Heat In Historic Big 3 Company

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We can stop worrying about the Miami Heat’s Big 3 and whether they are ready to take their game to another level for the postseason.

They’re already there, in fact, playing and existing on a higher level than the average Big 3.

The Heat’s dynamic trio joined historic company Sunday, with LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh each finishing with at least 30 points and 10 rebounds in a win over a surging Houston team for their fifth straight win and eight in nine games. They also snapped the Rockets’ winning streak at five games.

They became only the second trio of teammates to accomplish that feat in regulation time, joining Oscar Robertson, Wayne Embry and Jack Twyman, who did it in 1961 as members of the Cincinnati Royals.

“That was one of the things we talked about when we came together was making history,” Bosh said told the Miami Herald. “People kind of thought we were crazy a little bit, but to be great I think sometimes you have to have crazy thoughts … That is awesome. It’s mind blowing. That’s crazy. Hopefully one day, 50 years from now, someone else will do it and say, “Hey, that was the other, other, other Big 3.'”

It’s hard to compare the feats since all we have to go on for the 1961 crew’s feat is the written accounts of what went down (no one here at the hideout was even born for another decade or so).

“To go down in history, to have three teammates have 30 and 10, first time in over 50 years,” James said, “I think it’s unbelievable.”

Believe it, sir. We watched the whole thing unfold.

And it came with the Rockets’ trio of Kyle Lowry, Kevin Martin and Luis Scola trying to match them shot for shot — they finished with a combined 82 points, 29 from Martin, 28 from Scola and 25 from Lowry. So it wasn’t like James, Wade and Bosh were just piling up big numbers in a laugher.

James led the way with 33 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists. Bosh finished with 31 and 12 and Wade with 30, 11 and five assists. Heat coach Erik Spoelstra is rightfully more impressed with his team’s ability to weather the season’s peaks and valleys than he is with any statistical accomplishment his Big 3 puts together. But even he had to acknowledge their feat after they did something no other trio had done in 50 years.

“That’s what makes great players special, which is they can be great during the year but still find another gear or another level to go to,” Spoelstra said. “That’s what you’re seeing with those guys … they’re getting more comfortable and are being able to play without thinking and using more of their instincts.”


  1. Shawn Biggs says:

    I think this a great stat an all but the thing that troubles me about this team is that they lean on the “Big 3” too much. When the playoffs start, they wont each get 30 points 10 rebs a game, teams like the Celtics, Magic and Bulls will be locking them down and they gonna make their teammates make those shots. They need a more balanced effort other than a 90 point outing frm LBJ/BOSH/WADE, Of course their guys injured but I can guarantee they wont get away with this kind of offensive in the playoffs

  2. Sticky says:

    The Big 3 talk after the game in their press conferences that “they made history” and “it’s so amazing” that three teammates went off for 30 and 10. Meanwhile none of them are mentioning that they’re glad to get the win, which by the way they barely got after eeking by Houston and surrendering almost 120 points. Lets see them go out and do something against the Celtics, Bulls, Spurs or any of the other teams that are going to spank them in the playoffs. Did anyone see these guys shamelessly trying to get Bosh his 30-10 at then end rather than focusing with a team first mentality. Didn’t think so.

  3. kobez says:

    LA All Day…..

    16-1 since all star break….still people talking Heat this….Heat that….bla bla bla…..win a championship with these three and then they will have my attention….until then they are just a THEORY….not a FACT….LA has won, that is a fact…Miami might win…that is a theory….

  4. jimbo20 says:

    HEAT won’t win a championship in their first season together as a team.
    They just haven’t the neccessary experiences togehter on a court.
    If they play the Celtics, Lakers, or Spurs, teams which play in nearly the same group Basketball on its highest Level in the Playoffs for 3-4 years or longer, they cannot compete like somebody expects them to do it on April 14th.

    Also the Bulls wont beat the Celtics if they would meet in ECF.

    Me as a HEAT Fan, i wish they would get it all in the end, but i’m not that confident.
    Me as a german ^^ i wish Dallas would win, because he deserves it and he is just seeking to bring a championship to Dallas

    BUT give them another year or maybe two, then there wont be teams like the Celtics or Spurs again, they will be just two old 😉
    The NBA is in a change right now.. the older teams of yesterday are losing they great players with the years und the “new” talentet guys of 21th Century like Durant, Westbrook, Love (if he leaves the Wolves) ROSE (MVP candidat #1 year), James, Wade.. also Bosh.. will lead the NBA with their clubs! It’s interesting to see.
    The dominant teams of the future will be the Heat, Bulls and the Oklahoma City Thunder in my opinion.

    But you never know. Also the Knicks when they learn to play together and with the right supporting cast they CAN be a chamionship contender. ‘Melo needs to learn teambasketball as well. His 39 points against Orlando last night were just because he has a good day. If LeBron/Wade recognizes he does not make his shots, they contribute and work for their team mates. Melo and Stoudemire would still shoot the ball the whole game until they loose in the end. They also have to learn, just like the Miami Heat. Its a progress!

    Just my thoughts on this discussion and the changes in the next years in the NBA!


  5. kobe says:

    chris you’re a crap. get over it. your Miami heat aint gonna win. in the playoffs, they will cry again in front of everybody while they are being beaten by their foes. you are pertaining to a championship caliber team lakers. even million shots being taken by them that’s not important. Who the hell cares? but another ring and CHAMPIONSHIP trophy, man that’s what you call winning . you’re a crap. shut your mouth.

  6. kobe says:

    look at lebron wade and boshs stats then look at the other players. it is just a 3 man show and that will be easy to beat in a 7 game series

  7. drick says:

    tell you guyz no top teams afraid of the BULLS..thats the truth…

  8. IELAHIAH says:

    Ask anyone about who they think are the top five players of the Miami Heat, 100% of people will say LBJ, Wade, & Bosh are the first three.. after that… they will stop and give a blank stare… because they will have a hard time figuring out who the next best player in the Heat is… This is the best proof that THE BIG THREE, AND NOT THE HEAT, are the best.

  9. drick says:

    I think the heat’s dangerous opponent in the playoffs are the BOSTON, ORLANDO, and NEW YORK. BULLS not included coz they’re juz like SPURS and MAVS in the west. do you think guyz Spurs can win the finals?remember they got the best records in the league.

    Good luck Lakers but watch out for the Blazers and OKC..

    sorry…am a HEAT lover…

  10. IELAHIAH says:

    Miami’s Big Three are THE BEST TRIO IN THE LEAGUE… no doubt about it… But that’s that. if the Heat can win consecutive games with only one of the Big 3 on the floor, I’ll agree that Miami Heat.. as a whole, is good. Other than that, they’re a so-so team. So will Miami make it to the finals? it’s still not sure, even if they win 72 games int the regular season there is still no guarantee that they will make it to the finals. Because if one of the Big 3 got injured in the first round, then another gets injured in the second round, They suddenly became a lottery pick team… And that’s that.

  11. Once again they THE HEAT better get rings next 2 years cause young teams will be deep and talented HEAT has a target on their backs,accross the NBA they looked soft when they all decided to join forces BARKLEY ,MAGIC,JORDAN said it best they wanted to beat the best and the old teams DEVELOPED TALENT then won championships, these three punks figuered they would spong to the front of the line.Wades knees are shot and James has never had a significant injury.HEAT better hope nobody gets hurt,old school I personally hope they bomb James tanked the Boston series because he had no copping skills to deal with the personal rumors that were out.These young people are rich arrogant and need mentors.The world of basketball will never be the same and when this new CBA hits the owners are gonna take back control of the game.What makes the NFL so awsome is ON ANY GIVEN SUNDAY this nation should want sports teams to have parody so every city can invision a CHAMPIONSHIP not just BOSTON,LA,SAN ANTONIO,CHICARGO the next five years will be great wath out .

  12. Scott says:

    Miami are still playing their big 3 of Wade, LeBron and Bosh for very large ammounts of minutes in the late regular season. you would have to think that this wear and tear will affect them in the post-season. They have no real depth coming from their bench with Haslem out and no one else really performing. A great big 3 cannot beat great or good teams of 12 over 7 games repeatedly in the post season. If Miami want any hope of winning or even going truly deep into this post season they will have to start limiting the numbers of Wade, LeBron and Bosh otherwise it will come back to haunt them as wear and tear start to set in.

  13. LutherJoe says:

    just say all you want people..media, pro Miami fans, haters, everyone, sekou said that they are in the playoffs, did you guys remember in the beginning of the season that you blurted-out and predicted that these 3 stars wont make it either in the playoff?…so here they are,..well its good to just do your work and show your stuff if all the people around you just couldnt believe in you, and thats what the big 3 did, they just double their patience and produces good results. So better shut up if you think you get to swallow your own saliva after enjoining all the talks against these 3 stars!! Mabuhay MIAMI HEAT!!

  14. nbafan says:

    @LOS. you’re a moron. I think it’s a waste of everybody’s time to try reason and argue and explain things to you. I know people like you, people that have some demented form of tunnel vision where all you see is what you want, and all you believe is distorted. Miami might not win the championship this year, and yeah Kobe has rings and Lebron doesn’t, But how can you possibly say that Miami can’t beat a single team in the eastern playoffs? and how can you possibly say that Lebron is no good and a ball hog. It’s absolutely hilarious and frustrating to read comments like yours. You need to do everyone a favor and sit down, shut up and turn off the NBA.

  15. Jeanvorn says:

    Seriously guys did you not the read the comments on the game. Lowry,Scola and Martin had points way up in the 20s range so they could have easily gotten 30pts each if given a few extra minutes. The game was close because both sides played well. This could have easily been a loss for Heat as it was for the Rockets. Quit watching jus the stats of the Heat players because Portland basically traded baskets the entire night.

  16. igue says:

    the big 3 are a bunch of losers

  17. heat makers says:

    they had a total of 32 rebounds and 30 pts each, acutally love had more than 30pts and 30rebounds as for his career high and that’s done by one guy 🙂 . Im a Heat fan but boy Love should be on last All-Star , because of nonsense populatiry votes and media money making, we don’t see good player in great All Star games, even the slam dunk is totally a fix win. Last All Star game was a big joke, I more even enjoy Rookie Vs. Spoh games and thats the real All Star. Wall and the gang made the show great and no pathetic MVP hogger player to spoiled the game.

  18. Ryonan says:

    Hey Neo…hate much? last time I checked…they’re competing for the 8th seed. Its only natural for them to play harder than ever. Just like how pacers just beat celtics and sixers beat bulls tonite. Oh and by the way, bulls had rose, deng, noah and boozer playing and they still lost. Just goes to show that whoever wants the win more most of the time gets it.

    Oh but wait, the heat didn’t need it as much rockets did. If houston had won that game they’d be 1.5 games behind memphis which gives them a better chance for competing for 8th seed. The heats spot is secured and they’re basically jus aiming for 1st or 2nd seed and are in no danger of not getting in the playoffs. But gues wut?…they still won. And did it while being written in history. So every1 should jus give where credit is due and stop hatin. No matter what any1 says, nobody really knows wut will happen in the playoffs since a lot of big trades have been done this year.

    Another thing, to answer your question about “what is historic about…blahblahblah”…No other teams has scored this way for 50 YEARS!!!…NONE!!…no lakers vs cavs, or bulls vs timberwolves….So try not to be so ignorant and hate on players who’s clearly doing their best for fans like us. /end rant

  19. Have to say the Miami Heat remind me a lot of last year’s Cavs team. Yes they won 61 games but did anyone really think they were going to win it all? Not me. I knew Boston, Orlando and the Lakers were better teams. Hence, many people have called this Heat team the Miami Cavaliers. Yes, without a center, Haslem and Mario Chalmers they can’t go anywhere this year. An impressive 94 point combined by the big 3 is very very impressive. But what about the rest of the team? Its like saying from LeBron’s Cleveland days… what about the rest of his team? If its all him carrying the load and basketball is a team sport do you expect to win a ring? No. Basketball it a team sport. Don’t get me wrong. I am a huge Miami Heat fan but I will admit that 2006 squad had a great bench to go alongside DWade and O’Neal. Zo, Posey, JWill (not bench), Payton, Walker (wasnt a bench), Haslem (not bench), Kapono, Wright were all spectacular playing as a unit and as a team. Hence the name “15 strong” given by Pat Riley. It takes a team to win in this sport.

    • dozzle says:

      know what HEAT haters, just don’t mind our heat team okay? you all say they are 0-6 vs bos and chi, and they have losing record against .500 teams…men just think of what may happen in the playoffs.i repeat the PLAYOFFS…its gonna be different for them.trust me.so stop making senseless comments on them okay?let’s just wait for the playoffs and see what they’ve got to beat your teams…

  20. Sorry, meant to say Haslem most likely won’t* be in the playoffs this year.

  21. I have to admit even seeing Chicago lost tonight’s game against Philly, they are the respectful team to beat in the East. Their defense is crushing other opponents and remind me very much of that 91′ team minus MJ and Scottie. The Bulls have a complete roster where as Miami has yet to get their “other” players involved. Also, Miami is missing Udonis Haslem this year and most likely will be in the playoffs. People you do not understand that Haslem is to the Heat as Noah is to the Bulls. He is a rebounding machine, plays nasty style defense and can get you 10-15 points a night. Haslem is a centrifugal piece to Miami’s defense and he was a part of that 2006 championship team. That is huge for the Heat considering MIke Miller has yet to find his groove with this team. On paper, Miami does have a lot of talent in their bench as much as Chicago does. However, there just hasn’t been an offensive spark for Miami’s bench this year. James Jones won the 3-point shooting contest for crying out loud. Mario Chalmers is also missing from the Heat’s roster as he may be out until the playoffs start. Also, big Z is not going to cut it as a center for Miami. The Heat need to really go after a Center and that is something both Boston and Chicago have. It amazes me Miami has not played Dexter Pittman this year or developed him. Miami may have the big 3 but they are no where near competitors to win it all this year. Next year when they are healthy you better look out because Udonis Haslem is going to be in that line up. That is, Miami needs to find a better Center.

  22. Neo says:

    What is historic about beating the Rockets, last time I checked they are not even a playoff team. I think it is special that 3 guys can score thirty but they barely beat the rockets and the rockets threw down 119 points way to play defense. Don’t see Heat hanging 124 on the Celtics, the Bulls, Orlando in the East and they one 5 straight against average teams what is there record against winning teams.

    They beat the lakers in the regular season but what other quality wins do they have against 50% or better teams.

  23. shinja says:

    I admire this history being made by those 3 players. Racking up those 30-10 stats is spectacular, but not unbelievable, as we have known that the Houston Rockets now is not the Jeff Van Gundy Team (defense-oriented team). I (as a longtime Houston Rockets fan, even after TMAC-YAO era) know that the Rockets OUTSCORED every team not because of playing hard-nose defense, but because of somewhat fully-oiled offensive machinery. Well, the blog said it, its been way back 1961 when this happened, so lets accept it, its spectacular. I hope these 3 players share the basketball to other players come playoff time, as per, if all 3 of them are locked up D’ed (the playoff-defense style), the team becomes doomed.

    Anyways, good luck to both teams on the playoffs (still hoping the Rockets make it to the playoffs ^_^V)

    Peace out!

  24. patrick says:

    The best final will be lakers vs miami

  25. AHardt says:

    The big three pulling this off was only a matter of time, and as far as I’m concerned they might do it again. Absolutely phenomenal.

    But the fact remains that to pull off a deep (and successful) playoff-run, a team needs to depend on much more than three players. It’s too much to have the three working their way out of the holes their bench puts them in, too much stress, too much exertion. They’ll collapse and die.

  26. s2002 says:

    One day of sunshine does not make a summer. If the big three can repeat the historic performance against more defensive teams then it would be worth all the talking, which has not happened so far.

  27. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    The Miami Heat are in business right now.. With the Boston loss to the Pacers today, WHEN Miami beats Cleveland tomorrow, they have the #2 spot.. I can’t wait! Bragging rights!!! They will keep hold of that #2 spot, even though Boston will push to get it back.. Too late.. Maybe Miami will end up with a TIE for #1.. Idk.. Chicago slipped today because they lost so now Miami isn’t that far behind.. It takes a lot of talent for 3 guys on the same team to score 30 points and all at least have 10+ rebounds.. Bosh is right.. The Miami Heat are HISTORY in the MAKING! 🙂

  28. FromRP says:


  29. FromRP says:

    Everybody must remember that Playoffs is different from season, If you loss the Game 1, you could gather your team and review your error and study how to do play well and maybe a payback to the next game or so on. This is the 1st Year of a new Heat team and the outcome of their games is not disappointing.

  30. Travis says:

    Why are people comparing or even putting LeBron’s name in the same sentence as Michael Jordan? This is basketball blasphemy!

  31. FromRP says:

    Heat CAN beat the bulls in the playoffs, They must know first how the take care of their lead in the game. The key to the game is crash the boards.

  32. LeBron blows says:

    c’mon face it, LeBron is a regular season stat guy, until he actually does something in the post season his career is a joke and until he wins a championship, he’ll go down as the biggest hype the game has ever seen. Kobe has earned his stripes, that guy has more toughness in one pinky than Lebrick posses in his whole being. MIA won’t get out of the second round. Lakers will continue to do their thang, which is win titles. Oh and yeah, MIA did beat us twice in the regular season, but so did cleveland last year and guess what, nobody cares. Titles are what matter. Titles. Lebron = 0 Kobe= on the way to being the third greatest baller ever. Magic is #2 and MJ is #1 Lebron doesn’t even make my top 100 ; )

  33. heat#1 says:

    When Lebron made THE DESICION there was HATERS…when the chemisrty wasnt they’re there was HATERS they said that it’s impossible for the BIG 3 to put up the same #’s and they begin to there were HATERS no matter who we win or lose too there will be HATERS… HEAT FANS have gotten used to the HEAT (HEATERS)

  34. heat#1 says:

    i wonder if Lebron took his talents to chicago will they still be hating….these are the same ones that was glued to the t.v. to see what team he was gonna go to, now everybody hating typical fool….

  35. lbj6 says:


  36. lebronzesucks says:

    The Heat beats the Rockets and they’re ready? Please. Let me know when Lebronze gets a jumper and doesn’t choke when it come to the last second, Oh wait he did do it in a semi finals 2 years ago against the Magic, That’s right that didn’t mean anything, Also the roll players and bench will not show up come playoff time. Then the Miami heat fans Fairy tale will come to an end and when his contract is up ESPN Will have “The Decision: Part 2”

  37. #teamLAKERS says:

    I feel as if the Heat won’t go as far in the playoffs as many Heat “fans” expect. Yes, they will destroy any team they play in the first round, but what happens when you play teams like Boston or Chicago? This game was historical, I give them that, and I respect that, but in this game, the starters scored 112 or the 125 points, 94 by the Big Three. Nobody else, other than Mike Bibby, really got involved in the offense (hint: 67 shot attempts by the Big Three, only 25 by the rest of the team…Wade had as many shots as the rest of the entire team!) When it’s all said and done, the Big Three dont compliment each other, and when they play teams like the Bulls and Celtics in the playoffs, teams that compliment each other almost perfectly, they’ll get beat…just as they got swept by these teams in the regular season.

  38. Everybody is talking about how good the Heat are, they have no room for error and if they dont win it this yea,r the owners are gonna return parridy to this league by franchsing a player which is a great ideal.The stack your deck days are over, and Miami mortgaged the franchise to get good fast. No legitimate competitve potential all star will want to play with the big 3 of the heat. The NBA is for the young all these guys are 7,8 year vets with no draft picks for the next few years.They would have been better off taking Bosh,A good center and a true point guard they could have let James go somewhere else.They have to win this year or next if not Riley will break up this team,And OKC,BULLS,Portland,they are legiteimate squads GOOD LUCK MIAMI FANS YOU ARE GONNA NEED IT.

  39. Heat631 says:

    The NBA should get used about this record-breaking/tying stuff for the next 5 years.. The Big 3 just proved all their critics wrong.. They just showed that the 3 of them can dominate the game of basketball.. They are just waiting for their bench to explode and if that happens, CHAMPIONSHIP!!

  40. Dude... says:

    Well I’m probably be called a heat fan after this post.. but.. I’m pretty sure if you checked all the scores of the loses to the bulls and celtics.. it wasn’t like BLOW out vicitories.. even though.. yeah a lose is a lose.. but.. if the heat does get UH back before the playsoff start they could still have a good 2nd unit with lebron controlling the ball and having either chalmers or bibby playing point..

  41. Bambam says:

    Well 1st off all. the only people who hates lbj are the cavs fans. Dont get me wrong? you hate lbj coz he left you. you hate lbj you also hate his team. thats why we can see many haters in this blog and Im also thinking they hate miami coz they are afraid of what miami can do.

    nobody cares if miami wins or lose.
    cavs fans are the haters of miami and always criticize them.

  42. The Fallen says:

    C’mon! How can triple-threats be ball hogs? Go back to your momma Kobe lover! Put in anybody in the league against Kobe. You’ll all see that he is THE BEST ball hog ever!

  43. Mr,Basketball says:

    Hi All,

    I am a miami Heat fan purely because i live in Florida. First and foremost I am a lover of basketball. It should be accepted that this 30-10 achievement done by the Heat Big 3 is extraordinary, end of discussion. As for the playoffs, I dare anyone to realistically claim that they are not eagerly anticipating the potential matchups. It will be incredible.

    I think that the Heat will go extremely well in the playoffs, but not necessarily win. However, they have 5 years. As for DRose, he is an incredible player. His penetration and ability to get to the foul line is amazing, and his scoring capabilities can be compared to DWade and Lebron, as they too love to get to the cup and finish with a dunk or ridiculous layup. His ability to run the point is amazing and i regard him as an NBA superstar, and worthy MVP candidate along with LBJ and Dwight (the most dominant big man in the league).

    In conclusion, I would advise enjoying the playoffs and the amazing game of basketball while supporting your team. Yes the Big 3 presentation in Miami was arrogant but i believe it is a by-product of being young, talented and worshiped. I for one would love to see them win, but I wouldn’t mind Bulls or OKC getting up there if they truly deserve it.

  44. Jamie Cohen says:

    The big 3 of Miami put up some historic numbers, maybe legendary, but the truth is they sqeaked out a win against the Rockets. The Rockets have been playing well, but the Heat shouldn’t struggle to get a win over Houston. Also, what do you expect from 2 of the top 5 players in the league, scoring 30 points shouldn’t surprise anyone, both players average right around 25 ppg. Obviously, I left Bosh out, but he was a 20 and ten guy for the last few seasons. They had a good game, played the majority of the minutes, and took almost all of the shots.

    In any case, these numbers are nice (30 plus points and ten plus rebounds for all three. But that’s all it is, NICE.

    I need to see them win a playoff series against the Celtics or Bulls. Winning on a consistent basis, will mean a lot more than one regular season game where all three shared the wealth. Thankfully, for NBA fans everywhere we will get that chance very shortly, The Heat will face either the Celtics or the Bulls in the second round (both teaam that they have yet to defeat this regular season) 0 AND 6 TO BE EXACT.

    The big 3 have their chance to step up like the Celtics BIG 3 did just a couple of years ago, mesh together quickly and win a championship , or i guess that premature parade held in South Beach was really for nothing.

  45. HeatH8r says:

    All this talk of Miami’s Big Three being in “historic company” is a bunch of crap. Let’s look at some of the REALLY extraordinary Big Threes of seasons past. Look at Larry Bird, Robert Parish, and Kevin McHale. Those guys won three championships together in the 1980s, and that team wasn’t exactly built overnight. How about Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and James Worthy? Again, that team wasn’t built in the blink of an eye the way Miami was, plus the Lakers won five championships with that Big Three. Look at Shaq, Kobe, and Robert Horry in the early 2000s. Those guys won three championships together as well, and Shaq was in L.A. two years before they won the title. Kobe was in L.A. two years as well. If you want one more example, look at the Bulls’ Big Three of the 1990s title era. First it was Horace Grant, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen. Then it was Jordan, Pippen, and Kukoc. The first trio was put together in 1987, and it took a number of losses to the Pistons in the playoffs before they finally won a title. The second trio won a title two years after Jordan returned, but that was only because they had already been playing together for a long time. It’s great that Bosh, Wade, and James all dropped 30 points apiece (over the Houston Rockets, who aren’t exactly the cream of the NBA crop)…but they haven’t won any championships yet, so I don’t think they’re worthy of being counted among those groups.

    Furthermore, there’s another thing missing from Miami that keeps this Big Three from being “historic”. With the Celtics and the Lakers of the 1980s, the Bulls of the 1990s, and the Lakers of the 2000s, they all had one thing in common that the Heat currently lack: depth. The Celtics had a deep bench to support Bird, McHale, and Parish, and the Lakers had a deep bench to support Kareem, Magic, and Worthy. Shaq, Kobe, and Horry had a deep rotation to support them as well. Beyond the Big Three and one or two other players, Miami lacks the firepower that great teams of the past have had in the depth department. The Heat won’t win the championship this year because their lack of depth will kill them. What Pat Riley should do is go shopping this offseason for role players up for grabs who aren’t afraid to play a reduced number of minutes next to the Big Three, and fill key needs that the Heat need (such as a capable defender to guard opposing point guards). Miami can be good, but they have a long way to go.

  46. Miami Heat says:

    Yo, the Miami Heat are going to blow out the Boston Celtics at home 130 – 90 in their third or second last home game this 2010 – 2011 NBA Season!

  47. HAHA says:


  48. Norvs says:

    Hey guys cool down a lil bit, celts are still out there – dont forget what they did last year!

  49. MsBevBlack says:

    The way The Heat is playing now is the way I always felt that they could play, “HISTORICAL”. And I believe they can
    still take it up another few more notches! I just love Wade, LaBron, and Chris Bosh. And I can’t wait till all the bench players show all the critic just what they can do too!

    Love the Heat’s #1 fan in North Carolina,

  50. Tj says:

    You heat fans are too funny, well at least I’m smart enough to know these reg season games don’t mean anything but when the playoffs start we will see how it all plays out!!!

  51. FOGO! says:


  52. vkmja says:

    I think alot of people miss the point when they compare Miami’s record with the rest of the teams in the East. Chicago have flown under the radar and Boston’s slump was inevitable considering how they performed after last seasons All Star weekend, the ages of their big three and the rediculous Perkins trade.
    Popular as they may be, the Heat are the most hated team in the NBA. The Heat have a bullseye on their chests and every franchise goes into a Miami heat game with a focus and desire to win greater than that of any other team they face this season. They see Lebron, Wade and Bosh and the way they came together as a little unfair and perhaps insulting.
    Opposing teams bring their best. They see a victory over Miami as the most prized (regular season win), sort after and satisfying. Just ask Kobe. You saw how disappointed he was when they lost Christmas in LA. Also, can you imagine Kobe shooting jumpers for an hour after a second loss in Miami, if that loss had come at the hands of another team?
    Regardless of where Miami may finish in the standings at the conclusion of the regular season, they will be the most prepared playoff team in the competition due to the nature of their season.

  53. Ryan D says:

    @kingjamesballin even if they face BOSTON in the 2nd round the level the HEAT are playing right now I’m confident that they can beat BOSTON or any other team in the EAST in a 7 game series. Just watch the game

  54. 954MiamiHeatFan says:

    I’m a big Miami Heat fan but its getting annoying that all these haters on this blog are talking crap about the Heat but still interested enough to read about the Heats historic night.This proves that the haters that talk crap, fear the Miami Heat.



  56. YARD BOSS says:

    I don’t see what heat fans are so proud off???? all that show’s is that the heat has 2.5 players that can put up big #’s, but thats all !!!
    It actually is a weakness that will be exploited in the playoffs…. like someone said earlier… its like playing 3 vs 5 players!!! the 3 stooges put up big #’s but look at the rest of the team… you can not win in the playoffs like that!!! all it takes is for a good defensive team like the bulls or the Celtics to lock down hard on James and wade and expose them. Also the other weakness from having to depend on the 3 stooges is that in the playoffs all it takes is for one of them to have a bad game or two and its over. that’s what happens when you depend on 2.5 players to put up 90 points a nights………………….

    I just cant see them winning like that!!! also add in their self absorbed attitude and their fault of becoming very oscillating play team when they are down in the last few minutes and that just adds to argument of them not winning a championship this year……
    And lets just say that in some crazy, super crazy world they did end up winning a championship then it wont be nothing special because its expected for them to win …… there is no glory or competition in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “Gee” lets put MJ, Kobe, magic and bird on the same team………… do you think they will win???

  57. Simply the Greatest... says:

    People seem to forget 1 big piece of the puzzle for Miami in the playoffs, Udonis Haslem. It seems like everyone forgot how good he is at defensive, rebounding (Both offensive and defensive rebounds), and offense; hitting big shots when it really matters most. If you think the Heat are good now, image Dwayne Wade, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Mike Bibby, & Udonis Haslem. No one has yet to play the heat with all their players due to injuries. If Udonis comes back this year at 100%, I can’t wait for Chicago and Boston/Orlando!!! Since Alonzo retired Wade and Haslem have been the emotional leaders of the team. Since then we acquired Lebron and Bosh who are also very emotional players and just imagine how well Mike Miller will play, when combined with Haslem just like in college… Haslem blocks shots, dives for loose balls, grabs offensive boards, and can average double digit scoring off the bench, need I say more? Haters better pray he doesn’t come back 100% Go ahead tell me I’m lying. BTW Bibby scored 14 points on 5/7 shooting and 4/5 from 3-pt range all with the big 3 scoring 30 or more.


    Just call them the three little piggies because they all hog the ball. Bosh make his house of straw because he can’t get rebounds like he is suppose to consistently and gets blown out by smaller centers in the paint. Dwade house made of wood because he is solid, but does not play with the effort he should. He plays just good enough to win the game, but he is capable of so much more. He is a better player, he just chooses not to be.

    LBJ make his house of brick and all you have to do is look at Cleveland in the standings to know why. Not to mention he forgot to take Shaq with him to Miami. For Miami sake, lets hope that Miami doesn’t get Boston in 2nd round and Shaq is playing.

  59. Jumparound says:

    @tc ..umm didn’t the phx suns come back from a 21 point lead against the lakers to take them into tripple OT ..and the only superstar they have is steve nash but they were getting out played by role players ..so what does that say about them? ..shouldn’t the spurs be ashamed also? they lost to the Denver nuggets who has no superstars ..shouldn’t the Boston celtics be ashamed ..they lost to the bobcats ..they have 3 superstars also ..shouldn’t they thunder be ashamed ..they lost to the Toronto raptors..they don’t have any superstars neither ..so what’s your point? they still got the win ..who cares how many points they allowed them to score..did they get the W? because at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

  60. LebronJames says:

    Now they have to watch in the playoff…young and thirsty ‘Big 3’ will eat them alive.

  61. pouer hibbler says:

    the heat are the best… i say this cause they have the talent of the big three that all play on another level in the playoffs and by the way 33,31,and 30 thats unstopable numbers

  62. alfredk5 says:

    the big 3 by a stroke of luck have matched a 50 yr old record and everything went a-blast like a volcanic eruption!!! CONGRATS for their RARE and SPECTACULAR display of brawn and sinews, but IMO that does not prove anything about miami or raises any cause for alarm… it’s a only one-day wonder (a mere infrequent, historical accident) just like comets (they don’t come and go that often) and also like KB24’s 81-point explosion against the Raptors yrs back… Having said that, the true deserving hero of this yr’s show of herculean strength is Minnesota’s KLove who went out for 53 consecuitve nights (not deterred by previous wins orlosses) bagged double-doubles on each night obliterating every record set by legendary gaints and now sitting on the summit of Mt Rushmore of the BBall universe… No one can argue that KLove’s performance was just a flash in the pan bcoz he repeated it over and over again(53X)… interestingly, nobody really wanna talk about.
    if Miami really wanna be a real contender in the playoffs, they should treat what happened last nite as a mere stroke of luck amid turbulence of fierce competition… that is to say that their supporting cast should get more involved if their dream is to get to the EFC… Though 3 individual players put up a spectacular show, the very show ironically revealed lapses in the team’s effort to build all around chemsitry and cohesion… I’m afraid miami’s still a work-in-progress

  63. tc says:

    Miami big 2 and a half man should feel very ashame. Letting Houston ‘no star’ Rockets scored 119 points on the Heat. Are the Heat only played the offensive processions and slept through the defensive one?

  64. IloveMiami says:

    When are they going to realize that they suck?

  65. JCH8402 says:

    Okay here is how I see it. I am an LBJ fan, was the decision dumb. Yes, but did he do it? Yes he did and he went to long beach. They have “the big three” three dynamic basketball players who also happen to be very good friends. I have my teams that I don’t like and that I really don’t like. I respect the Bulls, Celtics, Spurs, Lakers but that doesn’t mean I like them. First of all you have Rose, Noah, and Boozer. That is a big three in their own. I don’t care what anybody says, rose has been playing on a whole different level this year (LBJ, as analysts have put it, has been the catalyst for the Heat.) Noah and Boozer have both been held up by injuries, but have played extremely well this year. Boozer is a nightmare. Then you have Boston who really has the big four. KG, Pierce, Allen, and Rondo. You guy think what the hell is rondo up there for. Well until they made the bonehead move of getting rid of Perkins, they were playing awesome basketball and I think Rondo is the most underrated PG in the league. Spurs are the Spurs. Lakers well I just don’t like them. The 30 & 10 by the big three will probably not get repeated anytime soon as it took 50 years to replicate it again. This is a very good team that is just starting to get rolling. Yes there will be bumps in the road even seasoned veterans like the Celtics and Lakers have bumps in the road, but its how you deal with them and the Heat are showing you their stuff right now. Now we just wait till the Playoffs because that is a whole other level of basketball.

  66. redbob4 says:

    ok hobi lover sayin the big three are ball hogs retard bosh lebron and wade shoot better percntage then ur black snake lovin hobi

  67. JMoon says:

    I give the Big Three credit. That’s a very solid performance.

    But does anybody here SERIOUSLY think Miami can beat Chicago in a 7-game playoff series?

  68. JNT says:

    It make me laugh when I read these boards so many Heat Hater its sad to tell the truth. Also it is funny how people talk about “the regular season doesn’t mean anything” but then say the Heat are 0-3 against Boston or Chicago so they have no chance of beating them in the playoffs. You can’t have it both ways either it means something or it doesn’t.

  69. Francisco says:

    I think Miami has to get involve others teamates in the game. Im agree that is a little bit selfish about Wades´s comments of 99% porcent the ball. But it will all depends on playoffs….There is when we gonna wacth ( as a Heat fans) that superior game or not. There´s a lot of pressure on Wade, Bosh and Lebron but dynisty will come out…maybe no this year but next for sure….

    I want to see Knicks vs Boston. The most respectfully team in East is Boston.

  70. L337 says:

    Heat FANS will eat what they say once the PLAYOFFS come. Heat wont win a championship this year. I Guarantee you that folks. 🙂

    • tre' says:

      Maybe not this year, but next year, the Heat will stomp all over the NBA.

      • l0lz says:

        anything but
        Think about all the teams rising up now with their new free agents
        New Yorks big three will probably be done
        Chicago will be healthy
        Celtics are still the Celtics
        New Jersey will be players
        Atlanta still have their 3
        Kobe is still around
        Spurs are still around
        Dallas is still around
        Milwakee will be healthy
        Thunder will have huge stars

        Stomp all over the nba?
        This was your only season to do that

  71. hamlas says:

    what is MVP?… its like thinking what would your team looks like if a certain player is out… at this point the MVP is DROSE no doubt… but taking in to consideration when LBJ is in CAVS lbj is the MVP and what would happen if your MVP is out … look at CAVS now..

  72. Jwest says:


    Bulls are overrated, as we have seen from the past few seasons the #1 record in the reg. season doesn’t mean much….I would not be surprised if this team doesn’t even make it out of the first round. Rose is overrated as well, he’s a great player but I don’t think he’s even among the top 5 in the league. I think an MVP for him is a bit premmature…

  73. Papo says:

    All the heat haters are out in full force drinking the haterade.

    Playoffs are around the corner! Shut your mouths until then!

  74. Mr. Washington says:

    All of you Miami Heat haters need to give it a rest. This game marked its place in history. It is something that has only been done one other time. If you don’t like the heat then fine, but you have to respect the game and when accomplishments have been made. If any of your favorite teams had three players accomplish what the heat big 3 did, you would be parading around with no problem.

    On another note, I read that the big 3 are ball hogs. I am not sure how you call 3 people with 30 points and 10+ rebounds ball hogs. When someone like Kobe scores 81 (great accomplishment) and takes 40 shots, that sounds more like a ball hog. The other heat players get wide open shots, and they have been more open playing with the big 3 than they have ever been in their careers. Fact is that they have not been hitting. As the superstars of the team, the big 3 are relied upon to come up big when necessary. The other role players are out there to do the rest. We clearly see that when the heat get decent production from their role players, they are extremely hard to beat. It is visible in the majority of their losses this season.

    Maybe the heat won’t win this year, just like your favorite team might not win either. But as someone said earlier, a lot of you haters fear what the heat are capable of. Next year they will be that much better too.

  75. Ryan D says:

    @ Enrique Get your facts straight you don’t watch Houston ROCKETS basketball based on your statement your being blinded by hate LOL! Houston rockets is a great team as you can see they are above .500 a high scoring shooting team, gunners! you don’t know anything about the ROCKETS. Hater! MIAMI heat all the way!

  76. nbaguy2011 says:

    Everybody pays to much attention to the heat and games they win and lose. yeah it was a good sun and it was good stats for them, but it really isn’t that serious, it was in the rockets. you can say what you want about them surging and playing good lately, they are still not a team that can beat the best if the best, and the sure enough don’t have much defense to putting up stats isn’t hard to do on them. with that said, the heat is a great team but we still don’t not know how good they are, we don’t know whether they can beat the good teams when they need to or not no matter how much talent this team my have. I not sayin we don’t know because they lost to great teams a lot in the regular season because to me that doesn’t matter, only wins during playoff times and they have not happen yet so stop looking so much into games because they really can’t tell you anything. And no matter how much people think lebron or wade won many playoff games by themselves the truth is they didn’t, lebron had a great team that he lead and not carried, and wade didn’t win many when he had no team like last year when he won just one game against Boston in the first round……….let’s all just wait till playoffs to see how good they are.

    • nbafan4life says:

      actually the rockets you are talking about, they actually beat boston twice and other top teams. and the heat are just starting if you look how they play right now its very different from the beginning. just wait and see till playoffs and hope that we wont see your team. because they will surely get smashed by the heat. your just a hater that dont want to accept the fact that we are one of the best. Heat it is.

  77. Mr. eleven says:

    0-3 against bulls and 0-3 against celtics (1 more game left vs. heat)
    is not that matters,
    as long they can put the numbers they are producing right now,
    if that happens,
    Heat will face the Celtics in semi-final (eastern)
    and face the Bulls in finals (eastern)
    In conclusion:
    Heat not just only the Big THREE but the whole team will beat the celtics and bulls and face the western champs in NBA finals.
    GO GO GO HEAT!!!
    Heat haters?! stfu just sit and watch :))

  78. nbeatz says:

    Where are all the Bosh haters now………… Thats right they have nothing to complain about now. Even the Heat fan who did not think bosh was on this level have to shut up now to…………..HEAT TO WIN IT ALL…….YAHHHHHHHH

  79. Ya Rath says:

    that was impressive, be that’s ones in a life that will happen again, sorry but miami heat will not win a championship unless they share the ball more or keep getting people… Boston Celtics allday

  80. Mustang 720 says:

    No bench for the Heat. The big 3 might let you squeak by during the regular season, but just wait until the playoffs get here. LBJunk is going to choke in the playoffs like he does every year and they will all cry in the locker room. Just wait until they play D-Rose again cause you know the Heat can’t stop a dominant point guard. The Heat haven’t beat the Bulls all year. The Bulls have a much tougher defense and they actually have a bench. Good luck in the playoffs. 😉

  81. Gary says:

    This was amazing, don’t care what anyone says because that’s what those three are being paid to do. Yes it’s a team game but if your hot your hot so why stop shooting? This team can and will do this through the entire playoffs, HAHA HEAT all the way!

  82. Sowhat says:

    The other players on the heat are getting touches ..they just aren’t knocking down shots , so I don’t blame ..wade , james and bosh for doing what they do ..you gotta win anyway you can , and if that takes them having the ball 99 percent of the time so be it ..why continue letting your role players shoot you out of games? the only other player for the heat that actually had a decent game was mike bibby ..but besides him , where’s the contribution from the bench? their not the lowest scoring bench in the league for nothing..I think what they did last night was amazing , it shows how competitive they are and how much they wanted to win, they nearly out rebounded Houston’s whole team by themselves..how could anyone hate on this? give credit when it’s due.

    • JMoon says:

      I’m not hating. That was an outstanding performance! But three guys won’t win a playoff series, man.

  83. chin says:

    i see so many times only james and wade are on the “postgames talk in the room “on the screen, why no bosh??? in fact i think, bosh does crucial contribution for the team’s win, even many times more than james! don’t get me wrong, i’m a big heat fan, i love the big 3 and i hope heat will get the champinship these year! but a lots of my friends (of course we are all heat’s fans) and i feel it is unfair for bosh, we want to hear what does bosh say and what does bosh feel. thanks.

  84. Kien says:

    Alam nyo problema sa heat? Coach. Kulang sa play, kya pag crunch time olats. Wews. Sayang c spoelstra pinoy pa nmn amf

    • jeff says:

      ??? english please

      • Pinoy says:

        sorry jeff…

        sa tingin ko hindi coach ang problema sa Heat…. Ang problema dyan ay si LBJ kasi may sarili syang mundo… hindi nakikinig sa coach… tingnan mo nangyari sa kanya sa Cavs… laging OLATs…..

        Go D-Rose for MVP….

    • tangang bobo says:

      GAGO KA, isang kang malaking khihiyan sa Pinas nagkakalat ka pa ng lagim dito… mamundok ka n lng TANGA!

      Just ignore this pathetic guy, he’s out of this world and saying nonsense at all.
      Heat will go all the way to the finals with the help of their big3 and hope their supporting guys will do their roles.. Thumbs up to Coach Spo for leading his team. Go Heat!

  85. stevepaullewis says:

    with all due respect to the heat and their big 3, this game was a pure offensive ‘see-who-can-outscore-the-other’ game….the rockets can play offense but they dnt do defense that great…. its a different story when the heat play strong defensive teams and b4 yall get excited u hav to remember theres 3 dudes on this team.. unreal players but only 3… the rest of the team dnt do alot and i really cnt see them beating a team like the bulls in the playoffs… not when theyre up against suffocating defense and other superstars that work together as one…. not hating im just being realistic, i cnt see them overcoming that

    • JMoon says:

      Very true, man. Miami has no bench to speak of. I’m expecting Chicago to set things straight about who’s better in the playoffs.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      It’s funny that you use the Bulls as an example of the team to beat when months ago people would say it’s the Celtics. If Miami was on top then what? I can see what your saying but the playoffs are a different game than these season games. Miami has two leaders with finals experience, but the Bulls have yet to see a conference finals. I’ll admit their chances look really good now, but I’d say that they are still a year away from being a finals team. Remember Cleveland this time last year was on the same track and the roll players just feel apart in the 2nd round.

      • Lmed says:

        Steve if its so easy for Chicago’s Big 3 to score 90+ points and 35+ rebounds in a game, why haven’t they done it? And I also want to state that no matter what place the Bulls are in this year, whether it’s 1st in the East or something magically happens and they wind up 1st in the West, it won’t matter. The last time a 1st place East team won a championship was in ’08 after the Celtics took the title against the Lakers. After that Cleveland didn’t win jack, Boston didn’t, and neither will Chicago. Give the MVP to Rose. Your’re only stealing from the best big man in the game, who you’ll HAVE to face in the Semi-Final. Good luck with that Buddy!

  86. swizzboults says:

    its not the scoring thats most impressive its that a 2,3 and 4 are getting 35 rebounds between them 2 games in a row. The scoring is understandable, but when you add in the steals and blocks shows you how hard they are working on defence. And imagine if D wade had gone 17-25 instead of 10-25 you would be looking at a combined 105+ which is crazy!!!!

  87. FromRP says:

    I agree with you ace. Why will take off your hands in the ball if you had a good game?

  88. aCe and the LeBrons (Q.C., Philippines) says:

    I knew that there will be a game that the Big 3 will go for 30 on any given match but never expected them to go for 30 and 10! WOOHOO!

  89. aCe and the LeBrons (Q.C., Philippines) says:

    Enrique….I think your brain is in the toe of your foot! Just a Tip: Look at the box score then analyze, ok?

  90. Critic says:

    Well as per Enrique’s comment.. i see that you are bitter enough to say those words, as i can see it that kind of history doesnt happen everyday.. so i must say that we must be happy atleast, that this year is a year of milestones, look at Kevin Love, he’s making history and as well as everybody else.. trying there best to make a history, if i were you im going to be proud atleast.

  91. yer says:

    just shut your mouth big 3 pity haters..they are just great players so you accept that because even your teams great players cannot do that….only the big 3 can do that

  92. NAJ says:

    This does show how little LeBron on Wade deserve MVP as they have an unbelievable amount of help from each other and Bosh.

    • booyah says:

      If that is the case , then LBJ should af got the MVP every year he was with the Cleveland Steamers. You know they are in last place? From Best in the reg season to Worst. To me that paints a pretty clear picture.Booyah,

      • me says:

        if we compare last year then Rose gets MVP he went from .500 to best team in the east and went 3-0 vs LBJ’s new and improved heat team all while being the only All-Star on his team and with Noah and booz out all the time and news flash LBJ was not the only player to leave that team they have basically a new roster this year

      • Dave says:

        Well Lebron had a great supporting cast in cleveland as well cuz they were all role players.Its hard to go from one person dominating your offense to not reallt sure who is gonna take the most shots… and some injuries have hurt them as well but thats besides the point.

      • Jwest says:


        Please we all know Cavs went from first to last soley because they lost Lebron. Losing old washed up Shaq and Old Big-Z was not impactful to that team. It’s amazing LBJ took that team as far as he did, he was basically playing with the team Jordan had minus Pippen and Rodman lol….

        @ ALL BULLS FANS

        Bulls are overrated, as we have seen from the past few seasons the #1 record in the reg. season doesn’t mean much….I would not be surprised if this team doesn’t even make it out of the first round. Rose is overrated as well, he’s a great player but I don’t think he’s even among the top 5 in the league. I think an MVP for him is a bit premmature…

      • chris says:

        The cavs had a terrible supporting cast. If they were good they could atleast win 20 games this season but it it aint happening. THey had an old shaq and big z, Mo Williams who choked in the playoffs. aThey had delonte west who did certain things, and J.J. Hickson who never played in the playoffs. That is a terrible supporting cast.

  93. prix says:

    I am waiting for Sekou for this post even I know its hard for him…maybe he’s a believer now…this is probably the most ensane thing that happen more than 3 decades of basketball…The Miami big three with all double-doubles and all 30pts plus…It just show how great they are…AND THE HATERS WENT CRAZY!!!

    • l0lz says:

      Your grammar makes me crazy
      one game doesn’t mean anything.
      It’s people like you that give heat fans a bad name

  94. James says:

    Because the big three is the big three.

  95. prix says:

    This is the MIAMI Heat we are all talkng about…Damn, there’s no sweeter thing than having a BIG three playing the real Big 3…to all Heat haters and non-believers…MIAMI only needs 3 unbelievable guys crashing ur teams…and everybody are just viewers.,that was SICK!..I cant wait seeing them playing another best team the Bulls in the East finals…kill em’ all

    • yes really says:

      well good luck with that, remember that the heat have a losing record against .500 teams, and barely have any wins against the top 5 teams in the league, so i wouldn’t bet on them getting to the east finals let alone beat the bulls or celtics in a 7 game series. We all know the celtics are another team in the playoffs, and the bulls are rolling and are probably gonna be the top seed, oh did I mention that the heat are 0-6 against the bulls and celtics? but the playoffs are unpredictable so we won’t know till it happens, all I’m sayin is that, statistically and from past games, if the heat meet the bulls or celtics in the 2nd round, and they probably will, they are screwed. But still givin props on the big 3’s game against HOU, it was “historic” haha

      • Gary says:

        Haha are people still using this weak argument about winning against the top teams? Better to have a losing record against top teams than to lose to the Bobcats or Clippers like both LA and Boston. Plus they’ve already proven what they can do. Yeah 0-6 proves nothing at this point. Miami just beat 76ers who just beat the Bulls so none if this matters till the playoffs. But say whatever you like to help you sleep at night.

      • Joey3 says:

        @Gary epic response bro

      • OJ says:

        Lol Gary, you just took a couple instances and put it against an entire season
        I’m not discrediting the heat at all. I love that their playing good basketball; but this argument is anything but weak
        The heat are not going to be playing any easy teams. They have their targets on their backs in the playoffs.

        To all the Heat fans, you know everyone in this league was going to hate you, why do you act like this wasn’t comming.
        That’s how the world works. It’s fine to support your team but to sound cocky when you’re not even a top seed isn’t going to work.
        You haven’t done anything yet.

  96. Enrique says:

    All 3 get 30+ and they barely beat lowly Houston. The rest of the team gets less then 30. Do that in the playoffs and it will be 3 on 5, they will get their buts kicked. Dwayne you get paid the big bucks to win ball games as a team. Not hog the ball and ignore your team. The fact that you can joke about yuo having the ball 99% of the time the the ACTUAL POINT GUARD gets it 1% shows how selfish you guys are.

    • Tim says:

      Its pretty obvious the heat have tried filling the PG role (and actually make use of it) through arroyo, chalmers, and now bibby. Its also obvious that these players have not filled the role at a high level so its not the big 3’s fault the ball is safer in their hands.

      • Kevin says:

        excatly, which is why lebron left cleveland in the first place… they tried to fill out around him, and he found himself having to work to hard still to win. they didnt show up for him in cleveland and the pg’s are nonexistant in MIA, so they have to take control to win or you would talk bad about them losing…. so it’s lose lose situation for MIA cause everyone in the media wants to see them fail to have a story to print in the morn…

    • booyah says:

      They went for 94 and 33, shooting a little over 50%. It’s ok to give credit where credit is do. Oh, and you said it’ll be 3 on 5 in the playoffs. LBJ has won several playoff games by himself, 1 on 5 as well as Wade. About Wade hogging the ball, Jordan hogged it ALL the time. If you can hold the ball and produce, then hold the ball. Booyah.

      • your pretty much right on that one. can´t hate on that game, but its only one game. they still have ways to go, but i think we saw a glimpse of the potential JWB has. they should be great. look at the talent, but they will not win it this year. fearless prediction.

      • me says:

        LBJ and wade have also lost a lot of playoff games and Jordan averaged over 5.5 APG in his 1st 3 champs. D-wade has 4.4 APG this year plus rules do not apply to MJ a better argument would be Kobe holding the ball all the time and still getting 5 rings

      • Imad Akel says:

        alittle too fearless i think kaare…

        I wouldnt bet on them either (i’d bet on the spurs or the celtcis), but i also wouldnt bet against the heat or the lakers…

    • BullsFTW says:

      btw the rockets aren’t so lowly either. they’ve been on a good stretch and had momentum coming into the game. They definitely played like a playoff team last night against the heat. Or do you think its easy for Lowry, Martin, and Scola to score 25, 29, and 28 matched up against LBJ, Wade, and Bosh?

    • BullsFTW says:

      oh sorry for the double post but also. how many people do you expect to score 20+ or 30+? You already have 3 players who are scoring 30+ and avg. 20+ and they accounted for like 90 of the points. the rest 35 came from somewhere rite? The rest of the team is doing exactly what they should, supporting the Big 3. With the exception of Eddie House, everyone else was shooting a pretty high percentage Dampier 2-3, Bibby 5-7, Miller 2-4, Anthony 1-1. Even though its not a lot of shots, it shows that they’re making their shots when their chance comes which is basically them doing their part. Instead this game should be seen as the Heat are finally starting to learn to play together in such a way that they are scoring like they did last year without taking away from each other.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      HOU is not a lowly team. They also have a Big 3 of there own, SCOLA, MARTIN, and LOWRY. They gave the HEAT a tough time. Look at the highlights. It’s not like we choose to do it, THEY HAD TO!!!! Just give credit where credit it due.

      • Rush says:

        Are you serious about calling the those 3 guys from Houston a Big 3? No disrespect to thoese guys but they are not superstars. In fact they aren’t even allstars. They would be a great supporting cast on a contender!

      • #TeamHeat says:

        Yes they are a Big 3, in there own right. A Big 3 doesn’t have to be 3 All-Stars. These are 3 very talented players, who put up pretty decent numbers.

    • Lmed says:

      Its spelled ‘Dwyane’ not ‘Dwayne’. Did you not read the post?! The last time a Big 3 all got 30+ points and 10+ rebounds was 1961! You Heat haters need to really get memo here: Miami has the best Big 3 in the world! Prior to the loss in Miami, Houston had won 5 straight games buddy. Boston, Utah, and Phoenix being 3 of those 5 teams. D-Wade isn’t a ball hog or else he wouldn’t be on the same team as LeBron and Bosh. I’m pretty sure Miami signed Bibby to shoot the 3-ball considering he does shoot better than Arroyo, and not to hold the ball for the Big 3. And just to clarify any Playoff questions, LeBron and D-Wade both average more than 40 minutes per game; Rose is responsible for about 80% of the Bulls success so stopping him will be Miami’s #1 goal; and Boston now have no REAL big men anymore to scare Miami. Don’t come at me with that Shaq business because Dwyane and LeBron will just foul him out, Jermaine never did anything for Miami last year in the Playoffs, and Rondo is shooting under 30% these past couple games. Let’s go Heat, let’s go Heat!:)

    • DBowe says:

      D Wade, selfish? This must be your first year hating on the Heat.

  97. rita Nielsen says:

    get over yourself

    • RIOT says:

      I cant wait seeing MIAMI and BULLS play on the playoffs..Both teams are great, We never expect this kind of record breaking milestones be happening this year…This is the real BIG 3, a championship would seal it,hopefully! MIAMI fans come’on CELEBRATE…all the heat haters are crying..lol..

      • Los says:

        Man miami aint gonna win nothing…they are a bunch of ball-hogs… i always hear this crap about kobe bein a ball hog taking all the shots n stuff, now look at your team…at least my team only has one ball hog “in your eyes” but your team has three!!! not to mention a bunch of cry babys at that…i dont see one team in the east come playoff time, that i think miami can beat in a seven game series…miami just isnt any good… lebron just isnt any good. he has proven it time and time again, he just doesnt have what it takes to be a leader or a clear cut champion…i’m sorry if he never brings a ring to miami…i just think he is to much into himself…i really dont care about his stats, as impressive as they are, i mean come on what about the playoffs..what has he done, absolutely nothing…make it to a finals and get smashed on…i mean seriously…Heat+lebron=no championships as long as there good teams out there…after lakers, spurs, celtics, it is going to be bulls oklahoma city and portland leading the charge..good teams, younger teams, and a lot better than the heat will ever be…

      • chris says:

        why are you hating on Lebron. Kobe Bryant took 28 shots to get 27 pts a couple weeks ago. Also he didnt have to hvae ron artest and derick fisher make big 3’s for them to win the finals when kobe shot 6for24 in game 7. That is also why LEBRON AND THE HEAT KILLED THE LAKERS ON CHRISTMAS EVE, and then later beat them again when kobe airballed possibly the biggest 3 of the game and had a huge turnover. Also if everyone wants someone from the big 3 to make all there shots they’ll probably take it and make it. The heat may not win the championship,but they could RIP apart L.A. anyday.

      • Kevin says:

        if kobe had the team lebron was on when my spurs swept the Cavs in the Finals, Kobe would not have gotten them out of the first round. Lebron will average a triple double or just short of it when he retires, cause he certainly comes close every night. THAT’S NOT THE STATISTICAL LINE OF A BALL HOG

      • Karlos marcos says:

        @LOS. You are so dumb. We should not even say if Kobe had the type of team LeBron had in Cleveland . . . He did. After Shaq was sent packing, even with near All Stars (Lamar, Caron), he could not get out of the 1st round . . . twice. LeBron, with “has beens” and “never will bes” had the best record in the league (twice, right) and went to the Finals once.

    • #TeamHeat says:

      I feel like all the people that come on these blogs to talk trash about MIA are scared of what MIA is capable of. If you think about it, most of the people that talk bad about the HEAT are: LAL fans, BOS fans, CHI fans, or ORL fans. I just can’t wait for the playoffs. This year is going to be probably the best playoffs in a while with all the good teams. The EASTERN CONF. 2nd Round is going to be a good one.

      1 CHI vs. 4 ORL
      2/3 MIA vs. 2/3 BOS

      • BullsFTW says:

        hey man im a crazy Bulls fan and I can’t wait for a Bulls Heat ECF. I hope it goes into an epic 7 game series and Bulls win just because they have home court advantage. That’ll be probably the best series of the playoffs in my opinion.

      • Gary says:

        I think you hit the nail on the Head. I know the big 3 summer celebration was a bit premature of them but it’s not like this is a flop team and they STILL are not a full force. So yeah people don’t like that they are doing well. Even if they were in 1st place they would be like “that’s only cause they have three stars, not a good team”.

      • Joey3 says:

        #teamHeat u sir said it best, all the haters fear the Heat…when the Heat lost those 5 games in a row, all my friends kept bugging and teasing me about it. Now I don’t hear from em ha ha SWEET

    • Kevin says:

      if kobe had the team lebron was on when my spurs swept the Cavs in the Finals, Kobe would not have gotten them out of the first round. Lebron will average a triple double or just short of it when he retires, cause he certainly comes close every night. THAT’S NOT THE STATISTICAL LINE OF A BALL HOG