The Lost Member Of The Fab Five?


It almost happened, if you let my main man Brent Barry of NBA TV and The Jump tell the story:


  1. jhun1122 says:

    whoever said fab 5 is a bust is an id**t…man u dnt know wat basketball is so shut up

  2. Amused says:

    Here we go again with the “Fab Five”. What was so fab about them? Who can even remember who they were? Chris Webber and Jalen Rose are the only two that come to mind, and they were both NBA busts who never won a championship.

    • yup says:

      you must of lost your mind. The “fab five” were one of the best starting fives college basketball had ever seen. And Webber and Rose are FAR and i mean FAR from busts. They all had solid careers. SPECIALLY Rose, and Webber. 4 out of the 5 made it to the nba. And the 5th who didnt make it in the nba still played overseas. “Amused” you need to learn some basketball son…

      • prix says:

        Webber have a solid career out of them…He could have a ring during Sacramento days if only the franchise give them enough solid role players…and Rose..almost with Reggie when they reach the finals with the Bulls…Howard still play in Miami maybe he could win one…

    • F.S says:

      NBA Bust? NBA BUST???
      they were very good players….Webber…Jalen Rose and Juwan Howard…they were all really good players in the NBA…
      please…if u dont win a championship that does not make u a loser…
      ur saying players like Kidd…Nash…Hill…they are all Busts??? wow…

    • Andrew says:

      not only were the fab five good, they stated a revolution. b4 that dudes wore speedos on the court and there wasn’t enough of attitude in college basketball. yea it wuz exciting but it kinda bland but they started a revolution. and its obvious that being good in college doesn’t constite success in the nba.