The Race For No. 8: Western Conference


You want March Madness, try being the Hang Time Grizzlies this month. Try losing Rudy Gay for the rest of the season to a shoulder injury,  playing a vicious late-season schedule and having the Houston Rockets and Phoenix Suns chasing you with their playoff lives on the line, too.

The pressure would be enough to drive a weaker team mad.

The Grizzlies, however, have bowed up to the challenge … their win over the Celtics in Boston last night being the latest example of the rock-solid resolve that has marked this season for Lionel Hollins and his team.

They are in the midst of trashing that myth that regular season games don’t mean anything in the NBA. That’s never been true. And it certainly doesn’t ring true for an outfit like the Grizzlies,who are hunting their first postseason berth since the 2005-06 season.

So what if all you get is an all-expenses-paid trip to San Antonio for a first-round playoff date against the league’s best team (in the standings)? This is one of those instances where the journey is just as important as the destination, where the fiber of each man — and the team as a whole — will be tested along the way.

The Race For No. 8 always separates the (playoff) contenders from the pretenders, and that’s never been more true than it is this season in the Western Conference.

We break down the West contenders for that eighth spot today and tomorrow, we’ll look at their Eastern Conference brethren:

Today’s Leader: Memphis, 6-4 in their last 10 games

The Skinny: Winners of three straight games and four of their last five games, the Grizzlies are doing whatever it takes to hold on to that eighth spot. The win over the Celtics was huge. But it won’t seem nearly as significant if they stumble down the stretch. Of the Grizzlies remaining 10 games, five are against playoff teams. They play the Bulls and Spurs in their next two, face New Orleans twice and finish the regular season against Portland. Toss in two games against the Clippers and it’s clear that this team will have to win its way into the postseason — as opposed to coasting in like you can in the Eastern Conference.

Gaining Ground: Houston, 7-3 in their last 10 games

The Skinny: The Rockets are a very real threat to the Grizzlies’ hold on that eighth spot. Winners of five straight after last night’s win over Golden State (thanks to a little “Magic” from Chuck Hayes), the Rockets have a few things going for them during this stretch run of the season, most notably the inspired play of point guard Kyle Lowry. Much like the Grizzlies, the Rockets face a rugged road in these final 10 games of the regular season. They face six playoff teams (Miami, Philadelphia, San Antonio, Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas), with half of those games on the road. So they can’t afford a skid of any kind if they want to stay in this race.

Still In The Mix: Phoenix, 4-6 in their last 10 games

The skinny: That triple-overtime loss to the Lakers was an absolute back-breaker for the Suns, who have the luxury of playing five of their next six games at home. If they can find a way to heat up there, they have a chance to get back into the middle of the mix and make the Grizzlies and Rockets sweat. The prospect of Steve Nash missing out on the playoffs at this stage of his career pains us deeply. But anything can happen with 12 games to play. It’s just too bad for the Suns that they play New Orleans, San Antonio and Dallas twice each (as well as one-gamers against Oklahoma City and Chicago) in these final weeks of the season.

Stick a Fork In ‘Em: Utah, 4-6 in their last 10 games

The skinny: Losing Jerry Sloan was one thing. But losing Deron Williams on top of that it seems was a bit more than the Jazz could stand. They have been on a consistent decline since Williams was moved at the Feb. 24 trade deadline. They’re 5-10 since then and losers of three straight (Oklahoma City, Houston and Memphis) and five straight on the road.  Still, they are just four games behind the Grizzlies for the eighth spot. The problem is the other eight, as in the number of games in their final 10 against current playoff teams. They face New Orleans twice, the Los Angeles Lakers twice, Dallas, Portland, Denver and San Antonio before the regular season ends. Based on what we’ve seen from the Jazz of late, it doesn’t look good.


  1. fman says:

    i think some people are being ridiculous with their posts. i have to say, study the remaining schedule first for the playoff and playoff-seeking teams. i understand some are fans, but all they are saying are just plain wishful thinking. in accordance to this, being cognizant with the schedule, strengths and weaknesses, home court advantages, and their mojo’s, i strongly agree that the new orleans will fall in the playoff spot then will be replaced by (drum roll) houston rockets.

    i’m being realistic that the way memphis is playing right now, they have the a sure spot for this coveted spot. even without rudy gay, they always play their hearts out. by this, i can clearly see them taking the seventh playoff spot giving much consideration to zach randolph, marc gasol, oj mayo, tony allen, mike conley, sam young as great players, but, i doubt they have no chance against the most favorite nba team, according to recent survey, the los angeles lakers.

    i counted out the new orleans hornets because they only got one trusted superstar in chris paul as one of the best point guards in the league. the disappearance of another marquee player in david west makes the team much more of a prey, rather than the hunter- an easy target for stronger teams. due to this, the hornets got lesser fire power, thus, less of a force. they have good coach-not great-a defense oriented head,but inexperienced against the masterminds.

    now, for the playoff hungry teams, like the phoenix suns and utah jazz, the houston rockets stands most of a chance. all their players are underrated. chuck hayes -the stealth mvp- got a bigger heart than kevin garnett (not literally). he never backs down against challenges, and puts everything on the court. however, in terms of efforts, my vote for most improved player of the game,hands down, goes to their relentless bulldog-point guard- kyle lowry. he played under the shadow of aaron brooks last year and early this season, but showed astounding, heads-up play when given the chance. all of the remaining rockets players know their roles, and i credit their head coach -rick adelman.

    i’m not a coach, but knows basketball in its truest sense, i recommend rick adelman play patrick patterson more because he got both offense and defense and is ready to contribute in this period of the game. luis scola is an offensive beast whenever he plays but in late game stretches, he was constantly being burned by opposing teams. i also believe in hasheem thabeet, to polish his game more in nba d-league, and hopefully, be given a chance to shine in the playoff series because in this time, the rockets strongly need an inside presence and a rim protector just like dikembe mutombo.

  2. Frankie J says:

    No mention of New Orleans? They only have a 1 game lead over grizzlies at #7. The loss of West cost them the playoffs.

  3. WG says:

    No, now everyone quit askin

  4. bj says:

    I AGREE with zar…go lakers…go kobe……………

  5. Cezar Ramirez says:

    Hate it or love it. The Lakers will be Champions again. CEZAR RAMIREZ FROM L.A SAID IT A.K.A CEAZE

  6. Cezar Ramirez says:

    Go Lakers….. Kobe the best basketball player in the planet since Jordan retired. Rings n Stats check his career. Kobe has been in the finals half his career. Now name something kobe hasnt done. Kobe will be the best 2 guard Laker of all time. This Hall of Famer legend still ballin. Kobe rules n why hate instead you should be learning from the best like Kobe.

  7. Cezar Ramirez says:

    It doesnt matter who gets the 7 or 8 spot. Neither its going to beat the Spurs or the champs a.k.a The Lakers by the way Lakers champs back to back to back beating the Celtics in 6.

  8. ketakobe24or8 says:

    kobe is not a flopper i feel he’s smarter than he gets credit 4 and when i read these comments some of people post i must ask did any of yall ever play for anywhere or even with talented competition in a pickup game cuz the stuff that people say is so obsurd. if i know you fear my jjumper why wouldnt i pump fake you once or twice even three times if i know you gonna bite on it and if i can get to the freethrow line at da same time why wouldnt i

  9. brandon says:

    my money is on memphis. houston and phenoix will be breathing down their necks if not ahead of them by the end of the season, but utah is out of the question. sorry Jazz fans, it isnt happening. once deron was gone, it was all downhill from their, even though they have players like al jefferson and kerilinko. it will be a close on for the 8th spot in the west, but memphis is really going for it. 1. SAS ( i want la, but i dont think its gonna happen) 2. LAL 3. DAL 4. OKC 5. DEN* 6. POR* 7. NOR 8. MEM 9. PHO 10. HOU 11. UTA
    *-por and den will be really close like the 8th spot

  10. Arya says:

    you dont know star players

  11. Arya says:

    what bout CHRIS PAUL

  12. Arya says:

    if dont agree then you try

  13. Arya says:

    well this is the real standing for playoff chance
    1. Spurs
    2. Lakers
    3. Mavericks
    4. Thunder
    5 Nuggets
    6 Blazers
    7 HORNETS because of CP3
    8 GRIZ because of Zach Randloph

  14. Arya says:

    how the suns and steve nash suck

  15. kobefan #1 says:

    r u kidding me youngsym? this is obvious. orleans 8.memphis 9.pheonix 10.utah

  16. YoungSym says:

    As a matter of fact im going to redo that post because i just saw NOH lost david west so……

    7. Houston Rockets 8. Phoenix Suns 9. Memphis Grizzlies 10. Utah Jazz

  17. YoungSym says:

    7. News Orleans 8. Houston Rockets 9. Memphis Grizzlies 10. Phoenix Suns

  18. Corbin says:

    Rockets will sneak into the number 8 spot, maybe even number 7.
    Let’s Rise up H-town, GO ROCKETS!!!

  19. Isaac says:

    Ever Since the Beginning of the season i knew the rockets would make the playoffs and even when no one else believed in them i still did! Ever since the All Star break the rockets have only lost 3 games and 2 of them were BS losses because of the officials. The Rockets are one of the hottest teams in the entire league. yes Memphis beat Boston by like 2 points, but the Rockets DOMINATED the Boston the last time they played, not to mention the rockets beat Boston in their home court as well earlier in the season. Whats crazy is that all the teams including the Hornets Suns Grizzlies and the Rockets all have tough schedules ahead of them, so none of them have a “walk in the park” road for them. I honestly think, by looking at the schedules, Grizzlies take the 7th spot and the Rockets take the 8th and final spot.

  20. dan says:

    the suns but the lakers will win it all you guys suns are not doing great than last years season!

  21. Nitsuga says:

    Every Team that won a Championship had 3 big stars
    Name one team with just one or two///////////// None
    They all had 3 or more

  22. SpursDaBest!!! says:

    We dont care who we play it will end in 6 games. Grizzles Suns dont matter Spurs 4-2 first round im giving two wins cause everyone wins at home but let them fight for the 8seed the be gone first round!! Shout out to Gary Neal!!

  23. jovick1109 says:

    It’s gonna be the closest race in years for the Western Conference playoffs. Not even to mention the competition in the playoffs already.

  24. Cookiemonster says:

    So what if u pump a hundred times, .whats important is making the shot and winning.

  25. stevesuns says:

    ..suns is better in playoffs than any team mentions in here ..steve will do it all

  26. Truthbetold says:

    Why hate on the Superstars of the league?? It is the Superstars that wins championships! of course there is a need of a TEAM play and team chemistry but it is the Superstars of their team that is the anchor of every offensive and defensive plays. For example Jordan won lots of rings because 1st of all his leadership then second is on how he approached every game defensively and offensively. name one team who won several championships where there are no superstar who played on their team and tell me what did JORDAN, BIRD, KOBE, SHAQ, MAGIC, KAREEM ETC had done to their team. Every team needs a superstar, a go to guy, a guy who will take the last shot, someone also who will take the fall if their team is not doing well, Their should be role players and star players, IF there are no Star players, NBA will not be the NBA we love and enjoy watching.

  27. albert says:

    guys you forgot Cleavland. they’re on a run for a playoff – early exit! hahaha

  28. jdq says:


  29. Trey says:

    To Arcy, did you even watch the series dude dont talk if you dont know what happend Artest did not guard Kobe but only in game five and he couldnt do anything kobe hit a half court three at the half with artest all over him get your history right it was all Shane after Kobe busted him up then the next game yelled he cant hold me several times he lit a fire under shane in witch he held kobe under 20 points for the rest of the series you sound like the guy from espn saying the Rockests played no good teams when they won 22 in a row he siad i quote “They played golden state four times they never played cleavland never played orlando or the lakers or dallas” Mr Colen Cowheard said that and hes supposed to know whats hes talking about i watched every game they played cleavland twice the lakers once orlando twice dallas once the suns the spurs and only played golden state once

  30. LOKO sikari says:

    go lakers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    go suns!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Rockets#6 says:

    New orleans are playing terrible since being 3rd in the west… if they beat the jazz then i will say they still have a chance, if they dont win, i would be suprised if they make the playoffs!
    Utah… with the way they are playing since d-will left, i dont think many people consider them contenders. They still have a good chance, but i dont see them winning enough games to be a playoff contender.
    Memphis… Playing great without Rudy Gay., everyone is stepping up and playing their role, they have had about 6-7 double-digit scorers in all the games they have won. Best Chance for playoffs and i think they will finish 7th.
    Pheonix: Brooks played great in the last game, Nash in consisent every game, Grant Hill defending well (should be in all-defensive team) and frye and gortat are playing like all-stars recently, pheonix has a tough road ahead but they are a great team who have been unlucky. Carter, in my mind, is not good enough at this stage in his career to help pheonix win in playoffs if they make it.
    Houston: i will try not to be biased being a rockets fan, but a 5 game winning streak, Lowry playing terrific basketball (Player of the week) Martin scoring 25-30 points a game recently, Hayes getting a triple-double, Scola returning from injury, and with a deep bench, not a great bench, but a bench who can compete when they want to. Houston is so underrated its not funny, rockets werent even mentioned as a playoff contender until now, they had a horrible start, but now every one is playing their role and playing terrific basketball.
    7th: Memphis 8th: Houston 9th: Pheonix 10: New Orleans 11th: Utah… Thats how i see it !

    • Mike says:

      Why does everyone think that the Jazz have been on a downward spiral since the trade of Deron Williams? The Jazz were on a downward spiral 10 games before that. Check your facts.

    • J Steve says:

      You still think the Hornets will end up in 10th place?

  32. sanjay says:

    Houston is going to win it. They have good players like k-mart.

  33. Phamie says:

    Go! Phoenix, I Still believe in Steve Nash and what he does during the Game.

  34. rockets!!!!! says:

    Rocketa are on fire they will get into the playoffs

  35. vic says:

    i hope the rockets get the final spot.. they are playing so well as of late and they are definitely underrated.. rockets definitely have a chance at the spurs because of tim duncan injured.. now hus gonna gaurd luis scola?

  36. doug says:

    It is bad that all of these teams will not make the playoffs but the Pacers will make the playoffs in the East. If the Pacers were in the west and playing the west teams more often, they would probably have a worse record than the Warriors and the Clippers. I wish that they would make a rule that if you finish 10 games below .500, then you don’t make the playoffs and the next best team in the other conference takes your spot.

  37. tayriley says:

    allen iverson??? i hope ur kidding. no way daryl morey would take someone with that much luggage. also, he’s around retirement age. no one in the nba wanted him last year. what makes you think this coming season will be any different?

  38. vencedor says:

    the race for the last playoff spot in the west should also include new orleans and portland. the way the Griz are playing right now, they even have much better chance of making it than those other 2 i mentioned. most overperforming though are the Rockets

  39. chris says:

    rockets will make it. kevin martin is very underrated and could use some publicity.

    they should pick up allen iverson next year too

    go iverson!

    actually NY could use him more

  40. İlker Hacıemin says:

    I’m sorry but Memphis can’t make the playoff. My favourite Houston Rockets or Suns. But I hope Phoenix Suns is succeeds. I believe guys, we can make the playoff…

  41. Casey Taylor says:

    The Celtics basically handed that game to the Grizz lastnite. Not a good sign for Celtics fans. Doc should’ve called a timeout when they grabbed that last rebound. He knew he made a mistake. I heard him talking on the radio this morning. Rondo shouldn’t have take that floater either but at least he’s playing better. Pierce had a couple nice and1’s. Kristic had a bad game and unfortunately if affected the end result. Let’s hope he bounces back against the bobcats on friday

  42. Júnior Felippe says:

    The beggining and the end of the 10′-11′ season for the Suns is to tough

  43. Mike says:

    I have to say that I am convinced that the Jazz are just taking a late nap at the current moment. They are due to wake up and will most likely finish the season with no losses the rest of the way. I will put money on this!

  44. HoustonRich says:

    HOUSTON ROCKETS: Right now, the most interesting team playing in the league is Houston. The chemistry that has developed and the level of play from Lowry, Hayes, and Martin came out of no where. Plus, the Rockets would make the 1st round so intense between H-town and San An. The way I see it, no one, among the teams contending for the 8th spot, is playing better ball than the Rox. If they don’t get into the playoffs, it’ll be ridiculous

  45. Matt says:

    To bad for the Jazz. They have had a tough year, not only did they lose Sloan and Deron, But Okur has been out pretty much all season, and the past stretch of games they have had 5+ of their players injured. Including Millsap. But even so, they should be playing better. Jazz management has been watching the team like a hawk these last few games. Look for big changes next year. Ty Corbin will stay on as coach, you can tell how frustrated he is with the performance these last few games, Utah pretty much needs an entire new bench.

  46. yob says:

    PHOENIX SUNS: Still Steve Nash is one of the unstoppable point guards in the NBA today, Vince Carter could still do what he does when he was in Toronto, Grant Hill still proving that he could extend more years in the NBA and they have a lot of players that could match the all star players of the leading teams in the standing for both East and West, and I will not be surprised if the Phoenix Suns could make it to the playoffs this season.. “Go Suns “prove it once again, Coach Alvin Gentry you can make it !!!

  47. Mr. eleven says:

    HOU & PHX are both great team, they are just in the wrong conference.
    There are many elite’s team battling for Playoff spot in western conference. While on other conference, even though u got more loses than wins, u still welcome to playoff spot [sorry for PHI & NY fans ahahah)
    Either MEM/HOU/PHX get the last spot, i bet on N.O. if they cant hold the 7th spot, watch out…. those 3 teams urge to play Playoff games.

  48. ram says:

    I’m a Rockets fan, but Memphis is playing good right now. I hope they both make it and get the Hornets out. It would make it more interesting if they both advanced in the playoffs, then we would have two Cinderellas.

  49. Arcy says:

    The rockets push the lakers to game 7 is because of Artest guarding kobe. but right now they have no much for the lakers.
    And for the 8th Spot i would love to see PHX suns. remember last year when they sweep the spurs. I don’t think that they can do it again because of no Stoudemire, but! Gortat plays at his prime plus Aaron Brooks for 6th Man. So i see a chance. Lets go PHOENIX!

  50. Keith says:

    No mention on New Orleans struggling to hang on? It won’t surprise me if the Rockets AND the Grizzlies get in with New Orleans on the outside.

  51. Chris says:

    If you want to see some surprise in the PLAYOFF, the Rockets should be in as #8 coz neither the Grizzles or the Suns has the capability to handle Spurs as there’s no Rudy no Nash. Look what the Rockets did last two years when they pushed the Lakers to game 7.

    Go Rockets Go!

    • Rockets would get worked by the Spurs in the playoffs.

    • Heat H8r says:

      But the Rockets only pushed the Lakers to seven games because of Yao Ming and other big players who they lost via free agency and trades. Unless Houston can somehow manage to get Yao back before the start of the playoffs (which I seriously doubt), and acquire some players with championship experience, I don’t think they stand a fighting chance against a deep team like San Antonio. The Spurs have way too many good players coming off their bench for the Rockets to handle: in a series, the Spurs would beat the Rockets in five.

      • Jeff says:

        Ming got hurt early in that series if you don’t recall!
        GO Rockets!! Clutch City will be back!!

      • ketakobe24or8 says:

        artest and shane battier defense and aaron brooks is the reason they went to game 7 you forgot yao got hurt in ggame 2

  52. Navo says:

    The Grizzlies are with out Rudy Gay. They’re doing pretty good so far but each player have to play at the top of their game to keep the 8 seed. The Rockets are so underrated. They have won 6 games in a row. They have a pretty good streak going so I’m going for the Rockets for the 8 seed! The Rockets have good chemistry and everyone knows their roles. What more do you want? They do not even have a super star and the past years they still have a winning record. Give Rockets some credit.

  53. Naps says:

    I can definitely deal with New Orleans dropping out of the playoffs. This would rile up CP3 and make him leave. It would also probably mark the end of David West’s tenure in New Orleans. Memphis could take 7th and wind up with L.A. and Houston vs. S.A. would be a heck of a Texas slobber knocker. In which Houston would stand a chance…they do have depth especially at the big positions where they will be needed.

  54. edward says:

    somebody forgot the Hornets, they are only a half game ahead of Griz on 7th, and they have the worst remain 11 games left, all of them are against playoff teams, twice against jazz, suns and grizs, plus lakers, blazers, pacers, rockets and mavs.

    hornets will fall out of playoff, for sure.


    • MIRCEA GUNA says:

      You are right. Hornets might fall out. If the Suns reach the playoffs after playing Spurs Dallas Hornets and Chicago, they will go a long distance, like last year. Go Suns!

    • al respect the game says:

      oh wow thats a tough schedule. Iam rooting for the rockets anyways. adelman deserves it.

  55. Don Ricardo says:

    Go Suns! I dont want last year to be the last time I see Nash in the playoffs (as a Sun)

  56. jacob says:

    Memphis has enough talent to take the 8th spot fo sure but will lose in the first round cuz of Rudy Gay’s injury

  57. go rockets. i cant believe they haven´t offered Adelman a new contract. look what he has done with a mediocre team, making them younger while still winning. plus they must be pretty good at developing pointg´s. Lowry might be most improved like Brooks last year. damn the Grizz. i thought they would slump without Rudy but the are winning, keeping my red hot Rockets behind them.

    • Kingsfan says:

      I agree 100% Kaare. Adelman has done an exceptional job with that team. If they do make it into the playoffs, he should be in the discussion of coach of the year(however that discussion would be very short because of Tom T doesn’t win it something is really wrong). The Rockets would be very stupid not resign him. With what he’s been able to do with the roster he has, just think of what they would do if they brought in couple more solid pieces.

    • al respect the game says:

      thats why i dont respect teams like the rockets. You have a coach who has a winning record despite all the player changes the past 3 yrs and yet they dont want to resign him. to me that shows u just dont want to win as an organisation. Do youy know how many teams will jump at adelman. he is a great coach, he just hasnt had the fortune of having great players in houston. Tmac and you fizzled. But i hope he gets out of there and gets a better job. maybe LA. just a thought

      • Kingsfan says:

        He will be in high demand this summer if Houston doesn’t throw him a contract soon, but to think LA? His play style would never work in LA. I would be extremely shocked if the big chair doesnt get filled by Brian Shaw. Not saying he is the best coach available, but he’s been groomed by Phil to replace him.

  58. pfft says:

    i really hope Phoenix can make it.

    • prix' says:

      HILL,NASH and VINCE…WICKED>..burn the SPURS

      • RIOT says:

        if it happen Suns makes the 8 spot and beat the Spurs, thats ensane! I Love how Grant Hill still show his skills with his age and Carter also,and Nash taking care of running the game

      • Kingsfan says:

        LOL this is a funny post. Nash is still an amazing point guard, no defense but amazing on the offensive end. Hill is doing tremendous for what he’s been through. Vince is washed up and should head out to the pasture or start getting use to being a role player. But to think that Phoenix can catch Memphis or Houston is kind of crazy.

  59. Zzanzabar says:

    The Grizzlies are another case where ‘less is more’ comes into play. Just like Denver, they are discovering that the team itself tends to ‘spread their wings’ when the ‘big dog on campus’ is off the reservation (Wow how many cliches is that in a row?). Seriously, the team is in many ways a better TEAM when Gay is not there because they don’t defer to him on the court. This is NOT Gay’s fault that they do this, but it should be a lesson for him as well as the team. This is a lesson that the Lakers learned a couple of years ago when Kobe purposely (at least I feel he did it on purpose) gave up shoots in playoff games to make the point that others on the team either HAD to step up, or were unable to do so.

    Denver is now a house afire without Melo, because their talents are now well used under Karl while N.Y. Has now TWO prima donnas to try and satisfy. Does this mean that the Grizzlies are ultimately better off without Gay, or Denver is better off without Melo? Not exactly, just that they play a different brand of basketball, one they should have learned to play WITH their superstars instead of without them.

    • Sean says:

      such a good post i just find it pathetic how there is like 2-3 teams in the entire league that actually play like a team
      all the other ones are just looking to get there superstars “there touches” so theyl be happy and sign long contracts there
      no wonder there is so many college fans the nba is becoming soft
      so many times when im watching the players try to draw fouls on pump fakes instead of just actually shooting or driving to the hoop
      where is the team concept and playing with some frickin dignity just play the sport like its suposed to be played

      • Gary says:

        One thing that I can’t stand in the NBA are the players who rack up points by pump faking four times for one shot them flop to get the call. Won’t name any of them but we all know who they are. It really kills the game for me.

      • jamie says:

        (cough) wade (cough) 😛

      • I think he was talking about Kobe.

      • Hold up says:

        Biggest shot floppers have got to be Kobe and Pierce. The guy who said Wade is crazy cause he’s not even on the list.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Regardless of who Gary is talking about, who gives a damn if a player pump fakes 100 times. If it works for that player why fix it?

      • Fact not Fiction says:

        The two biggest floppers are Kobe and Pierce. Wade is not on that list in my opinion.

      • black mamba says:

        go watch golf then

      • RIOT says:

        Gary is a retard.He post a lot but he dont know what he is saying.He just hate the Lakers so much…better hire somebody and kill all the L.A players.satisfied!

      • Kingsfan says:

        I disagree with you Sean. There are a lot of teams this year that are playing good team basketball. Bulls, Celtics, Spurs, OKC, Denver, Portland, Philly and I would even put the Lakers in that equation.

        And isn’t that why they hire superstars, to get touches? To ultimately help the team win?

        But in regards to the point of this blog, I think the Rockets will snag the 8th spot. They have a tough road to get there but I think they have the grit and desire to get it done. But it all really doesn’t matter because they will still be ousted first round by the Spurs.

    • Marcos says:

      That reminds me something that happened in Spanish Soccer League (yes, I´m Spanish). Real Madrid has the “big dog on campus”, that´s Cristiano Ronaldo. Some weeks ago, against Racing Santander, he couldn´t play, don´t remember if he was injured or sent off the game before. The thing is that, Di Maria, Ozil, Adebayor, Benzema and Xabi Alonso (all the Madrid´s ofensive players) played their best game in season. Next week, Cristiano came back and Real Madrid won with a goal scored by him, but playing badly again. Also my regards to Portland and Roy and obviously Miami and LBJ23

      • al respect the game says:

        that always happens. same with lakers last yr when kobe was hurt. they win in portland and denver and are 1 shot away from beating boston. just means ball moves better and guys shine. where u need stars is big games. playoffs. when the game slows down.