Home Court in Finals Up for Grabs

The San Antonio Spurs have had a stranglehold on the league’s best record for a while now. But with Monday’s loss to the Blazers, their lead over both the Bulls and Lakers is down to three games in the loss column.

Top six teams, remaining schedule strength

Team W L Pct Opp. Pct. vs. Top 9 B2B H/A
San Antonio 57 17 0.770 0.534 4 3 4/4
Chicago 53 20 0.726 0.411 3 3 4/5
L.A. Lakers 53 20 0.726 0.556 5 3 5/4
Dallas 52 21 0.712 0.523 5 3 4/5
Boston 51 22 0.699 0.513 6 3 4/5
Miami 51 22 0.699 0.373 3 2 3/6

Opp. Pct. = Cumulative winning percentage of remaining opponent
vs. Top 9 = Games remaining against top nine teams in either conference
B2B = Remaining back-to-backs
H/A = Home/Away

If either Chicago or L.A. were to win the rest of its games, the Spurs would have to finish the season 6-2 to ensure the top overall seed. They currently have the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Lakers, but face L.A. at Staples Center on April 12 (the next-to-last day of the season) in a game that may have a lot riding on it.

Of the two teams tied with 20 losses, the Bulls have a much easier schedule and a better chance of winning out. The Bulls and Spurs split their season series, so their tiebreaker, should they meet in The Finals, would be their record against the opposing conference.

San Antonio is 22-6 against the East with games vs. Boston (Thursday) and at Atlanta (April 5) remaining. Chicago is 21-7 against the West with games at Minnesota (Wednesday) and vs. Phoenix (April 5) remaining. The Bulls seem to have the advantage there, playing the two easiest of the four games.

Should the Bulls and Spurs finish the season with the same record and the same record against the opposite conference, the tiebreaker for home-court advantage in a prospective Finals matchup would be determined by a random drawing. That would make for an interesting scenario. But what are the chances the Bulls and Spurs meet in the Finals?

In the last 10 years, only once have the top seeds from the two conferences each made The Finals. That was in 2008, when the Celtics beat the Lakers.

Right now, the East seems wide open. The Bulls own the best record, the Celtics have the championship experience and the Heat have the most top-line talent. But in the West, the Lakers — with two titles under their belt and a 15-1 record since the All-Star break — are looking like stronger favorites than they were a month ago.

The Lakers may not have home-court advantage against the Spurs, but they won in San Antonio on Feb. 18. Plus, home-court advantage is clearly more important in The Finals (with its 2-3-2 format) than it is in the first three playoff rounds (2-2-1-1-1). The team with the home-court advantage has won 20 of the 26 Finals series since the format changed in 1986.

When it comes to seeding, it may be more important to pay attention to the Lakers’ record than that of the Bulls, Celtics and Heat. L.A. split its season series against both Boston and Chicago, but lost both meetings with Miami.

Top six teams, games vs. opposite conference

Team W L Remaining
San Antonio 22 6 vs. BOS, @ ATL
Chicago 21 7 @ MIN, vs. PHX
Dallas 22 8 None
L.A. Lakers 21 9 None
Miami 19 10 @ MIN
Boston 18 11 @ SAS

The Lakers are done with games against the East, so they’ve clinched the cross-conference tie-breaker with Boston. But the Bulls have the edge over L.A. and would need to beat either Minnesota or Phoenix to clinch the tie-breaker.

The Heat would need to make up a two-game deficit to earn home-court advantage in a Finals matchup with the Lakers, but no team has a better chance to win the rest of their games than Miami. Their schedule is straight cupcakes until they face the reeling Celtics and reeling Hawks in the final week of the season. The Heat have won eight of their last nine games.

The prospect of another Finals Game 7 at the Staples Center looks like a distinct possibility with how the Lakers are now playing. But between now and April 13, there are still a lot of games to be played. And if there is a Game 7 for a second straight year, the location will likely be determined over the next 16 days.


John Schuhmann is a staff writer for NBA.com. Send him an e-mail or follow him on twitter.


  1. Chris says:

    my only comment on how doc rivers would say they have never lost a series with their full team, well lakers only ever lost a series when they didn’t have their full team and Celtics trading perkins was the stupidest thing they could ever do and doc will probably say that they lost because they didn’t have Perkins so lets hear the excuses come lol

  2. Derek says:

    the bulls really need the homecourt in the east because thats the only way the one man show rose is gonna make it to the finals. miami doesnt need it considering they have the best road record in the east and are really starting to come together, minus bosh’s horrible showing last night against…Ryan hollins?? okay, well when haslem is ready he’ll take the real minutes and ill take miami to the finals. As far as boston they can really win anywhere as long as ray allen can stroke it and kgs knee stays together for another 2 months or so.but without perk they look like every other team in the east, missing someone big to foul dwight howard lol but ultimately i think the heat will win the homecourt looking at their remaining schedule, and if they only get second who cares they’ll just win on the road.

  3. jwhite says:

    okay now that i have read so many comments here comes mine…………As a true bball fan-atic what makes the NBA great again is that there is competition (post Chicago/Jordan era). As I am not on the LAKER band wagon no one – AND I MEAN NO ONE – can deny that they are a great team, KOBE is the Jordan air apparent (and has been for a minute) and as a team when it is time to do work……ITS DONE!!! The CELTICS are veterans….in every sense of the word….and come playoff time they will do their thing HOWEVER losing Perkins leaves them vulnerable and they will not be able to handle the LAKERS tandom – whomever it will be (Gasol & Bynam, Gasol & Odom, etc). Until MIAMI learns to come together and everyone CLICKS,,,,,they will make for a good Eastern Conference playoff push……but NO FINALS APPEARANCE….(not yet) The THUNDER and PORTLAND need playoff experience b4 they can try to DE-THRONE the LAKERS…..SAN ANTONIO…who do know how to win…..COULD MAKE it interesting in the WEST but are too slow too stop the LAKER ROLL to the FINALS………..CHICAGO could be FUN to WATCH TOO in the east and they might even DE-THRONE the CELTICS………BUT WITH ALL THIS BEING SAID……….THE TEAM TO BEAT IS STILL THE 2 TIME DEFENDING CHAMPION…….LAKERS………until someone else proves OTHERWISE…………

    • Derek says:

      kobe hasnt been the jordan air for a minute man. if you put him witht the cavs last year they wouldnt have won one game.only scoring like kobe does is playing good all around ball like jordan did, and explain how he got finals mvp last year meanwhile having the lowest FG% of any recipient of that award. kobes a clown

  4. Mike says:

    Lakers in my opinion will surely reach the Finals and in the east Celtics55%,Chicago40%,Miami5%

  5. JV says:

    You have to remember that almost everything that has happened during the regular season has NEARLY no correspondance to how the post season finishes off. This applies more importantly with the East. The Celtics will have no concerns once the Play offs begin and Doc Rivers would be happy whether Boston had the first seed or the fifth seed.
    Tom Thibodeau will show just how good a coach is when they come up against potentially dangerous match -ups as early as the first round, (not that I’m expecting any upsets) and having to have the experience of Carlos Boozer, Kurt Thomas etc combine with the explosiveness of Derrick Rose. If he can achieve that, then I believe the Bulls could make the finals
    Ultimately though, it shall be the Lakers who prevail, with just too much post season experience throughout the team. The Bulls will be a great matchup but I cant see them beating LA on the biggest stage…


  6. spursgermany says:

    Homecourt for grabs = 274 COMMENTS MOST OF THEM JUVENILE ARENยดT THEY?
    Very good Mr John Schuhemann.
    2003 2005 2007 SPURS
    2008 CELTICS
    2009 2010 LAKERS
    Standings HCA SPURS , BULL & LAKERS -3, MAVS -4

  7. SA,GO says:

    better hope that bynum keeps his knees intact because other than odom theres no one in there (maybe brown). just saying but SPURS will take it all. sorry aint gonna be a threepeat, green parade, 1st ring for le brick, dirk, dwigth and my MVP rose (heโ€™ll get plenty in the future though) but a RODEO championship parade in ALAMO.

  8. Jon says:

    The Lakers have pretty much already sealed home court over Boston and Miami (now 3 back in the loss column, like LeBron said after the Lakers lost to the Cavs you can’t just put the ball on the court and expect to win). I’d almost rather the Bulls have home court if they manage to get to the Finals because I think the Lake Show will steal both of the first two and go back to LA up 2-0. Lakers in 5 either way in that series.

  9. Master says:

    Guys ; it seems everyone here forgot about last years playoffs: all of u are saying that the bulls will meet the lakers in the finals but remember last year the cavs and orlando had the 2 most impressive regular season success and got whooped by the Celtics .(sry D-rose)

    For this year’s playoffs it’s all about match-ups and the Lakers and Celtics are match up nightmares (with teams having 2 go double teaming both kobe and gasol and the big four with 3 7feet centers) so the finals will be a repeat of last years finals unless either teams get injured.Btw the only other teams that can get out of their conferences are the bulls and OKC…

    Now for who wins the finals it depends on kobe’s and rondo’s performances because all other match ups are equal (garnet-gasol;peirce-artest and shaq-bynum) so MIA;CHIandOKC fans u will have 2 wait another season if u hope to win it all……

  10. justAfan says:

    wow.. the race is on for the home court advantage… i’d like to see lakers making it through the finals… in the east, who knows… the bulls might make a finals comeback..

  11. superman says:

    GO MAGIC!!D-12 FOR MVP!!

  12. luisg says:

    I think that the only team that should be able to deny Phil Jackson from getting his last and final 3-peat is the team that made him.. Bulls beat the Lakers in 6 games… Let the Dynasty begin…

  13. MJBEATSKOBE says:

    shut up lakers fans the worst years of basketball teams ever is La Lakers of 2009-2011, GO BULLS

  14. Jeff Hughart says:

    Tom Titan

    Is this English?

    “Hell yeah they are all in denile, but its funny when they try to come to my court with thier fakers jerseys and start talking trash I say one word and they all shut the f up and don say another word for the deration of the game. I make sure they have a bad day if they were close to me repn the other team in my town. And anywhere you go they will all bring their lakers t shirts with them. i willl slap you all wen you come to sa b.”

    I need someone to translate.







  16. trufan24 says:

    haters will always hate…its a fact….but i thank you all because without you, its boring

    Lakers 10-11 champs…..banner 17

  17. Rej says:

    Wouldn’t it be a storyline if the Bulls and Lakers meet in the Finals? Phil Jackson meeting the team he won his first two three peats and now he needs to beat that team to get his other fourth three peat? Craziness..

    I’m not complaining I’ve been rooting for the Bulls and the Lakers this season hehe..

  18. Martin says:

    Speaking as a Laker fan, the best possible matchup you could hope for in the Finals is Bulls-Thunder. Two of the youngest, most offensively potent teams in the keague, exercising their extreme athlieticism and speed. That would make for one hell of a series.

  19. Lakers says:

    3 peat

  20. Jiszzy says:

    All these folks who think the Spurs will be in the finals are sadly mistaken! They don’t have enough heart! It is obvious that the Lakers were toying with the league prior to the allstar break. When Kobe and the boys are ready to put the clamps down there is no team in the league that will beat them in a seven game series! This is how I see it. Lakers sweep Hornets Round 1. Round two I pick Portland to upset Dallas. Lakers over Portland 4-2. Lakers over OKC 4-2 in Western Conference Finals. Not sure who will win the east but it does not matter. The Lakers will not let the greatest coach of all time go out with an L.

  21. James Hoang says:

    if you make a poll of which team is going to win the championship, I bet more than half of those votes would be the Lakers

  22. MarcusLakers says:

    You know Rudy Tomjanovich once said “Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion!” … Lakers will show everyone once again how it’s done … They won’t leave this year’s title to anyone else in Phil Jackson’s last season. No team in NBA can match up with their frontcourt and they got the superstar Kobe and veteran Fisher in their backcourts… It’s that simple there is no arguing about it…

    • SA,GO says:

      duncan is also a 4 time champion, manu and tony 3, so don’t under estimate them also. mcdyse is also a former champ.

  23. GoCeltics says:

    Obviously our education system has failed us. Maybe we should spend less time arguing on the internet, and more time learning to spell simple words.

  24. purple&gold says:

    all in all..nobody can predict whos gonna reach the finals coz the playoffs isnt just about talent(miami heat) or stats(spurs) nor young guys(thunder). Its all about the heart and who wants the O’Brien trophy more.

  25. brandon says:

    i think that miami WONT make it to the finals as i wish. the celtics will lose to Philly 76ers if they face them, if the spurs have duncan, the blazers are close but no match for the spurs. the hawks will beat the magic. the bulls will come outta the east, unless miami can play out of their minds (which isnt hard to do) they just have to give every game 100%
    we shall see what happens when time comes.
    out of the west i would pick the Thunder and the Lakers.
    and the ones complaining about calls injuries in the finals yada yada…Kobe was more injured than many of the people on the court and if i am remembering..bynum had a torn mcl also and still played.
    in the end A WIN IS A WIN!

  26. Anti Laker and Heat says:

    @SpursfanThank you for stating my point in a more understandable way Spursfan.

  27. dallas vs chicago movement says:

    dont talk about lakers and cetics… mavs and buls sure will meet n finals… lakers and celtics are boring nothing excitement.

    • brandon says:

      the MAVS?! ya right lol they are the biggest CHOKE team in the NBA. the Trailblazers will out them if they meet. I like them and always rooted for someone to shake up the west, but OKC or TB are more of a tangable pick to come outta the west than the Mavs.

    • bulls rose says:

      your right on about the bulls! but the thunder or lakers will meet the bulls

  28. kobe1kanobe says:

    The Basket ball Gods have Kobe Bryants theatrical basket ball script written Kobe will down as the Boston Celtic Slayer just as his predesesor Magic Johnson, this is wat legends are made of future Hall of famers Garnett, Pierce, Ray allen, and Rondo, all of these demons will be excercise by The All Mighty NBA True King taking the Mantle of MJ, history will for ever be written bring on 3Peat and lets try to make history next year FourPeat baby baby babyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! yeah Yeeeeyyyyy!!!!!!

  29. richuncle says:

    It all depends on how the Lakers play, cause they have the most talent by far. Their frontcourt of Bynum, Gasol, Odom, Artest is the best in the League. If Kobe becomes a ballhog and jacks up alot of bad shot the Lakers can lose. But can the Lakers lose 4 out of 7? Any team can lose to any other team in this league one game, but in a 7 game series the Lakers would have to play really bad to get beat by any other team in the playoffs. Bynum is playing like an allstar this last month and he and the other Lakers are healthy. Health is allways the key and this year if the Lakers have a healthy Bynum they will be even better than they were the last 3 years. OKC is really getting good and they may make the finals of the West, In the East Chicago looks good and can play with Miami or Boston. The east will be a battle between Chicago, Miami and Boston.

  30. yanick says:

    Home court or not, the lakers are winning the championship unless an injury happens. But too bad the got robbed by the refs in that miami game last time, they could have been 15 and 0 since the all star break. Miami is not getting past neither boston nor the bulls. The lakers will beat anybody in the west no exception.

  31. clos says:

    Spurs vs Heat in the Finals
    Spurs will have home court through the playoffs..
    Spurs will coast to the WCF while the lakers will be pushed to the limit by the Mavs
    WCF will b the WELL RESTED Spurs vs the bruised and battered Lakers..
    take that to the bank

    • brandon says:

      umm WISHFUL thinking bud, the Spurs will NOT beat the lakers (even if the Spurs get that far)
      Lakers are teh most talented team overall and if they play as theyshould and can they once again will be out of the west, I am Rooting for teh Thunder to upset them but you never know.
      and the Heat?! really?! i love them as much as the next person, but get real, what are they 4-16 against top 4 teams in the NBA? unless they flip a switch magicaly that will make them play Defense and have ALL their shooters come to life..i highly doubt they make it into their conference finals…
      The Bulls will come out of the east.

    • juncast says:

      And I laugh myself very all the way to the bank. It will be that the Spurs see a short series in the playoffs because they will be eliminated right away

  32. PaulFanz says:

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  33. Wow.. says:

    all u people sayin celtics aren’t good without perk need to stfu just like laker haters need to stfu bout lakers spending too much energy,
    watch the damn game c’mon celtics went over half the season without perk as the top seed in the east and number 1 defense in the league, around this time last year they had the same slump and people counted them out too, this is a playoff team not a regular season team, get it straight
    LAL is also a playoff team and i think phil jackson wouldnt let the players go all out just now after all he is supposed to b one of the greatest coaches of all time
    Lakers – Celtics in the final again
    not guna make any predictions cuz theres a fine line between having high hopes and being fken ignorant
    Go C’s!

  34. Black777amba says:

    All I can say is that history tends to repeat itself. Whenever Phil Jackson starts to win a championship, it’s always in a 3-peat. I doubt the league would want to soil his legacy by not giving him his last 3-peat don’t you think so too? Make it happen Stern. Lakers vs Bulls.

  35. Laksn'11 says:

    Interesting jwest that the refs somehow put the ball in the basket on ron artest’s huge 3 and same for fisher’s big 3. Lakers won that game because they had more energy, you could tell boston just never felt right that game without perkins. You had that feeling the whole game if the lakers would take the lead in the 2nd half they would win it. Once kobe hit that big elbow jumper it was pretty much game over.

  36. pacers says:

    the pacers are going allllll theeeeee waaaaaaay!

  37. gospurs says:

    hey tek ill have to agree with spursfan.. yea they r on a 4 game losing streak, but didnt the lakers have a 4 game losing streak this year not to long ago? it happens man its the game of basketball…its what makes it exciting. and also blair isnt injured,hes hurt,parker is nurt not injured,manu is injured and duncan is hurt…being hurt and being injured are two different things.coach pop just wants to rest them and prevent them from really getting injured.they still have a good cushion over the lakers,once they r back to 100% , all i got to say is watch out nba..scary

  38. CB11 says:

    TOO BIG, TOO FAST, TOO STRONG, TOO GOOD! DERRICK ROSE IS THAT FUTURE!!! and he’s got a Great supporting cast, Noah, Boozer, Deng, Brewer, Korver, Watson, ASIKKK, Gibson, KT, and if you have watched the bulls this year Rose will not allow his team to lose. OH NO HE DI’ENT!!!! LOL man, i’m taking the bulls all the way but we’ll seee. the celtics are the celtics and the big 3 in a playoff atmosphere gives me the willies!!! Bulls play great D and Great on the home court (one of the best) at the UC BaBy!!! D-Rose for MVP!!! Peace and chicken grease

  39. martin says:

    The article its not about boston and L.A. finals..and the nba it’s not just about your teams..so go fack somewhere else. Chicago and the spurs will win the confereces aniway.

  40. lakers11 says:

    @tom titan…ha dude im from sa and im a laker fan..id sure like for u to try and lay a hand on me! lakers taking it all again! spurs suck!!

  41. Enigma says:

    @NBAer, The ONLY rational comment on the blog…JUST WATCH!!!

  42. Schoowow says:

    Yao Ming, Kendrick Perkins, now Marcus Camby. Kobe is challenged with tall players. Somehow, whoever puts pressure on Lakers. So now comes this Andru Bynum and fouls Biesley, and a day later, what did Kobe have to say : “I am proud of him”.
    Reminder : 2009, Huston were on their way to upset Lakers. Kobe had Ming. Remember how it ended ? please review your memory for Yao’s last game as a professional basketball player, please see who bumped his knee when Yao landed.
    2010, Boston took a lead. Kobe had Perkins. Same thing. Trust me, he knows what he’s doing. in a 2nd thought, don’t trust me, go look. it’s there. only trust your own eyes.Kendrick never recovered that, perhaps never will.
    Last week, Minnesota had Bisley running a crazy night, Bynum (“I’m proud of him”) made that flagrant on Biesley, lakers made a hiroic comeback and won.
    The day to follow, Portland lead the game, Kobe “accidentally” landed on Marcus Cambi’s foot, and in the minutes left without their center, Portland surrendered to “lakers back to back hiroic comeback”.
    Please watch these games, see all events, and come back to comment here, of what you’ve seen with your own eyes.

  43. spursfan says:

    the *spurs r soo deep. sorry for misspell

  44. spursfan says:

    hey tek i have to correct you. yea the spurs “big three” r hurt and 4 of their 5 starters are out of right now,but look at what their bench has been doing. the sours are soo deep and have always been deep.yea they lost to portland twice, but it wasnt like they lost by blowout margins.isnt it scary what the spurs’ BENCH can do against the starters of good teams. now put the big three back in the lineup and you wont be making ur silly comment. portland barely beat us by less than 10 in both game..if you ask me,that game should have been a blowout.so stop hating on the spurs.their bench can all be starters on another team.

    • SA,GO says:

      thats what im talking about baby. sure injuries are part of the game but the injuries that the big 3 have other than duncan are not serious and will heal soon. bynum’s knee is a ticking timebomb and will shatter in no time. what will happen if bymun got hurt? where will you pick the lakers? boston is the same story garnet is banged up sa well sa pierce and rondo. same as dirk. im not wishing it but if one of the key player of the contenders get injured, SPURS can go to its bench. get that.

  45. we’ve got david stern backing us up so the thropy’s in the bag

  46. Denise says:

    NBA final four= East= Boston/Chicago West Lakers/ SanAntonio

    Finals= Lakers/Chicago

    Winner= Lakers 3peat

    That is all.

  47. LAKER says:

    i wish who ever gets in the finals..the refs should call it all fair..i saw last finals on game 2 on lakers celtics match up there was some unlikely calls.. anyway goodluck to all the teams..n_n

  48. The great poohdini says:

    The Bulls got the white mamba so it is a no-brainer who will win it all. And Derrick Rose is due for at least a few championships and this is the first. Also it is not just D-Rose, the whole team has been playing well, that is how I can tell you it will not be the Heat because they only got three instead of 12.

  49. den says:


  50. RoseKObe says:

    Bunburry eat nutz Rose is MVP hands down lakers will make a run and probbley beat OKC but kobe cant win it by himself he needed shaq and needs gasol rose doesnt have a lagit allstar gasol is as good as any power foward including garnett duncan boozers been out for awile and is injury prone and rose can still do it with out him he is the hole team if you watched a bulls game you d know That being said the bulls might not make it to the finals they do need that other allstar deng cant step up noah cant make a layup so weres their shooting guard I hate the celtics but i do think experience in the playoffs is key and will be the diffrence Lakers vs okc Lakers in 7 Bulls vs Celtics Bulls in 6

  51. Dagerga says:

    A lot of cocky Laker fans here. But in my honest opinion I think it will be Bulls vs. Spurs in the finals, Bulls are playing great basketball and can lock down their opponents, everyone says the Spurs don’t have enough size to compete with the Lakers but Tiago Splitter has gotten a lot of playing time the last few weeks and his confidence is growing each game, he locked down Lamarcus Aldridge(only scored 9 points in last game). And he’s only going to get better from each game, he should be able to help contain Bynum and Gasol. And if George Hill keeps playing like he’s been lately and if Richard Jefferson can step a little bit they can take the Lakers.

  52. Josh says:

    I think the bulls will win it all. I’d love to see d rose get his championship.

  53. Albert Allego says:

    This is what I’m talking about, not with your articles about Lakers winning after the break are nothing in the play-off glad you follow it up with this kind of articles. It’s all about gaining the home court advantage that’s what Lakers are doing. Look how the Lakers won in game 6 and 7? In their home turf last year and the championship, that’s how brilliant the think tank of the Lakers. Positioning…

  54. turd muffin says:

    does anyone have a good turd muffin recipe, or maybe a lil clam chowder in the powder fluffed with flower in the shower boswick grower srom san plowder. washington bullets were dope, like dope, then became the magical fancy lads that are the wizards. jordan sucks. creme puff, hot motor punch. overtime, score, yo momma knows bo jackson, and that is matta factual, snatchual….manute deng, spud wilkens, george mikan, kenny powers, general mao, donkey punch .. and that darn rosie odonell, she owns the nuggets now, go uss minow, like strawberry milk.

  55. What i want you all to know is the LAKERS are a good team enough to beat any team in this league. . But because of their inconsistent energy and effort to win games, They ‘re now been beaten by most of the worsest teams like CLEVELAND cavaliers , clippers, wizards, etc.. And after the ALL-STAR break they just been playing incredibly consistent basketball with much more defense and leadership of the BLACK MAMBA, and with some heroics of RON artest they’ve won 13 of their last 14 games so enough said ,,, What about bynum and gasol ? Well if the lakers can get their TWIN TOWERS to at least a double2 machine, both of them ?? They are one tough team to beat. My point is the lakers just have to play consistent and play with more energy so that they can win this year’s championship beacuse they still have so many weapons … PLAYOFFS is where you have to play you’re best basketball! Just don’t get kobe injured or what? hahaha the lakers are gonna be a first round exit if that happens ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Schoowow says:

      Odum is better than Bynum in every parameter. Bynum and Gasol are too much of the same thing. The team isn’t balanced with 2 of them playing together. So here comes the league helping them for money. Finals will not be as attractive in their absense. So they wistle every time somebody sneezes 3 feet away from either or Gasol, Bynum or Kobe. Can’t wait till he’s retired. perhaps basketball will become sport again. now it is a show, just like wrestling used to be. and then these referees gamble on the games they run. Yak. Think why Phil Jackson is retiring. He’s had enough of all this. He had 6 championships out of 6 finals with Michael. he knows how it should be, and now it is not. And then there was supposed to be some limitation on sallaries, so how do lakers keep Kobe, Fish, Gasol, Bynum. Artest and Odum under one roof, I wonder.

  56. NEAL says:


    • Sarah says:

      I take it Neal you’ve been all over. The last time I checked, there were MVP chants for Kobe in most cities. Just because you’re not objective enough to give it up to him, and you still want to talk about MJ doesn’t mean everyone shares your opinion. But, that so called punk has 5 rings. What you got?

  57. NEAL says:


  58. warranpiece says:

    People who hate on the Lakers because its fashionable either don’t understand, or don’t like the game of basketball. Kobe is clearly the best player (@34 years old?), in the 4th quarter. The Bulls look GREAT. But they haven’t been tested. They can beat anyone, but few people understand the pressure of Playoff basketball. The advantage automatically goes Celtics and Heat because fo the experience and drive. Lebron is the most physically gifted player in the game. If he learns how to close even half as well as Kobe, and get that killer instinct, watch out.

    • Sarah says:

      If if was a 5th we’d all be drunk! Lechoke is a choker. Potential is potential until it becomes kinetic. Kobe is kinetic… Keep on hoping on the choker while the new kids on the block Durant, Rose, and Paul just to name a few are currently doing their thing. Lechoke had to move to another team and is in his 8th year in the league. I believe in the addage, I’m from Missouri, show me! Lechoke is so overrated. He doesn’t have the championship mentality…. That why head to head D. Rose will hand him that a$$! Hopefully then you can give up your dream!

  59. JESTGEE says:


  60. jc2011 says:

    the heat will lose against boston or orlando, lakers will go to the finals and in the east it is between boston or chicago

  61. Bill says:

    I love the posters that predict the Lakers will “choke” in the playoffs this year. Sure they will, keep telling yourself that so you can believe your favorite team has a chance. After all, they have been to the NBA finals the past three years and are currently back-to-back champions. CLEARLY the Laker team is filled with chokers! I mean, c’mon, get a grip!

    In reality they are simply the most talented and biggest (in a sport where size does matter) team in the league. They have the best closer in the game and since the break have been playing the best defense in the league. They have not even been healthy the past 3 years (last year both Kobe and Bynum were playing on one leg – not to mention Kobe’s shooting hand) and have still prevailed. If they stay even reasonably healthy this year it will be a three-peat. No other team has the “horses” to stop them. And, if Bynum stays healthy and keeps improving they can win even more even titles in the next few years even as Kobe’s brilliance slowly diminishes.

    I can appreciate that such dominance by one team is boring to everyone that is not a Laker fan. However, it is all about winning and Jerry Buss runs his team to win unlike the majority of other owners so we have enjoyed a great run since he took over in the late 70s. I for one have loved every minute of the championships and watching some of the greatest players of the past three decades wear Laker uniforms.

  62. JESTGEE says:


  63. JBulls says:

    Pretty dumb laker fan’s in this discussion but i agree with them i think the Lakers will win due to several factors. If Bynum stay’s healthy they’ll win cmon look at there front court artest,Gasol,Bynum two seven footers as your PF and center fkn crazy. Also i think Lamar odom is a really underated bench player he could pretty much start on any other team. Im not being subjective im a Bulls supporter i want them to win but im telling it how it is. GO BULLS! P.S watch Detroit vs Cavs in the 2007 playoff’s Game 5 and tell me lebron is a choker.

  64. Ares113 says:

    honestly i dont see lakers losing for a couple of years as long as the role players keep signing!!!!

  65. NBAer says:

    “Don’t ever underestimate the heart of a champion!”- Rudy T……. Heart of a champion is what wins a championship… Proven champions players and coaches…… Lakers have it (Derek, Kobe, Ron , Pau, Lamar….PHIL). Spurs have it Tim, Tony, Manu…GREGG). Boston have it (Rondo, Kevin, Paul, Ray, even Shaq…. DOC). Miami have only Wade and Pat (not coach but he still is Pat Riley). Only one of these teams can win it all. Chicago, Orlando, Dallas, OKC are good teams but sorry guys. Not this year.

  66. Jason says:

    calm down people…we will start talking who’s choker who’s not when the payoffs begin…as of now the BULLS look promising than any other teams in the league…

  67. Lol.. says:

    I’m tired of.. reading all these fake laker band wagoners and.. stupid comments proving that kobe is the best cause he has 5 rings.. Just cause he has 5 rings.. does it mean he carried the team on his back all 5 times.. think again. Also your going to judge Miami’s chance of not beating elite teams because they are 0 – 6 against Chicago and Cetlics.. you realize they only lost by like 3 points or less i believe in each game.. i don’t call that not being able to “compete” against elite teams.. yes Celtics could probably win against them in a 7 game series.. but that doesn’t mean they going to get blown out by any of the top teams in the east by any measure..

    • Sarah says:

      Championships are generally a good measure of a player… and losing to elite teams is also another good measure of a team. Yes, that is how they;re being measured. I guess with your logic, we just crown Lechoke the Chosen One, like he has tattooed on his back because he says so… Not because he’s won anything. If you notice, most people respect D. Wade, because he’s a champion and did take the team on his back. Kobe had good teams when he won his championships and shared the load. But, get real. He doesn’t have 5 rings by mistake. He was even MVP in 2 of the series… Whatever you do dude, don’t place your hopes on Lechoke! Even if you do want to hate on Kobe! Don’t cry when we have the parade in June!

  68. Lakersss says:

    for those of you saying heat will make it to the finals.. look at the heat right now, at this instant. they’re losing to the CAVS.. its going to be Lakers vs Bulls in finals

  69. 3PeatLakers says:

    The Celtics lost because they got pounded in the paint. Kobe had 25 rebounds. 25 freaking rebounds….the Dwight Howardess. Pau Gasol had 18 rebounds in that same Game 7. Kevin Garnett had 3 rebounds for the game. That’s why they lost. Not to mention Kobe closed the game on their @$$. This year the Lakers have a better record and a better team. So tell me mathematically how anyone can beat them? Vujacic, Powell, Walton, Mbenga, That’s four players who were on the team last year and did nothing in the playoffs. Now those same spots are Barnes, Walton, Blake, Brown. AND brown is playing better than he did last year as well as odom and bynum. So why would the Lakers be worried about anything?

  70. Bt says:

    I bet you Laker haters wasn’t saying the refs was cheating when you thought the Old Celtics was going to win !

  71. Bt says:

    Man some of you guys live in a fantasy world ! The Lakers does not choke ! If you remember the Lakers were down at half time and came back to win the game in the fourth quarter ! As for Kobe chocking, please he doesn’t choke like Lebron ! Kobe will is the best all around player until he retires ! Stop hating !

    • Schoowow says:

      You mean they made another hiroic comeback in the fourth, after deliberately injuring their opponent’s star, as usual ? I stretch my memory for a comeback they ever done in the last few years, WITHOUT doing so. All my memory delivers is the comeback in 2008 Boston made, the largest comeback in finals history. but then, what is the value of the memory of an old man like myself. refresh me please, to what game in particular did you mean ?

  72. naMORE says:

    it will be BOSTON in the end Trust me

  73. awinisawin says:

    Excuses, excuses.. bad calls from refs, players on the other team are dirty, the other team’s more talented…what other types of excuses can we think of just so we’d feel better after our team’s loss? Why can’t we just enjoy the game, ride with the emotions that go with it, celebrate or lament for a while, and then just move on. Be a graceful winner/don’t be a sore loser. That’s what sports is all about.

  74. kikoman16 says:

    if choking means having 5 championship rings, being considered as one of the greatest player ever to play the game, currently ranks fourth and sixth on the league’s ALL-TIME post-season scoring and ALL-TIME regular season scoring lists, respectively. He has been selected to 12 All-NBA Team (eight times to the All-NBA First Team) and 10 All-Defensive Team (eight times to the All-Defensive First Team). He was selected to play in the NBA All-Star Game on 13 occasions, winning All-Star MVP Awards in 2002, 2007, 2009 and 2011. He also won the NBA Slam Dunk Contest in 1997. As of December 2009, he has had 5 sixty-point games, 24 fifty-point games, and 104 forty-point games. etc… etc… yeah id love to be a choker! HAHAHA!!!!!! what you got?


    • bulls rose says:

      hahaha check your standings….the bulls are the #1 team in the east now….sorry your aging celts are dead and nothin especially without perkins….bye bye

  76. The great poohdini says:

    Can I get a binki for baby bron bron! LeBron should watch Rose and learn how to really play the game.

  77. jers says:

    relax nba fanatics…. its not the time debate its not over yet stay calm and lets enjoy the rest of regular season.. and hold on for the playoffs coz laker will be the last team standing… hahahaha… FINALS here we come

  78. final say says:

    its lakers for sure on west there just isnt another team that has the ability to beat them. on the east its boston or bulls its obvious. bull defence is amazing get them a decent shooting guard and they are going to be getting some championships but untill someone can stick it to boston in the playoffs i see them one more time in the finals. when the o’neals get back they will be a very big strong team downlow which i think is kinda weird that nobody has metioned that yet since its a pretty big deal they are only waiting for the playoffs to start palying again. lakers boston LAL 4-3 Lakers Bulls LAL 4-2

  79. MoeMoe says:

    I think the competition for going to the finals will be in the east. In the west it will be the Lakers that will win it. The Spurs are kind of finished because Duncan is out, Ginobili is out, and Parker is kind of injured. Sure they will most likely be bak by the first or second round- or maybe even earlier, they will still be weak and remember a few weeks ago the Lakers blew them out with them playing. Dallas can’t beat LA, remember the game a few weeks ago where kobe got hurt but the Lakers still came out with the win. The thunder will be hard to fight but I don’t think their ready to make a run for the finals. The East is going to be where all the focus is going to be. The top teams all have reasons to lose and reasons to win. Miami- Wade and Lebron are playing great and Bosh has been playing better but….they are just horrible against the more elite teams of the east- celtics, Bulls, and Magic (well against the magic they are good but still). At point or another they will have to play these teams-unless all three choke- and i don’t think they will come out with the win against chicago or the celtics, maybe the magic but it wont be easy. Celtics- A lot of potential but have been nothing but horrible. But they do have the team and experience and remember how bad they did last year before getting to the finals so you never know. Orlando- Have the talent and have a size advantage over the Celtics. There isn’t any real reason for their struggles but they are struggling. Chicago- Amazing team, alot of talent but 0 experience. Other than that they are good. I think in the end Miami has the least amount of chance because each team has atleast some advantage over they others (celtics- exprerience, magic- size, chicago- talent) but even with Wade and James, Miami isn;t good against the other elite teams. I think that the next worst team is the celtics because like i said they have been horrible recently and Perkins isn’t much of an excuse. Next is Orlando because they are good but not good enough. I think we will see Lakers-Bulls in the finals and the Lakers will win it in 6. BTW im not a laker fan or a bulls fan, im a portland fan, so you cant say im biased. Who do you think will win in the east- and please give me serious opinions and dont waste my team hating on my post.

  80. Hall of Fame Man says:

    Lakers all the way!

  81. Lakers 10-11 says:

    Ok, no team can beat LA in a series, I mean they got all the pieces. 2 versatile 7 footer, 1 7 footer shot blocker to anchor the defense, 2 clutch guards in the back court, not to mention one of them is imo the most entertaining bball player ever and the best closer in the game. The only thing that they can improve upon is their bench, even on this 15-1 post all-star run, their bench has been a disappointment down the stretch. LA has won the last two with Bynum not at 100%, now that he is relatively healthy, its GG NBA.

    Also with all due respect for DRose, ppl r just jumpin on the MVP bandwagon, when ESPN/StatCube broken down the stats, as far as playing with injured players, +/-, efficiency, D12 was the obvious MVP. The only reason Orlando is relevant is due to Howard’s dominance inside. W/O him, Magic’s 3 point game would vanquish.

  82. bill says:

    there are some real idiots here. Lakers are the team to beat—-3 straight finals, won the last two. Best player in the game with Kobe no matter what the morons who are anti-Kobe say. I just wonder are the idiots here really this stupid or just act so damn dumb to attempt to get under people’s skin because they have nothing better to do? Here some advice—put the vasoline down and get a life.

  83. WOW says:

    I love how everbody is jumpen on the Chicago bandwagon just because their playing well at the end of the season. Chicago is nothing without derek rose, you hold him back enough and your giving your team a huge chance to win. It doesnt matter how well a team is playing going in to the playoffs, what matters is when you get to the playoffs. Lakers in the west, they have alot of experience. Celtics in the east, this is their last run at it with these players and they’re a veteran team. Thats all folks

  84. WE ALREADY KNOW says:


    • thats alittle much says:

      dude stern dont got that much power. its simple all a team has to do is get owners and gms that are smart and willing to sacrifice and be located in a city that a player would like to live in. lakers have that and obviously the heat and the celtics have that too. miami has not always been good either that is recent. so dont get ahead of yourself

    • bulls rose says:

      bulls win this year against the lakers in 5…just like 1991



  86. WTF says:

    I’m just worried that the lakers are peaking too early for their schedule. Phil always take the postseason lightly and not so concern of what the outcome of their postseason record would be. It’s in the playoffs that we get to see what lakers basketball is really all about. I guess they were pressured by the media and fans during their slump before the all-star and was pressured to show their real game earlier than planned. Their record since the all-star break should be their record in the playoffs and i’m just concerned that they might lose steam come the playoffs. Anyways, i’m just hoping that the players get used to winning in the postseason, carry it over in the playoffs and become more hungry than the rest of the league and solidify their head coach, Phil Jackson, as the greatest bench tactician of all time and Kobe, as one of the greatest player of all time (i say “one of the greatest”……this topic is still being debated).

  87. Anthony Bahena says:

    Come on Guys we all saw game seven and do not get mad at the referees for calling fouls, especially since they did foul. You cannot hit people like that at least not in the NBA. Wallace is beast, but not as good as Perkins.

  88. bulls 1991 then 2011 says:

    let’s continue the 20th year celebration by winning again.
    1991 = michael jordan & scottie pippen over magic johnson & the lakers
    2011 = derrick rose vs kobe bryant & the lakers

    for history’s sake, go bulls! beat those lakers one more time in the finals!

  89. jimmy jones says:

    It’s funny how MOST not all MOST Laker fans say the heat suck. When the heat 2-0 them in the season series. Cmon man. IDK if you guys haven’t noticed by the heat are only 2 games behind Chicago and with the bull having to play Orlando, Celtics, and Knicks. I think the heat have a chance of winning that 1st seed because they really only need to play celtics once more.

    • will the real chokers please stand up says:

      there is a reason why this blog didnt even include the miami heat in the equation becuase they are not in it. i respect the bulls but they are one season away they need to het playoff experiance the lakers have years and years of playoff experiance under their belts but a loss in the east finals to boston or a finals loss to the lakers will set them up for next year just fine. so gook luck to them but the lakers got it they would have to choke big for them not to get it again

  90. Johnny says:

    Bulls over Lakers in 6. TheBulls are the most likely to have home court in the finals.The Bulls do have a strong bench and will not only win this year but next year as well just like drose will win the mvp nextyear as well .Let the Dynasty begin again!!!

  91. D-Rose is MVP says:

    Bulls and Spurs are going to be finals match up the Lakers will make a run but be beaten in the conference finals then the bulls will take it all and bring th trophy back to Chicago

  92. Arya says:

    Well I think that its the Spurs vs Bulls because DRose is the MVP canadantes this year but the Spurs are going to lose if they dont have Tim Ducan

  93. HEAT says:

    i got a feeling the fakers gonna choke somewhere in the playoffs. sorry kobe, sorry phil, NO 3-peat for you.
    HEAT vs _____. but it really dont matter cuz the HEAT (or C’s) gonna be the champs.

    • will the real chokers please stand up says:

      dude the heat is already famous for being the biggest chokers in the nba and they havent even had a full season together ya i dont see a championship this year from there maybe in two years or next if their gm takes over as coach again

    • bulls rose says:

      heat don’t know what champs mean? you can’t even fill up the stands….never the less, the bulls had more fans at your place! go bulls! shouting rose MVP!!

  94. Arcanis says:


  95. + + says:

    when spurs was beaten by the lakers in the west conf finals they lost to detroit in the championship…i hope the lakers break the trend their or jinx or what ever if they beat the spurs in the conference finals and get the 3peat. it is kind of ironic if they face chicago and what a history for phil jackson…first and last championship and it involves chicago bulls

  96. JF says:

    Just look at the rebounding numbers..thats why LA won

  97. Isaiah says:

    HEAT aren’t makin it and memphis and bobcats?BOBCATS aren’t even in the playoff race!

  98. Geovanny says:

    and remember boston is still waiting for both of the oneals when celtics play with them have done a good job plus there is kristic

    • bulls rose says:

      lol whos kritic..? and who are the o’neal’s? sounds like old school players, might as well as say malone and robert parish are coming back…haha go bulls!

  99. j.chicago92 says:

    well lets remeber this chicago is a winning baskteball team we are 6 and 0 in the nba finals and the first team we beat for our 1st championship was the lakers so i see it happening again hahahahahahahahahaha go CHCIAGO BULLS WE DA BEST

  100. Geovanny says:

    guys it will all depend on injurys spurs migth not make it cause of injurys, lakers got it going, bulls r playing hell of a game, and im a celtics fan..dont say that durant chokes cause he is one of the best players of the nba…he might need exp but the kid is amazing and if celtics get theyr game going with the def that they can play and the addvantage of having green coming from the bench that can play small f the can win against any team plus we have west as back up along with arroyo also i really hope that celtics win but if they dont get the chemistry back is gonna b fuked up and i dont think miami will b making it to the finals it will b either chicago or boston

  101. doozer says:

    It’s starts with Drose in chicago and KD in OKC.. I want to see these team’s in the finals! It will be more fun to watch than LA all the time and celtics !

  102. Kingsta says:

    Game 6 bro not game 7
    Phil Jackson has always won championship if he’s team wins more then 60 games ๐Ÿ™‚
    D-Rose vs Durant is next years finals match up ๐Ÿ˜›
    As raptors fan i hope one day i can talk about Toronto making it to the finals ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Our only hope is Demar ๐Ÿ˜›

  103. truthhurts says:

    Lakers will NOT make it to the Finals. Trust me on this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  104. hotshot says:

    lakers will choke in the second round.. It’s all about team chicago!!

  105. cant beat L.A. says:

    i cant believe all these haters.. wow.. most finals appearances- guess who that would be? LAKERS.. one away from banners total.. let the numbers speak for themselves.. some of you guys(haters) dont belong on an nba page lol kobe is G.O.A.T and the lakers are the BEST FRANCHISE ever! love it or not. truth is truth gobble that up haters..

    • GO SPURS GO says:

      really??? we can talk about the past…who did charles note the best team of the decade, lakers, spurs??? ummm he said the team who won 973 wins and also won multiple banners without losing in the finals… guess which team is that? the boys in silver and black the SAN ANTONIO SPURS…..sorry but the finals is going to be the bulls and san antonio….THERE THE ONLY TWO TEAMS IN NBA HISTROY WHO WON MULTIPLE TITLES AND NEVER LOST IN THE FINALS. Nobody plays better team basketball than us, our LEADING SCORER MANU IS ONLY PUTTING UP 18 POINTS A GAME AND WE STILL HAVE THE BEST RECORD IN NBA???? how is that posbbile please explain???? lakers have no chance with us in a 7 game series

      • Sarah says:

        Charles also said the Spurs are the most overrated winning team this season and will not make it to the finals! But, also remember he hates the Lakers, having been beat his entire career by that very team. Listen to him and see how hard it is for him to give the Lakers any credit, and Kobe in particular. But, he can say what the hell ever he wants about the Spurs being the best. Only the Yankees are considered a more winning franchise than the Lakers. The Spurs have 4 championships and the Lakers 16. You do the math!

  106. ali says:

    all top six teams will have a chance at a championship including okc and denver! but dont know about orlando. All good unpredictable teams

  107. Roy says:

    i think it will be a tight race for the finals in each conference, in the East the Celtics are still playoff beasts (so what they lost Perkins but i dont think people appreciate what Jeff Green can bring to the table, besides they are more then capable of pulling that extra slack) Miami is…………..meh, they will do alright but dont expect them to win a championship this year, not with the The emEGO’s having to stuff the stat sheet each night for their own pride, there bench is too weak, expect a second round exit. The Bulls are playing great and can play defense, which is what wins championships, i expect the bulls to go far because there chemistry and selflessness is top notch in the league. Orlando will do fine considering how much talent and veterans they have that can turn back time for the playoffs. New York (as for them Pffffff, not worth talking about) In the West, i am no laker fan but i respect them enough to say they will march there way back to the finals, with a few bruises and cuts from SA and Dallas. Finals Matchup this year….Lakers vs Bulls, Lakers vs Celtics

  108. Joshua Remo says:

    I doubt Lakers will get home court against San Antonio. But I think the lakers can beat them without it. Also OKC took lakers to 6 games not to 7 last year, your correct your mistake DUlagboy. Oh and how can others say Lakers are chokers when they’ve won 2 championships in a row against adversity. If anything the “choken one” and his Heat team will fail.

  109. Rui says:

    Hey kobe shaq is calling. He wants his rings back !
    Spurs-Heat in the finals.
    It’s a lot harder to reach the finals in the east conference than in the west. In the East you have chicago, orlando, boston, miami and knicks ( although they are losing a lot, with melo, stoudemire and billups you never know). This teams are all good candidates to win the championship. In the west you just have lakers and spurs. That’s why the lakers were in the finals 3 times in a row.

    • Sarah says:

      You’re almost too stupid to reply to. The Eastern conference has 9 teams under .500, Two of which are currently slated to be in the playoffs. Of course they have what looks like so many competitive teams, the rest of the teams in their conference sucks. Unlike the Western conference which has several talented teams you neglected to mention. OKC, Dallas, Portland, New Orleans and Denver, not to mention they are all well above .500 as are all but 5 teams in the Western Conference. Furthermore, two of the teams that aren’t .500 have about the same stat as the 2 lowest teams qualifing to compete in the playoffs in the East. Learn some math and then come back and make your point!

  110. LAKERS FAN ALL DAY says:


  111. LakersDbl3peat says:

    You guys already know it will be Lakers Vs Heat as NBA tried and tried to match up Kobe Vs Lebron in the finals and this year I think it will finally happen.

  112. You Already Know says:

    Hello, I think it will be the Memphis Grizzles VS the Charllotte Bobcats.

    Cinderella’s Baby!!!! Cinderella’s!

  113. JAnthony says:

    people kiss up to the lakers and mae them seem unbeatable and when the spurs come up everyone starts with there “there gna choke or there to old” im sure the spurs have won 4 championships and easly culd f had 3more if it wasntfor fishers lucky 0.4 shot manus stupid foul ondirk and tim duncan missing i belive the 2001 playoff this spurs team has proven that they can beat any one they also elimanated the lakers wen there were going for there fourth straight championship

  114. DUlagboy says:

    I think it’s going to be the Bulls and Okc in the finals!! Remember OKC took the lakers to 7 games last year!! DROSE IS THE MVP!.. the way chicago is playing right now, no one can stop them, but okc has a chace if they meet in the finals

    • LakersDbl3peat says:

      You are dreaming, final score was 4-2 Lakers, check your facts fan.

    • Isaiah says:

      Are u crazy!Bulls will probably make it to the finals,but OKC?!Are u a idiot?They ain’t ever gonna win a championship.they don’t have a big man to even play offense or any body else to be that third choice consistatly.kendrick perkins is most likely going to be injured and he still is not good enough when he is healthy.they won’t get by the lakers,spurs,most likely not the mavs.the bulls still have a couple difficult teams to get by through like bostin,orlando,and miami to get to the finals.so DUlagboy keep dreaming. that matchup ain’t happening.

    • jimmy jones says:

      Did you not just see them lose to the 76ers yestarday?

  115. native coach says:

    BULLS all the way!! bulls vs. lakers again….just like 1991 finals 20 years ago….bulls again in 5 games…4-1 at home

  116. Tom TITaN says:

    Whats funny is the nba is no better than wwe. And you all buy right into it.

    • jimmy jones says:

      Unlike wwe the NBA isn’t scripted and fake.

    • LA reppin says:

      Haters can hate but we all know a 3 peat is coming. It dont matter if we get 1st in the west or not, everyone knows Kobe will lead us not like Lebron in the past 2 years. Clevland had best record and Lebron was playing well during the season but choked during playoffs. I would like for you to come to LA and slap me ese better check what you say puto.

  117. shaun says:

    ok hold up….Spurs have proven themselves all season long. they just dont lose….period. the lakers beat them ONCE! and the only reason the spurs have lost the last 4 games is because of injuries from Duncan, Ginobli, Mcdyess, and Parker. the bulls and lakers wouldnt even be close if that wasnt an issue right now. and with the spurs bench getting all this playing time right now against other teams’ starters……beware because they are gonna be even better in the playoffs. you know it takes a non-laker fan to speak with some sense…

    • LakersWillWin says:

      They LOST to LA by 30 AT HOME…

    • sense says:

      um… really you think the spurs can do it?? they have been playing well all year and all year i have been saying im glad they are playing well but they have have two many old players that if they get injured its over for them and look its already happening and even if they didnt they couldnt beat the lakers dude i dont get why people think the lakers have to keep proving themselves they just won two years in a row and now they have a better bench them before and bynum is playing well….. so that means they are better then last year i dont have to be a laker fan or a non laker fan to see that 15-1 since the all star break hmm….

    • Sarah says:

      The got lucky in the second win against LA. Mcdyess tip the ball in with a second left in the game… The Lakers beat them by 30 at home last game… Really dude, get a grip. Charles Barkley has been saying all season that the Spurs are the most overrated winning team and will not make in the finals. But, lets see them beat the Lakers, Dallas, OKC or Portland, then I will believe. If they win I come back and bow down. Only because I know it ain’t so!

  118. THeNBATruth says:

    It will be the Portland Trial Blazers vs Chicago Bulls. Haha. Just watch. The blazers are just too deep with their defensive players. ๐Ÿ˜€

  119. Alakerfan24 says:

    Its going to be between the Bulls and the Heat in the East,
    and its going to be between the Lakers and Mavericks in the West. The thunder need one more year, and the spurs will lose to the grizzlies in the first round. the mavs will probably lose to the lakers in the second round so….

    Lakers-4, Bulls-2

    the celtics arent good without perkins so they wont go far.

  120. Carlos says:

    I agree with Kb24 No team in the East can beat the Bulls in a series, except for Orlando, remember that last year Orlando went 8-0 in the first two rounds of the Playoffs but lost to the Celts because Perkins was the only guy who could guard Howard one on one. Now the Celts stuggle at that position and Orlando will win the East if they get hot and Chicago plays bad def (rare case) And for the West… I dont care!! Go East, I am happy either team winning the East and Finals. Pref Orlando.

  121. Gary says:

    I think Lakers will end up with home court advantage for the West but I think Bulls will finish off with a better record. Still I don’t think the Bulls will make it to the finals and LA will have home court for the NBA finals. Doesn’t matter cause Miami will be the champs this year with or without home court advantage.

  122. Tom TITaN says:

    hahahahahaha all those dumb people tried to call me crazy when I said knicks got no better if not worse and nuggets got much better.Where did all teh stupid fake people run and hide to? hahahahahahaha

  123. KB24 says:

    Honestly i dont know how anyone can say they see a team winning a 7 game series against the Lakers. LAL is a match up nightmare you need constant double on Kobe and gasol you got 7 foot odom running around like a guard and if thats not enough bynum is putting up numbers like D12. one more thing to consider, as bad as LA was doing before all-star break there still in the running to catch the Spurs. All other teams be on noitce 3-Peat

  124. JAnthony says:

    I belive the celtics will figue it out in the playoffs and beat the bulls in theECF because the bulls have limited ofense wit really just rose deng ad bozzer with reall offensive game and the celtics have rondo pirce and garnett in the positions who all play great defense and in the WCF it will be a tight Spurs vs Lakers series with the leages best front court (lakers) and the leagues best back court (spurs) lus the top two coaches in the league

  125. hmm lakers.... says:

    guys guys guys….lets all be realistic. am a laker fan and want them to win…but if they slack off like they’ve done before then it wont happen to them. if all works out…lakers r better than any other team. being a laker fan,i believe miami will come on top of east,they just have to get it together,if they do…then they can beat my lovely lakers,just being real. if all keeps going the way its been…then its gonna be Lakers VS Chicago!! Lakers Win….Kobe MVP…the end!!!!! thanks:)

    • Tom TITaN says:

      F u and the Fakers. Bunch of band wagon hopping t shirt fans. You are worthless scrubs. I will slap the &^%$ out of you and the entire lakers team. Now thats prime time *&$%

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Wow Tom Titan you sound mad. Kinda pathetic if you ask me. I was born and raised in LA.. I’m allowed to like my Lakers, thanks.

      • Wait a Minute says:

        Relax dude. It’s a game and he’s a human being lol.

    • Tek says:

      you sound like a loyal lakers fan…or not really, but anyways; The heat still arent consistant even though they have been winning more, and the drama still lies in their team it’s just masked by their little winning streak. Maybe next year, unless Lebrons head gets too big again and miami cant keep him from floating out to the newest nike deal somewhere else~

  126. Chris Carr says:

    It’s goin to be Lakers v. Bulls or Celtics. It is obvious the Lakers don’t try until the all-star break is over. The lakers, spurs, bulls, OKC, dallas, and boston have all the championship pieces, there can only be two. Lbj aint a closer. Bosh is weak. Wade is the only reliable one. I believe the lakers will win this year, and next year its goin be OKC c. CHI in the finals and Rose goin be MVP again.(2011 and 2012)

  127. Sam says:

    I don’t see OKC, Miami and even Chicago in the playoffs. Kevin Durant chokes when it comes against strong defensive team. Derrik Rose is good but he is not Michael Jordan either. they don’t have the bench strength and any other support.
    Spurs anyways have been jinxed for the palyoffs and with injuries around i doubt that they will be any better. Mavericks have a shot but they also choke in playoffs. I hope Dirk have something else under his sleeve this year unless they will be out by the second round of play offs.
    I am still thinking about the Boston and Lakers finals but celtics have reduced their bench strength by trading perkins and Nate. They are one centre and one backup point guard short and it is hurting them,

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Durant CHOKES!? What!? Did you not watch Fiba ball last summer!!!???

    • DLee1616 says:

      You must be CRAZY if you think that the Bulls dont have a bench… first of all they have Korver who is one of the league’s best 3-point shooters, CJ watson who is playing like a little D-Rose right now, Asik who is easily the best rookie center in the league, plus taj Gibson and Ronnie Brewer… they are a team that goes 5 or 6 deep off the bench and performs so how can you say that they have no bench.?..

    • CB11 says:

      yea bro the bulls have a very good bench with brewer, cj, korver, gibson, asik, and Kurt Thomas will prob be a big time help with his experience D-rose might not be MJ but he is the future MVP of the league so u cant count the bulls out although i think it will be a tough road for them to make it to the finals i think they’re the strongest team in the east soooo stfu.

  128. theblackmamba says:

    i’m a fan of the L.A and i thing that kobe and her guys go to the finals for three consecutive time and they will win. not miami heat and lebron james, not bulls and derrick rose, not celtics and pierce, not howard and magic, not spurs and duncan, not dallas and nowitsky, not durant and the oklahoma, just kobe and the lakers to be champions another time, three consecutive time. For the FINALS I THINGS LAKERS-BOSTON, LAKERS-MIAMI, not chicago, they do’nt have perfomeance for a complete series v.s the heat or the celtics

  129. #BULLS says:

    Derrick rose for MVP…. welll thats what the other teams fans are screaming when the bulls visit!

  130. Alex says:

    wait first of all its going too be the spurs in the bulls in the finals cause theres no way in earth the celtics or miami going too beat the bull in a playoff seriers best of 7 no way! bull lead spurs in series 4-2


    • Tek says:

      Yeah, you had no backing in what you said at all…not to mention Duncan, Ginobili and Parker are all “injured” and they are on a 4 game losing streak…idiot!!

  131. #BULLS says:

    The Chicago Bulls will beat any team in either confrence. why? because they can shut you down. how do I know this? Because we have the guy that made boston’s defense so good in the post season which carried them into the finals. Face the facts! Teams in this league don’t want 7 with this chicago team! #Miami, Boston and Orlando dont want CHICAGO. (team with the best chance is the celtics)

    • Sarah says:

      I love the Bulls and Derrick Rose in particular and i think they will win the Eastern Conference. But, lets get real, they are not going to beat the Lakers. The Lakers just have too much expererience against such a young team. But, this would be the most interesting of series, and they surely can give the Lakers a run for their money.

  132. For those who think the lakers are expending too much energy, are not watching the games. Kobe, Lamar, Pau, Adrew, and Fish are still playing the same minutes as before and much less minutes than last year. If the lakers go into the playoffs with a healthy Bynum, it is over.

    • thank you says:

      thank you im so gald someone pays attention. The lakers have been winning all season playing less min. KOBE is MVP he plays less min. then the other MVP canadidits has similar numbers becuase he can do more with less. The lakers have turned it up since the allstar break and guess what in the playoffs they are just going to turn it up even more. imagin when kobe plays 38 min or 39 min a game instead of 32 good luck everyone esle

  133. watch this says:

    why d rose is mvp

    • native coach says:


      • Senor Chang says:

        Sorry, but recent trends in the past decade suggests that the teams’ who have the Regular Season MVP don’t win championships. Reference, Steve Nash, Dirk Nowitzki, Kobe Bryant & Lebron James, those are just names off the top of my head. So D.Rose can enjoy his Regular Season MVP, whilst Kobe and the Lakers will be hoisting the huge Golden Ball in the air after the finals.

      • bulls rose says:

        BULLS WILL WIN AGAIN JUST LIKE GOING BACK TO 1991……mj pip and horace…..rose boozer and noah….magic worthy and divac….kobe artest and gasol….bulls in 5….AGAIN

  134. josie says:

    Team Work Works and the Lakers have TEAM WORK!!! Nuf said

  135. LebronJames says:

    I have my top 4 teams to win a championship in today’s season and these are… Boston, Miami in the East and Spurs, Lakers in the West.

    Lebron for MVP!

    • drose1 says:

      theres no way lebron or lechoke whatever you wanna call him is gonna win mvp drose has got it locked up

      • bunbury says:

        i just can’t believe that Rose will be winning the mvp. As of right now, the bulls and lakers have the same record. AND Kobe’s numbers are pretty much the same as Rose’s.

        Who should win it? Kobe Bryant is the defending champion and that’s why he should win it instead of Rose. Enough said!!!!!!!

      • Greg says:

        bunbury: as big of a kobe fan as i am, rose will win unanimously. why you ask? well, lets just say that rose averages 8 asists, and clearly is a bigger team player than kobe. he does MORE for his team. dont get me wrong, kobe does a lot, but drose does more.

        Lakers minus Kobe: Playoff team, just not a Finals Team
        Bulls minus Drose: Borderline playoff team.

    • Laker24 says:

      Why do I care about an award (MVP) that is voted for?? LeBron can have the “Most Valuable Player” contest given to him AGAIN. Me and my guy (KB24) care about one thing… Championships.

      “LeBron… where are my rings? My championship rings. Have you seen my championship rings? Ahhh shoot… you probably don’t even know what they look like!!” ha ha ha ha

      KB 5
      LBJ 0

  136. Colter says:

    I’m gonna laugh when its Thunder vs Bulls in the final. With a scorer like Durant, you can execute in the half court and all the higher seeds have old legs for their star players. Especially when your expending energy like L.A. is or when your missing Timmy like S.A.

    • Tek says:

      I will probably tear my eyes out, not laugh

    • al respect the game says:

      hey u make a good point. that is la’s legitimate contender in the west. i personally will not hurt tto much if thats the finals matchup. it means the league is in good hands. i would not mind if either of those teams win

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @Colter people like you have been saying that for the last two, three season now. Shut your pie hole until it happens.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      How is LA expending energy? Because they are playing better after the All Star break like they always do and then win the championship in June. What are you talking about?

  137. the real J says:

    i think OKC, more than SA or DAL, have a better chance of beating the lakers.. kendrick perkins/serge ibaka nullifies to some extent LA’s height advantage.. plus they have westbrook

    • bunbury says:

      Perkins got overrated in Boston (due to the team success). Everyone refers to him as if he was too good. the guy will give you only 8 points and 8/9 rebounds per game. I am not saying that he is a bad player, he will certainly help the Thunder but not to the extent everyone thinks. by the way—he will be overpaid too with his new contract!

      • JV says:

        When OKC signed perkins they knew fully well that he was not going to be filling stat columns. But what he does bring is a post presence that they never had before. You watch them against any team with a half decent big man before they signed perkins compared after they signed him. He can mark any big man in the league one on one, making the Thunder soooooooooo much better defensively. It doesn’t matter how many points, rebounds or blocks kendrick perkins gets a night. Just having him on the court is going to make a HUGE difference.

  138. Lebron James says:

    its gonna be heat verses who ever else goes to the finals and we are going to win

    • Dean says:

      Heat have no chance in hell of making it past the second round…and even that would be a miracle! Queen James got NO HEART!

    • Steve says:

      have you seen the way the heat play against above .500 teams?

    • Tek says:

      garbage, congradualtions…you are the only person on this forum that has even mentioned the heat let alone them going to the finals

    • Tom TITaN says:

      Sorry LBJ but you need better bigs to sin that one. Bosch is far from what will be needed to win it all and wade is on his way out so I would check up on some openings after this season.

      • al respect the game says:

        well, u might want to think of getting past NY first. they can easily take ur beloved heat to 7 games. watch out

    • Ernesto subias says:

      ok first of all juss cause they struggled against .500 teams doesnt mean they will suck in the playoffs, im tired of everyone sayin the heat suck an stuff, regular season dnt matter, playoffs thats where it counts. an im a celtics fan

  139. LAKERFAN says:

    The spurs won’t do anything in the playoffs. It will most likely be a repeat of last years finals.

  140. khadija says:

    By the way, who said that regular season does NOT matter? KOBE did. yet he and his team are spending extra energy and have been sine the all-star break. we’ll see if they have anytthing left in the tank by then!!!

  141. adam thueringer says:

    lets just remember that Phil Jackson wins in threes

  142. Brett says:

    Lakers will go to the FINALS again! 3-PEAT most likely in 7 games again. The way CHICAGO is playing right now, nobody in the EAST will be able to beat them in a series…unless BOSTON gets hot. LAKERS v BULLS or LAKERS v CELTICS.

    KOBE in the PLAYOFFS…ENOUGH SAID…The Spurs had a huge lead in the WESTERN CONF. but the LAKERS are storming back. LAKERS BEST TEAM HEADING INTO THE PLAYOFFS!

    • Amitpal says:

      You mean tallest team heading into playoff.

    • SA,GO says:

      better hope that bynum keeps his knees intact because other than odom theres no one in there (maybe brown). just saying but SPURS will take it all. sorry aint gonna be a threepeat, green parade, 1st ring for le brick, dirk, dwigth and my MVP rose (he’ll get plenty in the future though) but a RODEO championship parade in ALAMO.

  143. Michael says:

    it’s going to be a rematch between Heat and Mavericks, that’s how I feel the finals ๐Ÿ™‚ Wade for 2nd ring!

    • al respect the game says:

      iam glad u put a smily face. deep down u sooooo know that aint gonna happen.

    • kobezzz says:


      • Tek says:

        They moderated on my last reply…maybe not this one…like i said; D-wade deserves a second as much as Lebron deserves his first, or my cat needs a sponge bath, pick your choice. However you might see that matchup once Kobe retires.

  144. nate796 says:

    I think its going to come down to Lakers and Bulls in the Finals. I think the Lakers would beat the Spurs if they matched up. I also think Bulls will beat the Celtics in the ECF. I don’t think Miami will make it because of their struggle with elite teams. Considering that they went 0-6 with the Bulls and Celtics.

  145. hahaa says:

    to bad kobe chokes in the finals

    • Dean says:

      Not twice in a row! And even though his shooting was off…his defense was stifling! Six rings for the real King (Kobe)!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      KOBE CHOKES IN THE FINALS? Where are you watching basketball, Pluto?

      • Tom TITaN says:

        He wont have to chopke because the lakers wont be going to the finals. Why you ask. Kobe and bynum will go out with injuries in the 1st round and wont return for the rest of the playoffs. hahahahahahahahahahaha. swrew em all screw all the lakers and the fans to hhehehehehehhe.

    • Tek says:

      yah obviously he chokes…..thats why he has 5 championships…because thats what choking does…earns you championships…idiot

      • al respect the game says:

        lol. good one tek

      • Amitpal says:

        Kobe does choke in the final. Look at his feild goal percentage in the finals. Only reason he has 5 championships is because he’s had Shaq, and now cause he has Pau and Bynum. The lakers only win cause they are rich and can afford all kinds of people. Otherwise they have no team work. They might win again but only cause they have height. If they weren’t that tall they would probably be in 7th place in the west.

      • Black777amba says:

        The reason Jordan has 6 rings was because of Pippen/Rodman/Phil Jackson. I can play this game all day long you scrub. Don’t try to diminish the value of Kobe’s rings. I can do the same with Jordan if you want.

    • jason bubalo says:

      he had a rough game 7, but had a pretty stellar 11 straight finals games before that. and more than you can say about ANYONE else in the NBA who is still playing.

    • Kevin says:

      back to back finals MVP…

    • al respect the game says:

      lol. well he got the last 2 rings on his hand tho buddy. choke on that

    • Mitch says:


      Kobe chokes in the finals……… Not when it counts! Watch the game 7 video in this post! 25 points 15 rebounds! I dont hear any choking!

      • Amitpal says:

        How many shots did he miss? It’s hard not getting 23 point when you take like 30 shot.

    • Libertatus says:

      Which finals are you refering to?

    • Sarah says:

      Yeah, that’s why he has 5 rings and his team is on a 15-1 winning streak going into the playoffs… because he choke’s.. I love comedy! Oh btw, he is the Western Conference player of the week this week, for all that chocking he does! LOL 3 peat baby, all the way. I think against Chicago. The Celtics should never have traded Perkins! But, thanks Danny Ainge!

      • yusuf mohseni says:

        i think you bit off way more than you can chew buddy… what about the thunder… they have so much height now and they match up perfectly with the lakers. i wouldnt be surprised if the thunder beat the lakers… they can do it and they let it slip last year. i think they want revenge.

    • lal:P says:

      Idiot kobe can choke but dude fisher , artest , odom, pau and even brown goes big in playoff n kobe still gets the ring ๐Ÿ˜›

    • NAJ says:

      Kobe had 1 bad game all series of 7 games…that’s not choking in the finals. If he choked in the finals more than the odd occasion (bad game not choking really), then he wouldn’t have 5 rings already. You are an uneducated idiot.

  146. LAKERFAN_88 says:

    Obviously I’m a laker fan, but spurs are most def not going to the finals. Its gonna be LA vs Chicago or LA vs Celtics

    • Anti Laker and Heat says:

      NO no no. Lakers won’t go to finals. It might be Chicago and Spurs. Lakers will choke early in the play offs. So will Heats . They have too much pride, too much drama, and too much is too much. Soon teams like that will go down the drain. The teams who have heart and TEAMWORK (unlike Lakers and Heat for best example only have 1-3 players that play the game without team mates) will win this year and the upcoming years. Well I shouldn’t say anything about the teams but I believe Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Bosh need to let their team get glory, but not for themselves. To them it’s all about themselves. They don’t know basketball until they know how to play like a team.

      • Replies to Dummies says:

        How can you say Lakers dont have “Heart and TEAMWORK” when they won the last 2, cmon son..

      • Dean says:

        The Lakers and Celtics…hands down! Orlando? Wake up!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        You sound like an idiot.

      • jason bubalo says:

        i don’t think you can win back to back titles without trusting your team. now it’s time for phil to get through with his 4th 3-peat, kobe and fish to get done with their second, and pau, bynum, and lamar to wrap up their first. LAKERS ALL THE WAY IT DONT MATTER WHO WE PLAY

      • gars says:

        Lakers will choke early? against who? hornets? hahaha. you obviously referring to your lequeen whos a known CHOKER throughout his career. lakers are gunning for their 4 straight finals appearance and 3rd championship.

      • Tom TITaN says:

        there is a difference between winning a championship and it being givin to you witch is the case for the lakers and the celtics b4 them. The nba is fake as hell.

      • Prodigy says:

        @Anti Laker and Heat; You are a retard. How can you say the Lakers will lose because they have too much pride and drama? and that the Lakers dont have heart nor ‘TEAMWORK”? i guess you havent been watching the last 3 seasons the Lakers have been appearing in the NBA finals. But i guess thats because they have no heart or team work. Because Kobe’s horrible game 7 last yr won it for them. It had nothing to do with Artest’s defense or Fish’s big shots, or LO play off the bench. it’s all Kobe and Pau taking the glory. hahhaha i love it when people who dont know the game make comments like this. They just make themselves sound RETARDED!!!!

      • Wait a Minute says:

        What you said doesn’t make ANY SORT of sense. The Spurs need Tim Duncan as much as the Lakers need Kobe. The Heat need Lebron, Dwayne, and Chris, as much as Chicago needs Rose, Noah and Boozer. The Celtics need Pierce, Allen, and Garnett just as much as the Mavericks need Dirk, Tyson, and Kidd. Without these key players in their line ups, ALL of these teams will fall short of a championship. And the Lakers are STACKED top to bottom with good players defensively and offensively. The Heat are also STACKED and also have good players, The Heats only flaw is that still no one really knows their role. You make it sound factual but you are just hating. Also the Celtics and Lakers have been to 2 of the last 3 nba finals (Lakers being in all 3). I’m Pretty sure the Lakers teamwork is NOT an issue here.

      • hahahaha says:

        you are really funny dude the lakers will choke????? do you watch basketball the reason why the lakers win all the time is because they dont choke…. and if you havent noticed you metioned pau, kobe, and ron artest…. dude thats 3 out of the five starters and if you havent noticed nba.com has been talking up bynum as have every other sports media place for 2 months now and derek always gets respect from kobe and everyone else he is the lider of the player union… so um… ya its about the team im pretty sure if kobe only cared about himself then he would score 40 a game every game and not worry about winning but if you actully watch all he cares about is getting rings winning championships… do i really need to say more

      • lal:P says:

        even the thunder is better to replace the lakers than the spurs!!!

      • SpursFan says:

        @everyone commenting
        I think this guy is trying to say that this is more a case of having the most talent and I don’t think it’s that he’s saying they have no teamwork. They have a HUGE payroll which is unfair on the rest of the league, no team should have the talent this team has on one roster.

    • nba fan says:

      I gotta say…a Bulls Lakers finals would be great to see. 20 years after their last meeting.

      • Lily Sanchez says:

        I believe it is written:
        Phil Jackson Vs His old dinasty
        the end of and era………..20 years after first championchip
        it is written, don’t you see it?
        this is the NBA where these things happens!!!
        stop posting about lebrat and the peltics….
        i love Kobe but Bulls is going to win it……i just saw it.

    • Kb24 says:

      Lakers will go to the finals agiants Orlandp

  147. jwest says:

    If the Lakers end up some how getting home court through the finals…you can hand them the trophy, especially if it comes down to a game 7 like last year. We all saw the refs hand them the game on a silver platter during that 4th quarter. If their in that same situation in a game 7 @ home…it will happen again.

    • speakinthetruth says:

      wow r u nuts

      • Jwest says:

        Lol…I’m nuts for pointing out what every Laker fan is in denial about??? Did you watch the 4th quarter of that game last year???

      • Tom TITaN says:

        Hell yeah they are all in denile, but its funny when they try to come to my court with thier fakers jerseys and start talking trash I say one word and they all shut the f up and don say another word for the deration of the game. I make sure they have a bad day if they were close to me repn the other team in my town. And anywhere you go they will all bring their lakers t shirts with them. i willl slap you all wen you come to sa b.

      • gars says:

        excuses excuses. boston peltics always has excuses. sellout refs, no perkins, homecourt etc etc… its really that hard to admit that you guys lost? hahaha. ofcourse you didnt mention ray allen choke every game since game 2, pierce and garnett left the building before the 4th quarter ended. only rondo carried the team like he always had. you guys keep talking DENIAL? well youre the one whos in denial that cant accept you guys lost

      • prix says:

        Talking about last year Boston-Lakers are boring…with all the flops and complains and exuses…give me a break…this year Both of them wont be on the finals either…BULLS-MIAMI will reign and mostly OKC and MAVS or even the Blazers can make the west

      • Willy says:

        @Tom Titan : H-A-T-E-R… if i was you, i’ll hate them too. i feel you. superioty is always detested

    • Dean says:

      You can hand them the trophy, anyway…

      • Worthy42 says:

        Tom TITaN – You would seem half intelligent if words were spelled phonetically. Instead your words, like your opinions, come off making you look like a fool.

    • kobezzz says:

      keep crying

    • youreanidiot says:


    • Jerryz says:

      jwest and Tom TITaN = losers with the typical loser type mentality. Never wins everything and cries about reality in their basement. Rides hard on the legitmacy wagon used to discredit the real winners. Not much more to can be said to describe your sad life, and urge to spread your hate on a public website.

    • RJM says:

      Stop crying bro and move on. Celtics lost fair and square. Lakers were the aggressors in the fourth quarter of game 7 and they earned their points at the line. If you don’t want fouls called, you can’t foul or APPEAR to foul either. Stop making excuses and just root for your team to try to get back. When Lakers lost in 08, you didn’t see us Laker fans complaining about all the illegal screens the Celtics bigs got away with.

    • Libertatus says:

      Hate. Why not come out and admit it.

    • josh says:

      the refs gave them nothing 22 offensive rebounds doomed the celtics

    • Worthy42 says:

      jwest – That name is too good for you. You seem unsure of which game you’re referring to. Are you referring to one of the games in the finals last year when the Lakers were ready to run away with the championship until Doc Rivers started crying and sent tape to the NBA front office? That’s when the Celtics started getting back into the contest. The only game the Celtic clearly won without the refs help was when Ray Allen went nuts with a string of 3’s. Also, Andrew Bynum was punking scowlface Kendrick Perkins on one knee. What will happen with a healthy Bynum this year?

    • sadexcuse says:

      @ jwest: typical boston fan and Laker hater. always riding the bandwagon of sad excuses for being a loser. i bet you still leave with your mother at the age of 30, fantasizing of being rich when your lazy az dont have the guts to find work, and wishing you’ll feel better if the celtics won last season. guess what, they lose, and a loser like you would know better than take the blame on the Gold and Purple jersey (Lakers).boston sucks, Lakers champs, !!!

      • mikeypsg says:

        this is the dumbest thing i have ever read.

      • bubblebuster says:

        And this, kids, is what we call projection bias. Now, we know entirely too much about one of these people. Guess who it is?

      • GorgeousDan says:

        Is sadexcuse serious? Regardless of whether you agree with jwest (I don’t) there doesn’t seem much point in a personal attack. We’re all on here because we have an opinion, stop being a douche about it.

        A third lakers v celts finals series would just further rekindle the rivalry. I’m still not convinced about Bynum being a legit player in this league. He still seems too fragile and to go missing in games too easily. A healthy Shaq, or Shaq on one leg, would still destroy him which should be a worry for Phil. If Boston can get a reasonably healthy team out on the floor they should be able to rest their starters enough to beat the lakers, because the same players (Pau, Kobe) will be relied upon too heavily for a seven game series. The celts run too deep man,

    • ??? says:

      The Lakers fairly one that game because they were the better team, if anything througout the series
      the celtics got the benefit of most calls.


      Ur just anouther Laker Hater and thats why your sitting at home whinning about the refs.When the playoffs begin and you team must be the C’s or the Heat. and nither one of them make and Bulls do you’ll be crying the Refs are to blame when they didn’t make the shots. Everybody states that the C’s were missing perkins or who ever was their center was y they lost. well you have 15 other players to step up and make shots they were to busy like you crying over Spilled milk.


    • Jake says:

      the satire in Ignorance best describes Jwest.

    • lal:P says:

      lAker haters ๐Ÿ˜› you guys complain when LA is the first in the west wen tngs go around n dey drop from the 1st spot you guys say we suck n media start talking trash… and last year maimi got all the spotlight n yeah they beat the lakers both times thats true but i ainยดt got nothing to worrie caz chicago, orlando or boston can win them in the east. while come on every time the boston n Los angeles play neither of them got their important pieces. LIke LA didnยดt had trevor ariza or bynum n last year they didnยดt had perkins so its even! stop talking trash and lets go LA!!!

    • Armen says:

      Stop hating on the Lakers!!! Instead of focusing on how many foul calls they got and how many free throws they took (all deserved), why don’t you focus on the great championship defense they played! Their defense gave them a chance, when Boston could not score. As simple as that.

    • mark says:

      jwest you must be a boston fan to say something stupid like that!!!!