StatsCube: Celtics’ Offense in a Funk

For the second straight season, the Boston Celtics are slumping down the stretch. They’ve lost six of their last 10 games, completely losing their grip on the top seed in the Eastern Conference in the process. Now, they’re just a game in the loss column ahead of the Miami Heat for second in the East, facing the prospect of starting a conference semifinals matchup in Miami, instead of at home.

When the Celtics traded Kendrick Perkins, the fear was that their defense would suffer. Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic are good players and should make Boston’s offense more potent, but neither is known for their prowess on the defensive end of the floor.

And yes, the Boston defense did give up 30 fourth-quarter points to the Charlotte Bobcats (the fifth worst offensive team in the league) on Friday, turning a 13-point lead into a two-point loss. But in general, it’s been the Celtics’ offense that has really struggled of late.

Celtics efficiency, 2010-11

Timeframe Rec. Pace Off. Eff. Def. Eff. Diff.
Pre-trade 41-14 93.0 105.2 97.4 +7.8
Post-trade 9-7 91.9 100.3 97.0 +3.3
Last 10 4-6 89.8 98.0 95.2 +2.9

Pace = Possessions per 48 minutes
Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions
Def. Eff. = Points allowed per 100 possessions

So, since the trade, the Celtics’ defense has basically been performing at the same level as it was before the deal. The numbers are a little skewed by a game in which they held the Bucks to 56 points, but they have held nine of their 16 opponents under a point per possession, and their only bad defensive game since the trade was a 108-103 loss to the Clippers on March 9.

Side note: In contrast, it was the Celtics’ defense that suffered more at the end of last season, allowing 104.3 points per 100 possessions after the All-Star break and 111.8 over their last nine games.

The Celtics are grabbing fewer offensive rebounds since the trade, but they’re also getting to the line more often and turning the ball over a little less. So they’re actually getting more shots per possession than they were before the trade. And they’re even shooting their free throws better.

Essentially, the Celtics’ offensive drop-off is completely a result of poor shooting from the field.

Celtics’ shooting

Timeframe 2P% 3P% EFG%
Pre-trade 0.522 0.374 0.530
Post-trade 0.479 0.330 0.482
Last 10 0.467 0.301 0.464

EFG% = (FGM + (.5*3PM)) / FGA

Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo are all shooting worse from the field since the trade, and the Celtics’ offense has suffered as a result. With the Big Four on the floor together, they’re scoring 105.8 points per 100 possessions since the trade (despite a hot start), as opposed to 111.8 before it.

But when the big four aren’t all on the floor is when the Celtics’ offense really struggles, scoring just 94.1 points per 100 possessions since the trade, which is downright dreadful.

Celtics’ efficiency since trade with player on floor

Player GP MIN Off. Eff.
Rajon Rondo 16 581 102.7
Ray Allen 16 575 103.1
Paul Pierce 16 535 102.9
Kevin Garnett 16 512 105.0
Nenad Krstic 15 384 106.4
Jeff Green 15 344 97.0
Glen Davis 12 340 95.2
Delonte West 8 150 92.1
Troy Murphy 11 114 82.1
Carlos Arroyo 8 102 96.2

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions

You can see why Doc Rivers has gone to an eight-man rotation in a couple of those games.

For a veteran team that was able to flip the switch when the playoffs began last year, it’s easy to theorize that the Celtics’ problems stem from boredom, complacency or a broken ubuntu. And perhaps it’s just a matter of time for the new guys in the rotation to get going.

No matter what the underlying issue is, the shots aren’t falling.


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  1. KarlJohn says:

    @ Alejandro, I didnt say your a hater, read my comment carefully plz. Let me ask you guys something. Was Perkin’s playing when the Boston made the 14-0 run? Was J-Oneal and S-Oneal playing in those 14-0 run win? Answer plz. Is J-Oneal and S-Oneal playing when Boston started loosing? Thanks for the answers.

    • Alejandro Perez says:

      My point is that I don’t think that they will be 100% ready to play because the magnitude of their injuries… You are right, but look @ the thunders now, they are a better team…

  2. Jason says:

    celtics lost Perkins for what? for nothing? i believe yes..they did lost him for nothing..

  3. dennis says:

    go celtcs you,re the best

  4. Alejandro Perez says:

    KarlJonh Im not a hater. My comment was about what the organization did. Trade was terrible even the coach will agree that is was a bad move to make so late in the season. Perkins was doing a grate job, better than J-O and S-O will ever do. You can not expect those two guys to perform as they used to do with so many missing games and with serious injuries. Not a hater ones again…

  5. The Kendrick Perkins trade is very worthless their defensive stats go down even they got jeff green and nenad kristic its worthless those two guys are good in offense not in defense, they need defense not offense and they also trade semih erden who is good also in defense when KG and Perk go down and Luke Harangody who is a role player for them and the two O’Neals are injured they dont have any BIGMEN left I think they should sign Eddy Curry for strong defense and Sean Williams.

  6. Thunder K-Perk says:

    Boston sucks!!!! They lost again….this time to the Pacers!

  7. KarlJohn says:

    Lol @ Alejandro. Losing Perk is not really a big deal. We got J-Oneal and S-Oneal who can dominate the basket. When those to were playing WITHOUT Perk, they were really doing very good because it’s their defensive moves that made the 14-0 run of the Celtics. So I don’t really think Boston lost that much, we got BigBaby, The Original Superman and the shoot blocker J-Oneal in the playoffs. For all your haters, remember that. Boston also has one of the best bench in the NBA.

  8. Alejandro Perez says:

    Not tonight sorry but the will fall @SAS @ Philadelphia @ Chicago and @ Miami. Nothing against the Celtics but they are not the same team without Perkins… Worse trade ever

  9. Alejandro Perez says:

    The Celtics will fall tonight…

  10. Celticforlife says:

    My Celtics are not playing defensive bball like they did before the trade. Perkins was a key player in which all Celtic players trusted. He is missed by all of the Celtic team and fans yet I still have faith in them and I know they will eventually snap out of it and make it to the final once again. Doc needs to be smart about every move he makes. My Celtics won’t let me down and will prove all of those haters wrong.

  11. Dennis says:

    Go Celtics!!!! Go get that 18th championship ring…..Go Shaq get your 5th championship ring!!!!because Kobe have 5 already!!!!

  12. Dennis says:

    Come playoff time Shaq will be there well rested and he will be the core in the Celtics defense…..Go Celtics!!!!

  13. Fraka says:

    idont see boston playing with new york at all.

  14. KarlJohn says:

    I dont think Boston losing to Bobcats is a big deal. They are still in the playoff and thats the bottom line. I cant really see how Knicks can beat Boston in the playoff because in my eyes Boston has more experience playing together in the playoffs than Knicks. At the end, its who wants it more. I dont think dunking or making a highlight has something to do with bringing your team in the playoff. Boston is a simple team who would do anything to win even if it means their own blood. So far, I think Boston is just getting use to playing with Kristic and Green. Kristic plays different as Perk so I think they are just making the adjustment. For the haters, I dont really care if Pierce dunks or not at list he dont shoot 21 basket and only makes 8 of them. BOSTON KNOWS HOW TO MOVE THE BALL. Boston forever. Agree with hatebreed. Boston dont rely on 1 player only. Long live the Celtics..Xp

  15. theDreamShake says:

    i think this writer forgot that perkins did not play from the start of this season.
    he also forgot to mention shaq and his useful role before he got injured.
    upon the return of perk, he (perkins) only played few games before being traded. so those stats are baseless.
    so how many games did perkins played with that Pre-Trade record of 41-14?????

  16. faithb4fear says:

    Should the celtics have kept perk and pulled a cavalier move and let him become a free agent and lose him for nothing. He got offered a contract but he did not take it. Ainge did the right move and traded him they got green and kristic in return. A great move towards the celtic future. They are still a championship contender and have the deepest bench in the league. Shaq and jermaine will return and that will clog that hole in the middle that teams are taking advantage right now of. The celtics have not had a slump all season and if any 1 thought a team was gonna finish a season playing perfect is dumb. The mighty lakers had a slump and so has every other team. How many gm of elite teams are paying attention to the future of there franchises? Not the spurs not the lakers only mavs and celtics. I read a a couple of comments saying the knicks would knock out the Celtics and they obviously did not watch the last Cs and Knick game how KG had stoudmire on lock and forced him the whole game to take jump shots and how the only guy who stepped up in the second half was Mr big shot CB.

  17. Kevin says:

    seriously people, yes celtics right now aren’t the best team playing at the moment but we all know regular season games and playoffs are sooo much different ; and speaking of playoffs has anyone considered remember that doc is resting shaq and jermaine who if are healthy during the playoffs does make this team maybe the most unbeatable

  18. Chris says:

    “Don’t be deceived folks” There is plenty of GREEN left in the tank & when the time is right, somebody is going to be painted GREEN.

    Celtics baby! Jus go GREEN.

  19. hatebreed says:


  20. hatebreed says:


  21. jake13 says:


  22. Brian says:


  23. get down or lay down says:


  24. kingjim says:

    perkins was traded cause we would not accept the extention contract with the celtics

  25. dontay says:

    Perk is not a loss. I know numbers aren’t everything, but his sucked. Look at his stats. Never more than 10 total rebounds, seldom more than 10 points, maybe a block or 2. Yea, a decent defensive presence in the paint, but come on….stone hands on offense with an inability to put the ball right back up, a total lack of understanding of how to box out…give Krstic some time, he already has similar numbers and is way smarter.

  26. Jesse says:

    do you guys unerstand that perk wasnt gonna resign with us in the offseason anyways, so why not give him away and get green and kristic. the celtics will be fine.

  27. bobcats says:

    this goes to ahow that Boston is an old has nothing to do with Perkins trade..remember Perkins didnt play the whole season as the fact that The O’neals arent playing..yes their defense were in a slump lately..this team has proven themselves..they will be ready in the playoffs..Green and Kirstic are good players..great addition to the team.

  28. FROM TURKEY says:


  29. Justin says:

    Well, I do think the Celtics got 2 Great players from trading Perkins and Nate.. Green and Nenad Kristic[I forgot the correct spelling lol] have been playing well in Boston.. Also, I think boston traded perkins coz, he always gets injured during the playoffs.. Just saying.. BTW, the big 4 ain’t playing well this time.. I think they’ll sort this out and they’ll be ready when the playoffs comes. hehehe.. they’re on a slump right now along with the knicks just like how the lakers and miami have experienced it.


    GO LAKERS! 3PEAT… If you hate my team, well I’m sorry for you. :))

  30. Mada says:

    idk what the hell is all this but the blog is overreacting they’ll come through it but they will be beat! i dnt want them or the lakers to the finals, i want to see some new faces in the finals and not always white green purple gold. -_- im just saying. enough with it theyve already won what 43?42? tht many. its just my opinion

  31. bill24laker says:

    Right now the Celtics offense is offending basketball

  32. Zeeshan says:

    it all has to do with rondo. He needs to play better. He is the key if they want to go to the finals

  33. lakersbreeze says:

    lakers fan here. I’m having a ball watching the Cs struggle, of course, but I’m just ecstatic that they’re soooooo heavily depending on Shaq. Shaq signed with this team for two reasons. One was to go thru the season on a final journey before retiring with a team that would draw fans for him. Same for when he tried to ride Lebron’s success last year. He had NO INTENTIONS whatsoever to actually be counted on to contribute a damn thing for a measely $1.5 M.

    The second reason, like last year with lebron, is he was hoping to sneak up on another unearned championship ring. D Wade and Alonzo Mourning GAVE him one in Miami.

    I told you at the beginning of the year shaq had a repertoire of nagging injuries to choose from to keep him out 40 or more games. That’s how he’s been rolling since the Lakers shipped him out.

    He will not be your playoff savior C fans. If you’re depending on him, start planning for the post- kg, ra, pp era of C basketball. This was their last hurrah. Next year will begin the journey back to the lottery days. You remember, when you were the cleveland cavs of the league just a few years ago.

    Goodbye Cs. The WORLD CHAMPIONS wanted to get our tying championship against you guys, but you won’t be there. Even more than the Cs fans, they let US down.

    • TrueFan says:

      I love you Lakers fans and your selective memory. Or maybe you’re a young buck, but either way:

      The L.A. Lakers aren’t close to tying with the Boston Celtics. 5 of those championships you’re claiming were won in Minneapolis where the team started, and championships stay with the city, any real basketball fan knows that.

      So as it stands, the LA Lakers have 11 championships, the Boston Celtics 17.

      So continue with your Hollywood self delusion if it makes you feel better, and while you’re whining about how Kobe is better than Jordan if he gets another ring this year, remember that it would take them adding both of their rings up to approach Bill Russell’s territory…

  34. rfgb says:

    I’m just happy the Celtics are not playing the the way they usually do as playoff time approaches. As of right now Miami is playing better and would win the potential conference finals matchup.

  35. Mr. Awesome says:

    Everyone said that they would lose against the heat, cavs and magic last year.. For some reason, everyones against the celtics even though they play muuuch better when its a playoff game. I think all the haters here know that as well, they just dont want to admit it.

  36. lols says:

    well..let’s just wait for the play offs people.. everybody was counting out boston last year.. they beat the Cavs and Orlando.. so with all the things happening, why dont we just all wait for the play offs!

  37. Celtcs#1Fan says:

    Doc hasn’t even mentioned to the boys that they are second.. it has come to realization that when rondo isnt doing well no one is.. right now.. if they were going against L.A., they would have home court.. the cetls and the lakers are maybe the hungriest team i the nba for the championship. And it isnt there defense, its there offense.. Which Rajon brings for them.. they lose then they win.. But they will get it together

  38. drick says:

    Hey guyz im a heat fan but the celtics are fine their juz slowing down coz they want to meet the Knicks in the first round…

  39. Ice Pogi says:

    WADE ROSE Dw.HOWARD KOBE DURANT are true leaders… they can lead their team to the glory land… in some cases Kobe is over doing it…but who cares He is the LAKERS…ROSE for leading them in the top spot… Durant for shaking the west… Dw Howard for dominating the middle and Wade for 39pts 10 rebs 8 ast and 5BLOCKS for a 6’4 guy with a couple of steals… That’s the kind of leaders that can lead the team… Their abilities… pieRCE???? more bark than BITE…. simply useless… sure he can dunk shoot 3’s for him he feels like the world bow down on him if he do that… the celebration for a single dunk… like a season ending dunk for the highlights… co’z he can’t dunk every single game ……………but still an average dunk for some….

  40. Ice Pogi says:


    Chicago are good only at road shows…. sure they beat MIAMI BOSTON LAKERS but playoffs are different from the regular season…every team has a 7 game to figure out their opponent weaknesses(SG,PF,SF) don’t be so sure about winning it all… remember SPURS HEAT game…Spur beat Miami by 30 pts. then Miami beat the Spurs by 30 points too……. imagine it in a 7 game series no one really sure who’s gonna win…It could happen to them too….Pay backs are imminent in a 7 game series… so relax……… As for the celtics…. they are still the team to beat….but no one step up to be true a leader…Who PieRCE???? remember that MIAMI game even if they lose to C’s it proves that pieRCE is not a leader….0% field goal 50% at the free throw line . Is that the kind of player that can lead a team???? he can’t guard wade or james…. He’s just cocky because he got an all star team mates to back him up… It would be better if KG or Allen leads them…. Perkins on D but now it is JO or Shaq’s job , KG on motivating the team, Allen for offense and rondo for play making… wait how about pieRCE??? um cockyness that’s the only thing he’s good at…..Being arrogant….

  41. TrueFan says:

    Defense isn’t suffering a bit after the trade and the C’s have held the top spot in the East ALL SEASON without Perk so just dead that. Also, Celtics were over the salary cap and made Perk an offer to resign. Perk REFUSED the offer and specifically said he wanted to test the waters as a free agent at the end of the season…so you kneejerk, sensationalist fans whining about how Danny Ainge killed the team can grab your tissues now. If Ainge hadn’t made this trade, as someone mentioned, he ran the risk of Perk not returning next year anyway, only they wouldn’t have gotten anything in return. That’s called STRATEGY kids. Basketball isn’t just another reason for some of you idiots to come online and pretend you know what you’re talking about, its also a business. When some of you grow up you’ll understand that.

    As for the troubles on offense, non-issue. They’ve got some new players and there is going to be an adjustment period. Its only natural. Boston has dominated their conference all season and now with less than 20 games left, the
    Bulls pull ahead and everybody is losing their heads. Get a grip. We all know what happened last year in regards to how the Celtics were “slipping” after the all-star break: most of the media “experts” and fans ended up with egg on their face….they must have missed the taste because they’re doing it again now. Hilarious.

    Let’s wait till the Playoffs shall we? Miami, we’ve had your number as a team and each of your “Big 3″‘s individual numbers since always…we already beat you 3 times this season, and your Golden Boy Lebron isn’t exactly known for turning it up in the Playoffs. Whoever said Knicks upset, lock yourself in your basement right now. Bulls are the only possible threat and that’s just barely considering Rose is the only consistent scorer on the squad and their “bigs” are generally soft…should be a great Playoffs/Finals.

  42. Jon says:

    Boston: Whatever the reason now for your current struggles, thanks for home court.

    Miami: Enjoy your two regular season wins like Cleveland did last year. The Lakers won’t be seeing you in the playoffs, they’ll beat either Chicago or Boston for banner #17

  43. Got game says:

    despite the weak performance Boston gave the past games.. its still anyones ball game and the Celtics are a veteran team with veteran tricks so i wouldn’t count them out just yet… even if the Bulls remain at top, theres no way theyre going to the finals…

  44. zachman says:

    One thing your failing to notice is that all team slumps at one point in the season… did the celtics slump earlier season? no they crushed. The lakers slumped earlier season, everyone made a big fuss “oh they are sucking, a potential 4th seed” and now look at them, dominating every team they play, its the same with the heat, they slumped horribly in the beginning of the season… now check them out, 3rd seed what what? Its nothing big, happens to every good team, unless your the kings or nets..

  45. renz_garnett says:

    some of you are not celtics fan so you are saying negative to them.. watch them when they win their 18th title.

  46. Vergel Macalipay says:

    the celtics really strugling in their past four games. its hard for them to get back on the 1st best in the east.i think coach doc, must do some more practice for the team specially on trier new trade players..playoffs in coming so fast and i know they can still make it to the finals if the big four is healthy and can return by playoofs i cuold say they are strong enough to get back on track….thanks…

  47. WG says:

    Well thats what you get for making the dumbest trade in recent NBA history

  48. Albert Allego says:

    Age factor is catching them that is why their offense is suffering; tired at this point in time.

  49. Kenzi says:

    I really hope the C’s can pull it together come playoff time and I’m really trying to keep the doubts of a first round upset out of my head. Rondo is playing awful at the moment, I regarded him as the best point guard in the league at the start of the season but since the all-star break he is just in a bad funk that he needs to pull himself out of. Because he is playing badly Boston’s offence is suffering. Boston’s O runs through him and with him not dishing dimes, driving the ball to the basketball and knocking down his inconsistant J, they are coming up short in games. I don’t think the Perk trade is affecting their play at the moment so I hope this is just the usual stretch struggles they have and come playoff time they will be back to their best!

  50. pekto1974 says:

    celtics are just like that. all lame

  51. Denzo says:

    Watch out for the Celtics. They are old dogs with new tricks. This team could win for about 2 more years no probs.

    Once they have a power centre and Nenand can go and be effective as an excellent reserve centre, the offense will be able to flow just fine. It really changes your mind set starting the game with what you know is a dominant big man – especially when you play teams with good centres.

  52. miamifanatic says:

    chicago will not make the eastern confrence finals.. miami will strike back. they foun there fire. boston we comin for u

    • Got game says:

      it might be a Miami VS Boston Eastern Conference Finals but with all do respect, i dont see the Heat beating the Celtics.. the Heat has a weak second unit and Miami’s Big 3 wont always be there to save the day, weve all seen that a few times already..

  53. brandon says:

    did you guys forget what the celtics did last year in the playoffs, if i recall the celtics did blow out cleveland which wus the top seed, umm they def blew out the magic and then took the lakers to game 7 of the finals. now with that bein said the celtics prove they can beat the heat, the celtics prove they can def beeat the knicks and im sorry to all you bulls fans out there, but like skip said on espn first take you cant win a playoff serious when your point gaurd is the only player to put up numbers on a nightly basis. the celtics have way more weapons then the bulls noah is scared straight of kg. and who is gonna be able to defend ray off the picks and defend paul peirce one on one in clutch situatons no one. and once they get the oneils back they will bring back that defensive pressure so the celtics should not worry and in the nba i really dnt believe in homecourt advantage cuz clearly the celticws beat the cavs and magic on there homecourt

    • @Brandon: Amen! It would still be Celtics for the finals. Being the best team as hailed and picked by 5 out of 7 NBA sport analyst to win the Finals, the big C don’t have to worry about their position in the regular season. They can beat anybody anyway whether they have the home advantage or not. They are just slowing down their game to avoid injuries and keep their core healthy and fit for the playoffs, and, note that they are only using an 8 man rotation right now, giving additional playing time for the new comers for them to blend well prior to playoffs. Boston is just creating a positioning strategy that will let Bulls and Magic drain strength and eliminate either one of them when they face each other on the 2nd round. Watch out during the playoffs for the return of the 2 O’Neals. Having 3 good seasoned and veteran centers that can rotate in each substitutions would provide a strong and formidable core defense for the Boston. I don’t believe one Perk is better than having three veteran centers who could take turn in defensively and offensively well rested one at a time. Celtics is still the best team to win the Championship once again.

  54. sami says:

    for the last 3 seasons Boston have suffered defeats when the playoffs are on its way, because Doc Rivers are letting their opponents to win. he was a good coach, if you didn’t take a closer look to the strategy of Doc you will be tamed in the playoffs that’s what happened to Cavs and Magic last season.

  55. oliver says:

    actions speaks in volume!!!

  56. oliver says:

    can you see! they are dropping games! they are going for 3rd place so that new york and miami will face in the 1st round and they will face 76ers… then chicago and magic will face in the 2nd round. they will face miami in the 2nd and for the finals chicago vs boston…. that the road they choose!!!!

  57. lloyd says:

    boston celtics will strike back
    boston will be the champ 2011 2012

  58. SHAQ is the ANSWER says:

    Shaq will carry the celtics. He’s motivated. I want every playoff team to make him mad so that he’d kill and hurt each and every team they’d face.

  59. Larry says:

    anyone who believes the celtics will do poor clearly isn’t thinking, everyone thought they would lose in the playoffs last year to the magic and the cavaliers. the cetlics were lower seeded than both and won in 6 w/o home court and then pushed LA to 7….the end of the season last year they also struggled, these are veteran players who just want the playoffs to come, there is nothing to worry about

  60. Celtics Fan says:

    I agree, this is exactly the same what happened last year, with the Celtics losing their consistency down the stretch to the playoffs, however hopefully like last year, they will step it up when the Playoffs arrive, especially Rondo who is known for being most dominant during the playoffs. The Celtics are a veteran team, and this is showing on the negative side with all the injuries since the beginning of 2011, with both O’Neals’ having been out for at least two months each, which has resulted in a lack of defensive efficiency, most noticeably on the rebounding aspect. But come the playoffs, if the C’s are healthy and up to scratch, we will be a force to be reckoned with, regardless of our standings in the East.

  61. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    It’s sad how they are slipping.. Darn! Yay for MIAMI!!! Miami will take that #2 spot, but the downer to that is most likely they will end up playing New York in the first round.. That’ll be a battle where right now they’d play the 76ers.. Miami would win in 6, it could just be a HARD played 6 games.. Poo Celtics.. That’s what you get when you trade one of your best defensive players for NOTHING in return..

  62. ALEXP says:

    Common guys!!! Swallow it…Perkin’s gone…I dont blame you celtic fan for blaming Danny Ainge for trading Perkins but the real reason was Danny Ainge doesnt want to lose Perkins for nothing just like what happen to Cleveland on LJames. Look what happen to DWilliams of Utah, they traded him fearing they might not get anything for him when his contract is up. And knowing the celtic is way over the salary cap, they dont have a choice but to trade Perkins or end up losing him for nothing. And if that happened, Danny Ainge will looked like a fool. And in exchange Green and Krystic is not a bad trade after all. Now lets go back to the Game 7( Finals) dont be saying that if Perkins played Celtics could have won the title…Rasheed played good that day and remembered that celtic is leading by 13 pts almost late 3rd quarter…how would i say it, they just simply collapsed or the right word choked. And yet i wanna see a Celtics/Lakers rematch…for all the Marbles Again

  63. Rich says:

    It’s only a game people. it’s not that we are winning. they don’t even know who we are.

  64. Celtic's fanatic says:

    I’m really upset with the trade. celtics is going well with their current roster, no need to do the trading as the other team did…. \but, still, i hope and pray that my celtics team should get the championship ring for this season… GO CELTICS GO….. WE are at your back….. our prayers always be with you….. good luck my celtics team… GODBLESS!

  65. alex says:

    I think the reason celtics deal perkins to the thunder is that they want the thunder beat the lakers, and if it happens, they can easily handle the thunders in the final because of experience, that is if they prevail in the East!

  66. Celtics all the way says:

    All these haters saying Boston wont make it to the finals are going to be upset. Take a glance at last years regular season for the Celtics, they were the 4th seed- (50-32) and they still made it to the finals. Everyone is overreacting, the Celtics, a veteran group, just need a reason to turn it on and become serious. Once the playoffs arrive the Celtics will start demolishing teams in the playoffs and upset many fans out there rooting for teams like the Heat, Magics, Bulls.

    P.S.- The Bulls are going to be the toughest to beat no matter who plays them. D ROSE for MVP!!!

  67. Mike says:

    I love how as soon as a team hits a slump in their game everybody starts thinking they have no chance now. Let’s let the playoffs do all the talking guys. I may not agree with what Danny Ainge did, and I’m actually still mad he did what he did, but I still have faith in the Celtics. All you naysayers will have your jaws open in disbelief when the Celtics reach their goal. Number 18.

  68. vlad says:

    they are just practicing harder to incorporate new guys. and once the playoff starts and they ‘re healthy again, its going to be Celtics vs Spurs in the finals 🙂

  69. Celticks says:


  70. Bavique says:

    its not about perkins skills that left the team..
    its about the chemistry he and the team had!
    with him gone, its like when a brother dies.. leaves a big whole in your heart.

  71. Vakilee says:

    8/I think celtics will be fine in the playoffs if shaq and jermaine are healthy … C’s trade perkins beacuse they got the o’neals and they are good as perkins is and more experianced and they got Doc who is one off the best trainers in nba so I think C’s will have a chance in the playoffs 😉

  72. Shaq says:

    BRING BACK SHEED! im a huge celtic fan but i just wanna see daniel ainge’s face when dwight howard scores 10000 points on us

  73. jericho says:

    remember when boston had that 14 game winning streak earlier this year? yeah Perkins wasnt there, it was Shaq and Jermaine that was part of that streak. remember last year when Boston ended the season going 27-27? they still went to the finals though, right? remember when everybody was saying that the Celtics were too old and they didnt have a chance in the playoffs, but they proved them wrong by running over Miami, Orlando, and the heavily favored Cleveland last year. Every team goes into a struggle once in a while, and for Boston, they struggle at the finish line of every regular season, its just part of their team agenda, so stop criticizing the Boston Celtics by how theyre playing now, because the regular season and playoffs are very different for the Celtics. The Celts tend to get a lot better in the playoffs. They will definitely will the chamionship this year againts the Lakers

  74. Basketballislife says:

    @Prix the Knicks?! LOL thats funny.
    This isnt about perk, like how many games did he play with us before returning from the injury? Anyway if your gonna doubt the Celtics think twice. Just because the bulls are good dosent mean we arent capable of beating them. Same with the Heat. & for this little slump and trade, is not gonna stop us from winning a chamionship.

  75. Dylan Robichaud says:

    I DONT think this has to do with the perkins trade, Or bad chemistry. Its just a slump. the heat, the lakers both have gone through big slumps this year. Now its the celtics turn. Im a celtics fans and ive been watching them for 4 yrs now. and every year about this time they have a slump. last year they went at .500 since all star break. The year before they did the same and this year their doing the same. As a celtics fan at first i was worried about this year other then last year because last year it was health. And this year it isnt. But ive realized it simply has to be a slump. They have a talented group of guys. they certainly will get their stuff togeather for the playoffs. their too modivated to not make it to the finals. However i think this slump propses issues with home court advantage, But i personnaly think that the san antonio spurs will have more troulble then the celtics/lakers/bulls and heat. Because all of those teams went through slumps. and the spurs havent. so they are less modivated and have less disiplne.

  76. Red South says:

    celtics were garbage before theperkinstrade and they’re garbage after it. Go Bulls. D-Rose MVP.

  77. Bean TOWN! says:

    you’re all jokes the knicks upsetting the celtics? they’ve lost 5 straight.. lets be real now. All you Laker fans think their a shoe in for the finals in the west. Uh did everyone forget about San Antonio? they’re the best team in the league. All the Miami bandwagon jumpers Chicago is the real deal, and Miami is 0-3 vs Boston and 0-3 vs Chicago.. and you really think they’ll make a deep playoff run? ARE YOU SERIOUS!!! The C’s beat the Bull’s in 6 loose to San Antonio in 7. Oh and just for you Laker fans it wont be the Lakers and Spurs in the West final but actually the Mavericks and the Spurs

  78. chuchovsky says:

    As long as they get rid of the anoying heat, everything is fine, don’t mind if they get beaten by the bulls (actually, I hope). However, I think the celts are still the favorites (not heavy favorites no more) to get to the finals, in a matchup with the lakers.

  79. Heat Fan says:

    I know the Celtics are struggling right now, but as a Heat fan I’m actually still worried about what they can do in the playoffs. They will have the O’neal’s back, and I doubt that the big 4 will continue to shoot so poorly. Of course, something no Celtic fan seems to realize when they talk about having Shaq and Jermaine back and having a full team is that there is more than enough time for another key player to be injured. The Heat will also have Udonis Haslem back, so as long as neither team loses another player, I think both teams have a good shot at getting to the finals, but it will be tougher if either of them have to face Chicago.

  80. Predmester says:

    In the first half of the season Perkins was injured, and the celtics had insane records. The problem isn’t becouse of the trade. It is something else.

  81. Alejandro says:

    Who cares if the Celtics are not doing that well, Playoffs is a whole diffrent story, last year the celtics were in 4th place and they ended up in the Finals. Playoffs is were true players come out and shine
    Bulls For Champions!!!!!!!!

  82. Hunter says:

    To all Celtics Fans:
    I’m sorry guys, but your man Danny Boy created the team, and he’s the one that’s destroyed it. The 2008 Celtics are a one hit wonder, Ainge got an easy deal from his buddy Mchale and since 2008 he’s slowly and stupidly dismantled it. Their best shot was last year and this year was looking bright until the Perkins trade. If Sam Presti has any guts or realism in him you’d fire Ainge after this season, rebuild around Rondo and don’t make the same mistake twice.

    Oh and one more thing to the fans of the boys in green:
    Quit trying to convince yourselves that this move makes them better(the fact that Jeff Green is a bench wing player), that’s wishful thinking and reality will set in late in the 2011 playoffs

    Phil Jackson retires with 12 rings

  83. wow says:

    you boston fans are so byist this is the nba any team can win anybody can analyze a game but to say who gonna win is just your team is gonna win is just ridiculous get out of the skies and realize this is the nba

  84. Read this!!! says:

    I think people are overreacting to the Perkins trade… their thing right now is being on the same page… if anyone has been watching their games, they should know guys aren’t in sync, so that’s something they need to figure out, which they can.

    Shaq and Jermaine pretty much shut down Howard on that Christmas game by the way, so I’m not worried at all about their contributions. All they need to do is play defense and rebound the ball on this team, which is pretty much what Perkins did. This team looked unbeatable with SHAQUILLE O’NEAL on the floor, don’t forget that, and he’ll be ready come playoff time.

  85. Symokoto says:

    it’s too bad.

  86. Blake says:

    Zzanzabar i totally agree with you, the celtics were the deepest team in the league with perk as the starting 5, but not only that i believed they had the best chemistry out of any of the top contenders! and yes im a huge laker fan so that is hard for me to swallow…I really feared the celtics this year because of their improved bench and a HEALTHY perk if he came back to his own by finals time, but what danny ainge did to mess up the chemistry is appauling…i didn’t believe it when i heard he got traded to okc…and now we can see the c’s really struggling without perk, i think more mentally and behind the locker room then we see on the court…i don’t believe perk would’ve helped the c’s win game 7 last year, but i’d have to say if the lakers and celtics were to meet again for the finals the c’s would’ve been the favorites this year, but now i really doubt the c’s will get past the bulls, and the lakers with their size would be too much for any team in the league…too bad i was really looking forward to a lakers-celtics trilogy, but who knows what’s gonna happen now? the east is wide open! danny ainge will have alot of heat down his neck if the c’s dont get it done this year

  87. Gary says:

    Celtics losing Perkins and Nate shouldn’t have resulted to the team playing this bad. Then again I look at LA earlier this season w/o Bynum and Barnes and it’s kinda the same thing. I think they’ll be ready come playoff time but in the mean time they are in jeporady of dropping their home court advantage to the Heat(which I personally want as a Heat fan heh, heh).

  88. Cell© says:

    I agree with a lot of what Zzanzabar said. The interior is WIDE OPEN now that you Krstic down there instead of the ‘Beware of Dog’ sign that was Perkins. The timing of this trade couldn’t have been worse. Even if you think that Nenad and Jeff Green could be viable elements of the team, thinking that they (or the team for that matter) would be able to get acclimated to each other this late in the season and really be that effective come post season? You do this whole song and dance to sign Troy Murphy, who hasn’t played in over a year and think you’re gonna get him back into his game on the fly while he’s the 3rd or 4th big man option. Now us Celtics die-hards are hoping and relying on the very fragile Shaq to make it the whole post season without injury, and it just as unnecessary as it is sad. With all the maneuvering Ainge did with Daniels, Robinson, Harrangody and Erdin, he could have gotten Corey Brewer to back up Paul and been able to get the money to pay the $2mill to get the very deserving Perkins. This will probably go down in the books…

    • todd says:

      this trade was about the future. ainge wasn’t sure if he could resign perkins and he doesn’t want to go straight to being a lottery team once the big 3 are all used up, and jeff green will be part of a nice core of rondo, green and davis once that happens. i know it might have hurt their chances for the title this year, but they got used to playing without perkins while he was hurt and are still one of the teams that definately can win it all this year. and if shaq gets healthy for a playoff run he can body up with anybody in the league, his bulk alone will wear on the other bigs in the playoffs.

  89. KB24 says:

    I know theres alot of talk about Perkins being traded but is everyone forgetting that they also traded away Nate Robinson? Dont get me wrong, Perkins was clearly more important to the Boston roster, but Nate Robinson was a spark off the bench, could put up points fast, and was a solid pg back up to rajon rondo. He spread the floor being able to hit the three consistently and he knew how to run the offense (remember Big Baby + Nate Robinson in the finals last year, part of the reason they won one of the games was because of these 2) I just dont understand why the GM shook up the roster the way he did, some could say it was a ballsy move but in my eyes it was a stupid one,”if it aint broke dont break it.”

  90. splash180 says:

    I dont believe the knicks is going to upset anybody with the way they’ve been playing lately celtics might be falling right now but they still win against all good teams i dont understand why rajon rondo cant shoot with ray allen on his team dont they practice together? i mean another gaurd that can shoot would help the offensive struggles they’re having.

  91. Dwight Schrute says:

    Honestly celtics blow, their so dumb why would they trade away there inside presence what are they going to do come playoff time

  92. Wolves says:

    I didn’t really understand the Perkins trade either, but the thing is the Celtics were red hot for the first few games following the trade. They really started to slump after their loss against the Clippers. I think the main the reason behind this is the O’Neals’ injuries and the consequential increase in playing time. Garnett and Baby have been averaging more minutes than their usual average following the Shaq injury, which is a problem as KG cannot handle all of that playing time due to his aging. With Baby, he does not have a lot of endurance so when he starts playing 30+ minutes a game, that’s a problem and also, he has been playing the center position a lot which is a HUGE problem since he is undersized.

    I think the Celtics main problem right now is that their core five players (this includes Baby) are exhausted. Rondo is literally playing the whole game as is Allen, since their backups cannot produce. I don’t understand why Doc hasn’t utilized Jeff Green, as Pierce’s production has not been that great lately while Green is showing why he was a fan favorite in OKC.

    At the end of the day, the Cs are playing with a seven man rotation and in a team with three players in their mid thirties, that’s going to wear a team down. That’s why I think when the O’Neals return, the Cs will be back to their beast ways. Just think, Kristic will have a backup in Shaq (or vice versa), Baby will backup KG and both will play less minutes, and Green backups up Pierce. West and Arroyo better bring their A games because limiting Rondo and Allen’s minutes will be essential for the Cs in order to get ring #2.

  93. Cho Zen WON says:

    THIS IS A NO-BRAINER!!!!!!!!

    I saw this coming on the day the trade happened!!!!!!!!!!


    Look at the space Perk provided fro Allen, Pierce and West to operate. It’s not so easy to get those wide open looks when you don’t have Perk clearing the way.

  94. Ares113 says:

    Man Im just glad the Lakers are looking great right now

  95. bostonian617 says:

    Nenad is a flimsy man out in the court. Perkins was a thug out there. No defense? NO WIN!
    Im a die hard celtics fan (I’ll continue being their fan no matter what). But the way they are playing now is truly sad.

  96. moujik says:

    I didn’t like Perk deal either. and what’s the point to ship cheap getting-used-to-the-system Erden and Haranguody and replace them with Murphy and Pavlovic?! Pavlovic!! Arroyo is a back up, but still.. He’s determined but unimaginative at PG.
    The real problem lately however has been Rondo. He’s walking the ball up the floor, directs traffic, waits and then shoots. Maybe it’s a good idea to expand your game and it can benefit the team, but do it on the training ground until you’re good.
    When you’re down a point and have 20-30 secs, it’s a good idea to score as soon as, and then rely on your D. Many times I see Cs wait till the last second until Pierce makes or brakes. How many games have we given away through negligence?
    Yeah, what’s most worrying – I see KG letting people score round the basket, like he never used to, and he’s not in foul trouble. I hope it doesn’t turn into 2 seasons ago, when Cs had enough and didn’t fancy meeting Cleveland.
    But why worry, the refs will give the title to Lakers again anyway.

  97. fer says:

    believe Celtics are aging faster than they think,and paying a price of a long season.They should rest KG,PP & Allen,the rest of the season,or at least play them less minutes.That way they might get a chance to beat any younger team on a seven game series ,like Bulls ,Magic or Heat

  98. OnetimeCelticfan says:

    I hope when the big three retires.. Rondo will not sign an extension with you and move to other teams, because maybe he’ll be like perk too traded for non-sense! you cud have traded west, Davis + Jermaine instead of him.. well, i don’t know its just a bad move. maybe next year Boston Celtics will be like Cavs or worst!!!

  99. Joe says:

    A round of applause for Danny Ainge!!! A BOSTON CELTIC PRIDE with a poor D-making Capacity!! poor Celtics now… i wish your in there to feel how they’re struggling inside the court while you are sitting in there!! Lol…

  100. Lmed says:

    Wooh! Great thing for Heat fans:D This gives the Heat a slightly better chance of winning that Semi-final match-up. Now I am a Heat fan, but that doesn’t mean I hate the Celtics. Their defense has gone down since letting Tom Thib go. And now with Perkins gone and only Jeff Green and Krstic to replace him? I’m not saying they aren’t good, they’re just nowhere near Perkins on the defensive side. Dwight Howard said so himself that the best defender who guards him is Perk. Shaq and Jermaine can’t stop Howard. They’re probably planning to foul him ’til his face turns purple. Even though that won’t happen since Chicago will likely take them out in the Semis match. Back to Miami now. They have a handful of Bigs who play B.I.G minutes, able to rotate in and out of the paint. They can run small with LeBron at the 4 spot and Joel Anthony at the 5. Now that Haslem is coming back during the Playoffs that’s even more size. Everyone says the Heat are to small and need a real Center, but the Heat are pretty good rebounders. They out rebounded the Lakers by 16 or something like that. Point is I don’t see the Celtics going to the Finals this year playing like this. Miami takes the Gold.

    • Pete says:

      I love those Miami fans – they actually need Boston to go into a 6-7 game slump before they actually start believing Miami has a chance of beating them.

      Miami are 0-3 against Boston and from what I recall Perkins only played in one of those games…and barely at that. Don’t get too excited just yet.

  101. peterk says:

    come on Celtics!concentrate!This trade seemed to have done the same damage to the team as an elephant would have done in a porcelain store. Really hope they can pick it up asap!

  102. joe says:

    The Celtic big three are not that old. They got a couple more years before they really start slowing down

  103. heh says:

    They will sweep the Knicks with or without the two O’neals. They will beat the Heat in six games if they have at least one of the O’neals. They could lose to the Heat if they don’t have the size advantage that they had all season.

    If they can get past the Heat, they will most likely beat the Bulls. Unless Rose has four spectacular games, the Bulls will probably lose to the Celtics in seven games.

    • ChiTown says:

      Rose isn’t they only player on the Bulls who is good believe it or not… Rose doesn’t need to have four spectacular games, He just needs to play solid, He’ll have a few great games but he doesn’t need to play all of’em great just solid- The Bulls Defense is awesome as most you Celtics fans know how Thibs is and if anything I think KG and the O’Neals will have to play really well in order for the Celtics to beat the Bulls due to how good they are in the paint…

  104. Sean says:

    Yes. Crubble. Crubble before our eyes Boston.Your 1 year dynesty is over. Doc Rivers is an excuse maker. Lakers were never at their full potential both times they met in Finals. But you didn’t see Phil make excuses that we didnt have Bynum in 2008(and ariza was just coming out of an injury) or that Bynum was playing at 60-70% of his capacity in 2010. As a laker fan I am disappointed that they made the trade. I would have loved to have seen them in the playoffs again so we could crush them, especially the way LA has been playing lately. The current LA team reminds me of the 2001 Lakers when they went 15-1 in the playoffs. Here we go again for a 3 peat!!!

    • todd says:

      phil jackson doesn’t have to make any excuses, you’re making enough for him. and any basketball player will tell you that after a few games in the league nobody is ever at 100%, everybody is playing through something when they’re on the court.

  105. Silver says:

    Celts are fine imo. teams go through slumps all the time and this team is good enough to get out of it before the playoffs.

  106. Ugh i Hate the celtics but lets be fareal people they are still the team to beat in the east okay they are in a funk nw but theyll get it turnt around they have to many veterans on that team that has been through this u cant just give up on them i would love to see them get knockd out the playoffs as soon as possible but they are going to b around fa a minute im pretty sure nobody thought they would be in the finals last year but suprise im not going to count them out until i see them out but they will get knocked out by miami or chicago or orlando ppl are sleeping on the magic an that kinda scares me

  107. Dave says:

    Trading Perk and Robinson destroyed them.It is not only their offense, their defense is a shamble as well.
    Perk was the center of this defense, they probably starting to realize it now.

    They are not going to be a major player for long long time.
    This season reaching 2th round will be an achivement.

    • Pete says:

      Keep going….

      Celtics have heard this all before – in 08, 09, 2000.

      Every year Boston have been hearing everyone telling them they didnt have the chemistry (08), that they were too old (09,2000) or a combintion of the two (this year).

      Every year to this point they have come out balling come playoff time and made all of the doubters pay for underestimating them.

      Every team this year has gone through a tough spot, theonly real exception being the Spurs (who are going through it now). Every team from Miami, to Chicago, to LA, to Dallas has goen through patches of the season where for about 6 0r 7 games they loosed like they had lost their grip… and every one of those teams broke out of it and came back with a vengance.

      The Elite teams are Elkite for a reason – everybody goes through tough spots, but the great teams always find a way to get themselves back on track.

      To all the other teams out there, I urge you to underestimate the Celtics at your own risk.

  108. disappointed Celtic says:

    The only good trade move would have been to trade Danny Ainge….

    • todd says:

      ainge has done a heck of a job. sure he hurt some feelings by sending away perkins, but he made a positive move for the future in jeff green, who could be a star once he gets his chance. perkins was the ultimate team player and solid on the post defense, but they didn’t know if they could resign him and they showed they could win games without him when he was hurt this year. they’re hall of famers aren’t going to be around forever, at some point they have to start thinking about the next era of boston celtics basketball and getting jeff green was a step in the right direction. only thing is the move made oklahoma city that much better too, their upside is off the charts.

  109. Lakers3peat says:

    All along these Celtics fans have quipped about how “if we only had Perkins we would have won” what’s it going to be this year.. “if we only had Perkins” all over again? lets not forget the whole “If we only had KG” the year before.. get it together Celtics fans.. stop making excuses for yourselves, you have a full roster now and lost your top seed, not only that but you also lost home court advantage against the Lakers, should it get to that point again in the finals again. step it up, we want you more than cryami or the bulls! rubber match FTW

    • Pete says:

      They would have beat you If Perkins played last year…though it can’t be scientifically proven technically, everybody knows it. Lakers fans know it too…they just don’t want to admit it.

      KG is Boston’s most important player – people strongly underestimate the impact he has on this team. He has the highest efficiency rating adn the highest +/- of all Boston players, In fact, KG’s efficiency rating this year is dead even with Kobe’s, and is actually higher on a per minute basis. Taking KG out of Boston islike taking Kobe off the Lakers…they’d be lucky to make the playoffs, and if they did they wouldn’t get past the first round.

      Losing Perk this season is no excuse – he only played 7 games for the Celtics, so they have had plenty of time to get used to playing well without him (and were the best team in the East without him for most the season).

      The finals last year was a different story because they had Perk in the lineup pretty much every single game for 3 straight years only to lose him midway throught he second last game of the NBA finals. It killed their entire chemistry – Boston weren’t prepared to win games without him in the lineup. It’s amazing that they took LA as close down the wire as they did, and the fact that they did so is a testament to the resilliance of that team.

      This year even if the Oneals don’t get healthy for the playoffs, they still have no excuse. They have played much of this season with Baby at the 5 so it’s somethign they have gotten used to, and with KG now 100% healthy he has help there – plus Kristic should come around (he’s fumbled a little the last few games).

  110. bostonboy says:

    umm hello every1 the celts r fine,we just goin through it right now.every1 doubted the celts last year and they turned it around and made it 2 the finals,even though they lost in the finals,they still made it not worried,we’ll get shaq back soon and jermaine o’neil back soon,and hopefully murphy eill make his presence felt sooner than later.we got all the peaces 2 the puzzle,we just goin through it right know.ohh and did any1 notice the spurs lost 2 in back up off boston.

  111. agjon_10 says:

    Boston started out the year without Perkins. they already know how to play without him. Their inconsistency now is their own fault and not because Perkins isn’t there anymore. Granted that Oneal’s big body was there to take intimidate opposing players but Perkins was never really a factor this season because he never really played for most of this season in a celtic uniform.

  112. DBBJ-HEAT FAN says:


    • LakersWillWin says:

      I guess a lot of people are fools. Miami is playing well against bad teams big deal. lets see how they perform against Boston and Chicago.

      • DBBJ-HEAT FAN says:

        “Miami is playing well against bad teams big deal” SINCE WHEN YOUR LAKERS ARE A BAD TEAM?????????????

      • Pete says:

        Lakers have a losing record against the elite teams in the NBA – so now they aren’t a bad team, but the have the same problem as Miami has against good teams…could have gone either way.

    • Gary says:

      Mentioning Miami gets people so upset; I love it! And yes to count Miami out would be foolish because it’s a close race for the 1st seed in the east and anything can happen.

    • Celtcs#1Fan says:

      Do you mean the heat and the Celtics? the Heat that are 0-3 against the Celtics… The heat will not make it to the championship with Lebron james this year..

  113. Ruben says:

    it is time to rebuild the celtic team we will soon have the room to sign superman and dominate the nba

    • todd says:

      if they could pull of that move and sign SUPERMAN in 2012 then everybody who said the perkin’s trade was a bad move would be rethinking that as boston would have a core of Dwight Howard, Jeff Green, Rajon Rondo and Big Baby Davis to head into the future with paul pierce contributing in his last few years. but dwight is going to have so many takers in 2012, it might be bigger than the lebron sweepstakes. lebron and dwight both impact a team on both ends of the floor and they both make teammates better with their presence, but the difference is Howard’s game will benefit if he gets to team with another superstar, if he teams with one of the all-world point guards in 2012 he’ll be the recipient of more easy baskets. lebron and wade actually sacrificed part of their game to team together.

      • Pete says:

        The difference is that Howard makes his teams better, and Lebron makes everyone around him worse.

  114. Chris says:

    The Celtics will be fine. Shaq and Jermaine have been resting.

  115. RC says:

    It is pay now or pay later. The Celtics made a huge irreversible mistake. Perkins will be greatly missed and will cost the Celtics the opportunity to beat the Heat and Lakers in the end. What were they thinking? Very dumb and stupid move.

    • ChiTown says:

      I wouldn’t just worry about the Heat in that little arguement, The Magic and The Bulls are very treacherous teams to play in the Post-Season. All the Big-Four Teams have their weaknesses, The Heat are the most glaring with a soft center and no bench- The Magic have holes in different spots- The Bulls have a poor 2-guard although the bench and defense more than makes up for the lack of Offense…

      The point is danger is everywhere in the second round of the playoffs for everybody but if I was a Celtics fan I wouldn’t panic, They’re proven Champs and Winners and they’ll do exactly that when put to the test.

  116. Dopstad says:

    If the celtics can do the same thing this playoff aswell, i would say the lineup is much greater except for the bench PG n SF

  117. Charlie says:

    Yo….. have faith in boston…. you know these fella will crank it when it comes to the playofffs…. and as far as the knicks… beating us….. please….gimme what your smoking

  118. it's funny says:

    Yeah right. Just keep pounding them and they will strike back with even more force.

    Although I have to admit trading Perkins gives bad karma. But that’s totally fine with me, I like him better in OKC. Now we know that he actually can smile!

  119. WoopdeDoo says:

    The Celtics are looking really bad now, and it’s getting ugly fast.

    But in the end the Celtics are guaranteed a playoff spot, even if they drop to 3 or 4.

    Opposing teams underestimate the Celtics at their own risk.

  120. chas says:

    anyone else notice the smiley face at the top right?

  121. Richie Onix says:

    Celtics need to use their weapons which are 3 point shooters. They need to get DWest to play aggressive like when he was on the Cavaliers doing alley-ops on against the Celtics. Troy Murphy can stretch the floor along with Jeff Green and Ray Allen. Celtics will get it together by the playoffs just watch.

    • kaburata says:

      The team the lives with 3’s..dies with 3’s.. Still triangle offense is the best. I’ll take LAKERS triangle high percentage offense against Celtics’ 3pt shooting(low percentage). offense.

  122. than says:

    BOSTON 17

  123. than says:



  124. smart says:

    yeah damn u danny ainge !! they added good players but even when they could make it to the finals eventually (which i doubt) they will have an imense problems with the size of the lakers also if they meet howard in the eastern conference Perk was pure 1 on 1 defense without asking for anything

  125. Rajon Rondo owns1!!! says:

    remember las year people boston did the same thing .boston will do nothing diffrent from last year exept this year thell beat the team that gets to he finals.their fakin everything shut up all u boston haters go get a life!!!!!1

    • kaburata says:

      I love to see lakers get their sweet 17 against the boston..but i don’t think thats going to happen..I say LAKERS vs the MAGIC again in the finals….

  126. laura pinto says:

    even though they are struggling their are still dedicated to go for banner 18

  127. Qwerty says:

    Sure the Celtics have been through a rough stretch since the all-star break, but so did the team last year and look where they wound up– one win away from an NBA Championship. Every Celtics team during the big-three-era has had a stretch of time similar to the one the current team is going through now. As a veteran team the goal is simple: make it through the regular season with as few injuries as possible and come playoff time, do work. Although the Celtics are stumbling into the playoffs, I still believe they will turn it around when it matters most. Come playoff time no team in the eastern conference will be able to hang with the Celtics.

  128. celtic says:

    while we all focus on the fact that perk is gone, we all forget there have been three players out since his departure: von wafer, shaq, and jermaine. boston’s bench since the trade has been cut short because of their new players’ lack of celtic experience, that includes delonte west too. boston’s going through a rough patch, not falling in a hole.
    those stats about efficiency with perkins, its ridiculous. perk only played how many games before being traded? if you want a strong argument that boston’s offense struggling without him, maybe you should argue that their offense was better when perk returned rather than a pre-perkins trade season statistic because before perk was traded shaq was in the starting line up. their winning record was a result of shaq in the starting line up for most of the season, not perkins. and last time i checked, shaq was still in boston. sure i love perkins, but im not worried as long as shaq and jermaine come back.

  129. Sistahin Syracuse says:

    All other teams are wondering what Ainge was doing – and smiling and thanking him. What an awful, awful trade! This was even worse than going out and getting two busted O’Neils. I am utterly disgusted by this!

  130. Tobias_WETZ_Germany says:

    Numbers don’t lie, true… But… just watch their games… Besides the game against NYK, the last games of the celtics really looked bad… No powerful defensive Play, sleeping in some situations, no energy on ofense… Green and Kristic made really good games and they can give a lot to this team… I loved Perk, but focus on the acual stuff… All other guys have to make better games, Big Tickets, Jesus and The Truth should play on a level again, where it is allowed to get their nicknames … The guy making a Big 4 out of this triplet has to make some fancy plays and produce a will to score when he gets open… C’s, please turn on your game, it really hurts watching the games right now… I am sure all of those guys can do a little better…
    Still, everbody’s hoping to get Shaq and Jermaine back on track… Shaq’s impact in his minimized minutes was kind a good…

  131. Celtic fan says:

    Trading Perk was not a good idea in the first place. i am a celtic fan since i was 6 so it bothers me when bad decisions are made. i think the lineup now is having hard time dispatching lowly teams, how much more the likes of SAS, LAL, MIA, DAL and CHI. it may be bad to watch but i would remain to be a celtic fan. the ball is round anyway…

  132. Casey says:

    Boston’s going to the finals. I don’t care what all you media cat’s say. You guy’s all look so stupid. I don’t know how you guys get hired. I could do a better job anyday. Boston all the way!

  133. Sarkies says:

    I completely agree with Prix and Zzanzabar. The Celtics are struggling more now than they ever have since obtaining Allen and Garnett. They traded away a good thing for that team. A big. Shaq and Jermaine aren’t their old selves and Kristic is not an upgrade nor an equal replacement for Perkins. The Thunder seem to be a lot better with Perkins but the Celtics are struggling. Thank you Celtics. Now you just made it easier for the Bulls to role on right by you to the NBA Finals 😀

    • todd says:

      i’d never count out the celtics with all their experience, those hall of famers can turn on the switch when the playoffs start. but chicago has impressed me. derrick rose gets all the credit and he has been great, but john paxson has put together a masterpiece. he brought in boozer, the 18-10 post player that every team looks for to play the inside game when they have to. they have 3 point specialists in kyle korver, cj watson and keith bogans has been deadly from long range as well. he brought in a perimeter defensive stopper in ronnie brewer to go along with the defensive minded center joakim noah, who also happens to be one of the league’s best rebounders and emotional leaders. then they have asik, taj gibson and kurt thomas coming off the bench as bigs, and they make the most of their minutes. gibson is getting close to 2 blocks a game in his 20 minutes and asik is filling in at center nicely during noah’s breathers, averaging 4 rebounds and almost an entire block in just 12 minutes a game. luol deng is extremely underrated at SF, how many teams can say their 3rd option gets them 18 points a night. and he’s that second player that can create for himself. throw the superstar derrick rose in the mix, a point guard that gets to the rim and finishes as well as anybody in basketball, and you have a solid team top to bottom for close to the next decade. with boston getting older, dwight howard possibly leaving orlando in 2012 and miami crippled by that 3rd huge salary for chris bosh the heat are poised to dominate in the east.

  134. chris111111 says:

    thats why when you are a contender you should never make big the celtics are not much a favorite to play LA in finals this june and watch out MIAMI seems really focused and i think long as they can beat the bulls, they will be the team to play LA

  135. Celtics Celtics... says:

    I agree with Zzsanzbar.. after the Cetlics traded away Perkins.. they’ve lost the mystique of being a tough defensive team.. Perkins and Garnett clogged up the lanes .. which made it hard for opposing guards to score in the lane. Now their title hopes depends on a aging Shaq and Kristic are you kidding me… ? lol if the Celtics make it to the finals this year.. they probably going to get out rebounded again by whoever comes out of the west.. i would say its either Lakers, Mavs, or Spurs.. most likely.

  136. Zzanzabar says:

    How many times have we heard about how a NBA team is as much about chemistry as it is about talent. In fact that is all we heard when it came to the Heat (and now the Knicks) when they were (are) having problems. If ANY team exemplified the concept of chemistry it is the Boston Celtics. On the surface they seem to be a team of aging stars and superstars that should be ready for the retirement home, not the playoffs, but with their particular mix of aged experience (Pierce, Allen, and KG) and youthful energy (Perkins, Davis, Big Baby) under Doc as coach they were a true force in the NBA.

    Actually the Celtics were more than a force, they were a FAMILY of players. To give up Perkins is truly beyond my understanding, especially for what he eventually signed up for in OKC. Perkins was making a paltry (for a good center) 5.5 million a year as a key STARTER for a NBA Finals team. Every fan of the team really believes that if he was there for game 7, it would have been the Celtics with the trophy rather than the Lakers (I don’t believe that, but even Doc Rivers quipped that the Lakers have not beaten their ‘full’ team). Lamar Odom comes off of the bench for the Lakers and earns 9.8 million. Perkins settled for an OKC contract of approx. 7.5 million per year. Are you telling me that Boston couldn’t pony up the extra 2 or 3 million for their so-called ‘key’ defensive stopper? Or at LEAST wait to see how things shook out.

    I believe that the Celtics are now paying the price defensively for their penny-pinching short sightedness. Teams actually feared going down the middle with Perk in there, now it is a dunkfest. Maybe the Celtics are suffering offensively because Perk is no longer there for the offensive rebound that he would then place in the right hands for the score. Yeah Boston got it together last year to make it to the NBA Finals, but that was with their “FULL” team.

    • Q says:

      Totally agree. It’s still mind boggling that the Cs let Perkins go but I know D-Howard will appreciate the move.

    • allen says:

      They struggled last year as well in the reg season stop over reacting—they will get both O’neals come playoffs. Untill I see a team handle them in playoffs im not worried. They can turn it on in playoffs it is what they do—its a veteran team with a lot of new players—Give them time

    • chris says:

      the celtics were way over the cap and therefore they couldnt go over it any more. and if you just read this article they are playin the same defensivly just there offense has been worse.

    • celtics247 says:

      there defance is fine it has noting to do with that there offence is having problems so it has noting to do with the perkins trade

      • joshpolk says:

        It has all to do with the Perkins trade he set great pick they don’t get anymore. He got offensive rebounds. And he did notneed to shoot the ball the players they got do messes up offensive chemistry.

    • celtics247 says:

      it has noting to do with d there o is having problems it has noting to do with the trade every team struggles at one point and people make a big deal out of it

    • benmkapa says:

      Nice analyze and you forgot to mention that crazy Nate was feeting well out the bench.ok undersized for defense but i fell he was really part of the family and him + shaq is funny to see

    • Adel says:

      Zzanzabar, I completely agree. Right when I saw this trade, I knew the Celtics wouldn’t benefit from it. I expected this to happen. Perkins is a great center, and underrated offensively in my opinion. This would be like the Lakers (I am a Lakers fan, by the way) trading away Bynum. You lose size, shot blocking (and defense in general), and offensive ability that cannot be replaced.

      By the way, I love reading your comments on the NBA blogs. They always seem right on point.

      • Kingsfan says:

        @Adel – I agree that Zz’s posts are fairly well thought out and put together. However, don’t praise him on this one. There are a lot of holes in his topic. Was the trade good for Boston? Of course not, but they got something for nothing pretty much. They weren’t going to be willing to pay Perkins what he wanted in the off season so they got a key piece for their rebuilding (green). Now the post is about their offense, if you look at the stats it’s not about their Defense at all. Granted losing Perk did hurt their offense because of the picks, offensive boards and Perk’s not needing the ball in his hand to run the offense. However, Celtics just aren’t making shots. Does this mean they are in trouble in the playoffs? I don’t believe so. It’s like the Lakers, until the C’s are beaten they are the Eastern Conference champs. I do think they will have a rougher go at it this year. Miami in 2nd round will be a good series and Chicago in the ECF will be a series for the ages!

        I wouldn’t count out the Celtics yet, remember when everyone did that last year? What did they do? Only take the Finals to a game 7!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      As much as Boston is struggling now, I still believe Doc will have them ready for the playoffs. Look at how good of a coach Thibs has been, you know he’s learned it all from Doc. Doc is one of the greatest NBA coaches ever and I believe come playoff time the Celtics will be ready to fight. It would be such a shame if this trade ruined their last chance at getting to the finals after all the hard work, time, and effort they have put in this season making sure they were the top seed. Bad move Danny Ainge, bad move.

    • Read this!!! says:

      so… why were the Celtics so successful at the beginning of the season before the 7, yes 7, games Perkins started?

      who was grabbing offensive rebounds then? who was scoring in the paint? who was protecting the paint? why did the celtics win so many games without Perk?

      people are OVERREACTING to the Perkins trade.

      These guys just need to be on the same page with the new guys, which they can, and they will. BUT they also need to give at least a slight EFFORT to win games. I’ve been watching every single game by the Celtics this year, and I know they aren’t playing at their best, and the Big 4 have a lot of responsibility in that sense.

      • Celtcs#1Fan says:

        And they were doing fine when he left.. they were 3-1 on that road trip.. Its a slump that every team has gone threough

    • todd says:

      i really think if perkins had played in game 7 the celtics would be the champions. it was a close game without him and kobe was off, if perkins had been in i’m sure he would have slowed some of the production of the laker’s big men. i think they lost by 2 or 3, he could easily have been responsible from taking 6 or 7 points from gasol odom and bynum and that’s the difference in the game. alot of speculation though, what’s done is done and laker’s deserve their title.

      • kaburata says:

        Celtics still wouldn’t be a champion if Perks had played. Celtics stopped playing on the 4th quarter.. Rasheed was the only one who was scoring..they just quit playing.

    • bratnix says:

      well in 2008, bynum was not in the finals and ariza was only 50%, so the celts also have not played with any of the lakers starters. also in 2010, bynum was only 70% with a knee brace. cmon lakers are the superior team hands down.

      • bratnix says:

        and now doc traded away Perkins? he ate his own words, the celts believe that perk is not the x-factor accept that dudes

      • todd says:

        doc didn’t trade anybody, danny ainge did. doc stated repeatedly that his starting 5 of rondo, allen, pierce, garnett and perkins hadn’t lost a playoff series.

    • bratnix says:

      also in 2008, celts have not beaten the lakers full tem coz bynum was out and ariza was 50%. cmon lakers were the superior team hands down. however, i still think they will come out of the east but i don’t fear them against the lakers anymore because they are now weak as hell.

      • kaburata says:

        Perks or without Perks..they still suck! they always give up every 4th quarter of the game.

      • Pete says:

        Umm…Celtics are actually one of the best late game teams in the NBA…

        It’s usually the start of the gamewhere they let themselves get behind. In the fourth quarter they usually come alive andshut teams down completely. Last couple of games it was either too little too late, or just didnt happen
        at all.

        I don’t know if it’s the physical loss of Perkins (i.e. his production and play) so much as the mental loss of perkins (i.e. the personality) that has effected them the most. The Celticshave been together now with that starting unit + big baby for about 4 years and year by year they have fought their battles together. It’s like a group of soldiers who spend 4 years at war every day covering each other’s backs – by the time you come out of it you’re like brothers.

        You saw the emotional impact the Perkins trade had on the celtics lockerroom straight after – first game after the trade they were like a different team. Even KG (normally the teams energiser) just looked emotionally deflated and Rondo looks like he’s just given up completely.

        This Boston team, with or without the Oneal’s, unquestionably has the pure talent to win a championship. There are 10 guys on that team who are legitimate starting lineup material on many other teams (Kristic, KG, Pierce, Allen, Rondo, Baby, Green, Delonte, Murphy, Arroyo) and that’s not even counting the two Oneals – add them in and you have a 12 man deep roster of guys who are starter-caible players.

        What I see right now is a group of guys who have gone through some big changes – they’ve had 2 or 3 new guys thrown into their family and people expecting them to trust and know them like brothers immediately…but it doesn’t work that way.

        How Boston play right now isn’t a reflection of the potential quality of this team – when this team of guys has played 20 games together, have had a chance for the newguys to buy into the system, and start trusting in each other…then you’ll see the real team.

        Maybe it’ll be as great as it was before, maybe it will never reach that again…maybe it will be far better. Green, Murphy, Kristic, Arroyo and Pavlovic is a much stronger collection of players then Perkins, Robinson, Erden and Harangody. Jeff Green and Big Baby have the potential to be the best 1-2 punch of any second unit in the league – two guys who(once settled together) can easilly give you 14+ PPG apiece every single night, while Delonte gives them leadership and toughness in the backcourt.

        Anyone who thinks Boston lack ability right now is kidding themselves – they have FAR more outright talent right now then any other team including the Lakers…it’s just getting that talen to ‘click’ together that is the concern/

      • sandile says:

        makes 1 wonder why they traded Perks if their 1st five never lost a playoff series. Come crunch time Bosh, Horward r going to benefit with this trade.

  137. prix says:

    I wont be surprise if the Knicks upset them in the playoffs…and too bad for the Boston fans they totally got the omen for a dirty strategy of their team…they should’nt have traded Perk atleast they stay till the second round…

    • lakers says:

      shut up jk

      • LAfan says:

        @lakers…lol..anoher fake Laker fan, You see how Boston play this past few weeks, its seems that they there big4 dont exist, losing to the Bobcats w/o Jackson and in the Boston Garden is a disgrace even Bobcats players dont believe they win, Pierce missing both FT and shot an open, and Garnett have been block by Cunningham after shoving Agustine thats a karma..the way they play I would say NY play better even both team are losing

    • goceltics says:

      The Celtics might get upset in the playoffs… but by the Knicks? Have you paid attention to how poorly they’ve played lately?

    • todd says:

      i don’t see new york beating them in the playoffs, they may have lost perkins but they’re still a defensive minded team and defense wins in the playoffs. they’re future hall of famers will turn that switch on come playoff time.

    • Imad Akel says:

      to prix:
      LMAO the knicks are doing worse than anyone in the league right now

      to LAfan: omg lol what about 3 weeks ago when the lakers were losing you weren’t talking back then?

      save your words till after the spurs crush you with their home court advantage…