Sacramento Kings = Anaheim Royals?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — From the Sacramento Kings to the Anaheim Royals.

It could happen.

Now that an attorney for the Maloof family, which owns the Kings, has filed for the trademark papers for the Royals name in federal court, it’s a very real possibility. The Kings have until April 18 to formally request the league allow it to move to a new city for the next season.

In the meantime, all of the possibilities are being explored, as this latest news clearly indicates.

So what do you think of the Kings becoming the “Anaheim Royals of Southern California,” per the Sacramento Bee:

“The lawyer also registered the names Orange County Royals and Los Angeles Royals on that same date.

The filings, listed on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website, are dated March 3, days after the National Basketball Association granted the Kings an extended period to consider moving the team to Anaheim for the upcoming season.

NBA Commissioner David Stern confirmed the Kings have been in talks with Honda Center officials in Orange County.

Kings officials have declined to discuss any potential move. The attorney who filed the trademark names, Scott Hervey, could not be immediately reached Wednesday afternoon. Hervey is listed in federal registries as the “correspondent” for the Maloof Cup, a skateboard competition run by Joe and Gavin Maloof, co-owners of the Kings.

Also, on Feb. 23, an unknown entity filed for control of the Internet domain names “” and “

It will definitely take some getting used to, if the Kings do make the move. We’re still deciding here at the hideout exactly how we feel about this whole thing.


  1. The so called Arte Moreno Plan is a complete FRAUD> First off. Anaheim/Orange County is a completely different market than Los Angeles, at least as far as Professional Sports go. Sports Markets are different from Media Markets. If the move to Anaheim is approved, L.A. will still have two teams and Anaheim/Orange will have one. San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose are all part of the same Desigmated Market Area (DMA) headed up by San Francisco, but they are three different Major Cities and three different Sports Markets. It is the same for Los Angeles and Anaheim in The Southland. In fact, Long Beach is a separate sports market. An Anaheim team will be exclusively an Orange County team, and the fans from Orange County will pack the Honda Center to see the Anaheim Royals win or stink.

  2. RoyalPain says:

    Alienating your entire fan base (your customers) and moving your team to an over saturated market, seems like a brilliant move for this franchise. Maybe if they keep putting together losing teams with mediocre coaches they can just go ahead and volunteer to be the first team to go down to league contraction. This is a terrible move for fans, the NBA, and the Kings in both business terms and league reputation.

  3. KenOlsen says:

    The maloofs are greedy goons. The kings should just stay in sac, but if they did move it would be a mistake to go to LA since there’s two clubs there already. No laker fan is going to go see a king play no matter how cheap the tickets are sac has the best fan base they could get..

  4. mary says:

    yeah, the maloofs said they were loyal to sac, they were never going to leave…betrayed…that’s how I feel.

  5. mary says:

    Although it’s not a guarantee that if Sacramento approved the new arena the Maloof’s would stay…this market is small and does not generate the kind of income they said they are looking for, it may just have delayed the inevitable. That being said, Sacramento still needs a new arena to generate interest, culture and money in the area. We will continue to be the ‘cow town’ lots of people call us if we don’t invest in growth and change and the future of Sacramento.

    I will miss having the NBA here…a lot…here’s hoping Mayor Johnson can pull off a miracle and get us an arena and a new team to cheer for…

  6. jwest says:

    There going to lose a HUGE fan base in Sacramento as a life long Kings fan and as a native…this SUCKS!

    Maloofs are cheap!

    • You're Cheap says:

      Maloofs Are Cheap? Sacramento is the one that wont fund new stadium for them… But not to be too hard on people of Sacramento, if the market isn’t able to support a team, then it just doesn’t make sense for Maloof’s to keep losing money. Its a whole lot of factors on why a city can’t financially support a team that I’m sure is much more complicated than what anyone wants to get into.

  7. Emperor James says:

    I say we should also move the Golden State team down south, maybe Riverside. It would help the Lakers on their road trips. A four game road trip to Riverside, Anaheim, Phoenix, and then the Clippers would be just what the Doctor ordered. They wouldn’t even need to fly, just take the Bus.

  8. Vansittart says:

    OC has an identity of its own, but they are a fair weather as any other sports market in SoCal. If the Maloof’s want to follow the Arte Moreno plan and build a good team in OC that still garners ad revenue from across the nation’s second largest media market, they will be successful. If they don’t, then OC fans will continue to back the Lakers. Its as simple as that.

  9. Mr. Ed says:

    As a Laker fan, I’m fine with this move because it gives me more Laker games I could go watch here in So. Cal.

    As a NBA basketball fan, I question this move a little bit. So. Cal here is predominately Lakers (with the Clippers starting to gain some support because of Blake Griffin). It’s not like the Kings (Royals) can gain much fan support when there’s already 2 other basketball teams nearby. And they aren’t a good team right now (note I said “right now” because they most definitely have the potential) that it’ll be THAT much harder to gain fans and support.

    And what about the lockout that’s looming on the horizon for next season? Would it be a smart thing to move a team when a season is uncertain?

    And 3 basketball teams in So. Cal and yet no football team.. Something about that just isn’t right…

    But in the end, it’s more Laker games to watch both at the Staples and Honda Center and that’s fine with me.

  10. Kingsfan says:

    This makes me very sad 😦

    The Kings will be gone. What a catastrophie to Sacramento.

    I’ve been a Kings fan since Mitch was there in the 90’s, granted I was also a huge bulls fan thanks to MJ.

    I’ve seen the ups and downs. Saw us have one hell of a team that was just 1 game shy of getting to the finals.

    Seen us dismantle that team like it was yesterday’s garbage and proceed to be a bottom feeder since.

    It still tugs at my heart because the Kings fans were amazing people. Going to games, you just felt the energy and the people next to you would talk to you about past games and what the future holds. There was never any drama. I will miss them.

    But that opens the doors for me to go back to my 2nd team, go Bulls!

  11. asdaswaw raws says:

    You know what’s good? Las Vegas Royal Gamblers!!!

  12. L.A.fan24 says:

    I personally think a 3rd L.A. team would not help $ nor would it help the kings turn into a better team…besides the lakers run L.A.? Possibly Orange county,who knows,something needs to jumpstart those players, and I agree the arco arena isn’t too shabby anymore

  13. Peter Griffin says:

    The Maloofs obviously wouldn’t be moving the Kings out of Sacramento for no reason. they are more or less forced to now due to financial reasons as well as the stadium (if i remember correctly the stadium is kind of old)

    • SammyP says:

      Only 5 years older than the arena they’ll be moving into. So, they’ll be in the same situation in 5 years in addition to owing $100 mil to the Ducks owner. Seems like a poor business plan to me.

  14. Chcuk says:

    Blame Sacramento!

    None of the voters in Sac (myself included) took the Maloof’s seriously when they treatened to move. So nobody checked that box, and here we are.


  15. kantankruz says:

    Sad times indeed.

  16. HJP says:

    So ,why don’t you call the team the Aneheim Kings, I like this name.

  17. oaxaca12 says:

    yes!!! tyreke and cousins are coming to LA, kings>nets

  18. Dakota says:

    ripping our hearts out. thanks maloofs.

  19. SoftRose4You says:

    I am thrilled that Orange County will have a professional basketball team. I think it will be wonderful for orange county creating more jobs and rooting for a basketball team in orange county would be great. Now if we could only get a professional football team in Southern California. I would be so happy!!!

  20. Kings Fan says:

    NOOOO! L.A is not a sports city! ’nuff said!

  21. Zach says:

    personally, i would rather not have another team from Los Angeles, so i am much more in favor of “Anaheim Royals.”

    …Don’t forget that Kings were originally called the Rochester Royals and Cincinnati Royals before moving to Kansas City and re-named to the Kings since baseball already had a team called the Royals in KC.

  22. Keaton says:

    They can’t take the Kings away from Sacramento. It’s stupid. The Kings are like family here, regardless of their performance, they are OUR family and they shouldn’t be anywhere else but in Sacramento.

    • Michael says:

      Yeah, but Sacramento residents refused to implement taxes for funds for a new arena. So, what were the Maloofs to do- stay in a money-losing arena?

  23. MonK3y says:

    I guess it is better than losing the team altogether!
    I’m not familiar with SoCal geography but the L.A Royals sound good to me.
    New city new name new adventure.
    Btw the Nets be called the Brooklyn Nets or will they change name?

  24. BlazN Inc says:

    Dude, So-Cal has two teams already, why put a third?

    Stay in Nor-Cal!

  25. Sea Pea says:

    I don’t like it. Why move? If they were winning we wouldn’t be talking about? I’m tired of rich people ruining poor peoples entertainment.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      that’s not what its about. Arco arena is completely outdated. The Honda center is newer, that’sthe whole issue. They won’t fund them for a new building.
      I have 3 teams I can go and watch now, cool. Anaheim is only an hour from LA… 3 teams in the same area, madness.

  26. YeeDog says:

    there ‘sgonna be so much hate in LA when this is all over LOL