Boozer:’Stay Tuned’ For The Playoffs

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Carlos Boozer‘s fade this season is not a figment of your imagination.

The Chicago Bulls’ power forward is experiencing a very real power drain that has Bulls fans a little nervous, even with as well as they have played down the stretch of this season.

My main man K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune provides the data:

Boozer shot 55.1 percent in December, 53.9 percent in January, 50.3 percent in February and is at 45.1 percent this month. His scoring average has dropped from 20.6 points in December to 19 points in January to 16.5 points in February down to 12.7 points this month. Boozer is playing slightly less this month at 29.8 minutes per game, down from a monthly high of 33 minutes in February.

Boozer is handing out assurances that this too shall pass, and that he will rebound in plenty of time for the playoffs. The Bulls’ performance in spite of Boozer’s power outage is equally impressive, and they are 18-5 with Boozer and Joakim Noah in the lineup together.

Still, this notion that Boozer’s performance drops off during the course of a season has followed him from his days in Utah, where Boozer often seemed like an easy target for Jazz fans that didn’t always appreciate what he provided as an undersized inside presence. (In his defense, Boozer’s scoring average in his last three playoff runs with the Jazz actually dropped only one time — in 2007-08.)

His statistical fade with the Bulls has rekindled some of that same chatter. It’s talk that Boozer is trying to slow down before it gets out of hand.

“Tell them to stay tuned,” Boozer told the Tribune. “Tell them to be patient. We’re doing fine. Hang in there with us. Tell them I said that.”

Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau also offered up some remedies for whatever ails Boozer, things that could very well end his slide just in time for the start of the postseason:

“We have got to run the floor a little better,” Thibodeau said when asked how to jump start Boozer. “We have to find him deeper in the post. We have to search him out better. In looking at the film, he made some really good plays in the first quarter. We went to the re-post and missed a couple of shots. But we have to give him that second look and he has to get some easier scores. He’ll be fine.

“He has faced (defensive length) throughout his career. We looked at the previous game against Philadelphia where he had 31 and he scored in a variety of ways. (Monday night’s 97-85 loss to the 76ers) was a different sort of game. When he’s at his best, he scores in pick-and-roll, post-up, catch-and-shoot, running the floor. We have to get him back to doing that.”

If the Bulls plan on attending the NBA Final Four party Bill Wennington and Sam Smith of BullsTV insist they’ll be invited to, they have to get Boozer back to doing his thing, and soon!


  1. SouthSide Seth says:

    The playoffs are different, the playoffs are different,THE PLAYOFFS ARE DIFFERENT!! so sick and tired of people saying that, not that is over with, lets get one thing straight, what is Miami going to do so much differently than they did during the regular season? Is LeBron and DWade both going to score 30 pts vs the Bulls? I think they both DID avg that. Is Bosh going to play any softer that the basket will feel sorry for him?

    The thing is, Miami’s big 3 are a talented group, no denying it. But If they avg 25-30 a peice, totalling maybe 80-85 ppg and the Bulls maintain their scoring avg of 98ppg( depending if they stay that consistent) then, guess who wins??

    This Bulls team is deeper than Miami; though Miami is a good defensive, the Bulls are #1 in that category. Boston is reeling and yet they still earns my respect more than three primadonas. Everyone knows that having good team chemistry and a good bench will get a team far. That is what the Bulls have and Miami does not right now.

  2. Davao City says:

    Bulls can beat any teams in the east right now w/ or w/o C.Boozer and they can make it to the 2010-2011 NBA Finals v.s the Lakers..just a prediction;-)

  3. the future says:

    this year is either gonna be a laker celtics or laker bulls finals. but the future rivalry is going to be kevin durant and the thunder and derrick rose and the bulls!

  4. marapo says:

    those who said that the bulls cleanly swept the heats clearly must have been watching different games cause the heat lost all three games by a combined of 8 points and only because the heat played horrible the last couple of minutes.however i do think the bulls beat the heat in 7

  5. D.R. says:

    Dream on Heat, Boston and Orlando fans. Bulls won over your teams during the regular season and they will continue to win in the playoffs. Even MJ the G.O.A.T. acknowledged Rose as the M.V.P, Maybe he saw in today’s Chicago the 1990-1991 Bulls that killed the Lakers. GO BULLS! GO HOME DREAMERS!

  6. Honesty says:

    I think the “super” team theory can’t be successful. I felt this for a long time, and it was proven when the heat lost to cavs. LBJ last year had cavs rolling in No. 1 seed with MVP title secured. He was the player who makes the play and others were just role players who supported him. Look at him now with 2 other superstars. With his high ego, it is unfortunate that LBJ and Wade AND now bosh has to share the ball. And this kind of ball sharing lead to hot player turn cold on some nights. Wade Bosh and James all have to touch the ball around 15 times, taking more than half of the team’s possession only in 3 guys hand. This is where miami hurts. If they had a decent pg, LBJ wouldn’t have to share the ball but only look to score. The difference b/w C’s big 3 and miami’s 3 is that Celts 3s are not all pure scorer/superstar. Pierce takes his shots, but other guys dont have to take 10~15 shots per game to win. But LBJ and Wade and Bosh all need to take that much of shot on a given night, which causes all kinds of problem when LBJ and Wade are not on top of their games. Plus the bench gets outscored almost every day… problem of paying top 3 superstars in one single team.

  7. The Todd says:

    Boozer really isn’t that good, Ya he played pretty good for utah, but they say it takes 2 years to fully recover from an injury, so with him getting injured every couple of months he will never reach his full potential. Plus Boozer had bigger numbers with jazz because he had a better play maker at point, not to say Rose isn’t good, Rose makes up for the lack of play making in every other aspect of the game definitely MVP material. As far as playoffs go, if it goes Miami and Bulls, I know Noah and Lebron have some History which in key moments seems to have a negative affect on Noah, and James tends to feed on that, although I dont think they will both make it to the eastern finals, I think Boston will be there and which ever of the other two. To be honest I dont care who goes, as long as the Lakers done win again! haha

    • Ismaeel says:

      The reason Boozer isn’t doing as good on the Bulls is because with the Jazz Deron Williams was the point. Now I’m not saying D-will is better than Derrick Rose, but Derrick Rose is a scoring point guard. Boozer isn’t getting the touches on offense that he needs to score. If you don’t believe me watch a Bulls game. He gets it a lot in the first quarter because Derrick Rose is trying to distribute to everyone, after that Rose just takes over.

  8. NOAM says:

    just cuz we paid that price to bring booser dose not meen that he MUST be the bigest player on the bulls he simply need to up he his gam by a little so we can get to the next round and maybe to esatern finals but let put things in prespective ,its stil a young team and need to connect a little better ,i think that any progress beyond second round will be an accomplishment as it is ….PRESPECTIVE GUYS PLEASE ……have no doubt im a HARD CORE bulls guy ……

  9. Randy A says:

    I believe that the Bulls will get the no 1 seed and get to the finals. They will play the Lakers, a rematch from 20 years ago. I hope the outcome will be the same. Go Bulls!!!

    • ? says:

      You hope, but it wont be the same outcome. Lakers have too much experience in the finals. The team the coach, everything. This will be this bulls team first time in the finals. So they wont beat the Lakers buddy. Lakers 3 peat.

  10. Jeff says:

    I’m not too worried about boozer’s lack of play as long as the coach isn’t too stuck on wanting to use him for offense if he really isn’t contributing. The Bulls have already proved that they are a deep team and can get it done with guys out of the starting lineup. Well, as long as it isn’t D. Rose. But, I think the bulls will show up for the post season and do well. They are one of the hottest teams in the NBA if not the hottest. I’m sure that will continue throughout the playoffs. They have played consistently well all season and something tells me D. Rose has something to prove to everyone.

  11. LANDIM says:

    a team dat lives from RUNS can win playoff series… Chicago is dat team…
    it would be CLOSE against orlando but no chance against MIA BOS LAL n SAS……
    need to change coach to be contender n add chuck norris to the line up …

  12. toaSTEEZ says:

    what do u expect he just joined this team this season. like all things. it takes time. look at the heat, knicks. they will be serious title contendors in the future once they get chemistry.

  13. Abdul Kayani says:

    I’m not going to lie, but we shouldn’t underestimate the Heat. Throughout the year we questions each individual performances of the Big 3 and they all answered. People said Miami Heat weren’t going to be good after they started 9-8, they answered by racking up about 20 or more wins. So don’t count the Heat out. And also people don’t hate on the Heat cuz they formed a super team. People aren’t saying about Carmelo doing it. In the next couple of years a lot of players are going to forms teams. Chris Paul might leave hornets and go to Knicks.I bet you people won’t complain then. y’all just hating

  14. Dan says:

    I know this is a Bulls/Boozer topic but the Heat (whom a lot of people don’t care about) should start to really pick up their slack. I don’t know whats going on, but I’m just picturing defeat for them in the playoffs. It’s brutal- they’re struggling some games and some they win by landslides. It goes on back and forth…but if they really wan’t a chance against the Bulls, man either fire Spoelstra or pick up the SLACK.
    I can see A LOT of changes for them during the off season…

  15. SYDALE says:

    I think that the Bulls would be fine if they can consistently get 16 PPG and 8 RPG out of Boozer…

  16. mj says:

    We were SO glad to get rid of him. He’s a lazy player. Will not play defense and likes to sit on the bench as long as he can play his ‘injury’ out.
    We, in Utah, now realize what the Cleveland fans were telling us about him….and now we are telling Chicago.
    We call him, ‘Boozer the Loser’.

    • bulls 4 life says:

      too bad boozer found a real home and team that aren’t losers or losing now….now its boozer da bull dozer….he’s good and he doesn’t have to bring everything cuz rose does it all….with the help of TEAM! GO BULLS!

    • Yeah says:

      Not a single NBA player is lazy, these guys have worked out HARD for YEARS to get to the NBA. You don’t get there with just talent and not competing. If this were the case I would like to have my contract NOW 🙂

  17. Confidence says:

    never mind all this nonsense, who heard the announcers call boozer, oozie boozie the other night during the sixers game? that was funny.

    • native coach says:

      hahaha funny how yall get wet off a one night the bulls chilled….otherwise they would’ve won by 40 again….and sixers aren’t an awful team but a team thats been playing great and beating other above .500 teams not just the bulls….but don’t worry cuz the bulls still have the top spot in the east….best in the east….go unbeatabulls!!

  18. james says:

    I’ts gonna be like 1990-1991
    BULLS 4 x 1 lakers!
    D-rose MVP

  19. Adam Freeman says:

    This is what is going to happen:

    All this talk about the Bulls, the Heat, the Mavericks, the Spurs.

    You all know it is going to be Celtics/Lakers again. When the playoff come all this talk is going to subside when the celtics beat the bulls and the heat and the lakers beat the mavericks and the spurs. The plain truth is that the celtics and the lakers are still the two best teams in the NBA,

    • james says:

      Chicago is the future man,forget about lakers & celtics!

      • Yeah says:

        Exactly, the Bulls are the future…. too bad for them this is the present! They will lose the Conference Finals against the Celtics or Heat and this Year’s champion will be coming out of the Western Conference. Either the Lakers or Spurs will win it all.

      • ? says:

        Bulls may be the future, but how can you say forget the Lakers when they are the current and back to back champs?

  20. eddie says:

    I haven’t watch the Bulls lately but how much of impact has Carlos Boozer being on the bulls? I remember watching him in the playoff last year when Jazz played against the Nuggets and he played well. I wouldn’t say the Jazz won because of him, but he was a important reason to why they won.

  21. clinton says:

    theres no point for boozer to start producing 20-10 if the team is winning

  22. hon olanrewaju says:

    who the hell said the Heat will win da bull 4- 0 in the playoffs? Dat so dumb to say… bosh, james and wade must play their best before they can win any team, GO BULLS!!

  23. MAYBACHZ says:

    honestly i would take the heat in the playoffs over the bulls….true bulls swept the heat in the season but the playoffs is a whole different story and I believe the bulls will fall either to the celt or the heat!!

  24. bulls fan says:

    bulls already swept heat during the season and beat .5oo above teams and are looking to have the best record in the league not just in the East…..GO BULLS!!! ROSE MVP..

    BOOZER will be right there in the playoffs….at his best so no worries for bulls fans….noah deng korver brewer amik and the rest of the stampede are ready! sorry heat lakers or who ever in the way

  25. OT says:

    Trade Boozer and korver to Golden State for David lee and Stev Curry or Monta Ellis.

  26. BlackMamba24 says:

    Carlos Boozer is the next softest power forward in the league he’s just like Chris Bosh, Pau Millsap would be a better fit for Chicago, BOOZER SUCKS.

  27. Pistons fan says:

    Well I ain’t a fan of the bulls but looking to the past three seasons they deserve to win the title.

    And this comming from a rival

    Pistons Fan 😉

  28. rochach says:

    to the heat fans, hope you can go to the ECF because you’ll meet the Celt’s on 2nd round

  29. c7lee says: it just me? or is Chuck Swirsky terrified of Boozer haha
    his voice is trembling

  30. frankie says:

    A sweep miami 4-0 over bulls? The idiot store called, they’re running out of you. If you haven’t noticed, bulls cleanly swept heat during the season. If you’ve never watched basketball before I can tell you a sweep is very hard to do in the playoffs, If Miami had the grizzlies in the first round, they couldn’t do it.

  31. leon.. says:

    the bulls will sweep the heat in a playoff series 4-0

  32. yay says:

    man that would be a good match up bulls vs heat i think that would be a series..

  33. Ali says:

    While it is true that Booz typically hits a regression statistically later in the season, he always steps it up in the playoffs–as mentioned. But another thing to consider is during the first six to eight weeks of his play (from December to February), he had the whole of the paint to work; now, with Noah’s return, they still need to adjust to each other’s games and find comfort zones that don’t overlap as much. Another factor to consider: he’s never played with such dynamic wing player during his professional career. Yes, he played with LBJ during his rookie season in Cleveland, and yes he played with Deng in college at Duke, but that’s about it. During his most successful years in Utah, he played with a great scoring point guard who was also a great pick-and-roll and set-up man for him in the post( same thing here) and a great alternative big man who didn’t necessarily post up but could spread the floor with his shooting (Noah will never be the shooter Okur is, but Noah doesn’t need to post up to be effective). The way Deng is playing now, it’s quite amazing, and I don’t know that you need Boozer to score 20 a night if Deng is going to shoot like he his from three-point range, or slash to the rim like he has been.

  34. mark says:

    the heat will sweep the bulls in the playoffs, heat 4-0

    • Justin says:

      Like how the Bulls swept the Heat in the regular season? Lol get real. Learn to seperate fact from fiction.

      • mjarami3 says:

        Why don’t we let Lebron take all the final shots!!! Then they should sweep the bulls! Ha that sure is funny man! I just want all the HEAT fans to be ready for the remaking of THE WIZARD OF OZ!! We have a great cast that we can plug right in! Starring Lebron James as the TIN MAN, Dwayne Wade as the SCARECROW, Chris Bosh as DOROTHY, and Coach Spoelstra as the LION and the rest of the MIAMI HEAT as the LOLLIPOP KIDS!!!!!! Sorry folks, I don’t know any of the other Players because there is not enough Light for the rest of the cast!! Coming SUMMER 2011!! THE HEATLES!!!!! Suck!

    • al respect the game says:

      dream on

    • bulls says:

      you’re a moron… go to bed

    • ? says:

      Ya, and @mark, your a crack head.

    • Chi-Faithful says:

      your pre-tarded!

      • LOS says:

        bulls bench is the diff. lots of games.fouls,energy,all the stuff you need to win a title..I mean for real our bench 5 gets down every night…If bogens scores 10 a game..we win….

    • LOS says:

      i know ur jus lookin to start a convo…sweep..cmon now…they might win 2 games..thats it…if they make it past boston

  35. ? says:

    For the heat fans that think the heat are going to the finals, this is the team that will stop the heat from getting there. Good luck!!

    • bunbury says:

      i’m not sure if the bulls will be the heat. I think the heat will turn into a monster once the playoffs start. i am not a heat fan, but i can see that happenning.

      • bulls for life says:

        who is this year mvp?

        that’s all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ? says:

        @bunbury i have no idea how you can see the heat turning into a monster team when the playoffs start. Usually team wanna turn into monsters right before the playoffs. Im sure the heat will look good for the rest of the season. But take a look at the teams they face before the playoffs. Keep in mind the heat did lose to the cavs last night.

      • atl fan says:

        playoffs are differeent story who cares if the bulls beat them during REGUALR SEASON brand new slate in the playoffs and im not a lebron fan but everybody knows what he is capable of doing when he wants to…plus the bulls like you ignorant fans will see there 3-0 record against the heat and overlook them…RUDE AWAKEING FOR THE BULLS THATS A PROMISE PLAYOFFS>REGULAR SEASON….. finals mvp is what matters to every player not regular

      • to bulls for life : and that automatically turns them in to a finals team? come on. the regular season and the post season are two very different things. just ask Lebron…

  36. prix says:

    There’s no doubt that Boozer is a good player…together with Noah and Deng they make Rose an MVP… He is the main factor for the Bulls success…I just cant figure out if ever they will face Miami in the East finals if He can still be that good because most of the time its Noah and Deng are more competitive during playoffs rather than him..

    • brent says:

      Boozer is a “good” player and that is all…. He knows he is overated, and so do the fans in Utah who watched him dissapoint us for 6 years. That is why Chicago fans will have their respective hearts broken, just like us poor Jazz fans in 97 & 98 when we thought we had what it took to win it all. Now we are just waiting to become the Seattle Jazz. And we get to watch Chicago suffer with high hopes because “good” players fail to become “great” players because they, just like Boozer, come up with excuses, and over-exaggerate injuries, to hide the fact that they know dissapointment is just around the corner… Prediction: Chicago is out in the east semi’s, and Boozer sits with some kind of tendon sprain in his left ear-lobe for at least 2 games!

      • michael ball says:

        This is exactly why it’s good to live in Los Angeles and have players that give their all and go to the Finals year after year…Its called a THREEPEAT…GO LAKERS!!!!

      • juan says:

        jajajajajajajaajajaj, nice joke. The only star the lakers have is called phil Jackson and with out him the lakers are nothing.