Nothing Like Ron-Ron Unplugged

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — One of the side benefits of the Lakers being back in their championship groove is that we get to see more and more of Ron Artest at his candid best.

And that’s on and off the floor.

He’s back to playing his ferocious brand of defensive-minded basketball and delighting the masses — well, everyone but maybe Phil Jackson — with his other pursuits.

So in addition to quality postgame storytelling and on-court work, Artest is working hard at his music — this YouTube gem from his video shoot is priceless — and his general showmanship.

The Lakers, of course, need him locked in and focused on basketball. Last night against the Suns, he showed his wares. Much like Game 7 of the 2010 NBA Finals, Artest played the role of unlikely hero in what has to be the game of the year, thus far.

Artest scored seven points in overtime, including that crucial steal and dunk in the third overtime of the Lakers’ 139-137 thriller. Then he tops it all off with a postgame session with the media (above) that ranks right up there with his wild ride after Game 7 that sits atop the heap of all-time greatest interview room showcases.

Like it or not, this is the Artest that gives the Lakers their best chance to keep their current ride going. When he’s energized and on top of his game, the Lakers have an unpredictable force that few teams in the league can deal with. As my main man Broderick Turner of the Los Angeles Times explains, Ron-Ron was a bit animated against the Suns:

Ron Artest blew kisses to the crowd in the first overtime after his three-pointer gave the Lakers a 119-116 lead.

Artest kissed his biceps after his steal led to his dunk and a 135-132 Lakers lead in the third overtime.

Get the picture?

Artest was animated during the Lakers’ 139-137 triple-overtime victory over the Phoenix Suns Tuesday night at Staples Center.

“I kind of knew what the outcome was going to be, so I was relaxed” Artest maintained. “We talked about it.”

It figures Artest would talk this way, because only he can sum up his play that way.

Artest had seven points during the overtimes, three in the first OT and four in the third, all of them important.

He finished the game with 18 points on seven-for-14 shooting.

He also had three steals and one blocked shot in 48 minutes, 29 seconds.

“No, I’m not tired,” Artest said. “I knew what was going to happen so I was just out there skating.”

Artest and Kobe Bryant, who finished with 42 points, 12 rebounds and nine assists, were the only Lakers to score in the third overtime.

Artest’s childhood friend and teammate Lamar Odom probably captured the moment best when he said this about Artest:

“He understands the stage we play on. He’s going to make a great wrestler. He’s got the antics and he knows what’s going on. He’ll hit a guy with a chair. Ron will be one of the best wrestlers ever.”

If Ron-Ron’s wrestling career is anything like the fantastic voyage that his NBA career has been, wrestling fans are in for a treat. Sure, Artest has had his issues. But few players are as entertaining as Artest can be when he’s as engaged as he has been since the All-Star break.

It’s no coincidence that the Lakers, aided also by the resurgence of a healthy and focused Andrew Bynum, have been on a roll since then.

Just think, we could have three more months of this stuff from the Lakers … and Ron-Ron!


  1. leeor levy says:

    i said finals mvp is gonna be kobe bryant not mvp of the season thats derrick roses

  2. leeor levy says:

    heat suck wow the beat lakers two times in the regular season but when it comes to the playoffs lakers are gonna get a three peat and finals mvp KB theres no big three there just basketball players on a team and there not that good dwayne wade is good lebron sucks and bosh

  3. JoeX_dvocity.philippines.LOVESlakers says:

    Yesterday afternoon i skipped 30mins. of my work to watched this exciting 3 0.T match-up game of 2 of my favorite teams in the NBA, good thing my boss did’nt noticed my absence..hahah

  4. ALEXP says:

    Believe me not? I dont like Kobe getting the MVP…and am a Laker fans, simply because and you may not notice em for the last 3 yrs or so many years back who ever gets the MVP doesn’t win the championship…last two times that lebron got the award what happened, did they win the championship and look what happen when kobe was the MVP three yrs ago they lost to the Celtics…so you can have the MVP again Lebron or this year favorite to win Rose…but the Championship Trophy and Finals MVP are OUURRRSSSS. PEACE

  5. Joshua Remo says:

    God this game was agonizing. Being a Laker fan I enjoyed it but it was still agonizing in the 2nd OT. Lakers are going to get their 3-peat this year. Celtics weakened themselves, the loss of Perkins is HUGE against the length of the Lakers. Also San Antonio is starting to get injured after remarkably avoiding serious injuries for the whole season. The Spurs also in my opinion are over -reliant on the three. When the three goes cold, all they have to rely on is their defense, Ginobli, and Parker. Against the Lakers that would be fatal. And Dallas I don’t see them beating L.A. Lakers for the 3-peat.

  6. Edward says:

    how A bought them Lakers if the right does not get you the left one will just love those lakers

  7. mamba rocks says:

    i acknowledge steve nash coz he did a great job of making nc play and the best point guard ever!

  8. Chew on this! says:

    The Lakers are peaking and shooting for a 3Peat! Now here’s a scary thought for all you Laker-Haters who are saying they’re old and on the decline. In about 2 years or so: along comes Dwight Howard! Lol. How about twin towers: Bynum and Howard! And Gasol to boot. And Kobe still having the last laugh!!!!!! HaHa!

  9. The finals r gonna be says:

    chi and lal

  10. A Logical Kobe Fan says:

    The game was fixed? Always entertaining when people say stuff like that. In that case I bet every single NBA game is fixed! It’s all part of a diabolical plot to control the fate of what is probably the 3rd highest professional sports league income in America! I bet the illuminati is behind it all… Yes I was joking in case people couldn’t notice. As for Artest saying he knew how the game was going to end, of course he was joking and kidding around. Anybody who takes that serious must be severely lacking of intelligence.
    Ref’s make bad calls. That’s all there is to it. They are human, so they will make mistakes. Happens frequently in a high volume of NBA games. I could throw out a lot of arguments and facts and statistics here, but the truth was this was an amazing game! Anybody who appreciates competitive basketball should agree. 3 OT is always fun to watch.
    NBA players are actually more entertainers than they are players. True, in a literal sense they are being paid to play basketball, but in reality they are being paid to entertain millions. That’s what the difference is between them and every one else. Ron’s always had a personality, that is just the type of player he is. I never cared for him much, but he’s always entertained me to an extent. In an exhilarating game like that he will definitely be pumped up, it’s just a different method of self expression than the chest pound that so many do.

  11. ALEXP says:


  12. Charles says:

    Hopefully he stays hypomanic through the rest of the season! Cheers to all the bipolar people in the world!

  13. Josh says:

    Dat was a GREAT GAME. Channing Frye was firing on all cylinders, steve nash was droppin delicious dimes, but they just couldn’t handle kobe and ron in the clutch. Mad respect for the lakers and suns. I hope the lakers maintain their 2nd seed and I really hope the suns make the playoffs.

  14. Denise says:

    Great game! but it was great before the OT’s the Lakers were waxing the Suns by 20. I am sure Kobe and Phil would have perfered if the guys could have taken it easy. BTW they had Suns by 20 WITHOUT Bynum. so all this talk about they cannot win him is silly. Lakers are ready and focus for the playoffs RIGHT NOW. no way they burn out, Kobe , Fish , Phil wont let them. Props to Ron, he is a very intertaining dude!

  15. voja says:

    šta kažu lejkersi kad igraju protiv ćeltiksa?
    obrali ste boston!!!!


  16. LALALALAKERS!! says:

    I love the way Ron-Ron said “It’s destiny!”

  17. hatebreed says:

    WHAT A GAME!!!!
    Very Thrilling every second.

  18. Cheese says:

    Where was the defense? -Confused-

  19. Hold up says:

    Lakers will burn out in the playoffs just watch. They are on a great run now but had to save all that energy till now. At this rate they will keep playing hard to keep the 2 seed and by the 2nd round will be too weak to beat WHOEVER they face. Bryant is burning out, just look at his shooting all season.

  20. Benson says:

    Yes yes and yes
    Let the strongest be the king of all
    Thats great

  21. Pitbull says:

    Let’s not forget…Bynum was not playing….

    This game ends in regulation with a Laker win if Bynum is playing…

    And that’s real talk…

  22. Lakers Efi says:

    Lakers are playing the best basketball right now. It is amazing that after all these years Kobe still can’t get a call it started since Colorado and it getting worth every year

  23. mrspydaman says:

    I can’t believe anybody complained about the Ref’s. I thought they swallowed their whistles at both end at let 2 gladiators go at it. It was a great game and kept me on an emotional roller coaster til the end.

  24. t dot says:

    game was fixed watch it again carefully you will see what i mean.

    • LAKERSmagic says:

      Lakers games are not fixed. Do the refs make bad calls frequently? Yes. But do they ALWAYS go in the Lakers favor? You’re delusional if you think so.

      • GOSH!!!!! says:

        go listen to Ron Artest’s post game interview, he said “he already knew the outcome” of this game…….. tell me it’s not fixed.

      • LAKERSmagic says:

        I think Artest was joking. He does that a lot in case you haven’t noticed.

    • Hold up says:

      It was big time. All for ratings because LA has lost alot of the bandwagon fans due to their poor start this year. Granted you can’t take something that Ron Artest says seriously, you have to consider the possibility. Look at the fact that LA blew a 15pt(I believe) lead in the fourth. Phoenix battles back. Odem makes a really bad foul but BEFORE THE SHOT. they wanted an OT game for ratings. Not only that when have you EVER seen RON Artest show boat like that, and after the game went to 1st overtime Kobe and the team where sitting there smiling. Just very suspect if you ask me.

  25. JP says:

    Ron Artest is the worst ball-handler in the league next to Javelle McGee! Ron Artest is dirty tho. Dude pulls down peoples shorts, punches fans, you name it dude has done it. Dude drinks liquer at halftime!

  26. ok everybody need to stop haten on the lakers everybody knows kobe go get MVP if he dont they robed um an if he dont he’ll just get MVP for the championship i love laker hatters everybody was sayn b4 the all star brake the lakers done sike. i knew they wasn’t all it took was kobe to win the all star game MVP an the 2x defending champs are back an the celtrics aint go stop um

  27. LAKERSmagic says:

    Great game on the part of both teams last night. The Lakers are definitely looking better than any other team right now.

  28. Tyshizzle says:

    ok everybody need to stop haten on the lakers everybody knows kobe go get MVP if he dont they robed um an if he dont he’ll just get MVP for the championship i love laker hatters everybody was sayn b4 the all star brake the lakers done sike. i knew they wasn’t all it took was kobe to win the all star game MVP an the 2x defending champs are back an the celtrics aint go stop um

    • Danny says:

      I Agree The Problem Is All The Queen James Danglers Out There Including The Media Outlits Like ESPN And What Not Overhyping Him Like He’s God He’s The King Of What He Might Be A Good Basketball Player Better Than Some But Lets Face The Facts Just Another Basketball Player Claimed To Be The Best We’ve Heard This Time And Time Again Iverson Shaq Bryant Carter Rose And James Claimed To Be The Next Jordan But None Of Which Have Came Even Close To What Jordan Did For The Game Ok So Some Of Them Might Have Broke Some Of His Records But That’s Just It Key Word SOME But The Thing Is He Has So Many But The One That Even Comes Close Is Kobe Bryant Like Him Or Not And For The People That Talk About Our Games Being Real Close At The End Or Blowing A Big Lead It’s Bieng Able To Finish Them Games Out At The End That Makes The Lakers The Best Being Able To Come Back From Games With The Opposing Teams Having A Big Lead Which Got Us Past The Celtics In Game Seven Last Season Need I Say More

  29. lawrencelin says:

    What a great game overall. It provided that entertainment part of basketball where fans of both teams were on the edge ever since the fourth quarter started and nobody really knew what the outcome would be until the final buzzer ended things in TRIPLE OT. Lakers did gave the game away after the 6 minutes mark of the 3rd quarter and they will need to reflect upon that, giving up a 21 points lead and allowing the Suns to fight back and stay alive. With that said, props to the Suns for being so resilient which shows that they are a playoff worthy team as long as they can work together and be more consistent. WOW, truly is the game of the year. RONRON was playing out of his mind! Kobe should be the MVP; his intelligence and his toughness to grind out games like this show that he is the best player. Its not fair to judge Kobe at the level of “Kobe” while judging all the other MVP candidates at a lower level. Derrick Rose is playing great basketball, so is LeBron and Dwight but put them in a situation of a triple OT, can they shine the way Kobe did? With 2 fingers on their shooting hand hurt, a busted knee and a sprained ankle?

    P.S. For those saying that Ron wasn’t playing hard two months ago, you all know that isn’t true. He always played hard, defensively he has been so consistent with his effort. Offensively he might have gone through that period where he couldn’t score or make an impact. But Ron did so many things that just doesn’t show in the stats and those little things helped out the Lakers so much.

    • kobenocloser says:

      he choked,he tossed a lot of bricks with the game on the line.
      before last game he was shooting 34% in the last five games and the lakers went 4 and 1 . that shows that he is not an MVP

    • Danny says:

      Alright Suns Fans We All Know They’re A Good Team But Good Enough To Get The Championship Sorry To Say Not Gonna Happen Anytime Soon And For The Miami Cheat Fans We All Know It’s Ur Refs That Help U Win 99% Of Ur Home Games And Don’t Get Me Started With The Celtics Wich By Far Is The Dirtiest Team In The NBA Face It KG Really Trying To Defend Him Isnt Gonna Work He Starts Fights Hits A Certain Suns Player In The Nuts And Ur Trying To Make Him Sqeaky Clean Please Tell Me U Aint Still Wearing Ur Beer Goggles !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. BullsFan22 says:

    Ron Artest is such a Rodman wannabe, it’s actually quite amusing. The fact is, HE ISN’T! Stop pretending to be something you are not, Fartest! Go into the stands and punch somebody while you are at it, dbag.

    • LAKERSmagic says:

      Quit acting like Rodman was all yours. He was much more famous for his time with the Pistons.

  31. Sergi says:

    Serach in Google BASQUETADICTOS.
    This is a blog to talk about NBA.

  32. Sergi says:

    Artest is the best defensive player of the season.
    Kobe Bryant for the MVP!

  33. toaSTEEZ says:

    Artest is pretty unprofessional. i mean who kisses their biceps in front of the crowd after scoring? thats like when lebron was on the Cavs and he was dancing because they were smashin the Bulls last season. Noah was pissed off about that. i mean the game isnt even over and ur celebrating come on. artest did it 2x where he kissed his bicep and the other time blowing kisses at the crowd. when u start averaging double digit scoring then u can kiss ur self BUT only if its after the game. stop show boating. NFL bands it. NBA usually does give out technicals this season but not for Stern’s favorite team

    • LAKERS>Your Favorite Team says:

      Who cares whether Artest showboats or not. That kind of stuff is common these days. Even in the NFL ( see: Desean Jackson.) Whats important is his style of play which is very defensive minded most of the time but can score when needed to which is exactly what the Lakers need out of him and what he wasn’t doing the first half of the season. And quit with all the “Lakers are David Stern’s favorite team” and how games are always fixed in their favor. Do the refs make a lot of bad calls? Yes. But do they ALWAYS go in the Lakers favor? You’re delusional if you think so.

  34. pride of the philippines says:

    i just to be short here guys… 1st of all i congratulate lakers for winning this magnificent ball game.. 3 OTs and preveils… 2ndly i want to appreciate Ron Artest for promoting our very own Manny Pacquiao VS Floyd Mayweather… Common Floyd prove your self to the world that you can beat our pound for pound king!!! and not just to prove that you floy is the number trash talker…

  35. AJ Adhami says:

    Good Game Lakers!! Lets keep it up for the Playoffs. Laker are the best overall!!

  36. Sam says:

    I’m Lakers fan and I was one those guys wanted Ron out two months ago but love him now and I think that’s very normal.
    We don’t want a player who doesn’t care about the team or not working hard on the court and not doing his job but love any player I mean any player who is doing all of that and now we love Ron because working hard on the court, fighting for each ball position, focusing and…….
    So, Haters find something else, you cant find any weakness in Lakers now this time of the season.
    I know you all scared and imaging your team out of playoffs by Lakers or not able to get the title against this perfect team.
    Sorry, we want No 17th

  37. SB says:

    Lakers fans are not “wishy washy”. We wanted Artest out of there a month ago simply because he was playing horribly. He was a hinderance to the team, and I genuinely believe that he is playing better because Barnes is back. He now has a player behind him thats going to push him for “clutch minutes” at the end of the game. He is stepping his game up, and the lakers need his mental toughness (or insanity) to have flare and pizazz in certain points of the game.

    I want the Artest that isn’t scared of anything, dyes his hair yellow, and kills people on defense…not the Artest thats jacking up fadeaways and playing out of his game with no confidence (which is what he was doing for the first 50 or so games).

    As much as the Lakeshow has been hated on this year, they are somehow, coincidentally playing fantastic basketball as the playoffs are coming around. They lurched through the first half and are now waking up, which has undoubtedly been their plan all year.

    There is NO chance anyone other than the Lakers come out of the west, barring injuries. The east is a 2-man race between Chi-Town and Bean-Town. The Heat will not make it out, and personally I believe that would be the worst matchup for the Lakers in the finals…the Heat seem to have their number somehow.

    Just wait til Kobe throws up 50 in a series clinching game…then everyone will know what time it is…for the third year in a row.

    • meco says:

      Very well said!

    • rune says:

      no we didnt want him out of there…you give a champion player the benefit of the doubt. you give him loyalty. i can forgive bad season games as long as he is ready to focus when the time comes. People talk too much nonsense. you dont mess with the chemistry of a championship team….Hear that Ainge? lol

  38. Jeff says:

    I almost spit out my soda after reading someone trying to say KG defense isnt dirty, WOW, that guy throws more elbows then half the league combined !

    As for the channing frye defense on ron-ron, thats because channing frye has one aspect of the game and one ONLY, he is a wide open jump shooter, thats it, if you put a guy within 5 feet of him he chokes almost consistently, thats why they screen for him so often. Hes a great shooter, just a hack when it comes to overall game !

    • Berlin4life says:

      Haha, theres no arguing that Garnett plays a tough, physical game and goes a bit too far sometimes, but dirty? Can´t remember him elbowing people like Howard regularly does, or just pushing his manin the back while rebounding, like Gasol did yesterday on an important play in overtime (ofc he didnt get called). Maybe we just have a different definition of dirty play, but in my opinion its much dirtier too pull your opponents pants down on a free throw, than setting a borderline-legal screen.

  39. GOSH!!!!! says:

    Did i hear corrently that Ron Artest said he ALREADY knew “the outcome of this game” in his post game interview? WOW!!!!!!!

  40. J b says:

    Lakers all the way

  41. sporto says:

    Lakers – Bulls in the finals. I agree with you, Zodiac

    • Three-peat crawford says:

      thts scary but i can see the lakers winnig becuz they have been here done tht but the bulls are my team in the east along with the magic….but i wudnt have no other way tht way if my lakers dnt get a three-peat at least the bulls snatch it

  42. lext says:

    I just love Ron-ron, that’s all i have to say

  43. Dennis says:

    WOW! Sekou Smith is such a biased lakers fan its ridiculous that he writes for This is the same guy that bashes the celtics on the regular, and who but a lakers fan can enjoy RON ARTEST, a scrub player that was delegated to the bench most of the season, that hits a few WIDE OPEN shots and thinks he is the MVP. Yes, he blew kisses to the crowd. For making a wide open 3 point shot, completely by himself, which he hesisated and knew that he is a 30% 3-point shooter and usually will miss. But WOW an NBA player who gets paid millions of dollars can hit a wide open 3. Congrats, he truly is fun to watch.

    • Josh says:

      Dude is allowed to like whoever he wants. Celtic bashing is also allowed when there is something to bash them about, and there usually is. Ron Artest and his theatrics, not necessarily his jump shots, are fun to watch. How animated the guy is on the court makes him someone to keep an eye on. Pretty clear that is what he is saying. Now go masturbate to the Celtics somewhere else, bitch.

      • D-co says:

        Or how animated the guy is when he runs through the stands and punches fans? Ron Artest is a terrible basketball player, anyone around the NBA knows that.

    • Frank says:

      What does it matter what his bias is?

      Josh said it about right.

    • Three-peat crawford says:

      ppl miss those wide open shots its not as easy as it seems lebron missed earlierin the season and cost them the game NOBODY always knocks dwn those wide open shots under pressure and how can u blame smith if he is a laker fan he appreciates greatness

    • smoked_up_loc says:

      You have to keep in mind that pro basketball players are as much entertainers as they are athletes. His antics are a manifestiation of just that, however great or bad people percieve him. The point is people are talking about him.

  44. filipinoako says:

    and btw.. mayweather would kneel infront of pacquiao.

  45. Jake says:

    Well, seems there’s more then a few Laker Haters posting around here. But that’s ok. The playoffs will begin, the champs will pursue another milestone, and if they achieve it, the Haters will be reconciled! Opinions are great. We all have them and can share them. But seriously, whoever your “team” is, learn to be kind to all. Bynum made a huge mistake, and he’s paid for it. He’s lucky his team took care of business in his absence. But one bad mistake does not a bad man make! He’s young. He let the course of the game get to him, became emotional and made a bad choice. Now it’s over. I highly doubt you’ll see that from him again in the future. He’s never behaved in a mean spirited fashion before! And Kobe, despite the arguement of Derek Rose in the mix, is still the best player in basketball! He probably will be until he retires. He knows the game and has more moves then any player around. He should get the MVP, but, who knows how the voting will turn out! Derek Rose is definately having a fantastic season!! Still, Kobe is more deserving then anyone out on the floor right now. Go Lakers!!! A ring awaits!!!

  46. filipinoako says:

    I have watched NBA for the least I can remember and i could say I am not a Laker fan. why? cause all their games are FIXED

    • Wait a Minute says:

      So in that case, Spurs, Celtics, Mavericks, Bulls, and Heat games must all be fixed too right? NO. These teams (Lakers too) are just good, plane and simple.

  47. geezy says:

    lakers on the way 2 the finals again the lakers are going beat whoever

  48. kris head says:

    people were down right crazy to even think the Lakers would trade this guy, He is as important to the lakers success in the playoffs as Rodman was to the bulls.

  49. Hold Up says:

    Just a month ago all you LA fan’s wanted Ron Artest gone now your prasing him? That’s why I can’t stand LA fans, too wishy washy.

    • Da Best says:

      Nah nah nah…I know we are but what are you…”LOSERS?”

    • Josh says:

      I can’t stand non-LA fans because I like LA. What do we care?

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @ Hold Up You would want a player off of your team too if he wasnt producing!! But now hes playing great, so of course he gets praise. Shut it up hater!

    • HeatH8r says:

      No Laker fans with any sense wanted Artest gone. He hit the shot that was the dagger in Game 7 of the Finals last year, and he is one of the smartest defensive players in the NBA. If the Lakers hadn’t gone to or won the Finals last year, Lakers’ fans could have made the argument that picking up Artest was a dumb idea because it was detrimental to the Lakers winning championships. But they won a title, with a lot of effort on his part. Anyone who claimed that we needed to get rid of Artest isn’t a real Lakers fan.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I NEVER wanted Ron to leave. Don’t mistake all these bandwagon fans for the true fans. I’ve lived in LA my whole life watching Laker basketball, I always watched a lot of Bulls Jordan and PJ with my Dad because MJ was my Dads favorite player.

    • Three-peat crawford says:

      i never wanted him gone jus to put it out there i love my lakers and i was not happyabout the bynum for melo rumors either we won championships with a slight adjust from ariza to artest both are defensive minded thts why they fit well i wished it was a way we could have kept ariza n came of the bench or somethin

  50. jason adkins says:

    its atrocious to watch channing frye fail to even make an effort to defend ron’s dunk even though he was out ahead of him clearly on the play-instead he just stood there with his hands in his pants playing pocekt pool but then when kobe has the game winner who other than c frye is standing there again in front of kobe with his hands glued to his shorts instead of at least raising them to contest with his 6’11” size and considerable wing span…i guess its his brain span that’s short though.

  51. Dennis says:

    You got to be kidding me, ron artest is not as dirty as KG, what the hell, KG is a way more clean defensive player than any dam laker, after what Bynum did, please. Oh yeah it’s too bad the game was fixed lmao.

    • al respect the game says:

      tsk tsk, sorry dennis but ur hating is clouding ur mind. if u think ANY laker player is dirtier than garnet, dude u got issues. Talk to REAL celtic fans, they would even tell you that.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Dennis come man! Is KG your boyfriend or something? KG is probably the most dirty player in the league. Its a joke you wanna bring up the one time Bynum throws a elbow. KG does that kind of stuff all the time. How many times have you heard players in the league say KG is dirty compared to Bynum? Ya thats what i thought, shut your pie hole if your gonna hate on the greatest NBA team. LAKERS!!!

      • Andrew says:

        lakers are a great team but there not the greateset come on now u know that tittle belongs to mj”s bulls

    • HeatH8r says:

      You’re an idiot. You can’t say either the Lakers or the Celtics are clean when they play each other. That’s like six decades’ worth of rivalry right there, with 33 championships won between them. There’s no cleanliness when the Lakers and the Celts take the floor against each other: it’s all-or-nothing, do-or-die, regardless of whether they’re playing in the Finals or whether they’re playing in the regular season.

    • Gary says:

      Agreed and only a Laker fan would say KG is the dirtier player. Ron Artest has the track record to prove it. C’mon on the guy punched a fan! KG is getting more dirty this year but is no where near Artest. Also LA has the most dirtiest team players now. Kobe, Fisher, Gasol, Barnes and Artest vs Pierce, Garnett.

      • Three-peat crawford says:

        lol gasol dirty??

      • Gary says:

        Yeah he flops alot and that’s a tool of a dirty player. But don’t get me wrong he’s still a great player too.

      • Lakers3Peat says:

        floping isnt dirty u complete retard its drawing an offensive foul ron may have punched a fan but hw does that reflect in any way how he plays, Kobe and Fisher play hard defense not dirty the dont take cheap shots like KG

      • prix' says:

        Dont hate Gary too much…he is stil in’s right Artest is dirty but that was before until he joined L.A and now making Smart defense…that’s what Phil bring to the table…

      • Gary says:

        @ Laker3peat, there’s a difference between drawing a foul so that it’s obvious and flopping to sell it. And go look up ESPN’s list of dirtiest NBA players past and present so you can learn something.
        @ Prix, yeah graduate school : )

    • BBALLFAN says:

      Seriously guys… ron artest is not a clean player. he has never been a clean player. Not that i don’t like the way he plays, i love his physicall plays! but to say he’s clean… heyall naw!!

      it’s algud to like and respect a player, but please don’t make up dilusional comments like him! HAHAHA btw how funny was ron ron’s comment about it being a predetermined? HAHAHAHA

  52. soner says:

    Which Laker do you like most? @trendocean

  53. alvin says:

    i wish to see that fight….mayweather say yes to this fight ..coward!!!

    • Srt-4 says:

      The coward is waiting until Pac-man slows down a little bit because he knows he can’t beat him the way he’s been fighting the past couple of years…I don’t expect this fight to happen for another year or two..Sad, but true…

  54. wadejamesbosh says:

    The Miami Heat beat them up after their winning streak 😀

    • Sean says:

      the miami heat suck
      chris bosh is a fairy hes gunnna get injured in the play offs cuz hes too soft and then Miamis BIG TWO will try hard to win but get killed by the PFs and C’s inside

    • ? says:

      The heat are a complete joke. That team wont even be in the finals.

      • Mike says:

        U got that right ? … So what the heat gave the Lakers a two way ticket this year… Will they be bragging about it when the Lakers 3-peat? I don’t recall James fans bragging about Cavs giving Lakers the 2 way in 2009.

      • Kevin says:

        I remember the Lakers losing both games against the Magic in the regular season a couple of years back… 4-1 Lakers in the finals though.

    • BIg J says:

      Yes, you are right, the heat.. well lets call them luke warm, did stop the streak but as you know, that was the last time the lakers will see the heat this season… The heat do not have the team to get into the finals. Lakers are on their way to a 3-pete, the heat are just trying to get their ~big 3 to stop crying.

    • HeatH8r says:

      Yeah but the Lakers have won all but one of their games since the All-Star break. And they’ve come against good teams, too, like the Spurs, Mavericks, Blazers, and Magic. Miami’s been too busy pummeling smaller and weaker teams into oblivion, which is great for the fans, but is a waste of time when you’re pursuing a championship. I personally think it’s hilarious that LeBron won’t win as many games with Miami this year as he did with Cleveland two years ago OR last year, and the Heat team he’s playing on is supposed to be better than BOTH those Cavs squads. Ha ha ha!

  55. alfredk5 says:

    i admire Ron-Ron simply b’ocz he’s the real deal… He may not be the best player on the court but has occasionally shared great moments with the best when it matters most… he did it in game 7 with the celtics in 2010 NBA finals (he came to the rescue and saved de day…) His critics have come hard on him for a few lapses on his execution (apparent inconsistency though) and they may well have justification for doing that… But one thing is clear Ron-Ron knows when it’z time to bootstrap himself up and turn on the lights… thaz exactly what hez been doing lately… Another thing, he’z so honest–so brutally honest–that i can take him 4 his word (even the prediction about the multiple OT stuff, although i suspect others may be quick to dismiss it as a pure delusion–an evidence of mental disorder)… Keep it Ron-Ron and keep the flame burning in u!!!

  56. triangleoffense says:

    Phoenix came to play tonight and so did lakers. They put on quiet a show. Im a laker fan but i still have respect for nash and hill i hope they make playoffs!

  57. another threepeat. i think its a little boring that they went to the finals 7 of the last eleven years. (i am of course not a laker fan) and they are gonna get to 8 out of 12, but they have the best coach and the best team so obviously its fairly earned. i cant see who would have a chance against their size( and skill), but i sincerly hope they dont just parade thru the playoffs 16-0

    • Sean says:

      dont worry they got some stiff competition this year it should be some pretty good play offs
      dont forget about the spurs!

  58. Carl Johnson says:

    In the end it was a good win, but the Lakers did blow a 21 point mid 3rd quarter lead by the end of the quarter (not good). Lamar’s bad foul cost them the win in regulation. The last three games the Lakers have struggled a bit, but a win is a win is a win, I guess.

    • Carl Johnson says:

      Correction: Lamar’s bad foul cost them the win in 1 OT.

      • Mike says:

        Lamar’s fould did cost them the win. But I can understand him, he knew they had a foul to give and was trying to foul Frey before he shot. But I guess his movement was not as fast as his mind.

    • Three-peat crawford says:

      yes but its the absence of bynum that has made the bench weaker thts why the games were a lil more difficult but the champs prevail

  59. mark says:

    ron artest is a great promoter..hahaha..pacquiao-mayweather

  60. Fact Not Fiction says:

    Lakers celebrating from beating Phoenix? lol!

  61. prix' says:

    One of my favorite defensive guy even i’m no laker fan…nice,physical,clean but deadly smart kind of defense…not like the Boston kind of defense so physical but dirty especially KG…Good job Ron even I wish the Suns to win to clinch the *8th seed…

    • Gary says:

      You got to be kidding? Ron Artest is clean and physical? LOL, I guess you didn’t see him on the Pacers.

      • NRK says:

        On the Pacers? Wow, that’s like 10 years ago. He has been playing consistantly smart and srtong defense in the last two years. He’s a different man and player. The Lakers wouldn’t have won the Championship last year without him. Period.

      • zodiac says:

        Pacers is Pacers… Lakers is Lakers!!! The perception of basketball is way way different. And thats what makes the difference between champs, and wannabees! The whole Lakers team (with the only exception of Fisher, who is a bit more physical… lil oll dog but the best for the job :)), is damn good in defense without being even slightly as physical and unclean as the majority of the other teams. As for another good defensive and clean team, the Bulls! And that is what the final will look like: L.A-Chicago. The two best all around teams this season, and all because of the good defense, without being brutal, sending players to the bench for months!!!

      • Gary says:

        @NRK yeah he’s playing good and I never said he wasn’t. He’s always been a strong DIRTY player. I still like him though. But for someone to say he’s a clean player is just unintelligent basketball wise.

  62. ephraim says:

    credits to LA Lakers and to ron artest…nice basketball game…!

    • FDJLakers says:

      Yes that was an incredible game. In fact, and I hate to admit this, but I would not have been bummed out had Phoenix won. Both teams did an outstanding job in clean, hard, pure basketball, and it could have gone either way. I hope the Suns make the 8th seed, because they have a LOT of heart and talent.

      Ron Artest is a crack up. He not only has great skills, but he is a true team player with a whole lot of personality. He’s very likeable and I’m glad he’s a Laker. I can’t wait to hear his interview after he wins his second ring this June.

      • Three-peat crawford says:

        i agree artest is an exceptional teammate defense off the charts and can knock down the shots ppl tend to forget the damage he did for other teams when he played a bigger role now he is behind kobe odom n gasol so of course its gonna be different but he has adjusted very well