Young Fellas: Believe The Hype!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We’ve been catching a lot of grief around here for making what some of you insist is too much of Blake Griffin‘s dunking exploits this season.

We apologize for being a bit excited about something new. But can you blame us for enjoying the work of the young fellas?

Both Griffin and Wizards rookie John Wall showed out last night in a double-overtime thriller that threatened to top the triple-overtime thriller the Lakers and Suns played on the same floor a night earlier.

Sure, this was two lottery teams going at it in a game that won’t do anything to the playoff standings. And if you’re not a Wizards or Clippers fan, this is just an assortment of various highlights.

We’ve just decided to let our minds run a little wild with this one and imagine what these two teams might look like in a couple of years, when Wall and Griffin are leading playoff teams and when a Wizards-Clippers matchup actually means something in the grand scheme of things.

In the absence of more lasting significance, we’ll just enjoy seeing Wall put up a career-high 32 points and 10 assists with Griffin countering with his first career triple-double (33 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists). And we didn’t even mention Eric Gordon and JaVale McGee, who also had starring roles in this one, too:

HT fave Lisa Dillman of the Los Angeles Times has a rather interesting take on what they ought to do the next time these two teams hook up:

One suggestion for the next time the Clippers and Wizards happen to run into each other on the court:

How about simplifying things, reducing the issue to two on two?

Or maybe they could simply start with overtime.

The Wizards could feature dunking impresario JaVale McGee and sensational rookie point guard John Wall. And for the Clippers, it would be sensational rookie power forward Blake Griffin and point guard Mo Williams. (No Kia required.)

That would be preferable after Wednesday’s painstaking, often painful-looking game, a 127-119 double-overtime victory for the Clippers over the road-challenged Wizards at Staples Center that featured the first triple-double of Griffin’s career — 33 points, 17 rebounds and 10 assists. He also tied Elton Brand‘s Clippers record of 55 double-doubles.

“It means a lot,” Griffin said. “But the best part about it is getting it along with the win.”


  1. Blake Griffin says:

    hey guys leave me alone.. i won the dunk contest fair and square…

  2. Kingsfan says:

    You know it’s really funny to see everyone bashing on Griffin. You all do realize that he has put up the best numbers as a rookie since Lebron. And I would almost say better all around numbers. The guy is still learning the game and is leaning mostly on his physical abilities. But once he learns the game, he will have the size of Karl Malone, the athleticism of Amare and the effort of Noah. Definetly ROY and if the clippers get him some help, they will be a contender in the next 5 years.

  3. kp says:

    How could anyone say blake griffin is overrated! That is stupid show me another rookie putting up numbers like his. Yall are called haters. The dunk contest may have been crap (I think ibaka should of won)but the guy is really good. Let’s see in 3 or 4 years when he has leads the clippers to the playoffs and they are serious contenders if everyone still hates I think not all the haters will then jump on the band wagon like yall do the lakers now!

  4. walker says:

    Blake Griffin is going to be an amazing player sad to see so much hate on him. Just watch and enjoy his game.

  5. Rush says:

    Griffin has got to be one of the ugliest dudes in basketball. He looks like an idiot to boot. His body type makes me think he will be overweight by his late 20’s and washed up. Like Shaq but younger.

  6. Doniel says:

    Chuck B. said it the best. Griffin is playing off of pure talent right now, but when he learns how to slow down and play the game he will then become great. Watch out!

  7. Edward says:

    man. GRIFFIN is not just a rookie!! He is in real a sophomore. he should have developed that midrange shot because he has attended several training camps. and i agree that he is not the deserving winner of the slam dunk contest. I would say it be better if Mcgee vs. Ibaka or Mcgee vs. Derozan. that is the real slam dunk competition, not just some jumping over a car stunt!

    • SKILZ says:

      he traveled, practiced.saw there team doctor,practiced with the team,and he got paid to be on the roster,hes a sophmore

    • Gary says:

      You do realize he was injured? And actually the term rookie for NBA is applied to both sophomore and freshman players, so yeah, he’s a rookie. Also you don’t watch Clipper games just highlights otherwise you would see he shoots(and makes) a midrange shot often I’m games. Anyway even as a sophmore player his numbers are more impressive than Kobe, Lebron, Wade, Howard or Carmelo in their 2nd years.

  8. gilbert tualla says:

    nba known as a excitement league in the word, i watch nba because of dunker player, griffin is one of this, i was bored when i watching basketball without showtime…………………………………. in the phillippines basketball league for now is bored to watch, i only watch when baguio, david, and tubid coz this is a showtime player. in the time of samboy lim, paul alvarez, nelson asaytono, vergel meneses this is the time that pba is excitement to watch

  9. Bigeasy says:

    By the way to add up…Derozan’s dunk can’t be compared with Blake’s. Just the size difference of their body, weight and heaight truly separates what they can do. Griffin can’t do what Derozan did, but hey, can Derozan do what Blake did?!

  10. Bigeasy says:

    * He’s not overrated..sorry for the wrong grammar.

  11. Bigeasy says:

    First of all Blake’s dunk is not the only best part of his game. His post up game seem to be a veteran bigman move, compared to other rookies in the game. The way he fakes and move around the basket, his quickness in alley hoops and hustle in rebounds made him unique as a rookie. It’s inevitable that great players will have haters. But hey dude, let’s face it, his not overrated! HE’s a Rookie for Crying out Loud! =D

  12. Evan says:

    For the haters, here’s what you need to do.

    Play ball, be good, I mean be very good. Then make yourself eligible for the NBA draft, get drafted, then prove Blake Griffin that he’s overrated.

    You hate him cause he’s better than you. I bet most of the haters can’t even dunk. LOL

  13. LakersThreePeat says:

    I think Blake Griffin can be considered over-rated now since all he does is dunk. He has amazing ball-handling skills for a player his size, and his shooting form isn’t that bad, it’s just the shooting that’s not so great. Give him another year or two and he’s going to be dangerous. I know people are hating on him right now, and it’s okay to since he really didn’t deserve to win the Dunk Competition. I’m a Lakers fan, so I really don’t care about the Clippers. But I have to admit, that in a couple of years if the Clippers GM plays his cards right, there will be two dangerous teams in LA.

    • Gary says:

      You don’t care but your on here commenting, lol.

    • allaroundballer says:

      the dunk contest is over rated but not his stat
      why people hate while he’s trying to entertain? NBA is about that man. or you prefer all PF play like duncan. no offense. there are many style of superstar

      the show of one? jordan did and so kobe or vince carter
      give him a shot and let see how is he gonna end. kobe/jordan or carter?

      stop hating or just envy,
      small market team like clipp and others deserve a chance too

  14. FAIR-BUT-TOUGH says:

    Blake is a good player at his age but sometimes we need to define a great athlete from a skill-full player. What that means is alot of these recent NBA so called “stars” are more of athletes than skill. I mean you guys are just beating on blake only, look at lebron james for a minute, im not saying his not skill-full but im saying his game is all about his athleticism e.g height,strength,power,speed. And that goes for blake aswell and even Derrick rose,westbrook and also mr superman DWIGHT.

    Guys im no hater believe me i love watching all these guys and im not saying they dont have skills, all im saying is for u guys to sit and compare them with guys that played similar positions but from last decade. I grew up watching NBA late 90’s to now. My favourite PF’s were KG,DUNCAN,WEBBER. Yes we cant compare these hall of famers with Blake or alot of these new era big men but lets just say those guys i mentioned are an example of players who had athleticism but were alot more skilled devoted rather than use their athleticism. Look at the GUARDS like Allen Iverson,Tracy Mcgrady.. These were all fundementally sound players. But our recent superstars now are all just bunch of athletes honestly besides guys like Durant and CP3..
    Lets just say D-ROSE for MVP but if i had to choose a PG today for a championship team i’d pick CP3 over anyone. Lets not forget people that NBA isnt about Highlights and its about the actual GAME. If u look carefully at the Winning tally in the past 12 years LAKERS WON 5 & SPURS WON 4 then u have other veteran teams like BOSTON,MIAMI,DETROIT. It’s won with the IQ not the HIghlights.

  15. weisz.santos says:

    Right now he’s playing a 100 mph… When blake learns to play it slow… and intellectual by then he will be truly a beast. I just hope that he will stay healthy and continuosly improver. right now his low post game is subpar from his high post game. His defense right now is average but his tenacity to attack the rim and the energy to do those highlight reel dunks is on a diffrent level. Even compared to Lebron and kobe’s facial dunks..

  16. LakersChamp says:

    Griffin is a great player overrated he is not. Wade had trouble with his shot when he was young. So did Lebron,….and Kobe….,maybe not Jordan or Magic but c’mon. All young players start to develop the more that they are in the league. Remember this guy is a 2nd Rookie and he has had on of the biggest impacts on a franchise since LBJ himself. Guys this guy is for real and im sad to see him on the Clippers and not in Purple and Gold. Lakers 3 Peat !!!!

  17. Scotian Potion says:

    Haters Haters ..Blake Griffen is best rookie to come to the league since Shaq… To say he is over rated is foolish…Look at the numbers…Can anyone tell me who was the last rookie picked by the coaches to play in the All Star Game…Who ever it was it was before my time and im no young Cat…

  18. LIbro Ni James says:

    No one does it best like Lebron…

  19. Scotty says:

    I don’t even care about Blake’s dunks… Only reason I like him is his great hustle, his DOMINANCE in low post shots, and his ability to carry the Clips.

  20. castor troy says:

    derozan’s 50pt dunk was the best. in reality, i don’t think griffin could match that.

  21. Big Balla says:

    BG is a beast and I’m a diehard Wizards fan….Early in the Year Wall had a good chance to win ROY but Blake has taken that trophy and ran with it….I could possibly see them as Co-Rookies just to calm all the Blake is not a rookie talk but I like both players and Wall is gonna do great things for my Wiz

  22. Simplydabest says:

    I still can’t figure out how you can be sorry for years on end in basketball when all you really need is three good players a few role players and one great star. Is it really that hard? Can anyone play defense on either one of these teams?

  23. weisz.santos says:

    Yo! guyz have you seen his first attempt at the dunk contest is was CRAZY! Eventhough he didn’t get the 1st attempt but it was all about the HYPE! Thats what’s the slamdunk contest was all about!

  24. jack says:

    First of all is not a rookie and a good player on a bad team always looks good.

  25. hercules says:

    you say negative things about other people because you suck! Griffin, Kobe, lebron…. They are great players and they don’t deserve your trash comments….Some people hate them Coz they are popular…

  26. atli steinn says:

    Technically it’s not the same floor… It’s just the same building. They change the floors.

  27. kjavis says:

    say what you want it’s there in black in white 20+/10+/5 on a night to night basis and his points are not all dunks, he’s got the skills to get the ball in the hoop in many different ways, blake just needs to work on his free throws and he will be a legitimate 28+ point guy, and for those still whining about the dunk contest, get over it, it’s done and dusted. Doesn’t matter what color uniform he wears, purple/gold, green/white, this guy is going to be special in the years to come, oh and by the way it’s just his first year, amen

  28. Poyser says:

    So Blake Griffin takes 2 overtimes to get a triple double in a contest of epic futility and everyone goes crazy? I didn’t realize how impressive it was to be able to dunk a basketball. At least John Wall had to make some tough shots to get his 32(even though the only real defender out there was Gordon). Let’s see them put up those kinds of numbers in a game that matters. Oh that’s right, both those teams are headed straight for the lottery.

  29. SpursDaBest!!!! says:

    GARY NEAL Now thats a Outstanding Rookie, and he comes off the bench boy can Flat Out SHOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Bob says:

    Blake’s overrated!

  31. mmax92 says:

    as i read comments i read on i realize how many haters blake has.. the more haters you have the better you are.. lebron, kobe have the most haters and there the best in the world.. blakes got a lot of hater.. that means he`s pretty good huh? well yeah he`s damn good

  32. The Fallen says:

    Superstars can be overrated. not rookies. ‘Coz they haven’t done anything significant yet. Kobe without a great player (Shaq) or players (Pau/Lamar) beside him would’ve made him overrated. When he was a ball hog during his 1st 3 or so seasons, nobody called him overrated. Just selfish, maybe.

  33. Logan says:

    I love these new young players A LOT but I definitely think that new players get hyped up way to much. Both these guys are still rookies lets not forget so they do great things and put up great numbers but they also make some of the stupidest mistakes granted thats simply a product of them still being rookies. These guys are gonna so much funner to watch when they have been in the league for 4 or 5 years. Really good players yes, super star players? Far from it.

  34. The Fallen says:

    Again, another es2pido here trying to be smart. Oh, another Laker fan?

  35. AirTech says:

    WOW!!! I am a huge LAKERS FAN. Blake is not overrated and this guy not only a dunker. He is trying to do everything to complete his game. Give the man credit and once the Clippers start making the playoff watch out. So I guess Kevin Love overrated also. LMAO!!!!

  36. Zeke says:

    actually I think Ibaka’s was the best, he jumed from the freethrow line. Thats 7 FEET!!!!
    I’m pretty sureBlake Griffen can do that

  37. tyronewatson says:

    a person that thinks Blake is overrated only watches highlights…yeah you may be tired of seeing him…thats because he is a highlight factory…..he is a very complete player to be a rookie…once he establishes a more consistent 15 foot jumper…the sky is the limit(bad choice of words cause he already in the sky) If you like 26/12/5 for a career….stay tuned

  38. Erik says:

    The wizards just got blown out by the blazers by 38 and the clippers need two overtimes and a career game by there star… I gues this goes to show you the D league can be very competitive and exciting. I am happy for both these teams to have these great players though. When ever the teams I root for are terriable it still makes it worth watchng when there is some hope of a future or you have a fun player to watch.

  39. BullsFan22 says:

    Not only that, but he did it against arguably the best team in the league, the Washington Wizards!!!

  40. DeRaMp says:

    Eric Gordon is much better than Mo Williams.

  41. :) says:

    Those dunks were INSANE! But I bet that they would look better in purple and gold.

  42. i OWN U ALL says:

    I think griffin likes them boys

  43. yoyo says:

    well, i guess blake will definitely beat the wall this year in ROY award, but don’t forget, one day wall will be MVP of this league. griffin is just a big body, amazing jump and no shooting.
    day will come john wall will have a decent center in this team, and that day wizards will be scary as hell.

  44. boswell says:

    ALL THE CLIPPERS NEED for next season is GRANT HILL for 30 minutes a game. Aminu and Gomes can play the other 18 to 25 minutes at SF…. With Grant’s leadership, ability to draw offensive fouls, and newly perfected defensive skills, the Clippers should be coming in as the #4 seed next year without hoping for too much. Kamen and Jordan at Center is an A- Griffin is a solid A Grant/Gomes/Aminu a solid B, and Gordon/Foye at SG is A-, with Mo Williams and Eric Bledsoe as sophomore backup at the PG is a solid B for sure. They don’t need a superstar, just Grant Hill, and 1 other bench player at the most.

  45. Pacersfan says:

    The NBA sure has great rivalries amongst some of its players. D-Will vs C-Paul, Kobe vs LBJ, and many others, but how about Blake Griffin vs JaVale McGee could be a great rivalry for years to come… even if it is just about the dunks!

  46. lakers says:

    im a lakers fan wouldn’t matter if blake was lakers i still would have said he shouldn’t have won demar killed it.

  47. Angel says:

    Like you could see in the top plays of saturday DeRozans reverse windmill was the best dunk of the contest.And yes BG´s dunks are a little overrated, as a player he´s unbelievable.I mean stats.

  48. little tim says:

    well check this out Blake griffin is playing all on TALENT right now.. and yet hes still putting up all star numbers.. I’d say give him a few years to develop his game and then we can talk about how “overrated” he is…

  49. Bildonkey says:

    i hate blake griffin. hes just a showoff. sure hes good, but
    i dont like him.

  50. Jake says:

    It took me like 10 minutes to watch those highlights because I had to keep rewinding everything and watching it again. What a game! I wish I could have seen the whole thing live. Everyone who thinks Griffin is overrated is just a hater. The kid is legit. The dunk over the car may not have been that amazing (it’s more impressive in slow motion though, plus he jumped off two feet), but his off the backboard dunk where he hung from his elbow was the best dunk of the contest. It was soo sick seeing him and Javale McGee continue their contest in this game though; It was like watching a heavyweight fight. The NBA has had some epic games recently and I’m loving it!

  51. LAKERSmagic says:

    Blake Griffin’s dunks are nice, and he racks up a ton of rebounds. He has to work on his jump shot though. Overall I’d say he’s a little overrated. And he shouldn’t have won the slam dunk contest. He only won because of his popularity. The dunk over the hood of that car Was overhyped and wasn’t even the nicest dunk of the contest.

    • Hold up says:

      I’m sure you wouldn’t feel that way if he was on the Lakers.

      • LAKERSmagic says:

        I’m sure you WOULD feel that way if he was on the Lakers. Quit being a hypocrite and a Lakers hater.

      • ChampKobe says:

        the dunk really was overrated…i thought derozan shouldve won

      • Hold up says:

        Hypocrite no, Laker hater yes but I can admit that, you on the other hand are a closet hater and in turn the true hypocrite. If he was on the Lakers I might actually like that team.

      • Hold up says:

        Hypocrite no, Laker hater yes but I can admit that. But your a closet hater and in turn the true hypocrite.

      • Hold up says:

        Sorry about the redundancy. Thought it didn’t post.

      • LAKERSmagic says:

        @Hold up
        A closet hater? I don’t hate Blake Griffin. I just think he’s getting a little more attention than he deserves. I think he has a lot of room for improvement.
        And also you say if he was on the Lakers you would like him? Why because of his dunks? The Lakers have Kobe and Shannon Brown if amazing dunks is what you’re looking for. Or would you like the Lakers if he was on the team because of his personality? Because from what I’ve heard he has a pretty bland One.

    • Fact not Fiction says:

      Overrated in what way? As a rookie he’s putting up numbers to match his highlights. But I guess if he was a Laker it would be a different story right?

      • LAKERSmagic says:

        You paid too much attention to the second part of my comment. I realize he’s a great player in the works but still has work to do. And he shouln’t have won the slam dunk contest. Charles Barkley himself said Griffins dunk over the hood of that KIA was not the nicest dunk of the night.

      • Fact Not Fiction says:

        Well if your talking about the dunk competition i’d say yes the car dunk was overrated. But as a player he is not.

      • Jake says:

        And everything Charles Barkley says it correct right? The over the car dunk is kind of overrated, but remind me what McGee did for his last dunk. Oh that’s right nobody remembers cause it sucked.

    • rose says:

      Dude, i totally agree! He is very good! and i do mean VERY good. But he is like
      waaay too overated. ppl need to chillout about his dunks. they rnt amazing cuz thats
      all he can do. his free throws suck, his jump shot is off, but oOOHH he dunks! lets
      say hes the best!!! yeah right,…

      • Logan says:

        Totally agree. He is awesome but everyone acts like hes the best player in the league. Still got a lot to work on. Also what the heck is wrong with the clippers giving him the last shot for the game especially from the 3 point line? Are total idiots?

      • josh says:

        staats dont lie -.-
        imagine when he gets a jumpshot -.-
        he’ll be even better hes not overrated as a rookie to be averaging what he is
        its pretty amazing

      • Hold up says:

        So he’s averaging 20 points a night in dunks? In that case he’d be severly underrated. Watch a Clipper game before you make those kind of comments. He shoots a very decent mid range jumper. If he developes a shot on the dribble or long range it would make him better. Keep in mind HE’S a ROOKIE! The great Kobe Bryant as a Rookie player only averaged 7pts a game and was a terrible shot but look what he became. And that is in no way a comparison to the two just an example. IDK I think people dislike him mainly for the attention he’s getting. Happens with all NBA stars so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.
        @ Logan
        It wasn’t planned that way but he knew he needed to at least attempt the shot. Bad play making and execution.

      • LAKERSmagic says:

        @Hold up
        Can we just agree to disagree? Im not saying Blake Griffin is completely overrated. Just a little. People focus too much on his dunks. Would I would really like to know is if he has good fundamentals or plays good defense. I don’t hate the guy bit seeing highlights of him dunking every 5 minutes on ESPN has me a little bitter.

    • Efosa says:

      mcgee was better and so was ibaka.

    • prix' says:

      Griffin is absolutely the best dunker this season together with D’rozan and probably go head to head with Wall for the rookie of the year…

  52. Gary says:

    This was as exciting as Boston vs LA for me. Griffin vs McGee, Gordon vs Wall and could you believe it Yi vs Kaman. Griffin may have won the dunk contest by popularity alone but to say his in game dunks are overrated is just stupid.