The Knicks’ Worst Nightmare

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Danny Granger delivered the final dagger.

His step back jumper with :00.3 left to play gave the Pacers their second straight win over the Knicks since, the first Sunday in New York ended the Pacers’ six-game losing skid. They’ve now moved a half-game ahead of Charlotte for eighth and final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

But the man the Knicks really need to fear is Tyler Hansbrough.

That’s right, the same Hansbrough who couldn’t find his way into the rotation with a GPS when Jim O’Brien was coaching the Pacers has suddenly found a home under interim coach Frank Vogel.

He torched the Knicks for a career-high 29 points in Sunday’s win and then topped himself with 30, on 12-for-17 shooting from the floor, last night at Conseco Fieldhouse.

Hansbrough joined us on the most recent edition of The Hang Time Podcast (Episode 48: The March Madness Special) to talk  about all the drama he went through under O’Brien, his little brother Ben Hansbrough‘s  NCAA Tournament quest with his Notre Dame teammates and some of his insights on what this time of year means to those intricately involved.

You can check out his spin on the March Madness Special:


… or you can just watch the highlights of Hansbrough — and the Pacers — playing the role of the Knicks’ worst nightmare for the second straight game.


  1. Carmelo (seriously, that's my name) says:

    The 76ers are looking like a much better TEAM right now. Look for them to cause some headaches in the playoffs (same goes for the new Nuggets). Knicks better step it up if they want to avoid the Celtics and Bulls first round.

  2. El Harold says:

    76ers gonna be celebrating soon! keep it up sixer boyz! #showyaluv sixer fans!!!

  3. knicksnow says:

    melo and stoudemire common men its your time now dont wait for the next season workhard for your defense and offense man!!!lets go all newyorkknicks players all your fans pray you do will in the coming playoffs!!knicks now!!!!its your time now!!next season is different!!

  4. foryouknicks says:

    lets go knicks workhard for it,,youre time now!!!!!anthony and stoudemire together you can do it!!!go for the ring man its time to shine you can make it to the playoffs im a believer knicks fan,,championship thats what you play for to have a ring!!!!right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. knicks stat says:

    defense now,,sad,,im a big melo and amare fan but i think their defense is not enough!!!i think they cant past the first round in the playoff because they are no defense team,,

  6. denver fan says:

    knicks defense is worst,,as i can see it knicks need more hardwork to their defense,,big mistake leon powe is free agent weeks ago,leon powe is interested to play in the new york knicks,,leon powe way better than jared jeffries!!!!low post defense is one of the knicks big problem stoudemire alone defensing low post is not enough,,lets go knicks !!they need center desperately!!!!!!!

  7. HeatH8r says:

    Everyone who was talking about how wonderful the Knicks were going to be now that they had Anthony and Stoudemire playing on the same time just about lost their minds, I think. Did the Knicks beat the Miami Heat with Anthony in the lineup? YES. Could they possibly beat the Celtics in a single game? YES. But come April and May, no one cares if you can win an individual meeting with a team. You need to win four times to win a playoff series, and you need sixteen wins to win the championship.

    New York is going to finish as a sixth seed: all this talk about how the Knicks are going to go skyrocketing upwards because they have Melo on their team is a bunch of crap. They’ll be lucky not to get bumped down to the seventh seed the way they’ve been playing recently. What the Knicks need to do is try to acquire someone who can play defense via trade or via free agency this summer. Forget for a second that they have Chauncey Billups, Carmelo Anthony, and Amare Stoudemire. None of those guys consistently play defense down the stretch of the season. What New York needs to do is begin haggling with other teams to try and acquire a player whose game revolves almost entirely around his defense. New York could use Dwight Howard, yes, but they won’t get him because he has stated that he’s interested in winning in Orlando only. And furthermore, Howard demands a bigger role in an offense than the Knicks would be willing to give him because they need to keep their #1 and #2 guys, Stoudemire and Anthony, happy. If Howard left the Magic for another team, he would leave for a team that would at least make him the #2 option on the offensive end.

    • Gangstarr says:

      I agree, most people jumped on Knicks wagon and talked about how good they will be but mostly because they beat Heat. Miami has its flaws but at least they can play defence.Most teams that beat Miami play their best games of the season to beat Miami (Even the league best Spurs did that) For a team to be successful, their superstars have got to want the ball defensively as they do offesnively. Amare and Carmelo rebounding is pathetic for people of their ability. They can score efficiently but sadly they allow their team to concede more points. They are only looking at Miami and they get hammered by Indiana, struggle with Bucks and T’wolves. Knicks will always be a top team as a global brand but they need to get back to reality and not think building a team that is lead by superstars who dont play defence even rebound the ball will get them a championship. The only way you can beat the top teams in the NBA is by being able to neutralise their offence and not playing YMCA basketball and hoping to outscore your opponent. Just sayin.

    • Elliot A says:

      I really can’t believe what I am reading. It was clear from the minute the trade for Melo was completed the Knicks were going to build around their 2 SUPERSTARS. Nobody in the Knicks organization thought the Knicks could win this year. I will say having those true SUPERSTARS will attract veterans at a reduced salary to play with them and come the summer of 2012, the NY Knicks will land CP3 or Deron! They sould have financial fexibility this offseason to pick up some veteran talent and they will compete with the Celtics for the division crown next season. And by the way, the new CBA will be very simmilar to the current CBA or teams like the Lakers, Magic, Celtics, Hawks and just about every other team will have to cut their star players if there is a hard cap. Could you imagine the Lakers cutting Kobe because they need to fill out their roster? Think about it. The Lakers cannot be allowed to have a $90 million plus payroll and the other teams are not able to go above the current cap which is under $60m.

  8. NYC says:

    People have to understand that the knicks made a big trade and its gonna take alot more time to get their team settled. they are gonna be in the playoffs in the 5th seed and make it to the 2nd round (if there lucky) hopefully we can get some defensive players in the off season….

  9. Jake says:

    One day the Knicks are going wake up and say “shoot there’s two sides to a basketball court, I never realized that.”

  10. HAHA says:

    3 points:

    Melo was the best player in his previous team because he always had the ball and he always shoots them, almost not worrying about creating plays for his teammates.

    Amare was the best scorer in his previous team because their Best player creates the plays for him to score.

    Chauncey was the best player in his previous (Detroit) team because he didnt have teammates that hog the ball or just wait for the ball to be fed to them.


  11. Andre says:

    Knicks are just as good as anyone that understand a little about basketball was expecting.

    They lost Raymond Felton, putting an elder in his place. Felton was having a tremendous season, and Billups is a defensive liability compared to Felton.

    Also, they have Melo and Amare on their defense.

    Signing Melo has only one reason. He’s a terrific scorer and if NYK are successfull at getting a guy like Howard, to solve some of the defense problems, they’ll be in good shape for the future.

    Anyone who ever tough Amare and Melo only would be enough to make them better than a marginal playoff team is definitely crazy.

  12. DrGuj27 says:

    If only the knicks can play Defense like the rest of the league. Your just not going no where period. D-2008

  13. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    The Knick’s aren’t as good as they thought that they were gonna be with Melo.. They need to get some things straight.. How do you lose to the same team 3 days later?? You would think that they would learn from their mistakes by watching the tape.. But nope.. It was a good game, trust me.. But in the final seconds, how do you miss (as the in bounder) that Melo is wide open?? C’mon, you have to look! You have to see on the court who is WIDE OPEN.. Now, Melo was mad, and he deserved to.. If I were the Knicks, I’d be worried about slipping into the 7th seed.. The 8th, and 9th seeds are steppin up, and the Knicks are slipping.. I’d worry if I was them.. :/

    • Jo Mathew says:

      r u serious there were .3 seconds left unless u forgot what happened against the celtics with .4 seconds left. u can’t catch and shoot if u have less than .5 seconds at least left. the only way to win a game with the time like that is a lob to the basket with a tip in

    • Elliot A says:

      The NBA rule is there must be 0.4 seconds on the clock for a catch and shoot. Therefore it would have been impossible for Melo to make the game winning shot! For the record, officially there was 0.3 seconds on the clock when the Knicks got possession.