Be Careful What You Say

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Now is not the time to turn into some cliché monster, spouting basketball-related terms from now until the end of the June until you hear a voice inside your heard screaming for you to stop.

It’s a virus many of us catch this time of year. The minute March Madness begins and until the NBA playoffs end, there can be an annoying parade of hoops conversations that revolve around certain phrases contained here in the 10 Most Abused Basketball Clichés You’ll Be Hearing This Month … and beyond if you are not careful.

Our favorite here at the hideout is easily this one:

No. 5 — They’re getting some good open looks: Is there such a thing as a bad open look? Well, perhaps if they’re shooting from midcourt. It would do college basketball telecasts wonders if the broadcast teams would simply explain their clichés. How is the team getting open looks? Is it the dribble-penetration from the slashing point guard. Are the offensive sets being executed to perfection? More college basketball analysts should be like Jay Bilas — he doesn’t shy away from offering detailed breakdowns during the action.

So be careful what you say this month. You don’t want to be that guy!

One Comment

  1. Gary says:

    I think the worse one is “that was a good no call”. If there was a foul committed it should be called plain and simple.