, they aren’t going to achieve that potential without being pushed, and, with as many natural gifts and talents the Big Three have, there is going to have to be a lot of pushing to get them off their laurels.

      • Mett says:

        Heat have turned up the DEFENSE in March despite the “efficiency” stats. The REAL defensive number that doesn’t show up in the traditional stats is “TURNOVERS GENERATED BY DEFENSE (TGD)”. If you look at Miami’s TGD for March, it is OFF THE HOOK!!! Led by Wade, Miami is starting to consistently generate turnovers on defense with blocks, steals, deflections, and 24-second violations caused by their defense, especially when they need to catch up quickly against an opponent who has a lead or down the stretch in the 4th Qtr when the game is on the line. Whenever Miami gets a TGD, it not only denies their opponent a basket, but usually leads to an easy basket on the other end for a +4 point differential everytime.

      • Sean says:


    • crossover says:

      Lakers lost…where’s L.A fans…no where to be found…mybe crying right now…lol..they dont post here because they know they will get burn by the heat fans..where’s this Heat H8r??? that stupid guy nver been to school maybe someone with a kind heart here can sponsor his brain surgery…that

      • TheMattyLee says:

        Someone who types like this probably shouldn’t be insulting the scholastic achievements of others. Just sayin’.

      • LAKER says:

        i’m a lakers fan, come on burn me with thy chit chat 🙂 i bet you will be biting your nails when your babies faced off with the men from Boston tomorrow

    • Gary says:

      @ Bubblebuster, so your suggesting that Miami fans not cheer on their team until they are at full potential? Yeah lets see how well they do if you get fans that go to their games booing or not cheering unless the performance they put on is acceptable. Seriously no real fan does what your suggesting.

      @ Unsatisfactory, yes your right everyone is entilted to an opinion. I just think it’s rather demanding of anyone to expect the best results when a team is still in the growing process. Yes it’s almost been a full season but consider that championship teams of the past had guys that played together for a couple years (and maybe some new additions)before they won a championship. None of them were completely revamped teams like the Heat.

      • corleone says:

        Celtics ???? they won it their first year, i like the heat but i dont think they can do what the C’s did in 08. Celtics had good young players plus they added the big three plus some veteran players that played well for them. The Heat´’s biggest problem is Mike Miller not playin well, and Udonis being injured

      • Gary says:

        @ Corleone, ah no they didn’t the added Garrnet in 08 but Ray, Rondo and Pierce and Perkins were already there fir 06-07…
        But I agree about Haslem and Miller. Those two would give the Heat a solid five which is really what you need.

      • Kingsfan says:

        @ Gary – I agree with most of your posts, but I disagree with you here. We are all fans of the game or we wouldnt be here posting our thoughts. Because of that, we are allowed to be critical and judge what we think should be. I agree with Unsatisfactory, their offensive efficiency should be through the roof. Adding that talent into one pool should make your ppg go well above 110 a game. Now you mentioned they have the best offense in the game right now, not true that title goes to Denver. As for your comments about Boston, they won the title the year Ray and Garnett came to town. Granted that team was better than the current Heat(the bench, Rondo, Perkins etc) but it has been done.

        If LBJ could learn to play off the ball, set picks, run a offense etc. this team will be exciting. They won’t win a championship until they find a solid big to plug the lane and an unselfish pg who will feed this 3 headed dragon.

      • Sean says:


    • #TeamHeat says:

      People don’t hate the HEAT, they hate LEBRON.

      As for the offense, I think it’s great that they score more points. Even though the numbers dropped, they still play defense at a high level. If they can keep this up through the PLAYOFFS, they are a team to watch out for.

      • ChiTown says:

        I don’t care about LeBron- I hate D.Wade that is all…

      • Zkane says:

        If that’s the case, please remove any reference to chicago from your name, you’re no chicagoan.

      • Sean says:

        this is true i used to like the heat before bosh and james got there, because i like d wade
        but i HATE bron and bosh
        so effectively i now hate the heat

    • Mett says:

      Heat have turned up the DEFENSE in March despite the “efficiency” stats. The REAL defensive number that doesn’t show up in the traditional stats is “TURNOVERS GENERATED BY DEFENSE (TGD)”. If you look at Miami’s TGD for March, it is OFF THE HOOK!!! Led by Wade, Miami is starting to consistently generate turnovers on defense with blocks, steals, deflections, and 24-second violations caused by their defense, especially when they need to catch up quickly against an opponent who has a lead or down the stretch in the 4th Qtr when the game is on the line. Whenever Miami gets a TGD, it not only denies their opponent a basket, but usually leads to an easy basket on the other end for a +4 point differential everytime.