Lakers Ready For Playoff Push

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Jason Terry and Steve Blake, are ready for the playoffs.

Matt Barnes, Brendan Haywood and Shannon Brown seem more than ready for the grind as well.

In fact, the crowd and everyone else affiliated with the Lakers and Mavericks looked like they were in postseason form from what we saw in the Lakers’ crucial 110-82 blowout win over the Mavericks at Staples Center on TNT last night.

All five of those players were ejected early in an intense game that was marked by rising tensions on and off the floor and even more verbal drama after the game was over.

Even Lakers coach Phil Jackson and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban are in a playoff lather. Cuban, as only he can do, poked at the Lakers Wednesday when he indicated that the Mavericks would be fine with Lakers forward Ron Artest making the decisions in triangle offense:

“Anything that puts the ball in Ron Artest’s hands is always a good thing,” he told reporters. “… Of all the choices you have on that team, you want Ron Artest making the decisions in the triangle.”

In defending Artest, among other things he did after the game, Jackson had this rather colorful response directed at Cuban:

“I know that Mark likes to prick the skin of people. But he’s not a player. He just sits behind the bench with his suntanned face and has to make comments like that. He’s got nothing to do with it. I know that he’s provided a great roster that’s almost as good as money can buy. But not quite.”

You can’t make this stuff up!

You also can’t manufacture genuine disdain for an opponent, which these two teams have for more than one reason. Last night’s game was a must-have for both teams.

The Lakers bowed up to the challenge, looking every bit like the rugged, two-time defending champs that they are while the Mavericks looked less than ready for the rough and tumble nature of this contest — which included five ejections, three technical fouls and an array of statement-making moments.

While we won’t go as far as TNT’s Chris Webber did in using the dreaded “S” word on a team that has the fourth best record in the entire league, we can understand where some of that chatter comes from after seeing the Mavericks get pushed around the way they did by the Lakers.

The Lakers bullied the Mavericks inside and out, playing a much more physical brand of basketball than their guests. Mavericks center Tyson Chandler offered a sobering perspective, particularly for Mavericks fans, to reporters after the game when he pointed out the obvious and essentially agreed with the assessment of Webber (and Mavs coach Rick Carlisle, who recently tweaked his team about being soft):

“We’ve just got to get tougher. I don’t mean throwing punches. I mean basketball-wise. We’ve just got to play hard basketball. I felt like in the first quarter we came out and were playing tough. As each quarter went, I felt like we had little drop-offs. Obviously in the middle of the third and the fourth, we were just done. We weren’t running hard. We weren’t setting good picks, making them make decisions defensively by our offense. We just allowed them to set up and be the Lakers.”

Being the Lakers these days means winning 16 of your last 17 games since the All-Star break, chasing the Spurs for that top spot in the Western Conference and home court advantage throughout the playoffs and wiping away whatever dirt was on your shoulder from earlier this season, when folks were questioning whether or not this team had the mettle to mount yet another title run after three straight trips to the final day of the season.

If nothing else, it’s clear that Kobe Bryant has his crew ready for the playoff push a few games early!


  1. muho says:

    where are the people that were talkıng about lakers ıs done kobe ıs old ect. I saıd ıt then and ı wıll agaın lakers were just takıng ıt sow ıt ıs hard to play ın the fınals for three consecutıve years. now they start to push ıt and at the end of june everyone wıll see who are the real champs.

  2. Ron says:

    Kobe is scheduled to have a right hand surgery this summer. He adding another finger for his sixth ring.

    Phil Jackson is having his pinky toe sized. The ringmaker wants to make sure his 14th championship ring fits.

  3. NBA KING says:


  4. Tenki says:

    I don’t believe that the Zen Master defended Artest, because he simply retaliated directly at Cuban’s statement. It’s a good thing for the Lakers, seeing their coach display his arrogance and all the players have to do is to back his words up and show the basketball world the swagger LA fans used to see in the playoffs. I would like to see their matchup in the second round, provided that Dallas gets over with their playoff woes.

    Phil Jackson is known to make statements that would divert attention away from his team, but this is a clear exception. Being tagged as “Buss’ boy toy” made it personal, and Phil wants to show the world what he is capable of when things get personal. He wants to send a message to Cuban that the Lakers are the defending champions. Heck, I won’t be surprised if Jackson would later state that Cuban can have the best roster money can buy, but not the best coaching job that only the best coach in the world of sports can do.

  5. Jimmy says:

    breaking news!!!! Butler will be ready for the first round of playoffs get ready!!!!

  6. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    lakers will win …like they been doing for the last two years…have crap talked about them …then they come back and turn it right on

  7. jono says:

    bucks will finish 8th in the east then sweep the lakers in the finals

  8. Lee Martinsen says:

    To Kobenocloser: You are the dumbest LOSER that has ever posted anywhere.You would see Kobe’s shooting pct. at roughly 85%, if they kept stats for attempts where the shooter isn’t fouled. Kobe is absolutely, without a doubt, no argument the MVP of the league. Anyone that disagrees with me has the right to be wrong. They will never the less, be wrong.The Lakers will threepeat without a doubt. I will be really surprised if any team takes a series to 6 games.

  9. walt larsen says:

    DEFENSE will rule the playoffs. Threes become dumb when good defence prevails. A well oiled machine run by JACKSON is what it takes for a three peat. The odds are that some other team will have a miracle over the gold and blue, byt who” I’ll bet on the LAKERS and hope they stay healthy. Most of those hot teams cannot afford to lose any of their main items, a true teamwork with defense and health paves the way to what all nba basketball players dream of, the magic potion rulled over by Jackson. And yes, I guess that Kobe is resting and healing right now, as the Mamba surveys the scene.

  10. puffdaddy13 says:


  11. george says:

    Before the all star game i was convinced that the Lakers will be eliminated in the second round of the playoffs. Their play was horrible. But after the break they transformed themselves to a very tough to beat team. I believe that they have the bset chances in winning the championship from any other team right now. But, i cannot underestimate the Celtics and the Spurs. They are tough, experienced teams who know how to handle the playoffs pressure.

  12. NBAer says:

    Don’t you worry about Lakers! They are in preplayoff mode. Right where Phil wants them to be.

    Cuban is great guy and for me he is 2nd best NBA team owner. He just loves his team and yes he will say/do anything when his team is loosing, just like any fan..

  13. carrut says:

    threepeat for the lakers. kobe mvp…… let us wake up for this realities….ok????

  14. val says:

    hey celtics n heat fans….relax..just watch the lakers and see how dominant they are,,,hehehe

  15. Lakers says:

    Lakers lost to Miami twice? Who cares? LMAO!

    • AntiEastern says:

      I don’t care, yeah i’m ignorant. this is only the regular season, and the only one affecting it is their records. the past cavs had great regular season playoffs, 2009 66-16 and 2010 61-21 only to be beaten early in the playoffs. the mavs lost many times only on the first round. i bet that some teams will make surprises in the playoffs, like what boston did in 2010 (50-32, 4th seed) and orlando in 2009 (59-23, 3rd seed). they both defeated the 1st and 2nd seeds in the playoffs and its looking like to happen again.

  16. asa says:

    Lakers lost to miami


    • Heat H8r says:

      Doesn’t matter. When push comes to shove the Lakers are deeper than the Heat, and in the playoffs you have to be deep to win championships. Miami won’t even get a sniff @ the Finals, let alone be able to compete against the Western Conference champs.

    • LaLaLakers! says:

      Doesn’t matter because we won’t be seeing again them til next season anyway.

  17. Lakers says:

    @Gary: The way I look at it is you can hate or dislike a team as much as you want. When you refuse to give a team credit for outstanding play and a huge historical string of victories after the all star break: you appear as though you don’t know what you’re talking about! And then you claim they are both dirty and unskilled????? Jason Terry of the Mavs committed a diry foul out of frustration because the Mavs were getting their butts kicked! He started the whole incident and the Lakers responded as they should have. That’s a frustrated blog you made dude!

  18. Ron Hog says:

    And you are still questioning who is getting out of the western conference this year?

    – The Lakers have spanked the Spurs and the Mavs in the past 3 weeks by an average of 20 points on each win!

    Amazing.! ALL of you are a bunch of ignorant…

  19. Kobe says:

    This is the greatest blog ever!

  20. Please_don't_edit_me_Sekou says:

    Any predictions for who will be playing the Celtics in the Finals, Spurs, Mavs, of Thunder?

    • Please_don't_edit_me_Sekou says:

      Oh yeah, the Lakers are ready for playoff push. They’ll be pushed out round one.

      • AntiEastern says:

        I think that will happen to mavericks. greatest team, record holder. beated in the first round 3 times in 4 years having the home advantage. and it looks like to happen again.

  21. Please_don't_edit_me_Sekou says:

    Any predictions for who will be playing the Celtics in the Finals, Spurs or Mavs?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:




    • AntiEastern says:

      It will not be celtics, it will not be spurs or mavs, i predict to see a heat-lakers finals matchup.

  22. No_longer_a_Lakers_fan says:

    I realized after last nights game that the Lakers won’t even make the finals. I agree with 18, they are as soft as grapes. It order to win, you need to be tough like the Celtics. Let’s face it, if Perkins didn’t get hurt if game 7, the Celtics would have won easily. Not just won, WON EASILY. Sorry Kobe, you belong in the WNBA.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      If you didn’t see toughness in the Lakers last night, you have NO IDEA what toughness is.

    • Ro254 says:

      i agree. Most of these Lakers fan think the lakers will win every year. With Phil Jackson leaving, Lakers will never be the same.

      • cris says:

        duh u idiotof course as a fan u r going to think ur team is gonna win every year. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:




    • LakersWillWin says:

      Did we watch the same game???

      PS… Phil Jacksons comment to Mark Cuban is great. Cuban is an idiot.

      • Tobes says:

        I hate the Lakers, I’m Celtics to the core but face reality. The Lakers aren’t soft. They are the most dangerous team in the NBA. As for being dirty players of course they are. So are some of the Celtics but again face reality people, it’s not a game of tiddlywinks out there. There’s a fine line between being a dirty player (like Kobe and Garnett) and being an idiot who lashes out because things aren’t going his way (like Jason Terry). Good on Matt Barnes for sticking up for Blake. Terry is a fool who has done nothing more than bring the Lakers team closer together. And thats bad news for all other teams in the league.

    • AntiEastern says:

      Common sense dear 18 and no longer a lakers fan! the 2010 finals is already over. after a year, you still want to believe that the celtics won! Game 7, he cannot play because of injury. that’s it. its finished. Well, without Perkins and Robinson and a bit couple of new players, it will be a miracle for celtics to win a championship. West is the best conference, having many “futuristic” teams and the most championships since 1999. There are only 3-4 good teams in the east, all snatching a good playoff spot. well SAS is weakening, the lakers are stronger and there it goes, no. 1 in the west! the lakers has home advantage and will win in the finals, just like 2009 and 2010.

  23. It's all about 18 says:

    I feel bad for all you dreamers out there. There is absolutely no chance that any team from the west will beat the Celtics in the finals, PERIOD! All the teams in the west are soft and will be manhandled like the b!tches that they are.

    • NBA Fan says:

      You must be on shrooms or something. The Mavs swept the season series with the Celtics (even when the Celtics had Perkins). You don’t even want a series with the Lakers because now they have more size than the Celtics. judging by your comment it seems like you’re just happy that the Celtics just beat the Spurs on the road. If you think about it, The Lakers were up 30 on them almost the whole game, the Lakers also beat the Celtics in the Garden, even when the Celtics had Perkins. So don’t think that the Celtics are this unbeatable force, if ANY top team in the West or East, has home court advantage in the Playoffs or Finals against the Celtics, then that team will give the Celtics a run for their money, ESPECIALLY THE LAKERS.

    • Heat H8r says:

      The Lakers, “It’s All About 18”, can beat the Celtics. The only chance Boston had of beating the Lakers in the Finals was with Kendrick Perkins: that’s why the series went to seven games was because he was doing an excellent job defending the post against Gasol and Bynum. Without him in the lineup all Boston has is Krstic (who is one of the worst post defenders I’ve seen in the NBA), Jeff Green (who in the world is that?), and Shaq (who was good in his younger days but is too old to stick with Bynum or Gasol for seven games). Oklahoma City will pound Boston. The Celtics are too old to win that 18th championship they’re looking for this year.

  24. Jermaine says:

    As a huge Mavs fan, I was thoroughly disappointed with the way they played last night. My only hope is that they use this game to really take a look at the problems and weaknesses that constantly plaque the team. I still think that they are dangerous when they play the way they’re capable of playing, and they are capable of winning a championship, but they need to use the rest of the regular season to really figure out how to get more people involved in the game on a consistent basis, find a way to use Chandler and Haywood to provide more of a force in the paint, and just learn how to get tougher overall.

    I believe that they can because I know that this team is smart enough and experienced enough to do it, it just requires dedication and the ability to refocus and use past mistakes to make them better for the future.

    GO MAVS!!!

    • Wait a Minute says:

      You are so right about almost everything you said. But to me it seems like without Caron Butler the Mavs lack that threat that the Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs have. Those teams have the extra player(s) that can amplify the offense and defense whenever it’s necessary. I.E. a Ron Artest/ Lamar Odom,Matt Barnes, or a Big Baby Davis/ Shaq or Jermaine Oneal, or a George Hill/ Dejuan Blair. You know? Yes the Mav’s have Jason Terry, JJ Barea and Peja but it isn’t enough. To compete with the teams I just mentioned you HAVE to add in that last player who knows the offense and defense, and a LEGITIMATE threat, can create for other players, and get their own shot, which was Caron Butler. It’s kind of like having insurance. You know if your team is struggling on a given night, you insert these guys in and the game then the game COMPLETELY changes ( for your benefit). I’m not just saying to just have a strong bench because all those teams have a strong benches. I’m saying that the other teams have those “Sixth Starters” that currently the Mav’s don’t. These sixth starters ALWAYS 1 up the opposition and ultimately makes the team extremely hard to beat in the Playoffs.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      True this. But they CANNOT play they’re best basketball if they’re missing Caron Butler. The Mavs NEED Caron Butler for that last legitimate threat that the Celtics, Lakers, and Spurs have. That is what will make the Mav’s a championship team. Right now, to me they are still just a playoff team.

    • AntiEastern says:

      your teams mavs is a record holder. beaten 3 times in the last 4 years in the playoffs having home advantage? mavs will have a good regular season always, but only beaten up in the playoffs always!

  25. Jesse W says:

    Well, it was an ol’ fashion arsewhooping by the Lakers on the Mavs last night! My only question – what is knobhead Jason Terry saying today? Man, that dude has a head the size of a fricking watermelon. An obviously nothing in it to call out the Mamba.

  26. Obed says:

    dirty? and the mavs are not dirty for starting the altercation? wtf dude shut up!

  27. wtf says:

    look man if you’re going to go out and make a heavy accusation like calling the entire Laker team better back that up with solid evidence…which you won’t find
    stop blindly hating dude


    LA dirtier than Boston? Pfff.. Kevin Garnet and his WWE elbows is easily the most violent giraffe in the league. Boston is too arrogant and their fans are even worse. Every year they expect a championship and if they don’t get it, they turn on their team viciously. Just too spoiled after winning so many championships. Ungrateful buzzards. When the Heat beat Boston, Boston will just say “we didn’t have Shaq and we traded Perkins”. Excuses and arrogance.

    Boston has already made up their mind that they will be in the finals and that other teams in the east are rookies.

    • Tobes says:

      You’re an idiot. Boston fans have pride in their team win or lose unlike most Heat fans who have only jumped on the bandwagon this season when James and Bosh arrived. Perhaps you’re angry because the so called “violent giraffe” dominated, yes dominated your soft as a feather pillow “power” forward Bosh? Perhaps you need a good cry just like the Heat did after a losing streak?
      Boston had losing streak recently and they didn’t cry. They faced reality, worked hard and took out their anger on the poor Spurs. And throughout that losing streak the Boston fans stuck with them because we don’t abandon our team when the going gets tough and “take our talents to South Beach”.
      If Boston loses it won’t be because we traded away Perkins it will be beacause this is NBA basketball and on any given day any one team can beat another. That being said can the Heat who have no depth beat Boston in a 7 game series? Hell no! Let me break it down for you:
      Starting 5’s:
      Bibby/Chalmers vs Rondo – No contest. Rondo will dominate.
      Wade vs Allen – Wade wins this match up but Allen will sink a few nice 3’s given half the chance.
      Lebron vs Pierce – Lebron wins this match up but the Truth will make him work for it.
      Bosh vs Garnett – Bosh is younger and healthier but he’s soft as warm butter and Garnett will eat him alive
      Dampier vs Kristic or either O’Neal – Dampier is a loser. Nuff said.

      Thats a 3 – 2 advantage to the Celtics. Now lets look at the bench:
      Heat have Anthony, Howard, Big Z, Chalmers/Bibby, House, Miller, Pitman
      Celtics have Baby Davis, West, Pavlovic, Arroyo, Bradley, Wafer, Kristic/O’Neal, Murphy, Green

      Translation the Heat have has beens or never weres (the only one who worries me is Miller) and the Celtics have strong roleplayers in West and Murphy , young stars on the rise like Davis and Green and savvy veterans like Arroyo.
      The Celtics may or may not win banner 18 this year but they WON’T fall to the Heat and no matter what happens true Celtics fans ill always have pride in their team and stand with them thru good times and bad.

      Thats not arrogance it’s just a fact.

      • Trevs says:

        YEAH. Boston has so much pride in their team that even a couple of years ago they were chanting MVP….for kobe? wait a minute. something’s not right here.

      • cris says:

        ya rite boston has pride in their team win or lose.where were ya’ll before kg and ray ray came to town. da realist nba fans are knicks fan they came to games win or lose while u boston fans stayed outta da arena especially after pierce was by himself and antoine walker had left.

      • julio9 says:

        yeah trevs is right. remember a couple years back when boston was chanting “MVP” for kobe AT the garden? I guess that’s what being loyal is all about huh? oh and remember how they treated rasheed wallace? yes, he didnt play well but he is still on the team. you dont do that to your team.

  29. KungFu Hustler says:

    Sorry Gary but you are fairy and everyone knows that fairies don’t know anything about basketball.

  30. Monopoly says:

    you’re a joke,. you don’t know the diff. between dirty and playing tough basketball

  31. Gary says:

    LA as a team plays dirty; worse than Boston. I really dislike players that have to resort to dirty tactics to win. Just shows how unskilled you are.

    • Carl Johnson says:

      From what I saw last night, it was the Mavs that threw the cheap shots. Only problem, they are not SKILLED or tough enough to follow it up. The better hope the Blazers don’t move back up to the sixth spot or they will be a first round exit.

    • Omega says:

      another Laker hater.. haha thanks for the laugh

    • steve says:

      unintelligent. gay i mean gary.

    • sbfern805 says:

      WHAT??!!! LA playing dirty just to win?? LMAO! terry push wasn’t dirty? Lakers were already killing the Mavs by the time the rumble began. You see Ron Artest Flexing and kissing his muscles?? Dont mess with them cause if you play dirty,the Lakers have BIGGER guns to play back! Lakers are the most talented team in the NBA and can beat ANY team by their own games and rules. Just dont hate…HAHAHA!

    • lakerfan says:

      SO because they stomped the team everyone was calling just as good as themselves, the lakers play dirty? thats ridiculous. Go back to the play where Jason Terry literally pushed steve blake over as he was driving for a lay up. thats playing dirty my friend. winning by 28 points against a team who everyone saw as an equal is just being better, hungrier, and has a lot to do with having the 2nd best shooting guard of all time on your team. you dont have to like the lakers, but dont say that they are cheating just because they are dominating, that makes you look jst as pathetic as jason terry did, when he resorteed to shoving someone instead of playing legitimate defense against him. do you hear that? its the sound of you being stupid.

    • Wait a Minute says:

      Your comment. mad stupid.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Oh yeah, real dirty Did we watch the same game? I saw The Jet shove a already free falling Steve Blake…

    • crossover says:

      lol…everybody hates gary now…sometimes Gary ha a point…who would love to watch L.A and Boston aside from dirty playing, with all the flops and complains… I would rather watch OKC vs BULLS in the finals… BOSTON-Lakers already expired.

    • Heat H8r says:

      There’s a fine line between dirty and physical. What the Lakers did last night was physical; what the Pistons teams of the 1990s did was dirty. And you can’t say Dallas was innocent either: look at the hard foul on Barnes. And the Lakers can beat the crap out of any team they choose when they’re firing on all cylinders. Just because they pummeled your team doesn’t mean you have to go around saying stupid stuff like that.

  32. spursgermany says:

    lakers S…. Fakers….S.
    Trumptoupet S:::
    AFTER 8 years of GW Bush here is the Bandwagon ABOUT Falker so la lala so etc tce F…
    i pray they get Nuggets to get bullied back and not these Mavs softies.

    Lakers Ready For Playoff Push how many COMMENTS ARE YOU EXPECTING SEKOU, SCHUHEMANN

    • spider8345 says:

      What the hell are you talking about? I mean seriously? Does anyone here know what you’re trying to say? What does 8 years of George W. have to do with the lakers/mavs game? How do you corrilate “bandwagon” to Bush’s presidency? And who’s “Falker?” But that’s besides the point, it doesn’t matter who the lakers get in the playoffs, who can beat them in the west? They’ve gone to the NBA finals 3 years in a row, this year is no different. They’ve been playing great basketball since the all-star break because they know that the playoffs is all that truly matters. Yeah, I too hope they get the nuggets instead of the mavs ’cause the nuggets suck! They don’t have Melo anymore thus leaving them without a go to guy when they really need it. Besides, the mavs will lose in the first round as usual. Don’t be mad ’cause the Spurs havn’t done crap since ’07. Lakers will three-peat this year and send Phil on his way as a champ!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Can someone tell me what this dude is talking about? He must be bitter that Boston came into SA and burned ’em.

    • cris says:

      lol @spider8345 comment. for real bro don’t nobody know wat this fool is talkin about i didn’t even know how to read it.

      • the hustla says:

        this is my favorite coment wish their was a like button but couldnt understand it either lol

  33. Zzanzabar says:

    Both Mark Cuban and Doc Rivers are correct about Ron Artest being the ‘weak link’ in the Lakers team offense, UP TO A POINT. Yes when the Lakers are firing on all cylinders and everyone seems to be on the same page it appears at times that Ron Ron is sometimes on a different page of the script, but when Kobe or Gasol seem to falter and are going 7 for 24 on the court, it is Artest that will settle down and deliver. Just ask Doc Rivers about game 7 of the Finals. If there was no Artest then Boston would have won the title easily.

    As Cris Webber said, the Lakers are now literally ‘foaming at the mouth’ ready for the playoffs, while Dallas and others are still trying to find their playoff legs. While other teams seems to make trades during the season that were front office inspired (Boston’s surprise trading of Perkins), the Lakers listened to their PLAYERS as to the possible people to pursue (or keep, such as Brown) to compliment what they had. The addition of Barns and Blake has added an extra level of intensity because they both can sense that this is their time to prove their worth and collect the only trophy that really matters… the Larry O’Brien trophy and the ring that goes with it.

    • kobenocloser says:

      kobe falters so often, he shot 8 out of 21 under 40%, true he made like 9 or 8 from the free line, but still shooting poorly
      since the break , kobe shooting has been bad in general, but still the lakers keep rolling, odom and gasol are th MVP on the lakers along with bynum and artest, but guest who gets the credit KOBE, BUT STATS DO NOT LINE, 45% IS his career shows it.Still some people talk about him being the MVP, he is not, the lakers are like the celtics , a bunch of good players, but kobe was the superstar first, but gasol has become also a superstar, odom should be an all star player also.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Want to talk about fg%? Leading MVP candidate D.Rose is shooting 42%!!! Yet, he’s MVP? Kobe is managing to get 28 37 and 42 his last 3 games and the man has arthritis on his shooting finger. He has to wear a brace to shoot the ball! Can you imagine wearing a brace and shooting 45% in the NBA? Ginobili a fellow SG is shooting 38%, yet Kobe is shooting at his career average when he is this messed up and you can give him sh**? You’re pathetic. Kobe’s numbers have been great this season, he shot 50%+ for a while until he sprained his ankle and it’s dipped. Just wait, he’s saving his body for the playoffs and not driving too hard to the hoop. Just wait. The mamba is making his presence, but hasn’t struck quite yet.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        there will always be someone hating on Kobe, no matter what….it is truly pathetic…

        you say he is only shooting 45% from the floor like that is SUCH A BAD SHOOTING PERCENTAGE…

        Like Lakerwillwin said, Kobe is doing all of this with a busted finger….a non repairable finger…for him to still be playing at such a high level with that kind of set back on his SHOOTING HAND is a great achievement and a testament for his drive and dedication to the game

        give him and the whole lakers team credit ….stopping hating for once…god damn!

      • kobenocloser says:

        kobe is this stretch is not shooting his average , it is shooting well below, in the 5 game in a row after the lost against miami he shot 34% and still the lakers were 4 and 1 , Kobe is not EVEN THE lakers mvp, I take odom over him anytime.
        Rose is not shooting well also and ginobili is shooting really bad, lebron and wade are shooting over 50%

  34. prix says:

    Damn!..Its hard to admit that the Lakers plays very well after the all star break…No doubt that they will keep on rolling during playoffs..there intensity and hunger for win still very transparent in the way they play…but at the end of the day I STILL STAND UP TO WHAT I SAY BEFORE THAT THEY ARE NOT GOING TO THE FINALS AGAINTS BULLS OR HEAT…NOT THIS TIME!..all the Beast are in the West…GOODLUCK

  35. chudc says:

    good job lakers! can’t wait for the playoffs!

    • crossover says:

      nice job Lakers. the Mavs are getting soft… i just wonder if playoff time if ever they face Portland,Okc,Spurs if still they have the energy and the will to win.. I still doubt them. I still go with OKC its a good match-up for them with physical games in the playoffs and maybe they upset L.A…it would be a thriller!