Is SA spurred to panic yet?

SAN ANTONIO — Two weeks ago, the Spurs were zeroing in on maybe winning the most games in the Tim Duncan Era.

Now they’re suddenly trying to snap the longest losing streak since the season before Duncan arrived in San Antonio.

How quickly things change.

It might not be time yet for the citizens of the Alamo City to jump off the River Walk into the river, but you can be sure some are inching closer and closer to the edge.


Not the Spurs.

“It’s simple enough,” said Duncan. “We put ourselves in this position. Luckily, we’ve played great basketball all season and we’ve given ourselves a lead on the rest of the league. We’ve given some of that back, but we still have enough.”

Do they?

If the sizzling Lakers close out the regular season without dropping another game, the Spurs would have to win six of their final seven to guarantee holding onto the No. 1 seed.

Starting tonight in Houston, are there six wins in a Spurs’ slate that has home games against Phoenix, Sacramento and Utah and road games at Phoenix, Atlanta and the Lakers?

While the five-game losing streak is their longest since the 1996-97 season, four of those losses came with Duncan sidelined by injury and the first three were all close. Only the Celtics dropped the hammer on the Spurs.

“Of course, we want to be number one,” said Manu Ginobili. “It’s not that we want to give it away because we like to be underdogs. No, no, we want to win it.”

How quickly things change.

The Spurs can’t really let this get away. Can they?


  1. SMOOVE says:

    Honestly, the only team that could challenge the Celtics is the Spurs.

  2. TimManuTony says:

    Spurs are good,or maybe too much..thats why they are the best team in this season..!
    Lets talk about Duncan when he came to Spurs,the team always go to the playoff until now..dont just ignore that..!
    compare to Kobe?Kobe is nothing w/o Gasul,Bynum and Fisher.! Where are you Lakers in 2003 to 2008.??
    Tim,Manu and Parker is always a factor.!

  3. Black and Silver says:

    Once the playoffs start I hope/think the Spurs will kick it up a notch. Defensively we need more of it, and i think Splitter is going to start playing alot more. He may not block shots, but his size will change shots around the rim.

  4. Cha says:

    As much as I want my team, Lakers, to get it, I think the Bulls are just plain hungry and focused to take the over-all lead. The Lakers’ bench usually gives up their lead in the 4th that’s why their starters can’t rest. It’s annoying, they better pick up their defense and find an offensive rhythm to get good locks and just move the ball without much sense.

  5. F.S says:

    Hands down Lakers is still the most equipped to win it all…
    and thats coming from a Boston fan…
    I want Boston to win…but the reality isn’t Perkins…
    its teams lack of chemistry itself…the new guys haven’t really blend in well…
    Hopefully Doc can work his magic…cuz these Boston guys deserve to win one more…

    Spurs are a good team no matter what…
    when u win 55+ games… u r good! thats that..
    playoffs is where anything happens…
    thats why we all love this game!!

  6. The Rocker says:

    Six straight losses is perhaps 2 much
    But still the Fakers won’t win another championship coz the Eastern conf. teams have stepped up big time Whoever advances out of the East in2 the Finals, be it the Bulls, Heat or the Celtics, is going 2 give the Fakers a big pounding in the Finals

  7. marco says:

    Lakers payroll $91 million (highest in NBA) – Spurs payroll $69 million. So the Lakers BUY another championship. WHO CARES. Just like the Yankees. Let’s see the FAKERS win with a HARD cap in the NBA!!!!

  8. pgp says:

    go lakers’3 peat……….

  9. tata says:

    Rick Adelman for mayor!!

  10. richuncle says:

    If the Spurs answer to beating teams is Splitter then they are for sure a first round exit. I don’t think Splitter is going to stop Bynum or Gasol from dominating him. Bonner can do a better job on Bynum than Splitter, atleast with Bonner you can spread the floor and get some plays open for Ducan or Parker. With Splitter on the court the other center can just hang by the basket and clog the middle up. Bonner is a great shooter and without him the spurs would not have a chance. Bonner, Jefferson, Neal, they are not good defensive players but their offense looks pretty. The lakers are a defensive team that can all score. That is why they are world champions. Homecourt Advantage is more important in a 7 game series, but Basketball is a game of matchups. Maybe the Spurs will match up better against Dallas in the Second round than OKC or Denver? The most important position is health. I would rather have the second seed and a healthy team then first seed and be banged up.

  11. Charles says:

    At this point I really do not mind if the Spurs lose their last few games. I do not want to face the Lakers in the second round. They need time to fix their problems then be able to face the Lakers in the Conference Finals.

  12. suny says:

    If only Pop would replace Bonner with Splitter. Someone needs to remind the coach that strong rebounding and interior defense are how you win in the playoffs not 3 point shooting. Bonner has been slumping anyway & the guy is a defensive liability every minute he is on the court.

  13. thomas says:

    crossover you sound hella stupid imma celtics fan an the bulls cant beat te c’s in a 7 game series an neither can the thunder beat the lakers in a 7 games series

  14. puffdaddy13 says:


  15. Okay Man as much as i hate the lakers i gots to say they are the best team in the league im honestly starting to think they win when they feel lik playing for real but if they are bored theyll let u win like they are that good but they do have a weakness an thats the MIAMI HEAT they have so many problems with them i hope okc beats them tho i really do an i dnt wana hear about the spurs their time is up its over for them they are to old an u people that are saying they will lose in the 1st round thats nonsense because the grizz or the hornets cant beat them not with out ruday gay an david west being hurt but they will lose in the second tho

    • thetruth says:

      Lakers the best team lol??? I’m a big spurs fan and I think they are going all the way this year. Though the best team is Chicago. Look at how they play compared to all the other teams. Also the hornets is no threat to the spurs….memphis is more of a threat and still couldn’t top them in 7 games. The spurs hurdles this year is portland and la….I would say dallas but they choke every year.

  16. tata says:

    San Antonio fans are ready to commit Spur-micide.

  17. KungFu Hustler says:

    Go Lakers. Almost have that #1 spot.

  18. InevitableLakerChampionship says:

    The spurs started panicking when the Lakers blew them out by thirty. If SA has home court they cannot beat the Lakers when both teams are at their best in a 7 game series. The spurs shouldn’t panic because they aren’t playing their best, they should panic because LA is.

    • thetruth says:

      What year are you thinking about? The spurs have not lost to the lakers by thirty. That was the heat that beat us by thirty yet we beat them by thirty to. The spurs lead the lakers 2-1 in the season series and plays them one more time. The lakers won by 16 when they did when. Even if they win against us in this last game its still a tied series. So don’t sit here and say we can’t handle them because we have and we will. Even if both teams are playing at there best at the same time the lakers can’t handle the offense of the spurs. The spurs are not a two man team like the lakers. Kobe and Gasol is the lakers. Take either of them out and they can’t do anything. Lakers won’t get first either so live with 2nd place this year faker fan.

  19. SAM says:

    Iam a big spurs fan. But the way I see it now is the spurs will lose the first spot to the lakers. I never liked the lakers but I do respect the way they play. Sorry Spurs I think you are done for the playoff in the first round unless POP do something quick about it. West final …………Lakers vs. Mavs.
    It hurts me to see the spurs losing but it is a fact and we have to accept it.
    Good luck next season…Go spurs Go!!

  20. San Antonio Sam says:

    Panic! Panic! I’m as jumpy as a field mouse in a snake pit! More panicky than that just doesn’t exist! I’m starting to sacrifice all of my best laying hens hoping that Voodoo can get us back on track. Help us Baron Samedì, because nobody else can, just you.

    Panic! Panic! Xanax just doesn’t do anything anymore. Thinking about smoking black gum. I keep tossing and turning in my sleep, the same nightmare every time. I try to bar the door, but I just don’t have the strength to keep it close, the doors shatters to splinters and then I see the silhouette of a ravening wolf. He is wearing a Laker uniform.

  21. DaveBautista says:

    The panic has already started and this dream season is turning into a nightmare. The Spurs less than average defense, rebounding and lack of size are being exposed. Richard Jefferson, Bonner and Blair were great early in the year and now have almost disappeared. I have thought all year that Splitter needed to play more so the Spurs would have bigger size and could match up better with teams that do.

    The Spurs needed home court advantage to get to the Finals and have easier matchups along the way. That will be gone soon and it looks like a matchup against Dallas in the 2nd round. Dallas wants payback from last year and will probably get it as they are a great road team. The Lakers are superior to everyone else in the NBA and will roll to another title.

  22. NBAer says:

    Now when Spurs lost in Houston . ???? Loosing ball in last minute of the game and in overtime plus not making foul when your coach is screaming to make one – could hurt you. Lakers still have to win all games including those against Spurs, (New) Denver, OKC and @Portland.

    It is to late to panic now. Just focus.

  23. jono says:

    spurs will bomb out in the first round

  24. WillDS says:

    my prediction for the west playoffs

    1. Lakers
    2. Spurs
    3. Mavs
    4. Thunder
    5. Nuggets
    6. Blazers
    7. Grizzlies
    8. Hornets

    LA beat NO
    Memphis beat SA
    Porltand beat Dallas
    OKC beat Denver

    • Shawn says:

      hahahaha – You should have made your prediction at the beginning of the year. Not with a handful of games left. Anyone could have predicted the playoff contenders by now. Your playoff wins are off though. Why don’t you try again when the first round is almost over??

    • RIOT says:

      another no brain…Spurs will win first round…2nd round they will probably lost to Portland but it will be a good series..Spurs dont have the defensive depth that they need in the playoffs and Portland right now is a better team with Roy back and Wallace is a great additional…Pops should realize this and take some defensive role players next season not 3pt shooters

    • Henry says:

      Don’t try and do the same thing people did last year. A lot of people chose Dallas over SA. Please note that if the Spurs’ big three are there for the playoffs, Spurs would probably beat Memphis. The two times Spurs lost to Memphis- No Parker, and then No Duncan

  25. JayHouston says:

    I believe the Playoffs will be a different situation for the Spurs.
    They might be losing now, could be because they aren’t feeling the intensity yet. Once they playoffs come.. Predator mentality comes into play.

    They have the best record in the league, a win for themright now is just “paddin’ stats.”

    P.S: i’m not a spurs fan.. Rockets won tonight 😉

  26. allaround baller says:

    spurs will be back
    boston is the one to panic, i withdraw my bet since perkin trade and i believe that trade isn’t their coach call

  27. faithb4fear says:

    The spurs need the # 1 seed. Even with the number 1 seed i dont see them beating the mavs or the lakers. There just under sized and Dont have enough offensive players. Manu is there only weapon and when his flops dont work he just starts take bad shots. The lost to Boston i saw how they truly had no bench and where under sized and got beat by a under sized Boston team. The spurs will be lucky to make it past the 2nd round.

    • Jake says:

      The Spurs had the second best offense in the league last time I checked. Plus, the Spurs have more depth at the bigs than Boston does. The Perkins trade and Shaq’s injury make Boston’s front line as thin as Miami’s.

  28. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    The Spurs have nothing to worry about.. They are going to be amazing in the playoffs and send the Lakers home a little bit eariler than usual.. Game 7 will be in their house! Spurs vs Hear for NBA 2010-2011 Championship Playoffs :).. Not a BOLD statement at all.. 🙂

  29. WEGOTGAME says:

    Spurs All The Way

    they deserve it this year it SPURS YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Alex says:

    Even if the spurs were still 57-13 they were never going to win the championship let alone get into the finals

    • Shawn says:

      What a brave comment. You must be a Fakers fan ro are jealous of the Spurs’ success. We will be there in the FINALS! You have seen it before my friend.

  31. SaTx says:

    The two most winningest players = #1 Tim Duncan #2 Tony Parker.

  32. Lakers Wholeway says:

    Spurs are probably going to be No.1 at the end of the season. But of course, I would want the Lakers to be the first but I got to accept the truth… Spurs exploded this season. This is just another slump as happened to the HEAT. GO LAKERS!

  33. brigitte says:

    The two most boring players in the NBA = #1 Tim Duncan #2 Tony Parker.

  34. claudio says:

    I believe they can pull it, be more agressive on defense and take care of business. I do not care about the lakers or Mavs getting closer but just play and just get it over with, I know you guys can Watch for injuries you never know . Go Spurs Go
    and finish this season strong

  35. Jesse says:

    Team ….. Quit worrying about it and play to win instead of trying not to lose! Get the swagger back, that’s all that is missing. The road to Championship #5 starts tonight in Houston.


    TONTIM DUNCAN’T must retire…
    the spurs are gonna step up but they can’t match up with Lakers that is the reality…
    so it is over in may…

    • RIOT says:

      no brain, Duncan is there main man, w/o him its 5 straght losses…Pops should need players with defense not a three point shoot out!

    • thetruth says:

      What do you mean the spurs are gonna step up? As everyone has already seen they have done more then step up. They have proved that they can still play like before. I do agree that duncan is getting old, but the spurs got a great bench for back up. This may be there last chance with there big 3 to get a 5th championship and I kinda see it happening.

      There is no need for them to panic. Panicing is the worst thing they could do right now. The playoffs are right around the corner. The spurs will have a tough road this year in the playoffs. Every team that is in the playoffs in the west is tough and playing very well.

      I believe the west top 8 will stay where they are except for 7th and 8th. I think memphis will take 7th from new orleans. Which will lead the spurs to play the hornets in the first round. This being the easiest team of the 8 and should have atleast a 4-2 outcome with the spurs on top.

      However the other teams such as the fakers will have to face memphis which is not an easy team(they have beat all the elite teams). I see this coming down to game 7 and I think the Lakers will over come.

      Dallas is gonna have a lot of trouble with portland. This could be another 7 game series, though dallas are choke artist in the playoffs. Hence the fact they do not have a ring. If dallas plays like they did in the regular season they should out last the blazers.

      Now the thunder should be able to handle the nuggets with in 6 games. Even though the nuggets have been playing great I see them falling to OKC 4-2.

      With all that being said. Round 2 is gonna be intersting. If things pan out the way I think they will I see round 2 being Spurs and Thunder —– Lakers and Mavericks. Third round I see the Spurs and Lakers(7 game series with the spurs coming out on top). We can handle them….2-1 lead on the series atm. My overall prediction is this:

      Conference Finals:
      East = Celtics and Bulls
      West = Spurs and Lakers

      Bulls and Spurs (Spurs win 4-3)

      Now…I do understand that I am just guessing but this is what I think will happen. Any of it can change quickly…they are all pro teams and can all beat one another as they have proven so. All and all….the spurs do not need to panic and do not need to worry about the fakers….let alone any other team. Go Spurs!!!

  37. LakersFanForever says:

    its time 2 panic for the spurs. they r messing up at the wrong time of the season. with only about 8 games left to play and losing to boston, a win they really needed. TIME2PANIC

    • AntiEastern says:

      yeah your correct. time for the spurs to cry before winning like the heat did like a baby.

  38. Jake says:

    Take away some freak injuries and replace it with better execution down the strech and the Spurs would probably be 4-1 over the last five games. They should get things back on track tonight in Houston and I’m confident they’ll end up with the number one seed. Also, why is everyone so confident the Lakers are going to win out the rest of their games? They’ve been playing well, but that doesn’t guarantee anything.

    • ClipperShawn says:

      I agree. If you think it’s going to be so hard for the Spurs to win 6 of 7, why is it a given that the Lakers win all of their games. Fact is, while it might be interesting to talk about, the Spurs losing the number one sead is a very unlikely possibility.

    • DeAndre says:

      That maybe the case, but you want some sort of rhythm going into the playoffs. The Spurs are living with that 3 way too much! You live by the 3 but you also die by the 3. When those 3s not going in guys lose confidence and the bucket becomes smaller. Tim Duncan is not a force anymore. Those days are gone, so lets get that out the way right now. Pop did a bad thing by not playing him alot, because Tim cant just turn it on. Those knees arent good and father time has caught up to him.

    • allaround baller says:

      at least duncan,manu and parker return. Im glad they have it back bfore playoff. No basketball fans like to watch no 1 (or 2) preseason team facing the playoff without their top3 player. Right?
      The loosing streak somehow is good, so they’ll be more motivated.

  39. Ventruck says:

    Wear for the season. Would make sense because teams will later on push harder to beat the Spurs knowing how dominant they’ve been – somewhat of a test. They became a target.

    If anything, the Spurs should be more concerned with the post-season. If I recall, Ginobli and Duncan aren’t necessarily at 100%. No point playing your butt off in the remainder of the regular season when something more important is ahead. Of course, that number 1 spot isn’t something to take lightly of either.

    I’m just not surprised by their performance right now. ANY team would crack at this point. I mean with a proposed NBA lockout suggesting there’s already too much talent in the league to go around, you’d need a nuts team to go perfect for the season.

  40. ChrisTx says:

    No PANIC from the Fans and I know from the mature respectful players and organization of SPURS!
    GO SPURS GO! Beat our I10 rivals tonight.

    We can still hold on to the top seed and home court! WE BELIEVE!

    • tata says:

      lol Houston, we have a problem.

    • Sean Fedora says:

      Dear ChrisTX,

      Do you really think the Spurs can stay healthy throughout the playoffs. The last few years it seems one of their big three gets injured at a really bad time and their depth is in question. The Spurs may cruise through the first round, but they will have to face an athletic team no matter what in the second round. Good Luck!

    • lol its l.a 4 home court watch

  41. DJ says:

    AFTER that great start, now they’re falling apart. POP should do something about this. Players have off-nights. WHEN they do, play others. THEY lived with the 3s and now they’re killing themselves with it now. CONFIDENCE is disappearing. Bench those guys. The FANS panic as well. Old SPuRs’ DEFENSE is gone. THEY prefer to SHOOT more now. THEY worked so HARD and it’s disappointing to see them this way.

    • crossover says:

      They will come to life during playoffs and maybe give a series to whoever they face but I dont think they will reach the west finals… I dont watch the Spurs that much…I dont hate them, they are a great team but I feel that they are BORING to watch…I rather watch L.A or Boston even I think both team are not going to the finals either…i love watching L.A and Boston playing dirty…so nasty and full of stupid flops and complains and whoever beats them…that makes my day will crash BOSTON and OKC burn the LAKERS sounds fun to me…

      • lakers4ever says:

        talikng nonsense, do u really think okc will going to crashed 16 times champ LA? stupidity my friend,the way the champ are playing ryt now… better review their games now so that u can have a better comments to post here..!lol…

      • wlc says:

        Look lakers4ever, lakers are playing great, but when they are not playing very well lakers fans usually say that we have to wait to the playoffs to see how they get better. Now I say wait to the playoffs to see how Spurs get better.

      • your nouts yo with ur l.a aint going 2 the finals probably boston wotn givin away perkins and losing squaq 2 injury but kobe and co we winin evrything dont fool urself

      • Kingsfan says:

        @wld – Lakers not playing great? 16-2 since All Star Break is the best record during that stretch. How do you not consider that great?

    • RIOT says:

      ya right, Pops need to do something, He can start to think who he need to get during offseason because right now I dont think they can compete with the monsters in the west..when duncan was out and they lost 4games in a row , it just show that they are not deep enough for the playoffs.. no defense in the paint, threes aint falling..what im really concern is there defense..hope Pops get somebody like Chandler or Camby or Bogut or trade Parker and Boner for Chris Paul.. make room for the cap to make some solid role player with defense..this is the time they will miss Bowen for sure..

  42. Wait a Minute says:

    The Spurs got it. no question.

    • prix says:

      No need to panic….Tim is back…this makes the west very exciting…if all people think that L.A would have an easy road to finals…think twice…look at how the Blazers and OKC are playing…Tim is back…the Mavs learn to play dirty after L.A loss…and even the Rockets and the Pacers whos trying to get the 8th seed plays at there best…I still doubt L.A to the finals

    • BKizzle777 says:

      Stop smoking dude! The spurs are done. They wont even make it out the 1st round!!! Just watch the Late Show Train pull away baby!!