The Knicks’ Mixed Signals

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The Knicks’ actions spoke much louder than their words last night as they ended their three-game slide with a win over the Hang Time Grizzlies.

That’s a good thing, too. Because if you spend any time examining what’s being said, you’ll need a some help deciphering what was intended, what was said, in what context it was said and what you actually heard.

Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni is preaching patience, as he did here to Roderick Boone of Newsday:

“Hang in there. We’re hanging in there. We are pedaling as fast as we can pedal,” D’Antoni said before last night’s game against the Grizzlies . You can see there are some deficiencies and some holes. Our defense has gotten a little worse and we’ve got to get better.

“We’ve got to work at it, and it’s going to take some sweat and some things . . . The biggest thing is not to exaggerate where we are, and hang in and keep working.”
Entering Thursday night, the Knicks split 12 games since bringing in Carmelo Anthony to team with Amar’e Stoudemire. That includes two losses each to the Pacers and Cavaliers, two below-.500 teams.

“We lost four games we shouldn’t have lost, so if we were 10-2, we’d be OK,” D’Antoni said. “But we are not, so we just have to keep building, keep getting a little bit better and just hang in there.” So, in essence, the Knicks don’t share their fans’ anxiety.

“The biggest thing — and I’ll just keep repeating — is we are not going to get caught up in the hysteria,” D’Antoni said. “We are going to be who we are and we are going to play as well as we can and get it together”

Meanwhile, Anthony has at least one suggestion for a team he knew had little time to get things in order before the stretch run of the season began. Marc Berman of the New York Post has the details:

“If you look at us on paper, see myself, Amar’e, Chauncey [Billups], you’d say our record would be better,” Anthony said. “Sometimes you got to take steps backward to go forward. We’re losing some games we shouldn’t be losing. That’s the frustrating part.”

“We’re trying to get good at it in a short period of time,” Anthony said. “Everybody on this team knows what kind of process it will be. It’s a tough one. Nobody said it was going to be easy. Guys are still trying to figure it out.”

This slight difference in opinion isn’t enough to worry us about the Knicks’ chances of making a splash in the playoffs. They still have plenty of time to iron out whatever chemistry issues might exist and create a little chaos in the postseason.

But we must admit, it would be nice to have all of the significant members of the Knicks’ traveling party rowing in the same direction with just a few weeks remaining in the regular season.

They don’t need any extra distractions as they embark upon the first of what should be many playoff runs as a group.


  1. Yeah I Said It. . And I Will Say It Again. says:

    NY is not winning a championship anytime soon. . . Watch and see.. .with Amare, Carmelo and CP3 who we all know will end up their. I miss old school b-ball. . . alot of stars stayed with their team and showed loyalty and liked playing against other greats. . . . . .I hope this lock out changes alot of this crap that was started this summer by stars wanting to hugg each other in one big market city.

  2. Ian says:

    some of you guys dont know shyt abouit hoops lol as a life long knicks fan since early 90″s, In the history of NBA trades, when you think of the high profile stars that were traded to another team in the past like kareem,wilt,barkley,shaq ect. have you ever thought about all the players that were traded for them:??? I have and i did the research, and almost all cases the players who were traded for that nba star you have never heard of again, some how i have a feeling mozgov(frederic weis second coming),felton(best pg since ward), chandler(inconsistant),gallo(injury prone) will def be replaceable with even better tyalent over the summer.This is ny’s first playoff appearance since lord knows!,not expecting a championship this year just gradual improvement !


    bye,bye knicks

  4. J-Biz says:

    Im a Nuggets fan, I like the trade because, if Carmelo wants to play in NY then of course he going to slack in a Denver Uniform. I like the way the new Nuggets have come together as a team! I think we relied on Melo too much to score!! yeah Carmelo did resurrect Denver into a making the playoffs every year, something the Nuggets werent used to.. But as soon as we got there, we got hammered every time. With the exception of one year. I think The Nuggets are in a good position to get real good now.

  5. Someguy says:

    Whats even more pathetic than the Knicks defense is people telling other people they don’t know anything about basketball just because they are loyal to a team who isn’t in the playoffs.
    It’s sad that the general manager himself stated he regrets the trade for Carmelo Anthony knowing after the fact that he could have had a chance at Deron Williams. That doesn’t show much faith in what Melo is going to bring to the team. You can bring all the offense you want, but it won’t win you playoff games.
    The Knicks can never beat teams like the Bulls,Heat,Magic and even the Celtics in their current state.
    The only reason they are even IN the playoff race is because they are in the LEASTERN conf. If they were a western team, they would be irrelevant.

  6. havkaution says:

    Knicks in my mind gave up too much, they will be okay though, nuggest only gave up really two people really, the other two werent in the nuggets rotations, so the nuggets are looking better then the knicks, that is until playoff time. The knicks i believe will start coming together right before the playoffs and then we will see. I believe the knicks are better then their record and hopefully they will proud me right

  7. wayne says:

    sorry…but it has to be said,a mike d’antoni team will never win because they dont put any emphasis on the defensive side of the ball…they just run up and down the court and jack up the first available shot. that’s phoenix was never able to beat san antonio in a playoff series….and yes i will admit that brand of ball is entertaining to watch, it will never win a championship.

  8. Melo Fan says:

    The Knicks future success depends on what they get in the offeason…. Tyson Chandler is the unrestricted free agent who they should be focusing on luring away from Dallas. He would make a HUGE difference on D and he gobbles up rebounds. Chandler is also one of those players who could care less how many points they score. In addition to that he has also played with CP3 who the Knicks will target next summer. Caron Butler (if healthy) is another defensive minded player they should go after this summer. There are a lot of decent free agents to be had this summer i.e. Jamal Crawford, Jason Richardson, and Zach Randolph. I just hope the knicks keep in mind that they need DEFENSIVE minded players and not more ” matidor defense” playing scorers.

  9. Chris says:

    Hey you New York City’s, we’re com’n back. And this time, we’re bringing our paint brushes.
    Celtics baby. Jus go GREEN.

  10. Lakersfansince91 says:

    knicks are gonna be fine just need to step it up on defense. Billips was the steal of the trade. If Knicks do play the Heat in the playoffs it should be interesting. I think Billips will be the difference in that series. I’ll pick Knicks in 7.

  11. dAnYkNiCk says:

    all these negative comments about the trade makes me wanna laugh. ppl with no or limited knowledge of the game only would say tings like bad trade or downgrade.chauncy for felton, good trade. melo for gallo, hmmmm lemme think. i will take melo any day. wilson couldn’t be signed by ny anyways. and mozgov for sheldon, anthony carter is a swap. now the real issue. A REBOUNDER….i would go for dalembert at the off season. AND A COACH THAT WILL UTILIZE AND ROTATE PLAYER AS NEEDED AND CALL TIME OUT WHEN ITS GOING BAD. SORRY D’ANTONI, YOU ARE NOT PHIL JACKSON. AND DEFENSE IS NOT IN YOUR VOCABULARY. SO NEW COACH PERHAPS.

  12. jumpman85 says:

    Knicks are a new team right now. They haven’t had the offseason they had before the trade. Time = Chemistry.
    You can’t develop that over-night. The deal for Melo was for the long run. I hope Melo understands and KNOWS this is STAT’s team. Who knows Melo could possibly be bait towards a trade for Dwight Howard come end of 2012. I dont think Dwight Howard is going to stay in Orlando. They couldn’t even keep Shaq there. I also highly doubt Deron Williams is going to stay a NJ NET, come 2012. Remember reports came out of UTAH during all-star weekend, that D-Will will join New York come 2012 free agency. Brooklyn wasnt mentioned, NY was. Why else would UTAH trade their star player while he still has legs [value] ??? Could possibly be the same situation for Dwight Howard as he nears contract expiration.

    I would take my chances with Dwight Howard / Stoudemire / D. Williams over Stoudemire / Melo / CP3 anyday.

  13. melo says:

    lets go knicks to the playoffs!but knicks sweep by the miami 4-0 sad to say thats the truth,,miami is better now than the knicks,,knicks a no defense team,,sweep by miami in the playoffs!!!

  14. melo says:

    knicks need defense,knicks need rebound knikcs needs low post player to defends opponenet<<hope to see melo and amare winning together!!!letrs go knicks!!!

  15. WG says:

    I can see the Knicks getting there Chemistry right, probably around the half way mark next season! But I really dont think they’ll end up being any better than the team Melo left in Denver. Thats a talented team that reached the conference finals. All the Nuggets needed then was a Solid rebounder and for J.R Smith to play consistently.
    At least for a few years I dont see the Knicks gettin any further than the Conf Finals, and by then Billups will probably retire, so find a replacement for him will again probably only get em to the Conf Finals. But i really hope they get there, Melo and Stoudemire are are some of my fav players, with Wade, D.Rose and Duncan, CP3

  16. MeloFan7 says:

    Lol there are TONS of haters out there. Just because Melo aint helping the knicks win right now doesn’t mean he’s a bad team player. Look at the Heat for example, even with the super Trio, they were on HUGE losing streaks. Does that mean any of the big three are cancers? Melo was the bright light to the Nuggets. Nuggets right now they are just having their time. Watch long term, Nuggets aren’t getting anywhere compared to what they had WITH Melo. And i won’t panic with the Knicks because every star-studded team needs time to build chemistry, like Heat.

  17. NYKnicks says:


  18. George says:

    billups is great he will need some time and everything will be okey in NY

  19. Preacher says:

    They shouldnt have traded anybody just for Melo. Its a lost deal. Its a proof that DOLAN who orchestrated this trade and overruled D’Antony and WALSH is not thinking a bit before arriving to a decision. No wonder the ISAIAH, DOLAN era is indeed a big mess that the KNICKS still needs to clean up soon!!

    But I still have high hopes! Rebuilding is starting! GO NY!

  20. Die hard knick says:

    they shouldn’t have traded Galo

  21. Nisha- Let's Talk says:

    The Knicks won’t make it past the first round in the playoffs because the 7th-10th seed are playing their BUTTS off in the East.. “Melo has actually hurt the Knicks if you really think about it.. The Nuggets got the better part of the Knicks and that’s why they are soo good.. I can’t wait until the Knicks play the Nuggets in Denver.. That’ll kinda be like Lebron’s return to Cleveland on Tuesday :).. Do you think that Melo will be booed? or Appreciated?? The Knicks lost to the Pacers 99-95.. What a suprise.. They lost again.. Really a suprise??? I think not..

  22. John Lanz says:

    I think their losing streak is destined for!
    They can beat Celtics and Chicago on playoffs. They are better team than those two. But they can’t beat the Miami heat right now ( the team goes strong every time they lose).
    So if Celtics/Chicago vs New York. New York wins!

  23. pkcoach says:

    Listen the main problem with my Knicks right now is interior defense and rebounding. We need a big man who can get us 10-12 rebounds a game and at least 10-14pts. Once we do that it will make the game easier for the rest of the team.

  24. ban says:

    nothing about the topic but BS man, been watching the last Chicago games and the calls were falling to their favor even the one being played now with the Pacers. Rigged man, games’ are rigged big time!!!

  25. Vladimir Popovic says:

    I think that there is no need to panic at all. To say first I wasnt a fan of this trade and its ok with me now. I dont think that with this trade team’s chances for this year have changed or the course that they were on this year. There is a bright future. But there is something to get done with a C. Jared Jeffries is just obscure. I dont even see how he makes the starting line-up. Turiaf is good off the bench and I wouldnt change that. If I were close to the Knicks management and had a chance to make my shout I would get KRSTIC if Boston doesnt extend his contract. He would be a solid starter on C for Knicks, and mix it up with Amar’e and Ronny.

    PG Billups – Douglas
    SG Fiekds – Walker
    SF Anthony – Shel. Williams
    PF Stoudemire – Sha. Williams
    C Krstic – Turiaf

    Now if that would in anyway be possible that would be a nice improvement.

    • Vladimir Popovic says:

      and Anthony Carter is ok in the mix every now and then but he is obviously a bit old, i’m sure Knicks can find a younger role player pf that type that will give them 5-10 mins a game.

  26. Preacher says:

    All of you give KNICKS a break! The team that was ruined during the ISAIAH era for so many years is now a strong PLAYOFF contender! Come on it wont take soon to rebuild that and Knicks accept they are lacking in D! Think people and at least give credit that somehow the Knicks is a relevant team again!

  27. watcher says:

    I get the feeling that D’antoni isn’t too happy with what he lost to get Melo, and if I was him I wouldn’t be either. Chauncey is not even close to being a D’antoni type player. Melo will get his points but trading Felton for what will be their modern day Derek Harper was a huge mistake for a team that historically has had so many issues at that position.
    Time to find another point guard. Again.

  28. seewhatyouwanttosee says:

    Melo is a nice pick up for the knicks, however, the nuggets are successful with out him playing because this team has been together for many years; They are playing like they have something to prove. But regular season is a learning experience, where both teams and coaches make adjustment where deemed fit. This is not rocket science, case in point, if you block me coming in on the right using my left hand the next time i attack won’t be the same as the last. I will have to adjust that move; inevitably adjusting my game and changing the chemistry (flow) of things. the difference one play makes is crucial in any contest thats why i feel you must be careful and study where you went wrong and make it right. I would never like to reach the top (jordan a perfect example) because the only way to go now is down. Michael Jordan in all his interviews spoke about turning back the hands of time,although most basketball players would love the chance to compete with the d wades bron and melos of this era (lol). But what I am trying to say is cleveland gave it there all in regular season but no title (I really thought they could have won last year) but that isn’t why you play regular season you do not want to finish the regular season “steamrolling” through teams and come up short of the playoffs that isn’t fun. So if you asked me (I know you didn’t lol) i would want to be the teams with plenty potential in talent and on paper that are failing in close games like the heat or simply losing (celtics as of late). I would not like to be the bulls right now or dallas in 2006. I can see the problems boston are facing (trying to get everyone in rotation an don the same page) perkins is not a factor shaq is and if you asked anyone who would they rather a perkins or jermaine oneal more than half would pick oneal. Miami’s adjustment is a difficult one because the refs are taking away what brought the superstars together (their aggressive attack to the rim) making them jump shooters and I know it may seem all bad but all of those games they had the teams right where they wanted (in 18 games) and failed to produce but you all see 18 mistakes i see 18 ways to improve. But really the refs can control tempo aggression pretty much controls what a player does but can not control a shot.

  29. dreezy says:

    D’Antoni talking about DEFENSE?!?

    That’s interesting haha

    • Tom says:

      i don’t know why everyone is making a big deal about this. We’re not winning a championship this year and if things go the way they are we’re playing the heat in the first round. now i understand the heat can’t beat the elite teams(except for the lakers *cough* *cough*) but in a 7 game series they will definitely beat the knicks. We don’t need to START to panic until 20 games into next season and we’re 10-10……………………they do need to play at least some defense though.

    • BLM73 says:

      He’s got Melo (noma) and STD now, Good luck finding a cure.

  30. Millz says:

    In my opinion. This is the only downside to pro sports. Or even college. As sports fans, sport writers & sport analysts, we need something to talk about! And because we need so much to talk about in such short amounts of time, and because we have to make sportscenter and NFL Total Access last a hour, we blow things out of proportion and talk about things that dont need to be talked about. Long story short, The Knicks are fine, no panic button needed. They played 12 games! There defense is bad, and will be bad under D-antoni. These are things EVERYBODY, not just Knick fans should have known. It was a good trade for the Knicks all and all. There D wasnt good anyway, and you cant ignore a talent like MELO, what he does comes once every 10 or so years. Ill take a lack of some D for the second best closer in the game behind the black mamba. The problem is there are to many other players on the team who lack D. No one dare blame there D strictly on Melo. Stop blowing the denver streak out of contex. There playing great and its great, especially if your a denver fan, you have a reason to be happy. But to think the Nuggets have a better chance to win a title in the next 7 years then the Knicks is hilarious. I think people are starting to forget this trade just happened a few weeks ago. What happens if CP3 goes to NY? Now your talking about a team, he alone changes everything. What happens if they sign and/or trade for Defense to come of the bench and for the starting center position. They will have a team, this was only step one for the Knicks, can we please remember that lol. Denver plays in the west, they wont get to a finals without a star. OKC, LAL,POR have that, if not multiple stars. Cant mention LAL because in the next couple seasons who knows were theyll be(old kobe or post kobe)? So stop bashing Melo please save it. Boston is old, and unless they make huge trades or get lucky in the draft in future seasons, The East will always be contended by the heat, the bulls and oh yea the knicks. Stop blowing everything up!

    Die-Hard Boston Fan.

  31. idontgetit says:

    I think the knicks have potential to become a contender in the east, but not for at least 2 more years, and not until they become more defensively minded. They need to find a true center, let amar’e just score, instead of trying to make him into the knicks best defensive player. Although I am a knicks’ fan, i wasn’t a fan of the melo trade, because they already had a scorer, and offense was not the knicks’ problem, plus amar’e and melo don’t seem (as of right now) to be a good fit together on the court. I just don’t see how you can let cleveland sweep you this season, but go out the next night as beat a much better team. I think they have potential, but potential doesn’t really count for anything unless they utilize it.

  32. Marcel says:

    Resign Chandler this summer… swap Fields for Iggy… and you’ve got a monster team next season with better D!

  33. rpminc says:

    We live in quick fix, presumptuous world that always leads to unrealistic expectations

  34. Max Wohlman says:

    Knicks in 5th place in East after regular season.

  35. Max Wohlman says:

    The trade was also a good trade for us we upgraded at the point, and the small forward position while giving up Mozgov who averaged 4 points and 4 rebounds and Chandler who we couldn’t have resigned during the summer and we got some good pieces like Anthony Carter from Denver. So good trade Denver is playing so well because everyone is free playing there is no superstar so everyone is just trying things freely that doesn’t mean the trade was better for them. The Knicks will figure it out and upset the Heat in the first round of the playoffs so wait just wait the knicks will finish 45-37

  36. Max Wohlman says:

    I think the Knicks really don’t have to worry. The Heat took 17 games to become an elite team in the east they were 9-8 and then went on a major run and are now elite. The Knicks really don’t have to worry they are a very strong team their offense is flowing, Toney Douglas is becoming an amazing back up point guard, Ronny Turiaf and Jared Jeffries are both energy guys who give the Knicks some seriously good defense and the dirty things on offense. Chauncey Billups, Anthony and STAT will figure it out Stat and MElo have already started to mesh as well as Billups just immediatly blending in. Shawne Williams and Billy Walker provide great offense from the bench. The Defense is a problem some nights they play some of the best D in the league example ( Hawks, 92-79, or Heat 91-86.) And other nights the worst Defense in history, ( 119-117 against the Pacers,) We have to get it together on D but we do show that we have the potential to be a great defensive team so no worries New Yorkers, no worries at all.

  37. Dr.Cox says:

    People comparing knicks to boston /facepalm
    The deal sucked donkey ballz for the knicks, look at denver now, they are a great team now that they are free of the melo cancer.-

    • Shiq says:

      HAHAHA AMEN…Denver fans!!! We are loving defense and team hear someone put Boston KG, Allen, Paul and even a young inexperienced Rondo on the same level and Melo and…..himself(ego) ; is laughable. Thank God NEW JERSEY stepped back in the trade talks and scared what everyone thought was the “crap” outta the Knicks. We gutted 4 of thier 6 man rotation and We are no longer being lied to by Melo. No ill; fellings , dude didn’t want to be here. So good riddance..and Go NUGGETS!

      • Amir says:

        We got upgraded and you got players that hadnt done anything for us so I guess both sides are happy. Also. Wilson Chandler is an unrestricted free agent next year and he plans on comming back to the Knicks. You guys think you gutted us but we just have too much in our pockets. We have more money than the Lakers, Boston and Miami combined. Danilo is sitting home and its obvious he does not want to play there. I’m so glad you guys took Felton and not Douglas. Isnt that obvious now? And the sweetest thing about this deal was getting Mr. Big Shot. That’s a serious upgrade from Felton. He knows how to close out games. You will see when Raymond is jacking up ill advised shots at the end of the game.

      • RJM says:

        We’ll see how good the trade is for Denver in the playoffs when they need a star to take over a game in the fourth quarter and have nobody. This trade will speak volumes for the Knicks in the playoffs, as they have the chance to upset any team they play. And I’m calling it right now. The knicks will win their first round series, whether it be against Miami or Chicago, they will win. And Denver will be swept or knocked out in 5 games. Also, Wilson Chandler is a free agent at the end of the season and I’m pretty sure he’s gonna re-sign in NY because he’s established a home there and that’s where he wants to be.

  38. ddddd says:

    If I remember correctly, it even took the celtics longer than 15 or 20 games to truly gel. Granted the celtics won the games that year that they were supposed to win… whereas the knicks so far haven’t…. but on the other hand as far as those gray area fifty fifty effort games, the celtics didn’t start winning those type of games until the end of the season that year. Tie this into the knicks….. They don’t get a whole season to gel, just the handful of games after the trade deadline…. plus Chauncey Billups missed valuable chemistry time for the development of the knicks.
    This year is a wash. The best the knicks can hope for is to draw the heat in the first round and for everyone not named Lebrpn or DWade to lay a big fat goose-egg. Thinking probably no on that one as of now….. Chemistry and defense mean everything in the playoffs.
    However if it is done right, the knicks future is bright. I can see a new-style knicks-heat rivalry popping up just like it was in the 90s. The difference though is that in the 90s there was MJ and the bulls that basically limited the knicks heat rivalry to a secondary rivalry. DRose and the Bulls are awesome, but theres no MJ anymore to tip the gambling stakes obnoxiously in favor of the Bulls. (To all bulls fans: I say obnoxiously as a compliment) Of course there is also the Celtics there too….

    • no says:

      You do not remember correctly. The Celts had one loss in the preseason in 07-08, then started the reg season 8-0, 12-1, and 20-2, Their first three losses were on the road to Orlando, Cleveland, and at home to Detroit – all good playoff teams at the time.

      It wasn’t until the middle to end of the year where they dropped games they should have won, like three to Washington, Philly at home, Toronto at home, @ GS, etc. They went 25-5 against the much-stronger-than-East Western Conference teams, losing @ GS, @ NO, @ Den, @ Phx, and at home to Utah. They beat every team in the league at least once, and with the exception of Washington, beat every East team at least twice. Highlights included sweeping the difficult 3 game Texas trip, coming back from 22 down in SA, and destroying Houston, who had a 22-game winning streak coming in.

      In short, they gel’d right away. NY & Miami have a long way to go.

      • Kingsfan says:

        @no- I agree with you. The reason the Celtics gel’d is all 3 of the stars knew they had to give up a piece of their game to make the whole better. The Heat are having none of that. Lebron is still being Lebron. Wade is still being Wade. Bosh is picking up the pieces. Until those 3 can figure out how to play off each and WITH each other, no title in the near future.

  39. Silver says:

    why are people panicking. didnt everyone know the knicks would still suck

  40. B. Gregory says:

    When you have a coach that has lost playoff games due to lack of defense leading an East Coast team…………. When you have lost such a huge portion of your supporting cast……. When you loss 2 games to Cleveland…. you have every right to be concerned. I mean how much chemistry do you need to beat Cleveland?????? If the coach had a better track record with defense or if this was an West Coast team, then ok. This is the East! And this coach is not defensive minded.

    • Rubin Turner says:

      I completely agree with your point. Truth is truth. East has always been about defense. If Iverson can get to the Finals with him and 4 defensive solid bandmates, the Knicks damn sure can get there if Amare and Carmelo score and we get a better bench flow and defensive production to mask the superstars lack of it.

  41. Imad Akel says:

    There’s potential. Lucky for the knicks the heat seem to be more covered even till now.
    You’d think the knicks’ troubles would have gotten more hype.

    The truth is it wasn’t easy for miami in the beginning, and it sure as hell won’t be easy for the knicks right now.
    I think it’s unprecedented to cook something up this late in the season so fast.
    When celtics won their first title together with the KG infusion, it was considered a really fast and succssful and LUCKY effort and they had more time than the knicks.

  42. BILL MCBLAZE says:


  43. Kingsfan says:

    Well if I were Knick fans I would be concerned. Knicks were on their way to being probably the best turn around team from last year. Was the trade a good one, most definetly. But pulling that trigger pretty much erased any chance of being competitive in the playoffs. Sure Carmelo will do his thing, sure Amare will put up his numbers. And yes Mr. Big Shot will hit couple, but what about the other 9 guys on the roster? They haven’t had time to mesh or find their flow with where this team is headed. At this point, they should just keep their nose to the grind stone and work out the kinks and come out next year swinging.

    • Sean K says:

      that’s why you are a Kings fan, not a Knick Fan. Since the trade, none of Knicks number has gone down.

      Our starting SG, L.Fields is still putting his number 10ppt, though his rebound dropped a little, our over all rebound didn’t drop, it means that other players are rebounding as well instead of depending rebounds from SG, J.Jefferies is starting instead of Turiaf more often and both of them are Defensive players, not scoring/rebounder. They do block consistently when they need to. T. Douglas, his numbers even went up compare to when Felton was our starting PG, and gets more minutes per game since Chauncey only plays around 30~35min where Felton played near 40minutes per game. A. Carter doesn’t get to play every game due to his age, but D’Antoni wants him to play on certain important games such as against Heat and Thunder to guard Wade and Westbrook. He did superb job and we beat Heat/Thunder. Shawn Williams is putting most 3 points/points per game and playing most minutes per game of his career. He is one of our most important offensive swingman off the bench making 3 pointers. Some times he even starts as Power Forward. Bill Walker was never our primary rotation but when he does play, he does contribute his portion of 3 points. Sean Williams however who we acquired via trade doesn’t really fit D’Antoni system. He is tall and big, but not agile enough for Run & Gun system. But we’d use him when we guard strong centers such as D.Howard or Shaq

      So over all more players are getting involved after the trade. D’Antoni usually used small line up before the trade (we only used 8~9 players per game) now we got more people who gets to play which is why your statement is terribly at fault.

      • Zip says:

        You’re right, their Opp. PPG has gone up, up through the roof.

        You’re currently the 3rd worst team in Opp. PPG and 5th worst in Opp. FG%

        And that’s why you’re a Knicks fan.

      • Sam says:

        Man when will you guys understand, NY needs defence. The reason why you guys are 6-6 is because there is not defense. The trade killed a young team on the rise. NY has no depth now just like the heat. Defense wins games not offense.

    • Dashawn says:

      A kings fan commenting ??? wow You guys aren’t even relevant and havent been for years. The knicks just like the heat in the beggining of the season are still learning how to mesh. It takes time any basketball player would know that.

      • Zip says:

        Last time Knicks made playoffs: 2004

        Last time Kings Made playoffs: 2006

        Add to that, the last time Knicks made it to the post-season they did it with a >.500 record. Add to that, they have been and still are in a terrible conference where you can still be >.500 and make the playoffs.

        Knicks haven’t made the playoffs yet, you don’t really have any place saying the Kings aren’t relevant.