StatsCube: Mavs Get Offensive

The Dallas Mavericks are on an incredible run. They’re 20-3 since Jan. 22, and all three losses — at Denver on Dec. 10, vs. Memphis on March 6, and at New Orleans on March 9 — have been by a single point.

Before the run, the Mavs were two games in the loss column behind the Lakers. Now, they’re two games ahead of L.A. So essentially, it’s a run that could determine home-court advantage in the conference semifinals.

When the Mavs started the season 24-5, their success was very much about an improved defense that ranked seventh in the league, allowing just 100.0 points per 100 possessions. But the Mavs have since fallen to 12th in the league defensively, and this 20-3 run has been all about offense.

Mavs efficiency

Games W-L Pace Off. Eff. Def. Eff. Diff.
First 42 27-15 92.1 105.1 102.3 +2.9
Last 23 20-3 95.2 113.4 104.3 +9.1
Change +3.1 +8.3 +2.1 +6.2

Off. Eff. = Points scored per 100 possessions
Def. Eff. = Points allowed per 100 possessions

As you can see, the Mavs’ defense has actually been worse on this 23-game run than it was through the first 42 games. But the offense has been so efficient that the defensive slippage hasn’t mattered.

The interesting thing about the Mavs’ increased offense is that, despite the faster pace, Dirk Nowitzki is scoring less than he was earlier in the season. Through the first 42 games, Nowitzki averaged 23.4 points per game, but he’s averaging just 22.5 over the last 23.

Instead, the Mavs are getting more from Jason Terry (15.4 ppg first 42, 18.1 in last 23) and Tyson Chandler (9.1 ppg, 13.1 ppg), as well as contributions from Peja Stojakovic and Roddy Beaubois.


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  1. Jaime says:

    I do agree that the Mavs will be an awesome team on playoffs, I think they will play great defense on playoffs because they will be hungry for that Title and will be so motivated I’m sure for that and Chandler will be a spark in motivation thing, trust me others teams need to be careful with Mavs. Oh btw the Mavs must have killer instinct they miss that badly in lot of games that’s why they so many close game can’t kill their opponent when almost death

    • Garivan says:

      This comment goes for AL. Man you are so wrong with jj defense!! Look for who is the NBA LEADER IN TAKING OFFENSIVES CHARGES!! He seems little and weak, but is the smartest player in the NBA. He can be starter in any team, average 16pg and 6 assists easily, what more you want of him??
      Leave you that brou!

  2. earthquake says:

    mavs are the deepest roster in nba now a days, very good chance to make it to the finals, but dallas sucks during playoff, goodluck mavericks, good roster mark cuban ,,

  3. mavsfan says:

    Even if it isnt a championship, it wont be a first round exit,

    You cant take that withcu ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. naj says:

    let’s go mavs!

  5. mavfan40 says:

    Agree JJ must be allowed to play more

  6. Sp says:

    Scoring more points than your opponent wins games. Stopping other teams scoring as many points as you prevents losses. However you look at it, the Mavs have a great team. Regardless of their somewhat messy defensive plays at times, they are STILL 20-3 in the last 23. Guess what, that makes them the best team in basketball in the last quarter of the season.

  7. Fact Not Fiction says:

    This is the team I see winning the west this year. They would be in first right now if Dirk never got injured.

  8. BullsFan22 says:

    It seems to me that the Mavs always flatter to deceive. Every year they have their usual 10, 15 game win streaks, and then they just blow out like candles in the playoffs. Not sure what Cuban has going, but it will probably fail again this spring. It seems to me that Since Dirk got to Mavs, they have changed every player/coach possible, yet still can’t win anything that matters. Cuban always goes after offensive minded players, gunslingers like Van Exel, Van Horn, Stackhouse, Howard, Stojakovic, etc. Guess what, Cuban, defense wins championships.

    • yo dawg says:

      cuban recently added tough, defensive minded players too! what about marion, chandler, haywood (when motivated), stevenson, brewer and butler?

      well, we will see if thats enough

  9. allaround baller says:

    mav has deep squad, maybe the deepest after years. and ofcourse they’re able to play defense better

    in playoff, kidd can be bothered by quicker pg. 37yo man, its the edge. now or never for j kidd (as starter pg)

  10. Rodrigue Beaubois says:

    I love J.J. He is my homie dawg yo.

  11. Igor Despotovski says:

    Also I would like to add that Dallas has beaten almost all their games against teams that will play in the playoffs. They lost twice against Spurs but that time Nowitzki was injured ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Mavs beat Celtics twice, Heat twice, Lakers once, Orlando twice, San antonio once and many more wins, so they prove that they can win some great matches…

  12. Igor Despotovski says:

    I am a Mavs fan and I watch every game online on internet. I think that this year Mavs can take the title, because they have the best team in the past 10 years and have a better team than in 2005 when they lost to Miami in the finals. Nowitzki has best year in his career, other guys around him are hitting shots, they play great defense, and if they keep in that way, they can take the title home this year. I think that no other team has 12-13 players who can all contribute when needed. For example, tell me any other team that has 3 centers who can contribute to the team? Dallas has it in Chandler, Haywood and Mahinmi. Even Cardinal contributes to the team, and he is shooting very well behind the line… GO MAVS !!!

  13. Carlos says:

    More minutes for JJ (the spark)
    “Mas minutos para JJ (La chispa)”

  14. ed182 says:

    dirk is the best!!love mavs

  15. JOSHUA A REYNOSO says:

    oh and follow me on twitter for NBA fans xD

  16. JOSHUA A REYNOSO says:

    I am a lakers fan, but i think the team i am more worried about not Three peating are the Mavs…. They move the ball great. and the spurs do too, but they dont have that superstsar. Duncans going down.
    Nowitskis still a top 10 player.

  17. Dirk Nowitzki says:

    iยดm the only real mvp-candidate!!!! my mavs win the championship this year!!! koba and lebron are both gay!!!

  18. Vior Bastos says:

    The dallas mavericks is the best team in the league, for me, they have chance to go to the finals

  19. Ty Lawson says:

    Hi Guys,
    Vote for me as MVP.

  20. alexrigby says:

    dallas r playing great, there bench is so deep, an butler could be back for play offs its just getting the right players on at the right time, jj shud be playing more tho hes doing everything great

  21. Al says:

    chandler will take the mavs to the next level…however i disagree with you guys on berea. I know everyone loves the guy but his defense is pathetic. I’d like to see more Roddy..especially in the 4th. he will never learn if you don’t give him a chance Rick. the mavs bench is insane this year! watch out spurs…if we get past the lakers we will stomp your ass in the west finals!

  22. okimavs says:

    mavs will definetly be a threat to anyone in the playoffs this year! This is our year mavs fans!!!!!!

  23. Prime Time says:

    If Butler is back in time for the playoffs they’ll have the best 2nd line in the league, Barea, Terry, Haywood, Marion, Brewer, with contributions from Peja and Cardinal. If they would have had the same fortune as San Antonio with few injuries to key players, there’s no doubt the two teams would be on the same level.

    • Fact Not Fiction says:

      Butler is out for the year from what I’ve heard. I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

  24. ScottP91 says:

    Im a Mavs fan, they are one of the very best teams in the NBA right now, offense is fine, Nowitzki is shotin better than ever, JJ should get more time and JET an Matrix off the bench creates great depth for us. Chandler has added a more defensive mind set to us, but it needs to be a team effort. Nowitzki for MVP, JET for 6th Man and Chandler is a deffo candidate for Defensive Player of the Year. Come on lads lets win it this year!!!

    • Agustin says:

      I am agree JJ should get more time. Why Kid hava to play too much if Barea is runing well the team and hiting graet baskets.

  25. mavsfan says:

    Putting up 127, after such a tough loss in NO shows this teams championship credentials.
    Any tough losses they’ve had this season, bar the stretch of losses when dirk was out, they’ve bounced back with a strong performance in the next game.
    Big improvement from Haywood recently, which has been a huge boost too, if he could drag his free-throw average up, he’d be a massive player for the mavs off the bench.
    The one roster in the NBA where every player potentially has a role, even guys like Cardinal can step up when needed, and has proven his shooting credentials. Stevenson is in danger of dropping out the rotation unfortunately, but if he isnt hitting the open 3, his offensive credentials are limited.

  26. truthhurts says:

    Hear me now….the Mavs will CHOKE in the Playoffs.

  27. leo pleasure says:

    Mavs are the best team in the nba and dirk should be mvp and j kidd is the pg of all time

  28. Tkolla says:

    If the mavs want to win a title this year they need me and a bucket of fried chicken to pay me off.

  29. Tyson says:

    The mavs offense has been very efficient, but the defense must improve come playoff time if they want to go deep. And people forget about Caron Butler’s injury, he was a HUGE part of that great defense by the mavericks earlier in the season.

    • 1MavsFan1 says:

      I agree…Butler was a huge part of their Defense…so was starting Deshawn. From their last couple of games i can see they r having problems integrating peja and Buckets…would of been nice had they been in training camp…Mavs need to improve their D…no question bout it…sooner or later they r going to meet a team in the playoffs where their deficiencies will show. Still no matter how good they play…they just can’t replace what Butler brought as far as D and points…like Phil said, his injury sunk them…would of been interesting had they stayed healthy…they way they were playing…would of given spurs or lakers a run for their money…

  30. Matt says:

    Don’t forget Beaubois and Marion, they both have been playing really well lately.

  31. Garivan says:

    Peja can’t find his way with mavs for me, otherwise JJ is playing solid minutes, passing the ball well, creating situations with the pick and rolls…. if the mavs want led the west and pass to the west finals, Carlise can’t forget how this guys coming from the bench had produce.

  32. Latire says:

    The Mava should stay @ 2nd or Lakers will be having Home Filed advantage

    I will like to see SAS & DAL on the West Finals

    Go Tex ………….

  33. jake says:

    Mavs are by far the BEST team in the NBA right now.

    • Agustin says:

      The Mavs is one of the best team to wach in the NBA. The have a good team play or play as a team with good pass.

  34. Wait a Minute says:

    If the Mavs want to go deeper into the Playoffs Defense has to come into play.

  35. Isorfeus says:

    The Mavs need to put more JJ to play, He create play for everyone…

    • Agustin says:

      I have the same opinion. The coach is working too much Jason Kid and Barea is doin a great job. I dont understand if Barea wide the advantege of the team, the coach take it out.