StatsCube: Spurs’ D in Decline

The San Antonio Spurs have lost six straight games for the first time since they drafted Tim Duncan in 1997. The streak that started when Duncan missed four games with a sprained ankle, but has continued with losses to the Celtics and Rockets with Duncan in the lineup.

In the process, their lead in the loss column over the Los Angeles Lakers for the best record in the Western Conference has gone from seven games to one. And with the Lakers holding a 17-1 record since the All-Star break and set to host the Spurs on April 12, L.A. seemingly has the upper hand in the race for the No. 1 seed.

The Spurs still control their own destiny, but before they get to that critical game at Staples Center, they’ve got a few problems to address.

The Spurs’ problems begin and end with defense. In Thursday’s look at Defensive Player of the Year candidates, it was noted how much better the Spurs’ defense has been with Duncan on the floor.

But since March 1st, the Spurs’ defense has declined with Duncan both on and off the floor.

Spurs’ defensive efficiency (points allowed per 100 possessions)

Duncan On/Off Oct.-Feb. March-April Season
Duncan On 98.5 104.2 99.4
Duncan Off 104.0 113.1 106.8
Overall 100.7 (7) 109.7 (25) 102.7 (10)

(League Rank)

So the Spurs have been the sixth worst defensive team in the league (worse than both Phoenix and Golden State) since March 1. And Gregg Popovich will be the first to tell you that they’re not winning a championship playing that way.

A closer look at the Spurs’ defensive numbers shows that they’ve declined in every area, but that their biggest problem since March 1 has been defending shots inside the arc…

Spurs’ defensive numbers

Months 2P% Rank 3P% Rank DREB% Rank TORatio Rank FTA Rate Rank
Oct-Feb. 46.5% 6 37.1% 26 74.7% 12 10.8 18 .243 2
March-April 51.5% 29 36.6% 19 73.0% 17 10.3 24 .265 9

DREB% = Percentage of available defensive rebounds
TORatio = Opponents’ turnovers per 100 possessions
FTA Rate = Opponents’ FTA/FGA

Though the Spurs ranked seventh defensively through February, their defense was never all that consistent. Now, it’s just awful.

So over their last six games, fixing their defensive issues may be more important a task for the Spurs than holding onto that No. 1 spot in the West. Because they’ll never make it to a series against the Lakers if they keep defending the way they have since March 1st.


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  1. MG20SAS says:

    What is “boring” basketball? I don’t get it. For all you calling the Spurs a boring team you all need to go play some video games or something.

  2. Ron says:

    What’s the big deal, Kobe says it’s only the preseason.

  3. lakerman says:


  4. boston fan says:

    lakers suckk and spurs suckk, thats why the celtics are going to win the finals this year and the next year and the year after that, so GOOOOOOOOOOOOO CELTICSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Wolverine says:

    The Spurs are who I thought they are. The rely heavily on three point shooting. If they are not making threes they usually don’t win. A team need to have a post presence to get easy shots around the basket. They only have the best record because they beat a majority of teams during this regular season that are under .500 and gave them and their fans a false sense of reality. Once they started playing teams that are .500 or greater they struggle. They do need to find more quality Big’s or they will find themselves struggle for awhile in the future. As for now depending on the match up in the playoff they may be eliminated in the first round. If they have to face Memphis or Portland they are going to have major problems with match ups.

  6. Lakers says:

    Any time you blindly hate a team so much you refuse to give them credit when they’re playing great basketball, you should say nothing at all. Especially when your comments are so ridiculously off the wall and downright idiotic!

  7. Lakers says:

    @Gary! You’re such a Laker hater it’s pathetic! Now, according to you everything’s fixed. Now that the Lakers are winning that is! When they were losing earlier in the season, why weren’t you crying that it was fixed then!

  8. The GREATEST says:

    1) The LAKERS will be in the finals…. if u dont think that then ur not a true basketball fan… the laker squad is pretty much unstoppable…even the bench is deep…

    2) The spurs are all washed up now… did any of u guys see what the lakers did to the spurs last time they played?… ya it was a total beat down… timmy can not hang with bynum… i dont see the spurs or any teams for that matter winning 4 out of 7 against the lakers…

    3) Lakers dont really need to seed in the west… they jus tneed a better record then BOSTON, CHICAGO, and MIAMI so they can have homecourt advantage in the finals…

    4) 17-1 Since the all star break tells u that this team is solid which brings me back to my first point…


  9. JDCanlas says:

    Let’s face it. Spurs is not Tim’s team anymore.It may have been but looking at it closely..i believe it’s more of Manu and Tony’s team now..but more as manu’s team.If manu doesn’t play well more often than not they lose but if he plays well chances are they will win the game.I’m not a diehard fan of MAnu but the man can play the game and there’s something about his game that elevates the team.They will surely make the playoffs but the question is if manu can stay healthy, if not definitely it’s time to think about next season then..

  10. kenhawk says:

    we all know that the dallas mavericks will be going to NBA championship title. and all your team will be knocking off by our dallas team

  11. spike says:

    Come on, the spurs are all washed-up now…yes, they are a great team…but washed-up…old tim’s not getting any younger…as is manu…and for the finals, i think it will go like 20 years ago…personal opinion.:P

  12. PRO says:

    Give credit to the Lakers, they were in a slump before the break and they vowed to piece things back together, and they did. If Bynum, Artest, and Odom can maintain their output (no need to say for Kobe and Gasol — they’ll be there), then they’ve got a good shot.

  13. activeeeeeeee says:


  14. lol what says:

    The losses all started when Duncan (then Manu and Tony) got injured. Regardless if their defense has been down since the allstar break, if Duncan hadn’t gotten injured no one would even think of having this topic since the Spurs would still have a huge lead on the #1 seed. I mean really… you think it’s a coincidence that they started losing when their top 3 players got injured? lol

  15. Ace777 says:

    actually, ONLY time will tell …the only reason spurs is poor on defense is because they lack in aggressiveness, maybe because they don’t want to be injured and be shorthanded in the playoffs but whatever happens and which position will they be, it would be sas-lal in the conference finals and that match-up will be done in game 6-7

  16. Tenki says:

    I don’t see the Spurs go past the conference finals if they are to play on their current level. Lakers brought up the ante since the All-Star break, and so did Chicago in the East. It only shows that these teams don’t have issues with their goals, and continue to do so. Don’t count out Boston though, because they have proven to be tough customers come playoff time. Even if I am a Miami fan, I won’t be surprised if Boston regains the number two seed in the East after the regular season schedule.

    If San Antonio can regain the composure that they had in the regular season and execute well in the playoffs, even if they play Duncan with limited minutes, they will give teams in the West a good fight.

  17. Afshin Barani says:

    it doesn’t matter that spurs (or any other team in WC) will be no1 spot at the end of regular season,cuz it’s lakers that gonna be WCC !

  18. Big Shamrock says:

    Go Spurs go !

  19. Pete says:

    It’s no surprise the Spurs are on a downfall at this time of the year. The Spurs always make a good/impressive regular season (say, 80%/100% since Tim Duncan) but that’s their problem, giving it all they have in the regular season and having barely anything left to show come play off time.

    So, let’s think about it… They’ll most likely make past the 1st round, but then they’ll have to face either the Denver Nuggets or the Thunder, who are much younger and often score by fast break. The perfect strategy to beat the Spurs is to be fast and to be focused on Defense (3-pointer, inside, shutting down Parker’s penetration and keep a hand in Manu’s face all the time.) I believe that there’s a chance the Spurs might be upset in the 2nd round of the play-offs by either of the two teams (Nuggets/Thunder), but then again, experience counts and matters, and Spurs have lots of those.. .It’ll be an interesting 2nd round for the Spurs.

    The Lakers have the easiet schedule of the play-offs (if it started today), Memphis, always a nasty team but the Lakers can beat them (specially with the way they’re playing), then, I highly doubt the Mavs will beat the Trailblazers with their doomed play-offs experience, and now with the additing of Gerald Wallace, that team is a title contender (don’t laugh).
    Lakers vs Blazers (perhaps Dallas)… Let’s just skip this part, the Lakers will make it to the Finals once again, mainly because, they want to three-peat, Bynum’s healthy, they’re focused, they want to give Zen Master this 4th and last three peat, Kobe will be blooddrunk for that 6th Jordan tying ring.

    The East… With the way the Bulls are playing, forget about Miami for the next 2 or 3 years, unless they make improvements that can match the Bulls cast. Boston are all the way up there, and talk about play-off experience and Defense, they’re probably on of the top 3 come play-off time. To me, sounds like it’s the same old song, but not the same dance… The Boston will come back from this trailing, will hit the jackpot in the play-offs and most likely will make it past the Heat (with LeBron’s epic infamous choking come play off time, I bet all my gold coins on D Wade, but one man can’t beat the Boston Celtics.) and then for the eastern finals, Bulls vs Celtics, and that’s something that I won’t dare say who wins… That’s something only time will tell.

    Lakers vs _____ (either Bulls or Boston)

  20. celtics06 says:

    Boston is the best they will win 🙂
    Not the Miami or Lakers:/

  21. Vincent says:

    Sometimes when the offensive is so effective and efficient, the team tends to be more offensive minded than to be defensive minded. I hope the Spurs will win 3 straight games so that they’ll reach 60 wins, have a distance against the Lakers, and end their season in a positive note.

  22. Jason says:

    The reason why Lakers cannot be defeated is because they have the magic spell…..unless San Antonio find some antidote, there’s no way of stoppinng LAL.

  23. LAKERSSSS1111 says:

    2 words…
    TOO OLD…
    Go Lakers 6 ring Kobe & Fisher.

  24. Elyong says:

    I think the spurs can recover on time, if not in elimination, come playoffs they will the team to beat again. We know for a fact how Gregg Popovich handles his team, and for sure its just a matter time, they’ll gonna be sharp again. Go Spurs go!

  25. Adrian says:

    If the Spurs good luck of this season continues, this 6-game losing streak and falling to the number two seed may play right into their hands. This way they will meet the Mavs in the second round of the playoffs rather than the Thunder. The thunder and Lakers are playing the best basketball in the West since the All Star Game, and I think the Thunder could knock off the Lakers in the second round. The Spurs will be coming off an easy series against the Mavs (who are also playing poorly since the All Star break) and have a good chance of beating the Thunder after their tough series beating the Lakers. If the Spurs keep the number 1 seed they will meet the Thunder in the second round and that is going to be a much tougher match-up than the Mavs who the Spurs can beat easily. Lets see how the Spurs luck and good fortune pans out when we see the playoff brackets at the end of the season.

    • Esprujulas says:

      Nuff Said!!!

      • LaLaLakers! says:

        Are you mentally ill????? haha
        The Thunder is ranked 4th in the west. If the Lakers are number 1, they’ll be playing New Orleans and SA will play Memphis In the first round (if the playoffs started today)…. And even if the lakers did meet the thunder in the playoffs, the Lakers are coming out. Bottom line, Lakers are going to defeat every opponent to become the champs once again.

      • tj says:

        he meant thunder/fakers in the second round stupid keep up, lalalakers watch actual games. thunder took them to 6 as an 8 seed, and they are so much better this year now add big kendrick perkins defense. i really hope yall are atleast a lil worried, GET OUT OF LALA LAND AND COME BACK TO EARTH like normal fans

  26. Charles says:

    For everyone saying that the Spurs are a boring team… where are your priorities… What’s the ultimate goal? Excitement or Wins? I take Wins.

  27. spurs who? says:

    okay guys so we all know that spurs will get owned by thunder or the mavs. miami will bring out lechoke which means wade will do work but they will still lose. lakers win 4-2 against the celtics

  28. ROB _LA says:

    Lakers will be number 1 in the west

    Healthy bynum = unguardable

    Lakers will play Boston in the finals

    Lakers will 3peat;)

  29. matt24 says:

    3 peat lakers rules!!!!!

  30. Spurs Fan says:

    The ONE reason the Spurs’ defense is so bad is because of Matt Bonner. Splitter has shown he can defend bigs by shutting down guys like Aldridge not once but TWICE, holding Nene to 0 points, shutting down Odom and Chandler during the team USA game. He plays GREAT Pick & Roll defense as well as positional defense, and that’s EXACTLY what the Spurs need.

    For whatever reason Pop doesn’t put him in the game, instead he has Bonner who contributes NOTHING to the team. When his 3pt shot isn’t falling he is a heavy burden on the Spurs. He can’t guard ANYBODY, he is single handedly giving up around 20-30 points a game to different players because guys aren’t afraid to drive it in on him.

    Rasheed Wallace once said “Just throw the ball to whoever Bonner is guarding”, and that’s exactly what the Celtics did when they pulled away from the Spurs.

    Bonner doesn’t rebound, can’t play defense, etc. His rotational defense is especially bad, he’s given up more wide open shots than anybody on the team! Against Denver he was getting torn up by Al Harrington LOL, Harrington scored like 24 points on just him. The next game he was getting DESTROYED by Gerald Wallace (He gave up 11 points in just 4 minutes!), and then Shawn Marion scored 15 straight points against Bonner once again, then against the Memphis he was getting destroyed by Arthur on the boards while getting scored on by EVERYBODY, then in the Miami game he was getting killed as well! He’s absolutely killing the Spurs’ defense!

    No joke this is what happened against the MIA game, I’m not making this up, ALL these plays happened right after another:

    -Bonner comes into the game (guarding Bosh)
    -Bosh goes for 6 straight points on 3 CONSECUTIVE plays by backing Bonner down.
    -Bonner is standing under the rim, if he just steps up he can draw an EASY charge from Wade, instead he doesn’t even try to and picks up a foul, that’s 2 more points.
    -Bonner has to rotate to LBJ or else he’s getting a wide open 3, instead of just closing out on LBJ he jumps in the air to like half court (Fell for a pump fake) which leads to a wide open jump shot for LBJ=2 more points.

    Minutes played? 5:30! That’s RIDICULOUS! The guy SINGLE HANDEDLY gave up 11 points in 5 minutes, everyone else did their part but not Bonner.

    Plus Bonner is mentally weak, in the past 3 years his ONLY good series was against the Suns last year, and that’s mainly because they had one of the worst D’s in the NBA.

  31. Denzell King says:

    Spurs #1 Fan
    I love the dam Spurs and I believe they can give any team in the West a series ,even the Lakers. I know this year Spurs team is not as good defensive as the championship Spurs team. I like the way Greg Popolvich has changed the Spurs tempo this year, because the San Antonio Spurs went from a halfcourt offensive team to an up- temp team. The Spurs give up more points because to their opponents because of the up- tempo style of play, but that does not mean they can’t get back to Spurs defense. When the Spurs win the number 1 or 2 seed for this year playoff ;they are not favorite team to win the west.The Spurs have some things that give them a chance to beat the Lakers and Thunders: No 1. they are etremely well coach 2. Tim Duncan the big fundament. 3. Manu Ginobli and Tony Parker the two ability to penetrate and make plays for the three point shooters. I am a true Spurs fan, but I know the Lakers are the best team in the Western Conference.

  32. LakersFan says:

    You guys saying the Spurs are overrated are retarded. Everyone wrote off the Spurs from the beginning of the season saying they would barely make the playoffs and have at most 50 wins. As the season went on, everyone still underrated them saying they would fall off. They never did until they got numerous injuries. A healthy Spurs is still a dangerous Spurs, and all you bandwagoners would realize this if you watched basketball for more than a couple seasons.

    I still don’t want to face the Spurs in the playoffs. I’m glad we have a shot at the #1 seed now, but let’s face it, we’re extremely lucky Duncan got injured when he did. We would’ve had no shot at it without the Spurs losing 4 straight with Duncan out. Spurs’ main concern is their health, not their defense. This article is pointless besides to show that Duncan on the floor = better defense.

  33. Albert Allego says:

    They exceeded their limit by playing all out every game. Spurs is an aged team. Am so sorry for that spurs are good team with very good guys… Legs are no longer there…

  34. jaymac says:

    i think,the Lakers and the Bulls are deserving team to meet in the FINALS. But if someday they’ll meet,,LAKERS will dominate in the finals,,they had the experience and the players are great,,and the last is KOBE will do his best to make coach Phil be the happiest Coach before he retires because he did a great job…….

  35. spurs still boring says:

    SA is still the boring team to watch.

  36. blackmambalicious says:

    The Spurs gave everything they have during the regular season. Now, it’s taking its toll on them. The Lakers are peaking at the right time as the playoff approaches. And if they end up at number one spot, which I think they will, three-peat is inevitable.

    Phill Jackson will have his 12th. Kobe, his 6th.

  37. richuncle says:

    San Antonio is one .02 second tip in first place over the lakers. One of the tuffest looses of the year for the Lakers was the last second tip in by McDice. Without that tip in the Lakers would be in first place right now.

  38. Charles says:

    I really do not care if the Spurs lose their last few games. I do not want to face the Lakers in the second round. They need time to fix their problems then be able to face the Lakers in the Conference Finals

  39. side_kick says:

    i believe the miami heat will win this year’s championship…the miami heat team is the lakers team worst nightmare…Kobe Bryant is no match to Dwyane Wade and Lebron James

  40. Jack says:

    @Kangaroo, you think that the lakers won’t do well without Kobe, that is true, but if you take out Derek Fisher and Pau Gasol, they have big man Lamar Odom to fill in (had a career season) and take D Fish out you could have Steve Blake and/or Shannon Brown playing mroe minutes, SA has a really poor bench as far as it’s defense comes down to it. Plus Gary Neall is the bomb. But i hope that the Lakers claim first seed and either C’s and Heat in the Finals!

  41. juncast says:

    Lakers now are like a runaway train. I just hope Spurs will not just stand in front of the Lakers onslaught. They have to fight back and hand the Lakers a legitimate challenge. But still in the end Lakers will win. This is still a Lakers heyday!

  42. Black Mamba says:

    The Lakers got the momentum of a freight train! Every Spurs loss is a Lakers blessing! Please Spurs fans do not talk about injuries, Kobe is still playing on one ankle, Bynum was injured, Matt Barnes, Blake, Fisher too. Bynum will be the difference this year for the three-peat!

  43. Kangaroo Pat says:

    The defense has been poor but, if u look @ the last 6 games, the Spurs have actually had a chance to win all of them. The D needs to lift but, the decision making @ the end of the game needs to improve. If u are going to turn the ball over in the last 30 seconds then your just asking for trouble. I would also like to see how well the Fakers would go without their starting PF, C, AND SG. Probably have the same effect.

  44. C's Fan says:

    I think it’s sad (probably because I’m a celtics fan) that both the Spurs and Celtics who, not too long ago, seemed to be locks for the top seed in their respective conferences don’t look like they’ll be able to keep their seedings. The C’s already lost the top seed in my opinion and it seems only a matter of time before the Spurs lose theirs too. I wouldn’t have cared much if the battle for top seed was close throughout the season but because both seemed like they would not lose their spots, I feel sad that neither team won’t be able to keep their top spots.
    On the other hand though, I think both the Bulls and Lakers deserve them with the way they’re playing right now…so at least some fans are happy 🙂

  45. Ha says:

    Getting worse as the season is closing in.
    They can’t win the Playoff if they continue play like this.
    But, I don’t care. Tim Duncan, he is sooooo fundamental.

  46. Eiyan Veran says:

    Kobe is really happy right now!

  47. BlackRice says:

    No one can be lucky enough to be No.1 for almost an entire season.
    Vice versa, no one can be unlucky enough to lose 6 in a row.

    Every dog has its day, but how frequently and how long the day lasts depends on how good and consistent the dog is, The difference between a good team and a truly great team is whether it can have its day day when it really matters.
    There are and will always be ups and downs, but only a great team can overcome its woe with the right way at the right time. The truth will reveal itself soon, we’ll just wait and see.

    • Gary says:

      Yep no team at San Antonios’s level is that unlucky it’s all just fixed. No one wants to see the Spurs in the finals so Stern probably told them they gotta drop games. Sounds crazy but think about it.

      • LakersFan says:

        I dunno about the other 5, but I watched that last Spurs game, and there was some really shady officiating going on in the second half. The Rockets got almost every call, and half the calls the Spurs got did nothing but take away points from them. Of course I was cheering for the Spurs to lose, but it’s pointless when refs just take the game out of the player’s hands like that. Rockets got like 90% of the calls go their way in the 2nd half and OT. Spurs had no chance since the game was taken out of their hands.

  48. lakers are playing in a high level and if anyone thinks that the bulls will win the championship this year i dissagree i dont think if they even could beat this laker team with michel jordon and i dont even think if they can beat the magic or the celtics to get to the final.

  49. Gary says:

    It’s all fixed. Spurs just rapidly declining for no reason. LA playing like they’res no one that can beat them. Well not really just the refs calling the games in their favor. Now when playoffs start it will be the most watched in years to see if LA 3peats again, If Boston can return to the finals, and also the southbeach saga.. Which all will only be determined by the viewer responses and beating. So most likely LA will be champs again because thats what the majority of people want.

  50. Dont leave the bulls out says:

    the bulls will win it

  51. Richie Rich says:

    One guys says it is all “because the Spurs are hurt.”

    Every team has players hurt during the season, including the Lakers.

    So that’s a lame excuse for the Spurs woes.

    They are just plain awful right now and the Lakers are just plain good.


  52. cristian says:

    Jefferson get out!

  53. Spurs All Day says:

    Splitter should be played over Bonner the rest of the seaon, coach should give him a chance. We need more defense, I think we have enough offense from the guards, and someone named TIM DUNCAN, if Neal or Jefferson is not playng ball then give James Anderson or Novak a chance to shoot, they are all shooters, one of them should make the open shots, just keep going down the bench is what Popovich should do. The bench haved proved there all shooters.

    Even if the Spurs win a the chamipionship, I still have a feeling there will be some trading.

  54. faithb4fear says:

    The spurs where over rated from the start. They had a great season be happy with that. There success came from ginobli and there bench coming in and giving them a huge boost. When ginobli plays bad they always lose but that center they got is pretty horrible aswell rondo was playing with their defence in that Boston game. There gonna lose it because now there mentally broken and theres a ton of pressure on them. Only way the spurs will go any where is if there bench can come in and give them 28-40 points a night.

  55. James Bryant says:

    celtics gonna win

  56. Spurs All Day says:

    Richard Jefferson, Matt Bonner and Gary Neal NEED to step it up, on both ends of the floor.

    im dissapointed, but not panicing.

    If not i think there will be a trade this summer for someone more defensively sounded. ( Offense for Defense)

  57. StonerBall says:

    the spurs are screwed

  58. Rocky says:

    You can´t seriously say the spurs just got lucky in the past 8 YEARS man. Come on, you know **** about basketball if you think so. The Spurs are the best team of this century as well as the Lakers with Shaq. As a Celtic fan i think they are lacking of some consistency and efficency on defense -just like Boston -, but i´m sure they ll find it and get to the playoffs with some good rythim. They can beat the Lakers easily if they´re up to, they have experience on their side. That´s why the Celtics will get another ring man!!!

  59. Hater says:

    it doesn’t matter who’s gonna lead the west. The NBA Champion is commin from the EAst.

    • LaLaLakers! says:

      Anddddd just whom might that be?

      • All About 18 says:

        The Celtics!! You know its coming! Their getting more serious, Rondo is coming back, Pierce is putting up awesome numbers and you know he’ll always be there, KG and Shaq will fill the middle, Best 3 pt shooter in the league Ray will drop some right in front of your face! Strong bench in West/Arroyo/Bradley, Wafer/West, Green/Wafer/Pavlovic, Big Baby/Murphy, JO/Krstic. All it takes is some time for these guys to know each other just a little better,develop the chemistry, then when all these pieces come together, no one can beat them.

  60. C1630 says:

    hmm lang season is wearing down on spurs, hope they have someting left in the tank for the playoffs.

  61. DUVALSTYLZ says:

    even though i am a lakers fan i think the only reason the spurs have been so good this year is because of their bench players knocking down the 3 ball and when the bench dont do good its only a 3 man team shooting (manu parker n duncan) usually when ginobli plays bad the team looses JUST SAYiNG : REGARDLESS LAKERS R READY FOR THE SHOWDOWN APRIL 12

    • Ginobili says:

      could say the same for the lakers…kobe is sucking they suck…and Pau Gasol is the best player on that team…so if he sucks they suck.

  62. afall says:

    Before the season Tim Duncan and a few other teammates participated in a pagan ritual for good luck for the season, its just now starting to wear off.

  63. TONTIM DUNCAN'T says:

    It is better a heartbroken today than in the western conference finals vs LA…
    and it is better for the spurs to finish 2nd…because at least you know you are the underdogs and you
    know you are going to lose….
    whatever dudes…LA is gonna win Vs anybody because it is the last dance for LA…and they are gonna take it by any means…

    • GregorEE says:

      last dance?? with that same team, theyre good for 2 more championships… next couple of seasons kobe will be feeding pau and bynum all day… once bynum gets more touches, he will dominate just like shaq and the lakers will be unstoppable…

  64. ViAGra says:

    Haha. Overachieved Spurs finally playing more like themselves. This team has been the luckiest team in the history of human mankind and as a proof, will fail horribly in the playoffs. Gets swept by 7th or 8th seed. You know it’s coming.

    • Ginobili says:

      “luckiest”…4 championships…10 plus 50 win seasons….a couple of mvp trophies sprinkled in…some guy named tim “top five best powerforwards ever” duncan…yup, pretty lucky.

    • All About 18 says:

      Spurs weren’t lucky, their coach Popovich, was awesome in switching up their playing style instead of playing thru Tim Duncan and getting a more upbeat style, therefore turning them into a combo of Suns offense w/ Spur defense. Lately their D has been slipping, but im thinking that LA has been the favorites and thats why most of the refs calls go against the spurs in their games and for the Lakers in their games. The most important key for the Spurs is if they can get healthy again and stay healthy, then they will be back to playing like they were be4 “the slip”

  65. mardy says:

    one spurs loss is another laker fan’s delight

  66. rank says:

    A lot of people nowadays neglect the true purpose of TD in SA. i hope this stat will make them realize that TD is still needed to win a championship..

  67. paul says:

    the spurs suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. spurs is still the best they will do there best to recover on its six straight losses

  69. PRFan says:

    I’m very fan of the spurs but Ithink the Thunder going to make big surprise in the playoff. If the Spurs finish first ,the Lakers going to the west finals with the Thunder. LA win.

  70. nat says:

    Can only hope they’ve let D slide as part of the usual regular season slack and that they’ll get scared and angry and tighten it up. But it can’t just be turned off and on like a switch, can it? Hope there’s enough time for them to redevelop a D groove before knocked out of the playoffs…very depressing at the moment

  71. Lakeshow #1 says:

    OK…EVERYBODY sing along… ♪♪ The wheels on the Spurs bus are falling off, falling off, falling off, the wheels on the Spurs bus are falling off, Lakers Rule! ♪♪

  72. Kobe Bryant says:


  73. says:

    too bad the lakers are running them down we will be the 1 seed in the west

  74. Banks says:

    Its because they are hurt…DUH..useless article

  75. LakerFan#1 says:

    I think the Lakers will get the number 1 seed with the way Bynum has been playing oh yeah Go Lakers

  76. YeeDog says:

    I REALLY don’t want to see Lakers take the lead after the Spurs had it for the entire season

    • Kim says:

      Too bad, the way the Lakers have been playing, they deserve it, and vice-versa with the Spurs. =]
      Go Lakers!

      • crossover says:

        no brain! Lakers are not going to the finals this year even if they make the top seed…look at the team in the West, all of them are capable of upsetting L.A…Lakers cant win w/o playing dirty with all the flops and complain and especially superstar treatment for Kobe…I cant wait OKC beating L.A. to the ground now with Perk in the middle, 4-2 Okc to the finals with the Bulls…or maybe Miami…just pray that L.A would buy out refs otherwise no chance of winning,..

    • FunkEducation says:

      That’s exactly what is gonna happen!

    • the jackhammer says:

      Spurs need to go to and man up.

    • CodyBoy says:


    • sucofer says:

      Two words: Matt Bonner

      • StonerBall says:

        LOL what about matt bonner? he aint the reason why they’re loosing, and he’s definately not the reason why they were winning.

      • Boston fan says:

        Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Heat H8r says:

      Too bad so sad the Lakers will take 1st because San Antonio slows down at this time every year coming into the playoffs. GO LAKERS!

      • crossover says:

        another no brain…L.A are not going anywhere…even the 2 and a half Miami beat L.A twice and a blow out in there own homecourt how much more if they face OKC or the Blazers both this team are deep enough to sweep L.A ….and Phil Jackson retires because he know it!!!

  77. Annie says:

    I’m so heartbroken and get worse with every loss. I love my Spurs and hope they can pull out of this downward spiral.

    • prix says:

      I’m sure they will gather up together during playoffs..but surely fall down in the 2nd round…I just hope Pops will rebuild his roster this coming offseason…and hopefully get somebody strong and a power defendr in the middle…Duncan and Mcdyes are not getting younger…almost their players are 3pt shooters, its like the SUNS back on the days that are just great during the season but slowly fading in the playoffs…They need great defenders like Bowen before and that makes them a championship team,