StatsCube: Three For All

It was one of those nights. You’re tired and ready to go to bed, but there’s one more game still going on League Pass and the score is kind of close. So you put it on and end up catching one of the most entertaining games of the year.

It happened back in December with this crazy finish. And it happened again Friday with the Orlando Magic and Golden State Warriors.

“That was a shootout right there,” Dorell Wright said in the aftermath of his team coming back from a 21-point deficit (with a few minutes left in the second quarter) to beat the Magic 123-120 in overtime.

The score doesn’t do the game justice, because it doesn’t account for a wild double-turnover sequence near the end of OT, nor for how much we were all shaking our heads at the shots the Warriors were making in the final minutes. And though the Magic lost a huge lead, it’s hard to stress it too much, because teams just aren’t supposed to make all of those shots.

Led by Wright, the Warriors hit 21 3-pointers. That set a record for the most in franchise history and tied for third most in NBA history.

Most 3-pointers, single game, NBA history

Team Opp. Date 3PM 3PA
Orlando @ SAC Jan. 13, 2009 23 37
Phoenix @ LAL Nov. 14, 2010 22 40
Golden State vs. ORL* March 11, 2011 21 35
Toronto vs. PHI March 13, 2005 21 34

* Overtime

Of course, the Magic were hitting some bombs too, 15 to be exact. And the 36 combined threes crushed the previous record of 32, set by the Sonics (14) and Suns (18) in a double-overtime game on Jan. 22, 2006.

And the most prolific 3-point shooters in the game happened to be the league leaders in treys. Wright was 8-for-11 from 3-point range and, for the Magic, Jason Richardson was 7-for-11, allowing him to maintain an edge for the season.

Most 3-pointers, 2010-11

Player Team G 3PM 3PA 3P%
Jason Richardson PHX, ORL 65 159 389 0.409
Dorell Wright GSW 65 154 391 0.394
Ray Allen BOS 63 145 312 0.465
Kevin Martin HOU 64 137 349 0.393
Channing Frye PHX 61 132 333 0.396

Only two of the five guys above were in the 3-point contest, by the way.

Richardson has hit a lot of 3-pointers, but he would have to hit seven in each of the Magic’s 16 remaining games to eclipse Ray Allen‘s NBA record of 269 threes, set with the Sonics in the 2005-06 season.

One last note on this incredible game: The 41 combined points in overtime was the third most in NBA history. The record belongs to the Mavs and Rockets, who combined for 46 points (23 each) in a single overtime period on April 11, 1995.


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  1. DANG says:

    all i heard was “HE GOT IT!!!!”

  2. nuggets rock! says:

    THAT WAS CRAZY! 36 is unbelieveble, it was obvious these teams would get a lot o’ threes, but 36 is inhuman!

  3. tata says:

    Schuhmann is such a tool that half of the comments after his posts are correcting some statistical or grammatical error. Stats cube that.

  4. john says:

    James, for the same reason Golden State traded J Rich?

  5. B.O.B says:

    why does every single person commenting have to comment on the mistake he made, we know!

  6. Stern says:

    Whats with the game announcer? Fairly bias unless it was home team radio or something.

  7. Kei13 says:

    commentator: HE GOT IT!!
    he said it like a thousand times. lol

    • Raider Bong says:

      thats bob fitzgerald calling the game for comcast sports net bay area. the guys a total tool. if you were to go to a warrior game, and pick out a rabid, die hard warrior fan to call the game, youd have bob fitzgerald.

  8. james says:

    why did phx trade j rich

  9. Trespayne says:

    Actually, 2 of those 5 guys were in the 3 point contest. Ray Allen and Dorell Wright were both in it.

  10. Amr says:

    What a game! These players should get some bonus cash from David Stern for this unbelievable, extremely-enjoyable show.

  11. Paulo says:

    Don’t forget the Jazz Vs. Heat, when talk about entertaining games…

  12. Kyle Brunton says:

    Mental how many assists david lee got.

  13. Hmm... says:

    It was an exciting game, but the article fails to mention the background the made it even more dramatic, which was that the Warriors and coach Keith Smart had gotten into it recently with the three officials in the game, and the FIX WAS ON. The Warriors were out shot from the free throw 37 to 9!! Every single call went Orlando’s way from beginning to end to the point where I was wondering if Tim Donaghy was watching somewhere.

    It was a surreal game to watch, honestly. I have NEVER seen anything like it, nor heard the announcers so blatantly say that the officials were simply trying to decide the outcome. Wow! All the threes and the Warriors overcoming both the Magic and the unfair officiating should make me love the NBA, but no single game in recent memory has made me like the NBA less. What a flawed product where the officials and their petty grudges, and not the athletes, can almost entirely control the outcomes and punish teams they don’t like. Sickening. The league should watch the tape, be embarrassed, fire the official crew, and apologize to any fans that watched or attended the game. It was Sacramento vs. the Lakers part II.

  14. Carson Stewart says:

    Great article! I would like to point out that there were actually 2 of the 5 players in that most 3 pointers in 2010/2011 chart that competed in the 3-point contest. Dorell Wright and Ray Allen

    • Anthony says:

      I noticed that no one else mentioned anywhere on here that Dorrell Wright was in the 3-point contest too. Make sure to note that.

  15. Abdul Mateen Aderinto says:

    you were wrong when you said Only one of the five guys above was in the 3-point contest. because dorell wright and ray alen were both in it but wright got eliminated early i the first round

  16. Jun says:

    “Only one of the five guys above was in the 3-point contest, by the way.”

    Wright and Allen.

  17. ferdz says:

    hi john, dorell wright and ray allen was in the 3-point contest in the last all-star game.

  18. Andy says:

    There is a mistake- it says only 1 of 5 of the league’s most prolific 3-point shooters were in the three point contest. However, both Ray Allen and Dorell Wright were in the contest.

  19. John says:

    “Only one of the five guys above me were in the 3 point contest”

    No, two were – Ray Allen and Dorell Wright. Just something I figured I should bring up. 😛

  20. Girindra Gautama says:

    *Ray Allen and Derrel Wright were in the 3-point contest

    • prix says:

      all of your comments ae all the same…counting whos in the three point contest…we all know whose there except this poor little guy…give him a break hes just 3yrs old….heat-boston…lakers-mavs on the finals

  21. 3showdown says:

    This game is 1 hellava game.. maybe the most exciting game of the year.. 3point barrage game..

    I love th way Curry, monta, lee and especially Wright run the offense and to complete the comeback.
    MAgic guys is also great.. some of the best shooters are in the game.

    I love the way Curry played he doesn’t quit. He’s a trigger man.. He just keep on shooting..

    NICE GAME RATE 9/10..

  22. Mabs says:

    wasn’t dorell wright and ray allen in the 3 point contest? that would make two guys

  23. crazywarrior says:

    LOVED IT!!! I love my Warriors. We are better than people give us credit for. GO DUBS!!!! Finish the season strong!!!

  24. Ozzy says:

    You said “only 1 of the above names mentioned was in the 3 point contest”, but ray allen and dorell wright were both in it this year?

  25. Sam says:

    correction: Allen and Wright were in the three point contest.

  26. sle_epy says:

    Sorry to be anal, but Ray Allen and Dorrell Wright were in the three point contest this year. So there were actually two players.

  27. Jake says:

    ‘Only one of the five guys above was in the 3-point contest, by the way.’ isn’t there 2? dorell wright and ray allen?

  28. Chris says:

    That definitely was a great game. Other interesting/bizzare stats: Orlando shot 35 free throws, Warriors shot just 13. Also, the Warriors scored more points in the paint (largely thanks to defense on D. Howard by David Lee?!). Oh, and actually 2 of those 5 guys were in the 3-point contest (Allen and Wright).

  29. sward says:

    “Only one of the five guys above was in the 3-point contest, by the way.”

    Actually, it was two.

    • gangstarr says:

      Where did you see he said one of the guys was in the competition? Will mail you glasses if you need ’em


        he probably edited it, thats why the comment is outdate. lrn2usetheinternet

    • prix says:

      it coudld be more interesting if j-rich hit his shot and send it to another overtime…but the hi-light of the game when stephen curry put howard to school…lol…he looks like and idiot…dont know what to do…just like kobe and the lakers when the suns rain treys like rain of fire in soddom and gomhora in there own house…lol…they look like idiots…dont know what to do…the envasion to place and they cant help themselves even with there old superstar kobe….lol…