Blogtable: Disappointing players

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the three most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

Which player has let you down like none other this year, expectations-wise? No fair picking someone who’s hurt.

David Aldridge: Nobody’s “let me down–“; it’s not like I loaned somebody $20 and they haven’t paid it back. I would say I’m surprised that Steve Blake didn’t play better for the Lakers this season. I know it takes a couple of years to really learn the triangle, but I thought he’d pick it up quicker than he has and not have to be coaxed to shoot. I suspect he’ll play a lot better in L.A. next year.

Steve Aschburner: Seeing as how I picked Indiana center Roy Hibbert to be the NBA’s Most Improved Player and Hibbert, in many ways, has actually regressed, he’s my pick again for all the wrong reasons. Hibbert did not boost his game in significant ways — his shooting percentage is way down, his scoring and assists are off on a per-minute basis and his rebounds have ticked up only a little. The Pacers’ pivot man did not take responsibility as a leader on or off the floor, and his inconsistent, largely lost season was a major factor in coach Jim O’Brien’s firing. He did get in a great shape and worked hard last summer, but a couple of days working with (and hearing about John Wooden’s pyramid of success from) Bill Walton didn’t have much carry-over.

Fran Blinebury: Though he’s played better lately, Hedo Turkoglu has the distinction of under-performing for two different teams this season.  He never was a fit in Phoenix and overall hasn’t been the same Hedo who was a key factor in Orlando’s run to the Finals in 2009.

Scott Howard-Cooper: Aaron Brooks, in a close call over Hedo Turkoglu. Hedo was in a perfect situation in Phoenix, where his offensive versatility could have flourished and his defensive shortcomings would have been overlooked, and he still played his way out of town. But Brooks, though never expected to be a star, went from Most Improved Player last season to being dumped by the Rockets. By coincidence, he landed with the Suns. Wherever the destination, Brooks had a dramatic comedown.

Shaun Powell: Gilbert Arenas. Here’s a guy who had every reason to come back strong from Gun Gate, who had every incentive to restore faith in the fans and his employer, and yet he’s in a fog. His shooting, defense, passing — all lame compared to two and three years ago, when he was fun to watch. If this keeps up, he’ll rank among the most overpaid players in history. Dishonorable mention to Baron Davis for reporting to camp heavy and forcing the Clips to sacrifice a lottery pick just to dump him to the Cavs.

John Schuhmann: I’m going to say that having arthritis doesn’t count as being injured. Either way, Gilbert Arenas has been a huge disappointment. His knee issue may have sapped his quickness, but there’s no excuse for him shooting 36 percent, especially when he’s got Dwight Howard in the paint to help him get open looks. When I ran the numbers through StatsCube for the Most Improved Award last week, Arenas was on the opposite end of every list. If the Magic could get some consistent and somewhat efficient offensive production out of him, they’d be a much more dangerous team in the playoffs.

Sekou Smith: I hate to pick on a player (and his team), especially a guy as hard working and drama-free as this guy, I have to go with John Salmons and the Bucks. After watching them in the playoffs last season, they looked like a team that could challenge Chicago for the top spot in the Central Division with Salmons, Brandon Jennings and Andrew Bogut. That was in July. Fast forward to now and it’s clear that the performance Salmons gave (averaging 20 points in 30 regular season games to help the Bucks make the playoffs after they lost Bogut for the end of the regular season and postseason to injury) was a mirage. Salmons hasn’t looked anything like the big shot artist I saw late last season and during the playoffs. He’s been solid, albeit in a somewhat diminished role, but has not been anything close to what I expected and the Bucks are headed to the lottery.


  1. MKE says:


  2. nash says:

    dragic. i thought his big game last playoffs wil be the beggining.

  3. Jamie Cohen says:

    The most dissapointing player in the league this year was Gilbert Arenas. I say this after he put up his best game, hitting 6 three pointers and playing 45 minutes. He is out of shape and never found a flow with the Magic. When he first came over in the trade, I was wondering how they would fit all these pieces together in the back court. Arenas made it quite easy, he didn’t deserve to start and I’m pretty sure Chris Duhon can do more with the back-up minutes. A far cry from his all-star days in Golden State.

  4. Sunsman says:

    Most dissapointing to me has been Robin Lopez… guy was supposed to be playing for USAB and instead, what in Chicago guy got 4 fouls in 3 minutes of game. He was supposed to step up into the screen/roll duo with Nash – doesn’t seem to be the hardest job in the NBA and yet he fell completely flat – Gortat picked it up after what 5 games yet Lopez now only sees his shoes with his head down riding the pine.

    Honor List

    Joe Johnson – just due to the contract and Hawks fluctuations
    Chris Kaman – maybe he is having trouble adjusting to having to make way for Griffin?
    Steve Blake – more talent that this – seriously
    Greg Oden – hopefully dude, you get away from the injury cursed Trailblazers and get a chance to show something
    Corey Maggette – supposed to bring offense to the Bucks….. what happened there??

  5. Number18 says:

    To all of the idiots who even mention Boston’s big 3 in this blog should be flicked in the balls. They have beaten all of the good teams this year and will sweep season series with Miami on sunday. I hope you all see that finger reaching for the switch bacause it is about to be flicked. Good luck stopping them!

    My vote for biggest disapointment is the Miami Heat. They were supposed to challenge the Bulls 72 win season and destroy every team they played. WTF happened? They just got beat by the Cavs last week. They suck and have not performed well against league’s elite. I look forward to the first round upset that is coming.

  6. someone says:

    i will go with evan turner. i thought he was going to contend for ROY. prix is crazy if he thinks the Big 3 of Boston underachieved. ray and pierce r shooting career highs in percentage and garnett is still good

  7. ill say the entire staff that write these articles + david stern and his army or referees
    nobody writes credible sports analysis anymore especially in the nba where there are constant mood swings and side changes based on whos they’re gonna make their poster boy for the nba

    those 5 analyst/bloggers are a dissapointment to the sport and sport writing

  8. Bfan says:

    I agree with Lebron. DRose come on man you’re not a rookie anymore. Step up, be a man, show something please.

  9. i think Boston will win this final go go go big4

  10. Vlad says:

    the big 3 of Boston? Really?
    i didn`t follow theese comments last year but i presume that aftaer finishing 4th in the East last year playing 0.500 basketball for the last 50 games or so, people said much worse thing about them.

    How did that ended? They had no rival in the east and were a few minutes away from winning it all.

    Of course they don`t have the same stats. They are a year older, minutes are down, role players (the ones healthy) had good contributions. It`s not about stats. I`ve seen them in a lot of games. They play a mediocre game untill the 3rdor 4th quarter but when they clap their hands and say “let`s play some ball” it`s over baby. They solve the game in 4 or 5 minutes.

    I believe that during the playoffs they will play with that edge almost the entire game(s). And if they do that, they are the nr1 contender in my opinion.

  11. Adam says:

    Joe “$120 million man” Johnson

  12. Lee says:

    i thought Arenas was the biggest let down coz he has something to prove and he didn’t bring it this season, i hope he’ll at leasts be a shade of his all-star form next year. Tyreke is also a let down coz he wasn’t able to follow-up his stellar rookie season, i was hoping the kings would content for the last playoff spot. Devin Harris is an under achiever, he should not have been traded if he played in a consistent level. Hedo never recovered his form since leaving Orlando a couple of years ago and even in his return, he was never the same. And the Detroit Pistons are a lost team even with a solid line-up, they just couldn’t get it together.. (special mention to Mo Williams, i thought he’ll lead Cleavland to a decent record, tsk, tsk..)

  13. Francis KB says:

    For me,it’s John Wall and Chris Bosh. I believe John Wall has a lot some reliable support on the floor so he needs to step up his performance. Looking at the kind of acclaim he received at the beginning of the season,he has really not lived up to expectation. He should learn a thing or two from Steph Curry’s game. And Bosh is just too weak for my liking. I mean this is the NBA not high school girls basketball. He needs to man up and make some strong plays.

  14. charliedooles says:

    i would say dirk nowitzki..

  15. VC says:

    For me it’s VC who is the biggest let down this year though when he was in Orlando he’s did great but after the trade he completely stumbled down. I thought he will be perfect suited in the Suns with Hill and Nash but I guess its not a good team for him and maybe he doesn’t feel to be there. Its a great dream for me to see my 3 favorites player will be on the same team but I guess VC have to find another perfect team for him. Hope it will be a great another season for him next season with his new team probably.

  16. Reprezented says:

    Biggest disappointment by far is Joe Johnson. He is the highest payed Hawk on the team and ONE of few of the highest paid athletes in the league. He was offered the juiciest most lucrative contract of the offseason in luring him back to Atlanta to commit to the Hawks so that they could have a chance to go all the way and his level of play has been mediocre. He has not played like a superstar, most nights he is a non-factor in wins and losses, he doesn’t take over the game like he should and he’s not solid at closing a game either. He brings nothing to the table and he is the biggest waist of money ever spent on a guy who is basically identical to Vince Carter in stats just barely, and we all know Vince Carter will never get a “Joe Johnson” type contract ever again, but he might as well lol.

  17. patolatotoy says:

    Chris paul! he’s not the same old guy

    Im not NOLA fans but for the team

    but i like D.west play.

    I think he needs to step up

    he needs to score cause nola have no offensive gunner

    specially Marcus Thornton have been traded and D,west injured

  18. Ryan Karhut says:

    Cousins and Wall have been disappointing in that the whine so much and are drama queens. They’re ridiculous and frustrating to watch like this Wall starting a Basketbrawl

  19. Ventruck says:

    Definitely Arenas imo. He seriously sank from All-Star to the guy who makes Nelson of all people (no offense to him) look good. ‘zero here somewhat brought it upon himself. He has Washington keep faith in him through his injury, only to come back somewhat moping about how handicapped he is (*cough*look at Kobe), then he pulls out his gun like an idiot after missing so many games, and now he’s in Orlando short of any good reasons to not be a successful player.

    I hate to remark an athlete’s work ethic because everyone in the NBA pretty much worked their butt off to wear a uniform, but Gilbert’s early years were hyped by how much work he put in to get off that bench and elevate to All-Star level and lead his own team. Now he’s got Dwight Howard to work with and he’s been less than satisfactory. It’s like Gilbert lost that “fire”, and that “fire” is entirely will-based.

    He was actually one of my favorite players. Loved how he could play to the end of a game, but now it’s like “that’s the best you can do?”

  20. bigboy11 says:

    has anyone ever asked BOSH if he is gay

  21. bigboy11 says:

    i think c bosh is changing i think he is going to play in the W NBA HE IS A TARGET for most guards now they want to posterize him

  22. Goose says:

    I’m still hoping Arenas will start getting his touch from deep again.
    I’m still hoping Turkoglu will start getting his game together.
    I’m still hoping David Lee will be dominant as he was with the Knicks again.
    I’m still hoping Devin Harris will be a heck of a player.
    I’m still expecting Chris Bosh to adjust to his role in Miami…

  23. Nikko says:

    This is the list of most disappointing players this season right? So where’s Chris Bosh? They said he proved his worth in their last game with the Lakers but where is it now? He’s the big man and people are expecting him to do better in the post but he’s coming off soft every game. He needs to do better if he wants to help the team reach the better part of the playoffs. Or at least help the team enter the playoffs.

  24. Taft says:

    Bosh never lived up to the expectation after he signed in Miami, he’s gotta gain some pounds and get down low and do work. In Toronto he was the main man, takin the jumper, puttin it on the floor and even throwin down a dunk or two. D-wade and Lebron can handle the perimeter, bosh needs to man up, take the time to adapt to the role they want him to play in Miami and do his job at the 4 spot and do his job

  25. Hawks4Life says:

    It has to be Joe Johnson. The Hawks fired their coach despite 6 consecutive seasons of improving records. They threw Joe a max contract only to be worse this year than last. I’ve see at least 30 Hawks games and there’s no team that gives up like they do. When they get down double digit points they either panic or give up. That’s when a leader or max contract player should step up. Joe Never does. The coach shouldn’t have gotten fired because of lack of leadership on the floor.

  26. and an addition, i say goran dragic is also a disappointment… he was a playoff hero against the spurs and now, he’s not showing what he can do…

  27. Follower says:

    Joe Johnson!! – His max contract extension with the Hawks proved little….. you can see how many 40 point losses they had this season… can’t seemed to score….

  28. Rick T says:

    I would have have to say Richard Hamilton and Chris Paul have both been disappointing.

  29. james says:

    just a rookie and did not get all the playing time in the world but evan turner really disappointed me. i watched his whole career at osu and thought he should have gone number 1 in the draft. I stand corrected. let’s see come playoff time.

  30. Follower says:

    Rashard Lewis (completely inefficient this season, Magic got it right to move him)

    David Lee (seemingly forgeting his existance since he went GSW)

    Agent-Zero (nothing but ZERO expectation, it is sad to see him falter game after game, he has so many unwanted Wizards jerseys for huge discounts on the shelves in my country)

    i guess it is hard to top these 3 players who were once great just in recent seasons……..

  31. denver DONT NEED melo says:

    vince carter
    to me has been the biggest let down last year and this year i know he used to be a terrific dunker but he was also a great shooter he got a little banged up but what happened hes not that old

  32. Andrew says:

    chris kaveman.. i mean kaman. he might as well be a kaveman with his performance this year cuz hes playing like one he was supposed to be a 20 10 guy based off of last years performance but its overshadowed by griffins success. but his efficiency rating is okay

  33. jope says:

    as a jazz fan, raja bell was a major let down.

    after not matching wes matthews the front office hyped up bring bell back like no tomorrow.

    his performance this season has been d-league at best.

    disappointing, watching matthews in another unform all season and watching bell burn the jazz to the ground

  34. Joseph Evora says:

    How bout Tyreke Evans? He is reigning ROY and his averages decreased.

  35. cook says:

    reshard lewis? 3 point percentage dropped significantly and doesnt score much as he used to?

  36. fan8119 says:

    i bet, most of these disappointing players will end w/ the pistons next year.

  37. NY Vlad says:

    Man one of my fantasy drafts had the all underachieving team…i know its not fair to mention injured players but tyreke evans went for 20 5 5 in his rookie year usually your supposed to follow that up with 25 5 5…or not
    Chris kaman…cmon man he turns his ankle and misses as many games as someone who had anthroscopic knee surgery.
    We got gilbert arenas dont know whats goin on no points no steals no alley oops to howard
    Also there is rashard lewis he took 4 shots per game in orlando and put up 14ppg in DC were they needed his offense.
    Stephen Jackson should have done more with the bobcats team

    shoutouts to david lee, darren collison, vince carter, and shaQ

  38. toaSTEEZ says:

    kobe sucks and so does his fans

    • Derek says:

      kobes overrated just a great team not great player anymore

      • Andrew says:

        I disagree cuz he is #6 on the alltime scoring list, avg 25 ppg in his career and has 5 rings on his fingers.
        hes no jordan but pretty close to it

    • Ismaeel says:

      Okay it’s fine to say Kobe sucks (it’s your opinion, right) but to say his fans suck??? I personally love him he has been the most clutch person in the league since MJ retired. Without him the Lakers would be okay but not champions

  39. KillaStylezz says:

    Steve Blake….it seems as if he only shoots when he has no choice. I haven’t really watched any of the other teams play as much, however, I’ve watched almost all of the Laker’s games and I definitely agree with David Aldridge on this one.

  40. Derek says:

    Chris Bosh may be the most overrated player ive ever seen. ive never seen such a fake tough guy as durant liked to call him. its pathetic, last nights cleveland game was hard to stomach when he touched the ball. they didnt even double him and he was getting blocked nearly everyplay, he made hollins look like an all-star and he is far from it. i dont get how when ur team makes a huge comeback (while bosh is on the pine) when he gets back in after resting his female parts he procedes to play one on one ball and not even get a shot toward the rim? and its been all season i dont know what happened maybe its the warm weather in miami but if the heat want to win a title the need to give haslem as many minutes as possible…

  41. just some random person says:

    I think that people are overlooking the fact that Chauncey Billups has been poorly performing for the past three years or so. He was an excellent player but I think he’s lost his touch. He draws the foul (which I wouldn’t mark as a talent in basketball, anyone can do it) and he occasionally makes his three-pointers (not as often as he used to). The amount of turnovers has gotten progressively worse as well. He’s a great guy and all but please just look at what I’m saying and watch him. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong. But this is what I’ve seen, and this is my opinion.

  42. Paul says:

    Everyone needs to calm down, the guy who said Derrick Rose should’ve been one there was just joking, but you guys are to blinded to see it.

  43. are you stupid says:

    marcus thornton?

    his doing great in Sac town. his the reason for their 4th straight wins.

  44. imflipyo says:

    Marcus Thornton needs to be mentioned

  45. SYDALE says:

    Corey Maggette…

    Evan Turner… I know that he’s a rookie… but, I expected him to come in and at least make a push to try to take over the team from Iguodala…

    • MIA/CHI says:

      True that on Evan Turner going #2 in the draft and basically sucking the whole year i thought him going to the Sixers was great him and Iggy but he just ended up sucking Hey I bet the Sixers wish they could’ve picked an acually good shooting gaurd like ummmmm Landry Fields (drafted 37th overall in the draft

      • henry says:

        turner is still learing. if he needs time we should give him more time. he reminds me of LaMarcus Aldridge, the 2nd pick of 1st round in 2006 draft.
        Aldridge lost his starting job quickly and cameoff from the bench during his rookie season, that year he averaged 9 points. the next year he averaged 17 points and was a full time starter in his 2nd year. after that year his stats increased every year. personally i think its a bit too early to talk about turner. just wait you never know.

      • prix says:

        Turner is still confuse and the sixers are winning…He will be great next season…no doubt

      • Symokoto says:

        henry n prix are both correct here. turner is a rookie and learning. he was NOT expected to take sixers on his back, like wall was for the wizards and cousins for the kings. he is developing, and developing very well. or did you skip the game they had against boston just two days ago? the rest of the team was fumbling and turner ended up playing like a madman (21 pts, 7 rbs, 5 asts). he was great and i expect he will only get better next season.

  46. Kobe says:


    are you serious? rose is going to be the mvp ( as much as i wanted kobe to win it ) this year! he’s a beast the guy is ridiculous rose improved his 8th seed team to #1 with practically the same cast of players except for korver , boozer and the rest of the jazz-turned-bulls who havent proven their worth this season. D-ROSE mvp! future face of the NBA.

  47. KD FAN but disappointed says:

    Kevin Durant was suppose to be the mvp, FIBA is the reason he has been inconsistent. Wether he admits it or not, he is very tired and thats why 99 percent of his shot are jump shots.

  48. 4trackdemo says:

    Chris Bosh surely needs a mention, if people stop mentioning “The Big Three” and start saying “Two and a Half Men” you gotta be doing something wrong. Arenas really let go his chance to shine, And Baron Davis got sent from sent from Blake Griffin Heaven to Cleveland Cavaliers hell because he couldn’t live up to his talent. Danny Ainge for trading Perkins ( What’s up with that playa?).

  49. Lebron says:

    I’d have to go with Derrick Rose. I just thought he’d be better this season. He’s really disappointed me.

    • BB4E says:

      Are you nuts? Derrick Rose could be the most improved player this year. His 3 point shooting is this season just amazing.

    • KObE oG BYRANT says:

      lol somthing lebrons would say.. you should mention that on ur next 1 hr special.. quiter

      • MIA/CHI says:

        come on dude really i am both a heat n a bulls fan so dnt say im jst goin for d rose all becuz i go for chi town bt derrick rose the guy has been a beast this year he is a strong candidate for MVP honors with boozer n jakim noah out for 50 games he basically carried the bulls to the top seed

    • SimplyMe says:

      Are u crazy? Derrick Rose is going to be MVP this season. He has taken his game to the next level. He is far from a disappointment. Idk what game you are watching.

      • Rose4preisdent123 says:

        he was clearly being sarcastic… Rose is MVP, Kobe should be 2nd but none of the networks are even mentioning him. Dwight and Lebron are too disappointing, everyone hates Lebron and Dwight just needs more. No one wants to root for a team they know will lose. Bulls Lakers, BY TCH EZZZ

    • ELDiablO says:

      @ lebron..yeah he really disappoint you..coz this year mvp will not be for lebron..the miami players will be disappointed coz they can’t reach second round LOL

  50. royi440 says:

    Undoubtedly it’s agent zero… since the beginning of his career he’s had attitude issues but was always the best offensive player in DC and one of the best PGs around. This year he became almost a liability in the high-expectations yet mediocre performing Magic.

  51. prix says:

    I would say the Big 3 of Boston…Boston win games not because of them but because Doc is the best in dirty strategy coaching…and Rondo is playing well same with Davis and the rest of the role players…but the Big 3 sucks…if you see them play compare to last season its way too far…it would just surely hurt your eyes of disbelief…Right now Boston reign in the East will end…MIAMI-BULLS in the East finals

    • whatrutalkinbout says:

      @prix Im sorry did u just say rondo is a role player…rondo is the most important player to the Boston Celtics, he creates mismatches for other point guards in the league. Think about it this way:
      -Paul Pierce goes out no big deal they still have a big man in Garnett guarding the paint, they have Allen as a scorer and Rondo as a playmaker.
      -Ray Allen goes out, Paul Pierce is also an outside threat and he can score in more ways than Allen can
      -Kg goes out, Bostons in trouble
      -Rondo goes out Bostons in big trouble they don’t have a facilitator.

      Im not a Boston fan but i know Rondo makes the team

      • prix says:

        I dont say rondo is a role player…I mainly says to all my post that Rondo and Perk is the main reason for Bostons success…but right now He is still crying missing his bestbody and the Boston is a lot of trouble…w/o Nate and Perk Boston is no longer the same…and what you say KG guarding the paint…lol…KG becomes slower and weaker watch his games…they need Perk if not…bring back the Oneals

    • Ismaeel says:

      You obviously don’t watch the game of basketball. First of all, they are all getting older and have less minutes. And that is because they have so many people who come off the bench and get the job done. Unfortanately the Bulls are going to to beat them in the playoffs AND WILL WIN THE CHAMPIONSHIP VERSUS LAKERS. GO BULLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • aj says:

        who comes of there bench? everyones hurt
        and if there not hurt there not key players and have no impact on the celtics

      • Follower says:

        Bulls will win nothing, they will be too nervous in the playoff stage… Heat, Magic and Celts are my top 3 east. Bulls have no depth behind their MVP, sorry.

      • Rose4preisdent123 says:

        wtf are you talking about, the Bulls have one of the best benches in the league? If people actually watched basketball and didn’t jerk off to stats they’d understand that a team is greater than the sum of their parts, and the bulls bench is an extermely cohesive unit. When the Bulls put Taj Gibson, C.J. WAtson, and Ronnie Brewer in, they have the best defensive 5 player rotation in the league. 2nd best? replace Watson with Rose. Just plug in Luol Deng who can play 40 a night and Noah/Asik/ Thomas and the Bulls are a force. Defense wins championships, you monkeys, and the Bulls have it.

    • think says:

      Its just simple that the Big 3 are aging. But still they’re trying to be competitive while resting the key players that they have, given the injuries the team suffered throughout the season.

      I just hope that you’re seeing right now is that KG got some of his form (though he would never be the young KG again), Paul is still the legit scorer they have, and Rayray has been in his most effecient in his career (FG% and 3PT%). The great thing is this Big3 has helped Rondo and Perk (though he’s gone) to develop under them. Now they have to do that with Jeff Green.

      Coach Doc had the responsibility to balance everything, from getting/limiting the Big 3 their minutes, to preserving everyone’s health while waiting the injured players to be ready, while incorporating the new players to their team’s scheme. And all of these he has to do while still focusing on winning and at least trying to win homecourt advantage. Now if you say that Doc is just into “dirty strategy coaching”… then I guess that’s how far the knowledge you have to this game can go 🙂

      • SimplyMe says:

        The Big 3 are going to be just fine come playoff time. Everyone wrote them off last year and they made it all the way to the finals. Shoot Jermaine O’Neal and Shaq have been a huge disappointment if anything for Boston. Now I didn’t agree with them trading Perk but obviously it was a financial issue and that’s fine but in the end when its come to the Eastern Conference Finals, it will be Chicago vs Boston.