Warriors Need To Make Smart Move

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — With the assortment of wild and crazy stories and rumors we that make their way through the hideout each day, there’s usually nothing that truly shocks us.

But if there is any validity to these rumblings out of Oakland that Keith Smart is in danger of being ousted as coach of the Warriors, then we have our first truly shocking story of the month.

If there is “no problem between Smart and Warriors guard Steph Curry,” as my main man Matt Steinmetz of CSNBayArea.com states clearly, then why in the world is their “relationship” at the center of this chatter about Smart being weeks away from the unemployment line?

These details from Steinmetz might help explain the issue:

If you’ve been watching the Warriors all season long you’ve seen it. To say Smart has had Curry on a shorter leash than Don Nelson did a year ago would be an understatement.

You’d have to be watching a different game to not notice all those times Smart showed his frustration after a Curry mistake or misplay, which was typically followed with Acie Law at the scorer’s table.

Curry is averaging just 33 minutes per game this season compared with last year when he averaged 36.2 minutes per game. But that tells only a sliver of the story.

Curry played 40 or more minutes 32 times last season and most of those games came during the second half of the season. Nelson played Curry 48 minutes seven times during the 2009-10 season.

But under Smart, Curry has played 40 or more minutes just 12 times, and he’s never gone the full 48.

What’s more, Smart has not been afraid to take Curry out of games and keep him out for a little while — often times during important stretches. Of course, Smart has his reasons and they’re legit, starting with the careless turnovers and the below-average defense.

Smart has been consistent with Curry. Early in the season Smart maintained that if he was coaching Curry a little bit harder than some others it was because he believed Curry could become an elite guard down the line.

There’s no doubt Smart isn’t treating Curry like an elite guard right now. In Dallas’ 112-106 win over the Warriors on Wednesday, Smart subbed for Curry with 3:38 remaining in the third quarter.

Smart hasn’t even been given a reasonable shot to show us what he can do. Some people would clearly argue that Smart has kept Curry from being able to show us the same, so I can see the dilemma for the Warriors.
But for a franchise trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild under new ownership, one of the most important things they need to do is make the smart move with their coach.


  1. Jake says:

    I think everyone is just blowing things out of proportion. Steph is fine, Smart is fine. GSW needs help.

  2. kyle says:

    They need a new coach! and a talented center!

  3. Jamie S* says:

    “S. Curry” is the franchise and the face of the “Golden State Warriors”.And the real deal, I might add. And for “Smart” to develop a hard-on for “Steph” you know the kind where, in your eyes its never enough, or something was always his fault. Its not like you’re talking about “Marbury” , “S Francis” , “D.Williams”, or some guy thats become uncoachable. Are you kidding. I promise you, “S.Curry” has had more bloody noses than all of those guys put together. And this kid has sacrificed a lot of what he’s capable of, so that “Ellis” could shine. No doubt you’re going to get beat sometimes one on one, but this kid always have played both ends of the floor, and will be an All-Star for many years to come, so of course “Smart will go before “Steph” will. So it would be wise for “Smart” to get it together with his young star, instead of doing things to drive a wedge between them. Because right now, yeah, management is frowning. The game on the line, and their best pure player is sitting in warmups shaking his head!! Yeah, I’d be ready to fire somebody soon too!!

    • watcher says:

      I dont think so. It was the Curry gravy train last year with Don Nelson, this year he’s being held to account for his free-wheeling O and poor D at times. No doubt he has the offensive skills to be a bona fide star, but that could be said about a ton of players that have gone through the system. The guy needs to take D101 or risk becoming a career 6th man.

  4. think says:

    Thing is, they’re still holding on to the same philosophy Nellie has brought them years back. The only positive thing that happened before was that they’ve upset Dallas. That’s it. And by definition, when you have pulled an upset, you are a weak team that just got lucky.

    I just hope the whole GSW would change the whole culture of the team, from top to bottom. Make the GM build a balanced team, have coaches to also focus on defense, and have players that can play on both ends. They still have tradeable pieces that can be very useful to most teams (imagine Ellis a sixth man to any team).

    Unfortunately, the team has to rebuild… but hopefully, they’d really focus on an identity that they’d be challenging teams, and not hope for upsets.

  5. Gary says:

    I have to blame the coaching and management. There have been some great players to come through GS in the past three years and all of them gone now. Example Matt Barnes, Stephen Jackson, Kelenna Azubuike are just a few. Anyway Curry will be out of GS in two years or maybe less and probably go to the Lake Show.

    • prix says:

      NBA is not a great sports anymore…its more of a business sports…team dont respect players and players dont respect teams…just like what Bobcats did to Wallace and what Boston did to Perk…even both guys devoted to their teams and on the other hand what Lebron did to the Cavs…I dont think Curry will be traded sooner…Gary is just hallucinating maybe Natsu punch u that hard…lol./..

    • insideLA says:

      Curry to the Lakers next season or the season after next. After all, Dwight Howard’s “I want to play alongside number 24” answer last All-star break is about to be on. Curry, Bryant, Barnes, Gasol, Howard with bench Fisher, Brown, Ebanks, Character, Bynum. Sick! :))

      • Gary says:

        I don’t know how they could pull off getting Howard and Curry alongside Bryant and Gasol without spending buco bucks and Jerry Buss is all about getting a deal, not spending recklessly.

      • Champkobe says:

        theres no way they can keep both bynum and howard

  6. royi440 says:

    This is bad news… not because of what will happen with the warriors, frankly, they aren’t a good team any way you look at it. The problem with this story is that again, just like the Utah case, a star player tells his coach what to do instead of it being the other way around. And this time it’s not even a big star, because no offense to Curry he’s not in Williams’ calliber yet. The league has to change the way it treats it’s players or every time some athletic punk decides he wants a ring the entire franchise will go to the moon and back to humor him so he won’t move to Miami or NYC or something.

    • Gary says:

      Jesus are people still crying about that Miami trade. Get over it and look at some facts. Seven years that could have just been three. But let me stop before this whole blog gets turned the wrong way.

  7. Steven says:

    Coach Smart is right about his observation of Curry. I love Steph’s game and he will go get some boards, however, he gets beat one on one all the time. This keeps the help out bigs in foul trouble. This is what the coach wants him to work on. But the players today are so “sensitive” to criticism, they start to pout when someone tells them they are not playing well. It’s a shame because the team needs to play together for more than one season. And whoever is coaching has to give them time to play together. Lacob did an injustice to Coach Smart with that one year deal…could Phil Jackson have gotten more wins than Smart?? With this same team? I don’t think so!

  8. Kingsfan says:

    What a dilemna… New coach, new owners, mostly same players and same result at the end of the year. I personally think Curry’s game won’t shine with Ellis there. I also think that the Warriors as a whole won’t do squadooosh until they get some one that has a defensive motor in them.

    But all that said, bench your so called “future star” at the end of the games, isn’t going to win any points for the coach with the front office.

  9. Saldo says:

    So Sekou, what do you think it should happen? I was just left hanging there!

    • prix says:

      thats right…better fired Smart…if you watch stephen he dont look focus…just because what i think he is not contented on what the coaching staff treated him…and sorry to tell you Sekuo Smith…Miami won so i think that spoiled your party…does it HURT…really HURT…lol…