Delayed Sticker Shock In N.Y.

You know, the Carmelo Anthony deal might ultimately work. He’s got a big name, he can score, and he has people buying those zillion-dollar courtside seats at the Garden.

But the price it took to get ‘Melo keeps getting steeper and steeper.

Anthony Randolph stepped in for Kevin Love and scored 31 points Thursday. OK, sure, it’s the dog days of late March, when teams stop playing defense. And Randolph did this for the Timberwolves. And it was just one game. All true.

But if he turns out to be more than a stiff on the bench, which was his role under coach Mike D’Antoni in New York, then add him to the impressive bodies the Knicks gave up to get ‘Melo in the three-team deal with Denver and Minny.

D’Antoni had no use for Randolph, who came to the Knicks from the Warriors last summer in the sign-and-trade for David Lee. And that in itself was strange, because Randolph appeared to be an ideal D’Antoni player, somebody who could run the floor and score. That’s what he did for the Warriors, where he blossomed in spurts. He had his flaws, of course, but his potential was largely untapped. Instead, Randolph fell quickly out of favor and spent his brief time with the Knicks as trade bait, since it was apparent D’Antoni wasn’t a big fan.

So now he’s in Minny, where he might be one of the few keepers the Wolves have (Randolph, Love, Wesley Johnson and perhaps Mike “Super Cool” Beasley). With Love out probably for s the season to protect a sore groin, Randolph can begin auditioning for next season.

So let’s add up the ‘Melo price: Randolph, Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Raymond Felton (yeah, I know the Knicks also got Chauncey Billups). Taken individually, none of those guys are as good as ‘Melo. But they’re doing well collectively in Denver and Randolph, so far, in Minny.

As for ‘Melo … it was his thirst for money that caused the Knicks to pay a steep price. Had he simply waited until this summer to sign, instead of pushing for a trade before the deadline so he could ink the extension now, the Knicks would be a contender by either keeping those players or trading them later for other assets.

Of course, not knowing what the new labor agreement will be, he could have cost himself a few million by waiting. It’s all about priorities, and ‘Melo put getting paid above all else. That’s fine. Just don’t complain if the Knicks can’t provide help in the near future.


  1. Thunder K-Perk says:

    Knicks won a game!!! Yeaahhhhhh, go Melo you rock so hard!!! I’m so glad my team doesn’t play in the East. In the East you can lose 6 games straight down the stretch and still not be endanger of missing the playoffs, not to mention having a losing record.

  2. FFT says:

    You know, maybe if Melo stayed quiet, he might still be in denver.The front office knew through media that melo wanted to leave when he talked ’bout it w/cp3 & STAT(<–Is this true?) . The knicks would then be able to acquire him through free agency once he leaves denver..

  3. lnyffenegger says:

    Well, waiting to be a free agent and leave would have left the Nuggets without anything. To sign the big contract was as well a mean for Melo to reward the Nuggets and leave them as competitve as possible…

  4. Vlad says:

    “he could have cost himself a few million by waiting”. Poor guy…he could have lost millions to add to his allready to many millions he has right now.

    I really like the guy but he has prooven his main concern is not to win, but to grow his fame,cash in as much as possible and put up nice scoring numbers.

  5. Max Wohlman says:

    Everyone says horrible trade, or Melo is overrated, or D’antoni should be fired. The last one is true but the Knicks were 2 games above 500 everyone acts like we broke up a championship contender like the Celtics did with Perkins but nope we rebuilt a mediocre team. The Nuggets were better before the trade and with all their depth and talent now it’s not surprising why they would be better now. Melo is certainly not overrated he is a scoring machine, he just has to blend in with the team and build chemistry, they’re on a skid now but they are getting better, aspects of their game are getting better. And people like Shelden Williams, and Anthony Carter are coming alive. Give them time the trade will payoff. Get ready for a 7 game first round series with the Celtics.

  6. mr sensible says:

    Lol. Are you guys serious? New York Knicks had a 28-26 record going into the All-star break. God knows if they would have made the playoffs, and everybody is ready to crucify them for obtaining Two players to bring a winning brand of Basketball for years to come? The plan is to build on this, and believe me, Carmelo and Chauncey could have probably ended up in Miami and still wouldnt have beaten the Lakers for the championship. Next year when they load up on Big men, then you will see why getting Carmelo was important. Denver could make the conference finals and New York get ousted in the first round, and it still wont matter. New York is built for a magical season. 6 straight losses and still in my mind, if they get it together for 1 month, they can find themselves playing in the conference finals.

  7. Alejandro Perez says:

    70% money and 30% leaving from Denver. No disrespect but who wants to be in Denver anyway. If you don’t think so all you need to do is look @ Danilo’s face and you will see nothing but sadness. Is always about money that is way they call professional athletes. They will get it right by next season…

    • Nuggets Fan says:

      thats pretty messed up i think if ur with a good team in a crappy city then ur fine denvers actually a great city to tell u the truth id never want to play if i were an nba player with the san antonio spurs for one i hate the spurs and for 2 the city of san antonio absolutly sucks i dont see sadness in gallos face hes absolutly getting praised here we even have a replacement for when we used to shout out MELLLOOOO when he scored when galinari scores we shout out GALLOOOOOO denvers taking good care of him wilson feltonmozgov everyone dont worry about it

  8. bojo says:

    yes is was the money. all those saying it wasnt just dont know what happens behind close doors. if he didnt maybe be a free agent and the sign for minimum? this was the best place for him, his family. money wise. bonus would be to win games but championships will never come. his game doesnt add up to d’ antoni style. yes he is an elite player hands down but what d’antoni style need is defence. needs tough guys like chandler, amare can do the scoring but wont grab the rebounds, doesnt defend well. run and gun stops when the ball gets stuck at melos hands

  9. Aaron says:

    Melo is so overrated. I love it when you read headlines like “Knicks lose despite Carmerlo’s 35” or something to that effect, cos you know the Knicks would have won if Melo hadn’t been such a ball hog. The Knicks traded for him cos he can earn them money with his “superstar status”, just like some teams were doing with Iverson when he was on his way out. In the back of their minds I’m sure the management all knew the team was taking a hit.

  10. Tenki says:

    This is what NY wanted, this is what ‘Melo wanted, this is what New York fans wanted: have STAT and ‘Melo, two of the NBA’s superstars, playing on the same page in MSG. However, there is a twist: the results that they have now aren’t the things all of them wanted. Dropping so many games approaching the playoffs to the point where you fall three games below .500 brings so much frustration from the expectations and the hype this team has garnered. New York fans used to say all season long that Miami is not an elite team despite having two of the world’s best players. Guess what: at least Miami knows how to play defense. I might sound biased, but with the way NY is playing, it’s very likely to see Boston own NY in the playoffs, with KG and Rondo burning them down.

    I don’t see anything wrong with NY losing half of its roster just to acquire ‘Melo. Miami lost but two of their original roster, and yet they are still in contention for the number one seed in the East, despite their previous struggles. The only difference that I see between NY and Miami is the coaching philosophy. You can tag Spoelstra as ‘inexperienced’ unlike D’Antoni, but Spoelstra emphasized that their team has to play defense to win games, unlike D’Antoni.

  11. Heatfan says:

    Are u Serious if u think. Carmelo Anthony is the better scorer in the nba and the most versitale nba player wow u must really love him.. I can name a lot of players right now that is more of a scorer and more versitale the anthony. Don’t get me started. Carmelo is a good offense of plarer not the best.U cannot say Carmelo is better than Wade lol no he is not. Carmelo does posses the fundamentals like him. Carmelo Anthony needs to work on a lot of things in his game. Yea he can score but he cannot take over a game like D-Wade, D-Rose, L-James. Those players can win games for u on any givin night. I am so sick of tired of the fans of Carmelo Anthony saying he is the best player in the nba get off his balls and reallize. and realize that knicks won’t be as good as everyone thinks until he improves his defense dramaticlly and quit having the ball stick in his hand and needs to realize that this isn’t his team it is stouds team. Knicks is going to be good but not great.

  12. fossilhippie says:

    I was astounded that New York decided they couldn’t wait until next year to get Anthony without losing half their team. Well, on second thought, this is a team that’s still flirting with Isaiah Thomas and actually traded a handful of draft picks and players for Eddy Curry.

  13. knoudontfool says:

    The trade was too late. Knicks kept draggin their feet with this. Once reports came out that he was looking to book, grab him up dont wait til a deadline. Same goes for D Williams, why didnt the Knicks try to get him during all star weekend, when reports came out that he was leaving Utah when his contract expires ? Idiots !!!

  14. subc71 says:

    instead of buying Melo, they should have signed a new coach. One that knows what good D means for the game.

  15. Big T says:

    Of course it was about money and fame. Melo wanted to be with a big market where him and his wife would be in the “spotlight”. He wanted to be noticed as a Star and didn’t think he would get that in Denver. Melo is a great player but he has never been consistent as he is showing in New York. Now that he is in New York in the “spotlight” everyone sees what Denver saw for awhile. I like Melo, but I dont think he will ever be better than what he is now.

  16. Jacob says:

    You see now?Nuggets are doing just fine without melo’.I mean he’s selfish.And now the knicks have got to deal with it.

  17. Steve-o says:

    Well.. the problem i see for the knicks.. is.. 1. they get out rebounded all the time.. 2. obviously have no difference most of the time.. 3. don’t have a player that does the dirty work ( unless you count Turiaf.. ). Obviously.. even though the Nuggets are doing better then the Knicks at the moment.. i don’t see the nuggets winning a playoff series against the OKC thunder. The thunder has a go to guy in Kevin Durant if the games are close which they probably will be and.. Denver has just good players which makes them a deep team. Even though the Nuggets now have pieces and picks to contend in the future..

  18. Ballfan says:

    Am pretty surprised with all the hoopla accorded to the so-called multi star teams. Honestly, we can say all we want of this trade and the consequences that it has had and will have, Much like the cases of Cleveland, Washington, Boston and Toronto, but at the end of the day, who wins championships will be the determining factor here. I mean, these organizations and the the players they deal with are not making these moves to disturb the hornets’ nest of public opinion, they’re doing this to win championships. Same with the Rockets (Barkely, Olajuwon, Drexler) and the Lakers (Shaq, Brant, Malone, Payton), the point can be contended that a lot of these players were past their primes when they made the switch but the names in those transactions were anything but like the Lee’s, Chandler’s and Beasley’s that we’ve seen unfurl this season. Push comes to shove, when they’re making these moves to win. Some of ‘em are getting the Ws, some are falling miserably behind. But like any major sport, all the babble and “I-know-more-than-you-do” squabbles are answered by the teams that hold up the trophies. Opinions and speculations are great, but does anyone even talk about the 90′s Karl Malone – John Stockton – Jeff Hornacek (not disrespecting these talented trio, it was, simply, the Jordan era…again) anything outside the pick and roll? You can build your team with superstars and all, but unless you’re hoisting up a trophy after the season’s over, it doesn’t amount to much.

  19. ChuckyFE says:

    Anthony Randolph never got playing time as a Knick because he’s all potential but has no enthusiasm or work ethic. I’ve heard so many stories from writers such as Alan Hahn who said they’ve seen Anthony Randolph put in little-to-no effort into practice which is why his playing time was so sparse and when he did get playing time he would play without intelligence and throw up bad shots. Even if he does end up being something special, he was never going to do anything for the Knicks.

  20. brandon631 says:

    i love how the knicks are failing soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much they are not Miami


    The NYKnuckleheads made the blockbuster trade in an effort to improve the VISITOR’S record. The Knuckleheads owner is definitely bringing Republican talents to the fore.

  22. den says:

    friggin losers the knichs ARE

    • RIOT says:

      just watch the Knicks trash Boston in the playoffs. Boston cant even defeat the Bobcats w/o Jackson, dirty old Boston team

  23. 33rdn8th says:

    Come on. Please stop saying the Knicks “gut the team” Man for man. Gallo v. Melo? What would you do? Even if Melo sign’s at the end of the season, Galo wouldn’t play more than 10 mins per game. Wil Chandler, If the knicks wait until the offseason, when Chandler is also a FA, he wouldn’t be back. Felton, I loved, but he was a two year project anyway, and Chauncey is an upgrade, no matter the age. Movgov? Come on, he will go down in history more for the Blake Griffin Dunk than for anything he does to contribute to a winner.

    Curry, who cares, and Randolph is a 4 only. Can’t play or stick a 5, so where was his value when you have an all star 4?

    That all said, where was the “gut” of the team and how are they worse off? The only difference, which no talking head mentions is that STAT was at one time the leader of this team, but he has defered. The team has no leadership. That is the only problem.

    • Gary says:

      Having a deep team with Melo would have boosted NY’s chances of winning a title BIG TIME. They gave up alot of defense just to pick up a big name scorer. Good strategy if he can out shoot the opposition every night but in the playoffs (and right now) it just won’t work.

  24. Paul J, Liverpool UK says:

    NY will never get it right until they start to prioritise some D. Suire, STAT and Melo putting up 50 a night can be very entertaining, but I reckon the 60 pts per game being put up by Rose, Booz and Luol in Chicago is more impressive as they can choke the opposition at the other end. Even Booz is buying into the D a bit thanks to Coach T. Everyone knows Bostons D can be the best when they turn it on. The Knicks just don’t have the personnel nor does D’Antoni have the will. Melo can play some D, but STAT should be pulling down 12 boards a game. They need an anchor.

  25. ariel_1 says:

    In the end the Knicks was forced to get Melo.
    If they dont get him on the trade deadline he could be a net right now.
    As Denver said they would not want Melo to be a free agent, with that, they need to trade him in the deadline whether to the Knicks or to the Nets. and the Knicks was forced to give up so much because the Nets offer is also very high.

  26. Zzanzabar says:

    Don’t you just love it when people slant their opinions with negative imagery? First, if ‘all’ Melo was interested in was the money then he would be a Net now. Maybe its that ‘reporters blind sight’ that allow you to miss that fact. If he signed with Jeresy then he would have gotten the same amount of money AND would have been in Brooklyn in a couple of years, so obviously money wasn’t ALL he wanted. Second, since when is it a BAD thing to make a BUSINESS deal that net you an extra 2 to 3 million dollars per year. The NBA is a business (or so everyone tells us fans) so to some how paint Carmelo as ‘greedy’ or ‘selfish’ (that was what the SLAT of the article implied) is dubious.

    From the moment that Anthony said that he wasn’t going to sign his extension then the ‘ball’ was in the owners hands. They could have waited or done a sign and trade, but Carmelo couldn’t dictate who would be traded to whom, he just had to wait it out. No one FORCED NY to give up what they did (and from what I heard they could have kept a key player or two if they wanted), but the coach saw a chance to put an offensive piece into his flawed ‘winning’ (yeah, he got to the finals one time with is style of play but that was a fluke) formula so they went for it.

    Losing Melo freed up the other players on the Nuggets and they are exploding on to the scene, adding Anthony to the Knicks has created a logjam where the ball tends to ‘stick’ rather than move (something that Billups was supposed to cure with his experience but no one listens to him) and since neither Amare nor Anthony are what you would call rebounders or defensive minded, other teams are taking advantage. The Knicks will shake it all out but I don’t know if they can do it this year.

    • Kingsfan says:

      Well I don’t think I would totally disregard Shaun’s opinions. I do agree that the Knicks were the ones who were foolish in giving up so much, but Melo could have waited. Yes couple million dollars is a lot of money but having a team that your going to gut their whole roster before you get there wasn’t worth it.

      It’s funny how much this whole trade has brought so much attention. Are either team in contention for a title this year? Will either be next? Yes Melo is a so called superstar, but does he have a ring? I agree Melo’s decision to do it now was a smart move for him with the lock out looming. And I also agree it wasn’t all about the money because he would have landed a bigger pay day in NJ. However, I don’t see any near future that see’s the Knicks getting a ring or even winning a Eastern Conference finals. But on the flipside, Denver isn’t in that future either.

      • Jake says:

        If he really wanted money he would have signed an extension, or negotiated a new deal, with Denver. They could have offered him the most money, and who knows what type of deal he’ll get with NY after the new CBA comes out.

      • 33rdn8th says:

        It was completely about money. If it weren’t Melo would still be a Nug, and left in free agency. $65M guarenteed is why he left when he did. If the owners get their way in the new CBA and take on the NHL model, and add the franchise tag, Melo would be at least 6.5M short (because of the 10% reduction), and he could be trapped in Denver (Because of the tag). NY is his team, so were able to give him a max entension. That was the whole point of the trade. He would only sign an extension with the knicks, so no matter how much the nets were offering, he would have only been a rental.

        Now, again, who is one player, that the knicks gave up that will even be in the league in 5 years? None will ever be all-stars. They didn’t give up too much. The knicks problem is the one that no one ever mentions, STAT. He was the leader, but once Melo comes aboard, he defers? WTF? Cant really blame Chauncey because of the injury. He is really only playing his 10th game with this team. The problem is effing STAT. Where has he gone? Why isn’t he getting in people’s faces about effort? He used to do that to Wil Chandler, Galo and Felton. So where is it now?

      • prix says:

        I don’t think its money…His ego was hurt when the Denver start to negotiate w/ the Nets for Him as the face of the franchise…He felt betrayed..that’s why he wants to leave sooner….and Knicks is his best option…

      • prix says:

        it wasnt the money…its his ego being hurt when the Nuggets start to talk of trading him to the nets and before that with the clippers…the Nuggets want to dispose Carmelo secretly thats why he felt betrayed by the franchise being him as there superstar…thats the reason he wants to leave sooner and not wait till the end of the season

    • Gary says:

      I agree. This wasn’t about money for Melo.

      • McLovin says:

        I agree that is wasn’t about money at all for Melo. Then he just would have re-signed with Denver when they presented the option or he would be very upset in Jersey right now. Either way, people are forgetting who the true cancer to this team is, and that is Mike D’Antoni. If it wasn’t for his “I use players that kiss up” mentality and his defense-last style of play, teams he coached wouldn’t be in this situation. There is nothing wrong with Melo, he has been scoring his regular amount (sans maybe a couple nights) and basically has been playing the same game he was in Denver. I honestly think that ANY other coach would be better for the Knicks, and this is something they should consider in he offseason. I know you can’t blame EVERYTHING on the coach, but this is the same guy who has benched quality players over the last two seasons because they “fell out of favor”. The first guy I remember him doing this to was Nate Robinson. He benched him for half the season, breaks him open late January, and he explodes for more than 40 points. D’Antoni has to realize that everyone on a team has a role to play, and not bench people that have the potential to actually save your team on some nights. The three coaches who should be gone at the end of this season are Paul Westphal (Kings), Jay Triano (Raptors), and D’Antoni. A lot of people say Rambis in Minni, but he’s actually doing a good job developing players. BOO TO MIKE D. YAY FOR MELO, for when NYK gets a new coach they will actually be worth something

      • think says:

        In a big market like NY, you’ll get more money outside the NBA.

        Melo wants to be in NY, wants to be the face of the Knicks and wants the Madison Square Garden as his home. I mean even his wife will get better opportunities because of the move. If you guys think that it isnt about the money, just consider the opportunities New York can give him… I’m hearing Alicia Keys now LOL

    • OJ says:

      This article doesn’t really make much sense to me either
      Randolph has had 2 good games, if that, for the nuggets
      The money could’ve came from any team that was in the race; weather it be Lakers, Knicks, Nets or Denver

      If you were Melo where do you think will have the best chance to win?
      You, Chauncey and Stoudemire?
      Or You, Chauncey and Nene?

      And think about the Knicks deal as a general managers point of view.
      You’re getting the best offensive player probably in the decade next to Durant. The most versatile scorer in the nba.
      You will do ANYTHING to get him; and you can always work out the kinks and role players later

    • MarcoTomas says:

      Zzanzabar, you clearly don’t get it. He was not implying that it was ONLY about the money. He was saying that ‘Melo wanted to be on the Knicks and in making that decision he had two choices: (1) Join an already competitive NY Knicks as a free agent w/ a new contract (under new CBA); OR (2) Join a trade-depleted Knicks mid-season w/ a cushy contract extension (under current CBA). Melo picked to join a lesser Knicks team. Why? Because getting a contract under the current CBA (probably equating to an extra few mil) was worth more to him than joining a team with a shot at winning. No one can blame him for this; I probably would take the extra cash. But Melo certainly can’t whine when he loses in NY…

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @Marco Tomas

        I’m sorry but phrases like: ‘As for ‘Melo…it was his THIRST (caps mine) for money that caused…’ and ‘…’Melo put getting paid ABOVE (again caps mine) all else’ leave no doubt that the writer CLEARLY believes it is Carmelo’s greed that put the Knicks in their current position, not bad decisions by the Knicks coaches and GM. That ALL Melo cared about was money and that he would rather go to a Knicks team that HE depleted for money rather than go to an intact team as a free agent. No this article is determined to put the blame squarely on ‘Melo’s perceived GREED and that is just wrong.