Awards Season: Most Improved Player

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — While it’s not the most prestigious honor handed out during the NBA’s award season, one of our favorites here at the hideout is the Most Improved Player award.

This is the one award that rewards guys for actually taking their game from one level to the next, a transition that takes place for various reasons (a change of scenery never hurts and a regime change can inspire a player, too).

NBA TV’s Game Time crew (Marc Fein, Brent Barry and Jerry Stackhouse) had a pretty good debate about it last night (above). Unlike the MVP chatter, this topic doesn’t dominate our conversations this time of year. But the list of worthy — or at least legitimate — candidates for the Most Improved honor is much longer than the list of names populating the MVP debate.

In fact, the leader in the MVP clubhouse, Bulls point guard Derrick Rose, could easily be considered the front-runner for MIP. We’re not going to rely on anyone else’s research. (Although, if you haven’t seen John Schuhmann’s StatsCube piece on the Most Improved race, you should.) We’re taking the vote to the people (that would be you) to see what the popular opinion is on the Most Improved Player:


  1. Nazy says:

    Im soooooooo voting DeMar. DeMar was the best this season making new career highs and scoring 30’s and 20’s every night and i think DeMar should be most improved player of the year. dosent matter how good rose is but demar should win this. I love U raptors

  2. Albert says:

    Gortat after joining PHX has outstanding stats.

  3. John says:

    Did all of Poland come and vote for Gortat or something? How in hell is he at 78%

  4. POLAND LOL says:

    Derozan all the way, and all these stats showing 16.5 and 16.6 as his average are wrong. Its 17.2 so thats a double of his scoring average from las year. 8.6 point increase.

  5. POLAND LOL says:

    LOl Gortat is only in the lead because of these polish douches who dont watch the nba but know who gortat is. Its the same as yao being voted into the asg every year even though the man hasn’t played 1 game.

  6. Al says:

    DeMar DeRozan deserves this award more then anyone else, he went from having a so-so rookie season to a huge sophomore season where he now considered as the Raptors franchise player, so kudos to him, and I hope he keeps up the great effort.

  7. Jim says:


  8. muahahaha says:

    Ale urwał!

  9. Bartek says:

    Ale wy jesteście bezmyślni…
    Czy według was wynik tej sondy jest satysfakcjonujący?
    Dla mnie nie. Mamy jednego Polaka w NBA, który wcale nie zrobił, aż tak ogromnych postępów w porównaniu do kilku innych wymienionych powyżej. Jaki jest sens masowego głosowania, jeśli 99% z was nie ogląda meczów NBA i nie widziała Marcina, jak gra teraz i jak grał wcześniej – nie wspominając już o pozostałych zawodnikach…
    Opamiętajcie się i nie róbcie z Polski pośmiewiska 😉

  10. Anna says:

    OK, now look: Marcin has 70% votes. No one could be better.
    Poland is standing by its people. Go Marcin!
    Pokonajcie nas. Powodzenia 😛

  11. Marcin Gortat says:

    Marcin Gortat is the best!

  12. Poles are the best says:

    Marcin Gortat is the best! POLAND!!!

  13. LOL says:

    Zagłosowałem na Pudziana!!! Jemu się wszystko należy 😀

  14. Bajek_Portland says:

    Niestety Polski naród nie umie się wypowiadać innymi słowami niż go go go albo “the best”, żalosne.

  15. adam_malysz says:

    Lubie dropsy, ale tylko mietowe.

  16. Gortat Fan says:

    Marcin Gortat – MIP 2011!

  17. Koniu says:

    Jebać sex!

  18. martini says:

    Kevin gave Rose to Gortat showed him Love because Nick was to Young and can not drive a Lawry 😉

  19. Mathew says:

    Marcin Gortat jest najlepszy . I’m Polish 🙂

    MARCIN GORTAT rządzi… A nie jakieś Rose lub Kevin Love, Gortat ich kładzie na kolana

  20. cynio6 Plemy says:


  21. phoenix fan says:

    Gortat diserves this award ! after moving from Orlando to PHX he’s giving almost every game double-double and being fundamental player of his team .

  22. RapeRRo says:

    Gortat Polska z Tobą! POLAND!

  23. Michu! says:

    Oczywiście Marcin Gortat! Nareszcie pokazuje, co potrafi.
    Of course Marcin Gortat. He finally shows what he can.

  24. dannygd says:

    Polish Hammer! MG13 MG4, Best forever 😉

  25. Matthew says:

    Its really weird that guys in studio havent mentioned anything about Marcin Gortat. They are just looking on some numbers.Gortat improved in stats very much, but what is the most importand he is really great defensive player. You can check score and stats after match and see that he have another double double, but if You watch live game You can see how he is working in defens. He really deserve this award !

  26. Melo says:

    Marcin Gortat POLISH HAMMER

  27. Quentin says:

    Tylko Gortat ! statystyki mówią same za siebie

  28. Combayn says:

    Marcin Gortat #4

  29. Paulina says:

    ONLY GORTAT !!!!!!!!

  30. Roland from Poland says:


  31. Luke says:

    hmm – Polish. Machine is best of the best

    Gortat – MIP
    Rose – MVP

  32. Marcin says:

    Marcin Gortat has a great season, transferred from Orlando gave him new opportunities, and very well understood with teammates and is the basis, perhaps made ​​the greatest progress of all selected for the survey and therefore I will give him a voice

  33. cinus says:

    1. M. Gortat
    2. D. Rose
    3. K. Love

  34. JaggerMaster says:

    United we stand strong! Gortat do boju!

  35. Lysiutki says:

    1. Marcin Gortat.

    oh yes…

  36. maly says:

    yea really, hey my polish folks its time for u to understand that this poll wont decide for anything anyways,,
    and besides that.. i really think that gortat could be one of these guys mentioned to be an most improved player.. and rose.. hes going to be an mvp

  37. russel says:

    No doubt – Marcin Gortat.

  38. Devon says:

    1. Martin Gortat
    2. Kevin Love
    3. Derrick Rose

  39. P says:

    tough to pick. DeRozen evolves his game, Love steadily improving, Westbrook looking a lot better, D-Rose – well for me MVP not MIP, Aldrige became really important.. but yeah, Gortat’s progress, stats, effort, combining wih Nash (of course every C in the world would like to combine with Nash) make him the best pick for me.

  40. Gelo says:

    Definetely Marcin Gortat, why? because he became one of the dominate big guys in the league from sitting on the bench in Orlando, thanks to him phoenix’s defence improved a lot and what is most important he started playing basketball when he was 18 not like most of NBA players in early age so this is big improvement through this 9 years

  41. Konfederat says:

    Marcin GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!

  42. dejv says:

    przykro mi, że zlecieli się Polaczki i dodawają komentarze o treści “Marcin Gortat”. Tutaj ludzie naprawdę komentują, wyrażają opinie dlaczego głosują na jakiego zawodnika. Trochę wieś robicie 😦

  43. omojboze says:

    o moj boze,ale mamy kurwa kretynow za rodakow

  44. Stan says:

    Marcin Gortat made a huge leap forward! Look at the stats, look at the highlights. He deserves the votes!
    If I had more of them:
    Westbrook (definatelly MIP of I part of the season, not so visible on the MIP-ladder because of the World Championships, when they talked so much about him already)
    Love (of course)
    Rose (of course)
    Superman? Yes, he definatelly improved his game!
    Aldridge (another big name and a big step forward)
    But Martin Gortat out of Superman’s shadow hammers it down for my vote!

    P.S. Greatings to Kyle Montgomery for the slang!

  45. harnas1992 says:


  46. Polska says:

    Maaaaaaaaarcin Gortat ! ;D -Lubie To hahahahahahaha! POLAND!

  47. Cieciu says:

    It’s Hammer Time!

  48. [Z] says:

    Marcin Gortat is currently the best player of the Polish national..
    Year after year, their skills grow. Popular Polish Hammer is already a distinctive figure in his team but a lot more from him!!

  49. shootkeeper says:

    Gortat means improvement. Nothing to add

  50. ManiekOlkusz says:

    Polish Hammer

  51. mzks says:

    MARCIN GORTAT !!!!!!!!!!! GO POLISH HAMMER !!!!!!!!!!

  52. Maney says:

    For me Marcin Gortat is the most improved player. Now he is a leader of phx’s defence. Mostly he is the game high player. Gortat shows what he has learnt from Howard for this 3 years in Orlando. He doesn’t need any help right now he can handle his own team for long time.

  53. Wojtek says:

    Polish Hammer GORTAT !!!

  54. m. says:

    Gortat – Polish power! 🙂

  55. exe says:


  56. exe says:

    Marcin Gortat this time MIP next time MVP !!!

    Go Go Marcin.

  57. Kazik says:

    Polish Proud MARCIN GORTAT!!! We love you bro!!!

  58. ivan says:

    only Marcin Gortat.!!!!!!!

  59. piotrusWiper says:

    G O R T A T

  60. Mecenas says:

    Derrick Rose – MVP
    Marcin Gortat – MIP

  61. Marcin jest najlepszy!!! Marcin to potęga!!!! wreszcie Polak gra na równi z czarnymi;-)

    Pozdrawiam Polacy!!! W Polsce siła i moc!!! Marcin wygra!!!

  62. melechow says:


  63. Pinciu says:

    Go Go Go Marcin Go Gortat

  64. TadziK says:

    Marcin miażdży!!!

  65. xxxaaaaaaaa says:

    1 gortat
    2 d rose
    3. mcgee
    4. westbrook

  66. matt.from.poland says:

    rose will be have mpv in this season so he didnt get this award. gortat was working very hard for 3 last years. he deserverd for this distinction

  67. Quentin says:

    Only Polish Hummer/MG4

  68. born2july says:

    yes yes Gortat Polish Hammer

  69. KarniQ says:


    If u consider this…
    Marcin not really improved but was finally able to show what he’s got.
    Playing little minutes in Orlando he wasn’t considered a candidate for this award but since the trade to PHX gave him so much opportunities he finally showed what he’s made of. And don’t look not only on stats comparison from last and current season, cuz these are still lowered by the part of season spent by him in Orlando. He’s made a HUGE step up from a guy who wasn’t given much credit to a person who is considered a serious threat (in big part thx to Nash)

  70. Dawid says:

    Marcin Gortat is the best!!!

  71. Johnny says:

    Gortat or Love.. hmmm.. no, Gortat.

  72. RR says:

    MIP: Marcin Gortat (PHX) is a Most Improved Player.

  73. ja polak says:

    Marcin Gortat !!!

  74. MC 24 says:

    For me Marcin Gortat really deserves to be MIP (and 6th man too) but D Rose and K Love are… always good like grandma’s cookie’s… yeah!!

    1. M. Gortat
    2. K. Love
    3. D. Rose

  75. Vratar says:

    Definitely Marcin Gortat, Go Polish Hammer !!

  76. Stevo says:

    I no good english, but Marcin going extrordinary job in Arizona, too bad that his missing playoffs this year. Can’t wait next year, i hope the all star game will be awailable for marcin with help from polish people. Regards.

  77. francuz says:

    you know P. Machine is best of the best Most progress when he was traded to suns HE BEATS DH12 and PG16

  78. Raad says:

    Gortat = MIP 😉

  79. Alex says:

    Cmon guys its not gonna be rose for sure. Either lowry or gortat but i’d rather see it go to Gortat – hes gone from reserve center to one of the more dominant big men in the league in such short time, now thats talent!

  80. Marcin says:

    To co działamy jak zawsze? Głosujemy!\
    Marcinek bedzie miał statuektkę!

  81. Domino says:

    MIP is MG only, he is the best

  82. Benji says:

    Like s-one b4 posted: MIP goes to from Zero to Hero, so ho can you vote for Rose, he was always a good guard. Thus MIP should go to Gortat or Lowry, preferably Gortat.

  83. Poland says:

    Marcin Gortat is the best . !!

  84. elias getu says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge MIP!!! Everybody needs to look at what aldridge has done for my blazers… he is willing to get them to the playoffs and if u wud look at his stats he has put up 40 against thebulls and that resulted in a W he has put a big number against the win in miami!! he has put big numbers against dallas, lakers, miami, and etc!!. if derrick rose is getting mvp then dont put him in as MIP!! wtf?!? dont put kevin love in this categorie S*** yall already picked him to the all star and he didnt do nothing. aldridge is putting big numbers for his team and yet he still aint an all star. kevin love is one the worst team in the west right now and to me that doesnt make any sens what so ever. david stern u better get l.a to orlando next year cuz if u dont u r hella drunk bro. Lamarcus Aldridge Most Improved Player!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. jpan says:


  86. Gortat!!! says:

    Only Marcin Gortat!!!

  87. kukiz says:

    MARCIN GORTAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO POLISH HAMMER

  88. Dario1969 says:


  89. AnthonyS says:

    In my opinion, MIP should be a player that was not expected or didn’t have expected potentials to improve as much as he did. Specially when team noticibly improves (Chicago). Rose should not be MIP, not even considered.

  90. ms says:

    definitely Marcin Gortat

  91. Lebron James says:

    Shannon Brown should be the Most Improved Player.

    • Krrys11 says:

      I am one huge fan of the Lakers. When they didn’t play well I was saying wait till Play-offs, lucky we didn’t have to wait so long as the team goes full on since all star break.
      But let’s be honest there is no reason for Shannon to win MIP. Ok he has improved in 3s and yes he is playing big of the bench sometimes but he is not playing as big role as Kevin Love or Marcin Gortat.
      Compering those two I will go for Marcin….reason is simple, he is the only hope for PHX under the basket. He saw the chance of becoming better and he took it. He has the most double doubles from the bench. In Orlando he had much less minutes and therefore was not able to do it. Right now he is big.
      But we all know that the award will go to Kevin Love, one good reason is 30-30 game and all the media attention he has.

  92. WOW says:

    Rose or Gortat

  93. Chris says:

    MIP: Westbrook
    MVP: Howard
    Defensive Player otY: Chandler
    Coach otY: Thibodeau

    1st Team:
    PG: Rose
    SG: Kobe
    SF: James
    PF: Nowitzki
    C: Howard

  94. Wonder Jenks says:

    Where’s Jrue Holiday, of all the players they had in the video only only like two were on teams currently in the playoffs. Jrue Holiday has improved so much since his rookie season this year, the dude took a big part in the Sixers turnaround after they looked to have another disastrous season.

  95. Atwood says:

    for me to choose it’s definitely kevin love,but can someone tell me why beasley is not on the list?
    an average 5 points increase with an imcrease in 5 minutes playing time plus 2 game winning shots this year..
    i could not see any reason that he is off the list,probably besides injuries

  96. Kobe says:

    WTF? Andrew Bynum? rofl!

  97. SlimChin says:

    I thought MVP = Most Valuable Player w/c means a player who does the most impact on the team when he’s playing good the player with the greatest impact on the outcome of the game. and not the most publicised player or the most flashy player. so for me Dwight or LeBron should be the MVP i like D-Rose and you know fast dont lie but heck FAST DONT LIE

  98. SlimChin says:


  99. Paul says:

    IMO, based purely on numbers illustrated (PPG and Efficiency), it’s between Wright and Augustin.

    Wright and Augustin were both in the top 3 in points improved as well as efficiency. Now it’s just an issue of breaking the tie.

    BTW where’s the love for Beasley?

  100. Drewski says:

    I hate how all of you are talking down on derrick rose’s game. You know why he’s in the race for MVP and MIP because he deserves it (to all of you haters)!!!!!! If you take a look at westbrook and rose’s stats ok they are quite similar, but look at what surrounds OKC. They have a good team and their team has the scoring champ, so of course it’s not going to be hard to get similar stats. But take a look at derrick rose team, only he is in the average of 20’s on his team, no one else surrounds him, he does it pretty much by himself and he has the number one spot in the east. So before you criticize him being so commercialized look at what’s going on. Derrick doesn’t want to be in the media, people recognize what I recognize and actually are taking account for it.

  101. ELDiablO says:

    MIP should be awarded to those who have more than ONE season on the league..if ROSE get the MVP he should not be the recipient of the MIP award anymore..there are lots of sophomore older players who shown their potential these year.. sorry for the rockies but gave it to your older buddies ok

  102. Streetz24 says:

    if we finish wit the number one record in the league or win all of our last nine games… KOBE is the MVP this year… Lakers all day!

  103. JayHouston says:

    Aldridge and Kyle Lowry have to be on top of contenders for it.
    Rose was already a starter and the face of the Bulls atm.

    Alrdidge gave the Blazers a Playoff spot without BRoy and Oden. He stepped it up=Improved.
    Kyle Lowry had his 1st triple double this season He had to step it up after the loss of Brooks and Yao. Is that not Improving?
    KLove doing it big too with all them Double Doubles.. but his team has a horrible record. Maybe he focused too much on personal stats instead of game score?

    DRose is great and I believe he is MVP, but not most improve since this was expected already of him.
    -My look at it.-

  104. arian gashi says:


  105. nba fans from indonesia says:

    greeting to you all..

    well, I think The Most Improved Player goes for de Rozan..
    and guys that don’t agree Rose for MVP is non neutral at all.. see how is the Bulls improved this season, see how he played this season.. it was tremendous so far for me.. take a look at Miami or Boston or lakers that many all stars players in those team.. the other team at least have two stars players, but the BUlls?

  106. imflipyo says:

    They should of added Marcus Thornton on that list

  107. Ventruck says:

    Likely be Love as he’s really climbed to being the leader on the Wolves’ stat sheet, but I can’t get past the lack of acknowledgement for minutes in that “efficiency equation”. Yeah, Vujacic’s play still isn’t big, but he’s been seeing floor time behind Kobe of all people, and at that, Shannon Brown would eat some minutes too. Vujacic had to be pretty fresh on the floor to somehow put up any numbers in whatever minutes he had.

    And then Gortat. Played the better share of the season behind who? Dwight Howard. Maybe the difference of his “efficiency numbers” isn’t like Love’s but we could make the case that he (Gortat) was therefore making good use of his minutes as second-string. I mean right now, Gortat is one of the reasons to why Phoenix’s rebuilding plans have taken a turn. Apparently Nash has a new best friend for the ball.

    But my actual pick would be D-Rose. Hate to jump on the bandwagon, but instead of challenging the circumstance of “suck” to “good”, he could only approach this contest by going form “good” to “great” – which is much harder. He’s got the stats and the influence on his team. I’m not a big Bulls fan, but it’s clear in my view that D-Rose is having his year.

  108. That one guy says:

    Where is Lamar Odom on this list?

  109. Steven says:

    I picked Aaron Afflalo. He’s been the Nuggets most consistent player through a ridiculous drama filled season.

  110. Andre says:

    Rose for MVP, Love for MIP, hands down.

    Guys saying Kobe is a mvp candidate this year needs to stop taking LSD. Oh wait, you are just Lakers fans. Nevermind.

  111. GSW4LYF says:

    Dorrel Wright has improved his coring by 9.5 points, even with Monta and Steph on the same team, those gaurds take a lot of shots, and he’s still scoring over 16 ppg

  112. Lee says:

    Aldridge no doubt, should had been an all-star this year

  113. teezey says:

    @sameer patan

    you do know there is a difference between MVP and best player in the league right? MVP is not about stats, its about how valuable he is to the team and how good the team is performing. Yeah the management should be included but without Rose the bulls wouldnt be 1st place in the East. To top that off, the Bulls played with Noah and Boozer in the line-up only 25 games (last time i cheked), so yeah the Bulls has a good bench but still Rose has been carrying the Bulls, remember vs Spurs when he dropped 42, or vs Miami or Dallas. Please dont tell me that without Rose it would still be a tight matchup. Also when Kobe won MVP, he had Gasol, a top 3 big man in the game. Stop hating on Rose, he deserves MVP.

  114. arian gashi says:

    yeah he deserve mip he played for all nba teams this season LOL 🙂

  115. Lebron is greater than Kobe says:

    true that luol deserves some love

  116. Lebron is greater than Kobe says:

    IF dorell wright really posted that i would be shocked………….and dorrell wright should be like 3rd or 4th in line for it klove has done the most for his team by far lowry made the rockets worth watching , but i think alot of people are forgettin nick young

  117. Alex says:

    Also being a Kings fan, Marcus Thorton has been lighting it up since the trade from NOLA to Anaheim (SAC) Kings. Though, I suppose no one knows/cares enough and he just exploded post trade deadline, so I guess that’s not enough time to “judge.”

    • kaboom says:

      he did the same thing last year when he got minutes though. for some reason noone wanted to give this kid a chance this season and now that he is in sac town hes showing everyone what was there all along. good on paul westphal for finally giving him a chance. shame the team is moving to la area to. vancouver would love a young up and coming team.

  118. Greg says:

    You guys are crazy!!!!!!!! D Rose should be MVP. He is doin it basically all on his own. Boozer was out for a while and So was Noah but they still got to the number one spot. And come on, Kyle Kover! Keith Bogans! Ronnie Brewer! C.J. Watson! These guys are average players. Thats why Kope and Russel should not get it. They both have another superstar or above average players. Kevin Durant. James Harden. Nate Robinson. Pau Gasol. Lamar Odom. Andrew Bynum. D Rose is the MVP! Thats means Most Valuable Player. Without D Rose the Bulls would Suck. These other teams would still be ok without their superstars.

  119. Josh H says:

    sasha pavlovic for MIP

  120. Colter u suck says:

    are you kidding me? Derrick Rose DESERVES the MVP award. yeah he has a nice team in which none of them are allstars. He makes most of his players real good and he has great stats with nice percentages. if anyone says LeBron im gonna puke cuz he has another all star starter on his team and Chris Bosh another all star. Derrick Rose put bulls to number one in the east with joakim and carlos boozer out for like half the season. he still closes the game better then lebron has or wade has. he is doing all the little and big things for the bulls. He deserves to be the MVP no one cares how many years he has been in the NBA he deserves to win it.

  121. jayvee says:

    for me its either KEVIN LOVE or DERRICK ROSE. both players improved so well but let’s consider rose, he might only improve his stats in his shooting but the way he rose himself from the mvp discussion ( will be the mvp this season) from being nowhere in the list in the last yr mvp ballot is a huge difference and achievement that can lead rose to be the MIP and MVP … and another.. KEVIN LOVE just improve himself statistically but DERRIC ROSE improve himself very well as his team so well.

  122. ChiBulls1 says:

    i dont know how you guys dont get why derrick rose is not the front runner for MVP. His team right now has the best record in the Eastern Conference, when many people thought the bulls would be 4th or 3rd top in the Eastern Conference before the season started. D-Rose means more to his team then any other player except maybe Dwight means more.

  123. Ray says:

    I would like to see Kevin Love win Most Improved Player. The man has had a tremendous season and he has improved in several areas. Ideally I would have liked to see him win the MVP award but as no-one on a poor team ever wins it the MIP would be good recognition for his season if nothing else.

  124. kobe says:

    couldnt agree more with arian gashi.

  125. juahim says:

    And can my man Deng get some kind of love at all for most improved… just sayin

  126. LakersFan13 says:

    Rose and Westbrook have the same numbers but the Thunder have Durant if Westbrook isnt there and the Bulls have no one without Rose. Yeah they might have Boozer but he’s not the greatest. The MVP award isnt called the best player in the league award… its who is most valuable to their team

  127. juahim says:

    Westbrook is a dog but he is no MVP.i am an okc fan but i am from the chi-town and u have to factor in who is around guys. Durant who is the the leagues leading scorer, again… can be argued in the MVP race, just so happens to play along side Westbrook. that’s why that whole Lebron for MVP is just crazy. as far as i’m concerned, as long as he plays with wade he is gonna have to average a triple double to even be considered again but i digress. Rose doesn’t play with another all-star and the two guys that are close (boozer,Noah) played half the season and the bulls are sitting in first place in the east. Rose is a beast, ’nuff said

  128. Cha says:

    Yeah, MIP for Rose? Not to downgrade the award or anything but MIP award is for those up and coming type of players. You know, those players that may or may have not been drafted high (or drafted at all) that have mediocre careers so far then all sudden there averaging 15 or 20 a night. Guys like Mcgee,Matthews,DeRozan and even Kevin Love. Derrick Rose only improved his shooting, he already was very good from the start so why must he be considered for MOST improved player?

  129. Dew says:

    To me, either give Most Improved Player to Love or Rose. Love especially if Rose takes MVP this season. I do believe personally that Dwight Howard (best center, best defender, etc) Manu Ginobili (leading team to best record in NBA, Leads team in FT percentage, steals and scoring) or Kobe Bryant (face it..Lakers would not win without this man) to be the MVPs this season. However, Rose would need to prove to me he could do this kind of performance this year again next year and consistently in order for me to consider him for MVP. I can see the Bulls as still in the top 4 in the east even without Rose if he were to get hurt. He is on the right track however to having multiple MVP seasons if he keeps his performance up over the next couple seasons. To me, the MVP should come from the leagues best team, and it usually does. For whatever reason being (either being San Antonio is just too small of a market to campaign for an MVP there or the stats are not as piled up as some other players in the league..most likely the latter), but I do believe this the most ”Valuable” player to their franchise this year has to be Manu. Hands down. He has made/set up several buzzer beaters to win big games, made plays at the end of games to win for his team defensively which dont show up on stat sheets (ie Denver), and for the above stats I already mentioned. Enough said.

    • Dew says:

      Back to topic though, Love for Most Improved Player due to the highest player efficiency boost. The raw amount of double doubles is another great stat to have for his case as well as his 30/30 game.

  130. Kirk says:

    Wes Matthews any1? Hes really stepped up 4 portland during B-Roys injuries… I think they will give it 2 Kevin Love though!

  131. arian gashi says:


  132. tyler says:

    I cant say that d rose for sure deserves mvp or mip. but everyone thats saying he shouldn’t be considered cause of his stats really aren’t that impressive clearly hasn’t seen him play. it takes way more than stats to understand his game.

  133. JMoon says:

    I would have to go with either Russell Westbrook or LaMarcus Aldridge.

    Westbrook’s case: From a young PG to an All-Star? That’s pretty good. The guy is a great backcourt man for KD. An electrifying player who has the potential to be like Derrick Rose. Maybe not quite as good as Rose, but he could be a very similar playr.

    Aldridge: Look at what he did for the Blazers. He basically willed them into being able to contend for the playoffs. No Greg Oden, no Brandon Roy for a long time, yet Aldridge and the Blazers continued to quietly make a statement. I’m not saying he plays with a bunch of losers or anything, but you gotta admit he carried that team to where they are now. (P.S. I think he should have made the All-Star team instead of Kevin “I can rebound but can’t play D” Love)

    • 80s90sBaller says:

      Agreed, and to go with the concept of Most Improved, I knew of LaMarcus Aldridge for awhile, he was B.Roy’s #2 when they were cookin.. Westbrook I didn’t really know anything about until he was on Team USA and his play had dramatically increased after that.

      I vote Westbrook.

  134. kasian says:

    Serge Iblocka

  135. dking says:

    love for mip
    lbj as mvp. his numbers says it all.. compared to other candidates..

  136. drose says:

    Why is no one taking demar derozan seriously for this award?? This guy averaged 7 points and around 40% FG shooting last year…. this year, he’s averaging 16 points and around 49% FG shooting! His effiency is pretty good and in the next years, he is the face of the franchise. Why do Raptors players get robbed everywhere? Nobody seems to like them. In the dunk contest, demar got robbed by blake griffin. Demar got 95 in the first round and Griffin got 94. Demar’s reverse dunk was the best in the contest while Blake took the votes with the car dunk, which made me choke.

    • tata says:

      They aren’t American.

    • kaboom says:

      agreed! no players on the raptors get any respect! andrea is having a breakout year and might be the best offensive center in the league. he defense does blow but his offense is outstanding. reggie evans had a ridiculous rebounding rate at the start of the year and noone talked about him. and demar is breaking out and has the look of a new all star in the making and he did get robbed and everyone knows it. no wonder noone wants to play/stay in toronto. sh*ts weak man.

  137. Gordon Bombay says:

    Bleh Laker fans ALWAYS GOTTA TALK LIKE THIS. Shannon Brown is so overrated.

    MIP should go to KLove. 30-30? Hello??

  138. nbeatz says:

    MIP top picks 1)Kevin Love MIN
    2)LaMarcus Aldrige POR
    3)Gortat PHX
    4)Demare Derozen TOR
    5)Tyson Chandler DAL

  139. theblackmamba says:

    I things that the mip is derrick rose or kevin love. derrick rose for your hard competition during the season and put the chicago bulls in fisrts place in the east conference isn’t a easy job with team how the celtics, heat,magig, you know, the guy is a star. but kevin love is wonderfull, put a double-double records is not easy this time in this league and he was a simple player, but this season he is a star or super star, but the team don’t help it. I thing that the awards is for derrick rose

  140. Bajek_Portland says:

    I think, that Marcin Gortat is a Most Improved Player.

  141. Dorell Wright says:

    I should be the Most Improved Player..

    • Behind the Arc says:

      Dorell, you aint (W)right! 😀
      first improve your D
      and you cannot vote for yourself!

    • jay pee says:

      Lol…u have improved but humble yaself bruh, the most improved player has to go to a player who has a W over the Captial team in California..and u know who that is bcuz they serve yall all of the time LOL

  142. SDOkuRRupt says:

    and the winner of the MIP award is
    K love of the minnesota timberwolvez the unstoppable rebounding machine =)

  143. Tha #1 Prodigy says:

    Dorrell Wright really SHOULD win this award… But he probably won’t because not very many people know about him. He is almost the go-to man offensively for the Warriors now-a-days but I gaurentee you Derrick Rose or Kevin Love will win… Just because they are heard about or seen on TV all the time. These types of awards aren’t really fair.
    I’m probably the biggest Chicago Bulls/Derrick Rose fan you will ever see… And I’m still saying that he shouldn’t win this… ONly because it’s true.

  144. Behind the Arc says:

    and the MIP award goes to…

    1) Gortat
    2) LaMarcus Aldrige (both with huge impact on their teams! most improved unselfish play with only avg coaches on the bench 😉
    … (cut)
    D.Rose only improve his roster (Noah, bench+Tibbeault=oach of the Year for me) but Rose alone not even worth of MIP!

    thanks for watching MIP award 😀

  145. Edwin Capron says:

    Kyle Lowry is the MOST IMPROVED PLAYER made the Rockets season interesting after a terrible start.

  146. The GREATEST says:


  147. Baddog says:

    To me it’s D-Rose since I don’t consider him as MVP. He definitely improved in comparison to last season and I really love his game. I don’t think anybody in the NBA is more valuable to a team than Dirk Nowitzki. So I choose Dirk as MVP and Rose as MIP!

  148. Michael says:


  149. Mike says:

    Going from not even mentionned in ANY debate to All-Star, that’s a MIP. Kevin Love.

  150. TheCity415 says:

    i don’t know if tyson chandler’s reproving should be consider as much. he’s been in the league for quite some time and has once been a dominant force. it is as if shaq had a breakout year, it’ll be hard to consider him most improved because he was once a force to be wreckened with.

  151. Mr. Washington says:


    I would like to agree with you, but it isn’t fair to remove a player from the MIP category simply based on their number in the draft and potential. At the end of the day, the numbers/wins are what matters the most. If I were giving Rose the MVP of the league, I would definitely go with someone else from the above list for MIP; however I do think that Rose has improved tremendously since last season, and deserved to be considered for the award. After looking at the list, I think it will be a tough choice on who to select. Many of the guys have done some solid work this season.

    • Colter says:

      Personally, I love Rose’s game but what has he actually improved upon that couldn’t have been foreseen as normal development other than his 3 point shot? I feel like a play like Wes Matthews, who was undrafted last year and is now dropping upwards of 20 ppg or Dorrell Wright, who was a bench player the past 5 or 6 seasons and is now dropping 3s on the rest of the league embody the spirit of the award more. Rose MVP, almost with out question, MIP, can’t get behind that.

      • Jake says:

        Yeah, Rose was an all-star before this season began, so its not like there was even that much room for improvement. Plus, if you’re main candidate for the MVP award you probably don’t need (or want) to get a MIP player award as well.

  152. Colter says:

    How can a lottery pick, especially a number one overall, be considered for MIP? Especially if its within the format four years of drafting them. Isn’t that the point? Of them being drafted so high, that you expect them to have a huge upside and that they will proceed to get better? Just sayin…

    • Colter says:

      Within the first four years* excuse me

      • sameer patan says:

        I dont get it too. If he wins MVP this year he will be the worst shooting MVP. He is way overhyped! I think he struck luck after the Lebron move. He might be imroved, but MVP? Really? The Chicago Bulls management deserves the best Management award for putting up such a good team around him!

      • OKCKD35 says:

        i agree, i have said it all year, compare the stats of Russell Westbrook and Derrick Rose, you will see they are almost identical, so why is derrick rose so overhyped for the MVP? Personally i think it should be Dwight Howard, i dont think any other 1 person means more to his team this year (and i’m an OKC fan!)

      • prix says:

        MIP goes from Zero to Hero…from less to overflow…and Rose has never been a zero or less, He’s always competitive…He deserve the MVP rather than MIP… MIP is KYLE LOWRY for me…or Love or Gortat

      • 80s90sBaller says:

        Rose is highly commercialized.. he can win everything that involves voting right now. Westbrooks numbers are about the same as his and Westbrook has more triple doubles but when Rose gets one everybody is going oooohhhh aaaahhhh and the announcers are all praises..

        We can all learn from shows like American Idol, it isn’t always the best that wins when voting is involved.

      • SA,GO says:

        rose is the MVP because he CARRIED his team in where they are now. he lost 2 of the other starters (noah and boozer0 for a good amount of games but still manage to be on top of the east. somebody saying westbrook has identical stats? he have the best scorer in the nba all the time yet who has the better record? bulls baby. remove the best player on every contender which team would take the hardest fall? CHICAGO. theres your MVP the real MVP. not comecialized one.

      • 80s90sBaller says:

        We are talking about MIP here, look at the title of the blog:


    • Jeremuah Laflare says:

      @OKCKD35; Look at the Bulls record, then take a look at OKC’s.