Cruel Twist Of Fate For Nets’ Gaines

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Basketball’s higher powers dished out a cruel lesson to Nets guard Sundiata Gaines last night, just days after smiling on him.

Gaines fractured his right hip in a freak accident during the Nets’ overtime win over the Cavaliers Wednesday night in Cleveland, ending his season prematurely. This comes just days after Gaines signed his fist guaranteed, multi-year deal after toiling in the D-League and Italy on the road to realizing his NBA dream.

Gaines will be on crutches for six to eight weeks before starting his rehabilitation. He only appeared in 10 games with the Nets this season, averaging 5.5 points and 2.5 assists in 14.6 minutes.

All of the hard work he put in to make it and now he has to deal with this kind of setback.

It’s a tough blow to swallow for those of us that have kept an eye on Gaines from his days at the University of Georgia to his with D-League’s Idaho Stampede to his call up with the Jazz last season, and the buzzer-beater he drained four days into that first call up with the Jazz (to beat the Cavaliers of all teams) on TNT:

I remember watching this game and thinking “this guys is literally living the dream,” after he nailed that shot.

Knowing how hard he worked to make it, there is no doubt in my mind that Gaines will return from this experience an even tougher and more determined than ever to make sure he’s on someone’s roster for a long time.

Whenever he gets back on his feet and back into the mix, he’ll have a rooting section here at the hideout.


  1. Tie says:

    He’ll be ok. I’ve known him since day one. He always manage to get through the most difficult obstacles, and bounce back even stronger than before, Get well soon lil cuz, and keep up the good work.

  2. Alex Evans says:

    Real sorry to hear this. I pray that everything will work our for you. Been trying to keep up with your career. If you put your mind to it, you can get thru it. Just don’t give up.

  3. TMARQ says:

    he’s a great guy..

  4. steve says:

    some awful bad luck. he will be back and better. seems like such a nice guy. his buzzer beater was one of the most perfect plays ive seen. stuff of fairytale. get well soon

  5. China says:

    this guy is sick,
    i really like his game. hes worked so hard to get to where he is now.
    he will be back and will bounce back better than ever

  6. DR says:

    He’ll bounce back. He got there one time – He’ll get there again!

  7. Victor Manoel says:

    Grossly unfair!!!!

  8. lude jules says:

    as a nets fan 1′ m gonna miss this guy, he is young, he willl have a quick recovery, i will pray for you my friend.

  9. LAKERSmagic says:

    What happened to Gaines is just unfair.

  10. Tony Monteiro says:

    Best of luck to Gaines, his hard work was not Unnoticed, he’ll be back even better when he’s healed up.

  11. Daver says:

    Best of luck to Sundiata, I hope for a quick and full recovery. We loved him in Utah, I wish he still played for the Jazz.
    He deserves a long NBA career!

  12. JamesP says:

    that buzzer-beater may be the second-greatest single moment in jazz basketball history after stockton’s jumper to beat the rockets. get well soon, yada.

  13. Hashman says:

    i hope he gets back real soon

  14. Imad Akel says:

    he’ll get better.
    i know players love the game but I gotta say, atleast he got paid (probably got paid well)
    He’s 24 and secured atleast 1 million dollars playing a sport he loved before he got injured.
    I have to pay alot of money to spend alot of time studying for 3 more years before i become some doctor’s workhorse for another 4-5 years and do enough research and smile in enough interviews for the opportunity to work with the doctor that checked out his MRI. Hopefully 4 years after that, when i’m around 35, i’ll have paid off my debt and started making money to have my first million by 40.

    I’m just saying…If i’m happy with my life (and i am), gaines should be happier with his 🙂

    • prix says:

      Sympathy for the wcked! Get well soon!

    • #TeamHeat says:

      Man that sucks. I remember watching this game when he hit the buzzer-beater. For this to happen to him days after he got his first guaranteed contract, it’s just not fair at all. #GetWellSoon