Wallace Still Sore About Trade

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We suspect the standing ovation Gerald Wallace will receive at Time Warner Arena tonight in Charlotte will be as long and thunderous as any heard in Bobcats’ history.

After all, it’s not every day that the very first face of the franchise walks through the door with an opposing team. Yet that’s exactly what Wallace and his new team, the Portland Trail Blazers, will do this evening.

And it’s far from the happy homecoming you might have imagined. Wallace is more than happy to be toiling on a Blazers team steaming toward the playoffs with a renewed energy, due in large part to their last-minute acquisition of Wallace at the Feb. 24 trade deadline. And few players have exhibited the sort of no-nonsense approach to their work that Wallace does on a daily basis.

His description of the way he was shipped out of Charlotte, though, doesn’t sound like the sort of treatment the only All-Star in Bobcats history deserved. Wallace used phrases like “stab in the back” and “slap in the face” to capture his feelings about the trade, a move he insists Bobcats coach Paul Silas told him would not happen just hours before it did.

“Basically, he told me before the practice that I was good, that no trades were going to go down and I was OK and I didn’t have anything to worry about,” Wallace told reporters in Charlotte Thursday, his first day back in town since the trade. “Then I get home and bam, I’m traded.”

In this era of players dictating the terms of their own careers, the one that has some people crowing about a ruinous takeover of the league by star players demanding to play with their All-Star friends, Wallace is a victim of the age-old flip side practice of teams making moves in their own financial best interest with little regard to what that means to the player or players involved.

There is no doubt that the trade saves the Bobcats money down the road — $21 million over the next two seasons. The Bobcats also received two first-round draft picks, along with role players Joel Pryzbilla, Dante Cunningham and Sean Marks (waived last week).

Bobcats owner Michael Jordan praised the deal publicly, adding even more salt to Wallace’s wound. Not only did they trade him, they made it seem like moving him would be the answer to all of the franchise’s problems.

“I thought I was going to retire here,” Wallace told reporters. “I actually thought that when I stopped wearing a Bobcats uniform I’d be done with basketball.”

Now he’s just done with the Bobcats management, particularly general manager Rod Higgins.

“I don’t even want to comment on that guy,” Wallace said, before adding he believes Higgins was adamant in wanting to deal him. “I feel like that’s been something he’s been wanting to do.”

The Blazers certainly aren’t complaining. Since adding Wallace as their sixth man, they’ve been on a tear (5-2 with wins over in Denver, in Orlando and in Miami). Wallace lit up the Heat with 22 points and nine rebounds in a win earlier this week and has surely saved a little something extra for his former team tonight.

“I love him. He’s a guy that brings it. He’s a very competitive player, mentally tough,” Blazers coach Nate McMillan told reporters. “In this league there are men and there are boys. Gerald is a man. When you’re in this league, you need those guys that don’t fear opposing players. Wallace doesn’t fear LeBron (James), (Dwyane) Wade, Kobe (Bryant).”

Those are the very same reasons all those fans that will be standing on their feet tonight in Charlotte love Wallace!

We have video evidence, too:


  1. Nisha-Let's Talk says:

    That’s sad.. As you can tell, Wallace wanted to stay in a Bobcat’s jersey.. That sucks.. I don’t like how the NBA trades players, WITHOUT THEM KNOWING. Yes it’s business, but they are the one’s that have to play.. Deron had to WATCH TV TO KNOW THAT HE WAS TRADED.. That’s a mess and they should fix that quick.. Sorry Wallace..

  2. herdogoats says:

    I’m VERY dissappointed in not only the trade,, but in MJ, the bobcats organization, and the management team they’ve assembled. I was SICK when George Shinn killed the Hornets franchise (remember the YEARS of record league attendance, etc!?!) and now this?!?! I swear I’ll never step foot in the Bobcats Arena again and I’m done with Charlotte basketball after this. Gerald was the franchise and I’ve been to several games this year just to see him play. I’m beyond frustrated and fed up. MJ coud hand me a mil and I’d still punch that cheap bastard in the nose for shooting this franchise in the foot and trading its best player. I’m sick of rich jerks in front offices ruining Charlotte teams while they try to make a quick buck!! Can I get an AMEN on the Panthers clearing cap space and doing the same thing too? Charlotte fans STOP GOING TO THESE GAMES, if owners are going to treat you and the team like this don’t give them your money!!!! I certainly never will again! Wallace is THE MAN and always gave 100%… too bad the Bobcats and MJ wouldn’t give any effort to improve the team.
    Sincerely, Sick of Basketball

    • tenzorok says:

      completely true!

      i wish ihave had the chance to have gone to a bobcats game…

      squandering talent like this should be punihsed -by fans…

      anyway go Wallace, i wish you the best!!!

  3. jmL| says:

    I feel bad for gerald…

    bad atleast..
    his w/ a team
    w/ a bright future & could contend for a championship if healthy…

    • Max Wohlman says:

      There is no way the Blazers could contend for a championship they will a be 6 or 7 seed in the west for a long time they can’t compete with the Mavs, or Lakers, or Thunder, Spurs. I also feel bad for Wallace he was really committed to Charlotte, they had great chemistry and getting traded midway through the season is tough having to move everything and get adjusted to the new team and system with 30 or so games left in the season. But he has to stop thinking about Charlotte who lost out on a great player and focus on leading the new look Blazers to make some noise in the playoffs come April.

  4. T.J. says:

    Jordan said he traded Wallace for salary cap reasons yet if I recall, didn’t he give Tyrus Thomas a big contract during the offseason? How do you rebuild a team that won 43-44 games & made the playoffs? Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Jordan when he said the team shouldn’t be content with being a 7th or 8th seed every season. I didn’t see the Thunder or Grizzles breaking up their young talent during the playoff push. So let me get this straight, let Felton, Wallace, & Chandler go just to sign Kwame Brown & Shaun Livingston. In my opinion, Wallace allows Portland to keep Roy’s minutes down until he’s close to 100% & someone who’s willing to defend someone like Kobe Bryant or Rudy Gay. Wallace need to take a page out of Billups’ book & look at playing for Portland as a “new challenge” in his career. Wallace can’t be too hurt to drop 22pts & 9 boards against Miami while providing consistent energy since the trade was made. I hope Portland work out a deal to keep Wallace so he can help LA on the boards for seasons to come.

  5. giygiug says:

    yeh…i love wallace…the way he play..his patience…his attitude…good decision

  6. Herr says:

    So, just curious. What time can we expect David Stern and the NBA to make an announcement about the horrible officiating in this game?

    Blazers with 13 more PFs, and Bobcats with 14 more FTs. Patty and Wesley choked, but everyone in the league knows this game wouldn’t have been close had it been called fairly. These officials were horribly one sided. I want the league to apologize to fans of basketball about the horrible officiating in this one. However, Stan Van Gundy is right. David Stern is a communist and allowed to dictate the NBA even though the word “National” is in it. And he doesn’t have any lover boys like Kobe, Durant, and LeBron on the Blazers, so he won’t do anything but wipe his butt with a roll of million dollar bills, because he wasn’t satisfied with the thousand dollar bills. They gave him an awkward rash.

  7. Sp says:

    The Blazers embody wholly what it is to be a good basketball team. They had massive injuries last year and still played fantastically, they have had huge injuries this year as well and are still killing it, and then they go and get Gerald Wallace? Dude, amazing move. I am sorry to hear that it angered Gerald by the crappy way he was treated by Charlotte and their leadership and ownership groups, but the guy is a Blazer now. 22 and 9 against the Heat in a win = yeah son!

  8. Joaquin Miranda says:

    Gerals Wallace to phoenix would have helped a loooot, Im a Steve Nash fan and wanna see him win, when I knew he was not traded I hoped for some big deal to improve Phoenix, o well…

  9. tenzorok says:

    i still cant believe the bobcats traded Wallace
    he was the reason i – and i think many others – started to watch bobcats games

    how can certain teams be so bad in drafting, and trading?
    The bobcats traded emeka for tyson chandler, then traded him for diop (and maybe other role players) in the end, they end up having one injured back-up, for the second draft pick.
    other draft, other trade: Adam Morrison dont want to judge him as a player, in the end, cats traded him and shannon brown for vladimir radmanovic, who is long gone – nr5 in the draft, what u got now for him – nothing
    other young talents traded for not-so-good veterans: ryan hollins, alexis ajinca, Matt Carol(from the old days, when he was part of the rotation, and had self confidence – i think ha broke a record for most 4 point plays)

    no suprise bobcats have lost 5 in a row.
    poor DJ and Gerald Henderson arent enough (besides cpt jack) to get this team anywhere near the 8th spot.
    Its pity that team with no big superstar (GW was no superstar, he worked his ass off, but no superstar – thats why i liked him the most probably) did make it to the playoffs last year, and is being dissambled half a year afterwards.

    Jordan said something like, he doesnt want to be around 7th -8th seed every year. Yeah this team wont be 8th in the comming years, not even close. 12th maybe…

    anyway go Wallace, make some decent work in the playoffs, we know u are capable of it

  10. theheatcritique says:



  11. allen says:

    people actually feel bad for this guy making millions a year? how many people are laid off and would be happy to work anywhere? just play ball and quit whining!

    • Jesse silver says:

      i dont get why people complain so much about what players make. Its a multi-billion dollar business and the players are the reason we have the NBA. Why should all the players make normal wages and the office people make millions? It doesnt make sense. Now, im not saying that management was that out of line trading him because its really a waste of 20 mil a year if you’re rebuilding. But people feel bad for him because he was committed to that city and that franchise and gave back to the community. He straight up asked if he was going to be traded and whoever answered him should have been a man and told him straight up “Yeah you might get traded, I can’t really say for sure until the deadline has passed”. Have some respect for the players that have shown the respect to you

  12. Silver says:

    Gerald Wallace is a beast and a player who you need. He does exactly what he is told and is prolific player. Players need to be like him…unselfish, caring, etc. I’m a fan of Portland now because of Wallace being one of my favourite players. He brings even more toughness to this team and even with the injuries, Blazers are still looking good.

  13. Rob Anderson says:

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  14. beauzeau says:

    Wallace used phrases like “stab in the back” and “slap in the face” to capture his feelings about the trade, a move he insists Bobcats coach Paul Silas told him would not happen just hours before it did.

    “Basically, he told me before the practice that I was good, that no trades were going to go down and I was OK and I didn’t have anything to worry about,” Wallace told reporters in Charlotte Thursday, his first day back in town since the trade. “Then I get home and bam, I’m traded.”

    It sounds as though like management has as little respect for their coach as they do for their former star player. Undoubtedly Silas was given reason to think Wallace wasn’t being traded, and obviously has no pull with Higgins or Jordan. This whole situation seems a travesty for the league’s youngest franchise, coming off a playoff season, and indeed pushing for the final playoff spot in the East this year before the trade. Jordan should know that you have to give the fans something to cheer for…

  15. Herr says:

    Being a Blazer fan, I can understand why he’s a bit bitter. After all, we’re VERY glad Hedo didn’t sign with the Blazers last season, because we got Andre Miller after Hedo went to Toronto, and I’d rather have Andre. But yet, we still boo Hedo every time he touches the ball. Same happened with Darius Miles and Rasheed Wallace. We boo those that stab us in the back, so I can understand why Gerald Wallace is angry at the Bobcats. But, name me one Blazer that’s unhappy with the team. We all know about the Rudy drama, but that’s 100% turned around, and he wants to stay in PDX. Players love being in Blazer uniforms, and I’m sure Wallace will too. After all, he’s the key to PDX winning a championship. Once Oden comes back PDX is winning it all!

    • Adam says:

      As sad as some of you might think it is i’m a raptors fan but man ive gotta give some props to the blazers. They’ve had insane amounts of knee injuries this year to key players and yet they’re still right in the race and manage to pick up wallace? This team could be scary good IMO if they could just stay healthy

  16. Sarkies says:

    I feel bad for Wallace. If any of those fans even think of booing him, they are the most selfish fans in the world. At least the star of the Cavs chose to leave. That’s why they chewed him out in his return. Gerald Wallace was so dedicated to that team and now days in the NBA, it is hard to find a dedicated All Star. Honestly, Kobe, Rose, and Durant are the only three I can think of immediately. As for Wallace, he had no clue about being traded. Just like Deron Williams didn’t know. But it’s okay for him because popularity seems to run the NBA now days. Gerald Wallace is honestly one of the top five small forwards in the league. And for what they traded him for is even more stupid. Yeah, Joel is a good back up center but Gerald Wallace is the better player. I know they got more as well but I still stand by my statement. I’m not even a Bobcats fan but I am a fan of true players and Gerald Wallace is a true player. I mean, look at the Bulls. They got offered Carmelo for Noah. The Bulls said no. Then they got offered Carmelo for Deng and Gibson. The Bulls said no. Then they got a bunch of offers for Asik and Gibson and the Bulls said no. It’s so rare now days to find a dedicated team and management. Rose even said he will never leave Chicago. And don’t tell me that’s because he is from there. I know that’s part of it but it’s also because that team is what gave him everything. And plus, Wade is from Chicago and he left his kids there and stayed in Miami. After what took place this past summer, teams like the Bobcats should be thankful players like Gerald Wallace is 150% dedicated. I honestly think this was a terrible move by the Bobcats and I hope they realize what a mistake it was.

    • Jake says:

      Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Steve Nash, Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Dirk Nowitzski. I think they all fall in the category of loyal superstars.

  17. Kevin says:


  18. Alyx says:

    Personally I find it not only a slap in the face for Wallace but also a slap in the face for Pryzbilla from Portland and also a bit of a slap to Portland fans whos idea of a true Blazer was Joel. Here you have two guys who have dedicated their heart and souls to a particular franchise and without their well being in mind get thrown out. Joel had been with the Blazers for 7 years, thats even longer then Coach Nate hass been. He has a family here and is a big part of the community as was Wallace in Charlotte. As a Trailblazer fan, I am extatic with the gain of Wallace but I also morn the loss of Pryzbilla as he was not only a true Blazer inside and out but also a very well loved and respected player by the fans. I know he was my favorite player and probably always well be. With that said Wallace has some big shoes to fill for Joel fans but we welcome him anyways!!

  19. Hasib says:

    G Force very cool player I always liked him! I would’ve been perfectly fine if raptors took him would’ve made a great 3, but I doubt charlotte would take him for only a ed davis, sonny weems, and a 2nd rounder; which is probably all we could offer without taking from the future. But anyway, Gerald Wallace is a hell of a player, and as much as OKC has done with it’s young talent, I have to admit the Blazers head office is sick.

  20. Mckaeyn says:

    It’s rare nowadays to see how committed a player can be to a franchise: “I actually thought that when I stopped wearing a Bobcats uniform I’d be done with basketball”. Nevermind the recen Lebron-to-Miami or Melo-to-New York, this has to do with ethics and respect, something long lost in the way GM conduct themselves or their trades. First I’d like to praise Gerald for his dedication to the Bobcat’s franchise, truly embracing the fisrt-stone-set for them. Nonetheless he understands this is business, but at the same time, like you would call to your office one of your employees to say “This where we stand”, just as a heads-up. If he doesn’t get the long-everyone standing-through the roof ovation he deserves, then that will only be proof that the fans don’t see past the first layer of the NBA, they need to acnkowledge Gerald’s sacrifice for a franchise and a town, understanding also that it was management who played dirty and indeed stabbed him in the back. The NBA needs that fans know this part of the behind-the-courtains business, to get the GMs to know that they’re being evaluated not only for the trades-signs-waives they make, but also (and should matter even more) for HOW they make those trades. Start being actual people, not just a suit.

    • nate p says:

      They should have at least notified him that a trade is taking place and he is involved instead of assuring him that hes safe. Respect on how players are being traded have long been lost…

    • Hasib says:

      I have a feeling the people of Charlotte are not being the teams management, so in that case he should get an ovation IMo