Blogtable: How far can Knicks advance?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Can you see the Knicks — if they even get to the postseason — winning a first-round series? Winning a game? Why (or not)?

David Aldridge: Actually, yes. Games. Maybe not a series. But the Knicks are built more for the postseason than the regular season. They have a guy that can post and isolate and score 30, and a second guy who can dominate inside in Amar’e Stoudemire and rebound. And I don’t care how many shots Chauncey Billups misses in the regular season; no coach alive is going to play off of him in the playoffs. That’s going to create space inside for ‘Melo and STAT.  Now, if they give up 115 a night, they’re not going to beat anybody. But you saw Monday against Orlando that this team is capable of defending when it is engaged and focused.

Steve Aschburner: Beating the Bulls, the Celtics or the Heat in the first round? Not happening. Winning a game? Of course. None of the likely top three seeds in the East is a “super” team: Chicago and Miami as currently constituted will be going through a playoff series for the first time and Boston is dramatically reconfigured from any Celtics bunch we’ve seen in springtime. So I would expect New York to win a couple of games before exiting after one round. And my biggest gripe with the Knicks has less to do with ‘Melo and Amar’e playing nice together than with coach Mike D’Antoni’s denial of slowing things down for the postseason.

Fran Blinebury: There would be fireworks and headlines and lots of fun in a NY-Miami first round series.  Maybe even a ceremonial re-enactment with Jeff Van Gundy holding onto somebody’s ankle.  But the Knicks are still in the early phases of trying to sort out their chemistry issues and the Knicks sent too many of their complementary pieces to Denver.  Good enough with the talents of Amar’e and Melo to win a game or two, but not a series.

Scott Howard-Cooper: They are getting to the postseason, and that’s coming from someone who has stayed off the bandwagon all season as the New York media hyped the Knicks into some superpower in the making. But no team that defends the way the Knicks do will beat the Bulls, Celtics or Heat four times within seven games. Each potential opponent has multiple scoring threats. New York is going to stop who exactly? Sure, the underdogs can win a game. Amar’e has a monster night, ‘Melo goes off. It happens. But just making the series competitive will be an accomplishment.

Shaun Powell: The Knicks are an incomplete team; therefore, why expect a compete seven-game series from them? Only in New York, exaggeration capitol of the country, would anyone anticipate something special from a team that surrendered much in the Carmelo Anthony trade. Basketball hasn’t wrestled April and May from the Yankees and Mets for over a decade in New York, and that’s not changing now.

John Schuhmann: I think they can win one or two games. The Knicks have beat both the Bulls and the Heat twice, and the Celtics are struggling right now. But come April 16, those top three teams in the East will be thinking championship. At this point, the Knicks are still trying to figure out how to play. Chicago, Boston and Miami are simply on a higher level than the Knicks, mostly because they defend. That will be the difference in the playoffs.

Sekou Smith: They should be able to win a game or maybe even two. But a series? No way. I have a hard time seeing it based on the way they have played since the trade that brought Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups into the fold. They have the firepower to get hot and make the opposition sweat a little bit. The Knicks just don’t defend well enough on a consistent basis for me to put any faith in their ability to upset the Celtics (the team they’d be matched up with if the playoffs started tonight) in a series. Same goes for the Bulls, Heat and Magic, the other three teams occupying the top spots and home court advantage in the Eastern Conference.


  1. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    The Knicks will make it past the first round (probably) and then leave when they play Miami

    • SMOOVE says:

      No way man. If you’re telling me they will beat the Celtics in a 7 game series, then DJ Mbenga would be the next Michael Jordan.

  2. DblPseudo says:

    someone correct me if i am wrong but weren’t the NYK, BOS games fairly close and came down to the best actor and one of the dirtiest player in the league hitting a “game winning” shot? If i recall also last year their games were like that also.

  3. laurapinto23 says:

    i think they can advance in the first round but not the second round

  4. D Sands says:

    ppl you cant compare regular season to the post season when you beat a team in the regular season they might be tired of a back to back or just a bad night in the post season everything is diffrent cuz now teams can zero in on the one team they have to play for the next seven games and thats the diffrence between reg and post season so dnt get youll panties in a bunch cuz the knicks is not going to upset ne one shaq is not injured doc is just resting him same as the spurs tim, manu, and parker pop is resting them

  5. These Experts are idiots!…I should have all their jobs. They think Miami (dont know who gets the last shot) Heat can mess with the Knicks. I wont even speak of the offense cause we already know, NONE of the top three teams can stand up to the KNICKS, (even MIami)……Bostonj gave up the East when they sent Perk and Nate packing ( imagine OKC wins it all)…In that case I’d rather go into the playoffs w/ Mr. Big Shot, a Beast MVP, and The most Effort-less scorer in the league, cause when this game goes to halfcourt (playoff basketball) I got 3 of the best in the game on my squad……..You would think w/ all the games u experts watch, u could figure it out that, it is the KNICKS who are the dangerous team. Which of the top 3, wants to see the KNICKS?….N yes I kno Defense wins games, also technical fouls(as in Robert Horry throwing Steve Nash into scorers table, and Spurs winning series by default and suspension a few years back), but if we can play enough defense( as they have showed) in spurts, the system should be able to take us over the top…..N Landry is still here….He one of those players that gets the tip_in with 0.06 left in a closing game….See you guys soon…

  6. Adam says:

    Knicks will lose 4 – 1 to just about anyone in the East. (i never predict sweeps)

    Defense is important and NY has the worst defensive coach in perhaps the history of the NBA.
    Both of their stars are not known for defense either.

    I hope the Knicks get Miami in the first round. They have the best chance against them.
    Miami will forget how to play team ball and can be taunted into 1×1 play. Then it’s just a matter
    of Melo outplaying LeBron and Amare controlling the paint over Bosherella.

  7. OKT says:

    As what melo said, there would be light at the end of the tunnel and at the end of the tunnel is the playoffs. The Celts just beaten the Knicks for about 2-4pts with their series so it doesn’t mean that NY can’t beat theam in a series. Right now the’re on fire again and I believe that there would be a lot of adjustments that will happen on their team. If they don’t make it this year then watch out for the next season.

  8. KNICKS2DIE4 says:





  9. bg32 says:

    they can’t win the championship this year anyway they just need to bring some playoff basketball back to new york and next year take a serious run they have no chance this year they need more role players perhaps greg oden?

  10. Fanatics says:

    Just wait 4 the play offs,,,, I love miami and Knicks would face in a first round….!!! What an exciting game…?

  11. cant stop the STAT! says:

    i would pay more attention to everyones opinion from these comments but 90% of them are haters of melo and use nothing but irrational hate and jealousy to produce their comments

  12. i won’t think of the Knicks as jsut fodder for the higher seeded teams in the East, I think they can play well with two of the most explosive NBA scorers in Stoudemire and Anthony, and you have a proven winner and clutch performer in Billups, so I would say the Knicks are a pretty interesting team….

  13. MELO7 says:

    The Knicks are a force. The only reason people are counting them out is because of their defense but they can play defense when they need to and i know they consider the playoffs a time they need to and they will.
    No team in the east wants to face the Knicks in the first round.
    Carmelo can NOT be stopped and neither can Amar’e and Mr Big shot will do exactly what he knows needs to be done. He is a proven leader and winner.
    I guarantee if the knicks can commit to playing defense thoughout the playoffs they can beat any team in the east.

  14. JS says:

    i’ll give the LAL vs DET ’03 – ’03 finals series where LAL had 4 future HOF’s in Shaq, Malone, Bryant and Payton and DET had.. well.. you guessed.. No star for the moment with Billups Hamilton Prince and Ben and Rasheed Wallace, of the 5 i guess its just the Wallaces had a name 🙂 BUT LA went down in the series 4-1 🙂

    just proves that in the playoffs, it’s all about the TEAM and not the Players. Detroit in that series was a great example how a team should play in the playoffs. it’s a shame that THAT team is no longer seen around the league 🙂

  15. Follower says:

    First round elimination for me…

    well they have achieved their aim in clinching playoff berth, regardless of top or 8th seed, they will falter…

    There is no D, only E = Entertainment.

    each match will be tough, no mental strength… cannot foresee they will roll over any playoff opponents…

    FYI, Melo smiles much more than any other player on court, this shows how “serious” he tries to entertain.

    other top players like Durant, Kobe and Lebron (& Garnett) have those fiercesome “dont mess with me” attitude which carries them and their teams as far as they could…..

    sorry Knicks… no chance to progess the first round even for the coming seasons….

  16. Andrew says:

    go piston woooooooooooooooooo

  17. Gerry Bacor says:

    Yes, the Knicks will win in the series against the Celtics if Garnet will intentionally break his knee.

  18. SamHanno says:

    It is ignorant to completely write off the Knicks. Yes, the SHOULD NOT be favorites in any matchup with Bulls, Celtics or Miami but it is possible that they could take a series from one of them. Here’s why:

    1) Melo has proven when he cares he can play D (Amare also)
    2) Throughout Melo’s career he has proven he can lead his team to wins over superior opponents (even in Denver they would often knock off Lakers)
    3) Melo is THE most clutch player in the NBA. Kobe has hit more game winners, but has 7 seasons on Melo and has only hit 8 or so more game winner whilst shooting a significant percentage less than Melo in clutch situations.
    4) The underrated/nothing-to-lose factor: Tell me that any of those top 3 teams are licking their fingers at the prospect of facing Melo, Chauncey and Amare in the first round. I’m sure they would rather any team outside of the other members of the top 3 teams.
    5) Melo is Lebron’s kryptonite: If Knicks met Miami in round one, watch out. In Denver Melo would consistently beat Lebron and the Cavs (hitting game-winning facials), and his 3rd game as a Knick they took out Lebron and the Heat. Their head to head record in their career games is something like 10 – 4 in favor of Melo. Youtube Lebron owns Melo see how many videos you find. Youtube Melo owns Lebron and their are facials, game-winners and schoolage moves aplenty.
    6) Genuine playoff experience – Melo, Chauncey, and Amare have all gone relatively deep into the playoffs (Melo Western C. finals, Chauncey won a championship and Finals MVP, Amare Western C. Finals)

    Now I realise people will dismiss a lot of these and I’m not saying with confidence Knicks will win their first round matchup, I just think people are to dismissive and ignorant and need to not write them off completely.

    • SamHanno says:

      Kobe has only hit 8 or so more*

    • SamHanno says:

      Just realised I was right the first time

    • Goose says:

      Dude, explain to me how STAT and Melo will be defensive stoppers if there is no defensive gameplan for the Knicks.
      Maybe they can play defense but why should it be effective if it’s only for 2 or 3 games.

  19. knicksforsurechamps11 says:

    The Knicks will win it all in 2011!

  20. thewiser says:

    well,, the nicks will be better at the playoff, they already got melo and mr big shot that are crucial in any playoff serie so they going to beat boston at six game because boston does not have any offense… miami is capable of loss 3 games of any playoff team so if they going vs the nicks any thing can happen its going to be a seven game serie because in miami nobody know their role (even the coach) so they just have to lose one game and can lose the series … but i think that chicago is superior in every aspect of the game so they can beat the nicks on 5 games

  21. Casey says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if all you guys are wrong. You “experts” rarely make the right call. The last time Miami and LA played you all said LA was going to win…

  22. mcmillan74 says:

    do you mean these players are candidates for the most improved player award?

  23. rob says:

    Wow, let’s not even give them a chance to grow and gel. Remember when Michael Jordan came back to the Bulls half way through the season? The went nowhere. Give them a season or two to get it together.

    Stupid article.

  24. Matt says:

    If you guys would actually watch the knicks game, melo can be play D when he wants to and amare to. They know they have to to win and the definately do it in the post season. Look for an upset cause its coming

  25. NY Vlad says:

    Truthfully i can see the knicks beating any team other than boston. Its because all the older guys feel better when the weather gets warmer. Everyone knows about the chauncey x-factor and in the playoffs it would be hard for the knicks to lose when chauncey is droppin 20 in a quarter a few times.

    Boston has the all-summer team so we’ll be seing them come june but there days are limited…i think doc rivers is gonna retire.
    Quick question who would win in the playoffs if boston and new york swapped coaches?

  26. Knicksforlife says:

    All I got to say is when they make it, anything is possible. I’m a loyal knicks fan from the worst to greatest. I will always cheer for them. You guys that are saying that the knicks are going to lose, are just bandwagoners who love to criticize their team. I will always say they will win and make it to the finals, they will play hard and when they do they are an outstanding team. Its easy to say that they suck right now because they cant play defense, but to ere is human. How would you know that the celtics, heat or whoever they are playing make the same mistakes in the game. Only people who play basketball, or any sport knows that one mistake can make a huge difference in a game. All you critics who probably sit on a desk and pick a day to criticize a hard working team regardless of the name need to think about what they say before typing crap down. I will have faith, I’ve said every beginning of the season that my team will win. And they will. Its all heart and guts on defense, on important games they sometimes show this and I think they will do it in the playoffs.

  27. mr sensible says:

    Ps….Some of you fans sound rediculous!! Is it really your belief that the Knicks were better off with the team they had before?? hahahahahaha……28-26 in the East?? really? it takes time for SUPERSTARS to gel. Denver has NO superstars so moving the ball is something they must do. New York, it is now a headache to try and figure out how to stop Melo and Stat and at the same time watch Billups. Relax people, this trade will be effective come playoffs.

  28. Thomas says:

    You all sit and argue about whos going to be champion when its all controled by Stern and the NBA, Only the teams they want to make it will.
    You are all going to be cring when Chicago has its next run. The way they are promoting rose to be next Jordon no mater what happens on the floor its a foul on someone else. And if you wath Miami and Clevland if you think that games was officiated same as thier previous game your blind. Usuly if someone farts to close to James or Wade its a foul. Stern must of had money Clevland. Fans need to boycott and force the NBA and referies to be held accountable and stop promoting certain players and teams over others.Stern needs to go its gotten continualy worse under him. The only ones who denie this are the ones who benifit. Lakers and Celtics have this year maybe next then its going to be Heat, Bulls, Blazers and Jazz for a few years.

  29. angela says:

    The Knicks need time to get used to each other and way too much pressure is being put on them to win. Some suceed under pressure and some dont. Well, maybe next year…..

  30. tata says:

    I’d take the Knicks in a series over the Heat. All they have to do is defend Frenchy and his two buddies. I would let ANYONE on the Heat shoot as much as they want except for the two and a half men. If the Knicks held the 3-ME-EGOS to a combined 60 points they would win every game

  31. dante says:

    I think the knicks will have difficulty beating the CELTICS, HEAT, OR BULLS in a playoff series. The celtics are struggling right now cause they do not play KG more than 25 minutes. They are trying to keep him fresh for the playoffs like what they did last year. Celtics fiinished 3rd in the eastern standings but they were able to reach Finals. Coz KG is the barometer of the Celtics look when he is gone last 2008-09 playoffs they were eliminated by ORL and last season he was able to return they destroyed CLE and ORL. Knicks will have a difficult time upsetting the Celtics. Maybe if the series becomes MIA-NYK they can pull an upset at 7 games MAYBE or MAYBE NOT 🙂

  32. mr sensible says:

    Guys are ignorant. New York in 99 was an eighth place seed, and when playoffs started they went absolutely crazy, and went to the finals where they lost to the Spurs. No offense, but if the game slows down in the post-season, I like the Knicks chances oer anybody in the East except Boston and Orlando. No offense, but to get number one in the East should not be something everybody goes crazy about. The bottom half of the East i filled with possibly the worst teams in league history!!! and the better teams have 4 games each against them…..that in itself warrant 16 or more wins!!! Chicago as good as they are, will be absolutely messed if Carlos Boozer doesnt get his game on track. Teams that have pg’s that can defend and score win against Chicago. Chicago is a good defensive team, but they do not have much firepower outside of Rose, and at times Deng. New York I agree will have to start playing defense, but when that win or go home Mentality kicks in, I really dont see alot of teams dominating the Knicks. Ohh….and if Mike D’Antoni can get any sense at all, he will start Sheldon. The knicks need a banger to help Amare, and although a little undersized, that three-man tandom of Sheldon-Jefferies-Turiaf can end up winning you a few games…combine that with Melo-Stat-Billups and then a pg like Toney Douglas who will pressure speedy guards…. then there is an amazing x factor- Landry Fields. Im telling you, on paper, Knicks dont stand a chance, but realistically, it is Basketball…Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard….however Knicks have talent, and if they work hard, how can you not consider them a team to be reckoned with???

  33. real says:

    if there is a chance to win or upset it will against the heat, NY and Miami are very similar, the are based on stars who wants the ball every time and you know who is gonna have the ball the most in both teams. Miami has 3 players with duplicate skills and NY dont even know how to play defense but they will score. Miami has no bench and neither team has a big man that can make a difference defensively.
    to beat Chi….No way, Chi has a true point guard, a post up threat, and a good bench, they have more consistent role players and they can win with their defense. same for the Cs they have many guys who can come up big like they been doing, they been in a slump but that team is a playoff team and with their roaster and rondo playing his A game you cant beat them. they are built on defense. Orlando is has some new faces but who doesn’t, that is my pick to win the east, with Howard avoiding Ts, nelson, Hedo, Arenas playing well Howard is inside, that team can play defense and can score from ever where.

  34. Patrick says:

    Hey guys. I love your chronicles. But hey, who would have bet a dime on the Sixers early in the season. I live in Europe and saw Melo play in the FIBA competitions. Maybe you saw it different, but to me he was the guy getting respect from the Europeans or Argentinians on the defensive end. He can be a real killer. If I was in a street fight , I’d want him on my side.
    Sure the team lacks depth, but I think a lot of teams are heading to the play-offs limping, and the Knicks look healthy. I agree that “D” and playing the right pace for the team is key. The only teams that look like a sure bet right now are the Lakers and Thunders looking solid from every angle. So, we’re in for some exciting play-offs, and should be happy to the the Garden roaring like in old days. Quite a change from the past few years! Keep the good work

  35. SpursFan says:

    For God sake guys it’s Mike Antoni, there’s no D…. But in all seriousness the Knicks COULD win a series but I don’t think they will, they lack a bench and a defensive centre to protect the paint

  36. SYDALE says:

    Maybe next year NY… Maybe next year…

  37. jeff says:

    I can defeinitely see the Knicks beating the Heat. I think Rondo and Rose would cause problems with Chauncey but I don’t see anyone from Miami running him around. They split with the heat and 3 of the times they didn’t have Melo or Chauncey, some may say the team was better b4 but if you think that your a fool, the playoffs is when stars come to play. Add to that Melo has a chip on his shoulder whenever he plays Lebron cause he feels like he was slighted. Melo comes to play when he goes up up Lebron, he welcomes the challenge and he goes at him. Chauncey is a finals MVP and 2 time eastern conference champ so I think he brings enough leadership. I don’t know who would win but I can see the Knicks having a good chance.

  38. PB says:

    It is crazy to think that the knicks would automatically become a championship team by making a trade late in the season.ffwfw
    One thing for sure, any team the knicks play , It will be hard fought battle, because on any give night they can beat any
    team. This trade is for the future not for now

  39. PB says:

    It is crazy to think that the knicks would automatically become a championship team by making a trade late in the season.
    One thing for sure, any team the knicks play , It will be hard fought battle, because on any give night they can beat any
    team. This trade is for the future not for now

  40. Eric says:

    Born and raised in Denver, I played High School ball against Chauncey Billups and he know how to win. He will take control of this team and put people in the places they need to be. Now as far as winning in the playoffs. Not until Carmello learns to include everyone on his team. He needs to make them all better and he is not doing that. I won’t even talk about defense….. Good luck Knick fans.

  41. KObE oG BYRANT says:

    hey you sorry Knicks fans you should be happy ur got melo and ur in da playoffs , stop stressing about this season 3peat if all but done and hope next year the team conections is there so u can kill miami and boston and let boston smash u

  42. david green says:

    If D’Antoni don’t play J.Jeffries the knicks have a chance to beat a team in th e first round!the knicks have only played bad against bad team and there won’t be no bad teams in the playoff’s.It all depends on D’Antoni making the right moves,and as for the trade “again” if D’Antoni would play what he got from Denver there wouldn’t be no talk about depleated line up!Anthony Carter,Ro Balkman,Sheldon Williams are more season players than what we gave up,and Derrick Brown is just as good of a young talent as well

  43. Jay W says:

    Its their coach…Get rid of Mike D’toni cause he isn’t a good fit for that team.
    As for their hopes in the playoffs….lol? should i even comment on that…They will be out in the first round even if they play boston. Boston is in a slump right now but there going to bounce back when the playoffs kick off so don’t too much on that.

  44. rfgb says:

    The Knicks are a great team but they cannot beat any of the top three teams. Despite what some of you say at this point they do not stand a chance against the heat. If they were going to beat one of those teams it would be boston. Recently Boston has been horrible and will finish third overall. Boston may change come playoff time though.

  45. STATANDMELO101 says:

    I’m a Knicks fan and even I know they won’t make it past the first round UNLESS they start playing some defense.Giving up 115 a game is terrible.

  46. Nick says:

    No defense… No size… No way…

  47. Smelo SUCKS says:

    The Knicks thought they were gonna win with SMELO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Smelo SUCKS says:

    it’s obvious that the Knicks are doing great with SMELO!!! They’ve won so many games!!!

  49. mizzle says:

    there is only 3 teams in the east that has a legimate chance of winning the title.. ORL BOSTON MIA.. not even chicago

  50. Smelo SUCKS says:

    The Knicks were doing great, until CarSMELO came in, he’s a one dimensional player!!!!! He gets way to much credit, and he’s not even a good offensive player, he just takes every shot, and misses most of them!!!!!!!

  51. Smelo SUCKS says:

    The Knicks are gonna lose first round!!! Smelo ruins everything.

  52. hahaha says:

    guys just tell me the fact. Isn’t amare the first option in knicks? I remember there was a poll about who’s gonna be the most important player for knicks and about 50% says amare…so isn’t amare the man in knicks?? I still get angry when I see the game between orlando and knicks…that was just cheating….melo you are a great player but you are really not consistent.. he does well against lebron but that doesn’t mean anything becuase he performs well once in 3 games basis. I’m telling you knicks fans, just give away your hope..knicks just cant win it for sure. I’m guessing melo to end the career with no rings, no titles, anything like that. too bad 🙂

  53. yoyo says:

    you really think of beating the top three teams with a small forward of landry fields and starting center jared jeffries?
    hahahahahaha, thats funny now. Let’s get that straight, carmelo and amar’e are terrible at defense, that is not my personal opinion, just look through old games. Billups is OLD, ok he can make crunch time plays; but come on he is at 35 and not having a season like grant hill or steve nash. And plus, which coach they have, mike d’antoni, and what is the biggest flaw he has? HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DEFEND!

    • bunbury says:

      if the knicks are planning to get another superstar, please get one that plays defense. i cant see them become champions with three superstars with a score ONLY mode. i bet melo is missing kenyon martin at this point.

  54. Rich says:

    I say before and I say it again – The Knicks were sandbagging some of they’re game to face the Celtics. Knicks go to the next round if they can keep up with the seeding they want.

  55. bball21 says:

    I think the Knicks can upset the Heat if they play becuz they match up good with them, They will not beat Boston Orlando or Chicago 4 times, I honesty dont think they’ll beat the heat but out of those top 4 teams they stand the best chance vs Miami

  56. KamOt3Cu3 says:

    The Problem with Knicks is their DEFENSE.. there’s no way they can beat Boston, Miami or Chicago because this 3 team has a lot of Offensive Fire power..PLAYOFF is about making adjustment and coach game plan.. I don’t think D’Antoni can beat Rivers in that..

  57. Joaquin Miranda says:

    David Aldridge: “(…)and a second guy who can dominate inside in Amar’e Stoudemire and rebound.” Im sorry David, I love you analysis most of the times but I beg to differ this time. Allow me to explain. first of all, Amare does NOT want to be the second guy. He wants to be THE man, his ego is pretty big, I think. Second, you said a guy will Rebound, where did you get that from? Amare will not know a rebound, ever. Kenny Smith’s analysis of how the Knicks can play was pretty good, the 3 option offense, but they have not used it at all lately. They either give it to Melo and he will play one on-five or they’ll give the ball to Amare and do pretty much the same. They will win a game or two, but no way they are winning a series.

  58. JON says:

    As a knick fan I dont expect a title but I dont expect us to just lie down either we have played boston well every game this season its not impossible to beat them in a 7 game series especially if Melo and Stat can find some offensive harmony if we see the heat I dont see why it would be impossible to beat them seeing that they are just as incomplete as us as far as our record if you so called fans and analyst payed any attention the knicks clearly play harder on both ends against good teams like miami boston and chicago come playoff i guaruntee every1 will be shocked at how well the knicks play

    • RKR says:

      Thank you I was starting to wonder what kind of “Real” Knicks fans were out there. Thats our team support them to the end. Take a book from the 07 Giants, no one expected them to do anything but they believed and we the fans believed and then came the Super Bowl title. We are NY, known to make some impossible things happen. And if you really payed attention to the games against the top4 east teams, we have almost played them better than any other teams. Keep your eyes open.

      • RKR says:

        They have shown once or twice that they can play defense and when they beat Miami and Chicago they didn’t even play their best defensive games. All they need to do is commit to it and they can do something.

  59. L.A. says:

    Diehard Knick fan here, so I certainly believe that it CAN happen, but don’t think that it WILL happen. I still remain optimistic and am taking our success in baby steps and not craving immediate gratification that NY is famous for. These things take time. The Melo trade is mostly to address the future, not so much the present. We still need a few more pieces and a little more time to develop chemistry and a much more intense defensive mindset. We might even be able to get some old Knicks back (Crawford, Chandler, Randolph, Ewing, Jr). I believe that starting next season and beyond, NY will be in the title contender conversation but as for now, whatever little we accomplish in this postseason will be what we can work off of for the future.

  60. Dopstad says:

    If boston doesn’t change all that much i would say maybe a series. I would hope for knicks fans they atleast won 1 at home

  61. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    Knicks will not have a chance this year or next or the year after. . . . that dude who said NY will upset Boston must be a retard NY fan to not see there team and others around the NBA. . . .

  62. george says:

    Even though I am a knicks fan, i don’t believe that this team can win the series against Chicago, Boston or Miami. At this point of the season we are facing a matcup with the Celtics. Boston may be struggling right now, but i expect them very strong come playoff time. They are experienced and very though defensively and they won’t let this Knicks’ squad beat them.

  63. Beefbwpd says:

    I think this could be the only team to get an upset in the first round in the East. Melo always plays good against Lebron (9-4 since in the NBA) I even watched him beat him when they were both in high school. Also Boston is not at all the same team without Perkins and Nate Robinson, plus both Oneals out. I think it really comes down to three things. 1. If the Knicks can play a little more Defense (they score so many points they dont have to lockdown every single possession) 2. Amare, Melo and Sheldon Williams get more rebounds. and 3. Role players like Tony Douglas, Landry Fields and Sean Williams knockdown some open threes (like Douglas and Williams both proved they can do). than I think the Knicks could get an upset and maybe even make a run like Chauncey and Melo did a few years back in Dever. I mean its a long shot for it to come together in the next two weeks but they have that kind of street ball get hot type of team.

  64. Divides by zero says:

    No eastern conference team is pulling off an upset. If the playoffs started today, Orlando is gonna beat out Atlanta, the Bulls are gonna stomp Indiana, the Heat might have slight trouble with Philly but theyre still gonna take it. And the Knicks beating the celtics, who are extremely hungry for another championship, arent going to let the knicks stop them. the only way the knicks could pull an upset is if miami plays them…and even so that would be a stretch.

  65. benmkapa says:

    No chance unless the referee let carmelo still the game like monday against orlando.
    What a cheater , worst than italian soccer player .
    but with a bit of chance they will not do the playoff Go indiana Go charlotte ( an NY big fan until the trade )

  66. Jimi says:


    You’re completely delusional. No way in hell are the Knicks going to beat the Celtics. Boston is going through a tough stretch right now, but could still handily beat the Knicks even on an off night. The Knicks have absolutely no defense, whereas Boston is one of the premier defensive teams in the league. Defense wins championships.

  67. mark says:

    knicks dont have a chance to win a series in the playoffs in their kind of defense, melo and stat will get tired if they will putting up big numbers in the statsheet everynight.. and they’re gonna figure out and the opposing team will play hardnose defense against the 2 superstars. Coach Mike D! c’mon lets play some D! goodluck to knicks and to my idol melo

  68. JMAN says:

    As much as I like the Knicks, they need a few more role players before they’re ready to contend with anyone in the playoffs

    • Follower says:

      agree… sad to say i feel that knicks are more of an entertainment team which tries to light up MSG… first round knock out for me……….

  69. JablesVanBuren says:

    Chauncey was the key pick-up in this trade, it is no secret. Melo and Amar’e are offensive juggernauts but defensively their team is not the greatest. However, they are better than they were last year – something the Knicks organization can be pleased about. They are showing progress, which shows productivity. They’ll need to progress a lot more though, before they’re real contenders in the east.
    – Jables

  70. Aidan says:

    Enough said by the writers. Knicks will exit the first round.

  71. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    No chance ! Not too many problems in the offence but terrible at defending, Melo and Amare would both need big big nights every night to have any chance !

  72. prix says:

    If NY face Boston…surely they can win…if the Oneals dont come back it would be their ticket for they exits…Big3 is no more and Rondo is still crying and Boston is playing the worst right now..NY simply will win not because of Melo and Amare but because of Billups a proven winner…it is how he handle the game that matters…during playoffs, Billups is deadly…that’s why he’s Mr. Big shot…

    • Aidan says:

      kinda foolish to think the celtics will lose to the knicks. Celtics are 3-0 against them this season, and shaq only played one game against the knicks. Jermain played none and perk played none.. Semith Erdin played in one of them and he was just fine. Your comment is pointless and invalid

    • Aidan says:

      plus bostons only in a little slump. Miami had one, lakers had one, and the spurs have one now. Everyone goes through tough time. Even the knicks considering there under .500 right now. Stop being a celtic hater and get your facts straight.

    • Carmelo (seriously, that's my name) says:

      Yes, Celtics are in a slump, but defensively their still one of the best, and any offense (even a struggling one) is good against the Knicks disgusting D. Remember, this is a best of 7. Can you honestly picture the Knicks beating the Celtics 4 times? NOT HAPPENING.

      • prix says:

        Make it real…Boston are not Perk,no Nate,no Oneals..Big3 are now small3…Rondo and Davis are up and down…and they play trash! if all you stupid people think that Boston could win with Kristic and Green…Get a life…I remember this is the kind of analysis they make with NY before with Spreewell,Larry Johnson,Camby and Alan Houston..8th seed but upset the first seed and even make it to the finals…

    • Debenz says:

      You sound like an idiot. The Celtics may be strugling now, but when the Playoffs start they will turn it up, which they proved last year when they were 1 qtr from a title, but you idiots still continue to doubt them. Also, of course Shaq and Jermaine will be playing in the Playoffs, as Doc said.I dislike people like you, and you don’t know when to accept things when proven wrong. The Celtics will handle the Knicks with size, I actually hope the Knicks play the Heat, cause that’s a series I know the Knicks can win in. Then they can play the Bulls and the Celtics would have an easy Playoffs.

      • crossover says:

        another stupid Boston fan.youre a disgrace to your family, you like Boston so much that plays dirty…even the coaching tells there players to knock down Kobe so he will get injured…Lucky for the Lakers they beat u so badly…hurting Boston fans trash like you

      • Bfan says:

        If they play Miami and win Boston would be next not the Bulls, Look at the standings you little lepricon lover.

      • SMOOVE says:

        @ crossover
        hey man, you bumped your head or something? You sound like your brains popped off your head..if you had any, of course-which I highly doubt.

    • Wait a Minute says:


      • GoKnicks says:

        C’mon man…they’re the celtics. The series will go 4-1 or 4-2 celtics. Sorry. I’m a diehard Knicks fan, but you can’t deny the facts. Hope we vs. Miami though. I think we have a small shot at beating the Heat…1999 anybody? Lol

      • Wait a Minute says:

        @ GoKnicks that’s what i’m saying! but not just the Knicks. The Celtics will beat EVERYBODY in the East when healthy.

    • F.S says:

      Yea..Billups is a proven winner…
      thats it…
      but so are the Big 3 and Rondo…so Im not getting ur theory…

    • faithb4fear says:

      So knick fans believe that a team of 3 people can beat a Celtics team whos only weakness is not having a center at the moment? You just a die hard fan. The celtics have the deepest bench in the league. they are 3-0 against the knicks they only had shaq for 1 of those games and no real centers in the other 2. The knicks have no bench and a 3 man team who cant play defence. This is not even a debate its a joke to think the knicks can beat the Celtics in 7 games and this is coming from a laker fan. If the celtics dont get the 2 oneals back which i doubt they can still beat the knicks easily. I read some 1 saying how they need nate robinson thats another joke he did not give them crap ocasionally he would hit back to back 3s thats all. If your debate is that they are in a slump right now! guess what every other team had 1.

      • Bfan says:

        Except the Bulls,(longest losing streak 2 games) only 2 weeks where they lost more games then won and those weeks are not connected.