LeBron Says Rose Leads For MVP

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who better to weigh in on the MVP debate than the two men mentioned most often as the frontrunners?

Heat star and two-time MVP LeBron James was asked his opinion about Derrick Rose and indicated to ESPN.com’s Mike Wallace that the MVP hype for the Bulls’ point guard is justified:

“I think [it’s] Derrick Rose,” James said before the Heat’s game Wednesday night against the Washington Wizards. “What he’s done for that team, with all the injuries they have and them being first in the Eastern Conference — they’re playing some really good basketball.”

Rose said he was surprised to get LeBron’s vote.

“Yeah … I’m speechless right now to tell you the truth,” Rose said.


What if the MVP voting was done by the players instead of the media?


  1. kobenocloser says:

    lakers are still a great team without Kobe

  2. dimples says:

    D ROSE will win the mvp dis season no questions ask…. but for saying Lebron won’t win an mvp award jst bcoz he’s playing alongside D wade and bosh is like saying MJ shud not win the mvp bcoz he’s play with pippen and rodman, Bird with parish and mchale, magic with jabar and worthy….. plus der r onli 4 players in the nba history to avrg. 25 ppg 6 rpg 6 apg….. den guess who they are…..

  3. DROY says:

    Hey Jay, what are you talking about boozer was out for a couple weeks and when he came back noah sat out with INJURY problems and maybe Deng has been healthy but there are prolly 10 small forwards i would take before him what kind of anargument is deng is healthy come on now. DROSE is the best playe in the nba right now and hands down the best closer, You ever watch any bulls games, doesn’t matter down 20 or 2 giv the ball to DROSE and just watch. Don’t hate!

    • Jordan L says:

      @DROY. OK bruh if ur a Derrick Rose fan that is fine but u took it a lttle bit too far when u said D-Rose is by far best player in NBA and best closer. I can name 3 players better than D-Rose easily: Kobe,Lebron, Wade, and maybe even Durant. Rose is one of my favorite players but I’ll admit in a heartbeat he is not the best player in the NBA. Even though Wade and Lebron aren’t my favorite players I’ll still put them above Rose as far as best player in NBA. REMEMBER MVP doesn’t always mean best player in NBA. Kobe is the best player and closer. But I can name 2-3 better closers than D-Rose: 1.Kobe, 2.Carmelo, 3.Wade or Rose. Rite now Rose mite be better than Wade. Now I’m definetley no Rose hater he is my 2nd favorite player but he is not better than: Kobe, Lebron

  4. my mvp is derrick rose because he has the talent,he had the skills to develop.he lead the chicago bulls to the top

  5. Eduardo Jimenez says:

    If we act as basketball lovers and not as a fanatic, we should look for which player helps his team in more in different fields: leadership, defense, offense, stealing, turnover, and rebounding etc. Based on this result we could talk about the MVP without the emotional influence that the fanatics use to be!
    Jimedward, from Aruba

  6. Gerry Bacor says:

    When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. And Lebron panics!!!!

  7. Taenyo says:

    get all the MVP trophy you can get and the Lakers will take care of their Champ Trophy..hehe

  8. hahah... says:

    Lebron is still for MVP

    check out cavs without him they are the last seed…
    with lebron they are the 1st seed

    lebron’s number never went down even with wade and bosh..

    • Pointguard40 says:

      Lebron was the MVP when he played for the cavs. but he doesn’t play for them anymore so that argument is pointless. Also, your numbers go up when you play with better players bc there is less help on you.

  9. Kikz says:

    KOBE is the MVP.

  10. justwlwen says:

    ok,i think james is the MVP,it Bulls vs Heat in the playoffs,i think Heat will win,so it belong to james

  11. rein says:

    i still pick tom thibs, the bull’s coach as the reason behind the teams success. without tom’s defense coaching, i dont think the bulls would be the top seed in the east. mvp is more like base on the team’s success before the stats. rose is a good inside scorer despite his height. he’s freakin fast but his shot efficiency is too low compare to lebrick.

  12. devroyce says:

    John Lucas III…there u go rite thurr MVP..lol

  13. Shocker11 says:

    Yeah, Rose really deserved the award this season. I was surprised too when I saw the standings of the East near the end of the season and Chicago was getting well-earned wins all of because of Rose. With the recent arrival of Boozer, everything turned out fine. Noah also continued to be aggressive from the start and his chemistry with Rose, Deng and the rest of the team turned out great.

    As for Lebron, being a part of the improvement of the Miami Heat is no suspense, but only until improvements alone. What happened to “We-will-dominate-the-east-just-like-what-we-do-on-fiba-games” thing?

    • Jordan L says:

      @Shocker11. Obviously Rose deserves MVP RITE NOW. But I’m just saying the Lakers are playing extremely well and Kobe is also playing very good and Lakers just blew out the second best team in the west by 28 points (Mavericks). Also don’t forget Lakers are 16-1 since All star break and they can make it 17-1 if they don’t lose focus against a bad, struggling Utah Jazz team tonight. As well as Lakers and Kobe are playing, Kobe deserves to be in top 3 in discussion. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Kobe snuck up and on D-Rose and got the award if Lakers end up with best record in NBA. And Lakers continue the run. D-Rose is my 2nd favorite player behind Kobe but D-Rose better keep the Bulls playing well and hope Kobe and Lakers slow down so he can make sure the award is his.

  14. CHAD says:

    rose for mvp nuff said… did you think chicago would be the top team in the eazt suffering injuries from both boozer and noah? remember noah out for about 9 weeks, boozer is for about 10 weeks if you add it all up…
    derrick stayed healthy and is being the MAN for CHICAGO… props to luol.korver,ronnie,& ommer & everybody!!!
    playing their roll…
    BULLZ are BACK!!!

  15. D Sands says:

    and thoes guys i named not only they can play out side they play inside aswell

  16. D Sands says:

    i lost track of it but sumone posted name a foward who handles the ball like lebron well heres a few blake griffin, lamar odem, gerald walace just a few cuz there is more and plz dnt get me wrong i dnt hate the guy but in my opinion i think hes a tad bit over rated

    • Jordan L says:

      @D Sands u r absolutely rite about Lebron being just a little overrated as far as his ball handling skills. And u mentioned plenty of people his size or bigger who have great handles like: Odom (who might have better dribbling skills/moves than Lebron), Gerald Wallace, Danillo Galinarri, Don’t forget about the 2nd or third best Small forward in the NBA Carmelo Anthony, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Kirilenko, Luol Deng, and I’m sure I’m missing some; but Lebron’s dribbling skills are just a little bit overrated. Now once again I’m not a Lebron hater, I just point out the truth. I never said Lebron doesn’t have good handles he just isn’t the only 6’8+ that can dribble well.

  17. junnex says:

    mvp for means doing all the stuffs needed by your team…offense …defense and leadership..who’s on the line with these criteria…first its kobe24…

  18. D Sands says:

    sum ppl are getting it twisted lebron doesnt have wade . wade has lebron its wades team yea he made more noise in the free agency deal but thats it. dallas was up 3 to 1 and wade took the series over he has wat it takes and lebron knows it thats why he went to miami and not try get wade to clevland. the reffs can call charging on lebron every night wen he goes in the paint cuz thats all he does and sum of you ppl need to get your head out his butt cuz you only like the highlights. am a bulls fan but i give credit were it is due ans yes kobe is the best player in the game rite now as much has i dnt like the lakers they are a freak of nature but drose is the mvp of the game and if he doesnt get it thats sum b.s man

  19. LBLOWJ says:

    Queen LBJ’s fans dont cry! D-rose deserve to win the MVP title this year…

  20. HatersJustFearThem says:

    Enough is enough Rose will win the MVP.. Lets just wait for the playoffs to know who will win the championship but for now all of you can shut the hell up.. D.howard is not a mvp even kobe is not (maybe in the finals he will be) and not Lebron but he has the guts to admit that.. Can D12 do that??? The only thing D.howard is good at is complain complain and complain just like his coach and their GM.. No wonder he leads the league in tech fouls and even got suspended for it.. That is the real loser.. I’ll go for a lakers vs bulls / heat for the finals… Forget the boring boston, san antonio even dallas..

  21. locoeye says:

    its funny that you guys only talk abput LBJ how about dwade? i know lb has better stat but in close games when dwade takes over they get better result… everyone is forgetting that miami is still dwades team so why not put him in the conversation… but for me drose is deserving to be the MVP

  22. sda says:

    Im a huge kobe fan but NBA probably feels like they need to distribute the award more. D-Rose is a beast but if you look at the stats lebron eats up howard, rose and kobe’s. then again lebron has been choking in close games and derrick rose has all the intangibles so yeah. this might be interesting

    • Jordan L says:

      @sda. If ur a huge Kobe fan u would know the fact the Kobe only plays 33.5 minutes per game and he puts up great numbers for that time. If u do the math if Kobe played 38-40mpg like Lebron does he would average about 1-2 more points per game than Lebron. He’d average around 28-29ppg and probably lead the NBA in scoring because Kevin Durant has took a big dip in scoring. He averaged 30.1ppg last year, and earlier this year he averaged near 29ppg but he is struggling and Westbrook is taking a bigger role. But now durant only averages 27.7ppg which is pretty good. Someone please answer this question: why is the NBA leader in scoring only 27ppg this year, but last year it was 30.1 and 27ppg would be 4th last year but now it is first by a pretty large margin. I can understand Wade and Lebron dipping in scoring because they’re on the same team, and also Kobe dipping in scoring because he plays 6 less minutes this year than he did last year. But wat happened to Durant. I think most teams like (Spurs, Lakers, Mavericks, and Knicks) Westbrook is their main concern because they all have someone who can slow down Durant but all those teams have point guards who are old or are just bad defenders.

      • prix says:

        Scoring leaders this season are very low simply because we have a lot of potential teams running for the championships…not like before almost everybody talking about L.A and Boston or Cavs last year but now We have 6 or 7 contenders going to finals and all of this teams plays great defense particularly to the top scorer of the team…And most NBA coaches prefer team plays rather than Individualism…

  23. aCe and the LeBrons (Q.C., Philippines) says:

    LBJ is still MVP, however, If we base it from overall W-L record the MVP should come from the Spurs team not from a CHI team. If we talk about stats it should be D-HOW or LBJ. talking about leadership its Rose/D-How/Duncan and so on…. and of-course if it’s Media “Darling” its D-Rose.

    ROSE such a media darling!!!

    Common Rose doesn’t deserve to break WES UNSELD’s record as the youngest MVP!

  24. jacko says:

    Rose in my opinion is the run away MVP this season, but Chicago won’t be the champs just yet, Boston is still the team to beat even without Perk, they may meet in the con finals but experience will overcome hunger (Bos is Hungry too),just like what happend in 2004 when KG’s Minnesota got kicked by Shaq and Kobe’s Lakers, LA and San Antonio Is their possible match in the west. i think a little of everyone’s vote should be counted for choosing the season MVP.

  25. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    I think that Lebron was just being nice and just saying that Rose is good.. Yes he is good.. And yes it’s there defense that makes them good.. He should be talked about as the Most Improved Player.. Lebron and Dwayne have done more for the Heat than any other player on any other team in the NBA.. I know that’s a very BOLD statement, but it’s true.. Two grown men, have already established the way that they play ball, join forces to become a really good team.. I hear co-MVP’S.. Watch, these last few games, the true colors are gonna show and Rose is still going to be in the picture, but more in the background.. James and Wade are stepping up big time.. TAKE THAT!

  26. floodhead says:

    d-rose plays in the worst division in basketball!!! his team wins on the defensive end which is a team strategy not d-rose imposing defense. lebron an dwight should be fighting it out for mvp. dwight is a beast. and how can we forget the cavs are the worst team in basketball right now!!!! how does that not show lebrons value to a team that was A 60 win team!!! and now they suck worst than the nets!! get the facts straight people

  27. deron says:

    I don’t know if Lebron believes it, but he may be right. Wade is the most valuable player on the Heat. When he plays well,(good shot selection, limits turnovers) the Heat Win.


  28. Traps says:

    Theres one factor in th argument against DRose that people seem to be missing. People keep saying Rose is only shooting what 46% and players like Wade are shooting over 50%. How many times have you seen Wade get triple teamed? The thing is any team that plays the Bulls bases their entire defense around guarding Rose which is why is always facing traps, double teams and triple teams, I really don’t see how you can expect the guy to shoot at 50% when facing that kinda defense, The fact that hes scoring something like 24 or 25ppg while facing all that defense really should say it all for his offensive abilities. I fully agree that Lebron, Wade, Howard, Kobe are all awesome players and all deserve to be in contention for MVP, but to me it seems that Rose is doing the most with the least supporting cast, the bulls have one of the best defenses in the league, but Rose is a part of that defense, however he has to carry most of the scoring load of the team on any given basis. plus he’s doing this and he’s only 22. says something for his level of talent and work ethic.

  29. team says:

    i think every person in the forum is missing the point the M.V.P should go to the most valuable player which is lebron future hall of fame player if i may add Jordan had pipen did he deserve to win 4 m.v.p’s yes i’m talking to you Chicago fans

  30. joneenee says:

    its should be Dwight and LeBron on top (STATISTICALLY WISE NUMBERS, DON’T LIE…)

    ROSE is being hyped up by the media… He is the media darling…
    but he is a great explosive player…

  31. thebulls#1fan says:

    Derrick Rose is MVP. It will be heat vs bulls in the eastern conference finals. Im pretty sure the bulls can get it done but we just have to wait and see. This is whats exciting about the nba. You never know whats going to happen until it happens.

  32. lakerfan says:

    Howard is the real MVP he’s been doing a solo job in Orlando for awhile and is always overlooked… Rose has done good but its the defense its not like Rose is having spectacular numbers he’s playing good but even Lebron is playing better overall

  33. robld says:

    I think people are missing the big picture in this whole MVP debate. Anyone who hasnt watched a Bulls game this year, I beg of you to do so. Ive been saying this since the 08 Boston series that hes going to be one of the great ones, and 2 more seasons later he has yet to dissapoint. While anything can happen to derail someones career, the level D.Rose has gone to isnt a fluke. If he stays healthy, hes going to win titles. Hes doing this season what very few players(including Duncans titles) and thats willing his team the way people like Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, etc..

  34. WADE MVP says:

    D-rose, lebron, MVP? lmfao ” Get me outa here!!”

  35. rj says:

    i dont bout you haters out ther but for me lebron is still mvp. just see his stas and wade’s stats are even better than rose. its just that the media is over rating rose. he is a good player but i think hes not mvp yet.

  36. Jwest says:

    @The Real

    Lol, Why don’t you actually be “real”. The Lakers team would more than suffice without Kobe…just check their record when he sits out…The worst case scenario without Kobe, they don’t make the WCF….but come on, everyone on here would agree the Lakers have the best overall team(talent wise) in the league. That’s not an all Kobe show. Bull’swould fair better than most people think without Rose too…They’re team has a lot of talented players, like LA.

  37. estebanargentina says:

    KOBE should be the MVP. WHY? I can not understand how a player that will become the best player in history sharing the honor with MJ ( maybe Lebron will join them in the future), has only 1MVP. He was stolen that privileges many years and for that I would give him the MVP as a compensation.

  38. UncleBone says:

    They are going to give it to Rose, so there is no need for the discussion anymore.

    • media head says:

      word… dwight should get it but he will win dpoy, so they will give it to rose, its already got his name on it

  39. The Real says:

    The thing is if you take Kobe off the Lakers then the whole team would loose hope they wouldn’t have the same confidence as they do with him on the court, you can take Lebron off the heat but you still have wade and bosh, you take rose off the bulls they are really going to be a whole different team so to me it’s out of Rose and Kobe I just can’t see how you can give it to Lebron when he has Wade and Bosh and they are only the 3rd seed lol come on man!!!

    • Jordan L says:

      @The Real. You are absolutely rite about MVP being between Rose and Kobe. But every time I try to explain it everyone says I am just a Lebron hater even though I’m not. Also you can’t give MVP to someone who has the 3rd best player on his team in D-Wade and a top 5 powerforward in Chris Bosh and they are only the third seed I mean come on get real. Lebron is 4th or 5th at most in MVP Race.

  40. lalala says:

    wade is better than lebron? are you kidding me? and jordanl you are a absolutely lebron hater.

    • Jordan L says:

      @lalala. How am I Lebron hater? Also I was kinda just joking about Wade being better than Lebron, just kinda chill out. I knew if I said something like that all these Lebron lovers would go crazy and that is already happening. I just wanted to see how the Lebron lovers would react. But some of the stuff I said is true, Lebron has no legit post up game.

      • media head says:

        name one sf that can handle lbj on the block, this so called coach in miami chooses not to post him up, with the dimes he drops and his strength to get to the rim, rileys receptionist should have implemented that early in the season, watch some older cavs games, he drew immediate double and triple teams on the block cause he was unstoppable one on one in the low block.

  41. media head says:

    all of you on here know more than the media and gm’s around the nba right? take a vote of gm’s, coaches, and even players and i’m pretty sure lebron and dhoward would finish 1-2 if the poll question was who would you pick in a draft of all players to build a franchise around? kobe would be in that conversation if he was younger but ya, rose might win mvp this year, dwade might never win one and 20 yrs from now all of you will still be hatin on the fact that lebron and howard will join kobe. shaq and duncan in the short line of bonafied nba legends, say what you want, thats what is.

  42. Backup says:

    When has lebron ever blamed his teammates for an L ? ..I think you have him mixed up with kobe.

  43. Jason says:

    Definitely not the fans.

    If the fans get to vote, Yao and T mac will be running for MVP every year! (maybe even after he retires)

  44. Alex says:

    Are yall idiots becuz Rose is Mvp lebron cant close game like rose did last weak versus memphis and too tell ya tha truth Wade is better than james
    top 3# mVp candidates
    2.dwight howard
    3.kobe bryant
    4. dwayne wade
    5.amare stoudemire

    • jordan L says:

      @Alex. I’ve always kinda thought that Dwayne Wade was better than Lebron and more valuable, but I know if I say something like that all these Lebron lovers would start talkin’ all this junk. But yeah wat does Lebron do that D-Wade doesn’t do?! Dwayne Wade actually does some things better than Lebron like CLOSING GAMES!!!! They both are great at slashing to the rim but in my opinion D-Wade is better at driving because he has that lethal Eurosteop that no big man can stop and u never know wen he’ll do it. Lebron just gets the ball and attacks and hopes a foul will be called unless he’s hot and he’ll make a jumpshot here and there. Lebron might be a bit faster than D-Wade but Derrick Rose faster than both of them. Also I am not saying D-Rose is better than Lebron but he attacks the rim just as good as Lebron, he may actually be a better jumpshooter than Lebron in his 3rd year (because D-Rose actually works on his game in the offseason and not throw pre championship parties 9 months before the playoffs even start!), he is a better closer than Lebron this year, Lebron stats are a little bit better but that is because Lebron is 6’8 260 and D-Rose is only 6’3. But none of these guys are on Kobe Bryant’s level; Kobe has it all. He as an endless array of moves, he can go left or right equally, even at age 32 he is still a great defender if he has to be, like against Miami becuz he must guard D-Wade. Kobe is the most clutch player in the NBA with D-Rose or Carmelo at number 2. Kobe can still take it to the rack and finish with contact as good as anyone. Also Kobe’s stats are great averaging 25.2pppg 5apg and 5.2rpg in only 33 minutes! Imagine if he played 38-40 minutes like D-Wade, Durant, and Lebron he would actually average more than he did last year, he would average around 28-29ppg and 5.5apg and 6rpg but he is still top 5 or 6 in scoring only playing 33mpg. But as far as MVP D-ROSE ALL THE WAY! I keep saying D-Rose is not my favorite player but he deserves MVP and no one can make a legit arguement that actually makes sense for Lebron to win it becuase he plays with Wade and the Heat are 3rd in the East, and The Heat are inconsistent under Lebron’s ‘so called’ leadership.

      • Jwest says:

        @jordan L

        Lol thats a joke…ask any franchise if they’d want Wade or Lebron….even Miami would chose Bron. He’s clearly the better player….Wade is a lesser version of him and how does bron being bigger than Rose give him better stats??? lol

      • Jordan L says:

        @JWest. I was kinda jokin a little bit about Wade being better than Lebron. But why would any franchise take Lebron over Wade when Lebron doesn’t know how to lead his team to a championship.

  45. chombie says:


    Dwight is an amazing player on both ends of the floor and impacts more possessions than probably any other player in the league. Even so, Orlando is over 7 games behind Chicago in the Eastern Conference.

    Kobe is in the discussion too, but he is playing on a 5 time championship team with an very deep bench and the greatest coach of all time. I agree that Lakers couldn’t win without him, but they are just now starting to play good basketball at the end of the season. Sorry you have to play hard all year long.

    Lebron is playing along side D. Wade who also puts up insane numbers. One argument that I especially like for Lebron is looking at the Cavs going from the best record to the worst record in one year while keeping most players intact in Cleveland but losing their star. If Lebron gets the award this year then MJ should have gotten it every year he played. You do not get MVP for being the best player in the league every year. Its the Most Valuable Player award – not the Best Player Award.

    D Rose is the league MVP without a doubt. New team, new coach, Noah missing major time due to injury, Boozer missing major time due to injury, and Rose willing his team to win every single night to have them go from the 8 seed the last two years to the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference and closing in on 60 wins.

    Miami had 3 all-stars this year, Boston had 4, even Atlanta had 2 the best team in the Eastern Conference by record, Bulls, have 1 all-star and he is the MVP – D Rose

  46. DROSE says:

    D rose takes the criticism when the team loses
    When the team wins, he gives credits to his team
    Lebron and Dwight may have better stats
    but they blame others for their failures
    Teammates respond to these stuff and I think thats what makes the Bulls so good
    They play really really hard and rose deserves it
    Dwight deserves it too but there can only be one winner
    and if his team had better record, Dwight wouldve got it

  47. Carlos says:

    for me Kobe,Lebron or Dwight deserve MVP better than Rose

  48. D Sands says:

    and rose is the mvp of the league might chi is on top rite now mostly bcuz of him he shows up to play every night he brings the energy to the bulls when they are down and chi doesnt have many scoring opp as a miami or orlando the lakers and so fort rose is mvp and thats the bottom line go bulls

  49. D Sands says:

    i really dislike ppl who think lebron is better than wade HE IS 6-9 / 6-10 the things he does hes suppose to b doing for his size he has no post game scared to play inside and doesnt shoot the ball ne better than wade streaky. wade had post moves the best shot blocking gaurd in the league what ever lebron can do wade can do better

    • jordan L says:

      @DSands. I’m no big Wade fan but I totally agree with u all the way!!!!! U R rite Lebron is 6’8-6’9 and 260-270 pounds and has no post game!!! How can u be that big and scared to go in the post?! I don’t know if Lebron is scared to go in the post or he just has no moves in the post. For example Kobe is only 6’6 and 205 pounds and u see Kobe go post up as soon as he sees he has a clear advantage over somebody and Kobe has a limitless array of moves in the post. I’ve even seen Kobe post up Lebron a few times and it’s worked. D-Wade has more post game than Lebron, I’m not saying he has as many moves as Kobe in the post but he has way more than Lebron does. Wade is a 6’4 215 pound guard posting more than a small foward and power forward now that is just bad on Lebron’s part.

    • media head says:


  50. Lets go knicks says:

    honestly dwight should get mvp. i know rose has had an AMAZING season but without him, the bulls would still be a decent team because of tom’s amazing ability to coach defense. look at the magic, their WHOLE defence is dwight howard. without dwight the magic are probally almost as bad as the cavs. not knocking van gudys coaching methods but tom’s are better. also if rose gets the mvp he will be the worst shooting one, 44%?? really rose??? 44%?? and dont give me that stupid excuse that rose is a small guard because. dwayne wade is only a inch taller then rose and he shoots 50%.

  51. elvin says:

    this is funny that kobe is the best player on the entire decade ,but he only win one mvp cuz hes suppoting cast is better than anyone,but now lebron is in the conversation for mvp when even the fans chants mvp to wade,and wade has been in the top 10 for mvp all year long,how you can be and mvp if you are not the best player of your team.?

  52. KIngKobra2 says:

    Heat vs Bulls in East finals. Bulls vs Heat= EPICCC. Bulls win in 4-3. Heat are my homeboys but not this year. Free Agency coming up and heat will strike again. Bulls 2011 NBA Champions. Heat 2012 Champions.

  53. Navo says:

    I wish you could give out 3 MVP awards. One for Dwight Howard, one for LeBron and one for D Rose. All of those 3 players did wonders for their teams. But can we talk about Dwight? He should be tied for 1st. FAST DONT LIE!

  54. native coach says:

    BULLS !!!!!!!!!!! ROSE MVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. Cahunas says:

    Look Guys…Derrick Rose deserves the MVP. He carried the team. But MVP don’t mean anything. It’s the RING that counts. See how players like LeBron and Kobe are down playing it? They don’t care about the MVP anymore. IF you all are hyping up the MVP candidates, then are you trying to say that players play basketball to win the MVP? No I think thats why LeBron is staying humble about it. He can care less about winning another MVP. Just like Kobe can care less about winning an MVP award. It’s the Rings that these guys want. Watch, Derrick Rose wins MVP and then they don’t make to the Final Four. YOUR HEARD IT FROM ME RIGHT NOW. Bulls vs Celtics/Heat and they lose and don’t make it to the Final Four. Note: Regular games don’t mean anything, when you go to the playoffs its a different atmosphere. Example: Lakers, only turn on the jets when its playoff time. Phil Jackson will get his 3-peat again and Kobe will get his 6th.

  56. hahaha says:

    I just don’t understand one thing though. Lebron plays with d-wade and bosh. All these 3 players want to score the ball and have the ball. bosh?? i know people dislike him but he still scores 18 pts per game. D-wade is in 3rd for scoring. In other words, lebron averages almost about 27 pts even though he’s playing with d-wade and bosh. I really dont imagine him to scroe that much when he decided to go to Miami. I know people hate lebron but you guys all have to agree that lebron is such a great player.

  57. Balawis says:

    Let the MVP be given to Derrick Rose because his team is playing without pressure, give it to ROSE because his team generated less sold-out arenas as a visiting team as compared to visiting miami heat. Let the MVP be given to ROSE since the players guarding him are not as ecstatic compare to team playing defense on Lebron. Let the MVP be given to ROSE, because Miami Heat don’t have DENG, BOOZER, NOAH, KORVER, BOGANS, who are known scorers and impact players. Give the MVP to ROSE because his TEAM is not the target team of all the NBA team this season, playing against MIAMI HEAT is like FIGHT and DIE today and forget what will happen the next game, pathetic CLEVELAND Cavaliers winning via double digits last night against LEBRON, then lose the next game. Is that what you call COMPETITION? Playing without pressure and loose, is better compare to playing pressured and tight. Hence, delivering spectacular numbers playing alongside Dwade and CB. Let the PLAYOFFS begin, now that CHICAGO is on top of the EAST and the burden is not on HEAT right now. Let see who will be booted first on the FIRST round. Against the dangerous INDIANA PACERS? Good luck BULLS. Well, have you been noticing Mike Bibby’s 3 point shooting, lately? I never been so excited as a basketball fan. LET THE WAR BEGINS……..

    • JinM says:

      That is honestly one of the dumbest arguments I have ever heard in my entire life.
      1. Bulls draw the most people into the United Center every game, while Heat draw the 5th most. In fact Bulls fill over 100% of their seats every game (104% ie. standing room only). Who gives a rip about drawing in people on the road when your own fans wont even fill in seats for ya.

      2. Rose gets an equal amount, if not more, attention than Lebron. Constant double teaming and traps. Please watch a Bulls game before running your stupid mouth. Please. So that argument is out the window.

      3. HAHAHA Bogans?? Korver? Noah? That was probably the dumbest comment of all your stupid rants. Bogans chips in like what, 4ppg? Korver puts in 8ppg but both Bogans and Korver are terrible defenders. All Noah offers is defense. He is not an offensive-minded player. Miami has Chris Bosh, DWade, and Bibby. Terrible argument man. Wow..

      4. I don’t understand why you would include the Heat losing to Cavs by double digits in your argument. Somewhere in the midst of your rambling, bumbling, non-sensical, idiotic rant I picked up your last point that the Bulls play w/o pressure. Without pressure? You think the Bulls season has been a happy-dip-dee-do ride this season? Try losing two starters in Noah and Boozer for 50+ games for pressure. But yet, Bulls are 1st. Heat sit at 3rd. MVP’s fight pressure, and rise in the midst of it. The Heat obviously have not, and try pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves.

      5. Lastly, most of your points have nothing to do with the MVP. Attendance, your so called ‘dangerous Pacers’ (have no idea what you meat), and the impact players of Bogans and Korver do not make or break an MVP player.
      Your arguments were borderline retarded. Please do not every open your mouth again.

      Have a good one! See you in the Eastern Finals.

      • James says:

        Thank you JinM for your concise and well thought out response. Normally I wouldn’t comment but your well thought out analysis has given me hope that not everyone on these message boards has been lobotomized. DRose for mvp

    • jordan L says:

      @Balawis. I agree with JinM that is most retarded thing I possibly have ever heard. Oh yeah Bogans is a great scorer(being sarcastic) the Bulls aren’t even my favorite team and I just had to reply to that stupid arguement! I just put a post down saying people who argue for Lebron to win MVP will sound like complete retards because Lebron admitted D-Rose deserves it, and this is the most idiotic post (by balaiws) I’ve seen. Yeah Korver is a great player (being sarcastic) he might be one of the worst defender at the shooting guard/small forward position. Korver is just a shooter who needs wide open looks. D-Rose is not my favorite player but I’m not hater and I’ll be the first to admit that D-Rose deserves MVP. Also did u really just say Bogans and Noah are great scorers!? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BOGANS IS HORRIBLE! He is too small to defend most shooting guards and he is just an average defender at best, Noah is just all hustle and defense Noah is the total opposite of a scorer becuz Noah said he doesn’t care about scoring he is just the energy guy. Boozer is OK but he is always hurt and an undersized power forward with bad defense. @Balawis, your argument is retarded.

  58. jgotti says:

    man … it’s funny how i am looking at all ya conversation yall dont know squat about the definition of mvp .. let me put you to the game of MVP for instan lebron jame in cleveland he had one player in that team that could score at least 20 in a giving night which was moe williams , but he took it to the finals all by himself , best record 2 yr in a row all by himself , took detroit all by himself took boston all by himself . second allen iverson when he took philadelphia to the finals against lakers all by himself and he didnt have no one on that team that could score 20 in any giving night they were more on defends with mutombo, eric snow .. thats a real mvp when u have good roll player and you take a team all by urself … lebron is the greats baskball player in this era cuz of his complete game all around , but he dont care about MVP no more 2 is good for him all he got in his mind is a championship ring he might get it this yr or they might not , but miami will get a championship or 2 … no dought the MVP race is between dwight howard and derrick rose me personaliy ill give it to rose for once bulls r the # 1 seed in the east and he has develop his game to the next level… any comment ya got about what i say get at me .. i could teach ya some knowlege about the game .

    • jordan L says:

      @jgotti. IT IS OBVIOUS THAT U HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF THE NBA PERIOD! When u say Lebron is the best basketball player of this era u better not be talking about of this decade! Because number 1 Lebron did not even play until 2003, number Kobe was voted player of the decade by a landslide and that’s is offical information if u don’t believe me here is the results Bryant 54% Lebron 17%. Kobe Is the best player of this era. WAT DOES LEBRON HAVE TO SHOW FOR HIS SO CALLED BEST PLAYER TITLE, NO RINGS!!!!! Kobe is the best player in the era without a doubt: 2 scoring titles in this era, 1 mvp, and 4 rings (you can’t count his first ring and the 1999-2000 does not count as this era). I’m no Lebron hater but these Lebron lovers really need to wake up and get real! Lebron is not the best player in this era, stats ain’t everything. Everyone knows when Kobe was averaging 35.4ppg and 6rpg and 4.5apg that he should’ve been MVP that year! That just shows how many Kobe haters we have.

  59. JinM says:

    Bulls have won their most recent games against orlando, lakers, heat, and okc. I dont see how people bring up the argument that kobe/lebron/durant/howard should be mvps over rose when they lost their last games against him. It’s all about winning. Bulls are top seed in east, that is proof enough.

    In addition, the ‘defensive’ argument against the bulls should be mitigated because their is a very large difference of play between western teams and eastern teams. Anyone who knows the nba knows that western teams play at a very fast pace, resulting in more points scored but just as much given up. Th real measure of offensive power should be accounted for pace, and when it is, bulls sit at a petty 13th overall in the league. So, bulls are a great defensive team and a SOLID offensvie team; they are not one-sided which many of you believe them to be.

    And anyways, from your perspective, if Bulls win by defense, that means your ‘MVPs’ are getting shut-out and losing instead of finding ways to beat chicago defense, which to me doesn’t seem MVP-like at all.

    • jordan L says:

      @JinM. I never said Kobe or Lebron or Howard deserves MVP. But I think Kobe deserves to be over Lebron in MVP becuz it’s not how u start it’s how u finish and 15-1 record since all star break is a great way to finish. Kobe is my favorite player but I am not being bias, too many people in this discussion are being bias about who will win championship and MVP. DERRICK ROSE IS MVP NO ONE WILL TOP HIM! Dwight could be second but Orlando’s record is not that good. WAY too many people in this discussion are being bias and or showing favoritism towards their favorite player, I don’t really like Lebron but I am not going to sit here and say he shouldn’t be in the conversation because earlier this year Miami lost 5 in a row, and Lebron plays with Dwayne Wade, and the Heat struggle to beat good teams; but anyone who says he is above Derrick Rose is nothin’ but a Lebron lover. D-Rose IS NOT my favorite player but he deserves MVP Bulls 1st seed after being a .500 team last 2 years. Also Rose has been a miniature Kobe this year finishing games out for his team. People in this discussions need to stop bein’ haters and just speak the truth. Their are many Kobe haters but you gotta respect Kobe as the best player in the NBA and a legit MVP candidate. If u say Lebron is best I’ll understand becuz that’s the person be the person that only looks at stats and not wins.
      Top 5 MVP candidates(The true candidates by number becuz it showed on NBA TV and I have watched all of these players and I’m not being bias or being a hater this is the truth)
      1.Derrick Rose
      2.Kobe Bryant (*you can switch Kobe and Dwight if u want to it’s understandable)
      3.Dwight Howard
      4.Dirk Nowitzki
      5.Lebron James

      *People may try to talk junk becuz I have Lebron at number 5, but even Lebron lovers u can’t forget Lebron has been unable to finish games on a regular basis one time this year he missed 5 potential game winners in 8 games, the Heat had 5 game losing streak, The Heat struggle to beat elite eastern conference teams(Bulls, Celtics) who they have to beat to get to the finals, I mean if Lebron admitted himself that he is not frontrunner for MVP wat legit argument can u really put up and not sound stupid?

      Also I know that there are plenty of Laker haters on this discussion becuz when L.A struggles people say that they are done and they are not going to the finals, Boston rite now is playing liek absolute crap and traded the one advantage they have over everyone in the east their toughness and size in Kendrick Perkins and nobody is saying they won’t get to the finals, also the Heat are still inconsistent and there is not much time to fix all their errors with only 9 games left in the season and people still say the Heat are favorites to come out of east when they haven’t beaten Bulls or Celtics this year. That is wat I call being bias and LAKER HATERS.

      • order144 says:

        lebron and kobe are the two guys who could win it any given yr. and im sure that sounds stupid to you…

  60. Bryce says:

    No way Kobe is gonna be MVP. Lakers arent even goin to the finals… Danny Ainge screwed Boston….
    So im gonna say Bulls/Heat vs Spurs 2011 finals.

    • jordan L says:

      @Bryce. Laker hater. Did u know the Spurs are old? Did u know Tim Duncan is as close to being DONE as u can be. Did u know the Lakers have Kobe Bryant who the Spurs can’t stop, also Lakers have two 7 footers and the Spurs are way too small, if the Spurs even make it past the first round where they face Memphis and Memphis has beaten the Spurs recently twice pretty badly. But IF they go to the second round they face OKC which they have no advantages over except experience but sometimes old age can takeover the whole experience factor. Tony Parker is a horrible defender and he will get killed by Westbrook. Unless the Spurs have a switch I don’t see them making it the finals of L.A anytime. Bryce u r just a pure Laker hater

  61. LBJ Reigns Supreme says:

    Take a look at this, LeBron is playing alongside DWade and Bosh, yet he is still at the top of his Game, he can take over game in and game out but he pays due respect that DWade is the Main Man in Miami — D Rose will have his fair share of the MVP award – but not now, yes, he gets all the credit and takes the blame at the same tine… point taken. but consider that his numbers are up the ladder because he is aiming to winning the MVP – conside Lebron;s who’s like playing bball with a bunch of wannabees and not even sweating – this will be a neck-to-neck between D Rose and Lebron – D Rose might get it – but when playoffs comes? sheesh may God bless the Bulls

    • devroyce says:

      *So if LA has a slow point guard as to the reason Westbrook plays so well against them…then he’s really NOT their MVP those games right? Because you’re basically saying he has an easier matchup. LOL jus stating the obvious…

  62. bringNBA2Seattle says:

    Derrick Rose MVP this year, if not then Kevin durant. coming from a lakers fan, kobe will always be in consideration for mvp, but i does not deserve it this year. but finals mvp for sure

    • jordan L says:

      @BringNBAback2Seattle. Kevin Durant? Durant ain’t even in the top 5 for MVP. Some games Durant ain’t even MVP for his own team Westbrook is a lot of the times. Like against the Lakers Durant always struggles but Westbrook always has good games against L.A becuz L.A has a slow old point guard. Kobe is 2 or 3. How are u a Laker fan like me and just flat out say Kobe doesn’t deserve it? Have u noticed the Lakers have lost 1 game since mid Feburary and Kobe is playing great. Durant is just playing OK basketball rite now. Top 3 MVP
      1.Derrick Rose
      2.Kobe Bryant
      3.Dwight Howard

      *Durant is like 7th

      • devroyce says:

        *So if LA has a slow point guard as to the reason Westbrook plays so well against them…then he’s really NOT their MVP those games right? Because you’re basically saying he has an easier matchup. LOL jus stating the obvious…

  63. Rose should win it.. Bulls have been playing at the level they are playing at the entire season, Orlando is in consistent.. Yes Dwight Howard is a great player but he can’t carry a team when they are lacking a few key players… and Derrick Rose has been proven that when his big men are gone he can take over the game so… LeBron James is not carrying the Heat he is a co star so i don’t know why is he even in the conversation,

    • order144 says:

      lbj will be in the conversation every yr just like kobe whether he wins it or not, the only mvp those guys seek now is finals mvp

  64. Fastbreak says:

    Pretty sure Bosh said same thing as James did. Putting aside allegiances and bias, D-Rose is the true MVP. Its not about numbers or carrying the team.

    If you look at James’ MVP’s its because he had the numbers, but he was the heart of the team, he was the gas in their tank. Same goes for Rose. Even if he is having an off-night with bad shooting % his presence and energy drives that team, and has taken them as far as they’ve been since Jordan Era (regular season wise) – top of the east and real contender for a championship.

  65. jordan L says:

    If the MVP was based strictly on stats (which it’s NOT) the MVP could go to Dwight Howard, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Lebron. But the MVP is not only stats becuz Dwight has the best overall stats of anyone in the race with 23.1ppg 14.2rpg, 2.4bpg and 60%fg, but out of anyone in the race (Rose, Kobe,Dirk,Lebron) Dwight’s team has the worst record so his monster stats don’t do that much to help his team have a better record and win more. But MVP is based on stats, wins, leadership, and finishing games. Derrick Rose has it all he averages 25.0ppg 8.0apg 4.5rpg those are amazing stats for a point guard. Also the Bulls are number one in the East, And D-Rose has been clutch for Chicago all year and every game the Heat played vs Bulls Derrick Rose finished no matter who was guarding him (Wade, or Lebron). Also I don’t think Lebron is 2nd in the MVP Race, Kobe is 2nd. I mean people can’t just continue to ignore the fact that the Lakers have won 15 out 16 and have had only ONE LOSS since mid Februrary and Kobe has been playing great and has an oppritunity (not saying he will) to steal the MVP from D-Rose because MVP is not how u start it’s how u finish and the season is close to ending and Kobe has been playing great but so has D-Rose. Lebron has kinda fallen off becuz of Miami’s inconsistency and they are 3rd in the east even though Lebron has Wade and Bosh. Lebron’s stats are still good but stats is just part of MVP. NBA TV listed the true Top 5 MVP and it is 1.Derrick Rose, 2.Dwight Howard,
    3.Kobe Bryant, 4.Dirk Nowitzki, 5.Lebron James. But I think Kobe should be second becuz the Magic continue to lose games they should be winning. Dwight had 17pts and 13reb against Atlanta last nite and Orlando lost to a struggling Hawks team and Dwight should’ve had a much bigger game because the Hawks are so undersized. Kobe is is playing great, and Lakers are winning, Rose is playing great Bulls are winning, Lebron is playing great but……. The Heat just lost to the Cavaliers by double digits, and struggled to beat a horrible Wizards team without their best player most of the game(John Wall). Look at MVP this way, without Derrick Rose the Bulls would be an OK team maybe a .500 team give or take one game, without Kobe the Lakers would be a decent team but DEFINETELY NOT the defending champions, they might be a 7th or 8th seed but still be maybe 8 or 9 games over .500. Without Dwight the Magic would be a pretty bad team kinda like the Phoenix Suns of the East just jack up 3’s and play little defense but they could still make the playoffs and be maybe a team 2 or 3 games below .500. The Mavericks without Dirk would be a bad team as we saw when Dirk went down with injury, BUT Dirk is a bad defender, a bad rebounder for a 7 footer and his stats are pretty good at best. My top 6 MVP:
    1.Derrick Rose
    2.Kobe Bryant
    3.Dwight Howard
    4.Dirk Nowitzki
    5.Lebron James
    6.D-Wade OR LaMarcus Aldridge.

    • Jwest says:

      What team did Kobe and the Lakers lose to in that 15-1 stretch??? Miami!…Whose on Miami??? Lebron….I rest my case.

      Lebron should at least be #2 on the list if not #1….Without Bron Miami would be the same team they were last year…Bosh is overrated, he put up good stats on a terrible team in Toronto and couldn’t even make the playoffs. Wade is legit but essentially a lesser version of Lebron.

      Rose is a great player but if this was all about impacting a team than Lebron should have won it the previous 2 years before he won his first….And if they’re going to base the MVP on the merit of team record, they need to take into account role players as well…because Rose has a lot better supporting cast than people realize.

      Kobe shouldn’t even be in the discussion…he gives the Lakers that final push but his team could possibly make the finals minus his presence…they’re that good. Check their record when he’s sidelined, if you don’t believe me.

      • jordan L says:

        @JWest. Dang how many Kobe haters are there in this discussion?! It’s not like Lebron had an awesome game wen Miami beat L.A he only had 19pts, 8reb. Also that’s one game, Wade closed that game out thanks to the refs becuz the last play where Miami scored wen Lebron set that screeon on Kobe if u look at the replay it was an obvious offensive foul he was clearly still moving. Also a goaltending the refs did not call and Wade fouled Kobe twice. Now if the refs call all of those calls Lakers win by 6 points if u do the math. Also the Lakers played probably their worst game during this 16 game stretch and still could’ve and should’ve easily won that game. Lebron was scared of Bynum becuz Lebron was missin’ layups and easy little 2 foot shots becuz he was scared Bynum might swat his shot. Yeah Lakers had a good record LAST YEAR with Kobe sidelined but u took it too far wen u said they can win a ring without Kobe! Wat r u smokin’?

      • Jwest says:

        @Jordan L

        Lol…Well first off if we want to get into a whole argument on missed calls or calls that could have gone the other way, the Lakers are the last team on the planet who should complain. Especially Kobe, if it wasn’t for the refs the guy would only have 3 rings right now as 2002 game 6 was rigged(should have been Kings ring) and the 4th quarter of last year’s game’s 7 was clearly called in favor of LA(C’s should have been the champs)….

        Aside from that I never said Lakers could win a ring without Kobe but I said they probably could make it to the finals still…btw Miami beat LA twice this year…how about you check bron’s stats that game and get back to me???

      • KobeJohnz says:

        stop talking like you’re an nba analyst because you are not,,and u said that Lakers can reach NBA finals without KOBE??? are u serious?? I do admit that my Lakers are a good team even without KOBE but Kobe is the leader in this team he is the one who carries the team to reach nba finals and never compare ur beloved Heat to the Chicago because eventhough I hate to admit it but D-ROSE deserves the MVP more than ur Lebron and my Kobe…And you saying that Chicago has a lot better supporting cast than the Heat…Are u an idiot??? How many player’s in Chicago which is an all star only one and its D-ROSE while the HEAT have the three NBA superstars and All-Stars Lebron, wade, and Bosh so stop talking like you know everything because you don’t you are just an idiot who thinks that a team with three selfish player can win the NBA TITLE which my LAKERS are going to get for their 17th time….so stop complaining like Lebron deserves the MVP more than Rose because Rose deserves it more than anyone…

  66. i dont like the spurs but... says:

    i think someone needs to acknoledge the spurs squad…. idk if there is a clear mvp candidate on that team…but someone down there is responsible for the best record in the NBA…and he is not getting any hype at all…GO PISTONS!!!!….(I remember when the pistons where all your favorite teams worst nightmares lol) Sigh….Im living in the past

  67. commonsense says:

    Has everyone truly forgotten what mvp stands for? People are so stupid, it goes to the most valuable player, not the best player, this means it goes to rose or howard, maybe kobe even, fck the heat

    • Gary says:

      Common sense would tell you that Kobe is not the MVP of the league. LA yeah, but he’s not putting the effort out there like Rose or Howard. Not that he has to with the team he’s on.

  68. THE TRUTH says:


    LEBRON: PTS 1940 PPG 26.6 RPG 7.5 APG 6.9 SPG 1.5 FG 50.7 EFF 28.33

    ROSE : PTS 1823 PPG 25.0 RPG 4.2 APG 7.9 SPG 1.0 FG 43.9 EFF 23.01


    ID SAY LEBRON!!!!!

  69. KAMYAR says:



  70. deedee says:

    king james is the real MVP if you see and compare all the stats. between Drose and Kjames you will see ..

  71. Christian Joseph Robles says:

    For me its Derrick Rose,No doubt.On what he has done to his team this season and how he carried it to the number one spot in the Eastern Conference.He’s really the main guy in Chicago because without him the Chicago Bulls will be nothing and they really need the leadership of Derrick Rose especially when battling through road games.Derrick Rose always puts on his A game and really involving his teammates and just sharing the ball.So far no other player in the NBA right now is close as what Derrick Rose has done and showed throughout this season he just lived up to the hype and many people beleived that he will be the next big thing and they were right in what they have seen on Derrick Rose.So for me its really Derrick Rose.Sorry LeBron James, eventough your my idol he deserves it more than you do.

  72. Danny says:

    Ok, let me point out some things you guys should know. First, you can not determine MVP straight from STATS because if that’s the case then clearly Kevin Love is in the discussion which he is not. Second, record and now well your team is doing with the limited amount of talent that you have and how efficient your team’s talent is being maximize to produce the record. Third, how your team do without you, determines how important or how much you mean to your team. Therefore, that is why I believe Rose, James, Howard, Kobe, & Wade are on this category. The reason why I have Rose as my MVP although James is Statistically more superior in every way, doesn’t mean anything, because you also have to consider that Lebron James has 2 ALL-STAR teammates, in Bosh and Wade that makes the floor more spaced out because it forces the defense to play tighter on the other guys. Yes, I know Rose has Deng, & Boozer but can you really put them on the same category as Wade and Bosh? Ok, I’ll give you so that Bosh is about the same level as Boozer, but its Obvious that Wade is far more superior player than Deng. Therefore, Rose FG % is lower than Lebron because the looks he’s getting are not nearly as clear as lebron’s. Another thing, Lebron, has D-wade another MVP type player, which sorts of lowers your MVP status. The fact that the Bulls are the #1 seed and Miami is the #3 seed also is very impressive. Also imagine the team without Rose, and imagine other team’s without there best player, which team would produce a better record, that is another way to determine how valuable they really are to their team.

    My 5 MVP candidates in order are:
    1. D. Rose – best record, improvement in almost every statistically
    2. Lebron James – proven MVP candidate, most superior statistical, but lacks a good record against .500+ teams.
    3. Dwight Howard – Carries Orlando, Consistent as it comes on offense and defense, (picture Orlando without Howard = would probably be similar to the Cavs without Lebron).
    4. Kobe Bryant – Proven winner/closer, Just like Lebron, he has another MVP type player so it makes it less likely.
    5. Nowitzki – Efficient scorer 50% FG, great 4th quarter scorer, look at the stretch how the Mavs did when Dirk was injured.

  73. Vlad says:

    and please do not ever let the fans choose an MVP or anything….not even the dunk contest….that would be a disaster….we fans vote for flashy cars and a bunch of singers..if you know what i mean

    • Amber MzDiva says:

      lol the fans watch the games and the players the most, and i do agree, but the vote should come from combinations of every thing listed above.

  74. Amber MzDiva says:

    In my opinion the fans should vote the MVP. There is so much jealousy going on in the NBA, players really dont want to admit who really is the better player because of personal feelings and opinions. The fans know their favorite players and they also watch the games, so who else can be better. After all, they did vote the all-star players.

  75. Vlad says:

    players…or coaches…or both….just not people how just follow the game…it`s one thing to follow…and another to be there

  76. Lee says:

    my 2nd team would be paul, wade, dirk, durant and horford.. just a thought

  77. Lee says:

    Rose is the mvp this season, my runner-up is D. Howard.. LBJ, Kobe and Amare’ will join them in the 1st team all-nba

  78. blacksox88 says:

    The MVP should be decided by a combination of all the choices, except the fans.

  79. triskelion says:

    kobe 4 mvp!!!!!

  80. Gary says:

    Everytime Lebron is interviewed he’s humble so I really don’t see where people get this who super ego manic thing from. Not only that but look at his response to the blatant uncalled flagrant last night. He got upset but wasn’t all over the place like some of the other stars. Anyway I think it’s humble of him to say it’s Rose who deserves it and haters need to stop hating.

  81. James H says:

    Come on guys, it’s Most Valuable Player. Not Most Statistically Impressive Player. D. Rose has proven himself to be valuable to his team and is leading them to a potential first overall. Hard to say that about Lebron.

  82. DBowe says:

    I think that MVP is for the player who is most valuable to his team, which is measured by how good his team would be with him removed, and also the difference he’s made (or how much his team has improved) between last year and this year.
    I’m a big Heat fan, but not even Wade deserves it over D Rose this year. Lebron? Please. Kobe? Come on. The only other player I can think of that is right there with Rose is D.Howard.
    Kevin Love is more than just good. He’s playing some excellent ball this year. But the reason I don’t think he should win it is because even with his numbers, his team still loses MOST of their games. If they had won a few more then maybe he would be in the discussion.
    I do however agree that Kobe deserved more than 1 MVP award, but not this year. You can’t make up for him being robbed in years past.
    Lastly, D. Wade was robbed of MVP in 2008-2009. Don’t believe me? Compare his stats with Lebron’s that year. Better in EVERY category other than rebounds. And the Heat won 47 games from winning 15 games the year before. Just saying.

    • Alex says:

      How can you call yourself Heat fan if you don’t appreciate LBJ’s game? Any reasonable person that is not Heat fan would tell you that LBJ is at least as good as Wade (although most of them would tell you that LBJ is better). I mean, it’s ok that you like Wade, I like him as well, you may even think Wade is the best Heat player but at least appreciate what LBJ is doing for Miami. When he came to Miami he made it championship contender. As Heat fan you should be happy that he decided to join your team and support him while he is hated by so many.

      As for 2008/2009 MVP, well it is true that Wade, Kobe and LBJ were head to head but Cavs had the best record having comparable team to Miami and worse to LAL. That’s why LBJ got MVP. As many say here you don’t only look at stats. Note that looking just in stats this year LBJ should get MVP but this is not right cause D-Rose and Howard deserve MVP more.

      • media head says:

        alot of these heat fans that have followed dwade for seven years are questionably confused and alot of it has to do with dwades body language, he seems to be competing more against lbj and out doing him more than the other team half the time, everyone in the league is gunnin for lebron, but ya he’s not very good i guess tho’

  83. Nemke says:

    D Rose is having a sick year, but he is still missing 56% of his shots, and he’s allowed to miss 56% of his shots because Chicago has the best defense in the NBA…Lebron’s stats are superior to Rose’s…EWA-Lebron(#1)-23.3, Rose(#7)-16.9,PER-Lebron(#1)-27.1, Rose(#11)-23.4, VA(Value added) – Lebron(#1)-700, Rose(#6)-507…Rose isnt the best defender in Chicago while Lebron is the best defender in Miami…Cleveland with Lebron-61-21, without 15-59…see the difference??? take any stat line and you will see Lebron above Rose…and for those who mention team records,last time i checked Miami is behind Chicago by 2.5 games and if those 2.5 games beat the fact that Lebron is far more superior then Rose…then good for you,your buying what the media are selling for 2 months now…now im sure Rose will get the MVP cause the media gave it to him 2 months ago but in my book Lebron James is the MVP…

    • Amber MzDiva says:

      I think your perspective of who should be MVP, is more on a personal level because if you really read your comment youre talking about old seasons that really dosent matter. Think about this season 2010-2011, and who really deserves the spot. Also look at how 1 person(DRose) can carry a team on his back and lead them to the #1 spot in the eastern conference. I mean Derrick Rose deserves the spot.

      • Jwest says:


        Idk if you can really say he put his team on his back….His team is a lot better than people give them credit for and his coach’s defensive mindset is another huge reason for the Bulls success. Rose is a great player, no doubt, but honestly if he gets the award its going to be like the Steve Nash MVP days.

  84. Tony Giap says:

    A fan vote is the dumbest thing in to the world. NBA Fans are stupid in general and they dont know basketball.. its all a popularity contest. how do u think justin bieber won celeb game mvp. because the fan vote is biased…

    the fans hop on a new bandwagon hyped by the media every few years. 5 years ago people didnt like kobe and everyones on lebrons wagon.. then after last summer everyone hopped on the durant wagon.. and now the media hypes rose for mvp and they all jump on his bandwagon despite his average statistics individually..

  85. Rui says:

    I believe it should be a combination of all of the above, that would the most democratic and just way to do it. In a league like the NBA every intervenient should have a say in this issue.

  86. angela says:

    LeBron’s not interested in being MVP again. He’s been there, done that. When he said Rose leads for MVP, he was just being honest and unselfish. What’s on Lebron’s mind is a RING, nothing else.

  87. Jzone Borne says:

    what is 2 MVP if no ring? LBJ, D.wade and bosh combined for a chance to win a ring? lets just wait and see. D Rose is MVP for now. no caliber player on his side, only overrated and underrated ones. nuff said

  88. D_Mula310 says:

    It doesnt matter what they say kobe is MVP and plus getting another ring this year 3peat!!

  89. bigc says:

    Well I think that neither Lebron or Rose are the MVP, this is why. Lebron has dropped stats (if only a little bit) from his last two seasons, and the teams success is due in the most part to having three great players, not just the one, not really enough evidence to suggest they would be there without wade and Bosh….. Rose is clearly playing great,. but i don’t think he is a worthy candidate, simply because their team is succeeding through defense, not offense, so if you are giving a Bulls player the award, it should go to Deng or Noah. I mean without those defensive players, yeah Rose would be scoring 25 or more a game, but they would be being beat on a regular basis. My vote goes to Kobe, who has barely been mentioned. he is the top scorer on the second best team in the NBA, he is arguably their best defnder, he has had some huge performances, specially lately, and there is no denying that they would not be the same team without him. I am slightly biased with that decision, specially because I believe he should already have won more than one MVP, but if they keep winning up until the playoffs, and he keeps up averages of 25, 5.5, 5, then he should be right up there!

    • blacksox88 says:

      Noah nor deng should get an award, well maybe deng for defensive team, but noah missed 30+ games this season, and who was there to keep the team movin along? Mr Derrick Rose

  90. jonny tan says:

    definitely not the fans, remember what happened when fans voted the MVP for the celebrity all star game this year?

  91. John says:

    It’s funny how Lebron fans keep saynig he is mvp even when he says himself that he isn’t. Not only that miami fans don’t even think he should be mvp, they were chanting mvp for Wade not lebron. If Lebron wasn’t on the heat they would still be a top team with bosh and wade. Probably a 4th seed if not better. If Rose wasn’t on the bulls they would be lucky to be a 7th or 8th seed, not 1st seed. Big difference in how valuable each are to their team.

    It’s also funny because for half of the games this season Lebron hasn’t been the mvp for his team Wade has. Everyone’s talking about look as Lebron’s stats, his stats are over-rated. There is a reason they give the ball to Wade now at the end of games. Lebron doesn’t make the same impact that Wade does. It’s usually Wade who starts the run to pull away or get the team back in the game. It’s usually Lebron who just adds on to the destruction that Wade has already started. Lebron needs Wade to get himself going, which is funny because Lebron is suppose to be MVP. Wade is just as much the MVP if not more than Lebron for the Heat so no way Lebron should be considered a top contender for MVP.

    The only reason people keep saying Lebron is because of the stats and because there is no one else to give it to beside Rose. So let’s just pick some random guy who has good stats but isn’t the most valuable guy to his team.

    Anyone else see how hard Lebron went after that last rebound against the cavs? Even when the game was out of reach with only seconds to go Lebron still went after the reb just so he could get his triple double. This guy is all about stats and his stats only show up on paper. The impact he makes compared to his stats, especially this season is mediocre to good, not

    • JNT says:

      it funny how Lebron haters always have to belittle Lebron his impact on this team is very important. Every game they have play without Lebron they have lost if I’m not mistaking, but yeah he doesn’t have a big impact on in the games. But I might as well be talking to a brick wall this is lost on all the haters. So sad it has come to this

      • order144 says:

        word… ever listen to the former and current players speak on lebron, he plays the game the right way, more unselfish than any superstar since magic, best perimiter defender in the league today, if all he cared about were stats he would lead the legue in scoring every year, dwade is great but plays bully ball and takes hero shots much like melo, that being said, lebron and dwade are starting to be able to get going at the same time now, since dwade won custody of his kids he is starting to play alot smarter, im a laker fan but heat are gonna be tough in a series with two competitors like lebron and dwade, oh and if dwade is the heats mvp then why do opposing coaches always double lbj and not him, the court has never been this wide open for wade thus his career high in fg %, lbj shot over 50% last season, maybe these socalled experts should check lbj’s playoff numbers over his career since youre already on nba.com, they are insane, dude does everything he can to win games and in my opinion is held to higher standards than any player in history since he 1st came in, but howard should be mvp this yr and prolly win defensive player of the yr as well.

      • Chicagorrilla says:

        Any Superstar can put up stats against bad teams and win, but can they put up stats and win against good teams. What type of value are you talking about, and how many games have they played without Lebron 1 or 2. They haven’t beat anyone good how can a MVP canidate even be considered if he hasn’t proven he can beat an elite team or even close a game for his team. That shows so much value, he is putting up stats and beating up on the Raptors and Wizards. When he beats the Celtics or Bulls then put him in the discussion. MVPs beat the best Lebron hasn’t. Even Howard has beat Chicago once. This is not hating it is fact. The only team the Heat has beat is the Lakers before the All-star break.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      Fans are always going to chant MVP when players shot freethrows. NYK fans did it for AMARE, LAL do it for KOBE, OKC fans do it for DURANT. Everybody knows the D.ROSE [hands down] is the MVP this year. No question about it

  92. Sly says:

    Wade Lebron and Bosh should not be MVPs! their the BIG 3 LOSERS!!even if they win 10 Championships in a row, they’re not worth it!
    ROSE should go all the way! he is the cream of the crop!
    he is like ’98-’02 Iverson and Wade today, with twist of CP3 and DWill

  93. Rob says:

    There are some things that bolster a player’s case such as improvement in team performance from one year to another. The Bulls went from 5th last year to potentially 1st, Orlando went from 2nd last year to most likely 4th. That’s just the nature of the sport, you can’t just expect people to hand you out prizes like candy for finishing about or below where you were expected to finish. Orlando coming 4th would be, in most people’s eyes, underachieving from their pre-season predictions. The Bulls on the other hand, even with the signing of Carlos Boozer, have exceeded expectations to land where they are now. That’s why Rose deserves it over Superman.

    • Sam C says:

      I think it is funny how Lebron James tries to play the good guy when we all know he want his 3rd MVP award in a row. You kidding me, he doesn’t want Derrick Rose to get the award, thats the last thing he would want to happen, have the award go to a player on a team that has the first spot in the east which the so called “Super Heat” should have so everyone thought before the season started. So to me when I hear that Lebron thinks he is the front runner I don’t buy it. It is more of just a way to show the fans that he is the “All around guy” when deep down I know he wants that award more than anything

    • Andrew says:

      @Rob, the Bulls were the 8th seed last year. Now, granted the Magic were a 3 seed last year, that is about where they were expected to finish this year. The 4 seed isn’t bad, but the distance between the Magic and the top three seeds is what is disturbing. I’m a Bulls fan and I think that Rose deserves the MVP. With his individual improvement along with the total team improvement, he’s done more than anyone in the league expected. Howard is doing more with less than anything, but that is on the Mogic’s management. They blew up the team 2 years in a row after reaching the finals. And Stan Van Gundy doesn’t use Howard hardly like he should. But what may hold Howard back even in the future is that he can’t close games offensively. Foul him hard and watch him make 1 of 2 from the free throw line every time. Howard will spend more time on the bench in crunchtime because of his FT shooting than any other MVP candidate. No one ever mentions that.

  94. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    I would pick Kevin Love for mvp, Should a persons numbers suffer because they are in a bad situation. If you notice the bulls team are made up of quite a number of key players from utah with the exception of Deron Williams so if you substitute D R for D W you get the same team even better (even better if you add the Defense the bulls always had with Deng Taj and Noah Asik also) that plays the majority of the minutes and if you look closely it”s the same record and flying under the radar with more drive behind them (they want to be better the hype in Miami motivation) but for the east bulls are playing great team ball and D Rose is a baller but he learned how o play in this system the nba produce. He knows how to create calls with his aggressive but sometimes too aggressive style, however, when he finishes it is nice but not MVP. His game is a mixture of Chauncey Mr. Big Shot Billups (I guess Billups showed him in the international games when they were team mates how to play) with flopping those arms when he gets some contact and a crossover of D Wade but with alot less finesse. And, might I add, there are quite a few players that have better numbers on winning teams Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, but like I say he is not far behind. but we need more commpetition in this league if it motivates him to succeed then give him it I hope Miami gets Kevin Love next year (lol). p.s and for all those Melo haters when he scores and “hogs” the ball they win so why stop it?… and one of the best closers in the game; I mean nasty, just disgusting.

    • Frankie says:

      Are you serious, Kevin Love? Someone has to take your basketball card for even saying that. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good player. But not an MVP. MVP’s dont go to teams that shouldn’t even be in the playoffs. It’s like saying we should give it to John wall his rookie season? Why? Oh because he’s a good pg. No, he hasn’t done anything substantial for that team. Bulls are in first place because of what Rose could do throughout the season, closing games, carrying the team, and getting his team to # 1 when everyone snubbed this team since the start of the season. Where are all those analysists saying oh theyre a top 6 team? Now they’re a contender–Vegas has them on top to win the whole thing. Are you crazy Deron Williams better than Derrick Rose? I thought this whole best pg discussionw as over. Everyone knows is Drose.

      • Kingsfan says:

        lol I agree Frankie. Kevin love for Mvp? MIP definetly, but MVP? I mean you know what the award means right? Most Valuable Player in the entire NBA…. There is really only a list of 5 people who should be in contention: Rose, James, Howard, Durant & Kobe. Wade a close 6th. But out of all those teams, who carried their team the most. That elimnated Kobe, Wade and James. So your stuck with Rose, Howard and Durant. Now who has helped their team to play the best basketball they could? That elimnates Howard and Durant. So you have Rose, best team in the east. Carried his team to the record they are at and is putting up gaudy stats.

        And I think the voting should be with the coaches. They understand what the MVP means.

      • BULLSin2011 says:

        Did you not see D-Rose blow past D-will last week when they destroyed the Nets? no compairison in athletic abiility, basketball IQ, ability to score, and help his team win. And D-Rose is not a punk like Will who pushed out one of the leagues all time great coaches Jerry Sloan. As for Dwight Howard ya he is the only reason the Magic are where they are right now but that doesnt cut it for leage MVP, if Magic were to have gotten #1 seed this year then he would be hands down the reason why thus hands down MVP.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Most improved maybe? Not MVP…

    • Pointguard40 says:

      If you watched a bulls game this year, which you clearly haven’t, you’d know that rose gets no calls. Dude takes tons of body shots these rookie officials don’t see, and his shooting percentage and numbers SUFFER because of the officiating.

  95. Paolo says:

    LOL at the people who say LeBron is the MVP this season hahaha!

    • Dean says:

      I second that! Queen James is not even the best player on his team…forget about best in the league. Hopefully, D-Wade can teach him some heart over the summer…but I wouldn’t count on it! BTW…the Heat won’t see May…much less June!

  96. Why are you hating?? says:

    I don’t all the MVP candidates are getting hated on… Every one of them is making a huge contributions to their team, weather it’s D-Rose running things in Chicago, Howard being beastly in Orlando or Lebron having his talent in South Beach… The media decides who gets the MVP (which is ridiculous) and they already gave it to D-Rose… Things will get decided playoff time, which ever team gets to the finals probably has the MVP, but that doesn’t mean that the other contenders did not have a great season.

  97. Chantel says:

    I think the players should have the main vote. They really know these guys and their character. Plus, being on all different teams I think they would be objective and vote for the guy who really deserves it. They are the professionals. The fans is a stupid multiple choice answer. The fans will vote for their favorite, not who deserves it.

  98. EandX says:

    it’s not the stats that counts…. its’s how you carry the team

  99. Cha says:

    When you look at who really is the most valuable to their team, you have to consider the Superman. I mean, the Magic are a wreck this season from having too little talent to not managing their talent. Heck, if it wasn’t for Superman’s superior defense and much improved post game, I bet the Magic would be in the bottom part of the east. In the west, I have Kobe Bryant and maybe Nowitzki. For me, if it’s whoever gets the top seed over-all, that’s the one getting the MVP. Sure hope the Spurs continue to slide so they’d give way to the Lakers. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Bulls and Lakers head to head for the over-all record? Yeah, I thought so too. But I doubt that it’s gonna be any fun seeing both of them in the finals since the Lakers will win in 5. Over-all talent,size,length,veteran leadership,experience and a man named Kobe.

    • Tek says:

      It’s funny that you point out “a man named kobe” yet kobe isnt being talked about as a front runner for MVP…because everyone is so used to him being a GREAT, that he now gets overlooked because he’s always MVP status. Kobe accomplishes more every year than most will in their career, including players like Rose and James

      • Kome says:

        Dumbest comment of all the really dunm comments on this site. Congrats.

      • Chicagorrilla says:

        Kobe also plays with a 90 million dollar a year team. This isn’t a an career accomplishment award, this is who has the most value for there team award. With out Kobe, the Lakers still have Pau, Odom, Bynum, Artest. That sounds like a mini big three to me. And besides if any of these players win two rings they match Kobe. People forget it was Shaq and Kobe; not Kobe and Shaq for the first three.

  100. TRUE BALLER says:

    How can you even consider Lebron for MVP when he’s playing along side D wade.. The last two years yes this year hands down D Rose. If you people were real B ball players you would understand the game.

    • OKCKD35 says:

      I stil lvote for Dwight Howard, My boy Russell Westbrook has mirror image stat line of Derrick Rose and he is not even being considered for the MVP, The only reason D-Rose is getting so much credit is the team defense of Chicago. (best Defensive team in the league) All D-rose is doing is what a point guard should do manage the game, Don;t get me wrong he is balling this year but there are many players who mean just as much to their teams this year, Dwight Howard, Dirk, Durant..etc. I will not be disappointed if D-Rose wins it but i think the true definition of Most Valuble Player should be who has the stats, honestly who would you build a team around, Kevin Durant, LaQueen, Kobe, dirk, or D-Rose. My choice is Durant about to be 2 time scoring champion, still young and still getting better

      • bigE23 says:

        that is exactly what i tell evrybody russel westbrook has simular stat line as d-rose.. and nobody even mentions his name for mvp…. MVP should be dwight howard, lebron, or durant, to ME d-rose is close to these players but not at the same lvl

  101. har says:

    nuff sed.. Lebron is still the real mvp!

  102. ILBB says:

    Yeah, maybe Dwight is also doing big things for the Magic, but like what joey said Orlando is 4th and the Bulls are on top. The record of the team also part of the MVP campaign. Another point to consider, the MVP should also be an example for the rest of the league. When the Magic were losing, Dwight blamed his teammates and even got the management to go into a trade, but when the Bulls lose, D.Rose takes the blame even if he’s the reason they even had a change to steal the win. And he plays even better the next game! REAL Humility (not like LeBron’s), Hard work, Confidence (not arrogance), Leadership. THose are the qualities of a real MVP.

    • ILBB says:

      *chance to steal the win.

    • Kingsfan says:

      extremely well said

    • bringNBA2Seattle says:

      Derrick Rose is the future man, its official. pretty soon i think its going to be a Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose Rivalry.

      • Maine1 says:

        Maybe more like Westbrook/Rose rivalry. Kevin Durant Puts up big numbers, but Westbrook controls that team. Furthermore, if you compare their stat line, you will clearly see that they are comparable to each other.

    • rs says:

      agree . that is the real sportsmanship . i know , lot’s of people hates LeBron , but i will put him in same category as Rose . Howard would not stay with Cavalers even one year .

  103. stardom says:

    players must not be allowed to vote, that will destroy the league

  104. joey says:

    Everybody who are hating on rose.Dwight Howard is playing really well but his team is in the 4th place.Derrick Rose’s team is in the 1st and closing in to getting the best record in the NBA,.It’s not about the stats,,Rose has help his team more than any other players. If it’s about stats then Blake Griffin should be MVP or Kevin Love or Kevin Durant and many more.,.,

    • Dean says:

      Isaid it in the post above…I’m a huge KOBE fan and for all the MVPs he should’ve had over the past 7 years…even I won’t argue that it’s Rose’s this year!

    • bigE23 says:

      r u serious “joey” mvp is not about stats……… that means scalibrine can win mvp instaed of rose just because hes team is first in the east….. mvp is a combination of being a leader, stats, how much you mean for ur team and the team record… i understand that you are backing up rose but dont come here and say stats arent invovled

  105. Arielle says:

    I agree with fishybashi above. Dwight Howard is doing great things for Orlando! Hope he comes to OKC when he becomes a free agent. I think Dwight is under the radar because he plays for Orlando, a small market. I think MVP should be between my boy Durant and Dwight Howard. Future team-mates, you heard it here first!

    • ZoeBaby says:

      Orlando A small market team? did you just really put them in the same category as teams like toronto, new orleans ha ha ha aint nothin small market about Orlando im not sure you know what that means…..and DJ derrick rose not great? not mvp? lol I guess blake griffin can’t dunk and aint winnin rookie of the year lol…..and kobenocloser lebron mvp? its easy to shoot 50% when you got two other allstars that demand just as much attention if you watch when the heat play just about all his shots are wide open jumpers or easy drives to the basket because you cant trap him or double team with wade and bosh on the floor you pretty much have to try to defend him 1 on 1 and hes a tough match up for anybody and everybody come on man dont believe me watch how totally different his game is when wade or bosh is out the game look at the type of shots he takes compared to when all three of them are on the court and when its just one or two of them…..im not knocking lebron hes a great player and future hall of famer….but MVP 2010-2011? na derrick rose and dwight howard mean more to their teams then lebron the heat can win without him….ID give it to dikembe mutumbo before id give it to him lol

      • Mitch says:

        Actually, Orlando is considered a small market team based on the size of their population. Check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_population

        You’ll find that Orlando sits at 79 while cities like New Orleans (52), Milwaukee (28), Portland (29), and OKC (31) all have a larger population, therefore a larger market. Sure, Orlando will have a bigger fan base outside of the city, but that usually only happens when a team is playing well. If Orlando had the same record right now as the Cleveland Cavaliers you would not have much of an argument saying that they are a large market team. So it is more than appropriate to put them in the same category as the other small market teams.

      • Toronto says:

        your an idiot Toronto is one of the richest cities in the NBA, our management just doesnt spend the money we need to become an elite team, Derrick Rose will be the MVP

      • blazerfan says:

        toronto has one of the top three sized markets in the nba! they have a whole country behind them. even if basketball isnt as popular up here as it is in the states there is still roughly 40 MILLION potential fans out there. lets say 1 out of every ten people in canada like basketball thats 4 million fans. and thats definitely and understatement. Toronto gets no respect just because its in canada but if it was part of america it would be one of the 4-5 major markets. think before you talk.

      • educated says:

        Toronto a small market? huh? Toronto has the fourth largest market in the NBA after LA, NYC, and Chicago. They have a bigger market than Orlando. Someone’s ignorant.

    • native coach says:

      lol doing great things but not as much as D ROSE!!! MVP!! Orlando isn’t first in the East like DA BULLS are!!! what are they? maybe 5th seed

  106. kobenocloser says:

    look at stats, there are some stats that show that the team is more affected when lebron is not playing than when rose
    is not playing, besides Lebron stats are a country mile far superior, Th guy is shooting 50.7% his higthest ever, rose just 43.9%.LEBRON IS THE REAL MVP

    • Mr.C says:

      Ok Derrick rose has helped his team climb to the top of the eastern confrence even while having key players like Boozer ,Deng and noah injuried during the season. Lebron james has not been able to carry his team to the top of the eastern confrence because Lebron is playing on a 3 person team( really two because Bosh is got to be the softest power foward in the game of basketball right now) by his own choice, constantly talks smack about other nba teams on twitter, His play on the court has turned into just a two man show with wade and hisself, The Heat have only been trurely successful only against teams that are under .500 but when they lose to teams under .500 the heat lose almost always by double digits . Derrick rose and the chicago bulls i might add have been playing actual basketball. yes there deffense is what has always got them by in the past ,and this season is no diffrence. but there offense has recived a huge over haul in much part due to Rose who has exceed the bulls exepations and the NBA. Now Rose is not just the only player that has led to the bull’s success but with out him the bulls would not be number one in the eastern confrence and im pretty sure this award is called Most Valueble Player and right now in the NBA that is the bull’s Most Valueable Player and possibly the most vauleable player in the NBA

      • jay says:

        what game are you watchin? the heat almost never lose by double digits….almost all of their games have been decided by like 1 or 2 or 3 points….they even had an article about the last second shots and who would take the shot and everything…..and by the way d-rose is not mvp…..they got boozer, noah hasnt even had injury problems this season, and deng has been healthy all season….you dont even know what you are talking about…..hey! double-dig….

      • BULLSin2011 says:

        @jay: what are you taling about?! We have Boozer, he is not a scorer like Rose at all, he puts in his 18 points 9 rebounds and is a liability on defense sometimes. Noah was gone for about 31 games, boozer missed a couple dozen as well and Rose put the tema on his back and kept winning. Ya Deng is a big reason for our success this year but Rose is the man and without him Bulls would be maybe 6th or 7th seed in the east this year. And ya they did talk about Miami struggling to win close games and games against the elite teams. They dont know how to close out the close games and the bulls do becasue rose knows how to score and he scores when it counts the mosty. I wouldnt disagree looking at the stat line that Lebron is MVP but unless he gets Miami to the #1 seed (good luck) then Rose takes home the trophy.

      • Andrew says:

        That’s the most idiotic statement of the day!! Noah has missed 30+ games and Boozer over 20.

    • native coach says:

      HAHAHA your not old enough to comment here kid…..rose MVP and president!!

    • Dean says:

      Queen James shouldn’t even be in the discussion…it’s about value to your team AND the league…Queen James got NO HEART! He’s better be shooting 50%…all he can do is dunk! In the end…he won’t even be in the top 3


      Probably in that order…I’m a huge KOBE fan…and he wasn’t in my top 3 until this stretch after the ASG! Frankly, Howard could finish ahead of him…but this year the MVP smaells like a Rose!

      • kobenocloser says:

        your blind, this stretch has been good for the Laker , not for kobe , his shooting % has being bad, for a period of five games in a row he shot 34%

    • Chicagorrilla says:

      Lebron also gets a lot of single man coverage compared to D. Rose. If you double Lebron, Wade is there, and so is Bosh. Rose gets double teams and sometimes triple teams because only Boozer who was out 2 and 1/2 months, Deng when he shows up, and Korver when open can hit shots. MVP goes beyond stats. D. Rose and Dwight Howard are ask to do more for there teams and are more valuable because of it. And for the Defense argument, take away Derrick from the starting lineup where is the offense. Exactly, he is asked not only to be a PG, but to score and be the whole offense. Lebron does not have to do that because Wade can take over. D Howard is the opposite of D. Rose. He is asked to score and be the whole Defense. If the MVP is Lebron, people do not understand the meaning of value. Value does not mean best or most talent, but it does mean how much you mean to a team. Take Lebron out they still got a good team. Take Rose out no offense. Take Howard out no Defense. Lebron won over Kobe last year why? Because you take Lebron off the Cavs look at them. Also the argument about coach of the year and MVP cant be on the same team. Well Look at Lebron and Mike Brown. Case closed its Dwight or Rose. Plus superstar can put up numbers, but can they be there for there team in the last 2 minutes because Lebron can’t. Can they beat the good teams the Heat can’t. Can they even beat the person they are in the MVP race with Chicago vs. Heat 3-0. What else is there to say?

    • fan says:

      stats doesnt mean everything. russell westbrook’s fg is like .4 but why is he so scary? because if you let your guard off, his quickness will past by you and dunk in your face. same thing goes to rose. if anything, it is because westbrook’s present give durant so much more open shots, definitely should be mvp of thunder instead of durant.
      anyways, my point is, team’s success could be because one guy is drawing the defense’s attention and leave a lot of open shots for other.

  107. prix says:

    Lebron dont want the MVP…he have that already…He want a ring…to acknowledge ones greatness like Rose show the maturity of Lebron…but Howard still in a race with MVP even everyone thinks that it would be Rose already…I cant wait seeing the BULLS-HEAT in the East finals…

    • crossover says:

      Rose vs. Dwade…cool match up…Boston maybe have a chance if Kobe become the most evil villain playing in Boston next year…they could retire KG to for the salary cap…lol..

    • Gerr says:

      That is going to be one heck of an Eastern Conf Final…. in 2012 😉

    • native coach says:

      BULLS OVER HEAT 7-0 all year, if they meet in the eastern conference finals….ROSE MVP!!!!!! Lebron is some what smart i guess to say that…

      • crossover says:

        Bulls cant sweep the Heat if they meet…It could have been both sides either way but I’m sure it would be so exciting to watch…better than L.A-Boston series with full of complains, flops and dirty plays even the refs have their favorites…as a fan I wish for a thriller!!!

  108. DJ says:

    Ohhhh.. I’m touched.. Was Lebron crying when he said this? LOL

    • fishybashi says:

      It’s amazing how Orlando’s Dwight Howard is not in the discussion for MVP. He does more for that team than any one player on another team. Plus, it’s Chicago’s defense that is winning them games. Rose is great, but not MVP in my opinion.

      • Kingsfan says:

        I agree that Dwight Howard’s name should be in the conversation of MVP. I disagree with you in the regards to Rose not being in the discussion. Rose has had an amazing year and has carried this team when all his supporting staff was injured. Lebron, Rose & Howard are reallly the only 3 that should be in that discussion. Rose has my vote with Howard a distant second.

      • native coach says:

        tell you the truth you don’t know basketball and don’t know the standings and everything about what has been going for the bulls….rose is mvp!! howard isn’t in the discussion because he ain’t a good enough canidate….GO BULLS!!!!!!!

      • fan says:

        i agree with you.
        no doubt roses is having a great season, but look at the rest of the bulls too for god sake. asik’s hustle on rebound and right attitude toward the game every time coming off the bench, noah’s persistent boxout, deng’s offensive and defensive game, even tgibson should be mentioned for his defense even tho he is clumsy at times… also not to forget brewer and korver….
        lebron james, maybe, but he is still lacking leadership. he is a very talented all around player, but it seems he doesnt know how to get guys around him to be on the same page as him.
        dwight howard, managed keep the team alive even tho hedo and richardson are terrible defender

      • ihateyou says:

        dwight is only for defensive purposes. and besides they have j rich, hedo,jameer, and many more. but ROSE on the other hand is an all around player you know what im sayin? you can count on him whether if its offense or defense he can guard anyone. and talkin about speed? he has that. thats what he’s known for also his dribbling skills. but dwight is good man.

      • DBBJ-HEAT FAN says:

        Listen, Howard is one of my favorite players, But Howard cannot carry the magic all by him self, he got a lot of help from his teammates, because they have some great players on that team, plus he got a lot of work to do with his free throws. In a clutch situation the magic don’t often go to Dwight because of his free throw problems, they go to jameer, and thats the difference with D-Rose, he has carried that team alone when boozer and noah were out, even more impressive, he has his team in the 1st place of the eastern conference. I mean c’mon man, Howard can’t win the MVP over D-Rose.