LeBron Returns Home Minus Hype

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The numbers alone say it all.

Since that wild and emotional Dec. 2 Heat-Cavaliers game at Quicken Loans Arena, the Cavs have gone 7-48 while the Heat have gone 41-14.

It was unclear at the time which team would use that night as a springboard and which team would not recover from the moment. We know now, of course. And that’s what takes some of the pop out of tonight’s game, which marks the second time LeBron James will head home to Northeast Ohio (yes, we know he’s from Akron and not Cleveland, but spare us the geography lesson).

“Can’t get no worse than it was December 2nd,” James told reporters before he and the Heat arrived in Cleveland Monday evening. “I know that for a fact.”

On that we can all agree.

One other thing that is certain, the in-game banter between James and his old teammates will not take place again, at least not in the same manner.

“If he comes down to the bench and wants to chat, that ain’t going to happen,” said Cavaliers guard Boobie Gibson. “We can rule that out.”

Fine, there won’t be any chest bumping or warm embraces to worry about. With only three players on the Cavs’ active roster — Gibson, Anthony Parker and J.J. Hickson — that actually played with James when he was in Cleveland, that hypothetical love-fest wouldn’t have lasted long anyway.

But at least we won’t have to see this trip marked by the nastiness that swallowed up the first meeting, a game in which James and the Heat fed off the venom of the atmosphere on their way to embarrassing an undermanned Cavaliers team.

Of all involved, Cavs coach Byron Scott seemed to manage his emotions as well as anyone back in December and since, in regards to James. (He obviously realized then as he does now, that the Cavaliers have more important things to worry about that the travel plans of James and his Heat teammates.) And his perspective on the return trip is just as refreshing. More from the Plain Dealer:

“I wasn’t here with most of these guys who played with him,” Scott said Monday. “Then you’ve got a bunch of guys who haven’t played with him, so I have no idea how they feel about him or what their response is to him coming back here.”

After enduring a dismal slide that included a record-setting 26-game losing streak this season, there is much less focus on whether toppling James and the Heat could salvage this season for the Cavaliers.

“We’d be what — 15 and something?” Gibson shrugged. “What would salvage the season is to finish strong, playing the way we know we can and showing fans the potential we have coming into next season.”

The Cavaliers’ focus for so long — since that loss to the Heat on Dec. 2, in fact — has been on their inadequacies rather than James’ defection to Miami. When Scott first accepted the head coaching position in Cleveland — just before James left — he heard about the former Cavalier nearly every day whenever he went somewhere. Now?

“I can’t remember the last time somebody said something about LeBron to me,” Scott said.

Once every six months is probably more than enough coach!


  1. Smelo SUCKS says:

    I DIDN’T say that!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Hey i eat poop for breakfast!

  3. Alejandro Perez says:

    Men you all need to buy tikes for the cleveland Indians an stop hating James get over it city of cleveland… Baseball opening day is tomorrow go out and have some fun…

  4. Jay_lights-out says:

    @ Smelo Sucks.. ur complaining about carmelo leaving and lebron leaving and the nuggets are one of the hottest teams in the nba.. if cleveland had the best team in the nba then they would have won a championship which they didnt making that irrelevant.. u honestly dont know a thing about basketball u just focus on the star players.. Lebron couldn’t do it by his self.. he actually gave up in game 5 against the celtics only scoring 15 points and wasn’t even attacking as usual and in game 6 he had a triple double and they still lost so thats saying something.. and the Heat r overrated yes they r.. they JUST LOST TO CLEVELAND BY DOUBLE DIGITS

    • Smelo SUCKS says:

      The Nuggets are rolling, but that isn’t ANY excuse for CarSMELO, he was STUPID, he thought he was better than he was, and, like I said before, George Karl made him BETTER!!!!!!!

  5. Cant wait to see what happened to the Heat tonight in Cleveland,to physical for Big three!

  6. lol appearently Cavs haven’t move on they still crying behind lebron… watchin the game lmao

  7. Dude.. Failed Arguements says:

    Honestly some of you have.. failed arguments like seriously… how can you say lebron doesn’t make his teammates better.. when you look at the current record of Cleveland now… the horrible run they had after lebron went to cleveland in december.. basically had the same roster minus.. Big Z and Shaq.. lol.. so to say that lebron didn’t make his teammates better is just a really stupid.. opinion. By the way.. it was Mo Williams that choked in the playoffs those two years.. and everyone says “Lechoke” ? lol…

  8. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    d wade is my favorite player but i can’t deny lebron’s talent but i still feel d wade has an edge over anyone he plays he is raw talent turn it up DDDDDDDDD. But i hope for this league sake d wade bron bosh both mikes jj janthony ehouse chalmers dampier magoiree howard ud just let bron if he feels like it take the lead i know how capable d wade is i just want him support him exxplode every now and then but just support bron’s hunger i realy hope he reads this lebron please destroy this playoffs just to shut up the critics (crickets) cool

  9. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Hey Sean, LeSTUPID made one the most STUPID decisions in NBA history, he was with the best team in the FREAKING league!!!!!!!

  10. BlackMamba24 says:

    Lebron James wont win a ring in Miami, you know why? Cus hes to busy chasing stats, LOL.

  11. LEBRON SUCKS! says:


  12. LEBRON SUCKS! says:


  13. LEBRON SUCKS! says:


  14. LEBRON SUCKS! says:


  15. Bobby Joe says:


  16. Naveed Ahmed says:

    Mr. Washington is CORRECT TO THE MAX!
    We need more people like him in this world!

  17. Lenny says:

    The way i see it is that it was Mo Williams who was given the `sidekick` spot opportunity and he played well and everybody was happy before the playoffs.. But wasn´t it Mo who was shooting bad and not having the numbers like in the reg season? But nobody´s saying `Mo sucks, he ruined our franchise and made LeBron leave!` Think about it. Im not hating, i was just thinking about last year and how everybody was waiting lal-cle finals..

  18. Sean says:

    Lebron made a great decision he was at a point were he needed to be remember as the greatest that played the game and he couldn’t do that without having a chance at a championship ring. If im not mistaking jordan didn’t get his 1st ring until his 5th or 6th season in the NBA. The only thing i disagree with him is “The Decision” he completely embarress cleveland and never told his teammates, coaches about what he wanted. The G-M didn’t make lebron decision any harder they did’nt provide enough supporting cast for him. Kobe is a Monster but he can’t do it by himself either he always had 1 or 2 superstar with him. Cleveland fan need to let this go and focus on the Cavs future ,-_-, And every1 who saying lebron and the heat not gon win a ring they are out there mind. Lets GOOO HeaT!!

  19. YV says:

    the cavs were great in the regular season, but in the playoffs they were playing the best teams more often and all they had to do was triple team Lebron bcause they had no other player who could post a threat. Lebron is one of the best players and joined 2 of the best 10 players in the league right now. for all haters, get ready bcause the Heat r just getting warmed up.

  20. THE King says:


    • Smelo SUCKS says:

      I agree that he’s the best player, but I’m NOT scared of the Heat!!

      • beast says:

        Bwaahaha of course your not scared of the Heat… cause your a stinking noob! The Heat have more important things to do than worry bout a small bug

  21. mikie says:

    almost 100% correct.
    incredibly bill walton won the 1977 title with portland.
    the team was walton plus sleepy, dopey, doc, bashful, sneezy, happy, and grumpy.

  22. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Hey Jay_lights-out, I’m a Nuggets fan, I just get angry when greedy pigs do what Lebron did.

  23. Hashman says:

    Everyone in Cleveland is over the whole LeBron thing. Ask anyone. No one cares anymore. Sure no one exactly likes him, but they have forgotten about him for sure. I’m from Cleveland and I am and always will be a Cavs fan. I don’t give half a crap about LeBron. The reason that the Cavs aren’t doing good now is because they centered their whole team around LeBron! They made sure they didn’t get a point guard that needed the ball in his hands so LeBron could do what he wanted! They made sure that they got a power forward that could space the floor in Antawn so that LeBron could play how he wanted. Now he is gone and our team has to start rebuilding again. Don’t tell me we didn’t have a good supporting cast.

  24. Smelo SUCKS is really dumb says:

    The name says it all.

  25. ddddd says:

    Here is going to be the funny thing about it… With the new CBA the owners of the small market teams are going to majorly push to hamstring teams like the heat and the knicks from building anything decent around their super-teams. The heat are not going to get their pg or c unless someone signs for less money expecting to ride Lebron to the championship. The knicks are the same way, but with more potential pieces outside, and different types of deficiencies. The playing field needs to be leveled so that its not the same exact teams winning out every year is the argument.
    The moves that Cleveland made were desparation moves to try to keep Lebron in town. The desperation moves just sent salaries further and further over the cap with no immediate way out. The Amare thing….. Lebron had a point in spite of the fact that JJ Hickson was the future persay…. Gotta have that 2nd Star. they could have complemented each other and made Hickson better. But No… Now Amare is in New York. The Shaq trade made no sense other than salary shedding. The Jamison trade made the most sense, but even that was AWKWARD!!!!
    The biggest problem with Lebron is that he will get his, but his game does not make those around him better. That is what screwed Cleveland over more than anything. MJ back in the day got all of his good role players good contracts after they left the Bulls. I mean Steve Kerr continued winning championships with the Spurs until he retired… and was productive in the role he played. It is sad… very sad that the best (arguably so at least) player in the league does not make those around him better… Instead he takes away from their games. But of course if he can prove to me that 2 on 5 or 3 on 5 wins championships then I will eat my words…. So either recognize the team or prove me wrong there Lebron!

  26. Eat kids!!! Cleveland, eat it! All others, eat it!! JUST EAT IT!

  27. E216G says:

    IM FROM CLEVELAND and im getting tired of everyone thinking we all hate Lebron. Most of us dont even care and me personally still likes Lebron. Hes my favorite player. And this is coming from someone with the name E216G from the hood.

  28. Smelo SUCKS says:

    LESTUPID SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Alejandro Perez says:

    Now what? The cavalier lost their hero, they have a sorry football team I don’t know if the even have a hockey team. Their only hope is the Indians… I feel sorry for my dear friend Nicole & Tim down in Cleveland. Maybe Cleveland should consider to become a part of MIami Dade County….

  30. hate says:

    smelo you sound like either a ten year old or someone who has never watched basketball. the cavaliers franchise was ruined the minute it was founded in cleveland. Lebron was their only shot and saved them from the additional eight years of irrelevance they would have otherwise endured without him.

  31. Jay_lights-out says:

    Smelo you must be a cleveland fan. close doesnt count in this league its either first or last. they were close but they couldnt hang with the solid veteran teams. he wasn’t going to get in cleveland and everyone knows that honestly. he left and it was a good decision. you have to do whats best for ur career in this league. just like Mr. wahington said its a buisness. and you should listen to him more often cuz ur honestly to caught up in cleveland.

  32. chris says:

    2 words: Move on

  33. Airness says:

    man ya’ll are too funny. dude had plenty of good “role players” and lets not forget the only reason people know/remember Kukoc, Kerr, Paxson, BJ and Harper is cuz of MJ….its easy to say that Mo, Booby, West, Jamison, Hickson etc weren’t/aren’t championship caliber role players, but none of the Bulls, Lakers, Spurs, Rockets, Celtics role players would be remembered w/o having been teammates with Michael, Magic, Larry, Duncan, Hakeem, Kobe… too many praise winners when they up and kick losers when they down…the greats stayed with a squad and won it with who they had around them, and Bron was given damn near everthing while the city rode his D*** i think it was a smart and desperate move, yet very cowardly…’nuff said

    • witness says:

      it wasnt cawerdly he just wanted jis ring but the other part i have to agree wuth airness but you have to admitt he’s n a better situation now then he was n clevland miami all day and bron for MVP

  34. witness says:

    only reason peple say he sucks is cause they wantd him to stay n clevland you see how nuch weight he was carring by the record ckevland has now people no that lebron is the greatest and is mad cause he now has a better chance n winning a ring sine he’s in miami and will soon stand along side jordan. was he wrong by the way he did it? yes but he still has his own legacy to make and with him staying in clevland he would never get his ring so out of all do respect for clevland and the city they need to to get off his case and if anythig cheer your “hometown” own you never no after he get his ring excuse me rings the king might come back to clevland lebron still has a hole lot of love for the neighborhood city he grew up in so if clevland should be mad at anything it should be the way he did it and he wsnt the only one that left for a ring big z left to so think of all the publicty and happiness and joy he’s put n to clevland and let the king b the king a let stuff go cause now WITNESS the king do what he do that ype stuf clevand did to him is what makes peple not wanna come and put on a clevland unifom to clevlan GOOD LUCK you’ll need it

  35. RhettD says:

    Mr. Washington, great post, you know your stuff. To all the LeBron haters, LeBron was alone, not in the regular season, but in the playoffs he was alone. Who performed at a high level besides LeBron in the post-season on that Cavs roster? Mo? Hell no. Jamison? No. JJ? No. Even Big Z didn’t do great and he was the number 2 option based on efficiency, not shots taken (Mo). Oh and don’t forget LeBron took the Cavs to the Finals, sure they got swept and LeBron didn’t play well, but that was the first time in the History of the NBA (Modern Era) that a player took a team to the Finals without a teammate who was also in the top 50 players. This is something no one else has ever done, not even MJ, think about that. LeBron is just entering his prime years, the kid got drafted out of high school, hes got a long career ahead of him. I can guarantee you that LeBron wins rings in Miami, I’d be shocked if he doesn’t win 4 there in Miami and I see that as a worst case type situation for Miami. The Lakers are a total non-threat starting next year and that will show more each year. Boston is just getting too old, think about who is young and skilled on that roster…Rondo, I’m a Celtics fan and I can admit that. The Spurs are streaky, and have no young players who can carry that team in the next few years. Chicgo? Well Rose is a great player, not quite MVP material just yet, the Bulls will fall early in the playoffs. Rose has to carry that team and his defense in the clutch is garbage, has been ever since Chalmers hit that late 3 over hm in their college days. The Mavs, do I even need to talk about them? And then there is Orlando, sorry but I don’t bank on any team that lives and dies by the 3. OKC is going to be the big threat for MIA in the years to come, they’re young, talented, and have an incredible coaching staff. But, if Miami doesn’t start their championship roll this year, it’ll start next year after they have developed more chemistry, better game plans/player roles, and fill in the gaps they have currently. If Bosh can continue to play at this new dominant level he has been, and that being added to Wade’s speed and consistency and LeBron’s smart decision making and explosiveness, then MIA has the championship signed, sealed, and delivered for years to come. Miami will win, and LeBron is a critical piece in their game. Just watch, you’ll see it happen soon enough.

  36. Zoli says:

    #1 Mr. Washington!
    Very good post.
    U r absolutely right.
    But a lot of guys just cannot understand this..if i would be a cavs fan, of course i would be angry, but i think he ,made the right decision.
    cavs was the best every year in the regular season..but in the playoff? thats way to different..
    hopefully he get the title this year
    Good Luck for that!!!
    Up the HEAT!

  37. Realist says:

    Couldn’t have said it better Mr. Washington, very well said.

  38. ok says:

    All i got to say is when playoff time came around Mo willams was no where to be found he choked both years and Antwan went ghost against boston so when it mattered the team never showed up and the last two years prove it in the league you can’t win it by yourself you need at least one other all star to do it

  39. DJfaulk says:

    To put it simply, someone, ANYONE, name me a team since 1980 that has won a NBA title WITHOUT at least two all-stars on the roster. DON’T WORRY, I’LL WAIT……… didnt think so. no laker fan should ever say anything about Lebron leaving Cleveland for “some help”. When the Lakers go a step above just having all-stars. they make sure they keep 2 or more Hall Of Famers on their rosters. Lebron only had one person to make all star while in CLE and that was mo williams AFTER Jameer Nelson got hurt and they needed an alternate. true that the cavs had the best REGULAR season record, but that means nothing come playoff time. sure, it will be tough for the HEATLES to make it out the east this year, but i wouldnt ever bet against Lebron and Wade in the playoffs. they will turn into complete monsters. THEY WILL WIN IT ALL THIS YEAR

  40. Robbie V says:

    Why yall fellas hatin on bron and sayin he destroyd the franchise dnt tell me if yall were @ his postn n wearin his shoes u cud hav stayed in clevland. Loyalty can come and hunt and bite ya KG said it

  41. Smelo SUCKS says:

    You ROCK C.J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. hate hate hate says:

    Hey Smelo SUCKS, why you so down?! i bet you would do a 180 if lebron decided to come back to Cleveland.

  43. Matt says:

    agree with Mr. Washington, allthough i do think the hype just be paused now until they actually get somewhere, now it’s playoff time, u cant’ count em out of that by far but wait with praising he/they is/are the best until they have a ring

  44. Smelo SUCKS says:

    This is sad, I’m the only guy with any sense in this conversation, and I’m FREAKING 11!!!

    • beast says:

      Hey calm down there lil buddy… why dont you go play your lil noob games with your lil noob friends and let the men take care of this, k noob?

      • Lmed says:

        Couldn’t of said it better myself.

      • Smelo SUCKS says:

        Hey, I’m not an IDIOT, I know more about the NBA then most teenagers (and a lot of adults!) and so do my friends!!! Why cant 11 year olds be NBA fans to????

      • Smelo SUCKS says:

        Hey, IDIOTS like you are STUPID, I agree I most likely dont know as much as you, but that dosn’t mean i dont know anything IDIOT!!!! And DONT CALL ME LIL BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Lmed says:

      Get the hell out of here little boy (or girl). LeBron made the Cavs. He left because there was no and never will be a future in Cleveland. You need to seriously get over it buddy. All these haters (just like you) need to grow up and understand this business is about two things.
      1. The money$! Money is always a factor in the world of…Every world.
      2. Championships! Which is exactly what LeBron wanted because he, Wade, and Bosh all gave up money to be on a championship team.
      Eat that Buddy!

      • beast says:

        Sorry lil buddy… but noobs like you can’t hang… no one called you an idiot but yourself… why don’t you and your lil noobies stick with playing NBA Jam… maybe then you can learn a thing or two about basketball (:

  45. BlackMamba24 says:

    Lebroom James = overrated, Sucks!, He will never win a ring in Miami I’ll guarantee that.

  46. CJ says:

    Mr. Washington I have to say that I honestly agree with you on the aspect that LBJ deciding to go to Miami was an absolute smart and intellegent BUSINESS decision. But don’t get it twisted, he is still a coward and very disrespectful. He was scared that he was never get a ring in Cleavland. He knew that teams were getting stronger in the East and he was afraid that he was going to miss his opportunity to win. LBJ was essentially given the world almost in Cleavland. He was seen as the “King”. Lebron decided he could no longer remain the king in a city that hadn’t been a playoff caliiber team in a long time.

    I also hate when people say he had no help. Forgive me is I am wrong but this man had Mo Williams on his team who was an ALL STAR two years ago, something he wasnt when he was on the Bucks! He also had Antwan Jamison who was a proven ALL STAR caliber player and a 20 and 10 player. The notion that lebron never had a team is stupid. Look at the record his team had the last two seasons he was there. 60 plus wins!!! He had help to get there so I do want to hear anything about him being alone. LBJ is just selfish and scared but I do give him credit for making a smart business decision in going to Miami.

    Lebron also made this issue a personal one when he decided to disrespect all of Cleveland with the decision dibacle. It was unessessary and for a man who says that he still loves Ohio and cares for them, he gave them a big FU and said I am going to “take my talents” somewhere else. It was no longer about the business after the decision, it was personal. Ohio gave him their heart and he laughed in their faces. Now he wants people to feel bad and sorry for him because his hometown hates him and things are not going as planned. Thats just too damn bad Lebron and you get no sympathy from me.

  47. Brad Angus says:

    couldn’t agree more, mr. washington, i couldn’t agree more…

  48. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Your STUPID Jay_lights-out, they were that close to winning it all, and you KNOW IT!!!!!

  49. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Hey DG7, He did make them a Franchise, then he left, and he RUINED IT!

  50. Jay_lights-out says:

    i agree with Lebron’s decision to leave the cavs cuz truly they weren’t going to win anything with the best record in the league two years straight they still weren’t able to put the pieces together to win it all.. and who cares about the cavs franchise being ruined.. if they’re GMs were smart they would have traded for some better players instead of waiting til lebron made his decision and be stuck with nothing.. Denver was smart by trading Carmelo for some young new talent and look where they are now 15-4 since the trade and the knicks at a whooping 8-12.. but If Bron really wanted a ring he should have took his talents to Chi-Town with D-rose and Carlos

  51. really? says:

    Smelo SUCKS, i really hope that its multiple people making comments with your name, cuz if not then your just sad

  52. yong yong yee says:

    why hate lebron for leaving the cavs?? did you hate kevin garnett when he leaves the timberwolves?? did you hate karl malone for leaving the jazz?? or did you hate the cavs for sending ilgauskas to washington?? knowing that ilgauskas was once their franchise player…. a player’s ultimate goal is winning…. and lebron thinks he has a good chance of having a ring in miami.. not in cleveland….

    • cavsman says:

      Just for the record, people that weren’t Celtics fans did hate on Garnett (some still do), people hated Malone on the Lakers, and Cavs fans hated the fact that Z got traded. Lebron is gone and very few people in Cleveland make a stink about it anymore.

  53. Smelo SUCKS says:

    I hope the Cav’s show Lebron who’s boss, and I say they have a chance, they’re hungry for a win, and there mad at Lestupid!!!

    • mealone says:

      lmaooo wishful thinking. im sure the cavs have gotten over it. well the few who are there that actually played with lebron. sooo time for you to do the same.

    • Smelo SUCKS says:

      Guess what, they won!!!!!!!!

  54. DG7 says:

    Lebron did not RUIN a Franchise… He made the Cavs a Franchise! The Cavs are now what they where before Lebron James entered the NBA.
    And it is not James’ responsibility to take care of a franchise.. he is just an employee… its the OWNER duty to take care of HIS franchise… but Dan Gilbert… all he did was hating on Lebron… There is absolutely nothing that qualifies Gilbert as a good owner… So hate on him an not Lebron.
    James made a decision… get over it and accept it.

  55. 123 says:

    Mr. Washington your 100% right.

  56. Samuel Ko says:

    Damn Mr. Washington, you know what you’re talking about; Lebron isn’t a coward at all.

  57. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Thank-you Lebron for ruining the Cav’s FRANCHISE!!!

  58. Smelo SUCKS says:

    You rock DUECES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Even if he is the best player in the league (Which is saying a lot) he’s STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Smelo sucks = the "ex gf" says:

      yeah, you’re definitely the “ex gf”

    • mealone says:

      trust, if he could he would probably change the way he went about doing things but he would never change his decision.

  60. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    bron bron…I wanna send a shot out to lebron james way to go i wish you many more success in the near and far future man…you are doing it like no other can do and you gatta be doing it right man because people can’t stop talking also big up to d wade chris bosh mike bibby, jj, chalmers, j howard, ud, j magloire, joel anthony, big z,and “whose house” eddie’s house hope you all succeed erik spo also. and a special thanks to d wade, keep doin what you do cause no one can do it quite like you, respect NOW GO GET THAT RING.

    • seewhatyouwanttosee says:

      mike miller sorry man i missed and left you out dog freely writing (in this case typing) can make you forget but keep doing what you do man you plaay with heart i respect that i dont doubt because i see how you can shoot and i know sometimes you just need to get going by doin something else but keep it up wish you and your family the best

  61. Smelo SUCKS says:


    • ang22 says:

      u said it “TEAM’ one man shouldnt be making or breaking a Team.. he had no Team… clearly w/o him they are nothing. not his responsibility but the coaching staff…and other players themselves.

  62. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Your an IDIOT Lebron, you RUINED A FRANCHISE, and you DONT CARE!!!!!!!!!!

  63. The Game says:

    Mr. Washington, well said. I don’t really get it why some people call James a coward. If you’re a player you want to win. Don’t be such a hypocrite and say that you’re doing it because you JUST love the game.

  64. Sim says:

    Mr. Washington…you know your hoops

  65. bylaw99 says:

    Well spoken Mr. Washington, I agree people of Cleveland wanted LBJ to be their Messiah but didnt want to give him what he needed to rule. At the end of the day as you said ALL superstars need a Robin to their Batman and LBJ was given 3rd string heros.

    • AXL415 says:

      Lebron Asked For A Robin And He Got , Mo From The Three Stooges . And He’s Not Even A 3rd String Hero .
      LOL .

  66. Qutiness says:

    Quitness will never win a single ring…hahaha

    • Wittness says:

      lol someones sore. the heat will win a ring maybe even 2 before the cavaliers even manage to win more than 25 games in a season. stop crying this is a business not middle school.

  67. Smelo SUCKS says:

    I kinda agree with MR. Washington, but James ruined a FRANCHISE, Cleveland fans have a right to be mad!!!!!! He’s an IDIOT!!!!!

    • Buck Farack says:

      smelo your an absoltue idiot! How dumb can you be? Pretty stupid I can imagine. Mr Washignton is about as ignorant as you. Cleveland fans are freaking idiots for sure. It is managment you should be pissed off at for not bending over backwards to bring in real talent NOT thrd tier talent like HasBeen Jamison. But the choice shows the intelligence of the franchise itself. They did nothing to help him. Boston got the Big Three, Kobe go Gal PussAll and Cleveland got the shaft. HA freaking HA and hope your fans have more intelligence than you to realize your mad at the wrong person – STUPID!!!

  68. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Who would want an IDIOT like Lebron?????? HE FREAKING RUINED A WHOLE FRANCHISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Now that Smelos gone, theres 2 selfish pigs who demanded to be traded!

  70. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Thanks to Lebron, the Cav’s have nothing, I say that if he stayed, he, and all the Cav’s, would have a ring by next year.

    • ang22 says:

      oh please! get real here. Like the first comment said, he made a SOLID BUSINESS decision. get off him. its not Lebrons responsibility whether a team can go on without him or not. this is a Business.

  71. beny says:

    very well said.

  72. Smelo SUCKS says:

    Lebron should have stayed with Cleveland, they turned from best team to worst because of Lebrons Stupidness!!!!!! He’s an unbelievable, but I wouldn’t want a player/person like that on my team.

    • YV says:

      you werent saying that the past two seasons, the went from best to worst just bcause lebron was carrying the team on his shoulder all by himself, if they had better supporting cast their record wouldnt b as bad this year

    • K says:

      Yeah right. There’s not a team in the NBA that would take Lebron right now; hell including Cleveland.

  73. Eagle says:

    Mr. Washington well said

  74. Mr. Washington says:

    As I have always said in the many arguments I have been about Lebron leaving the Cavs…I do disagree with the way he went out. He could have done without the ESPN one hour special. Granted, I am pretty certain it was not his idea. It was definitely a marketing scheme and money maker for all parties involved. Those anti-Lebron people who complained about him having the special are the main ones who tunes in and caused the ratings to skyrocket. I’m sure Nike, Vitamin Water, ESPN, and whoever else was involved are very happy for your support.

    Anyway back to the topic. Lebron is not wrong for leaving the Cavs. They had the pieces to be a very good regular season team, but in the playoffs Lebron was going to need help….just like any other superstar in the league. When he asked for Amare Stoudamire, he was told no, and instead he received Antan Jamison. I like him but should there really have been a debate about who to go after? Then we have this talk about J.J Hickson being the future. When you have your best player (and arguably the best player in the league) in his contract year, you do not talk about the future. The plan was to win then and it seems like the Cavs owners were thinking too much about the long-term.

    It’s always interesting to hear everyone criticize Lebron because he couldn’t win on his own. I want someone to name a player who has done so. Jordan had Pippen and a great supporting cast, Kobe had Shaq (most dominant center to play) and now Gasol (best power forward in the league). When Kobe had Kwame Brown and Smush Parker, he was demanding a trade to the Nets, and asking to ship Bynum out for Jason Kidd. The only difference is that Lakers GM saw they were about to lose Kobe, and they went out and did something about it. Wade won a ring with Shaq as well. Not the Shaq of the Lakers, but still a force inside that commanded a double team from time to time…he hasn’t won since. Spurs were/still are full of all-star caliber players…and the list goes on.

    So is Lebron really a coward? I don’t think so. Would it have been nice to see him win a title in Cleveland “alone”? Absolutely. He would have been on a level by himself. I see him as a team player who made a solid business decision. But that’s just me.

    • JNT says:

      I agree with you 100% good post so tried of all the hate posts.

    • DUECES says:

      Get outta here with that ‘Lebron had no team or Lebron was alone in the play-offs’ talk. Let’s think back, really. I cant count how many times during the course of the season (the last 2 seasons) that sports pundits said the cavs were the most complete team in the NBA. Tipped to win it all… Now, just cus they fell short against very solid teams people wanna blame the rest of his team. Look, people. lets put the hate or love aside for Lebron and speak the truth for once.

      • Gary says:

        That’s strictly opinion and the only reason why it was said is because Lebron was doing so much it made that team look that much better. Same with Rose and the Bulls. They are not the playoff team people are making them out to be, Rose is just a beast pulling a big load. However they are a heck of a lot more solid than Clevelands lineup for the Lebron years.

      • Sujevan says:

        Ok, then when Lebron was being double teamed and triple teamed, who made the big shots? Who made the case for being a supporting cast to Lebron. Now that Lebron’s off the team, it’s very easy to see how much the cavs over-achieved with him. Lebron MADE the cavs one of the top teams in the league

      • NBAlove says:

        why Lie, they were so complete that when he left they shattered, just stop living in a bubble and start cheering for the Clippers at least they are good to watch… Lebron left and still the only ratings the Cavs get is when he comes to play them hahaha so sad

    • YOUR MOM says:

      thats what i try to tell people!! everyone say lebron sucks, he chokes, hes a idiot, its like was he those things when he was in cleveland? no. people only criticize him because he left.

    • Longfingaz says:

      Speak on it!!…last time I checked basketball was a team game.

    • Ibrahim Ali says:

      I agree on every corner!

    • Good comment, but no one ever thinks that way…